Shawn_How stable is Oneiric to install atm?00:05
ali1234well i just installed it, ran an update, it crashed out, and now i can't even login00:06
Shawn_Is that an isolated incident or is it having lots of problems? :O00:07
ali1234i don't know, there's no one else here right now00:07
Shawn_Really? X_X00:07
jbichaoneiric is still in beta so things are not fully stable00:07
Shawn_But its coming out in like 2 weeks, is it stable enough to use for now since if I installed 11.04 I would just have to upgrade in a month?00:08
robin0800Shawn_, its difficult to define stable enough what I might consider ok you might not00:10
Shawn_Is it stable enough that I can use it for taking notes durring lectures at university without it crashing00:11
ali1234probably, if you stick to unity-2d00:11
ali1234and don't run any updates00:11
ali1234and then do a reinstall when the final versioncomes out00:11
jbichait's not recommended to use pre-releases for important work...so do it at your own risk00:11
robin0800Shawn_, depends if last update broke it00:11
Shawn_Is there unity 3-D for 11.04?00:11
rwwShawn_: yes, it's the default UI...00:12
robin0800Shawn_, yes its called unity00:12
Shawn_ALright I havnt used 11.04 yet00:12
Shawn_My last install was 10.0400:12
ali1234just carry on using that for now00:12
ali123411.04 is the buggiest version of ubuntu that i can remember00:12
Shawn_I just got a new netbook and its running Windows 700:12
Shawn_I want to get that off XD00:13
ali1234well ok, just use that for 2 weeks00:13
Shawn_11.04 wasnt good either? X_X00:13
robin0800Shawn_, 11.10 is looking much better00:13
Shawn_Well which is more stable, 11.04 or 11.10 Im interested in trying out Unity00:14
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ali123411.04 does not crash00:14
ali1234well, unless you do certain things00:15
ali1234don't try to use drag and drop for example00:15
Shawn_WHy not?00:15
ali1234because it crashes it00:15
ali1234yes, seriously00:15
Shawn_Just dragging files crashes it...?00:16
ali1234onto the launcher, yes00:16
Shawn_But moving them around doesnt?00:16
ali1234yeah moving them around in windows is fine00:16
Shawn_Oh okay thats what I thought you meant was just moving them around inside a window00:16
ali1234but if you drag a file onto a launcher icon (eg drag text document to text editor icon to open it) then it puts unity into a locked up state, and you have to switch to a console and kill it00:17
ali1234this has been fixed in 11.10 btw00:17
ali1234unfortunately nobody knows which change fixed it, so the fix can't be put into 11.0400:18
Shawn_Is that an important feature thats broken?00:18
Shawn_I cant really tell00:18
Shawn_Ive never heard of dragging a text document onto the text editor icon to open it..00:18
ali1234not crashing is quite an important feature, yes00:19
Shawn_I meant the dragging thing00:19
ali1234well apparently people do this00:19
Shawn_I have never done it, is it something new in 11.04 or is it something thats been done a while>?00:19
ali1234it's something that you can do in windows00:19
ali1234bug was found by an ex windows user00:19
ali1234ex windows user was not happy00:19
Shawn_I suppose I can live without a feature that I didnt know existed00:20
Shawn_So did canonical basically say "F*** you GNOME!"?00:20
rwwGiven that Ubuntu uses GNOME by default, that would be an odd move.00:21
ali1234they still use gnome for everything except the panels00:21
Shawn_I was told 11.10 got rid of GNOME and uses Unity and Unity 2-D00:21
rwwUnity is a shell for GNOME.00:21
rwwMuch like GNOME Shell is a shell for GNOME.00:21
Shawn_Okay now IM confused lol00:22
Shawn_Which part makes up the shell?00:22
ali1234the launcher, the "start menu", the indicator icons, panels, and clock00:22
jbichaShawn_: try Ubuntu 11.10, perhaps in VirtualBox, and install GNOME Shell to see what GNOME's interface looks like00:23
ali1234no, not virtualbox00:23
rwwShawn_: GNOME is a set of applications and libraries that together constitute the GNOME Desktop. Ubuntu takes GNOME and switches out various programs: Firefox instead of Epiphany, now Thunderbird instead of Evolution, Compiz instead of Metacity, etc. The shell is the pointy clicky decoration that ali1234 mentions.00:23
ali1234it doesn't work in virtualbox00:23
ali1234unity-2d does00:23
ali1234but not unity00:23
jbichaali1234: it works here, maybe you need the latest virtualbox00:23
ali1234i have the latest version of virtualbox... in natty00:24
rwwDoesn't work here on the latest virtualbox :\00:24
jbichaok, maybe try in a separate partition00:24
ali1234it does that same old "compiz crashes in a loop and nothing ever loads" thing00:24
Shawn_Ill just use 11.04 for now00:24
ali1234except since someone decided to remove the "create launcher" item from desktop popup menu, you now have to power cycle the machine to escape00:25
ali1234when i was testing natty in vbox i used to just create a "metacity -replace" launcher when that happened00:26
jbichaali1234: well you still should have a virtual terminal to use00:28
ali1234yeah but getting to it is hard in virtualbox... ctrl-alt-f1 takes you to the host console00:29
jbichaali1234: ah, I never figured that one out either00:30
ali1234and since virtualbox window menus are broken by global menu, i can't even try to figure it out00:30
bjsniderrww, compiz instead of mutter. metacity 3 is mutter now00:41
dudand girl is daughter00:41
rwwnod. I was thinking 11.04 :)00:41
winutdoes kubuntu 11.10 beta 2 work in vbox? it crashes installing and crashes live dvd vbox 4.1.201:14
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Stanley00winut: It will, but I doubt it work smoothly...01:29
Stanley00winut: why dont you use an LiveUSB for testing?01:29
winutmaybe i don't have enough disk space? got 20gb free, should that be ok?01:29
Stanley00winut: 20GB is more than enough01:30
winutin that case its just bugged! can you get a nightly build?01:30
yofelhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/current/ has the dailies01:31
histomplayer with matrix and caca video output are a blast01:40
winutStanley00 : it was installing the vm to the wrong disk! lol i'll try again another day, thanks01:41
Stanley00winut: :))01:41
winutthanks guys :-)01:42
famine_has gnome 3.2 been added yet?02:01
famine_how do I upgrade my system?02:12
famine_ive done apt-get update02:12
famine_whats the command to download and install any new packages02:13
famine_ie to update the system02:13
bjsniderfamine_, update-manager -d02:19
FoolishOwlI just noticed this morning that the default umask was changed from 022 to 00w.02:27
FoolishOwlI'd long wondered why user private groups were only halfway implemented. They're finally fully implemented.02:31
organikshow is 11.10?03:12
jetsaredimis there any way to force a window to always open or just stay in the same workspace?04:23
jetsaredimi'm running virtualbox 4.1.2 and every time the screensaver pops on the vm window jumps to whatever workspace i'm looking at04:23
ali1234compiz can do it i believe04:28
ali1234virtualbox is tricky because it likes to close and reopen the windows all the time04:28
ali1234so eg, reboot the VM, and the windows will just to the current workspace04:28
ali1234compiz can do just about anything with window specific rules though (it's a plugin)04:29
jetsaredimmaybe this is new but it seems like every time the vm state changes04:29
ali1234going from vga text mode to X11 mode does it too04:30
ali1234changing the graphics mode04:30
ali1234installing guest utils helps04:30
ali1234also, why even run the screensaver in the VM?04:31
ali1234screensaver must be changing the resolution04:31
jetsaredimyea i just turned that off04:32
jetsaredimand its only with the 11.10 vm not winxp04:32
qHSince upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 I am having problems connecting to my wireless network. The connection is made, and after about 30 seconds the connection is lost06:17
qHThis has never happened with any of the previous versions of Ubuntu. IT COMPLETELY LOCKS UP MY ROUTER. The only solution after attempting a connection is to reset the router.06:18
qHI need help06:19
qHmy wireless card is intel wifi link 510006:19
Nattgewhow do I change default applications?06:23
jbichaNattgew: System Settings>System Info06:24
jbichaqH: sorry I don't know enough networking to help but I can't believe that Ubuntu breaks your router06:33
qHtambém acho que sim06:34
alhubaishihi all07:06
alhubaishii just upgraded to 11.1007:06
alhubaishiwell i did it yesterday07:06
alhubaishii got a problem , my flash dont work , when i visit youtube or anywhere07:07
alhubaishii tried uninstalling and reinstalling from the software center07:08
alhubaishiand rebooting same issue07:08
alhubaishiany one have this problem since upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10?07:10
alhubaishii always send full report bugs when it asks me07:11
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carli2network with NAT is not working on oneiric07:50
kjeldahlSo about dual screen not being selectable (error message), is it something AMD/ATI specific, or in general? On beta 2 I might add...08:08
drussellkjeldahl: dual screen.. mirror or individual?08:11
kjeldahldrussell: Mirror works fine, individual not.08:21
kjeldahlAlso, on the last beta, only Ubuntu and Ubuntu 2D shows up as alternatives when logging in. I think it used to have Gnome as well, but I may have forgotten installing a package or so.08:27
kjeldahlThe gnome-shell package seems to be the answer.08:29
oalI think I'm going to install 11.10 today. Should I go with beta 2 or todays daily?08:33
Guest55976Hey, so I decided I'd upgrade to 11.10... well after leaving my computer alone to do this, I come back and turn on the monitor (since it had turned off due to inactivity). I'm currently looking at a normal cursor on top of what at first looks like a solid black screen, but if you look closely you can see my desktop! I can even see the dock move when I hold down the windows key. But I can't press anything. What the crap?08:33
oalGuest55976: reboot?08:34
kjeldahloal: I tested beta 2 yesterday, and the installer still crashes... Booting from live CD, then upgrading before starting to install seems to fix the installer part of it. But there's so much stuff simply not working so only do it if you are prepared for pain.08:35
Guest55976oal,  OK, I just did. Let's hope it was just waiting for me to click a button to restart. :(08:36
carli2when i use NAT network, the nm-applet connects and disconnects all the time08:36
oalkjeldahl: Oooh, well... I guess I'll load it onto my usb stick and play with it there then. :)08:37
Guest55976so far so good...08:37
kjeldahlTrying to install xorg-edgers to work around current bugs in Oneiric was not a success (lead to system hang on a black screen). Thank you for ppa-purge...10:13
napstergnome 3 OR unity?11:03
napsterwhich is bundled in 11.10?11:04
kjeldahlUnity is bundled. "apt-get install gnome-shell" gives you Gnome 3 as well.11:04
napsterkjeldahl: ok11:06
kjeldahlOr more correcly ".. gives you Gnome Shell as well". AFAIK, Unity runs on Gnome 3 as well.11:06
napsterok, wayland is dropped already right?11:06
kjeldahlDropped, as in not in current release, yes. But no for the future AFAIK.11:07
bazhangit is not ready, so not for several years11:07
kjeldahlAnd btw, in case people read logs, I _think_ my problem with extending the desktop on a dual screen setup is related to the ATI drivers/fglrx... Messing with xorg.conf seemingly solves it, but it has been a long time since that was normally necessary...11:09
hasenjI don't read logs, I just joined11:10
hasenjbut I suggest to get rid of fglrx11:10
hasenjthough I don't know how the open source driver works with multiple monitors11:10
kjeldahlhasenj: I tried. Seems Unity didn't like it too much... But I did not try to pinpoint it exactly.11:11
hasenjkjeldahl, actually unity works wonerfully for me with the open source ati drivers11:11
hasenjhas been since before 11.0411:11
hasenjbut you have to completely uninstall fglrx11:11
hasenjapt-get remove doesn't seem to clean it properly11:12
artzrahi !!11:12
hasenjthere's a wiki guide somewhere about how to properly do it11:12
artzrajust install skype on oneric !!11:12
kjeldahlok thanks, I'll look into it later. Just happy I got my desktop running again. For now anyway.11:12
hasenjkjeldahl, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/FglrxInteferesWithRadeonDriver#Problem:__Need_to_fully_remove_-fglrx_and_reinstall_-ati_from_scratch11:12
hasenjoh ok11:12
kjeldahlIf it's not recommended, maybe Ubuntu should stop pushing it in peoples face? ;-)11:13
hasenjI was under the impression you were still having problems11:13
kjeldahlhasenj: I was. Solved it in xorg.conf directly. Xinerama setup - using the ati supplied tools - also worked, but more poorly of course (shearing, and probably a lot slower).11:14
hasenjyea fglrx was slower for me than the open source driver11:14
hasenjand videos always flickered11:14
artzraSkype / oneric  , /synaptic (v4l2ucp) + terminal  " LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib32/libv4l/v4l1compat.so skype"11:14
crshbndcthey everyone11:16
kjeldahlhasenj: Based on your information, I'm giving getting rid of fglrx another go. Fingers crossed!11:17
hasenjkjeldahl, good luck,11:17
hasenjkjeldahl, one thing though, I had some custom boot command line in my grub file and it caused me trouble after updating to 11.1011:17
hasenjkjeldahl, just in case your grub config also has some custom boot command line11:18
crshbndcti am having a problem with 11.10 i have been using it for a few hours now, and it was working fine, but after a reboot, it is saying i cant mount some of my other hard drives "unable to mount volume, not authorised"11:19
hasenjkjeldahl, I mean in `/etc/default/grub`, the line that says GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT11:19
kjeldahlhansej: Thanks, shouldn't be any problem at my end - I do not have anything special in grub.11:19
crshbndctand in the notification area top right, my name is missing, and it is saying no network devices available, and yet i am able to use the net, but the icon is not showimg as connected11:20
crshbndcti googled for it, and it seems like the same bug has been filed, so i thought there wasnt much point filing another one, its just that my system is unusable at the moment11:21
kjeldahlhasenj: Seems to work great; only fglrx errors in Xorg.0.log is not finding fglrx. Dual screen setup is still as it was. Thanks.11:21
hasenjkjeldahl, awesome!11:22
hasenjenjoy :P11:22
crshbndcti might try  logoff/logon or rebooting and see if that fixes it eh11:22
kjeldahlThanks, I will. Feels like Canonical is doing themselves a disfavour when still recommending the fglrx stuff. Maybe there is some high end graphics where it actually counts as a positive, but for regular usage it seems to be working worse than the open source stuff.11:23
kjeldahlThen again; it's probably about time for me to invest in a new motherboard as well, possibly with some embedded intel gfx device or similar. Time will tell.11:23
psaldenhey folks, anyone in here with experience installing oneiric in vmware? I could do it just fine in virtualbox, but in vmware I can't seem to get 3d acceleration. Not even with vmware tools installed.11:25
crshbndctre: not able to mount.. rebooting fixed it, but switched default audio out to the hdmi port :\ but got it sorted now11:30
crshbndctalthough i had to reboot 3 times to get a desktop.11:30
crshbndctkjeldahl: did i see earlier that you were having problems with fglrx?11:31
kjeldahlcrshbndct: Correct.11:31
crshbndctits working perfectly for me.. what problem were you having?11:32
kjeldahlDual screen.11:32
kjeldahlExtending desktop (not mirror).11:32
kjeldahlWithout Xinerama.11:32
crshbndctyeah i have two screens too, they are different sizes and resolutions and refresh rates.. one crt, one lcd11:32
kjeldahlYou got it working without any fuzz?11:33
crshbndctno hassles at all.. wel sort of.11:33
crshbndctfirst time round left desktop was on the right and vice versa, so i switched that, had to reboot, reboot just froze at a screen full of text11:34
kjeldahlAt my end, the gui for configuring multiple screens simply told me resolution wasn't high enough or something like that. Stuffing everything directly xorg.conf seemed to make it work however, so it could be a gui issue, or how the driver reports capabilities to the gui.11:34
crshbndctso i ctrl alt f2, login sudo reboot, then i had to change resolution11:34
crshbndctsame deal had to tty2 login and reboot every time11:35
kjeldahlI got it working as well eventually, after multiple reboots etc. But I prefer skipping the whole fglrx since it seems less supported than the open source driver.11:35
crshbndcthave you tried running the catalyst control centre with "sudo amdcccle" from terminal?11:35
crshbndctehhh.. i never use open source.. performance is horrible with it11:35
kjeldahlYes. That allowed me to set up dual screen, but ONLY with using Xinerama, which is a poor solution AFAIK.11:35
crshbndcthang on a sec11:35
kjeldahlIn my experience, the open source stuff works a lot better, but yes, sometimes miss basic things like acceleration etc. But it's getting better and better, and most of the open source stuff have a lot of acceleration implemented already. Maybe not enough for high end cad applications, but I prefer to have the rest of the things work better (like they mostly do with the open source drivers).11:37
crshbndctthat is my catalyst control centre settings11:37
crshbndctand this http://i.imgur.com/zzHbAl.jpg is my desktop.. i wasnt running 11.10 in this shot, but i am now with the same settings11:38
kjeldahlI did that, but xorg still did not allow me to extend my desktop. There are settings under display options that allow you to do that with the amd utility, but then using xinerama.11:38
kjeldahlIf you drag a window along the border between the two screen, do you see "shearing"?? If you do, that's xinerma (and poor performance) looking at you.11:39
crshbndctmaybe its a gpu issue? what gpu do you have?11:39
kjeldahlRV730 PRO (Radeon HD 4650) - an old one.11:40
crshbndctno mine drags from screen to screen with no issues11:40
crshbndctahh ok11:40
crshbndcti suspect that it *MAY* be because those gpus came out before eyefinity and dual screens were a huge big thing11:40
crshbndctalthough, if it enables it in the drivers it should work11:41
crshbndctanyone got any idea how to make empathy open all my chat boxes in the same window, with different tabs?11:42
kjeldahlWhen you upgraded, did you set up dual screens again, or did you just keep your setup from before? If you did not set it up again, it could indicate a gui confusion issue in 11.10..11:42
crshbndcti did a fresh install, was running arch before this11:43
kjeldahlAnd you set up dual screen using the ubuntu supplied tool?11:43
crshbndctno i set it up using the catalyst control centre. the ubuntu tools dont work well with proprietary driver in my experience11:44
kjeldahlOk. If you're qurious about the Xinerama stuff you could grep for it in your Xorg log file. But you may be right that on more modern ATI chipset, maybe even the proprietary driver supports dual screen without Xinerama.11:45
crshbndcti only asked because i tried 11.10 beta 1 and catalyst was BROKEN in that release, well for me anyway. didnt work at all. but the new one works a treat11:47
crshbndctbut anyway i gotta go.. 1am here and i have a grumpy gf waiting for me..11:48
crshbndctcyas later11:48
kjeldahlYeah, I think I got it working both with and without. Take care! Thanks for helping out.11:48
BluesKajhey all12:18
jeffrashJust started seeing an odd issue12:23
jeffrashif I minimize a window, it doesn't show minimized in the unity bar and I can't open it back up12:24
jeffrashI'm running 11.10b212:25
kjeldahljeffrash: I have the same with Thunderbird, but terminal works fine.12:30
jeffrashIt's any app for me12:31
jeffrashterminal, chrome, xchat, etc12:31
kjeldahljeffrash: Yes, it just happened with terminal also suddenly. I can always find them through alt-tab though. Still a bug though.12:31
jeffrashI can click the desktop and then click the icon and it works12:32
jeffrashand the global menu stays the app I was in even after I minimize it12:33
jeffrashuntil I click the desktop12:33
jeffrashor another app12:33
jeffrashLooks like focus is staying on the window after it's minimized12:36
drusselljeffrash: yup am seeing it also, seems to be intermittent...12:37
drusselljeffrash: can't reproduce it currently, but had it quite a bit yesterday12:37
jeffrashI'll check for a bug report when I get a chance.12:42
n0rfballDoes anyone know why there are only 4 themes available in 11.10? There doesn't seem to be a mention of the usual Clearlooks etc.13:05
e`i got an "could not calculate the upgrade" error, the error dialog says i should report it unless i'm upgrading to a pre-release version of ubuntu13:11
e`so is this some temporary glitch or should i still report it, sounds odd that this late in beta the repo would be in a knot?13:11
kjeldahlI haven't seen that one, but the installer has crashed on me late during installs for the last few releases. Running a live-cd, then updating everything (at least until ramdisk runs full), and then installing has worked...13:15
steveireAny ideas how I get skype working on 64bit?13:17
steveireOn oneric13:17
steveireClean install13:17
tankdriversteveire: use the skype:i386 package.13:20
bjsnidersteveire, you likely need to install libxss1:i386, but try starting skype from the console to check13:20
steveireThanks, I found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ia32-libs/+bug/83044013:21
bjsniderBluesKaj, have you tried using a new user account, or the guest account to check if browser audio works?13:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 830440 in ia32-libs (Ubuntu) "skype: error while loading shared libraries: libXss.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" [Undecided,Won't fix]13:21
steveireHowever, http://paste.kde.org/128761/13:22
steveireI don't even know where the bug is there13:23
e`hmm.. looks like the aborted update left my system in limbo with oneiric stuff in sources.list :I13:30
jeffrashkjeldahl, drussell, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/86198913:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 861989 in unity "unable to bring the application back right after minimize it" [Undecided,New]13:32
dudhey you the rock steady crew...13:33
kjeldahljeffrash: Great job; thanks.13:34
LK-Hi, any idea what's up with online accounts not being integrated yet?13:35
afiefAfter upgrading to 11.10 postgresql stopped listening to local connections. Anybody knows how to fix it?13:43
daveoi tried running 11.10 in virtualbox and had installer die (known bug i guess) then many artifacts while moving cursor around, sound familiar?13:58
h00kLooking for a bug dealing with Empathy/Google Talk where you get a new message from someone, open the conversation, and it appears blank.13:58
e`re sources.list left with oneiric stuff, i just hadn't closed the update-manager error dialog.. so all good, no ill aftereffects13:59
jeffrashkjeldahl, drussell, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/85988514:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 859885 in unity (Ubuntu) "Minimizing a window should switch focus to the windows underneath it (breaks restore)" [High,Fix committed]14:00
jeffrashkjeldahl, drussell, the one I posted before has been flagged as a dupe of this one14:01
drusselljeffrash: many thanks, will subscribe14:03
h00kubottu: 86242414:12
h00kbug 86242414:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862424 in telepathy-gabble (Ubuntu) "New received message window appears blank" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86242414:12
ErickMorenoAfter a fresh 11.10 install, but keeping my configs from 11.04, KDE programs (Digikam and Amarok) seems to have global menu disabled. They keep a separated menu bar always active. Any suggestions?14:33
LynoureErickMoreno: I had the same, thought the global menu thing was buggy... does it work for you if you throw away the configs?14:35
ErickMorenoLynoure, I didn't test yet because I don't know where specific global menu configs are placed14:36
ErickMorenoI also didn't remove kde configs, Lynoure14:37
Stanley00ErickMoreno: I think Lynoure mean the config of Digikam and Amarok, you should back up your old config and try deleting them...14:37
ErickMorenoI'll try it Stanley0014:38
LynoureStanley00: indeed, thanks for the clarification :)14:38
LynoureI kind of assume there was no global menu config in 11.04 yet, so throwing that out is N/A, but I can be wrong :)14:39
ErickMorenoI moved ~/.kde to .kde-backup and had the same behaviour14:40
Stanley00ErickMoreno: maybe you should log out...14:40
dudhey you the rock steady crew14:40
dudi am double key14:41
ErickMorenobut the apps showed new config wizard, like fresh install14:41
dudi wish ubuntu is as easy as an apple14:42
ErickMorenobut it is dud :)14:43
Stanley00ErickMoreno: hmm bad luck then...14:43
ErickMorenoI'll logout and see what happens, Stanley0014:49
ErickMorenoI logout, used the prompt to remove .kde folder, login again and got the same behaviour =/14:55
afiefAfter upgrading to 11.10 postgresql stopped listening to local connections. Anybody knows how to fix it?14:55
ErickMorenoany other tip? Any other config that I need to clean Lynoure Stanley00 ?14:56
Stanley00ErickMoreno: it seem unity global menu not yet work well with kde?14:56
ErickMorenoI think that kde apps are not correctly integrated at all14:57
ErickMorenofonts size, colors and icons are a bit strange too Stanley0014:57
Stanley00ErickMoreno: it's time to move your old config back ;))14:58
ErickMorenoI've already did it14:59
ErickMorenobut it's all the same, colos, icons and global menu are strange in both configs Stanley0015:00
Stanley00ErickMoreno: I dont use KDE so it hard to guess what's wrong with your apps, you should ask someone else, or hope it will be fixed next update. sorry.15:02
ErickMorenoanyway, thank you Stanley00 :)15:05
Stanley00ErickMoreno: you are welcome :)15:05
katronixserfHi all, I installed 11.1 on my laptop last night, interesting thing is the live dvd was able to detect my sound card, however the installed version can't. Any suggestions on how to fix this?15:06
penguin42katronixserf: I'd look for differences in dmesg between the live and install and also the contents of /proc/asound/cards in the two15:07
katronixserfodd, asking for a dmesg, all I get over and over is a number in brackets followed by 2:3:4: cannot set freq 48000 to ep 0x8615:10
katronixserfthe number in brackets changes, but the rest is constant15:11
penguin42can you give us one of the lines?15:16
katronixserf[25680.352256] 2:3:4: cannot set freq 48000 to ep 0x8615:18
BluesKajbjsnider, in reference to your question about audio as a different user , I'm already included in the audio group15:18
katronixserfpenguin42, that was for you15:19
dudi installed synaptic15:19
dudbecause i missed it15:19
bjsniderBluesKaj, in this case the problem seems to have been a userland config file, so you should definitely try a different user account15:19
bhavesh_How can I change the Unity dash size in Ubuntu 11.10?15:20
bhavesh_coz I dont see any resize thingy at bottom right corner of dash15:20
penguin42katronixserf: Well that's most likely a sound issue - 48k is the normal sample freq15:20
penguin42katronixserf: Report the bug using ubuntu-bug15:21
BluesKajbjsnider, the only audio problem I have is with webaudio, any music or video-audio plays fine ,but html5 audio doesn't work so it's not just flash sound15:21
bhavesh_I mean the black window on clicking the search button on the panel15:22
bhavesh_(too much of "the's"15:22
bjsniderBluesKaj, that was his problem too15:23
Anon1234Hi, did the recent updates in oneiric break light themes? None of the icons are appearing for me.15:23
BluesKajbjsnider, why shoud different user account make any difference ...I've heard this suggestion before , but why ?15:24
bjsnideryou remember that alsa config file you edited?15:26
bjsniderhere are all kinds of config files that are specific to your user account, and will inevitably be different on another one15:26
bjsnidera new account would have default values15:26
bjsniderso would the guest account15:27
BluesKaj /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf ?15:27
bjsniderthat's a system-wide file, but there are also local files for each account15:28
bjsniderand the local ones take priority15:29
* BluesKaj shakes his head and wonders why the default user has become a guest on his own pc to make stuff work15:31
katronixserfodd, even though the system doesn't detect my audio equipment, audio works15:34
katronixserfthat shouldn't happen should it? lol15:35
bjsniderBluesKaj, it's only a test15:38
katronixserfthe audio buttons on my keyboard work too.... utterly bizarre lol15:39
BluesKajbjsnider,  I've attmpted to login as a guest . i suppose I have to set that up in usermanagement15:43
BluesKajerr never attempted15:45
BluesKajok here goes15:48
mrdoctorwhoHello. Afrer update to 11.10, libreoffice opening documents very slowly and get many CPU time. What i should to do? (Sorry for my english)16:13
TheSimkinmrdoctorwho: can you run top/htop and see what your memory usage etc is like and see what's using the most cpu ?16:23
mrdoctorwho 6316 mrdoctor  20   0  172m  60m  40m R  100  6.1   0:12.30 soffice.bin16:27
mrdoctorwho100 - cpu16:27
mrdoctorwho6.1 - %mem (of 1 gb)16:27
TheSimkincan you make it a little clearer or use pastebin?16:29
soeeany idea how can i solve this error: error while loading shared libraries: libglade-2.0.so.0: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 ?16:29
soee(im trying to run 32 bit app on 64bit system)16:30
TheSimkini think you need to install the 32 bit compatibilty stuff16:30
TheSimkinsorry i'm not sure how to do so in ubuntu.16:30
TheSimkingoogling should answer!16:30
mrdoctorwhowhat i should to do with libreoffice?16:31
TheSimkinmrdoctorwho: run top/htop and copy paste the whole thing please16:31
TheSimkinmrdoctorwho: what you pasted wasn't enough16:31
mrdoctorwhoTheSimkin: all or only line with soffice.bin?16:31
TheSimkinthe whole thing please16:32
TheSimkini want to see your memory usage etc16:32
BluesKajbjsnider, the guest user was the same , no audio on any websites16:32
mrdoctorwhoTheSimkin: http://pastebin.com/GTQJ5A6p16:35
mrdoctorwhoIm testing libreoffice on two PC`s16:35
mrdoctorwhoAnd see a one result16:36
bjsniderBluesKaj, your issue must be caused by the system-wide alsa config file then16:38
bjsniderthere is some problem with it16:38
BluesKajyeah bjsnider , think so too, there are amix settings which appear to override alsaconf according to some16:40
BluesKajppl on the web , but amixer man page help is hopeless as are many man pages that don't give examples of commands that actaully work .16:41
BluesKajfor example set default suggest to use  c- card hw:X . One gets an error message if I use the setting as card 0 , the default in most setups16:44
BluesKajbjsnider, ^16:46
bjsniderBluesKaj, look, i'm not an expert on alsa config files. you should track down someone who is, and talk to them about it16:50
bjsniderthere's probably an alsa dev channel on freenode16:51
TheSimkinmrdoctorwho: sorry i was afk16:55
TheSimkinback and looking16:55
TheSimkinmrdoctorwho: you have no swap16:55
mrdoctorwhoTheSimkin: yes16:56
TheSimkinyou also have almost no free memory16:56
TheSimkinyour system is going to be slow in this situation16:56
TheSimkinrun top again and press capitol "M"16:56
TheSimkinthis should sort by memory usage16:56
mrdoctorwhoTheSimkin: im tested on two PC`s16:56
TheSimkini'm using libreoffice on one-eye-eric and using it as a "print server"16:57
TheSimkini can assure you, it is very fast.16:57
TheSimkinless than 1 second to open a document print it and close up.16:57
TheSimkinmrdoctorwho: if you still feel it's slugish after fixing your memory problem maybe check out iotop16:58
mrdoctorwhoTheSimkin: before on my pc libreoffice working fast16:58
mrdoctorwhoTheSimkin: and on second pc too16:58
mrdoctorwhoim not use swap because in my netbook installed SSD16:59
TheSimkinthat's even less reason to not use a swap16:59
TheSimkinswapping to ssd is far better than swapping to a hd16:59
TheSimkinfix your memory issues plz16:59
mrdoctorwhoi think low memory is not a reason17:04
noobivankenobii do have simple problem and i use  amd a3850 apu with 6550 oncpu graphics and  i simply can see anything when i try to install 11.10 beta 2 or daily build , can someone link me a webpage that could help me?17:34
drapedupyou shouldn't be using 11.10 beta first off17:35
noobivankenobidaily build fails as well17:35
noobivankenobitried yesterday last time, it boots running i hear welcome sound but black screen17:36
noobivankenobi11.04 is just fine but cant install 11.1017:37
noobivankenobiAnyone having same problems with amd apus?17:39
* penguin42 doesn't have that chip - what is the last thing you see?17:50
dudi've seen ponchorello17:52
penguin42...during boot17:52
robotti^I have problem17:55
duddo androids dream of electric sheeps?17:55
duddarmok and jalad at tanagra17:56
robotti^dud: star trek: tng?17:57
dudtemba, his arms wide17:58
robotti^http://dpaste.com/623561/ <-- why this happen?17:59
robotti^I cannot update17:59
dudbad ram18:00
duddelete the apt temp archive18:00
robotti^bad ram?18:01
penguin42you know, I've seen a lot of people get Hash Sum mismatches in the last month or two on lots of machines; there is something else going on somewhere18:01
dudthen do sudo apt-get update18:01
robotti^dud: where is that?18:01
robotti^dud: where apt temp archhive?18:01
robotti^where is18:01
dudor do a apt-get clean18:02
robotti^dud: It does not help18:04
robotti^I firstly run sudo apt-get clean18:04
robotti^and after that, I just removed everything18:04
robotti^from that directory.18:04
robotti^and problem persists.18:04
dudaptget clean should do the same stuff18:04
robotti^I did that first18:05
robotti^and it does not work better18:05
dudtry to use another mirror server18:06
dudin spaghettix or something you can change that easily18:06
robotti^Maybe I just could go to sleep :)18:09
robotti^dud: could you recommend for me good apt source?18:14
genii-aroundhash sum mismatches can also happen if there is some stale cache on a machine between you and source18:17
robotti^I could prevent this by using different source?18:18
robotti^or using proxy?18:18
robotti^genii-around: should I remove that source?18:19
dudno glue18:22
duddo a memtest please18:23
genii-aroundrobotti^: If it winds up being stale server caching posting #7 here might end up being useful for you:  http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/apt-get-update-sources-bz2-hash-sum-mismatch-aptitude-update-no-errors-697924/18:24
CyON hai guys !! since when I upgraded my ubuntu 11.4 to 11.10 I cant play audio file when I roll over the mouse on the file ! I used to play like this in older versions of ubuntu can any one tell me how to FIX this ?18:25
larsduesingHi together18:28
CyONjbicha: can u please tell me how to fix my problem !18:28
bjsniderCyON, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11258844&postcount=218:28
jbichaCyON: no I don't know what your problem is ;-)18:28
bjsnideryou answered in a forum post18:29
jbichaoh ok, I surprise myself sometimes :)18:29
bjsniderbad case of lack of sushi18:29
CyONjbicha :   since when I upgraded my ubuntu 11.4 to 11.10 I cant play audio file when I roll over the mouse on the file ! I used to play like this in older versions of ubuntu can any one tell me how to FIX this18:29
IdleOneAnybody else experience this issue. I am unable to adjust the volume from the volume applet but when I open the sound settings I can, this is on Kubuntu11.10 ?18:30
faust_IdleOne: have you checked that the main channel is set to the right one?18:30
bjsniderCyON, it's because you don't have sushi18:30
jANaMIs unity more stable in 11.10?18:31
bjsnideri couldn't resist18:31
IdleOnefaust_: what do you mean by the right one?18:31
faust_IdleOne: open kmix and check settings18:31
CyONbjsnider: so where how I can install sushi ?18:31
bjsniderrad the forum post link i sent you18:31
CyONbjsnider: ok18:32
faust_IdleOne: my laptop has two out channels: hdmi and audio internal analog, by default the installer picked hdmi as the main channel and my function keys where binded to it18:32
faust_but the sound I hear from the laptop comes out through the other hannel18:33
faust_IdleOne: kmix>settings18:33
IdleOnekmix doesn't seem to want to run18:33
faust_IdleOne: what do you use for sound settings18:34
IdleOneright now, click on the volume applet > mixer18:35
charlie-tcajANaM: more stable than... ?  If it is more stable than 11.04, yes18:35
IdleOnefaust_: it has Internal Audio Analogue Stereo in there18:36
jANaMWell, has anyone tried qt-unity in 11.10? Does it offer the same features as in 3D unity?18:36
faust_IdleOne: do you have other choices?18:36
jANaMbecause in 11.04 qt unity had less features than the compiz unity(3D)18:37
CyONbjsnider, I have one more problem in ubuntu 11.10 ,when I import music files in rhythmbox it shows an import errors 'your GStreamer installation is missing a plug-in' now what is that error ?18:37
IdleOnefaust_: it doesn't give me other choices it just displays what is in use from what i can tell18:37
IdleOneand like I said kmix refuse to run18:37
robotti^genii-around: I changed and it will try to make system update18:39
robotti^genii-around: like for new version18:39
CyONbjsnider, ?18:41
bjsniderCyON, i guess your gstreamer installation is missing a plugin. there are lots of gstreamer plugins packages18:41
CyONbjsnider, so how to find which plugin is missing in my box ?18:42
robotti^genii-around: http://dpaste.com/623599/18:42
ErickMorenoCyON, I can't play music just keeping the mouse over the music file too18:42
ErickMorenoCyON, did you solved this issue?18:43
CyONErickMoreno,  not yet ! :(18:43
bjsniderit is now handled by a little app called sushi, which hasn't ben packaged yet18:43
robotti^http://dpaste.com/623599/ <-- does anybody know how to fix that?18:44
ErickMorenoCyON, now I read the link explaining the issue, will be solved soon18:45
genii-aroundrobotti^: Please translate "merkitty poistettavaksi, mutta se on poistojen estolistalla."18:46
CyONErickMoreno,  yeah!!  I'm waiting for it !!18:46
noobivankenobii do have simple problem and i use  amd a3850 apu with 6550 oncpu graphics and  i simply can see anything when i try to install 11.10 beta 2 or daily build , can someone link me a webpage that could help me?18:46
robotti^genii-around: marked for deletion, but it is a depreciation of blocking list.18:47
robotti^genii-around: ubuntu-desktop18:48
CyONErickMoreno,  then how know the problem is solved , I mean will they provide any update in ubuntu ?18:49
ArnoldWhy is Chat (Empathy) marked as active/running in the Message Indicator menu, if it wasn't even launched once?18:49
ErickMorenoCyON, just update your system frequently. Sometime the issue will be solved18:50
CyONErickMoreno, HmmM18:50
ArnoldHello FernandoMiguel.18:51
noobivankenobii do have simple problem and i use  amd a3850 apu with 6550 oncpu graphics and  i simply cant see anything when i try to install 11.10 beta 2 or daily build , can someone link me a webpage that could help me?18:55
genii-aroundrobotti^: Can you pastebin result of: apt-cache policy ubuntu-desktop18:57
robotti^genii-around: http://dpaste.com/623605/18:59
IdleOnefaust_: somehow the volume applet is now working :)19:01
IdleOneI didn't change anything19:01
genii-aroundrobotti^: I would suggest to switch your repositories to the main local one. eg: se.archive.ubuntu.com19:03
faust_IdleOne: probably it's just luck! :-)19:04
IdleOnefaust_: yup, I'll take it lol19:04
faust_I am dealing with kmail2 bugs, it's really really annoying19:04
faust_after today's update19:04
faust_it started to create duplicate mails19:04
faust_and tonight I am stuck with 330 unread copies and everytime I "touch" a duplicate19:05
faust_an error is displayed19:05
faust_AgentBase(akonadi_maildir_resource_1): Error opening ; this folder is missing.19:05
faust_that is what the debugger says19:05
robotti^genii-around: how?19:07
genii-aroundrobotti^: gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list   and then change all where you have http://ftp.sunet.se/pub/os/Linux/distributions/ubuntu/ubuntu/    to: http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu19:12
genii-aroundrobotti^: Then save, then sudo apt-get update19:13
genii-aroundrobotti^: Is only ubuntu-desktop from oneiric and the rest of your ubuntu from natty?19:15
robotti^I formatted harddrive, and installed oneric. I have not installed natty19:16
robotti^it was clean install19:16
genii-aroundrobotti^: OK.19:16
robotti^so no natty packages19:16
genii-aroundrobotti^: So then after se.archive.ubuntu.com change, see if sudo apt-get update completes successfully19:17
FernandoMiguelgot my old Nokia HS-56W Bluetooth ear piece to work on my Ubuntu laptop.19:21
FernandoMiguelGonna use it for Plus Hangouts :D19:21
FernandoMiguelcool :D19:21
robotti^genii-around: I replaced19:22
robotti^genii-around: it complteded?19:22
robotti^genii-around: now upgrade?19:23
genii-aroundrobotti^: sudo apt-get upgrade19:23
genii-aroundor sudo aptitude safe-upgrade19:23
robotti^I do not have instsalled aptitude19:24
robotti^it seems work19:25
Nattgewwhat's the deal with emblems in the new nautilus?19:31
robotti^genii-around: thank you!19:31
genii-aroundrobotti^: You're welcome.19:33
deurisi get some problem when i want to install 'ubi-partman failed with exit code 141...'19:45
duddarmok and jald19:47
deuriswhat's that?19:47
genii-aroundStar Trek nerd stuff19:49
deurisi'm too young for that19:49
deurisis the same problem in ubuntu than in edubuntu19:55
ari-tczewsoftware based on gtk couldn't run after last updates19:58
ari-tczewsymbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so: undefined symbol: gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored19:58
ari-tczewis it a known bug?19:58
deurisoctober 13, i am wainting for you20:04
crshbndcti am waiting for 13/10 for many reasons. first paycheck from new job, new hard ware order, ubuntu 11.10, and bulldozer20:07
deurisme just ubuntu buddy i don't have a great life like you20:08
crshbndctHey Chris, i dont know if this is the right show for it it, or maybe LAS, but can you cover how linux does multithreading, vs say, bsd, windows, apple, etc20:09
crshbndctoh hell wrong goddamn channel20:09
jtaylorari-tczew: bug 86255320:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862553 in libcanberra (Ubuntu) "Latest libcanberra update causes Firefox and Thunderbird to crash on startup" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86255320:10
ari-tczewjtaylor: thank you so much20:10
Nattgewdid gnome 3 remove emblems in nautilus completely?20:11
=== jacob_ is now known as jacob
zonkersanyone know of a bug in unity where i resize the desktop and I lose the poweroff/logout button?20:13
CardinalFangIs update-manager's triangle-bang icon  /!\ supposed to be twice as large as the top panel and overflow onto the desktop?20:19
CardinalFangIt does kind of stand out, but it's not supposed to stand *out*.20:19
histowin 320:35
ian_mac_I'm having real difficulty getting grub to autoboot20:50
ian_mac_any tips?20:50
genii-aroundian_mac_: If I understand.. it stops forever on the main screen wanting you to make a selection before it can continue?20:52
ian_mac_genii-around - yes21:14
genii-aroundian_mac_: Can you paste your current /etc/default/grub file please21:15
genii-aroundPastebin, rather21:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:16
ian_mac_genii-around http://paste2.org/p/167974621:20
genii-aroundian_mac_: I would comment out lines 7 and 8 , sudo update grub21:23
genii-aroundian_mac_: I have to leave but will be back tomorrow.21:24
ian_mac_kk thanks21:25
MonotokoBeta 2 is the most recent.. right?21:31
Monotokoexcellent :)21:33
jtaylorbut run apt-get {update,upgrade} after installing21:35
jtaylorthere are many updates21:35
graftanyone know how to make a custom launcher for a PDF file on unity?21:55
darkphaderack! latest round of updates screwed up my desktop - wallpaper shifted, closed app ghostprints22:04
jtaylorwelcome to the beta that feels like an alpha :)22:07
jtaylornot very good that I still manage to crash compiz/gsettings at least twice a day ._.22:07
graftwhat's worse is that this is the second release featuring this technology, and it still feels like an alpha22:09
winuton kubuntu, does muon support ppa's? thanks22:12
graftsoo... on the "Filter Results" tab of the search widget, can anyone actually see the "Size" options? They all show up as "..." for me22:13
MonotokoI have Windows 7 and Windows 8 Dev Preview on here... am I right in thinking that if I overwrite Windows 8 Dev Preview with Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2... I will get a GRUB menu and be able to boot into both Ubuntu and Windows 722:14
yofelwinut: it does22:14
winutfinally got kubuntu 11.10 64 working in virtual box 4.1.2. used daily from 29/9/2011 and guided method. thanks22:15
graftMonotoko: that should work, yeah22:15
graftMonotoko: you can also just install grub to the MBR without overwriting anything, probably22:16
winutthanks yofel :-)22:16
Monotokograft, aye.. I just wanted to delete Windows 8 and install the Ubuntu Beta... at the moment it will boot up and ask me whether I want Windows 7 or Windows 8... just not qite sure if when I click Windows 7 on the GRUB menu, it'll fall over because 8 doesn't exist22:17
graftMonotoko: did you already install the ubuntu beta?22:18
Monotokograft, no.. I'm about to22:18
graftMonotoko: also, no harm in trying it, worst that can happen is you'll have to reboot22:18
graftMonotoko: oic... yeah, it should figure it out okay22:19
Monotokograft, cool thanks :)22:19
graftMonotoko: as long as they're on separate partitions22:19
winutwhat are the best way to install virtual box guest additions and setup 3d on kubuntu? thanks22:20
winutas discussed, i am running this in virtualbox22:21
yofelwinut: last time I used vitualbox you had to install virtualbox-guest-x11 in the VM22:22
yofelI hope it's still so22:22
winutthere is a script i can run but i would prefer apt to handle this, thanks22:23
winutis that in the repos?22:23
yofelit is22:23
winutok, thank you :-)22:24
winutwhen i search in muon package manager it did not show, or anything much to be honest, maybe i'm using that wrong?22:26
winuti'm doing it in konsole instead :-)22:27
winutis it possible to make kde4 look like kde 3.x ? thanks22:29
winuti installed kubuntu so i can try and get amarok working properly! lol it looks very nice :-)22:31
yofelah, it's not a program, so the software center won't show it, the package manager will22:33
yofel(muon has 2 parts)22:33
winuti thought i was in the package manager! ill check22:34
yofelit shows up in the package manager here22:35
winuti was, looks like it needed guest additions to work properly! lol22:35
winuti guess thats a bug22:36
winutreally happy with kubuntu 11.10 daily, amarok working on all stations :-) thanks guys22:47
winuthowever, its a bit laggy on virtualbox, should i enable 3d or something? thanks22:48
winuti also think muon should show a lot more information about the packages it finds, like version etc without clicking on it, thats poor imo22:50
winutthats simplification on steroids!22:51
winutthe best model for what information to display would be synaptic22:51
yofelwinut: fell free to file a wishlist bug against muon on bugs.kde.org22:53
winutyup, ok, thanks :-)22:53
winutbtw, do you feel that there should be more information displayed about packages on muon?22:54
winutbtw, is kxstudio repositories now merged in ubuntu/kubuntu repos ? thanks22:56
soeeany idea how can i solve this error: error while loading shared libraries: libglade-2.0.so.0: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 ?22:56
yofelsoee: that looks like an 32/64-bit lib mismatch, what are you trying to run?22:57
soeeyofel, im trying to install game, 32bit version22:57
yofelwinut: I'm usually happy with it as it is, the thing I'm missing is terminal output while it installs packages.22:58
yofelsoee: on a 64bit system? That won't work if it assumes the system libs are 32bit too22:58
winutyes, as an option, merge the thing with synaptic! lol22:59
yofelunless libglade is multiarch, then there's a chance22:59
yofelwinut: you can't really merge Qt and gtk :P22:59
winuti meant the best features of..22:59
winutnot literally :-)22:59
yofelwell, I know the dev tried to add it, but it seems to be rather tricky22:59
winutyofel: wouldn't want to either for bloat and other reasons :-)23:00
winuthowever, i use gtk on macports, bland as $%#$ but functional :-)23:01
FernandoMiguelanyone has any idea on how to stream a desktop or browser window via DLNA?23:02
FernandoMiguelhi yofel23:02
* yofel doesn't even know what DLNA is23:02
FernandoMiguelyofel: eheh23:04
ChrisGagnonFernandoMiguel: what are you trying to do?23:07
FernandoMiguelChrisGagnon: stream firefox to my TV23:07
escott_FernandoMiguel, can dnla even do that. i thought it was just a protocol for media discovery23:08
FernandoMiguelescott yes it can23:09
ChrisGagnonFernandoMiguel: http://realmike.org/blog/2011/02/09/live-desktop-streaming-via-dlna-on-gnulinux/23:09
FernandoMiguelI'm trying to put vlc stream screen23:09
FernandoMiguelChrisGagnon: already been there23:10
FernandoMiguelmiss match with current 11.1023:10
ChrisGagnonFernandoMiguel: what's miss matched?23:12
FernandoMiguelgot some errors23:12
FernandoMigueldidn't took much time to get it fixed23:12
alex_mayorgaanyone on nvidia with a borked desktop?23:17
* yofel is on nvidia with a not borked desktop23:17
alex_mayorgayofel: not entirely borked, but seems like the desktop is shifted to the right and down a bit :(23:18
nhainesalex_mayorga: this is bug 862743.23:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862743 in unity (Ubuntu) "Desktop drawn with offset" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86274323:19
FernandoMiguelalex wfm23:19
alex_mayorganhaines: thanks! is there a known workaround?23:19
nhainesalex_mayorga: you can revert back to Unity 4.18, or you can wait patiently since someone's bound to notice something like this and fix it.  :)23:20
alex_mayorganhaines: thanks again!23:20
nhainesalex_mayorga: I have it on Intel, too.  But it'll probably be fixed some time tomorrow... it's nighttime for most of the Unity developers.  Also, Unity2D should work great for you overnight!23:21
nhainesalex_mayorga: you're welcome.  :)23:21
lenafter updating today, I could log into kde anymore, and was missing a other things.  Installed Kubuntu-desktop, and got back in.  This happend on two different machines, after updating, so I know it isn't the machine.   The big problem I'm having now is that I firefox and chrome both crash.  I think it has  something to do with ssl getting screwed up on the update.  Does anyone know what got fouled up with the update process today?23:49
lenGot this from both FF and chrome:  symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/modules/libcanberra-gtk-module.so: undefined symbol: gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored23:51
hansg01aren't oneiric become more unstable after instaling the latest updates?23:56

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