TheMusomaco: Does the accessibility stuff in glade allow for setting relationships between labels and other widgets?05:35
AlanBellbug 854516 is fix released, which in theory should be the "button" issue in the dash07:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 854516 in unity-2d "[launcher] LauncherItem's accessibilityName is only evaluated on runtime" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85451607:17
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AlanBellPendulum: charlie-tca: skaet: I am making a start on an article and release notes for accessibility http://pad.ubuntu.com/oneirica11y08:48
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PendulumAlanBell: ta!10:50
AlanBellwe can nibble away at that up to the release day10:52
AlanBelldunno if the last big fixes made it into todays live CD but they should be in tomorrow10:53
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skaetAlanBell, :)  looks good.    Would like to reference it from the overview release notes.  Is there a predicted link?14:21
skaetAlanBell, coolio.  :)14:23
AlanBellunless the "13" bit is wrong!14:23
skaet  Thank you.14:23
macoTheMuso: yes15:33
macoTheMuso: thats why i got rid of the code that was doing it programmatically15:33
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SeaJayI just heard that Chromium is replacing Firefox as the default browser in Ubuntu 11.10. Is this the case? I'm getting mixed messages from my Google search.18:54
SeaJayBTW, I didn't hear this from a trustworty source.18:56
SeaJayMy concern is that Chromium isn't accessible yet.18:56
charlie-tcaSeaJay: some of the derivatives have moved to Chromium, but Ubuntu will have firefox and thunderbird18:58
charlie-tcaSeaJay: to put your mind at ease, the changes documentated in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/TechnicalOverview/Beta2 are what will be there.18:59
SeaJaycharlie-tca: Ah, thanks!18:59
charlie-tcaSeaJay: you are welcome19:00
AlanBellupdating my oneiric vm to try typing in the 3d dash with onboard21:06
macoright yeah, should do the thing with the testing the new ubiquity tonight...21:07
charlie-tcarunning screen-reader install now, here21:08
macoi hope i didnt make it worse :-/21:09
charlie-tcagreat! desktop showed up, compiz crashed21:10
charlie-tcaOh, better now. desktop disappeared21:10
charlie-tcaDoes unity respawn compiz? it has now crashed two times21:11
charlie-tcaHm, fewer crashes than last time I did this21:11
macoim interested in what the Wireless page of Ubiquity will do21:13
macoi see GtkRadioButtons. they do not have atk "labelled-by" settings, BUT their labels are marked as properties of them rather than being separate labels (as was the problem with the partitioner)21:13
charlie-tcaNo wireless here21:14
macooh yeah thatd probably require doing a hardware install huh? -_-21:16
macothat might make it time for my netbook to get an upgrade21:17
charlie-tcacompiz crash shows fixed 5 hours ago, didn't make this image21:19
* AlanBell hits the compiz crash22:11
AlanBell2d still starts which is good22:12
AlanBellsearching for accessibility works22:18
TheMusoCompiz... *sigh*22:22
AlanBellquite spectacularly broken considering where we are in the cycle22:28
charlie-tcabut supposed to be fixed this morning22:30
charlie-tcaHopefully, tomorrow's images will work22:30
AlanBellthey should have ubiquity in them at least22:31
TheMusoThere was a compiz update in the last 12 hours or so that fixed a *LOT* of crashers...22:38
charlie-tcaYeah, according to the bug report, this crash was fixed about 6 hours ago22:38
* TheMuso checks the build status of the latest compiz upload.22:39
TheMusoBuilt everywhere.22:40
TheMusoAnd published.22:40
AlanBellI think that fix broke it all22:40
charlie-tcabut no respin for the images22:40
TheMusoBut not on images yet.22:40
TheMusocharlie-tca: They don't manually respin unless its a release time.22:40
AlanBellbug 86274322:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 862743 in unity "Desktop drawn with offset" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86274322:40
AlanBellthat bug is causing screen corruption and offset desktops and in all probability the crashes we are seeing22:41
TheMusoThe compiz/nux/unity stack is too fragile for my liking.22:42
AlanBellcompiz used to be pretty solid, but now changing anything makes it crash and it takes out the whole desktop now22:44
TheMusoYep, used to be written in C, now in C++.22:44
TheMusoAlthough the language probably doesn't have anything to do with it.22:46
TheMusoHowever the rewrite certainly could introduce problems.22:46
AlanBellbring back beryl :)22:49
AlanBellooh crap22:52
AlanBellmaximising onboard is a very very bad idea22:53
charlie-tcaOh, yeah22:54
charlie-tcaThere is a bug report about it. very difficult to resize now22:54
charlie-tcaAlanBell: Bug 85928822:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 859288 in onboard "full-screen onboard keyboard commandeers entire desktop" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85928822:55
AlanBellthat bug is pretty horrible23:06
charlie-tcaWell, at some point, those with the power need to realize the less time given to try a11y, the fewer bugs they get fixed concerning a11y23:08
AlanBelloh no, now onboard starts full screen :(23:10
charlie-tcaThat's what the bug report said, too23:10
AlanBellhowever, on the plus side you can start onboard from lightdm and enter the password23:10
charlie-tcabut you can't easily get it to resize after it goes full size23:11
AlanBellyeah, don't know what I am going to do about that!23:11
AlanBellI guess when 3d works again I could resize it from there maybe23:12
AlanBellscreen reader from lightdm doesn't work23:12
AlanBellhigh contrast is nice23:13
AlanBellwell I am off to bed, hopefully compiz will work tomorrow23:17
TheMusoAlanBell: screen reader from lightdm is known.23:32
TheMusoA bug against the greeter was filed a while back.23:32
TheMusoI referred to that bug yesterday.23:32

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