rsalvetiread it wrong here00:00
infinityNCommander: Pokity poke.00:01
jhobbsi think i know what is wrong - in older versions, when it looked for a default and didn't find it, it would go ahead and attempt to boot labels it hadn't tried to boot yet00:01
rsalvetijhobbs: yup, makes sense00:02
infinityNCommander: I need someone with ~ubuntu-installer commit access who happens to be in my timezone.  Wake up! ;)00:03
jhobbsrsalveti: i have a patch that fixes that now, i just need to run through a few tests00:04
jhobbsrsalveti: should i email it to you?00:04
rsalvetijhobbs: please, rsalveti@linaro.org00:04
jhobbsok it's sent00:20
jhobbsrsalveti: let me know if you have troubles with it. the fdt_addr issue isn't as straightforward - i'm not sure check for an fdt there is the right answer either, it may be that the pxe command should look for explicit instruction to use fdt, like bootm does00:22
rsalvetijhobbs: yeah, probably00:23
rsalvetilet me check your patch00:23
infinityGrueMaster: So, I can't make oem-config crash here at all.  Which makes it pretty painful to figure out what's going on for you.  But every other issue raised today (partition label, flash-kernel race, ac100 not removing oem-config) should be fixed in tonight's dailies, the only remaining one is the slideshow, which should be fixed by a pending merge I have to ubiquity.00:23
infinityGrueMaster: (You can kick your roommate to merge my ubiquity fix, since he's in ~ubuntu-installer) :P00:23
jhobbsrsalveti: i'm going offline and might not check irc until tomorrow, email me if there are issues, thanks for your help00:24
rsalvetijhobbs: sure, thank you :-)00:25
rsalvetijhobbs: worked fine now00:27
rsalvetiGrueMaster: http://people.linaro.org/~rsalveti/u-boot/00:34
rsalvetiGrueMaster: the fixed u-boot for pxe00:34
rsalvetijcrigby: with the patches available at http://people.linaro.org/~rsalveti/u-boot/ pxe works fine again00:36
rsalvetiinfinity: http://s3.amazonaws.com/imgly_production/2114800/large.jpg00:41
rsalvetilibjpeg-turbo and libjpeg00:41
rsalvetirunning on imx5300:41
rsalvetitgall_foo should have the details00:42
infinityrsalveti: Very cool.00:43
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GrueMasterrsalveti: u-boot appears to work correctly again.  Let me know when it is in the pool for more official testing.01:03
rsalvetiGrueMaster: great, thanks for testing it01:03
GrueMasterinfinity: Daily build just failed.  May be a while before I will be able to test your changes.01:06
infinityGrueMaster: Neat trick, since the daily builds don't happen for another 43 minutes...01:08
infinitycdimage@antimony:~$ crontab -l | grep ' ubuntu daily-preinstalled' && date01:09
infinity55 1 * * *buildlive ubuntu daily-preinstalled && for-project ubuntu cron.daily-preinstalled01:09
infinityThu Sep 29 01:09:12 UTC 201101:09
jcrigbyrsalveti, /me the slacker has finally returned01:14
rsalvetijcrigby: hey :-)01:17
jcrigbyrsalveti, thanks for filling in for me, I owe you as always01:18
rsalvetijcrigby: just need to check if the removal of fdt is the right thing to do01:19
rsalvetinot yet sure why it was added01:19
jcrigbythe old patch set used different names for kernel and ramdisk addresses, when converting to the new patchset the names had changed to ones used elsewhere in u-boot and documented in README.  So while adding this names to the panda config I added the other standard name/address for fdt01:25
jcrigbyhad not idea that it broke anything01:26
jcrigbyrsalveti, so since I added it just for completeness sake he are probably ok deleting it at least for this ubuntu release01:32
rsalvetijcrigby: I think so01:38
rsalvetias this will just affect the default behavior01:38
rsalvetiif the user wants to use fdt, he can set that at boot.src01:38
jcrigbyrsalveti, two recipe driven builds are going right now.  Also I have a source package ready for putting.  Do I need to wait for something.  Last time I did this I thought I learned that someone was supposed to set status to confirmed to indicate approval for the ffe.02:28
rsalvetijcrigby: let's wait the new builds to be available, then request GrueMaster to give some testing and then we request the release team to accept the FFe02:41
jcrigbyrsalveti, ok sounds good02:42
rsalvetijcrigby: only thing is that the final freeze is tomorrow02:42
jcrigbyI understand02:42
rsalvetiso I guess I'll add a comment there now...02:42
rsalvetijcrigby: did you set CONFIG_SYS_EMIF_PRECALCULATED_TIMING_REGS ?02:44
jcrigbyno, I guess I get to do one more release02:44
rsalvetijcrigby: bug 83723502:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 837235 in u-boot-linaro "Broken ES2.0 support at U-boot-linaro 11.08" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83723502:44
rsalvetijcrigby: sorry for giving you more work02:45
jcrigbyits not a problem02:45
rsalvetibut getting a FFe and not fixing es2.0 will upset some people for sure02:45
jcrigbyIt has the added plus of reducing spl size02:48
jcrigbya patch hit u-boot ml today setting this as default and setting spl limit back to 32K02:48
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rsalvetijcrigby: cool03:13
rsalvetijcrigby: did you fire up another build already?03:24
rsalvetiat the package recipe03:25
rsalvetijcrigby: great03:25
infinityGrueMaster: Nevermind, no new images because ubiquity was FTBFS on i386.  Yay for skew the other direction for once. :P03:30
infinityGrueMaster: If I'm up late, I might re-spin some armel images for testing.03:31
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sniperjo_Hi guys, I'm trying to boot my board but it stops at uncompressing kernel … I've checked my serial line is setup properly in uboot and there is no boot.src07:47
twbsniperjo_: it might be working but just not printing anything07:47
twbThat line comes from the bootloader; you then need to tell the kernel where console= to put it07:48
sniperjo_twb: where can i do that ?07:48
twbIt's args passed to the kernel07:48
twbe.g. qemu-system-arm -nographic -M versatilepb -kernel vmlinuz-3.0.0-1-versatile -initrd initrd.gz -append 'console=ttyS0 console=tty0 console=ttyAMA0,38400n8'07:48
sniperjo_in uboot i have setenv linux_args setenv bootargs console=${console} nfsroot=${serverip}:/dev/mmcblk0p2 ip=${ipaddr}:${serverip}:; tftpboot 84000000 uImage; run linux_args; bootm 84000000;07:49
infinitysniperjo_: And what is console set to?07:51
infinityYour board actually has a device called ttyS2?07:51
sniperjo_yes, its the console thats used when i boot in angstrom07:52
infinityPotentially renamed in later kernels.07:53
infinityThough just a shot in the dark.  It could just as easily be the kernel just not booting too. :P07:53
sniperjo_infinity: by the way in still o n2.6.32, do i need to update my host computer07:54
infinityUpdate your "host"?07:54
sniperjo_The annoying thing is/.. somewhere, one of the things i have done, I've got to " Uncompressing kernel…. done" and I've just read somewhere that sometimes thats because its set up or a guy enviroment07:55
sniperjo_as in, what i used to compile the kernel07:55
infinityIf you're using Angstrom sources, I'd recommend using whatever toolchain they recommend (ie: I don't know).07:57
infinityFor something closer to upstream or Linaro sources, the latest and shiniest oneiric would be saner.07:57
sniperjo_i really don't want to use angstrom07:57
sniperjo_so in that case i do need to update?07:57
infinityI'm not even sure what device you're using...07:58
infinityBut if there are newer kernels out there that support it, that would be a good place to start.07:58
sniperjo_infinity: an atom netbook07:59
infinityI mean your ARM device.07:59
sniperjo_ah, technexion tsunami, omap4540, 25mb ram07:59
sniperjo_whoops… 353008:00
infinityYou're trying to run Ubuntu on a pseudo-embedded system?08:00
sniperjo_256mb ram… unless I've got some crazy prototype08:00
infinityOh, 256 sounds less painful. :P08:00
infinityI'm going to guess that our "omap" kernel is too Beagle-specific to work on it, eh? :/08:01
infinityBut, our omap sources, with the Angstrom .config shoved at it, might Just Work.08:01
sniperjo_yeah, it dies straight away, not the same vendor id08:01
infinityAnd for that, I'd definitely recommend compiling from an oneiric system, yes.08:02
infinityKernel shouldn't be checking vendor id at all.  You mean our images do that (as in, our uBoot)?08:02
infinityI'm saying you could try our kernel with their uBoot.08:02
infinityBut it's probably still missing some device support, since it's fairly Beagle-ish.08:02
sniperjo_infinity: I've defiantly tried it, and it definitely didn't work08:03
infinityEither way, it's 2am, I should probably not be trying to be helpful, and go to bed.08:03
infinityBut some shiny newish linaro omap sources with the .config from your Angstrom kernel, built with an oneiric toolchain, may well work.08:04
sniperjo_ok, so i need to update my "host to one irc" and try and compile again08:05
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* ogra_ hugs infinity, thanks for the installer quietening08:44
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infinityogra_: NP.  It was annoying me in testing.  Sadly, no new images today with all my fixes yesterday, since ubiquity's FTBFS on x86. :/10:01
infinityogra_: Yay for archive skew in the other direction for once?10:01
ogra_infinity, well, skew is skew :)10:05
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ogra_hey zumbi13:03
zumbiogra_: could you pull dietlibc from debian/experimental for oneiric?13:03
* ogra_ can try ... we have final freeze today :)13:03
zumbiogra_: it currently ftbfs on *buntu13:04
zumbibut experimental should have the fixes13:04
zumbito have a working version, at least it works on debian armel/armhf13:04
ogra_infinity, can you sync that ? or do i need a bug etc etc13:04
zumbiI told doko but he seem to have missed it13:04
ogra_very likely, i think he is really overworked13:05
zumbiogra_: thanks13:05
ppisatiGrueMaster: yesterday, weren't you suggesting that the problem with the verbose audio messages on console were due to a driver rename? s/SDP4430/Panda/?13:11
rsalvetippisati: it is, because then the current ucm files are useless after this change13:59
ogra_ppisati, i hope that fix got in in todays build ?14:01
ogra_else we will have lost sound again14:01
ppisatiwhich fix?14:03
ppisatiwell, i did the rename14:03
ppisatino wait14:03
ppisatii'm using the jack on the back of my panda board14:03
ogra_as long as alsactl finds the right name all is fine14:03
ppisatiand i always had audio14:03
ogra_the renaming only happened recently in andys branch i think14:04
ppisatithe rename was just to silence the messages on console14:04
ogra_all alsa settings fully depend on the name14:04
ppisatiso i shouldn't have audio, right?14:04
ppisatibut i have it14:05
ppisatinot hdmi, using the lower audio jack14:05
ogra_with the recent images and the new kernel ?14:06
ogra_i.e. on a fresh install where alsactl didnt create the defaults yet14:06
ppisatiwhere does it store the config? i mean alsa14:08
ogra_its tricky to get rid of it14:08
ogra_best is to take the SD in your PC and remove /var/lib/alsa/asound.state14:09
ppisatii'll try14:09
ogra_(it gets recreated on every shutdown, so its not easy to do it on a running system without hacking around in upstart jobs and udev rules)14:10
ppisatisingle user and i axe it14:10
ppisatito check the renaming: /proc/asound/cards should be equal to 2.6.38.xx, right?14:10
ppisatibtw, i thgought fix could go in even after final freeze14:11
ppisatior maybe not?14:11
ppisatiah ok14:11
ogra_but we still havent had much testing for the sound stuff14:11
ogra_so the earlier the better14:11
ppisatiok ok14:11
ppisatiaxe alsa state14:12
ppisatitest again14:12
ppisatiif not working, apply the rename and retest14:12
ogra_would be our first release where sound works on release day14:12
ndecogra_: i don't want to be pessimistic... but i don't have audio... granted that I am not using your kernel, but I am using the kernel which was used by ppisati to make the ubuntu kernel...14:20
ogra_well, lets see what paolos test turns out now14:21
ogra_testing with an existing state file is indeed kind of moot14:21
* diwic has not understood why we need this UCM thing in the first place, whereas one could write a PulseAudio profile instead to do the same thing.14:27
ndecUCM was supposed to help ;-)14:28
ogra_diwic, i think the idea was to use both14:28
ndecogra_: on one panda that I have dist-upgraded since alpha2, audio works fine ;-)14:28
diwicogra_, no, PulseAudio profiles/paths, and UCM, are overlapping concepts.14:29
ogra_so should we roll back to the kernel we had at A2 ?14:29
ndecif we use our images from yesterday evening + our kernel --> no audio14:29
ogra_ndec, iirc that was the natty kernel still14:29
ndechere we go...14:30
ndecit's even easier to find in the archive!14:30
ndecfor UCM to work, we need to have /usr/share/alsa/ucm/Panda/Panda.conf, is that correct?14:31
ogra_i think so14:32
jcrigbyogra_, I'm ready to push the final u-boot source once someone approves14:33
ogra_oh, go ahead14:33
jcrigbyoh, ok14:33
ogra_i'll do the paperwork in a minute on the bug14:34
ndecogra_: did you submit the change (s/SDP4430/Panda/) to alsa?14:35
ogra_ndec, i think diwic added it in an SRU14:38
ndecogra_: can you send me (again) the link with the queue of packages waiting for entering in the archive?14:39
* diwic does not remember changing "SDP4430" to "Panda".14:46
ndecrsalveti: ogra_: ^^ if we change the device name in the kernel and not in alsa, we might be in troubles..14:48
ppisatiok, after deleting the14:51
GrueMasterndec: I have the latest alsa source..  I find no reference to "Panda" there.  It is all ADP4430.14:51
ppisati/var/lib/alsa/asound.state file and rebooting14:51
ppisatiwe have the unfamous "pulseaudio go nuts and swamp the console with lo messages" and 100% cpu usage for this14:52
ppisatirenaming the driver s/Panda/SDP4430/ we get back to a "normal" logging on console14:52
ppisatinut no audio :(14:52
GrueMasterppisati: Hence why I filed it as a kernel bug originally.  While the messages are directly from Pulseaudio, it is because of a kernel change.14:53
ppisatiGrueMaster: ok, so i can shove the driver name change in, but still there's some alsa tweaking to do14:53
ppisatielse we won't have audio after a fresh install14:54
ppisatithe volume was low14:54
ppisatiwe have audio! :)14:54
GrueMasterA fresh install should just work.  In my earlier test, renaming SDP4430 in all of the ucm files and rebooting worked fine.14:54
ppisatiyes, we haz it14:54
ppisatiok, let me commit it then14:55
ndecGrueMaster: ? there is already SDP4430 in all UCM files.14:55
GrueMasterThe change to Panda is not in the upstream alsa git tree, so I don't know where it came from.14:55
GrueMasterndec, right.  Not sure where the rename to Panda came from.14:55
GrueMasterI only did that as a quick experiment to see why it wasn't working.14:56
GrueMasterUCM shouldn't have changed since Natty.14:56
ppisatididn't we have an omap4 audio lp bug?14:59
ppisaticrap, can't find it...14:59
sniperjo_I've followed a tutorial for getting ubuntu on my board ,I've set ups tftp server and such so it downloads the kernel and rootfs , it stop at  "uncompressing…booting kernel ".. from google lots of people have that because their console isn't set right, but my bootargs use ${console} which works when the prebuilt sdcard is in there14:59
GrueMasterppisati: bug 82046615:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 820466 in linux-ti-omap4 "No sound on omap4 pandaboard" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82046615:00
ndecogra_: ppisati: diwic: if i rename all the SDP4430 to Panda in /usr/share/alsa/ucm, sound is working with a kernel that calls the sound card Panda15:19
GrueMasterndec: Upstream alsa still names it SDP4430.15:19
ndecthis is for the Blaze board15:20
GrueMasterAnd changing the kernel name is easier (one line if I read the driver correctly).15:20
ndecare you sure it's upstream btw?15:21
ndecbut wrong...15:21
dokodiwic, I'll upload your openjdk/pulseaudio arm fix, just with a cast to jlong instead15:21
ndeci meant easier but wrong. the real name in the kernel should be Panda15:21
GrueMasterndec: I have the alsa-project git tree here and up-to-date.15:21
GrueMasterWhy?  Is it different from platform to platform?15:22
ndecGrueMaster: where in alsa upstream did they put the conf files?15:23
GrueMasterI haven't seen any alsaucm files upstream yet, but they may be in a git tree I don't have yet.15:24
GrueMasterWill check after the meeting.  #ubuntu-meeting.15:24
* ppisati refrains from commiting anything then...15:25
GrueMasterndec: Since we have freeze today, it makes more sense to fixe the one line in the kernel than the multiple ucm files.  If TI wants it renamed to Panda, we can do it next cycle, but we will need to know way before freeze.15:33
infinityGrueMaster: I'd rather build alsa than another kernel.15:47
infinityTo be fair...15:47
GrueMasterReally?  Alsa is a bit more intrusive.  Kernel is a separate tree affecting only omap4.15:48
infinityThere's nothing intrusive about s/SDP4430/Panda/ unless you have a sound card called SDP4430 on your amd64 machine.15:49
GrueMasterNo, but the packages are arch all.15:49
infinityThat doesn't make the fix any scarier.15:50
GrueMasterOn the kernel, it is a single line.15:51
infinityIt's one line in alsa if I do it with sed in debian/rules instead of a patch.  (which I wouldn't do, but my point is that, conceptually, this isn't a large or unreviewable change).15:53
infinityAnd alsa is much faster to build/test.  And the fix belongs in userspace anyway, we'll have to do this all over again in 2 weeks if we don't do it now.15:54
infinity(Or forget for 3/4 of the cycle and whine at the end that sound doesn't work, and argue again)15:54
GrueMasterinfinity: I don't trust it.  Remember, ext4 is a simple change too.  Right now I want the quick fix.  Since we have to rebuild the kernel anyways.15:56
GrueMasterThe "correct" thing to do is fix it upstream.  Since alsa doesn't know about "Panda", this has not been done.  Alsa does know about the SDP4430 though.15:58
ndecGrueMaster: can you point me to where SDP4430 is reference in upstream alsa?15:58
infinityGrueMaster: ext4 was a simple change.  It landed at the same time as a bunch of mx5 stuff that make people blame ext4 for other breakages though. :P15:59
GrueMasterinfinity: It wasn't a simple change as it required a bunch of jasper changes before we had working images.16:00
infinitySee above.16:00
infinityAnd, for the record, SDP4430 isn't upstream in alsa at all.16:00
infinityIt's a local patch.16:01
ogra_there were mx5 changes *and* a completely new image type (ac100) *and* ext4 at the same time16:01
infinityWe fix it in our packages, we're done.16:01
GrueMasterndec: I would, but the alsa-project gitweb interface seems to be broken.  The tree is git://git.alsa-project.org/alsa-kernel.git and the file is soc/omap/sdp4430.c16:01
ogra_if you want to blame anything, blame ac100, that caused the most intrusive changes16:01
infinityOh, you're talking driver filenames?  That's meaningless.16:02
infinityIt's only the UCM stuff that needs fixing.16:02
ogra_yeah, the filename doesnt matter, only whats in /proc/asound/cards16:02
ndecGrueMaster: in this file you will find this:16:02
ndec   if (machine_is_omap_4430sdp())16:02
ndec        snd_soc_sdp4430.name = "SDP4430";16:02
ndec    else if (machine_is_omap4_panda())16:02
ndec        snd_soc_sdp4430.name = "Panda";16:02
ogra_yes, SDP4430 used to be for the blaze16:03
ogra_(and probably still is, i havent seen a recent blaze)16:03
ndecwhat I copy/pasted is where we are doing the device name, e.g. what ends up in /proc/sounds/cards, and what is used by alsaucm config file16:03
GrueMasterndec: I just ran a git pull and didn't see it when grepping for Panda.16:03
ndecGrueMaster: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-oneiric.git;a=blob;f=sound/soc/omap/sdp4430.c;h=424ca3d512f6b15c3f2318bbcd6644a77fd052ac;hb=ti-omap416:04
GrueMasterBut just to err on the side of caution, I am recloning my tree.16:05
GrueMasterndec: That is our tree.  Not upstream.16:05
ndecthat will be upstream at some point.16:05
GrueMasterAnd when did the addition of Panda get there?16:06
ndecif we were using upstream stuff only, that wouldn't too nice...16:06
infinityIf we revert our omap4 kernel to vanilla, we may as well drop the subarch.16:06
* GrueMaster is getting tired of this argument.16:07
Nekoyou can't drop the subarch it will break flash-kernel16:07
GrueMasterI really don't care what you guys do.  Just fix the thing.16:07
infinityYes.  In the time it's been happening, libasound could have been fixed, uploaded, and built.16:07
GrueMasterSame with the kernel.  Bad argument.16:08
ndecinfinity: by the way, don't rename the files from SDP4430 to Panda, duplicate them. so that you get support for Panda and SDP4430 board16:08
GrueMasterBug was filed a while ago.  If I had been doing daily testing instead of server testing, I would have been all over this weeks ago.16:08
infinityndec: That was the plan.16:08
* ndec remembers you talked about sed ;-)16:09
infinityndec: Was an example. :)16:09
ppisatiso you are going to fix in user space, right?16:09
ppisati*fix it16:09
infinityGrueMaster: 26 minutes versus 9 hours seems to support what I said.  But whatever.16:10
infinityppisati: That's where the fix belongs.  I see no point kludging it.16:10
ndecGrueMaster: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-oneiric.git;a=commit;h=14a8827efa05606e7d8776d11ad2e030c12d427c16:10
ndecit's signed-off by liam. a good sign that it might end up upstream16:10
festheadhi! Question: is it able yet to set the screen resolution on latest ubuntu?16:11
festheadon pandaboard16:11
NekoI second that question :D16:12
ndecfesthead: yes. at least on all the screens i have seen...16:12
ndecit picked the largest one at boot.16:12
festheadand where do you get the options?16:13
ndecnow if you want to change the resolution, you need support for XRandR in the driver, so you need to install our DDK driver from the TI PPA16:13
ndecand it works too.16:13
ndecit just pick the bigger resolution supported by the screen. no option.16:14
ogra_well, you can force a resolution on kernel cmdline, no ?16:15
ogra_was that dropped ?16:15
ndeccan you?16:15
Nekoogra_, seems so, nothing I tried worked there.. it just keeled back over to 640x48016:15
ogra_ndec, you could in the past, yeah, hdmimode= and friends16:15
ndecogra_: if you use the TI DDK driver yes you can using drm16:16
* ndec thinks that hdmimode has been removed16:16
* ogra_ isnt up to date with hacks :) 16:16
ogra_and then i also have a proper monitor16:16
ndecthe good news is that the hack was removed in this case... in general we only add more hacks ;-)16:17
ogra_so i wouldnt need such hacks16:17
infinityYeah, I kind of get a giggle out of my Panda having the nicest monitor in the house.16:17
ndecogra_: infinity: i have to go... but i confirm that adding ucm/Panda fixed the audio issues on at least 2 different boards here...16:19
ogra_infinity, upload away i'd say16:20
infinityndec: Yeah.  I'm testing and uploading within the hour.16:20
infinityAfter I find coffee and a snack.16:20
GrueMasterDon't forget udev will also need to be changed.16:21
infinityGrueMaster: I should hope not.16:23
infinityGrueMaster: This isn't about kernel driver names, it's about alsa device names.16:24
GrueMasterinfinity: There is a udev rule to load the alsaucm files.  I'll doublecheck to see how it is set up.16:26
GrueMasterIt is currently set to "ATTRS{id} =="SDP4430", RUN+="/usr/bin/alsaucm set _verb HiFi" and "ATTRS{id} =="SDP4430", RUN+="/usr/bin/alsaucm set _verb Record"16:30
GrueMasterNot sure where ATTRS is set from, but I'm just saying heads up.16:30
infinitySo, entirely unrelated, but noticed in testing this.  "alsaucm set _verb Hifi" works great.  "alsaucm set _verb Record" fails.17:04
diwicdoko, xranby, ok, did both patches (pulseaudiodataline.patch and contextgetstate.patch) make it into openjdk-6 - 6b23~pre10-0ubuntu4 and did anybody actually test contextgetstate.patch ?17:05
ogra_infinity, did you test with an mp3 player or the like ? mics dont work17:06
ogra_infinity, its a real "line in"17:07
infinityogra_: No, I mean the command fails.17:08
ogra_UH !17:08
ogra_that should definitely not happen17:08
ogra_bug it :)17:08
ogra_playback is definitely more important and if that works i'm already happy17:09
GrueMasterIt would appear the PDM switch for AMIC no longer exists.  Looking to see if there is an alternative (renamed) control.17:10
ogra_well, the HW doesnt support mics ... it probably just reflects the reality now17:11
GrueMasterFor now, commenting out the two lines makes alsaucm work.17:11
ogra_(or does AMIC not mean analog microphone ?)17:11
GrueMasterIt supports audio in and that PDM enabled input.17:11
festheadis it correct that is ubuntu 11.06 the ablility to change the resolution on a pandaboard is supported?17:11
GrueMasterLike a mute button.17:12
ogra_right, but only high level sources17:12
ogra_festhead, there is no ubuntu 11.0617:12
festheadgreat :P17:12
ogra_there will be ubuntu 11.10 and there is 11.0417:12
festheadand is it supported in 10.10?17:13
ogra_well, it is supported by the closed driver in all releases afaik17:13
dokodiwic, contextgetstate.patch: did change the cast to jlong. no, the build would have taken too long. but imo it can't get worse17:14
ogra_but not by the free framebuffer driver we ship by default17:14
diwicdoko, ok, just wanted to make sure you saw there were two patches. Let's hope it works then :-)17:14
festheadogra_, so no support?17:15
ogra_sure, but you need the pvr driver from the TI PPA17:15
ogra_as ndec stated a while ago already17:15
ogra_welcome :=17:16
ogra_hmm, the log in the banshee bug looks suspiciously like an ubuntu-one issue17:18
ogra_it seems to die in a function called U1RequestChrome17:19
* ogra_ removes banshee-extension-ubuntuonemusicstore for a test17:21
ogra_hmm, sadly no17:22
GrueMasterHmm. No record device according to pulseaudio.  This may take a bit to figure out.17:27
ogra_might even be the kernel17:28
diwicGrueMaster, does the device show up in "arecord -l"17:29
GrueMasterThere are a lot of devices that the SOC can handle.  Question is figuring out the right one for alsaucm so that pulseaudio works.17:30
festheadogra_, still no succes, i allready had those drivers. i'm using a pico projector and my resolution is only 848x480. no succes with xrandr17:37
ogra_how is that attached ? HDMI ?17:38
ogra_well, try to catch robclark, he knows about graphics drivers and might have more ideas, i'm running out of them now17:39
festheadrobclark, any ideas? :)17:40
ogra_its likely that your projector doesnt provide an EDID table the driver can handle17:40
festheadthanks for the help anyway17:44
robclarkfesthead, ogra_, no EDID for pico..17:51
ogra_aha !17:51
robclarkit and LCD panels would only support current resolution17:51
festheadno ability to force resolution?17:52
ogra_boot with a monitor that has a supported resolution for the pico ... then plug over ?17:55
festheadhaha! thought of that, but i have no hdmi-monitors. i tried the standard resolution (by plugging nothing in) but that was even smaller17:57
ogra_yeah, thats 640x48017:58
GrueMasterfesthead: Do you have a DVI monitor?  You can use a DVI<>HDMI cable.17:59
festheadno only big vga monitors18:00
ogra_hmm, oem-config-remove is just running here for whom it intrests ...18:00
ogra_on the most recent image18:00
GrueMasterrobclark: Does the kernel module still accept parameters for video resolution?18:00
GrueMasterogra_: Which image?18:01
ogra_desktop panda18:01
robclarkGrueMaster, yes, although it is different from the omapfb bootargs of old18:01
ogra_initramfs-tools is running atm18:01
robclarkother caveat: for displays that don't support EDID, there is only one valid resolution to choose from18:01
robclarkie, you can't set arbitrary resolution on the LCD panels on blaze, for example18:01
robclarkor pico projector18:02
* robclark is referring to projector built in on blaze, not one connected over hdmi/dvi..18:02
robclarkfor something connected over hdmi/dvi, it all depends on what the EDID says18:03
GrueMasterok.  Is there a way to fix festhead with a kernel cmdline parameter?  Is it documented somewhere?18:03
robclarkwell, *if* he is using the drm driver, and connecting over hdmi/dvi, and still just gets one choice of resolutions, that probably means that it is all that the display supports18:04
robclarkno amount of bootargs would change that18:04
robclarkif he is using older omapfb stuff instead.. then there are some bootargs that would help18:04
ogra_GrueMaster, and finished, i'm at lightDM proper18:05
GrueMasterogra_: What image?  What platform?18:06
ogra_again pnada desktop latest image18:06
ogra_sandisk class4 4G card though ... vers slow (one of the blue ones)18:07
ogra_hehe, and the boot partition is automounted18:07
GrueMasterHmm.  Will have to test on other cards.  My 16G Class 6 Micro Center SD fails consistently.18:07
ogra_and apport pops in my face18:08
GrueMasterNice.  I just got a segfault probing for recording devices on my panda.18:09
GrueMasterkernel oops.18:09
infinityogra_: The boot partition rename thing hasn't landed in current images yet.18:10
infinityogra_: But the fix is in. :P18:10
ogra_yep, thats why i laughed18:11
ogra_but still no TI icon18:12
infinityWhere's the TI icon meant to be coming from?18:13
ogra_well, its *meant* to be coming from a ti-ppa package but that always slipped18:14
ogra_that jasper does it is one of these eternal interim solutions18:14
ogra_its there and all, the prob is that it dopesnt show up in the launcher18:15
ogra_the prob here is that we need to append to the gsettings value for the launcher favorites18:16
ogra_without trashing them18:16
ogra_ah, the favorites are defined in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/com.canonical.Unity.gschema.xml18:21
ndec|homeogra_: if it's too much troubles i don't care getting rid of the icon... it would be a little less user friendly, but we can live with that.18:21
GrueMasterof course they are. o_O18:22
ogra_ndec|home, well, i still have until 23:0018:22
ogra_GrueMaster, in natty they were somewhere completely else :)18:22
ndec|homei don't want you to feel bad if you don't make it ;-)18:22
GrueMasterAnd in P, they will change yet again.18:22
ogra_ndec|home, k, but i'll try my best at least ... its one hack less if i dont make it though18:23
ndec|homewhat is 'they'?18:23
ogra_ndec|home, the gnome desktop defaults18:23
ndec|homeah ...18:23
ogra_in gconf mangling the defaults was easy18:23
ogra_gsettings/dconf requires the config files to be compiled after changing them ... thats a bit more tricky18:24
ogra_apparently thats an improvement18:24
ogra_i havent found out for whom yet, but it surely is for someone18:25
* ogra_ wonders why favorite entires all need to have the .desktop suffix in the name ... 18:26
ogra_its not that there would be any other file format it accepts18:26
ogra_sniff ... just adding it doesnt help apparently18:29
* ogra_ wonders if unity-2d has its own favorites18:29
GrueMasterAdd something to the bar, then find/grep for it.18:30
GrueMaster(usually much faster than figuring out where, if any, updated documentation may be)18:31
ogra_GrueMaster, i want to change the defaults, drag/drop adding it will place it somewhere totally different18:32
ogra_(in the config)18:32
GrueMasterWill it?18:33
ogra_it just dumps the .desktop file in a certain place in your user config18:33
ogra_while i need to set a configuration key18:34
GrueMasterShould be somewhere in either /etc or /usr/share then (if standards are being followed).18:34
ogra_in /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/com.canonical.Unity.gschema.xml18:34
GrueMasterBut that is unity.  Not unity-2d.  Or do they share the same files (like they should).18:35
ogra_they use the same backend for the dash18:35
ogra_and lanucher18:35
* ogra_ finds it irritating that gnome-power-manager turns the battery icon red here and shows 2:12 next to it18:53
GrueMasterogra_: On your panda install, did you notice the background behavior during oem-config?18:55
ogra_bah, clicking the ti icon does nothing, i guess the gnome-open apt: protocol changed too18:55
ogra_GrueMaster, you mean wallpapers ?18:55
ogra_yes, its ugly but i doubt we can do much abouot it now18:56
GrueMasterWell, the black screen that reveals the wallpaper when you move the mouse.18:56
ogra_ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!18:56
ogra_GrueMaster, yeah, thats an old xfbdev bug, we had it on beagles and babbages too18:57
ogra_great, so the TI icon doesnt work because gnome-open doesnt exist anymore18:57
ogra_ah, its xdg-open nowadays19:00
GrueMasteryea, gnome-open is so last cycle.  :P19:01
ogra_its libgnome2 !19:01
ogra_well, igot it working if you navigate to /usr/share/applications and click it now19:02
ogra_but still not in the launcher19:03
GrueMastersigh.  20110928 daily fails oem-config on another SD card of mine.  yea.19:03
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Nekooh, btw.. is there any reason when you install an optimized driver for Xorg, it's still loading fbdev in the background?19:08
GrueMasterAh, second run seems to be removing oem-config now.19:08
Nekowe got some really odd performance problems down to that on the Efika19:08
* ogra_ points Neko to #ubuntu-x19:09
Nekoyeah I thought as much....19:09
ogra_YAY !19:09
Nekohappens on Panda too, oddly...19:09
* ogra_ got it 19:09
infinityogra_: \o/19:09
ogra_i see the TI icon in the guest session19:09
ogra_seems dconf is really really evil and writes the full defaults as a binary blob into the user dir19:10
GrueMasterogra_: But does it blend?19:10
ogra_so later system default changes dont get noticed19:10
infinityGiven that no one needs that icon except on fresh installs (well, in theory), that seems reasonable. :P19:11
ogra_GrueMaster, well, its a bit brownish19:11
ogra_infinity, its still a bug bjut seems its a unity one19:16
* ogra_ thought the new system was that bad, but seems it only applies to the launcher defaults19:16
GrueMasterwow, doing a netinstall to an SD takes a loooong time.  Started it at ~11:30.  Still running.  Just asked for task selection.19:20
GrueMasterAnd this is from a local mirror.19:20
infinityogra_: I'm not sure I'd call that a bug.  If it is, it's a bug in pretty much every X application.19:20
infinityogra_: System defaults are applied on first-run and/or user creation, they don't get re-applied.19:21
ogra_infinity, gconf worked differently19:23
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festheadhi! where can i find a free compiler for the dsp (TMS320DMC64X+)  on the omap4430 chip?19:57
ogra_infinity, could you take a cross check on commits 172 and 173 in the jasper-initramfs tree ?20:07
infinityogra_: sed on an XML file, really?  There's no prescribed sane way to do this?20:14
ogra_infinity, well, i stole from casper20:15
ogra_so i assumed its a blessed way20:15
ogra_the xml file is the input i dont think there is a saner wayx20:15
ogra_(teh actual config gets generated from it as a binary blob)20:15
* infinity sees no such code in casper...20:16
ogra_i could instead put an com.canonical.Unity.gschema.override in place but i still need to pull the key out of the xml file and generate a new value20:17
ogra_oh, and .override files are .ini format :P20:18
ogra_(for consistency i guess :P )20:18
infinityAnyhow, it does the same thing as what you just pastebinned.  So, yay for that?20:19
infinityBut I still can't find that in the casper source. :P20:19
ogra_might be in some edubuntu package that adds to casper20:19
ogra_its all edubuntu bits and stgraber actualyl gave it to me in -desktop20:19
infinityI'm going to assume you've tested that shell on your system in an isolated script?20:20
infinityBut, if the edubuntu bits work, this should too.20:20
ogra_so ok to upload ? (i might have it written differently, but i know the casper code has been tested already)20:20
infinityYeah, I'm all for cargo-culting tested code.20:20
* ogra_ rolls the package 20:20
stgraberogra_: it's from edubuntu-live20:21
infinityogra_: Quoting.20:21
* ogra_ looks 20:21
infinityogra_: [ -e $FOO ] and [ -e "$FOO" ] behave very differently.20:21
ogra_yeah, seeing it20:21
infinity(Shouldn't be an issue, since you explicitely set it to a string, but I'm paranoid.20:22
ogra_and you shoudl be20:22
ogra_especially on my code past 8pm local time20:22
stgraberogra_: I actually learned about the override stuff later on but haven't had a chance to test them yet and IIRC you still need to update the binary db, so it's just cleaner (but I usually don't care much about cleanliness in a casper hack as long as it works ;))20:22
ogra_i dont actually think the .override file gains you much20:23
infinityWell, the obvious problem with the hack is that it fails to work if the entry that you're anchoring your regex on goes away. :P20:23
ogra_thats easier in casper indeed20:23
stgraberright, but the override would need to hardcode the whole list, not much better :)20:23
ogra_since yuo can tie to ubiquity20:23
ogra_thats waht i didn in gconf though20:24
stgraberit's fairly safe to assume that something using casper will have ubiquity installed (at least it's for Edubuntu) :)20:24
ogra_right, we dont use casper20:24
ogra_and dont have an ubiquity item in the launcher20:25
infinityogra_: we do at the time that jasper-setup runs. :)20:25
ogra_i would actuallyx have preferred to pull the whole value out of the file, but grepping in xml is just moot20:25
ogra_infinity, we do what ? use casper or have an ubiquity item ?20:26
infinityogra_: The latter.20:26
ogra_i think the latter is put in place by casper20:26
infinityogra_: The launcher only goes away after oem-config runs.20:26
ogra_oh, really ?20:27
ndec|homefesthead: http://linux-c6x.org/wiki/index.php/Downloading/Installing_Software20:27
* ogra_ has never checked 20:27
ogra_i always thought casper handles it20:27
infinityogra_: It's why we've had an open bug until 3 days ago about an "install icon on the launcher".20:27
ndec|homefesthead: http://omappedia.org/wiki/Syslink_Project#Ducati.2FTesla_IPC_Source_Code20:27
ogra_oh, indeed20:27
ogra_heh, i think i even commented on it20:27
festheadndec: thanks!20:28
ndec|homejussi: saw that you got the answer on #pandaboard ;-)20:28
infinityogra_: Anyhow, whatever.  If that works, it's good enough for me for now.  It's an ugly hack regardless.20:29
ogra_well, all that PPA stuff should be in a package proper20:29
ogra_we should do that when implementing the "jasper needs to die in fire" spec20:30
ogra_aaand ... uploaded20:34
ndec|homeGrueMaster: ogra_: infinity: you knew that alsa-lib changes was done in linaro ubuntu overlay PPA? https://launchpad.net/~linaro-maintainers/+archive/overlay/+packages20:34
ogra_ndec|home, no :(20:34
ndec|homersalveti: why would such a change be done in the overlay PPA before it gets done in ubuntu?20:35
ogra_why wasnt it just fixed in the archive20:35
ogra_ndec|home, i suspect because they use natty20:35
ndec|hometrue, they use alsa-lib from oneiric..20:35
ogra_though we have a policy in ubuntu that fixes happening in an SRU (which such a PPA effectively is) have to happen in the dev release as well20:36
ogra_we should probably discuss how to fix that for teh future at UDS20:36
ndec|homewell, at least we have it in the archive too ;-)20:37
ogra_now, yes20:37
ogra_and with wasting at least 1h of three devs for discussing it20:38
ogra_i think we can do better ;)20:38
ogra_22min to freeze ...20:39
ogra_i think i'll call it a feierabend :)20:39
ndec|homeyour first release with audio?20:39
ogra_ndec|home, so we will need an oneiric metapackage in the ppa ... do you want to do that ?20:39
ogra_yeah, that too :)20:40
ndec|homei will do that.20:40
ndec|homewe have the gfx packages already in the ppa.20:40
ogra_thx, essentially i think its just copying the existing one and adjusting the deps20:40
ogra_for whats there atm20:40
ndec|homewe will upload the meta pkg20:40
ogra_great, thx20:40
ogra_icon is back too :)20:40
rsalvetindec|home: ogra_: first, we're now using the same kernel21:01
rsalvetisecond, I said already that I had the changes needed for the tilt before the tilt was merged at ubuntu21:02
rsalvetithird, I fixed this *yesterday* :-)21:02
rsalvetifor the release, then before pushing to ubuntu I first need to check and validate with the current ubuntu kernel21:02
rsalvetiand due lack of time, this wasn't done already21:02
rsalvetiand ubuntu is going to final freeze21:03
rsalvetiI don't want to push changes that might fix the issues :-)21:03
rsalvetionly want to push things that I sure it'd be a solution for the problem21:03
rsalvetiand the latest ucm configs were all posted at the no sound support for omap4 bug, just that nobody saw it21:05
ubot2Ubuntu bug 746023 in alsa-utils "No sound on omap4" [High,In progress]21:14
rsalvetiwhen I commented about the issue :-)21:14
ndec|homersalveti: are the panda config files different from the SDP4430 ones?21:17
ndec|homein your pkg21:17
rsalvetindec|home: currently, no, but we're using the configs provided by the multimedia wg21:18
rsalvetiI guess it's not the same one ubuntu is using21:18
ndec|homei will check tomorrow. sound is working with our config, at least on headset.21:19
rsalvetionly issue is that hdmi out doesn't seems to be working anymore21:19
rsalvetijust jack21:19
rsalvetibut didn't have time to investigate the issue yet21:20
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dashjust got an mx53 board, it's pretty sweet. i'm installing natty on it21:49
dashanybody know about getting the nfs kernel server going? do the natty kernel images not support that21:49
GrueMasterdash: Instead of trying to get natty on it (which we don't support on that platform), why not try oneiric?  The latest daily image works, although you may need to create a swap file.21:52
GrueMasterThe natty images are TI only.21:52
dashGrueMaster: ach! oneiric sounds fine to me, but the wiki said "works like a charm" for mx53 and natty :)21:53
dashi've already got a swapfile anyway, no big deal :)21:53
GrueMasterErm, which wiki?21:54
infinityGrueMaster: They ship with natty on an SD.21:54
infinity(And a freescale kernel)21:54
GrueMasterAh.  Yea, they are making their own image.  Ours has the latest kernel and other Ubuntu bits.21:55
dashThe board came with lucid.21:58
dashGrueMaster: I was looking at this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/DeviceSupport21:59
dashIt doesn't say "natty", I imagined that part, I guess. :)21:59
GrueMasterdash: Type "cat /etc/lsb-release".22:00
dashGrueMaster: well it says natty /now/22:00
dash'cause I upgraded22:01
dashbut sources.list was all lucid22:01
GrueMasterYea, that's what I thought.  It shipped with Lucid, not Natty.  At any rate, oneiric has an image for that platform now.22:01
brandinievening dudes22:41
sniperjo_in /boot/tools there is a file called update_boot_files.sh, how do i run it ? nothing happens when i chmod +x it22:47
GrueMaster/boot/tools?  Not one of our directories that I am aware of.22:49
sniperjo_I'm praying its the answer to all my problems, i want to update boot.scr22:50
brandiniI just did a dist-upgrade to the daily from the 28th22:53

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