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rezbdhow to find a soft after installing it?!03:07
rezbdinstalled netspeed but don't see it!03:07
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ileahi all17:21
ileai tried ubuntu on a acer laptop and after it loads i can barely see the desktop on the screen what to do?17:22
ileaor what could be the problem?17:22
amjjawadHi ilea :)17:26
amjjawadWhat release of Ubuntu are you using?17:27
amjjawadOk and what are the hardware details of your machine?17:27
ileaacer laptop17:27
ilea1800 Mhz or more17:27
ilea3 Gb ram17:27
ileaintel video card17:28
ileaintel gma 3000 or something17:28
amjjawadHave you already installed Ubuntu?17:28
amjjawadare you booting from LiveCD or LiveUSB?17:28
ileawhen i put the cd in and boot17:28
ilealive cd17:29
amjjawadI see17:29
ileaafter it loads i can barely see the desktop17:29
amjjawadhave you checked https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM17:29
ileai need to change screen britnes or what17:29
amjjawadplease do that17:30
amjjawadmake sure your downlaoded file is ok and not damaged17:30
amjjawadand when you burn that image to a CD, make sure to burn with lower speed, say 8x17:30
ileaits ok i tried in my pc and its ok17:31
ileaon the laptop i can barely see the desktop17:31
xerox4100Hi guys anyone got time to help out a new guy :p17:31
amjjawadso it works on your PC without any issue?17:31
ileamaybe the fraphic card is not ok17:31
amjjawadok, do you mean it's dark?17:31
ileaits integreted intel graphics17:31
amjjawadwell, I do have Intel on this PC I'm using now and never had an issue but with Unity, anything is possible17:32
LemonAidPlease do not wait to ask questions, simply ask! If anyone knows the answer, they will reply as soon as they can. || How to ask smart questions - http://is.gd/nmyFqV17:32
amjjawadsame here17:32
amjjawadxerox4100, hi :)17:32
ileadark and only in some light the desktop becomes visible17:32
ileabut barely17:32
amjjawadhmmm, that's weird17:32
amjjawaddo you have anoter OS on that machine?17:32
xerox4100hello amjjawad17:32
amjjawadHi xerox4100  :)17:33
xerox4100Could someone give me some guidance on some sound issues. if i play a movie or something like that on the web it works but if i play a game there is no sound?17:33
ileait had a strange linux i never saw before but i booted slitaz and deleted it17:33
amjjawadxerox4100, browser and OS?17:33
amjjawadWhat Linux does your laptop have?17:34
xerox4100I am using ubuntu 11.04 and it came with firefox17:34
amjjawadxerox4100, is your Firefox up-to-date?17:34
amjjawadand your flash? is it updated?17:34
ileai dont know something easy and very similar to the cloud distros17:34
xerox4100the sound works fine in the browser17:34
xerox4100any it playes the system sounds when you boot it up17:34
ileait had that when i bought the laptop17:35
amjjawadilea, do one thing ... search here www.googlubuntu.com for similar issues17:35
amjjawadeither you will be directed to Ubuntu Forum and you'll find many threads or you may be directed to Ubutnu Documenation Pages17:35
amjjawadxerox4100, so when you go to Youtube, everything is ok except for that game u play?17:36
E3D3ilea: I think its a stupid question but I guess you also tried the special laptop buttons for changing brightness ?17:36
xerox4100any application17:36
amjjawadxerox4100, sorry?17:36
ileait dosnt have those buttons17:36
amjjawadE3D3, there is nothing called "Stupid" quesiton ;)17:36
xerox4100ya if i play any video on the web it works17:37
amjjawadxerox4100, let me guess, are you playing on failbook?17:37
xerox41001 sec let me google that17:37
ileanow i use ubuntu 11.10 beta 2 on my pc17:37
amjjawadxerox4100, have you tried to play that on Chromium?17:37
ileadidnt try it yet on the laptop17:38
E3D3amjjawad: You should have known/hear me last week. Maybe it was the flu but I was annoying stupid. But thanks for the support :-)17:38
amjjawadilea, be careful with Beta Versions :) I prefer to install these versions on test machines17:38
ileai test them too17:38
ileaand send error reports17:39
amjjawadE3D3, we didn't talk before :)17:39
ilealike the unity bar closes sometimes17:39
E3D3amjjawad: You was lucky ;-)17:39
amjjawadilea, I'm a member in Lubuntu Team and I've been testing Lubuntu 11.10 beta2 too on two test pcs17:39
amjjawadE3D3, ahahahahha17:39
xerox4100if i try to play music threw banshee it doesn't work or a game threw wine17:39
ileaand the lunchers up in the bar sometimes when ubuntu boots dosnt apear17:40
amjjawadI have no experience in Wine and Wubi ... I never use these things17:40
ileathe indicators17:40
ileasound internet etc17:40
ileaonly after restart17:40
ileastrange bug17:40
amjjawadilea, are you talking about Ubuntu 11.10?17:40
ileai am using it right now17:41
amjjawadOh, thank God I'm testing Lubuntu :D17:41
amjjawadI'm not a fan of Unity :(17:41
ileai like unity and gnome 317:41
ileau should see how good fedora 15 looks17:41
amjjawadilea, I'm trying too ;)17:41
xerox4100any ideal's on how i get this sound fixed17:41
amjjawadxerox4100, so you have problems with some games and programs only?17:42
amjjawadxerox4100, try Chromium and see if you get the same and try another Media Player say VLC and see if you get the same issues17:42
xerox4100well all games and applications17:42
ileawhat sound hardware u have?17:43
amjjawadxerox4100, what do you mean ALL? you said some are working and some are not?! right?17:43
ilearealtek or what?17:43
xerox4100the only thing that plays sound is when you watch a video on the web17:44
xerox4100and when you turn the pc on it makes the ubuntu noise17:44
amjjawadsudo lshw -C sound17:44
xerox4100       description: Audio device17:45
xerox4100       product: Juniper HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 5700 Series]17:45
xerox4100       vendor: ATI Technologies Inc17:45
xerox4100       physical id: 0.117:45
xerox4100       bus info: pci@0000:01:00.117:45
xerox4100       version: 0017:45
xerox4100       width: 64 bits17:45
xerox4100       clock: 33MHz17:45
xerox4100       capabilities: pm pciexpress msi bus_master cap_list17:45
xerox4100       configuration: driver=snd_hda_intel latency=017:45
xerox4100       resources: irq:44 memory:feafc000-feafffff17:45
xerox4100  *-multimedia17:45
xerox4100       description: Audio device17:45
ileai had this isue too and i went to sound setings and saw that something whas turned to low17:45
ileai put it back to max and it worked17:46
xerox4100i tried maxing everthing17:46
amjjawadxerox4100, driver=snd_hda_intel17:46
Unit193!pastebin | xerox410017:46
ubot2xerox4100: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:46
amjjawadhave you installed it? driver=snd_hda_intel17:46
xerox4100i dont know ow to install drivers17:47
amjjawadxerox4100, so you didn't install it ... it was there by default17:47
LemonAidThis might get you no where but try starting banshee from the terminal and play a song, see if you get any error/warning. (for instance if you have a firefox and a 64 bit system  + flash plugin, you will spot a warning, only if you lunch it from the terminal)17:48
xerox4100could you give me a command to use lemonaid17:49
amjjawadhmmm, I'm not an expret in drivers but LemonAid's suggestion is good17:49
LemonAidctrl+alt+t = new terminal17:49
LemonAidand type banshee17:49
LemonAidIgnore the messages about the unmounted volumes.17:50
xerox4100no errors17:51
LemonAidHave you tried playing an .mp3 song ? Because you need some plugins. That might be the reason why the browser is playing sounds and banshee is not. Does not explain the game sounds missing though.17:54
LemonAidHowever you should have got a "you`re missing stuff" message.17:55
xerox4100ill download one17:57
LemonAidThe package is GStreamer , in case you haven`t.17:58
LemonAidtry this before you do that: "aplay /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav" without the quotes17:58
xerox4100The program 'play' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:18:01
xerox4100sudo apt-get install sox18:01
LemonAidit`s "aplay"18:01
xerox4100Playing WAVE '/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 48000 Hz, Mono18:02
xerox4100still no sound18:03
LemonAidSo you did not hear a voice say " Front Center" ?18:03
LemonAidOk. That was the first step of the guide to troubleshooting your sound problems. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting, will take you trough the rest of the procedure.18:06
xerox4100thanks LemonAid ill run threw it18:08
LemonAidYour welcome.18:09
amjjawadxerox4100, sorry, couldn't help much!18:09
amjjawadok, cya everyone :)18:13
xerox4100its all good18:37
xerox4100im going to reinstall ubuntu i think18:37
xerox4100thank you all for you help :p18:37
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