mhall119jcastro: yeah00:18
jcastroI am at pbclinux00:18
jcastroI am surrounded by 1990's linux guy. :)00:18
mhall119I have no idea what that is00:18
* mhall119 assumes pbc==palm beach county00:18
jcastromhall119: yeah00:34
jcastromhall119: I've think I've seen 10 distros discussed tonight00:44
jcastroI think they're doing like a roll up of everything around00:44
jcastroczajkowski: congrats! You're the distro quote of the week on LWN00:54
akgranerDang it - I need to move to FL, UK, or CA - all the cool Linux groups are there...01:15
mhall119akgraner: you know you're already honorary Florida member02:21
dholbachgood morning07:12
czajkowskijcastro: I dd what now07:12
czajkowskioh dear what did I do07:12
czajkowskidang! how can he say I'm quoted and not tell me07:14
czajkowskiright off to work07:14
popeyhappy birthday pleia2 !07:27
jussiawww, she is 30. Congratulations pleia2 :)07:29
dholbachpleia2, Happy Birthday! :)07:53
nigelbMorning dholbach!07:53
kim0morning folks07:54
nigelbohai kim007:54
kim0nigelb: o/07:55
czajkowskipopey: you have a sound twin08:07
czajkowskion absolute 80s the guy laughs just like you08:07
akgranermhall119, thanks! :-)08:18
czajkowskiakgraner: do you see what jcastro said about re LWN08:20
czajkowskiwanna know what I was quoted :/08:20
akgranerczajkowski, yeah I do...what did you say08:21
czajkowskiakgraner: 01:57 < jcastro> czajkowski: congrats! You're the distro quote of the week on LWN08:22
akgranerright now  - I am doing the *blink*  *blink* *blink* dang this light is bright thing and searching for my coffee...08:22
czajkowskiwhat was the quote08:22
akgraneroh I don't know  -- let me search and find out08:22
akgraneras soon as my eyes adjust fully to the light - eek....it's early :-)08:23
czajkowski http://lwn.net/Articles/460796/08:29
akgranerczajkowski, that's awesome08:39
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czajkowskihave just had to turn down another job09:29
czajkowskithe mind boggle09:29
czajkowski4 months no work09:29
czajkowskiget work09:29
czajkowskijobs pout in09:29
* AlanBell files RT 18061 asking for pad.ubuntu.com to get a health check11:00
popeyAlanBell: got an image we can use?11:03
popeybah, jono owns it11:03
AlanBelloh, that bug11:03
nigelbGood morning mhall11912:09
jcastrokim0: we still on?12:58
kim0jcastro: in an hour13:02
jcastrooh, I thought it was now!13:02
kim0jcastro: we moved it for dholbach13:02
* czajkowski hugs jcastro 13:04
hggdhjcastro: you know when Jono's coming in?13:14
hggdh(like logging in)13:14
dpmhggdh, he's usually in in about ~45 min13:16
jcastrohe's usually on inbetween 45 and 1:4513:16
jcastrofrom now13:16
hggdhdpm, jcastro: perfect, thank you13:16
jcastrohey so dpm13:16
jcastrolet's pretend I just wrote an awesome lense for unity13:16
nigelbhow do I publish it?13:17
jcastroand jorge encourages me to submit it to the software center13:17
czajkowskijcastro: would not have seen the LWN quote without you telling me13:17
* AlanBell looks up13:17
jcastrobut a few months later I want to refresh it with a new version?13:17
jcastrothere's no instructions on like how to update an existing app, or does the person resubmit?13:17
jcastroczajkowski: that's pretty awesome!13:17
czajkowskijcastro: thanks13:18
dpmjcastro, right now afaik we're just supporting one version per Ubuntu release (i.e. no updates), regardless of whether the software is libre+gratis or commercial (https://davidplanella.wordpress.com/2011/09/26/announcing-the-ubuntu-app-developer-site/#comment-653) I know there have been talks about supporting updates in My Apps, but I don't know the current status of discussion13:33
jcastroso what if the app supports a web service and it needs to be updated?13:33
dpmright now this wouldn't be supported :(13:34
jcastro(I'm thinking like a twitter app, or a lens that uses a web service for the back end)13:34
dpmnigelb, http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/ ;)13:36
nigelbdpm: :)13:38
akgranerjcastro, dholbach, kim0, dpm- I want to add  http://developer.ubuntu.com/, and http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ link from the fridge what are you all calling these?  Developer Site, Developer Portals what or how are you all referring to all these and is there anymore I am missing13:43
jcastroCloud is Cloud Portal13:43
dpmakgraner, developer is App Developer site13:44
jcastro"Ubuntu Cloud Portal"13:44
akgraneryeah but I need one header to stick them under13:44
dpmyeah, same with developer, adding Ubuntu :)13:44
jcastrooh I see13:45
akgranerI thought you all might have some name you lump the all under13:45
jcastroyou need a header.13:45
dpmakgraner, you can call them portals or sites :)13:45
jcastroNow you're playing with portals.13:45
akgranerhmm ok  How about "Ubuntu Development Sites"13:47
akgranernah that sounds wrong13:47
akgranerdang it - this should be easy to come up with...grrrr13:47
jcastroUbuntu Development Portals?13:48
akgraneryep  - I'll go with that13:48
akgranerand see what happens13:48
akgranerthen if you all come up with more we can add them there13:49
dholbachjcastro, kim0: around?13:51
dholbachgrrrrr, compiz focus13:54
jcastroI switched to 2d!13:55
dholbachjcastro, kim0: time to chat a bit?13:55
dholbachstarting a hangout13:56
dholbachhum, I'm still alone13:58
jcastroI can't get to plus for some reason13:59
akgranerok added - http://fridge.ubuntu.com/13:59
dholbachjcastro, maybe because of the stupid SSO change? wrong identity?13:59
jcastrono I sorted all that yesterday14:00
jcastroI can't get to the site at all14:00
dholbachkim0, how about you?14:00
jcastroah there we go14:00
dholbachah, Ahmed is there14:00
popeyI am being dumb.14:07
popeypress super key, type 'proxy' on oneiric14:07
popeywhere did the gnome proxy dialog go?14:07
jcastroman, no clue14:11
jcastroit's not in network14:11
popeyi do hope thats not been removed from the stock install14:12
dholbachI guess we need to get people on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-P/Attendees14:23
jcastrowhen g+ lets you broadcast we should do a public team meeting14:28
czajkowskihttps://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/south-london/learning-4-you/995847 mind boggling14:30
mhall119they're going to broadcast hangouts?14:30
jcastrothey had a celebrity one with the black eyed peas14:32
jcastroit was awesome14:32
jcastrobut they got like, swamped, and had some problems14:32
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jonokim0, howdy15:01
jonoall set?15:01
kim0kim0: ready15:02
kim0jono: ready :)15:03
jonokim0, awesome, firing it up :-)15:03
nigelbjcastro: poke15:05
jussijcastro: !!!!15:05
* jussi grumbles...15:05
nigelbdid you do the naming of the uds rooms?15:05
jussi(on summit)15:06
jcastrono, the hotel picks the names. :)\15:06
jcastrobut, yeah15:06
jussijcastro: any chance of removing the second - ?15:06
jcastroI only see one -15:07
jussijcastro:  this, http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/antigua1/ instead of http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/antigua-1/15:07
jcastrosure, but check with james_w in case he's using that for something15:08
jussiyeah, last time round we had no dashes, and if you put them in it breaks our irc...15:08
jcastrooh ok15:08
jcastrosounds good to me15:08
jussijames_w: could you confirm so we dont break something bigger?15:09
jcastroyeah just in case he has some script or something15:09
jcastrojussi: linaro consumes summit now so when we  make changes we need to doublecheck15:09
jussijcastro: yeah15:09
czajkowskidoing time sheet tickets are the spawn of the devil, who ever came up with them needs their hands chopped off15:14
jussisheet tickets?15:14
czajkowskihow you work througout the day on what areas15:15
czajkowskibillable non billable15:15
jussiczajkowski: oh horrible, yeah15:15
jussiYeah, I met with such and such for 1/2 hour, billable. bah.15:16
pleia2thanks popey, jussi and dholbach :)15:48
jussipleia2: yw :)15:49
AlanBellcut the grass, 1/2 hour, non billable15:54
dpmok, calling it a day, see you all tomorrow!15:55
jonodholbach, quick16:05
jonodholbach, quick q16:05
jonodo you think could prioritize the ARB member finding work for the next week?16:05
jonowe had 10 new ARB apps submitted since d.u.c rolled out16:05
jonoI see you have been discussing with Allison about it16:05
dholbachjono, I'll try harder, but it proves to be hard16:05
dholbachRohan Garg said he was interested (KDE stuff being his speciality)16:06
jonodholbach, awesome, want me to blog it?16:06
jonoI am happy to help raise awareness16:06
dholbachjono, sure, we should just figure out what the requirements are16:07
jonodholbach, maybe we can ask some other folks to weigh in temporarily to shift the backlog16:07
dholbachso we don't have people apply in vain for something they're not ready to do yet16:07
jonodid Allison document these?16:07
dholbachI'm not sure16:07
dholbachI think dpm said it wasn't documented yet16:07
dholbachand I wouldn't want to make a decision on behalf of the ARB16:08
dholbachso I guess I'll just stick to people within ~ubuntu-dev for now16:08
dholbachand regarding the backlog: it might make sense to ask people to help out post-release where we have a time of less activity (minus SRU fixes obviously) anyway16:09
jonook, I will ask her to get that documented today16:09
jonoI thought we had this on a wiki page somewhere16:09
jcastrothere's a bunch of stuff in the "old" backlog from before the relaunch too16:09
jonojcastro, yup16:10
jonodholbach, I wonder if jbicha would be interested16:10
dholbachjono, putting him on my list16:11
jonodholbach, I am responding to the ARB mail now16:12
jonodholbach, I will ask her to unblock you ASAP16:16
dholbachin any case I'll go out and ask folks16:16
jonothanks dholbach16:17
jonomaybe review the UDS list16:17
jonowould be awesome to get folks in from there and discuss it at UDS16:17
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day17:06
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!17:06
AlanBelljcastro: did you have some logos to sort out?17:53
jcastroah thanks for the poke17:55
nigelbjcastro: https://mozillians.allizom.org/en-US/19:23
nigelbThey built it!19:23
jcastrolink to example page?19:27
nigelbjcastro: http://people.ubuntu.com/~nigelbabu/mozilla-phonebook.png19:29
nigelb(to see a page, you need to be logged in)19:30
jcastrothat is nice19:35
jcastroit would be nice to have that in LD19:35
jcastro2 birds, one stone, etc.19:35
jcastrois the code open?19:35
jcastroI've always wanted nicer landing pages for people19:35
jcastroinstead of lp.net/~jorge19:36
jcastrolike this:19:36
jcastrowhere it's real easy for people to make nice landing pages19:36
nigelbjcastro: yep,its open19:37
nigelbIts mozilla. It *has* to be open :)19:37
jcastroheh, of course it is19:37
nigelbdjango too19:38
jcastroof course it is. :)19:38
nigelbjcastro: so I've been thinking19:40
nigelbMixing up the Open Badge Initiative with loco directory with launchpad to form a kind of place which would be suitable to show case for ubuntu membership19:40
nigelbHere's what I've done with badges to support it, and links to code/ events organized19:40
jcastrotheir badge thing is awesome too19:41
mhall119http://zareason.com/shop/Invenire-1220.html <- Awesomeness19:46
nigelbHA, nice!19:46
AlanBellQuimo 2.019:50
jonojcastro, call in 9m?19:52
mhall119AlanBell: no u19:52
mhall119you're too British19:52
nigelbCan haz RT? https://twitter.com/#!/nigelbabu/status/11949973703138918519:58
nigelbthanks AlanBell :)20:00
jonojcastro, sorry, give me one sec20:03
jcastrocooll, I'm going to grab a drink anyway20:03
nigelbjcastro: Thanks!20:04
* nigelb sleeps20:04
jcastroI voted yes!20:04
jcastrowe should just move it up some20:05
jcastroso it doesn't cannibalize or get cannibalized by openweek20:05
nigelbYeah, we just got too overworked to organize it.20:06
nigelbWe'll move it somewhere mid-cycle next time20:06
jcastroI would have gotten involved but had a wedding that weekend20:06
jcastroI sympathize with your plight20:06
nigelbThis time it was all pleia2, even I wasn't able to spare enough time as I'd like to :)20:07
jcastroDrunk karaoke singing Journey songs > anything else20:07
jcastroactually I hate weddings, I think this might be my last one in a long time though20:07
pleia2it was late this year, usually we'd do it in july but we had clouds and communities and everything else weeks that month20:08
pleia2so maybe june20:08
nigelbThere were too much clouds :P20:08
jcastroWelcome, to UBUNTU VIM WEEK20:09
nigelbI'm guessing as organizers, we were a bit burned out too with all the events going on + real life20:09
jcastroUbuntu boot splash week, coming next summer!!!20:09
jonojcastro, about set20:12
jonojcastro, firing up the hangout20:12
jcastroI am in! </hacker>20:15
jonojcastro, I dont see you20:16

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