TheMusoROFL at bug 86171000:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 861710 in unity "[regression] smspillaz fails to sleep at proper hours, despite solar status" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86171000:12
jasoncwarner_lol...nice bug00:35
TheMusoYeah I thought so too.00:48
DBOjasoncwarner_, you here?00:55
DBO*anyone* from desktop team?00:58
DBOI have a patch for compiz I think00:59
DBOto fix this00:59
ubot2Ubuntu bug 861793 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in PrivateWindow::addWindowStackChanges()" [Critical,Confirmed]00:59
DBOwhat do I do?00:59
RAOFYou can attach that patch to the bug.01:02
brycehDBO, bzr clone lp:compiz ; add your patch and a changelog entry ; upload a branch ; propose for merging01:02
RAOFAnd ping didrocks when he comes online, I think.01:02
brycehyeah or just tack it to the bug :-)01:02
RAOFHe'll be awake and in a position to upload before final freeze.01:02
DBOtesting the fix now01:03
=== Shadow1 is now known as SoulShadow
jasoncwarner_DBO: yeah, back...keep losing my internet today. effing telstra01:34
jasoncwarner_bryceh cyphermox RAOF anyone able to lend DBO a hand? being time sensitive, it owuld be great if we can get him some package help before he goes to sleep01:41
brycehjasoncwarner_, yeah we gave him some pointers01:41
DBOI do apt-get source compiz-core01:42
DBOthen I go into the source01:42
DBOmake my changes01:42
DBOapt-get build-dep compiz-core01:42
DBOand then I run01:42
brycehjasoncwarner_, jason smith has commented on the bugs01:42
DBOdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc01:42
DBOthats me01:42
DBObut it always fails at: Linking CXX shared library ../../lib/libkde.so01:42
brycehDBO, oh there you are.  odd username01:43
DBObryceh, this is my username from the days of yore01:43
DBOI only switched to Jason on Canonical IRC01:43
DBObecuase it was available01:43
brycehhmm, I don't usually use dpkg-buildpackage but that seems like it ought to work01:44
brycehDBO, try instead debuild -uc -us01:44
brycehnote you may want to make a second copy of your tree01:44
brycehsince that'll do all the building locally in-tree01:44
DBOits a linking issue of some sort...01:45
brycehseems odd it would link against libkde.so01:45
DBOit makes a lib called libkde.so01:45
brycehluckily that won't cause any confusion01:46
DBOwhy use debuild01:47
DBOjust curious01:47
brycehactually for my workflow I generally only do debuild -S, and then do the actual package building using pbuilder01:47
brycehdunno if that's the best method but that's what I was taught01:48
DBObryceh, http://paste2.org/p/167807701:48
brycehmultiarch issue?01:48
DBOI have no idea01:49
brycehit sort of looks like it's failing when trying to link against 32-bit libs, when it should be using the 64-bit ones01:49
brycehRAOF might have more clue than I here01:49
DBOyou mean the glib thing?01:49
DBOthat happens every time it tries to link01:50
DBOit happily builds 100 other things against glib :/01:50
brycehhmm, well it looks like in this case you're linking with stuff like /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQtCore.so which I'm guessing isn't compatible with 32-bit stuff01:50
DBOwhy would I be linking against 32 bit stuff at all?01:51
brycehno idea01:51
DBOI dont think thats the case :/01:51
brycehwell, more correct question is, it's not linking against that, it's skipping it, but then it's returning as if it's failed01:52
brycehso, why isn't it finding and linking against /lib/libglib-2.0.so01:52
brycehdoes that file exist on your system?01:52
DBOthe skipping isn't the error01:52
brycehok, then what's the error?01:53
RAOFHuh.  Yeah, there's no error in that log.01:53
DBOit doesn't report an error01:54
brycehyou know, it's linking in a whole mess of kde gunk01:54
RAOFDBO: Can you throw your source tree anywhere?01:55
brycehlike /usr/lib/libkdeui.so.5.7.0 /usr/lib/libkdecore.so.5.7.0, etc.01:55
RAOFDBO: Alternatively, just throw your patch somewhere? :)01:55
RAOFWe'll happily build packages for you.01:55
DBORAOF, http://paste2.org/p/167808801:57
DBOI wish I knew why my packages wont build...01:57
DBORAOF, so uh, you building me debs?02:08
RAOFJust fighting with paste2 a little :)02:08
RAOFYou want amd64 or i386?02:08
DBORAOF, how much longer on those packages buddy :)02:16
RAOFLess time if compiz hadn't been rewritten in C++ :P02:16
RAOF35% done.02:16
RAOF(So, not long)02:17
RAOFDBO: Debs now in people.canonical.com/~chrishr  Sorry for the delay!02:26
DBORAOF, gratzi02:26
DBOhow did you build that btw02:27
RAOFdebuild -S -us -uc; sbuild -d oneiric-tmpfs -j502:27
DBOyay the fix works02:40
RAOFDBO: How safe is that fix?02:45
DBORAOF, safe as hells02:45
DBObut hold up on pushing that further just a moment02:45
RAOFI'll upload it now? oh, ok.  I won't upload it now then :)02:45
brycehjasoncwarner_, you still around?02:47
brycehjasoncwarner_, ok, will email instead02:48
DBORAOF, https://code.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz-core/compiz-core.fix_861793/+merge/7743103:03
DBOwe are going with that delta I am pretty sure03:03
RAOFDBO: Ok.  I'll head off for lunch, and upload a new compiz with that applied once I get back, unless (a) someone picks it up first, or (b) I hear otherwise from you.03:05
DBObryceh, is there a TL;DR for that?03:23
brycehDBO, "external monitor configuration sucks"03:23
DBObryceh, just FYI03:24
DBOin this next unity release03:24
DBOunity will ALWAYS go to the left most monitor03:24
DBOif there are 2 left most minitors03:24
DBOit will go to the lowest one03:25
DBObryceh, are any of those issues you are reporting our problem really?03:25
DBOother than the launcher being afraid of the monitor identifiers03:26
brycehDBO, hard to say what exactly is at fault for some of these problems03:26
brycehsome are the config tool, some unity or compiz03:27
DBOcan you maybe try to identify cases where we (compiz/unity) are likely the problem?03:27
brycehDBO, that first one where you get double indicator menus feels unity-ish03:27
brycehDBO, how do you mean?03:28
DBOthat one is fucking impressive03:28
DBOI have no idea whats happening there03:28
DBOfrom the looks of it03:28
brycehit's quite reproducible03:28
DBObryceh, you know what would *really* help this03:28
DBOtake a physical photo each time03:29
DBObut also a screenshot03:29
DBOso we can see the framebuffer layout03:29
brycehok, can do03:29
DBOit looks like those monitors are overlapped03:29
DBOso when the smaller monitor paints, it clobbers the top monitors paint03:29
brycehI was surprised I never repro'd that bug using the gui tool03:31
DBObryceh, are you going to the pre-uds thing?03:34
brycehno, I'm not03:34
DBObryceh, when do you arrive at UDS?03:36
brycehlate sunday I think03:37
* bryceh -> EOD + vacation. cya next week.03:45
pittiGood morning04:18
pittidobey: just by pointing at a core file, no; interesting idea, though; you'd have to make a couple of assumptions for this, like "the package did not change underneath"04:18
pittikirkland: pong04:19
pittijbicha: retrying gnome-shell powerpc build, mutter wasn't built at that time yet04:24
jbichapitti: thanks04:27
pitticyphermox: oh, so you tracked down the libnl issue? congrats!04:34
DBOI got past the KDE linking thing04:52
DBObut now everytime I try to package its looking for a desktop file04:52
DBOthats frankly not there04:52
DBO(in fact we explicitly patch out)04:52
jbichapitti: could you sync anjuta-extras 3.2 from sid?05:24
pittijbicha: done05:26
didrocksgood morning05:40
pittididrocks: it's all your phault!05:41
* pitti hugs didrocks05:41
didrockspitti: snif, what happened? :p05:41
pittididrocks: now both DBO and I have an extra knot in our brain05:41
* didrocks doesn't understand, I'm either out of context or not awake :)05:42
pittididrocks: sorry, talking in other channel05:43
pittididrocks: so, we were wondering about /usr/share/applications/compiz.desktop05:43
pittididrocks: compiz-core installs that05:43
pittididrocks: but debian/patches/091_no_use_gnome_but_desktop_file.patch actually seems to make an effort of patching the upstream build system to not install it05:43
didrockshum, I was thinking that this one is deactivated now05:44
* didrocks checks05:44
pittididrocks: but then again, debian/compiz-core.install does install it05:44
pittididrocks: the package built fine on the builders, but fails for DBO as dh_install doesn't find the file05:44
pittididrocks: so it seems the patch worked on DBO's box, but failed somehow on teh builders05:44
pittididrocks: so, some questions:05:44
pitti- do we need the file or not? (It has NoDisplay=true)05:45
pitti- is it meant to be built (then the patch probably souhld be dropped), or not? (then it should be dropped from *.install)05:45
didrockswe need the file otherwise gnome-session can't start the wm05:45
pitti- can I have some hot chocolate?05:45
didrocks- this patch was there because compiz cmake insane build system was failing at some point with the GNOME integration05:46
didrocksI didn't receive any FTBFS? :/05:46
didrocksand it's built?05:46
pittipitti | didrocks: the package built fine on the builders, but fails for DBO as dh_install doesn't find the file05:47
pittididrocks: welcome to our confusion :)05:47
pittididrocks: I was suspecting a build system race condition05:47
RAOFIt also builds fine here.05:48
pittididrocks: I have no idea about cmake, so is it possible that the package already ships pre-made Makefiles which sometimes are rebuilt and sometimes aren't?05:48
DBORAOF, I think because you used a different build method05:48
didrockshe needs05:48
didrocks        gnome-desktop-2.005:48
didrocksso that USE_GNOME is set to true05:48
didrocksand then, to go to the patch path05:48
pittisimilar to patches in the past which patched Makefile.in and Makefile.am at the same time, and depending on whether or not the file system supported sub-second resolution the build would fail because of missing automake or not?05:48
didrockshe also need05:48
didrocks    xrender>=0.8.405:49
didrocks    gtk+-2.0>=2.18.005:49
didrocks    libwnck-1.005:49
didrocks    pangocairo05:49
pittididrocks: but dpkg-buildpackage complains if there's a missing build dep, no?05:49
didrockspitti: nothing with that kind of thing with cmake05:49
didrocksyeah, normally, it should05:49
didrocksand debian/rules set the needed bits05:50
didrockspitti: anyway, so to sum up:05:50
didrocks1. this patch is because compiz cmake is totally broken, in different way05:50
DBOdidrocks, shouldn't apt-get build-dep give me all those things05:50
didrocks2. the file is needed05:50
didrocksDBO: yeah, it should05:50
DBObecause I have them all05:51
DBOI still have to remove the patch to build05:51
didrocksDBO: removing the patch fails on buildds05:52
RAOFYeah, the compiz build seems quite fragile; it's failed while likning libkde.so here (outside a build chroot)05:52
DBOyeah you have to uninstall ia32-libs to make it work05:53
RAOFThat actually fails the build?  What a crock.05:53
DBOits pretty cool05:53
TheMusoExtoling the virtues of Cmake... Um, what did I just say? Excuse me. :)05:53
pittiwow, you still have ia32-libs installed? Out of interest, what for?05:54
RAOFcmake: we hated autotools, so we did something *even worse*05:54
pitti(i. e. should we make an effort to multiarch-ify a particular library to stop the need for it)05:54
DBOpitti, skype05:54
DBOyou cant install skype without it05:54
pittiDBO: doesn't need ia32-libs any more05:54
RAOFYou shouldn't need it for skype - install skype:i38605:54
didrocksDBO: that's what multiarch is for!05:54
pittiDBO: I thought flashplugin and skype are pretty much the only two things people ever need ia32-libs for05:54
RAOFpitti: wine still needs ia32-libs05:55
pittiRAOF: ah, ok; three then (I don't have wine installed)05:55
pittiunfortunately the amd64 skype package still exists, and hasn't been updated yet05:55
pittiit shoudl be removed, or made so that it magically installs skype:amd6405:55
pittierm, skype:i38605:55
pittibut that'd require another package name05:56
RAOFAnd libgl1-mesa-dri:i386 isn't properly installable due to libpciaccess0 not being multiarched in Ubuntu. :/05:56
didrocksDBO: pitti: ah got it!05:56
didrocksso building with USE_GNOME had been broken for 3 months now05:56
didrockswhat I do05:56
didrocksis to remove the GNOME build-dep05:56
didrocksthen, I added this patch initially to still ship the needed .desktop file with ELSE(HAS_GNOME)05:56
didrocksand have the desktop file installed if you are or not in the HAS_GNOME part05:57
didrocksthis was committed upstream differently05:57
didrockswith repeating the same chunk of code in else(HAS_GNOME)05:57
didrocksso, basically, we don't build with HAS_GNOME in the package05:58
didrocks(which rely on build-dep, I guess you have a build-dep instaled that we don't have in the package)05:58
didrocksnow, on the patch refresh, let me check05:58
didrocksso dbarth refreshed the patch in 1:0.9.4+bzr20110606-0ubuntu605:59
didrocksI guess he didn't see that the upstream patch was partially committed and make this patch useless05:59
didrocksbut anyway, don't build with HAS_GNOME, it's bringing you issues :)05:59
didrocks*phew* here is the story :-)05:59
pittididrocks: thanks for the heads-up; I nearly poked my eyes out this morning :)06:02
didrockspitti: heh, no worry, here was the initial patch FYI (http://paste.ubuntu.com/698913/)06:04
didrockspitti: made more sense, didn't repeat a chunk of code but seems upstream wants it differently…06:04
RAOFSo, now that we've got that little nugget out of the way, is anyone handling adding the patch from https://code.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz-core/compiz-core.fix_861793/+merge/77431 , or shall I?06:09
didrocksRAOF: no please, don't add smspillaz's patch without a release06:16
didrocksRAOF: we had issues on the past, we only accept tarballs for compiz from dx06:16
robert_ancelldidrocks, hey, do you know about this? "update-alternatives: error: alternative path /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter-ubuntu.conf doesn't exist"06:19
didrocksrobert_ancell: hum, interesting, is it when reinstalling the same version of lightdm-gtk-greeter?06:20
robert_ancelldidrocks, from no version.  I was wondering if I had some bad files around, so I removed it completely and tried to reinstall06:21
didrocksrobert_ancell: let me try to purge and install06:21
robert_ancelldidrocks, I just tried a purge then and it worked.  So there must have been something left over from a previous version06:22
didrocksrobert_ancell: I'll try installing twice the same version, purging and not purging, 3 min!06:22
robert_ancellfalse alarm :)06:22
didrocksrobert_ancell: oh, you found it?06:23
robert_ancellno, I can't reproduce since I did the purge06:23
didrockshum, better to check if it's really a local issue that can be handled in postinst06:23
jbicharobert_ancell: is it a bug or a feature that when I select a different session in lightdm to login to but enter the wrong password, my session choice is reverted06:23
robert_ancellI did a double install then uninstall and still no problem06:24
didrocksrobert_ancell: yeah, the three cases worked, I guess you had some local cruft06:24
robert_ancelljbicha, no, it should stay the same06:24
robert_ancelljbicha, unity-greeter?06:25
jbicharobert_ancell: yes06:25
didrocksjbicha: thanks a lot for your documentation UIFe ack and for your tremendous patience :)06:25
jbicharobert_ancell: do you want a bug report for it then?06:25
robert_ancelljbicha, yes please06:25
jbichadidrocks: well hopefully next cycle will be better with UI freeze06:27
didrocksjbicha: I think we need to discuss the process indeed06:27
jbichawe shouldn't have any big transitions unless we do something crazy like port to mutter06:27
jibelgood morning06:52
pittibonjour jibel06:52
jibelguten Morgen pitti06:53
jbichamm, Pleasant Pheasant sounds good06:53
jbichait feels a bit late this year for the next name announcement06:55
pittioh, is it out yet?06:55
pittiyes, traditionally it comes out after beta06:56
jbichano, I've been spending the past few weeks making up names though06:56
* pitti votes for perky penguin06:57
pittihow many "P" changes will we still have?06:57
jbichait can't be penguin, that's too obvious!06:58
jbichapitti: do you need packages to show up in syncpackage first to sync them?07:00
pittijbicha: I need them to be on the UK debian mirror07:01
pittiwe can sync from unapproved, but it's quite a lot of overhead07:01
jbichaok, then how about fonts-cantarell?07:02
pittijbicha: new package, needs FFE07:02
jbichaok, I'll do that07:02
robert_ancellpitti, if you're wondering the lightdm upload I did fixes bug 86139807:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 861398 in lightdm "the unity-greeter g-s-d is not stopped when login in since 1.0" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86139807:06
pittioh, nice07:06
pittirobert_ancell: accepted, please close07:07
jbichabug 86208607:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 862086 in ubuntu "[FFe] Please sync fonts-cantarell from Debian sid" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86208607:15
jasoncwarner_hey didrocks care to update me on compiz? dbo said he fixed the latest crasher....07:15
DBOits being pushed07:15
DBOgod help us all07:16
didrocksjasoncwarner_: I'm just restarting on it07:16
pittibring'em on! thanks DBO07:16
jasoncwarner_didrocks: awesome...07:16
jasoncwarner_DBO still up?07:16
DBOjasoncwarner_, its final freeze07:16
DBOwhere the hell else am I going to be?07:16
jasoncwarner_DBO: thanks for jumping on that right away...07:16
didrocksjasoncwarner_: seems a lot of dx commits backport and work the last couple of days: pushed 3 Qt, 2 compiz, 2 libunity, 1 nautilus… :-)07:17
jasoncwarner_DBO: wait, today is final freeze? I thought we had like 3 more months ? ;)07:17
DBOme too07:17
DBOthey sprung it on me07:17
DBOlike a trap07:17
jasoncwarner_like a spider monkey?07:17
DBOwho knew today was going to be Sept 29th07:17
DBOTOTALLY unpredictable07:17
DBOdid not imagine this would happen at all really..07:17
jasoncwarner_the mayans knew07:18
didrocksDBO: oh, that's because you couldn't mentally prepare yourself as you couldn't click before last week on the calendar to change month! :)07:18
jasoncwarner_didrocks: ouch!07:18
DBOdidrocks, with the headshot07:19
didrocksrather :)07:19
didrocksok, I can still make bad jockes, it's a proof that compiz is working :-)07:19
didrockseven after a restart07:19
jasoncwarner_didrocks: nice!07:19
didrocksok, let's run it for 10 minutes and then push the crack out of it!07:20
jasoncwarner_didrocks: you want us to be testing from a PPA or something?07:20
didrocksjasoncwarner_: yeah, that would be nice, one sec, pushing07:21
pittijbicha: at it07:21
mvopitti: did the "system proxy settings != session proxy settings" warning get lost when the code moved from the old control center to the new one?07:22
mvogood morning btw :)07:22
pittimvo: hey07:22
pittimvo: even worse, seems the latest release drops the entire proxy thing07:22
pittiwe have a bug, assigned to rodrigo07:22
pittimvo: but possible, yes07:22
mvook, thanks07:22
DBOdidrocks, so uh, if we decide to do a plugins release07:23
DBOwhat does that mean to you07:23
didrocksDBO: jasoncwarner_: compiz should magically appear in the ubuntu-desktop ppa shortly for you, yours sincerly, didrocks07:23
DBOmy dearest didrocks07:23
jasoncwarner_didrocks: <3 you07:23
DBOim already running it07:23
didrocksDBO: that I will of course hate you more and more, but that's fine, I'll get a revenge in just a month, mwahahahahaha07:23
didrocksDBO: seriously, do you think there are needed fixes?07:23
DBOneeded? not needed no...07:23
DBOcertainly some nice to have shit though07:24
* Sweetshark wonders at all the high emotions (must be postbeta anexiety) ...07:24
didrocksDBO: do you have the bug # so that we can asses risk/gain?07:24
DBOsure let me look...07:24
didrocksDBO: if it can wait for a SRU, that have more testing (one week before pushing to users)07:25
* didrocks add his waiting list today, a libunity, unity-2d, nux, unity, nautilus, unity-place-files and counting! (already done qt, compiz…)07:26
DBOdidrocks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/82756007:26
ubot2Ubuntu bug 827560 in compiz "unmaximizable windows still show orange glow but fail to maximize" [Low,Triaged]07:26
DBOdidrocks, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/82756007:26
DBOthere is another one but I suffer from too much brain dumb right now to find it07:26
didrocksDBO: the bot is smart, it avoids the repetition :)07:27
ubot2Ubuntu bug 796594 in compiz-grid-plugin "Window behaviour - pressing the 'restore' window indicator on a semi-maximised window should return it to the restored state" [High,In progress]07:27
DBOoutsmarted by a bot07:27
DBOexcellent way to start my day07:27
pittijbicha: there, shepherded through binNEW as well, enjoy :)07:27
didrocksDBO: "start", really? :)07:27
DBOwell it is 3:30am07:28
jbichapitti: thank you!07:28
DBOits closer to starting than ending at this point07:28
didrocksDBO: ok, I guess it's easily testable for regression07:28
didrocksDBO: do you know to make dist in the oneiric branch or is it better to cherry-pick the patches there?07:29
didrocksDBO: urgh, the branch seems to not have previous fixes07:29
didrocksDBO: I have a tarball from yesterday in c-p-m07:30
DBOi dont know what to do about that07:30
didrocksDBO: and I can ensure you I have more fixes than what is in https://code.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz-grid-plugin/oneiric07:30
DBOyeah I know07:31
didrocksDBO: I hope the tarball from compiz have all fixes from yesterday as well07:31
DBOdont do c-p-m07:31
didrocksyeah, seems hairy07:31
DBOI hope so too07:31
didrocksDBO: let's check for compiz before pushing it07:31
DBOdo you have any of the bugs so I could check?07:31
didrocksDBO: you took: https://code.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz-core/oneiric07:31
didrocksyeah, one sec07:31
robert_ancellbryceh, RAOF, lightdm has been using -background none for some time so we can probably drop the -nr option07:31
robert_ancellpatch rather07:32
didrocksDBO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/698947/ here is the full list of fixes07:32
RAOFrobert_ancell: Know about the other ?DMs?07:32
DBOdidrocks, I can immediately confirm several of those fixes are present07:33
robert_ancellRAOF, no, but I suspect they would have been carrying matching patches?07:33
didrocksDBO: for instance, on this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-core/+bug/860397 I don't see a merge in ~compiz-team/compiz-core/oneiric07:33
ubot2Ubuntu bug 860397 in unity "Windows which are marked transients of docks should be treated like docks" [High,Fix committed]07:33
DBOdidrocks, yes that one is present07:33
DBOonboard still works iwth unity07:33
didrocksgreat :-)07:33
pittiRAOF, robert_ancell: our gdm has -background07:33
didrocksthanks for confirming DBO :)07:34
didrocksDBO: let's forget about c-p-m now, not going into trouble and plan those for a SRU07:34
DBOsure thing07:34
* RAOF checks kdm and xdm.07:34
pittiRAOF: checking kdm..07:34
robert_ancellRAOF, xdm?  really?07:34
pitti./debian/patches/kubuntu_kdmrc_defaults.diff:+Instance: :*/"-nr -nolisten tcp"07:34
pitti./kdm/config.def:Instance: :*/"-nr -nolisten tcp"07:34
pittikdm needs fixing AFAICS07:35
pittiRAOF: ^07:35
ricotzgood morning07:35
RAOFpitti: Thanks.07:35
RAOFrobert_ancell: I don't expect xdm to try, but, hey!  Completeness!07:35
ricotzthe new UbuntuLogo.png in g-c-c says 11.04?07:35
jbicharicotz: it's fixed in bzr07:37
DBOso didrocks, smoothest compiz release this cycle then? :P07:37
ricotzjbicha, ok, and network.ui missing?07:37
didrocksDBO: yeah, you got an award. Achievement! :-)07:38
jbichaum, I don't think that was fixed yet07:38
didrocksDBO: you got the new skin "DBO smoothest compiz release" to use with the hero of your favorite game :-)07:38
jbicharicotz: when did network disappear?07:39
RAOFAnd, as expected, xdm uses neither -nr nor -background.07:39
pittiRAOF: checkerboaord patterns FTW!07:40
pitti"board", too07:40
ricotzjbicha, i cant point to a version, sorry, just noticed it07:40
pittiRAOF: let's play pacman07:40
* RAOF can never get enough of the -retro codepath!07:40
DBOdidrocks, apparently there are compelling reasons to do CPM now07:41
didrocksDBO: hum, like?07:41
DBOdidrocks, compelling... reasons...07:41
DBOthere are some changes to how core handles moving windows (async, much faster)07:41
DBObut two plugins had to be updated to track07:41
didrocksDBO: well, there are some "compiling" reasons indeed :)07:41
DBOgrid and snap07:41
DBOthey still work fine without the update07:41
DBObut much slower07:41
didrocksDBO: hum, can we ensure the latest tarball is in trunk, and what enters is fully tested?07:42
DBOIm working on testing that shit as hard as I can07:42
DBOI'll be here until its done07:42
didrocksDBO: ensure we have:07:43
didrocks    - Maximizing a window causes compiz to hang (LP: #860257)07:43
didrocks    - snap movements can cause infinite loops in window movements (LP: #860646)07:43
ricotzjbicha, also "empathy/telepathy" ui is gone?07:43
didrocksDBO: this is the new fixes since 2011091907:43
DBOoh yeah there is that too07:44
DBOwe want those07:44
DBOinfinite loops are bad07:44
didrocksDBO: we already have those07:44
didrocksDBO: in the latest tarball07:44
didrocksDBO: so ensure trunk have it, if not, there is something screwed07:44
DBOI would prefer if we did this07:44
DBOwill do07:45
didrocksDBO: and in that case, we need to cherry-pick only the fixes, not doing a new tarball without those07:45
DBOwe are just going to roll you a tarball, the only things in it are commits linked to bugs07:45
* didrocks pushes nautilus meanwhile07:45
DBOI'll try to get you a list07:46
didrocksDBO: indeed, but ensure that those two commits are in there07:46
DBOI will07:46
didrocksDBO: IIRC, dbarth removed one commit that was making something crashing for him07:46
didrocksDBO: so, I hope it's not in trunk07:46
didrocksDBO: it's not in the current oneiric tarball anyway, you can download it there: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/primary/+files/compiz-plugins-main_0.9.6.orig.tar.gz07:47
didrocksDBO: so making make a diff with what you currently have and ensuring all what is in is known?07:47
DBOdidrocks, yes, I will do my all07:48
DBOIm not going to pull any punches07:48
DBOI understand the price of failure is instant death by firing squad manned by the desktop team07:48
jbicharicotz: ping rodrigo when he's online for those, I'm not sure what went wrong07:48
didrocksDBO: excellent! thanks for this serious checking. It's really needed :)07:48
jbicharicotz: so I was playing with GDM3.2 today & yeah I couldn't get it to start either07:49
ricotzrodrigo_, hi, g-c-c is missing some things like network.ui and empathy/telepathy ui?07:51
ricotzjbicha, so it hangs for you?07:51
chrisccoulsonhey pitti07:51
chrisccoulsonthere are 2 issues in bug 848808 btw07:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 848808 in metacity "metacity crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84880807:52
pittihey chrisccoulson07:52
chrisccoulsonyour stacktrace is a different issue compared to the original reporter07:52
jbicharicotz: yes, gdm-simple-slave[20564]: WARNING: Could not run helper: Failed to execute child process "/usr/lib/gdm/ck-get-x11-display-device" (No such file or directory)07:52
pittichrisccoulson: oh, is it? I get it according to jibel's instruction, start vlc07:52
pittichrisccoulson: I thought it was different because of --sync07:52
chrisccoulsonpitti - hmmm, perhaps jibel has the same, but different issue too ;)07:53
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, but the request that triggered the error is still visible in the original stacktrace07:53
pittichrisccoulson: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/79767881/Stacktrace.txt doesn't look totally different, though?07:53
ricotzjbicha, ok, would have been nice to have it, but there is no time for it07:53
didrocksDBO: https://code.launchpad.net/~compiz-team/compiz-expo-plugin/oneiric.fix_clipping_issues/+merge/77472 changes default configuration07:53
pittichrisccoulson: right, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/79769114/Stacktrace.txt is different07:54
jbicharicotz: yeah, GDM 3.0 isn't too bad though07:54
DBOdidrocks, fixing07:54
chrisccoulsonpitti - the clue in the original trace is here - "X error: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) serial 294069 error_code 3 request_code 19 minor_code 0"07:54
pittichrisccoulson: but I think all the dupes are indistinguishable, as the top 5 functions are the XError stuff07:54
didrocksDBO: please look at merges carefully :p07:54
chrisccoulsonso when it crashes with --sync, you should see it crashing in XDeleteProperty07:54
chrisccoulson(which is request code 19)07:55
didrocksDBO: especially has now in the compiz branch, the patch are completely mixed… :/07:55
pittichrisccoulson: ok, I don't get that then07:55
pittichrisccoulson: or it's later than the current crash in allocing a 65535 pixel window07:55
DBOdidrocks, we're going to fix that once and for all at UDS07:55
DBOwe are going to disable that in bzr07:55
chrisccoulsonpitti - possibly :)07:55
DBOhe wont be able to do that anymore07:55
didrocksDBO: yeah, totally agreed!07:55
chrisccoulsoni just wanted to point out that there might be more than one issue there, before it gets too confusing  ;)07:55
pittichrisccoulson: heh, thanks07:56
pittichrisccoulson: how's your holidays?07:57
chrisccoulsonpitti - heh ;)07:57
chrisccoulsoni'm looking forward to travelling to cornwall tomorrow07:57
DBOdidrocks, actually it didn't, the merge proposal just had the wrong target07:58
DBOdidrocks, sorry for the false alarm07:58
chrisccoulsonother than that, i've been hanging around because of the firefox 7.0.1 chemspill07:58
chrisccoulsonwhich i wasn't expecting to happen whilst i was away ;)07:58
didrocksDBO: *phew*, but still wrong target :) we need to diff old tarball new tarball anyway to check!07:58
DBOI will07:58
DBOI dont have tarballs yet07:58
didrocksthanks again DBO :)07:58
didrocksDBO: did you took the previous one I pointed?07:59
didrocksdid you take*07:59
chrisccoulsonpitti - so, i think what's likely to have happened is that the original reporter of bug 848808 was actually suffering from bug 797078, which is now fixed08:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 848808 in metacity "metacity crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84880808:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 797078 in metacity "metacity crashed with SIGABRT in raise()" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79707808:03
chrisccoulsonbut as apport can't really distinguish the traces apart, it's mixed the different issues up in the duplicates08:04
RAOFThat seems like a reasonable guess.08:05
rodrigo_ricotz, what? it's missing that?08:05
rodrigo_ricotz, hmm, right, it's missing the network panel08:07
rodrigo_hi seb12808:07
pittibonjour seb12808:08
pittihey rodrigo_08:08
seb128hey pitti08:08
seb128hey rodrigo_08:08
seb128how are you?08:08
jbicharodrigo_: checking for NETWORK_MANAGER... no08:08
jbichaconfigure: WARNING: *** Network panel will not be built (NetworkManager >= 0.8.992 or newer not found) ***08:08
pittirodrigo_: yeah, seems you earned bug 86144308:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 861443 in gnome-control-center "There is no easy way to change proxy settings in Ubuntu 11.10" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86144308:08
rodrigo_jbicha, yes08:08
pittirodrigo_: I suppose that wasn't intended?08:08
pittirodrigo_: sounds like fallout from the libnm split?08:09
rodrigo_pitti, yes, seems I'm missing some build-dep08:09
seb128jbicha, hey08:10
seb128jbicha, is there an issue with the vino update?08:10
seb128jbicha, do you need help with it?08:10
DBOdidrocks, we're rolling a new tarball ;)08:10
didrocksDBO: nice!08:11
RAOFHey, who broke my caps-is-an-additional-ctrl?08:11
RAOFOh, flicking that setting off and on again fixes it.08:13
jbichaseb128: I was trying to fix 852911 at the same time, but I was having trouble getting my code from yelp to work in vino08:13
seb128rodrigo_, you should push test version in your ppa rather than asking users to build from the vcs ;-)08:13
seb128jbicha, hard freeze is today so maybe upload the next version and see later to fix the bug?08:14
seb128bug #85291108:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 852911 in yelp "Yelp always displays Unity user guide" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85291108:14
jbichaseb128: yes probably08:14
rodrigo_seb128, yes, true :)08:14
pittididrocks: indeed it seems related to overlay-scrollbar, but too large widgets in an application shouldn't make metacity crash?08:15
pittididrocks: but anyway, if that fixes it, I'm happy; metacity is obsolete, and I don't fancy debugging it for hours (well, I already did) to fix it properly :)08:15
didrockspitti: it logout and crashed X in some cases, because it tried to create a 8 Gb window08:16
didrockspitti: so, not sure, but can be related through jibel's report08:16
RAOFX shouldn't crash in such circumstances; that's what BadAlloc is for (and the XErorr that pitti was seeing)?08:16
pittididrocks: yes, something is creating a widget 65535 pixels high08:17
rodrigo_pitti, oh, the problem is libnm-gtk-dev doesn't have a .pc file08:17
pittiRAOF: not X, metacity08:17
rodrigo_pitti, fixing it08:17
didrocksRAOF: it did, see the bug I pointed :)08:17
pittirodrigo_: ah08:17
didrocksrodrigo_: the usual crash on writing a lot on disk08:17
didrocksRAOF: ^08:17
RAOFpitti: Yeah, but didrocks was saying that it crashed X sometimes.08:17
didrocksRAOF: basically, it creates a 8 Gb windows, which make some machines, like mine writing a lot on the disk08:17
didrocksand everytime I have too many writes on disk, X crashes08:18
didrockspitti: ^08:18
ricotzrodrigo_, do you know what happened to the empathy g-c-c integration?08:18
didrocksRAOF: seems known, njpatel has the same behavior I guess08:18
RAOFYou obviously have too much memory :)08:18
rodrigo_ricotz, the accounts panel?08:18
rodrigo_ricotz, I think it's gone, in favor of gnome-online-accounts, but not sure08:19
RAOFdidrocks: This is triggered by running vlc under metacity?08:19
ricotzrodrigo_, if that's the case the online-accounts doesnt show my telepathy accounts08:19
pittididrocks: you said "just pushed", not "will be pushing"; I didn't see an overlay-scrollbar upload, did the upload go wrong, or was this a typo?08:19
rodrigo_ricotz, yes, only google so far08:20
didrockspitti: it's a Qt fix related to an overlay-scrollbar issue with Qt apps (when using the gtk theme)08:20
rodrigo_ricotz, you can still setup your accounts from empathy itself08:20
rodrigo_ricotz, just that it doesn't have a g-c-c panel anymore08:20
didrocksRAOF: oh not only with vlc, everytime my computer start writing too much on disk08:20
pittididrocks: trying with new Qt then, it's built on amd6408:21
RAOFdidrocks: Just with swapping, or with any disc activity?08:21
pittididrocks: the other two tasks on bug 805303 are still relevant, though?08:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 805303 in overlay-scrollbar "Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed with the default qt4 gui" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80530308:21
rodrigo_$ bzr branch lp:ubuntu/network-manager-applet trunk08:21
rodrigo_Most recent Ubuntu version:
rodrigo_Packaging branch version: 0.8.9997+git.20110707t152406.340f695-0ubuntu108:21
rodrigo_Packaging branch status: OUT-OF-DATE08:21
rodrigo_hmm, import problems?08:21
seb128ricotz, rodrigo_: upstream dropped the possibility to add control-center panel from other sources as well, it might have force the empathy guy to drop it08:21
RAOFdidrocks: Also: is this your crazy baked nvidia laptop? ;)08:21
seb128rodrigo_, seems so08:21
rodrigo_seb128, yes08:21
seb128rodrigo_, use apt-get source08:22
ricotzseb128, ok08:23
didrocksRAOF: indeed, but I know that other in dx experience this as well08:23
ricotzrodrigo_, right, was just wondering what happened to it08:23
didrocksRAOF: everytime when somethings triggers a lot of writing…08:23
seb128grrrrr bastien08:24
seb128ok, so he closed the wrong default bug pedro opened blaming it on pitti08:24
RAOFdidrocks: Is there a crash report generated?  Long shot, I know. :?08:24
didrocksRAOF: waow, I'm pretty sure to have reported one a while back, like 4/5 months08:25
seb128though pedro somewhat missed the issue, it seems to still suspend on ac even if the setting is on "never"08:25
didrocksRAOF: it started on natty08:25
seb128my laptop was suspended when I came back from sport yesterday08:25
didrocksRAOF: but I don't have I can do it next time I trigger that08:25
seb128mvo, hey, did you open a bug about your dpms issue?08:25
mvoseb128: just reported it on LP https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/862139 now, sorry08:28
ubot2Ubuntu bug 862139 in gnome-control-center "xset q reports DPMS mode with time 600 regardless of what g-c-c setting" [Undecided,New]08:28
rodrigo_hmm, dput'ing the .source.changes file generated by debuild doesn't upload the orig.tar.gz, is that correct?08:32
pittirodrigo_: depends whether the .changes has the tar.gz in Files:08:33
pittirodrigo_: which is determined whether you build with -sa or -sd08:33
rodrigo_pitti, ok, my fault then, just used -S08:33
pittirodrigo_: -si is the default, which usually DTRT (-sa for -1 or -0ubuntu1, no orig otherwise)08:33
pittirodrigo_: why, did you upload a new upstream release?08:33
rodrigo_pitti, no, not a new upstream, just 0ubuntu308:34
pittirodrigo_: you don't need the orig tarball then, it didn't change08:34
seb128rodrigo_, is that a ppa upload? you don't need the orig if it's in the main archive08:34
rodrigo_seb128, no, not a ppa, it's nm-applet08:34
rodrigo_ok then it should be ok, I hope08:35
seb128oh, well no need of the orig08:35
* rodrigo_ waits for message08:35
seb128rodrigo_, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=08:35
seb128it's in the queue08:35
rodrigo_ok, cool08:35
seb128rodrigo_, the queue run every 5 minutes, so if you upload at 31 it will usually get in at 3508:36
rodrigo_ricotz, ok, network panel is back, will upload new g-c-c as soon as I get a couple other fixes08:36
pittirodrigo_: yay08:38
pittirodrigo_: please bump the build-dep on libnm-dev08:38
pittipowerpc is faaaar behind (and generally it's correct to do so, too)08:38
rodrigo_seb128, oh btw, last night I looked at the 'never turn screen off' thing, shouldn't be hard to do, just need new UI08:38
rodrigo_pitti, yes08:38
seb128rodrigo_, where "new ui" is an extra entry in the combo?08:38
rodrigo_seb128, a new combo, I don't have a 'turn screen' combo at all08:39
seb128rodrigo_, are you on a desktop?08:39
rodrigo_ah, on the screen one08:39
seb128still on a desktop it should be there08:40
seb128rodrigo_, yes08:40
rodrigo_seb128, yes, sorry, was looking at power onlt08:40
rodrigo_so yes, much easier!08:40
=== ara is now known as Guest72740
rodrigo_g-s-d already checks if the timeout is 0, and if so, doesn't turn the screen off, so yes, we only need a new option in the combo, mapped to 0 for the timeout08:40
rodrigo_so adding it to my g-c-c upload08:41
seb128rodrigo_, check with pitti before08:41
rodrigo_pitti, checking... :)08:41
seb128it might need a ffe or uife08:41
seb128check with jbicha as well08:41
pittirodrigo_: "turn screen"?08:42
DBOdidrocks, https://chinstrap.canonical.com/~smspillaz/releases/0.9.6/compiz-plugins-main-0.9.6.tar.bz208:42
seb128jbicha, pitti: do you think it's still ok to add a "never" entry to the screen capplet "turn screen off after" combo?08:42
DBOI've done everything I can do, I think I properly QA'd it08:42
DBOif I didn't, please let me know, and I'll figure out what went wrong and try to fix it for next time08:42
rodrigo_pitti, yes, what seb128 says08:42
didrocksDBO: great, so no setting changes, all the fix that are in are the one you descbribed before?08:42
pittiseb128, rodrigo_: sorry, where is that?08:42
DBOdidrocks, hold on08:42
seb128pitti, gnome-control-center screen08:43
rodrigo_pitti, in Screen panel08:43
DBOdidrocks, http://paste.ubuntu.com/698976/08:43
DBOthats the entire diff08:43
DBOno xml changes08:43
seb128pitti, "turn on after", the combo has nn minutes to 1 hour option08:43
pittiseb128, rodrigo_: I think that's fine; I hope we have an existing string for that?08:43
seb128pitti, adding a "never" in the list of that combo08:43
rodrigo_pitti, hmm, good point, let me check08:43
diverse_izzuehi u-d. is there a package for this nautilus previewer called "sushi" somewhere?08:44
didrocksDBO: great, and the bug list is the on you pointed me before? (and it doesn't seem any previous fix is reverted?)08:44
DBOdidrocks, are you expecting a reverted fix?08:44
rodrigo_pitti, seb128: no, we don't, in g-c-c08:44
seb128rodrigo_, pitti: doesn't seem so :-(08:44
seb128rodrigo_, can you ask an UIFe and email translators and documentation teams?08:45
pittiuh, did they remove it everywhere? *sigh*08:45
rodrigo_I guess that's a problem, too late for adding new strings08:45
didrocksDBO: no, just that as the trunk was fuzzy and we didn't know if it contained all the previous fixes08:45
seb128rodrigo_, let's ask08:45
jbichadiverse_izzue: no, you'll have to wait for P or a PPA (& someone to package it)08:45
DBOdidrocks, I think we are good to go08:45
seb128translators still have some days to translate08:45
seb128and it's an easy one to add08:46
DBOdidrocks, we checked for those previous commits specifically08:46
DBOfoudn the code08:46
didrocksDBO: perfect, thanks!08:46
pittiseb128: it's in evolution-3.2, aptitude, cups, glade3, gnome-disk-utility, gnome-user-share, nautilus, and a whole lot of other places08:47
pittirodrigo_: ^ we might steal the translations from there08:47
rodrigo_pitti, ok, I'll add the bug 1st08:47
ubot2rodrigo_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Not reporting large bug)08:47
seb128pitti, it's going to be tedious08:47
seb128imho we should ask an uif and let the translators copy the string in launchpad08:48
pittiwell, asking translators to do that is a lot more work in sum08:48
seb128it's easy enough08:48
DBOdidrocks, do you want me to stick around while you make package pie out of that?08:50
didrocksDBO: I'm tagging it +bzr20110929 tag as well08:50
didrocksDBO: no that's fine, you should go to bed :)08:51
didrocksDBO: did you fix the spread + dnd issue?08:51
DBOdidrocks, if by fix you mean disable08:51
didrocksDBO: yeah, perfect, I think you deserve some bed time! :)08:52
didrocksDBO: I'm currently building c-p-m08:52
DBOhow long will it take for me to get results?08:52
seb128pitti, *shrug*, they screwed the ubuntu-mono update...08:52
didrocksDBO: 10 minutes, time to build and test08:52
pittiseb128: bug 862027?08:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 862027 in ubuntu-mono "System Settings Keyboard icon indistinct with Ambiance" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86202708:53
pittiseb128: assigned to Paul already; we'll probably just revert tha08:53
jbichaor bug 86204008:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 862040 in ubuntu-mono "user-desktop icon shows black desktop instead of Unity's wallpaper" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86204008:53
seb128pitti, no, it seems the "desktop" icon went missing08:53
DBOdidrocks, then I'll wait08:53
seb128jbicha, right, that one08:53
DBOdidrocks, the 22 hour shift... we need a union...08:54
rodrigo_seb128, pitti: what are the translation and doc teams (ubuntu-doc? ubuntu-translations-coordinators?)08:54
rodrigo_lp shows a lot when searching, so not sure which one is the correct one08:55
didrocksDBO: that's why you are asking to french people? Need some strike advice? :-)08:55
seb128rodrigo_, ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com, ubuntu-translators@lists.ubuntu.com08:55
DBOdidrocks, no I was hoping to win the battle08:56
pittididrocks: metacity still crashes with Qt 4.7.4-0ubuntu6 :(08:59
rodrigo_hmm, searching for ubuntu-translators in LP shows a lot of results, but stops in page 17, so ubuntu-translators team doesn't show up09:01
rodrigo_so how can I subscribe someone to a bug without using the search?09:01
DBOpitti, stop using metacity09:01
DBOI know I did09:02
rodrigo_pitti, seb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/86215409:02
ubot2Ubuntu bug 862154 in gnome-control-center "[UIFe] Add back the "never turn screen off" option" [Undecided,New]09:02
didrockspitti: ok :(09:03
pittiDBO: unity-2d does :)09:03
pittididrocks: QWidget::setMinimumSize: (/MainInterface) The largest allowed size is (16777215,16777215)09:04
pittididrocks: that doesn't sound healthy09:04
DBOpitti, sarcasm is the name of the game09:04
didrockspitti: is it before the crash you have?09:04
pittididrocks: yes09:05
seb128rodrigo_, thanks09:05
didrocksagateau looked at this ^09:05
pittididrocks: agateau just attached a new patch to that bug, too09:05
didrockspitti: yeah, for gtk09:05
didrockspitti: you need it with the new Qt09:05
didrockssorry, forgot to mention it09:05
seb128don't upload the gtk patch09:05
agateauseb128: why?09:06
seb128agateau, because kenvandine started working on it09:06
agateauseb128: ah ok, I thought there was a problem with it09:06
seb128agateau, and I don't like work duplication ;-)09:06
seb128agateau, well there are those symbols change, it sucks so late in the cycle09:07
seb128agateau, though they seem to be a non issue but still it makes me nervous ;-)09:07
agateauseb128: I understand you. But the whole point of the new patch is to expose a new function, this is bound to bring new symbols09:08
pittiso is bug 805303 about crashes which happen because overlay-scrollbar tries to allocate an insanely huge widget?09:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 805303 in overlay-scrollbar "Gtk-CRITICAL **: IA__gtk_widget_style_get: assertion `GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)' failed with the default qt4 gui" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80530309:08
pittithe bug title sounds fairly different09:08
* pitti wonders if he should make bug 848808 a dupe of that or reassign to overlay-scrollbar09:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 848808 in metacity "metacity crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84880809:08
agateaupitti: it is because qt assumes it gets a scrollbar widget when it calls gtk_hscrollbar_new09:08
pittiagateau: ah, then it's something else apparently?09:09
didrocksgrrrr, got again a X restart on too much writing09:09
agateaupitti: but when overlay scrollbars are activated, qt gets a null pointer instead09:09
didrocksRAOF: nothing in /var/crash ^09:09
seb128agateau, yeah, adding symbols is fine, it's the dropping symbols that makes me nervous ;-)09:09
agateaupitti: we had a workaround for this bug in qt <= 1ubuntu5, but it was not reliable09:09
didrocksDBO: Need to restart building c-p-m (and nautilus :()09:09
seb128didrocks, look at Xorg.log09:10
seb128or .009:10
agateaupitti: 1ubuntu6 contains a better fix, but it needs the gtk patch to work09:10
seb128didrocks, go in the build-area and debuild binary09:10
DBOdidrocks, why?09:10
seb128didrocks, or did you use pbuilder?09:10
pittiagateau: understood, thanks09:10
didrocksDBO: because the build is under X and X restarted09:10
agateauseb128: yes, those symbols could have been marked hidden, there was no need to expose them in the first place09:10
seb128agateau, ok, good09:10
didrocksseb128: yeah, will dpkg-buildpackage -nc09:11
seb128agateau, well as said it's not an objection, it's just making me a bit nervous because it's gtk and it's late ;-)09:11
DBOdidrocks, you're breaking my little heart by not using screen09:11
didrocksDBO: for building? never :-)09:11
agateauseb128: sure, I am just trying to make you a bit more confortable with those changes09:11
didrocksDBO: btw, I'm closing the upstream bugs09:12
didrocksDBO: and add right downstream tasks09:12
seb128agateau, thanks ;-) I think I'm comfortable enough to no pushback and let ken upload it ;-)09:12
didrocksDBO: can you do that for an even smoother release later? :)09:12
didrocksRAOF: I have the log info if needed09:12
DBOdo what?09:12
DBOexplain it like Im 5?09:12
agateauseb128: good!09:12
didrocksDBO: closing upstream bugs ;)09:12
seb128agateau, thanks for working on that btw!09:12
DBOdidrocks, define "upstream"?09:13
DBOoh you mean mark the Fix Released?09:13
didrocksDBO: upstream as upstream task in compiz09:13
didrocksDBO: yep09:13
DBOyeah I can do that next time09:13
agateauseb128: yw09:13
didrocks(and everywhere, the downstream tasks that have been added are not the right one)09:13
didrocksDBO: ok, restarting compiz09:15
* DBO braces for impact09:15
DBOthis delay makes me nervous09:16
kamstrupdpm: hey, d.u.c looking awesome :-)09:16
didrocksDBO: maximize with grid snap is weird09:17
kamstrupdpm: I noticed that the libunity docs needs updates... also I think the latest lp:giraffe works slightly better for Python docs09:17
didrocksDBO: take a title bar, push it to the panel09:17
didrocksDBO: the decoration jumps under the panel, then maximization starts…09:17
DBOyep thats a bit odd...09:17
didrocksDBO: and worse, if you stop it without maximizing09:17
didrocksDBO: the decoration is under the panel09:18
didrocksyou have to alt + click09:18
DBOsmspillaz, ^^09:18
seb128didrocks, new record? found a bug in less than 15s testing? ;-)09:18
didrocksDBO: another one09:18
* DBO sighs09:18
dpmhey kamstrup, good morning, thanks :) - Yeah, I want to update those links to the stable URLs (i.e. Oneiric), when we release. As per giraffe, shall I just pull the latest version? I can probably do this straight away09:18
didrocksseb128: indeed, just have to test what changed…09:18
didrocksDBO: maximize vertically09:19
smspillazdidrocks: let me see what's happening09:19
smspillazthat ... shouldn't happen09:19
didrocksDBO: then, drag it on the panel09:19
didrocks-> maximized, but still decorated09:19
kamstrupdpm: I think the latest rev should be good. That's what I use myself at least :-)09:19
didrockssame if you maximize horizontally09:20
dpmkamstrup, ok, cool, let me do this later on today, thanks for the heads up :)09:20
DBOdidrocks, sorry for wasting time...09:20
* didrocks just reads the diff and tests what changed :/09:20
DBOI'll add these to our test cases09:20
didrocksDBO: well, it just need rigorous test when changing something…09:20
pittiseb128, rodrigo_: replied to bug 862154 with a suggestion and an ack09:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 862154 in gnome-control-center "[UIFe] Add back the "never turn screen off" option" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86215409:23
seb128pitti, danke09:23
didrockspitti: a 4th upload of Qt is coming FYI09:34
pittipoor armel builders09:35
* pitti scores down https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/4:4.7.4-0ubuntu6/+build/281336009:35
didrocksyeah, if only people can coordinate in the same team, especially when pinging them on purpose the past 3 days for that09:35
pittithe powerpc builders already are way behind09:35
czajkowskiGood morning all09:35
pittiactually, powerpc is the bottleneck this time, we've got plenty of armel builders09:35
pittihey czajkowski09:36
pittididrocks: standing by for review, just need to run out for some minutes09:36
czajkowskipitti: ello09:36
czajkowskipitti: no bugs to report!, well I do, just not Ubuntu, on windows :(09:36
didrockspitti: will upload in 30 min, the time for me to check it applies, and to bzr bd -S…09:36
pitticzajkowski: hehe09:38
czajkowskipitti: such pain .09:38
rodrigo_pitti, so, I msgcat the po file, and add a patch with that to the g-c-c package?09:51
pittirodrigo_: I put a sketch of a command to the bug09:54
pittirodrigo_: msgcat is too complicated, I think09:54
rodrigo_pitti, right, but I mean, I just add a patch to the package with the resulting .po's, or is there a saner way to add new translations?09:55
seb128rodrigo_, use the command line pitti suggested in the bug?09:57
pittirodrigo_: yes09:57
pittirodrigo_: well, the .po changes with teh "Never" msgs added, yes09:57
pittirodrigo_: we can drop the patch at the next upload, once it's imported into LP09:57
pittiI think that's a lot quicker than bothering all translation teams to add the strings09:58
rodrigo_yeah, dpm asked to do this also, so yeah, doing it now09:58
mvoseb128: meh, that app-indicator port took longer then expected, but I think its mostly there now, not everything is supported by app-indicator unfortunately so the fallback is not great, I need to think some more about that10:03
seb128mvo, what do you miss? tooltips?10:03
mvoseb128: yes10:09
mvoseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/779382/comments/10 has whats mising10:09
ubot2Ubuntu bug 779382 in update-notifier "update-notifier not visible under unity" [Medium,Confirmed]10:09
mvoseb128: woah, I just did a test upgrade in a virtual machine, the screensaver kicked (why? u-m kills it when it upgrades :/ - but it did not actually show a screensaver window, it would just not let me interact with the system10:15
seb128mvo, urg, weird10:16
seb128mvo, how does it kills it?10:16
seb128mvo, mdeslaur made great effort to make sure that the screensaver respawn when you take it down for good security measure ;-)10:16
mvoseb128: I think it simply sends a kill signal10:16
mvoseb128: meh10:17
pittididrocks: bug 849732 was invalidated, should I file a new one?10:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 849732 in unity "Alt + <application menubar shorcut> doesn't work as well as Ctrl + W/Q" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84973210:17
seb128mvo, you don't want to box unlocked because the screensaver hit a segfault10:17
pittithis is still a very annoying and perferctly reproducible regression10:17
seb128mvo, you should inhibit locked using the dbus api I guess10:17
didrockspitti: no, just add a gtk3 task10:17
mvothis stuff runs as root (the upgrader) :/10:17
didrocksjasoncwarner_: pitti: sorry on mumble with njpatel :)10:17
pittididrocks: i. e. want me to reopen and reassign to gtk3?10:18
pittididrocks: so it's in our global menu bar patch?10:18
jasoncwarner_:/ seems I did an update and skype got borked?10:19
seb128pitti, bug #838458 is a duplicate if you want to use that instead10:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 838458 in appmenu-gtk "Can't use the ALT+Letter keyboard shortcuts" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83845810:19
pittiseb128: right, but that's apparently not on DX' radar10:20
seb128pitti, yes, it's an appmenu issue, unset UBUNTU_MENUPROXY; gedit and it works in gedit10:20
pittiseb128: yes, same for gtimelog10:20
pittibut just invalidating a perfectly triaged bug without a comment is a bit weird10:20
seb128pitti, it's didrocks who invalided the unity part10:21
seb128pitti, just do an "also affect appmenu-gtk" I guess10:21
seb128or reassign10:21
seb128pitti, the upstream components are still open and it's assigned to ted10:21
pittiok, done; marked the other one as a dupe10:22
seb128pitti, bug #82129010:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 821290 in unity-foundations "[panel] Unable to access menus with Alt accelerator keys." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82129010:22
seb128is on https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-foundations/+milestone/oneiric-final10:23
seb128pitti, which is the list ted has been using for Oneiric10:23
pittiseb128: I guess we should also dupe that theN?10:23
seb128pitti, he said yesterday that his remaining bugs were nautilus desktop menu (which he fixed) and this one10:23
seb128pitti, so I guess he will fix it today10:23
seb128pitti, I will check with ted when he's online10:23
pittirodrigo_: 832603 fixed> you rock!10:27
rodrigo_hmm, which one is that?10:27
* rodrigo_ looks10:27
pittirodrigo_: gsd crash10:28
seb128was it a real issue?10:28
seb128or apport noise from segfault on session closing?10:28
pittinot for me, but apparently for rodrigo_'s boss :)10:28
rodrigo_seb128, people were getting it on 1st oneiric boot10:28
rodrigo_not anymore than once it seems10:28
rodrigo_yeah, jasoncwarner_ was getting it, it seems10:28
seb128pitti, we need to teach $bosses that apport noise != real issues ;-)10:29
rodrigo_I didn't10:29
rodrigo_yeah :)10:29
seb128rodrigo_, ok10:29
rodrigo_we should have a cleanup /var/crash for bosses10:29
seb128well "1st boot" could be "it segfaulted on shutdown and apport trigger on reboot"10:29
jasoncwarner_*cough* *cough*10:29
* rodrigo_ hides :)10:29
jasoncwarner_rodrigo_: I'm not getting that one anymore, fyi...10:29
jasoncwarner_I've got no crashes right now, as a matter of fact10:30
seb128it's a bit unfortunate that some of those non issues are raising in priority just because they get dups10:30
jasoncwarner_including zg...which is amazing!10:30
rodrigo_jasoncwarner_, yeah, you got it only once, right? or more?10:30
jasoncwarner_rodrigo_: I got it at least twice, but over a period of time, not in a row10:31
jasoncwarner_but, last one was at least two days ago10:31
rodrigo_ok, it shouldn't happen anymore with the fix10:31
rodrigo_I added double checking in the code :)10:31
seb128mvo, check with ted but yeah I agree that seems risky to land that work now10:32
seb128mvo, what you could do is to the use libappindicator only under unity and the old codepath otherwise10:32
seb128mvo, i.e look at XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP and if, then the codepaths10:34
mvoseb128: that is a good idea10:39
seb128mvo, XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP is set to "Unity" by gnome-session under unity and unity-2d10:44
seb128mvo, so basically just g_strcmp0 g_getenv("XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP") and "Unity"10:44
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|food
mvoseb128: I need to rewrite a bit more code for that, but I like the idea, that should make it very low risk10:45
mvoexcept of course:  12 files changed, 300 insertions(+), 118 deletions(-)10:46
seb128mvo, I would suggest that we should may SRU it10:47
seb128mvo, it gives extra margin for testing and doesn't risk regression in Oneiric10:47
seb128mvo, knowing that current oneiric has no issue for users who didn't tweak their key10:48
mvoseb128: indeed10:51
mvoseb128: would you mind putting that in the bug?10:51
seb128mvo, can do10:53
tkamppeterpitti, compiz seems to have the same problem with its -dbg package as CUPS had, see bug 862241.11:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 862241 in compiz "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in PrivateWindow::addWindowStackChanges()" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86224111:36
seb128rodrigo_, do you need help with the po thing?11:43
mvoseb128: do you mind if I simply paste the irc bits into the u-n bug?11:43
rodrigo_seb128, no, already done and uploaded11:43
seb128mvo, sorry I was having lunch, I'm just commenting at the moment, on minute and I commit11:43
mvoseb128: ok, sorry for being pushy11:43
mdeslaurmvo: you need to suspend the screensaver, not just kill it11:44
mvomdeslaur: right, the upgrader runs as root though11:46
mdeslaurmvo: oh, hrm11:46
mvoyeah :(11:47
=== MacSlow|food is now known as MacSlow
seb128mvo, done11:48
seb128mvo, being pushy> it's just fair, I've been pushing you as well11:48
seb128mvo, with less success though since you still didn't ask about your issue ;-)11:48
pittiargh, again suspend during lunch break11:49
seb128pitti, yeah, upstream has been discussing it on #control-center and it should be worked today11:49
seb128pitti, bastien undupped the wrong default bug btw11:49
pittiseb128: I followed up in the original upstream bug, and it seems that it's not really intended upstream either, right11:50
seb128pitti, he agreed there is a bug11:50
GunnarHjpitti, seb128: Hello! Do you possibly know if lxsession sources ~/.profile at login? The way language-selector works in Lubuntu (bug 857326) indicates that it doesn't. (I hope to know for sure later today.)11:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 857326 in language-selector "Selecting another preferred language in Lubuntu is confusing" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85732611:52
mdeslaurpitti: I'm getting kernel ABI mismatch emails: http://paste.ubuntu.com/699066/11:52
seb128hey GunnarHj11:52
pittiGunnarHj: haven't used lxde yet, so I'm not sure; but if it doesn't, it should11:52
seb128GunnarHj, I don't know either11:52
pittimdeslaur: erk, forgot l-b-m; copied now, sorry11:53
mdeslaurpitti: np, thanks11:53
GunnarHjpitti, seb128: Ok, thanks! I'll let you know if there actually is a problem.11:53
pittiGunnarHj: I see no trace of "profile" in lxsession, so I suppose not; but should that actually be in lxsession, not in the display manager?11:55
pittiGunnarHj: gnome-session doesn't touch it either11:55
pittiGunnarHj: lxdm:11:55
pitti./data/Xsession:[ -f /etc/xprofile ] && . /etc/xprofile11:56
pitti./data/Xsession:[ -f ~/.xprofile ] && . ~/.xprofile11:56
pittiGunnarHj: so it seems to miss ~/.profile11:56
seb128isn't lubuntu using lightdm?11:56
pittiPackage: lxdm11:56
pittiTask: lubuntu-desktop11:56
pittilightdm doesn't have a lubuntu task11:57
pittirodrigo_: NB that you didn't bump the libnm-gtk-dev to a strict enough version, so powerpc will most likely fail; we can retry its build tomorrow11:58
rodrigo_pitti, oh, you mean in g-c-c? should I have used == instead of >= ?11:59
pitti-               libnm-gtk-dev11:59
pitti+               libnm-gtk-dev (>= 0.8.992),11:59
pittirodrigo_: added the missing .pc file, so >= that11:59
pittirodrigo_: but no biggie11:59
rodrigo_oh you're right11:59
rodrigo_yes, I'll change it in the VCS so that it gets in the next upload12:00
pittirodrigo_: can you please fix the '\' before Description in debian/patches/53_use_ubuntu_help.patch?12:00
rodrigo_pitti, yes, sure12:00
pittirodrigo_: seems to have smuggled in by accident12:00
rodrigo_pitti, no upload needed for that for now neither, right?12:00
pittirodrigo_: thanks for the update, and for picking out the translations12:00
pittirodrigo_: no, just for later12:00
rodrigo_pitti, ok, both fixed in bzr12:02
pittiit's so nice to see so many fixes in the queue these days!12:03
rodrigo_yeah :)12:05
seb128pitti, do you have any clue until well it will be ok to have fixes uploaded?12:06
pittiseb128: until around october 412:07
seb128pitti, the different between post beta2 and hard freeze is always weird to me12:07
pittibut of course we are still rather liberal with what we accept today12:07
pittifrom tomorrow on we need to be more strict and only accept uploads with targetted bug fixes, less risk, etc.12:07
seb128right, makes sense12:07
seb128it means we still have a few days to squash rc bugs ;-)12:07
pittinominally we are still in feature/ui freeze today12:07
pittiseems some release team folks just preferred reviews of uploads12:08
pittiand indeed we spotted quite a few problems12:08
pitti(although the price for this is quite a lot of review effort)12:08
pittiseb128: but there's no written policy for this, it's pretty much a case-by-case decision plus common sense12:09
pitti(if it was easy, we could script it and wouldn't need a release team, and heck, I could do real work! :-P)12:09
seb128pitti, I'm fine with the process, I just think the "hard freeze" today is a bit confusing ;-) like I would assume that post beta2 uploads should all be important for oneiric changes and that "hard freeze" would be the day we actual stop taking any fix, i.e around the 4 as you said12:10
pittiseb128: I think it's called "final freeze", not "hard"12:10
pittipretty much the same as the alpha-*/beta-* freezes12:10
seb128ups, right12:10
pittijust that this is two weeks instead of one, to get more peer review12:10
pittithat's how I understand and treat it, anyway12:10
seb128right, anyway what I wantged is the "<pitti> seb128: until around october 4"12:11
pittithe main thing I get out of this is peer review and the release team taking responsibility for what goes in12:11
seb128i.e I can still fix a rc tomorrow ;-)12:11
pittiyes, absolutely12:11
pittistraigth RC fixes (crashes and what not), or other things are still fine and welcome12:11
seb128pitti, danke12:11
pittiif they wouldn't be, we could just as well release now12:11
seb128pitti, right, I think quite some people got confused that rc fixes are still fine after "final freeze"12:12
seb128I often get questions about it as well12:12
seb128they expect it to be "we roll isos freeze"12:12
seb128like "no change from then on"12:12
seb128anyway, back to work12:12
seb128thanks ;()12:12
pittithat first smiley's nose must really hurt12:13
pittiok, finally looking into avidemux12:13
pittiwould be a shame to not have it in oneiric12:13
pittibest video editor we have IMHO12:13
pitti(ok, took that FTBFS bug for not entirely unselfish reasons :) )12:14
rodrigo_ok, lunch time, bbl12:20
pittiseb128: you still have "With QA team, arrange a regression test ensuring new items don't appear in Startup Applications by default"12:38
pittiseb128: gnome-session-properties looks pretty good to me, is there still something to be done?12:39
seb128pitti, not really, dunno who added that item I will check pedro_12:40
seb128pedro_, hey ;-)12:40
pedro_seb128, oh i didn't :-P12:40
pedro_and i'm not in the QA team anymore so better check with jibel12:40
pedro_jibel,  ^12:40
pittiso, can we state herewith that gnome-session-properties looks as desired and set this to "done"?12:40
pittiit's not even exposed in the control-center shell12:41
seb128pitti, it's expose in the indicator-session12:41
seb128pitti, but yeah, the changes are done12:42
pittioh, nice12:42
seb128pitti, the item was about having a qa test to make sure that doesn't regress next cycle12:42
pittioh, I see12:42
pittiset back to todo then12:42
mvoseb128: if you are still involved with libcanberra, could you double check my fix for bug #834403?12:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 834403 in software-center "software-center crashed with signal 5 in _XError()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83440312:52
seb128mvo, I never was?12:53
pittiITYM TheMuso ?12:53
mvoseb128: hm, sorry then12:54
mvopitti: thanks, I will ask him (if he is still online)12:54
pittimvo: not at this time, he's in Australia12:54
* mvo nods12:54
pittimvo: this essentially ignores the error; does XGetWindowProperty return false then?12:55
pittii. e. !Success12:55
pittistrange that it both aborts and delivers a non-success return value12:56
pittii. e. is this call ok to fail?12:56
seb128mvo, you should ask to mezcalero on #gnome-hackers, he's upstream for it ;-)12:57
mvopitti: in the small test program I attached it returns 0 (false) for me, I think its ok, but at this point in the release I always want to have a second opinion. its just a test, if the window does not actually exist its not embeded either12:57
pittiah, but if the window doesn't exist, X throws that error12:57
mvoyes, that is the problem afaict12:58
mvothe window does not exist or no longer exit12:58
mvoso the xid is invalid12:58
mvoand the wonders of x error reporting kicks in12:58
mvoand makes the whole application abort12:58
pittimvo: looks fine to me then12:58
mvoseb128: I will try, lets see if they grill me12:58
mvothanks pitti12:59
pittimvo: to be fair, you can discuss patches with Lennart just fine, just don't say any of the words "ubuntu", "bzr", or "upstart" :)13:00
mvopitti: I guess I should not show the link to the debdiff in this case, contains "ubuntu" ;)13:01
jibelseb128, re "With QA team, arrange a regression test ensuring new items don't appear in Startup Applications by default"13:15
seb128hey jibel13:15
jibelseb128, we need to check the content of /usr/share/gnome/autostart/ and that ~/.config/autostart is empty on a fresh install ?13:16
jibelseb128, salut13:16
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
seb128jibel, can you do graphical matching?13:16
seb128jibel, would be easier to test that gnome-session-properties has an empty list13:17
seb128jibel, but yeah otherwise you would need to check that those directory and /etc/xdg/autostart don't have any .desktop which shows in Unity13:18
seb128jibel, so add logic to check the NoDisplay, OnlyShowIn, etc13:18
jibelseb128, I need to think about it but yes we could use matching.13:19
* tedg crawls back in to his hole13:21
tedgThree more months of winter.13:21
seb128jibel, thanks, no hurry we can probably discuss it at UDS13:21
seb128hey kenvandine tedg13:21
kenvandinehey seb12813:22
kenvandinetedg, i was just checking to see if you were here and you showed up!13:22
kenvandinetedg, you know what i want :)13:22
tedgkenvandine, You rub my lamp13:22
seb128tedg, great work on nautilus (or "good" work didrocks had to fix small glitches like calling the old GNOME2 background command)13:23
tedgkenvandine, You want me for my good looks?13:23
kenvandinetedg, of course!13:23
jibelseb128, ok I looked at it quickly, image matching would work. Added to my todo list for next week.13:23
seb128tedg, now you only need to fix appmenu with gtk3 and didrocks and pitti will stop turning in round looking for you ;-)13:23
tedgseb128, Ah, bummer.  Missed that one.13:23
seb128jibel, thanks13:23
pittihey tedg, good morning13:23
tedgThat patch was surprisingly difficult to port.13:23
jibelseb128, what's the url of the blueprint ?13:23
tedgThink that we can convince upstream to switch to a DVCS that does file movement tracking?  ;-)13:24
seb128jibel, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-startup-applications13:24
tedgMorning pitti13:24
seb128tedg, there is a reason why I commented it and didn't port it while we updated to GNOME3 ;-)13:24
kenvandinepitti, i have a revised patch for gtk2 that i'll upload soon, to go along with that qt fix13:25
pittikenvandine: ah, great13:26
kenvandinesorry i didn't upload yesterday, i wasn't comfortable with it... but feel better about today's :)13:27
SweetsharkHi there! Is there any way to ask gnome-session if it is just trying to kill the session?13:27
* kenvandine waits for gtk to build, again....13:28
Sweetsharkdisregard that13:28
tedgseb128, Feeling the love :-P13:28
seb128tedg, ;-)13:29
pittikenvandine: does it take that long for you? with -j4 it's some 5 minutes here13:30
Sweetsharkpitti: libreoffice-3.4.3-3ubuntu1 build locally, so soon uploadable.13:30
dobeypitti: so the thing about this core file is that it's from a binary that's only in the source, but not in a binary package; and i don't necessarily need to file the bug against the package. i'm thinking for upstream projects this would be very useful13:30
pittiSweetshark: ah, bug fix o'mania? :-)13:31
kenvandine20m or so13:31
Sweetsharkpitti: yep13:31
kenvandinei guess i should bump that up13:31
pittidobey: out of interest, why would you need an apport report if you aren't going to file a bug?13:31
seb128tedg, btw the session icon just turned red on session restart needed for the first time today, if that's another of your fixes well done ;-)13:32
pittidobey: anyway, shouldn't be hard to implement; "apport-bug <core file>" should be able to figure out pretty much everything that's needed13:32
pittiseb128: oh, it will do that?13:32
tedgseb128, Yeah, in fact that's the same as the menu hiding one.13:32
* ogra_ hugs tedg 13:33
seb128pitti, it does already ;-)13:33
dobeypitti: i am going to file a bug13:34
dobeypitti: there *are* upstream projects on launchpad ;)13:34
seb128rodrigo_, just for info unity-greeter uses g-s-d with only a few component enabled (basic ones: xsettings, power, etc)13:35
seb128rodrigo_, there was a bug in yesterday's update that the greeter g-s-d wasn't stopped which I reported and robert_ancell fixed it over night13:35
seb128rodrigo_, (just saw your comment on the g-s-d bug from natty)13:35
seb128pedro_, btw that invalid utf8 g-c-c color bug has the details you asked for, I've set back to New13:40
pedro_seb128, ok looking at it , thanks for pinging13:42
seb128pedro_, yw ;-)13:44
seb128pedro_, how are you btw?13:44
seb128pedro_, how is Oneiric looking from your qa eyes?13:44
seb128pedro_, is there any component you are worried about?13:44
pedro_seb128, doing good and yourself?13:44
seb128pedro_, I'm great thanks!13:44
pedro_seb128, seems to be ok in our side, there's still a couple of g-s-d bugs to fix though (hi rodrigo ;-)) and we have the unity factor as well13:45
pedro_seb128, seems most of the users issues are related to unity crashes or window manager annoyances13:46
seb128pedro_, yeah, new unity and compiz today13:46
seb128let's see how it goes after those13:46
* pedro_ crossing fingers13:47
didrockstedg: oh as well on this patch, you hated french users as well because you used an unstranslated string, I fixed it :p13:47
didrocksbut nothing new there ;-)13:48
tedgdidrocks, That one was actually for German users, the French just got caught in the cross-fire ;-)13:48
pedro_salut didrocks :-)13:49
didrockstedg: how come? German users can understand English, French can't :-)13:50
didrockssalut pedro_ ;)13:50
tedgdidrocks, Well, I sold Greece short and if Germany doesn't let them go bankrupt here soon I loose money ;-)13:51
didrockstedg: heh :-)13:51
pittithat's going to be a "fun" decision in the parliament this week13:52
pittidamned if you do, damned if you don't13:52
mvotedg: hey! what is the best way of testing if there is a app-incidactor capable thing is running? just check the "connected" property? and if so, I assume at session startup that may actually be false until the indicator area is loaded, right?13:53
tedgmvo, Are you using libappindicator?13:53
mvotedg: yes13:54
tedgmvo, Yeah, there's connected, and also a connection-changed signal.  If you want to do something based on them I'd recommend overriding the the fallback/unfallback functions.13:54
mvotedg: and the other question is if I can avoid the fallback and/or access the GtkStatusIcon somehow (to use gtk_status_icon_set_tooltip)13:54
tedgmvo, Subclass and override would be the best there.13:55
tedgmvo, BTW, if you do that, make sure to tell me.  I'd like to use it as an example when people ask :-)13:56
tedgmvo, I think the test suite is the only example today.13:56
didrockspitti: yeah… quite tricky…13:56
mvotedg: ok, but I'm not sure you really want this, it will be code written in a rush to meet final-freeze *cough*13:57
* tedg pretends he didn't hear that :-)13:57
tedgmvo, Are you using the GIR version?  (I'm guessing this is in Python)13:58
mvotedg: this is C this time, for the update-notifier13:59
mvokind of funny that the C is faster to write these days then python because there is proper devhelp available for gtk unlike with pygi…13:59
kenvandinemvo, yeah, and the results are more predictable :/14:00
mvo(I would have never dreamed that I would say anything like this)14:00
tedgmvo, Ah, okay.  I was curious if anyone was hitting on those bindings much.14:00
kenvandinemvo, me too!14:01
* tedg writes in his notes: kenvandine and mvo say that C is faster to write than Python14:01
* kenvandine ignores tedg, as usual14:01
kenvandinemvo, i am still hopeful that as pygi matures it will be more predictable14:02
mvokenvandine: yeah, I'm sure it will. I will just take vacation until then14:02
* mvo is off14:02
didrocksmvo: heh, you should use Qt! :-)14:04
* kenvandine hates saying that python is not his first choice for new projects 14:04
kenvandinebut i can't say i would really consider Qt either :)14:04
mvokenvandine: what are you prefering these days?14:06
mgariepychrisccoulson, i am wondering why the defaults/profile directory is not shipped in firefox anymore and if there is another way to populate default profile on firefox first run.14:06
kenvandinevala and C14:06
pittimvo: oh, already upstream? nice!14:06
* mvo nods14:06
chrisccoulsonmgariepy, it's shipped in a jar file14:06
kenvandinevala is still a little unpredictable14:06
kenvandinebut quite nice14:07
kenvandineC just works though :)14:07
mvopitti: yeah, upstream ++14:07
* kenvandine hates C14:07
chrisccoulsoni like C14:07
chrisccoulsoni even like C++14:07
chrisccoulsonmore than vala ;)14:07
kenvandinebut it is very predictable14:07
kenvandinechrisccoulson, i think your nuts... but you have to be to maintain the stuff you do :-D14:07
* kenvandine is thankful for that :-p14:08
chrisccoulsonat least i can write something in C without depending on glib and gobject ;)14:08
chrisccoulson(and C++)14:08
kenvandinei am not sure i could write anything useful without relying on glib14:08
pittieven with glib people make tons of stupid errors which higher level languages just avoid14:09
mgariepychrisccoulson, is there way for me to add configuration and not loose it every time there is an update ?14:09
pitti(stupid because we have computers to keep track of references and memory, that's not what human brains are good at)14:09
kenvandinepitti, indeed14:09
chrisccoulsonthat's why i like C++14:09
chrisccoulsonsmart pointers ;)14:09
pittibut without glib, C++, or qt, plain C is just way below the abstraction level that's necessary for developing robust and large apps14:10
kenvandinepitti, yeah14:10
rodrigo_I like C, but I wouldn't mind having a more modern language to replace it, but so far there is not14:13
rodrigo_maybe go?14:13
rodrigo_I haven't really tried it much, apart from some very simple programs14:13
pittirodrigo_: I think a stable vala plus good documentation would be really nice14:14
rodrigo_pitti, yes, although it's too similar to java for my taste, but yes, it's starting to be used a lot in new stuff, so maybe's the future14:15
kenvandinethe biggest problem with vala is lack of real API docs14:15
rodrigo_yeah, and unstability14:15
kenvandinesome bindings aren't well tested14:15
kenvandinei don't really call it "unstable"14:15
kenvandineit is more that upstreams provide bindings that haven't really been tested14:15
kenvandineso it is a chicken and egg problem14:16
kenvandinepeople need to use the bindings to find the bugs14:16
pittirodrigo_: really? it's got nothing of the annoying verbosity of java, and the builtin async methods etc. are really cool14:16
rodrigo_kenvandine, well, the lang/compiler itself changes a lot, like every folks/gnome-contacts point release needing a new java14:16
kenvandinehehe... you mean vala :)14:17
rodrigo_pitti, well, tbh I haven't done much in it, so I shouldn't criticize it, but use it for testing :)14:17
rodrigo_kenvandine, yeah, sorry :)14:17
AlanBellI had a little play with vala when modifying the apps lens, If I understand it right .vala files get processed into .c files which then get compiled14:19
rodrigo_AlanBell, yes14:19
AlanBellthen the c compiler reports errors in the .c files and you go edit the right line in those and it gets in a confusing mess, until you realise where the .c files came from14:20
rodrigo_yes, that's true also :)14:20
kenvandinethe compiler errors are usually from vala, which references the vala sources14:21
didrockskenvandine: hum, not that much :)14:23
didrockskenvandine: I saw too much unity issues which only revealed when building the C part…14:23
rodrigo_fortunately it doesn't happen much with the last releases, but it used to happen a lot14:25
rodrigo_seb128, hey, richard has moved to not suspend by default in 3.3, so maybe we should do the same in our package?14:25
seb128rodrigo_, he did in 3-2 as well14:25
rodrigo_oh right, didn't see that cmmit14:26
seb128rodrigo_, can you backport those commits when he's done?14:26
kenvandinedidrocks, i did in natty, but hardly at all during the gwibber re-write14:26
rodrigo_well, we just want one, which is the default values in the schemas14:26
seb128mvo, you should ask your question again, maybe ping richard, I think he overlooked it14:26
rodrigo_seb128, the others remove some settings, so I wouldn't get them for our package, just let's get them when we get 3.2.114:27
seb128rodrigo_, we might want http://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-settings-daemon/commit/?id=51ba98ff6346007d252b2450ed4c1a479c41fb19 as well?14:27
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, if you want, I can include it, yes14:28
seb128rodrigo_, what do you think?14:29
rodrigo_let me see the bug it fixes14:29
seb128rodrigo_, I would like to see if mvo got a reply to the question he asked before in #control-center as well14:29
seb128rodrigo_, the dpms one14:30
seb128rodrigo_, I'm not sure the default change fixes our issue btw14:30
seb128rodrigo_, it seems it does suspend on idle on ac for people who have "never" selected in the ui14:30
rodrigo_seb128, isn't that similar to the one bryce reported?14:30
seb128rodrigo_, bryce reported multiscreen issues no?14:31
rodrigo_oh ok14:31
seb128mvo, thanks for re-asking14:31
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, the UI sets the timeout to 0 when 'never' is selected, and g-s-d doesn't do anything if the timeout is 014:31
dobeyrodrigo_: btw, the tomboy sync settings still don't seem to work? [save] button stays greyed out on the web sync prefs pane; and the default url doesn't have the "?description=Tomboy" in the URL as it was supposed to have14:31
rodrigo_seb128, so is this with the latest packages?14:32
seb128rodrigo_, ok, I will see over sport again today14:32
seb128pitti, others: did anybody had today's oneiric suspend on idle on ac over lunch?14:32
pittiseb128: yes, had it today14:32
pittias I reset the dconf keys yesterday14:32
rodrigo_dobey, hmm, yes that was reported, but not sure what's up, I guess something changed in tomboy's new releases14:33
seb128pitti, can you check that if you select "never" in the ui it stop doing it tonight?14:33
rodrigo_pitti, oh, and the timeout is 0 in gsettings?14:33
seb128pitti, I will try as well but I would like to make sure that's solved14:33
pittiseb128: I'm fairly sure it will; it worked the day before yseterday14:33
rodrigo_my laptop doesn't suspend with the last packages14:33
seb128pitti, well, it started applying the suspend on idle with 3.2 tarballs uploaded on monday14:34
seb128ok, so maybe it's fixed14:34
seb128I did set it to never14:34
seb128let's see when I got for an hour sport later ;-)14:34
kenvandinepitti, gtk uploaded14:36
* popey wonders if the network proxy dialog has disappeared intentionally from 11.1014:41
kenvandineit was here a few weeks ago...14:43
rodrigo_popey, not intentionally, it's restored in the last package I uploaded14:43
dobeyrodrigo_: right, the [save] issue has been there for a while i think :(14:43
rodrigo_libnm-gtk-dev was missing the .pc file, so the network panel was not built14:43
rodrigo_dobey, btw, whenever someone tells me about that bug, I try syncing and it doesn't work, so maybe it's a server problem?14:44
rodrigo_dobey, also, about the "?description=Tomboy" thing, Chipaca told me the other day that was a server thing14:44
dobeyrodrigo_: i don't think the server has anything to do with tomboy having broken config14:44
rodrigo_dobey, I mean the uri part14:44
popeyrodrigo_: super, thanks14:45
kenvandinesyncing works for me14:45
dobeyrodrigo_: no, it's so the server will default to "Tomboy" otherwise it is defaulting to "None"14:45
dobeyalso, webkit 1.4.3 is totally insane14:47
dobeypitti, seb128, pedro_: so i have made u1ms not crash on my machine with new webkit; however, scrolling in new webkit is completely screwed up14:50
seb128how so?14:50
seb128it's a stable serie, it's supposed to be stable :-(14:50
dobeyhrmm, well it seems to work right on wiki.ubuntu.com, but breaks on the music store page14:52
seb128dobey, is the natty version working better?14:53
dobeyhrmm, it works better in lp private bugs than i was expecting14:54
dobeyseb128: 1.4.2-0ubuntu1 on oneiric works fine14:54
dobeyit's just 1.4.3 that is broken14:54
dobeyhaven't found another good example of the problem, other than the u1ms store page14:55
dobeyi think it has to do with the watermarking14:55
seb128dobey, how is the diff between those versions? can you try webkit 1.4 trunk if there is any fix there? try pinging the webkit guys maybe about it?14:56
dobeyseb128: jbicha was saying last night that 1.6 is released; but i don't know if it fixes the crash. and i don't know if it's built in a PPA yet14:57
dobeyi can try building trunk and seeing if the testgtk app there is still broken i guess14:58
seb128dobey, right, well we can't update from 1.4 to 1.6 now it's too late in the cycle14:58
dobeythe problem is the new GtkAdjustmentWatcher class in webkit 1.4.314:59
seb128dobey, so we will need to figure a fix for 1.4 or what broke it between 1.4.2 and 1.4.314:59
dobeyi know what broke; just not sure how to fix14:59
seb128dobey, you should check with upstream, they would probably have a better opinion on how to fix that issue on 1.414:59
seb128dobey, did you check that they didn't fix it in their 1.4 serie trunk?15:00
dobeyseb128: i don't know where 1.4 series is exactly; i have a trunk svn checkout, but that's it. and i'm not sure what specific piece of code broke here; for all i know there could be two entirely separate issues, but both in the scrolling. the issue i'm seeing after making the crash go away with a quick hack, could be in the CSS or JS engines, rather than in the scrolling bits in the gtk front end :(15:02
seb128dobey, doesn't hurt to just ask on their irc channel in case I guess ;-)15:03
dobeyyeah; but would be easier if i could find a good example of the issue i'm seeing, that is somewhere other than the u1ms front page :)15:04
ricotzcyphermox, hello :)15:17
cyphermoxricotz: hey15:17
ricotzwhy is libnm-gtk0 depending on network-manager?15:17
ricotzthis way it creates a circular dep15:18
dobeyno it doesn't?15:19
cyphermoxdobey: it is in the list15:19
ricotzi think it shouldnt do that15:19
dobeywhy would the system service depend on gtk+?15:19
cyphermoxricotz: oversight I guess, I set up libnm-gtk0 based on network-manager-gnome15:20
ricotzcyphermox, do you had reason?15:20
cyphermoxis this breaking something?15:20
ricotzprobably best to remove it15:20
ricotzthis way it seems that g-c-c pulls in the whole network-manager stack15:20
cyphermoxwell, libnm-gtk0 without network-manager is useless15:21
ricotzi havent checked it myself, but if you dont want network-manager then it is a problem15:21
ricotzyes, but if shouldnt be forced?15:22
cyphermoxricotz: this way you can drop network-manager-gnome if you want to ship just gnome-shell on a cd.15:23
cyphermoxgnome-shell/g-c-c will just need libnm-gtk0 and network-manager behind it15:23
ricotzgnome-shell uses the gir and libnm-*15:24
ricotzbut what i mean it shouldnt be mandatory as a depend here15:24
ricotzand as you said you might just overseen15:25
ricotz... t15:25
ricotzor at least move it to Recommends?15:26
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: who do I torture for crap like this making dbus use 100% of my CPU: http://paste.ubuntu.com/699164/15:28
* desrt hides15:28
seb128mdeslaur, tedg15:28
seb128mdeslaur, it's bug #77407115:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 774071 in indicator-datetime "Indicator-datetime-service renders 100% CPU usage" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77407115:29
mdeslaurseb128: oh, he's tortured enough as it already is :P15:29
mdeslaurseb128: thanks for the bug15:29
tedgmdeslaur, You need a faster dbus.15:29
seb128mdeslaur, random guess I had about it is that it might happen when the service try to fetch even from password protected calendar while unlocked15:29
mdeslaurtedg: I'll order one right away15:29
seb128mdeslaur, i.e if you didn't open evolution15:29
tedgseb128, It's not that, it's based on auth errors from Google.15:30
seb128tedg, ok, that was a random guess try15:30
* desrt notes that indicators have a fantastic propensity for flooding dbus15:30
tedgseb128, Each time it returns an error we start a slow infinite loop.  You get enough errors, they add up.15:30
seb128tedg, good to see that the issue is understood ;-)15:30
mdeslaurseb128: no, my calendars are all unlocked right now15:31
seb128tedg, is the assignee of that bug right btw? who is antti?15:31
tedgseb128, He is a new DXer15:31
seb128mdeslaur, tedg has an explanation, better than my wrong guess ;-)15:31
seb128tedg, ok, great ;-)15:31
seb128desrt, ^15:32
desrtseb128: i saw that.15:33
desrti cancelled my mbarnes ping :)15:33
seb128desrt, ok ;-)15:33
pittiseb128: i386 retracer crash> can't see an obvious reason, just restarting15:42
seb128pitti, thanks15:42
chrisccoulsonmdeslaur, not my fault ;)15:47
chrisccoulsonit's never my fault15:47
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: sound like something someone guilty would say :)15:48
mdeslaurchrisccoulson: don't worry, I've found the responsible party15:49
chrisccoulsoni knew it was the security teams fault all along! ;)15:49
pittigood night everyone15:52
tkamppeterdidrocks, are bug 861542 and bug 861793 not the same? The latter is "Fix Released" and the former has tons of duplicates.15:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 861542 in compiz "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in PrivateWindow::addWindowStackChanges()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86154215:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 861793 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in PrivateWindow::addWindowStackChanges()" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86179315:52
didrockstkamppeter: they are, the second is fixed now with the latest compiz15:55
didrockstkamppeter: just duped them, thanks!15:56
tkamppeterrodrigo_, tried your "Never" turn off screen. Seems that it is only a new menu entry but not backed by actual code. It folds to the "1 minute" setting. Simply choose "Never" log out log in and you are on "1 minute".15:59
tkamppeterdidrocks, thanks.15:59
rodrigo_tkamppeter, hmm, right16:00
rodrigo_tkamppeter, can you open a bug?16:00
rodrigo_tkamppeter, there is code manages that, but seems it's wrong16:00
tkamppeterrodrigo_, have reopened bug 862154 already.16:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 862154 in gnome-control-center "[UIFe] Add back the "never turn screen off" option" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86215416:01
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|jfood
pfox___howdy.. im using the gnome-shell ppa and oneiric b2.. i installed gnome-shell and, im curious, how to install the rest of the "gnome desktop" ie the evolution/calendar integration with the shell, the contacts app, etc16:29
pfox___is there a blanket package for all of that?16:29
tkamppeterCan someone sponsor the upload for bug 862536 for me? It is a little, near trivial patch which solves an incompatibility between XDVI and Ghostscript 9.04.16:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 862536 in texlive-bin "Zooming pages with EPS figures does not work correctly in XDVI" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86253616:35
tkamppeterpitti ^^16:35
pittiagateau, kenvandine: hm, even with the new gtk patch I still get bug 848808 :(16:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 848808 in overlay-scrollbar "metacity crashed with SIGABRT in __kernel_vsyscall() with overlay-scrollbars" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84880816:37
pittiQWidget::setMinimumSize: (/MainInterface) The largest allowed size is (16777215,16777215)16:37
pittistill there16:37
pittitkamppeter: do you have the sources.changes somewhere? texlive-bin is rather large16:38
kenvandineagateau, ^^16:39
dobeyseb128: btw, my laptop didn't suspend automatically while i was at lunch. i left it plugged in and open to test that16:39
tkamppeterpitti, I can upload them. The debdiff is small and attached to the bug.16:39
tkamppeterpitti, I will send them to you by e-mail, as the Linux Foundation is still down.16:40
pittitkamppeter: great, thanks; .dsc, diff.gz, and sources.changes, please16:40
tkamppeterpitti, mail is on the way.16:45
pittitkamppeter: thanks, uploaded16:52
pittigood night!16:52
tkamppeterpitti, thanks16:55
rodrigo_out for a bit, bbl16:56
tkamppeterpitti, kenvandine, agateau, didrocks, I can also confirm that the overlay scrollbar problem is still not fixed. If I try to open "Settings" in the menu of hp-systray, hp-systray still crashes.16:58
tkamppeterpitti, kenvandine, agateau, didrocks, I have all updates, including gtk+2.0. Only there never appeared a new overlay-scrollbar package under the updates. Is this also needed?16:59
kenvandinetkamppeter, afaik, there didn't need to be a change to that16:59
tkamppeterpitti, kenvandine, agateau, didrocks, as before "LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 hp-systray" makes it working.17:01
kenvandineagateau, any chance the cause of the hp-systray crash is different?17:03
tkamppeterkenvandine, for what is then the overlay-scrollbar task?17:04
kenvandinetkamppeter, not sure17:04
Sweetsharkhttp://asimplediscipleslife.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-not-ask-for-help-in-open-source.html <- best troll ever.17:09
dobeySweetshark: i disagree17:11
dobey<- best troll ever17:11
kenvandinedobey, you are a damn good troll17:12
Sweetsharkdobey: If I disagree, I instantly lose, right?17:13
dobeySweetshark: you lose either way :)17:17
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=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
dobeyseb128_: webkit-1.4 tip doesn't fix either the crash or the weird scrolling, sadly :(17:42
seb128dobey, can we roll back the change that introduced the bug or is something else relying on those?17:43
seb128dobey, did you ask upstream about the issue?17:43
dobeyseb128: i haven't asked yet; i *just* finished building webkit-1.4 and testing it. i'll poke now though17:43
dobeyseb128: and the change is pretty big i think; not sure how easy it is to roll it back17:44
seb128rodrigo_, still there?17:48
seb128rodrigo_, the feedback on the "never turn off the screen" bug is not good17:49
DBOseb128, who is the current sound guru?17:53
seb128DBO: diwic or TheMuso17:53
DBOTheMuso, can you help me with a sound issue?17:54
seb128DBO: diwic is not on this channel but he is on #ubuntu-devel17:54
seb128DBO: he's .au so probably sleeping17:54
DBOdamned australians17:54
didrocksback, just + 5 min from the autohibernate :)17:58
tkamppeterdidrocks, rodrigo_ seb128, I have two Oneiric boxes which were idle for some time, both set to never auto-suspend, both on AC, one of them always auto-suspends.18:20
didrockstkamppeter: known issue18:20
* didrocks waves good evening18:28
ogra_seb128, you still around ? whats the equivalent of gnome-open in the new world order ? i just noticed that our .desktop fiel to add the TI PPA uses that18:58
seb128ogra_, use xdg-open18:58
seb128it's cross desktop, otherwise gvfs-open18:59
* ogra_ tries and prays it understands apt: urls18:59
* ogra_ hugs seb128 ... seems to fire up sw-center 19:00
seb128uw ;-)19:00
ogra_now i wish my gsettings override would work too19:01
seb128ogra_, how did you do it?19:04
jbichaseb128: could you sync devhelp 3.2 from sid? it looks like bugfixes to me19:05
ogra_i followed http://www.burtonini.com/blog/computers/gsettings-override-2011-07-04-15-45 and set the whole value for favorites as described there in an override file19:05
ogra_but the favorites dont change19:05
seb128jbicha, not sure, I don't know if a sync will bypass the review queue or not, I need to check with pitti19:06
seb128ogra_, did you try a guest session?19:07
jbichaseb128: it still goes into the review queue but feel free to ask19:07
ogra_hmm, no, good idea19:07
seb128jbicha, are those syncs done using the launchpad api and the new script or archive admin syncs?19:07
seb128ogra_, it's not likely to work on an user session since the config is writen in your user config on first run19:07
seb128ogra_, i.e if you want to test the system default you need to unset the user key19:08
ogra_where is the user key ?19:08
ogra_i find no indication in .config or .local19:08
ogra_is that in the dconf dir ?19:08
jbichaseb128: I don't know how he does it, but I've initiated syncs with the new LP web interface & with syncpackage & both hit the unapproved queue19:09
seb128jbicha, ok, will check19:09
seb128ogra_, gsettings reset com.canonical.Unity.Launcher favorites19:10
ogra_seb128, well, it works in the guest sessions19:10
ogra_thansk so much, though how is that handled with package upgardes that change system defaults ?19:11
ogra_(just out of curiosity i dont want to do that)19:11
ogra_do you reset the user db ?19:11
seb128ogra_, we don't19:11
seb128it's not new19:11
seb128like we never resetted the gnome-panel layout on upgrade neither19:12
seb128we had hacks with autostart in the session to add indicator-applet when really needed19:12
ogra_but dconf carries app defaults too19:12
seb128but we never reset configs19:12
seb128ogra_, you mean?19:12
ogra_but we used to update system defaults19:12
seb128ogra_, right, new default apply to new users19:12
ogra_and in gconf if the user had never changed a key he just got the new defaults19:13
seb128ogra_, like you wouldn't want to see all your custom launchers dropped on upgrade19:13
ogra_no, indeed19:13
seb128ogra_, right, same in gsettings19:13
seb128ogra_, out of the fact that unity write the config in your user config19:13
ogra_but different for favorites ?19:13
ogra_so its not a dconf shortcoming19:13
ogra_but unity ... k19:13
seb128ogra_, it's like gnome-panel which was,is writing the panel layout on first start19:14
ogra_yep, understood now19:14
seb128unity "bug" or limitation19:14
ogra_thanks once more :)19:14
seb128it might be due to the fact that they migrate the config from gconf to gsettings19:14
seb128so they read from gconf and write in gsettings19:14
seb128they might not check if there config is modified while doing that19:15
ogra_does glib-compile-schemas require dbus and the like ?19:15
ogra_when i run it i'm chrooted19:15
ogra_s/i'm/i will be/19:15
seb128I don't think it does19:15
seb128desrt, ^19:15
dobeyseb128: good news; crasher apparently fixed in 1.6, and i cherrypicked the fix, and proposed a branch for oneiric with the fix.19:16
seb128dobey, great19:16
seb128dobey, do you need sponsoring?19:16
dobeyseb128: infinity said he would sponsor it in a bit19:17
seb128ok, great ;-)19:17
seb128dobey, thanks a lot for working on it!19:17
dobeyseb128: sure; would be bad to have crashy music store and IM client in fresh oneiric install :)19:18
broderdoes oneiric's unity not have a reboot required indication anymore?19:21
jbichabroder: my sytem menu power cog thing turns red when I have updates that want a reboot19:27
broderhmm..mine doesn't seem to do that with oneiric (it did on natty)19:27
broderbut i haven't taken updates in a few days19:27
jbichayeah it was just fixed this week19:27
broderah, ok. cool19:28
desrtogra_: no.  glib-compile-schemas doesn't use dbus at all19:38
ogra_desrt, so i can just run it chrooted without any extra preparation ?19:38
desrtyes.  that should be completely fine.19:39
ogra_awesome !19:39
stgraberogra_: I do it from casper in Edubuntu, works fine (altering the list of unity launchers for the live session)19:48
ogra_stgraber, oh, awesome, code i can steal !!19:48
stgraberogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/699291/19:49
* ogra_ hugs stgraber 19:51
ogra_awesome !19:51
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
akgranerHi all is there an  official announcements for ubuntu font monospace anywhere?22:32
akgranerand if so can you point me to it - so we can add it to UWN and the Fridge22:33
jbichaakgraner: it's not been officially released, has it?22:34
akgranerjbicha, that's what I am trying to find out22:34
charlie-tcaBest I have seen is the announcement for the beta22:34
akgranersince people are talking about it today22:34
jbichait was still in beta last I heard, it's not in Ubuntu yet either22:34
akgranerthank you - then I'm holding off on inclusion  - thank you! :-)22:35
jbichahmm, omgubuntu made an announcement but it looks premature22:36
akgranersorta what I thought since I couldn't find anything office :-/22:39
jbichaoh, it's definitely in the fonts.ubuntu.com 0.80 download, they just didn't update their site22:40
jbichabug 821876 for inclusion in Oneiric, not approved yet22:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 821876 in ubuntu-font-family-sources "FFe: New upstream version Ubuntu Font Family 0.72 (Ubuntu Mono hinted and Ubuntu Condensed hinted)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82187622:45
akgranerjbicha, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/font/2011-September/000001.html22:47
akgranerI didn't even know there was a font mailing list...*sigh*22:48
jbichaakgraner: yeah the announcement wasn't very prominent, maybe it will get a writeup on design.canonical.com22:49
akgranerone would think...hope...wish... but I digress...:-)22:50
akgraneryou'd think someone would have sent it to the news team....again *sigh*  me goes to send a very *polite* email :-)22:52
jbichaakgraner: you can ping sladen about it, he's online now22:52
akgranerI will :-)  thanks22:52
akgranerdang it he's even in the news team channel - triple *sigh* - a "Bless your heart"  is about to be uttered in my house ;-)22:54
jbichaakgraner: master bug looks like bug 85426422:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 854264 in ubuntu-font-family-sources "UVFe & FFe: New upstream version of Ubuntu Font Family 0.80" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85426422:56
jbichaakgraner: looks like it was just uploaded to Oneiric but at the moment it's not enabled as default mono font23:00
akgranerjust trying to make sure we keep the fridge updated and include all this goodness in UWN this weekend23:01
jbichaenabling it by default is a bit riskier23:01
RAOFI'm lead to believe that some people have been reporting Unity problems after my gnome-desktop upload, but I've not got backscroll for that.  Are there bugs reported?23:38
jbichaRAOF: Unity's broken on my CR-48 that might be related, give me a bit to reboot it23:49
RAOFjbicha: Ta.23:49
jbichaRAOF: yesterday I posted this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/698727/23:53
jbichathe CR-48 is a small Chromebook, it's not been hooked up to a monitor & it used to work fine23:53
RAOFAnd once you're in the session GL works fine?23:54
jbichano, compiz won't run23:54
RAOFCan you pastebin the output of ?LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo??23:55
jbichaGNOME Shell runs, so it's not a normal error23:55
jbichaUnity is running now, not sure what changed23:58

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