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seifany1 here interested in some vala or python or js hacking07:21
thelinuxerhi seif, better ask this on the mailing list or the facebook group07:21
seifthis is a quick thing07:23
seifas in i need them to help me out today07:23
seifbut its ok07:23
seifdealing with the gnome stack07:23
thelinuxerit's not likely that someone will reply here07:23
thelinuxerthat's y i said the mailing list07:24
thelinuxergood luck with the hack :)07:24
seifits fucking killing me07:24
seifhacking in 3 languages to get this running07:24
seifi hate hate hate js07:24
thelinuxerseif: lool07:27
thelinuxeri still remember07:27
thelinuxeri was doing something with youtube player + js07:27
thelinuxerand we had some shortcuts to fast forward , rewind ... etc07:27
thelinuxerand we found out that the rewind wasn't working07:28
thelinuxerafter debugging we found out that js subtraction wasn't working!07:28

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