CheeseheadNRWlion asked a great question. I prefer to leave the theoretical background to the trainers. Feedback will tell us what's effective.00:47
CheeseheadFor example, I signed up to facilitate 'better mentoring.' I plan to make it a workshop - bring stories and questions to the table. Much of the theoretcial background is adapted from mentoring.org; adapted because the theory is sound (used it) but the situations are dissimilar.00:54
YoBoYhello leaders05:29
NRWlionhi there06:28
YoBoY73 emails sent this morning in 30 minutes :D06:32
YoBoYforget, it's just I'm proud of that ^^"06:34
knomei wouldn't be proud of being a spammer06:34
* knome hides06:34
YoBoYYou should organise events, it's a necessity to become a spammer for that06:35
YoBoYthere is a place with a list of usefull tools for leaders ? for example I use thunderbird+mail merge to spam people with personalised mails. And what the other leaders use to keep contact informations, goodies stock and position, accounting, ...06:54
valorieI just started using Tbird, and so far, am still missing gmail on the web07:00
valorieso you should blog about power using it -- in english07:00
YoBoYit's not the same for sure, and the conversation view in gmail is powerfull07:01
valorieI miss the search07:01
valoriemaybe it just takes time to get used to07:02
valoriealso, it seems to copy mail to folders rather than move to them07:02
valorieso inbox has everything!07:02
YoBoYI use both, TB for every mail I write because it respect the standards and gmail to filter/tag/search and sometimes read07:02
valorieand when I delete it there, it's still in the folder07:02
valorieI need the pgp capability for the CWG I do for KDE07:03
valoriefirepgp plugin died for gmail07:03
valorieon the upside, dimap works well07:04
DarkwingDuckI'll take KMail over TBird07:07
valorieso would I if I could get it to work07:08
DarkwingDuckWhat's not working on it?07:09
valoriebrand new install on my netbook on 11.10 -- won't even start07:09
valoriemaybe it will be better in the actual release07:09
DarkwingDuck:( Works just fine on my lappy07:09
valorieI ran the wizard which crashed07:09
valorieand then it wouldn't start up again07:09
valoriewon't even start anymore07:09
DarkwingDuckyou tag it for reinstall?07:10
valorieI purged and reinstalled, yes07:10
valorieI'll try again next week07:10
valoriebelieve me, i loved kmail better than anything for so many years07:10
DarkwingDuckYou're not going to make it to UDS are you?07:11
valoriethen it refused to send mail anymore07:11
* valorie isn't going to UDS07:11
DarkwingDuckI need to find out who from this group is going.07:11
YoBoYI don't know yet, but my passport will be ready next week ^^"07:11
valorieit's just so close to the end of the Doc Camp and Mentor Summit07:12
valorieI would only have 4 days at home to recover07:12
DarkwingDuckI'm really excited about going again.07:12
valorieI know that ain't gonna be enough07:12
DarkwingDuckYoBoY: ++07:12
valorieI wish it was one week later -- I soooooo regret missing it07:12
DarkwingDuckJust checking emails before bed. My Aunt and Cousin are landing in 8 hours.07:12
valorieI didn't get sponsored, but i would pay my own way07:13
valorieif it was just one more week later07:13
DarkwingDuckI can't afford to do that...07:13
* DarkwingDuck is *still* unemployed07:13
valorie{{{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} to DarkwingDuck07:14
DarkwingDuck:D TY07:14
valoriethat sucks07:14
DarkwingDuckthankfully california unemployment and my mother is helping.07:14
DarkwingDuckAnyway, sleep time and if anyone has any leads on people hiring... my resumes are listed at www.wonderly.com </shameless_plug>07:18
valoriesweet dreams, DarkwingDuck07:18
akgraner*yawn* Good Morning....08:18
akgraneradding jono's videos to the blog links...he's going to be video blogging more on leadership topics and such - Video On Dealing With Burnout - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/28/video-on-dealing-with-burnout/08:41

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