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dholbachgood morning07:12
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nigelbohai Laney :)09:32
nigelbYep, you?09:33
Laneywe're in the middle of a mini heatwave09:36
Laneywhich is always nice09:36
nigelbOh, heat wave here as well, but I won't call that nice ;)09:37
Laneyapparently we're in for a very cold autumn/winter, so I'll take it while it lasts...10:18
iulianLaney: Exactly what I was about to say.10:26
* Laney knits iulian a jumper10:26
iulianOh, thanks. :)10:27
tumbleweedand we've just had a couple of cold nights. Can't wait for summer (even though I know I'll be cursing the heat)10:27
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jariqi've accidentally deleted urls in my apt.conf could someone please provide me one?15:46
jariqdefault one would be great15:46
jariqjust found http://en.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ thx for support :)15:48
lfaraonepersia: ping16:28
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