akgranerpleia2, happy birthday!09:33
* nlsthzn didn't know it was your special day but happy b-day pleia2, hope it is a great day and an awesome year :)09:47
nlsthzn... but I guess I might be able to remember it next year seeing as my wife also celebrates her birth on this day :p10:44
akgranerwendar, hey!12:31
akgranergood to see you in the channel :-)12:32
akgranerGoing to add links to the other supported derivate distros and those those new portals jono's team has up and running now12:33
akgranerThe Fridge needs some updates in a few places - we've also had the request to add a release calendar to the Fridge as well...12:34
akgranerI'll email the LoCo Council and LoCo contacts about the LoCo Calendar  - I am not seeing much use for it as we have the loco directory - so unless we  can import loco events from the LD then I think a link to the events section of the LD would be better suited for the fridge12:35
akgraneradded the new portals to the site13:59
akgranerneed to clean up the development team list and then add the new supported derivates14:00
akgranerwe have link 12 now or something14:00
akgranerI'm pulling down the links to the development teams for now  - all the wikis are horribly out of date14:29
akgranerI'll see if I can't get some better links from the team Managers...14:30
=== Joeb454 is now known as Shrubby
akgranerok pulled the development teams down for now - and I'll create the release calender though pleia2 or nhandler may have to remind me how to add it ;-)14:43
=== Shrubby is now known as Joeb454
pleia2can someone find the official announcements for ubuntu font monospace and ubuntu one windows clients, if they exist?22:26
akgranerI'll search22:26
akgranerI didn't see an official announcement yet22:27
akgranerUbuntu One is on the Ubuntu One Blog22:27
pleia2plenty of news sites have picked up the news, but I don't know how they knew :)22:27
akgranerwant me to grab it22:27
akgranerI menat the font announcement22:27
pleia2http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=1241 aha!22:27
akgranerthe Ubuntu One post was on their bloh22:28
pleia2is this UWN-worthy?22:28
akgranerand I was alerted through other news sources but haven't posted it yet22:28
pleia2the ubuntu one situation is confusing, ubuntu name but canonical paid service :(22:28
akgranertotally - just hadn't got around to it yet :-)22:28
pleia2tossing it in In Other News22:29
akgranerwant me to post it...it's big news to users who are cross-platform22:29
pleia2to fridge?22:29
pleia2I put it in the UWN doc22:29
akgraneryeah - since it is sorta huge news22:29
pleia2ok yeah, go for it22:29
akgranerbut I can't find the font announcement22:30
akgranerit's in beta still22:30
pleia2maybe it's not news yet :)22:30
akgranerwell maybe not22:31
akgranerone sec let me ping a design person22:31
akgranerpleia2, just ask about the font announcement in -desktop22:33
akgranerthey should know22:34
akgranerpleia2,  fyi22:35
akgraner<akgraner> Hi all is there an  official announcements for ubuntu font monospace anywhere?22:35
akgraner<akgraner> s/announcements/announcement22:35
akgraner<akgraner> and if so can you point me to it - so we can add it to UWN and the Fridge22:35
akgraner<jbicha> akgraner: it's not been officially released, has it?22:35
akgraner<akgraner> jbicha, that's what I am trying to find out22:35
akgraner<charlie-tca> Best I have seen is the announcement for the beta22:35
akgraner<akgraner> since people are talking about it today22:35
akgraner<jbicha> it was still in beta last I heard, it's not in Ubuntu yet either22:35
akgraner<akgraner> thank you - then I'm holding off on inclusion  - thank you! :-)22:35
akgranerpleia2, I'm finishing up the -P release calendar22:36
pleia2ah, the announcement for the beta is probably what I'm looking for22:36
akgranerI thought that was a while back?22:36
akgranerI talked to skaet so she and someone on the release team will have access to the calendar so we have an official public release development Calendar22:38
akgranernot just a wiki page to point people too22:38
akgranerpleia2, <jbicha> hmm, omgubuntu made an announcement but it looks premature22:39
akgranerso without an official announcement I don't thing we should include it22:40
pleia2nhaines mentioned it in -us-ca this morning before the omgubuntu post too, but he's being unhelpful about source22:40
pleia2yeah, I agree22:40
pleia2no big deal, I was mostly making sure I wasn't missing some big news or something :)22:40
pleia2good to know I'm not *that* out of touch22:41
akgranerI didn't see it on any of the devel lists22:41
akgraner<jbicha> oh, it's definitely in the fonts.ubuntu.com 0.80 download, they just didn't update their site22:41
pleia2yeah, I saw the site isn't updated to link to monospace22:43
akgranerbut I am still not seeing an "official" announcement22:45
akgranerwendar, can you look into this one?22:45
akgraner<jbicha> bug 821876 for inclusion in Oneiric, not approved yet22:46
akgraner<ubot2> Launchpad bug 821876 in ubuntu-font-family-sources "FFe: New upstream version Ubuntu Font Family 0.72 (Ubuntu Mono hinted and Ubuntu Condensed hinted)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82187622:46
pleia2^^ that's the post nhaines saw and mentioned it22:46
pleia2we have a font mailing list, who knew? :)22:47
akgranerI didn't22:48
akgranerI think a session at UDS needs to be updating mailing list pages and IRC channel pages22:48
pleia2at the very least brought up in community roundtable22:48
akgranerhow the heck can we find stuff if we don't know things even exist22:48
pleia2according to the archives this is the first post ever22:49
pleia2so maybe the design team will do some blog post soon and mention it22:49
akgranersladen, ping22:52
akgranerwere you going to let us know about the font announcement?22:53
sladenakgraner: yeah, yeah.22:53
sladenakgraner: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/font/2011-September/000001.html22:53
sladenthat do?22:53
sladenakgraner: who didn't update their site?22:54
akgranerwell we had to track it down :-)  I thought you would have given us a heads up :-)22:54
akgranerwe didn't even know about the font mailing list22:55
akgranerwe want to stay on top of the news and make sure we include it but we can't watch lists we aren't aware off :-) that's all...22:55
akgranersladen, will that be the only announcement?22:57
akgranerhttp://font.ubuntu.com/ isn't updated yet22:58
sladenakgraner: updated ... hours ago22:59
sladenakgraner: try the refresh key.  14:00 precisely IIRC22:59
akgranersladen, hmmm still said TBA when I looked22:59
sladenakgraner: where?22:59
pleia2the download link is updated, still lists: Monospaced (TBA)22:59
pleia2on the right under "Weights and languages"22:59
sladenoh.  there.  I'm an idiot23:00
pleia2<3 sladen23:00
akgraner:-) hugs23:00
akgranerpleia2, if that's the first announcement and we just confirmed it as correct let's us that one23:00
akgranerwant me to add it to the Fridge while I'm post about Ubuntu One23:01
pleia2akgraner: great, thanks!23:01
* pleia2 back to work23:01
akgranersladen, thanks!23:02
sladenakgraner: ah.  The new version won't hit Google Webfonts until Wednesday, and the font.ubuntu.com site uses the GWF-served versions for the previews23:04
akgranersladen, gotcha - but it's safe for us to use your email to the list as the "official announcement" though right?23:05
akgranerpleia2, heading out to pick up kiddos from band practice will add this when I return :-)23:06
pleia2akgraner: ok, enjoy! I'll be gone the rest of the evening with birthdaystuffs anyway, thanks for handling this23:07
sladenakgraner: yes, the  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/font/2011-September/000001.html  mail basically is the official announcement23:09
sladenakgraner: I've done a slight update to the font page23:10
sladenfront page23:10
sladenakgraner: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~uffw-contributors/ubuntu-font-family-website/deployed/revision/5623:10
akgranersladen, enjoy b-days stuffs :-) thank you so much!23:10
pleia2NEW :) thanks sladen23:11
sladenooh, somebody just accepted my wallpaper upload23:16
sladenthere's more to write about23:16
sladenpleia2: I think I just got your birthday stuff from akgraner, perhaps I can pass it along for when you get back23:26
pleia2hah, yeah :)23:31

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