IdleOnePerfM: What's up?03:45
PerfMIdleOne, I'm here for a second chance03:46
IdleOneyou did done used up your chances03:46
IdleOneHave a good night.03:46
PerfMAll 100?03:46
IdleOnePerfM: Please don't idle in here.03:47
PerfMI'm thinking03:47
IdleOnethink while you /part03:47
PerfMfien, jerk03:47
IdleOnelater gator03:47
ubottuActionParsnip1 called the ops in #ubuntu (vista_killer refusing to obey Oneiric policy)10:38
ikoniahe's a 5 year user !10:40
Myrttibig deal, so am I10:40
Tm_Tonly 5?10:41
ikoniaMyrtti: then you too can do what you wish without consiquence10:42
Myrttigreat, I'll go throw rocks under neighbours lawnmower10:43
ikoniaMyrtti: sorry, only within the ubuntu community10:46
Myrttitoo late11:07
h00k!away > iqpi|movie14:57
rww16:14 < jugnu> ANy astrologer here16:14
rwwnew low right there16:14
ikoniaha ha16:14
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ikoniaalabd: I hope you are not going to start the conversation you just started with me in private message again in here16:57
alabdGood day all , Would someone tell me what should humble do when an op banned be for months in #ubuntu and seems don;t want remove it ? and he/she has problem ?16:58
alabdikonia: no it's not related to you , thanks16:58
ikoniaalabd: as I explained to you in pm - your ban will be lifted once we have confidence you can behave within a channels rules16:58
ikoniaalabd: I explained that based on how you've continued to behave in other channels, I don't believe you will be able to keep within the ubuntu rules at this time16:58
ikoniawe've tried this before you and end up getting banned again16:58
alabdikonia: am not talking with you16:59
ikoniaI've just watched you cause a problem in another channel by not listening16:59
alabdgive uo thanks16:59
ikoniaalabd: well, thats fine, I'm stating the facts for you again as you don't seem to accept them16:59
ikoniaalabd: when you can behave in line with channels rules/guidelines in general we can look at letting you back into #ubuntu16:59
alabdthank you , refer talk  to another op16:59
ikoniaalabd: no problem.17:00
alabdbazhang: do you have time?17:02
=== Guest91840 is now known as maco
ikoniaalabd: it doesn't look like anyones free at the moment. Would you mind leaving and trying later17:10
alabdno will wait17:11
ikoniaalabd: we have a no idle policy here17:12
ikoniaI've explained the situation, you want to hear it from someone else, no-one else is free at this moment. Would you please come back later17:12
ikoniaalabd: could you please respond. Could you please come back later as no-one is free at this time17:15
alabd58 people are here , are they all busy ?17:15
ikoniaalabd: it would appear so, or they would be responding17:16
alabdif you let hope they will17:16
ikoniaalabd: if you try back later you may have more luck17:16
ikoniaalabd: you've been here for 16 minutes, no-one has responded, we have a no idle policy, please try later.17:16
ikoniathank you17:17
h00kbanned_: can we help you?17:24
ikoniahello again alabd17:25
ikoniabanned_: remember the bit I explained to you about being able to communicate with people, changing your nickname and using webchat 6 minutes after I told you to try later, isn't really a way forward17:27
ikoniabanned_:I also explained the no idle rule, so if you want to remain in this channel to discuss your ban, you need to actually talk17:27
ikoniabanned_: do you understand ?17:27
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=== fu is now known as jtrucks
elkygrrr, why do i be getting kicked all like this?20:25
h00kStop flooding!20:25
h00k15:19 ::: signoff/#ubuntu-ops elky (Excess Flood)20:25
elkyi don't know what's up20:28
elkymy client manages to connect and clear out the queue, then it just disconnects me again20:28
PerfMAm I banned from #club-ubuntu?21:46
macohow would we know? that's not one of our channels21:46
macoand it has two #'s21:46
h00kPerfM: You'll have to check with the ops of ##club-ubuntu21:46
PerfMlol oooo, gotcha21:47
PerfMthanks h00k21:47
macointeresting mask21:47
tonyyarussopleia2: Happy birthday!21:54
pleia2tonyyarusso: thank you :)22:01
LjL@mark #ubuntu-offtopic Dual_Detroit_ Bad troll22:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:38
topylii'm going to bed soon. if someone has the patience to babysit dual_detroit in -ot, feel free. otherwise just ban him22:50
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from BacKtraK)22:54

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