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calebHI want!  http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.2/05:45
calebHanybody find/try any good gnome 3.2 repository for 11.10?05:46
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artzram i connect realy ?08:44
artzraso hello every body !!08:44
artzrai have unbuntu 11.10 install, all break at start, but its better now, just a skype video problem !08:45
artzrais there anybody here, to confirm that i can be reading to the other ?08:47
valorieI see you, artzra08:47
artzravalorie !08:47
artzrai m enjoy of the new oneiric,08:49
artzrai can realy change the bug step /step ,08:49
artzrastep 1 install down"error messages" , step 2 rebooting and its done ;) ??, step 3 update 530 packets, step 4 mnt/share/ , and yet its cool08:51
artzraexcept skype video !08:51
valorieskype isn't part of the distro09:07
vista_killeri have a problem with update before 2 days09:46
vista_killerlibc6 and libc6:i386 are both install and both is broken09:47
vista_killeri cant fix it with -f install09:47
vista_killerthe question is wich of them i have to keep it and how can unistall one of them without to unistall the half of the distro package09:47
artzraartzra +i10:31
artzra#ubuntu-testing -help10:35
artzraevery body11:00
artzraNickServ artzra Bogady197511:06
artzraNickserv  'help'11:06
artzra  11:06
artzra 11:06
artzra 11:06
artzra #ubuntu11:08
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mvojibel: I saw a disturbing segfault in natty->oneiric with cdrom upgrade on amd64 today (ubuntu desktop). did you see anything like this recently?13:42
jibelmvo, what did segfault ? in recent reports I saw python2.7 but only once and screen segfaulting during a server upgrade with do-release-upgrade.13:46
mvojibel: the segfault was reported is in libc, but no apport trace, no nothing, so I wonder if its some corruption in the VM maybe13:48
jibelmvo, hm, let me check today's reports, I saw someone complaining about libc upgrade but that was a multiarch thing IIRC.13:50
mvojibel: ok, I think i will repeat it on real HW later or in a fresh vm13:51
jibelmvo, no segfault, that was a dependency issue.13:54
jibelmvo, I ran a cdrom upgrade of a natty amd64 box and experienced no crash or segfault.16:20
mvojibel: *puh*, thanks :)16:27
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darkphaderack! last round of updates screwed my desktop21:55

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