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shaunoman, lots of love for popey on the -users ML06:28
popeygreat isnt it?06:37
shaunomy solution is just to hold the d key in mutt until the whole folder is red.  wonder if it'd work as well for you :)06:40
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders how much of the new niceness in Gnome3.2 has made it into 11.10 http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/3.2/06:44
TheOpenSourcererSome neat features in there.06:45
diploMorning all07:08
ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] didrocks Is a Legend - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/09/29/didrocks-is-a-legend/07:15
AlanBellmorning all07:21
AlanBellhens shouldn't say cockadoodledoo07:22
TheOpenSourcererAh. Chicken Curry tonight then ;-)07:22
AlanBellspecky rogan josh07:23
bigcalmMorning peeps :)08:05
bigcalmAlanBell: ta08:05
czajkowskiMORNING lovely peeps08:11
czajkowskifor the record ms office is a royal pain in the you know whatits08:12
MooDoouser error ;)08:13
j0nrAny Gallery3 users?08:13
daubersAnyone want to write my software docs for me08:39
shaunoI'll trade you?  process documenation for customer site visits sub-sahara ..08:40
dauberspopey: The show notes don't mention the backup conversation?08:41
daubersshauno: Having dealt with people in dubai yesterday...... I think I'm ok08:41
shauno:(  luckily I have a plan B.  involving pencils, nostrils, and y-fronts ..08:41
shaunothe backup convo was interesting.  apparently someone completely forgot that their dropbox was versioned, and could be restored from previous on the website ;)08:42
bigcalmThat would be popey ;)08:43
* popey edits08:47
JamesTaitMorning all!08:49
Hippychickgood morning08:50
selinuxiumMorning all o/08:56
* daubers gives popey a silver star08:57
daubersIt would be gold, but you've over indented the bullet point :)08:57
AlanBellhttp://lwn.net/Articles/460796/ czajkowski with a cattle prod /o\08:58
bigcalmRun on sentences make my head hurt09:01
danfisha lot of communitising going on in that quote09:01
AlanBellpossibly not czajkowski at her most shakesperian09:02
bigcalmSOEing to the max!09:03
gorddon't taze me bro?09:05
czajkowskihow about I cattle prod ye then eh09:09
dauberssounds kinky09:12
* czajkowski peers at daubers no cake for you then 09:13
daubers\o/ I have home made shortbread09:13
daubersNot really allowed cake at the moment :(09:13
gordi am very much allowed cake. please direct all potential daubers cake to me09:14
bigcalmMmmm, death09:18
bigcalmI mean cake09:18
popey\o/ we have cake09:18
popeyi just bought 10 cakes for the team09:19
czajkowskiI have mini jaffa cakes09:19
czajkowskiI want o be on popey team09:19
czajkowskiteam popey09:19
Dave2I don't have cake :(09:19
popeyits a charity cake sale here at work09:19
popeythere's hundreds of them09:19
Dave2Now I want cake.09:19
czajkowskiaww nice of you09:19
* bigcalm ponders a trip to the bakery09:19
gordgreat, now i have to watch cake or death on youtube again09:20
popeyfixed again daubers09:22
* daubers gives popey a gold star09:22
Dave2I should never have switched to this window, now I have a strong desire for cake.09:22
Dave2With no options for cake in the area.09:22
czajkowskithere is no shop?09:23
daubersDave2: The reason i'm not allowed cake is because new trousers are expensive :( Stupid fatty cake09:23
Dave2I work in a business park, no shops around.09:23
Dave2I guess Microsoft or Oracle probably have something in one of their buildings, but I doubt I could get that far.09:23
bigcalmYou give me an image of men in suites pushing each other on swings09:24
diploDave2, MS and Oraclie have _awsome_ canteens!09:25
diploAnd cisco09:25
diploGuess you are in reading business park area then09:25
bigcalmI wonder if Hippychick is still on that same train09:25
shaunofb have free redbull.  we have a broken kettle. it's not quite the same :/09:26
Dave2diplo: yup09:26
Dave2Cisco aren't here though IIRC09:26
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:27
diploNah, different park09:27
daubersWe have tesco down the road09:27
daubersDave2: You up on TV park?09:27
diploThey have 3 restaurants in one from memory, serving different countries dishes09:27
diploBootiful food09:27
* daubers lives the other side of Reading from there09:28
Dave2I guess we do have Tesco just down the road.09:28
Dave2daubers: as do I09:28
* brobostigon spots pulseaudio 1.0, and wonders.09:28
daubersDave2: \o/ small world :)09:28
Dave2(~3 miles from TVP, other side of Reading.)09:29
daubersGoogle reckons I'm 6 miles away09:29
Dave2Well, this is as per my bike computer.09:31
daubersHeh :) Ocasionally I'm down that way for work in the next business park along09:31
Dave2The one beginning with S?09:34
Dave2(With the name I can't remember.)09:34
daubersDave2: yeah, suttons park. There's a DC down there I have some servers in09:35
Dave2ah, that's the one09:43
brobostigon1info zenity09:50
brobostigon!info zenity09:50
lubotu3zenity (source: zenity): Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.1-0ubuntu1 (natty), package size 226 kB, installed size 1180 kB09:50
davmor2Morning all10:14
* czajkowski hugs davmor2 10:19
davmor2czajkowski: hello sweetie10:19
czajkowskihello darling10:20
oimonany news on when linux.com might be back up ? :(10:23
bigcalmAh, just the fella. Boss ok'd the workplace day thing and thinks it's a good idea. No idea if I'll get to put the train ticket in on expenses or not though :)10:24
* popey pokes BigRedS 10:24
davmor2oimon: week next tuesday10:24
oimondavmor2: orly?10:24
davmor2oimon: no!10:25
czajkowskibigcalm: whats that go to the office?10:25
davmor2bigcalm: cool10:25
bigcalmczajkowski: yep10:25
bigcalmczajkowski: and no10:25
davmor2czajkowski: we are organising a workspace day where LRL was at10:25
bigcalmczajkowski: davmor2 will tell you all about it :)10:25
czajkowskibigcalm: cool10:26
czajkowskithe lighthouse10:26
czajkowskisoooooooooooooooooooooo nice a venue!10:26
bigcalmI'm looking forward to getting out of the house10:26
bigcalmAnd the Light House don't charge for this?10:26
czajkowski*grin* https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/86216210:34
gordconsidering making my own rss feed for these podcasts i have on my system here just to get banshee to list them =\10:34
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 862162 in unity "DBO does not go to sleep when I ask him to" [Critical,Confirmed]10:34
oimoncar in for MOT today :-S11:11
gordkinda weird that the luggage directory in amazon.co.uk is under bags and accessories, under shoes11:11
dogmatic69gord: not as weird as them selling that kindle for $79 in the US and £89 in the UK11:29
gordactually that sounds fairly normal11:30
directhexi think the $79 price is with adverts in the lock screens. don't think the UK model is subsidized by ads11:30
dogmatic69its BS though11:30
dogmatic69not that i would ever buy a kindle11:31
directhexkindle fire = super scary11:31
oimonis anyone else allowed to use e-ink?11:31
davmor2http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmoDLyiQYKw hahaha11:31
directhexoimon, there are several e-ink ebook readers. e.g. sony11:31
shaunoI think there's a few e-ink readers.  the kindle's just the only one that achieved any kind of clout11:32
gordits... scary?11:32
directhexdavmor2, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmfHHLfbjNQ11:33
oimonsucks about the lack of epub format on kindle11:33
gordcalibre converts just fine though11:34
MartijnVdSSucks about the prices of Kindle books in the Amazon store11:34
oimonMartijnVdS: that too!11:34
MartijnVdSsometimes more than the paper editions11:34
gordalso found the prices to be fine too, i'm only buying stuff i'm going to read11:34
daubersI've been far too tempted by the kindle now it's £8911:36
shaunothe fire sounds like it could be interesting, once someone's unlocked the android on them11:36
davmor2directhex: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4SCSGRVAQE&feature=related11:37
oimonwe need a bot to tell us the description of a youtube link11:38
Adriannomhi.  just installed a dlink DGE-528T nic, but it's running at 100 instead of 1000.  can find other people with same problem but no solution.  any clues?11:38
Adriannomethtool says it's running at 10011:41
penguin42Adriannom: Does ethtool say that it can do 1000 ?11:42
MartijnVdSdaubers: same here11:42
penguin42Adriannom: What happens if you force it to 1G?11:43
Adriannompenguin42, also tried ethtool -s eth1 speed 1000, but no change11:43
Adriannomis that what you meant?11:43
penguin42Adriannom: Yeh; anything in dmesg about it?11:44
penguin42tried a different cable?11:45
Adriannomno actually, i'll try11:45
Adriannomcat6 should work right?11:45
Adriannompenguin42, ok new cable, still 10011:47
penguin42Adriannom: What's it plugged into?11:48
Adriannomthe wrong switch11:48
Adriannomthey look identical11:48
* penguin42 giggles11:48
* Adriannom facepalm11:48
Adriannomthanks penguin4211:49
penguin42no problem - and remember, never turn your back on a pair of switches11:49
Adriannomgood advice penguin42!11:53
Adriannomsneaky buggers11:53
* bigcalm returneth11:55
directhexyou can't set an interface to gigabit.12:01
directhexthe spec only allows speeds over 100 via autoneg12:02
directhexsee the 802.3 spec, 2008 annex12:03
MartijnVdSdoesn't mean hardware manufacturers followed the rules ;)12:03
penguin42directhex: Oh that's nasty12:04
directhexsimilarly there's no such thing as crossover cable for gigabit. it should justwork, with straight or crossover cable, without caring12:05
penguin42yeh I do like that feature12:05
oimondoes that mean all gigabit devices are auto X-over?12:12
directhexoimon, if they're fully gigabit-compliant, yes12:13
directhexthink it's called auto-MDIX12:13
oimonbah, just had an amazon market seller cancel my order due to "not enough stock"12:14
ubuntuuk-planet[Kwabena Aning] Setting Up SBT on Ubuntu - http://blog.kaning.co.uk/archives/31112:15
directhexamazon marketplace is a wretched hive of scum & vilainy12:15
MartijnVdSdirecthex: Better than ebay, ime12:17
bigcalmAnybody here bought from Mister Solutions? Looking at http://www.mister-solutions.co.uk/lawnmower-blade-balancer--sharpening-stone--piston-stop-4293-p.asp and wondering if I can get the same kit anywhere else12:20
dogmatic69bigcalm: do you have a grinder?12:20
bigcalmdogmatic69: nope12:21
dogmatic69bench or hand held12:21
bigcalmdogmatic69: which is why I'm looking at something like this12:21
bigcalmdogmatic69: neither12:21
dogmatic69ah, well getting a grinder would be better, more uses12:21
bigcalmI guess12:21
* dogmatic69 used to own a sharpening co ;)12:21
DJonesTheOpenSourcerer: AlanBell Either of you around I can pick your brains for a few minutes?12:23
TheOpenSourcererDJones: give a couple of mins.12:23
dogmatic69bigcalm: a flap disk + http://www.screwfix.com/p/direct-power-pga115-900w-4-angle-grinder-230v/63218 will do a good job12:24
DJonesCheers, I'll /msg a query, you may have a rough idea of an answer anyway, if not just say12:24
bigcalm20 quid for an angle grinder?12:24
bigcalmWhy did I always think they were expensive things?12:25
dogmatic69well you get £200 + ones, I have that exact one and its good for home / diy stuff12:25
bigcalmFantastic :)12:26
dogmatic69flap disk might set you back about £4 / £5 but will last long, get about a 180 grit one for the sharpening12:27
dogmatic69#ubuntu-diy :D12:28
oimonit seems that gift certificates are tied to amazon.co.uk12:28
dogmatic69oimon: vs .com?12:28
oimonmaybe because i'm buying through a market seller12:28
oimonon .com12:28
dogmatic69.com and .co.uk are totally separate afaik12:30
oimoni can't believe how hard it is to buy some things in the uk12:31
dogmatic69oimon: what are you trying to buy?12:43
oimonchild safety things for our house.12:43
oimonebay doesn't have the specific things12:44
oimoni've had to ship from US12:44
oimonover 20 quid for a few bits of sticky plastic12:44
TheOpenSourcererAnyone used Talend in anger?12:44
dogmatic69sticky plastic?12:45
oimondogmatic69: http://www.amazon.com/burglabar/dp/B00187284A12:45
dogmatic69us company, maybe not so big here12:48
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bigcalmpopey: attention!12:57
Adriannomanyone know if the wyse t50 is any good at video?12:58
bigcalmpopey: see other channel12:58
oimoni brought 7 hard drives to work from home to do some secure wiping on them on a spare pc. 3/7 aren't recognised by BIOS...they were working when i left them !13:27
gorddid you walk under any giant magnets?13:29
gordor get hit by lightning?13:30
oimongord: none of the above13:30
daubersoimon: sata/scsi?13:30
oimonIDE desktop drives13:30
oimonthought i would have a clearout of 20GB drives lying around at home13:31
oimonsomehow their bones have rusted while in my drawer, wrapped in anti static bags13:31
daubersDo they spin up? If you wobble the drive arund connected to the bus it should pull back to level13:32
bigcalmFreecycled 4 machines at the weekend. Pulled out 7 pata drives from one of them :o13:32
oimondaubers: some do spin up, and have had varying success13:33
daubersIf they don't spin up, I'd expect them to have died :)13:33
gordi want another drive for my raid setup, but purely because i have an empty bay... feels... wrong13:33
daubersIf they've been in a drawer/cupboard for a while then the grease and stuff on the bearings may have set13:33
daubersSeen that before13:33
oimonseems that archiving data onto disks isn't a good idea.13:34
daubersHDD's don't like being left alone for long periods13:34
daubersoimon: Only a good idea if they're part of a raid and constantly powered13:34
oimonfound 2 buffalo NAS things at work and both had failed13:34
daubersThey're like living breathing beings. Have to feed them and look after them or they die and you feel guilty :(13:34
oimondaubers: also, "Researchers found that magnetic pulses directed at a certain part of the frontal cortex affected whether people were more willing to fib, or more likely to tell the truth"13:40
oimonmagnets break humans too13:40
daubersoimon: Also useful for making froggies fly http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1vyB-O5i6E13:41
penguin42randomly tweaking with the brain with TMS can't be good13:42
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daubersoimon: Isn't that banned under the geneva convention for being some kind of biological weapon?13:44
oimoni wonder if gnome3.2 still doesn't have the minimise button :-\14:04
Adriannomargh, kernel panic :(14:10
Adriannomnew ram, worked ok for a few hours then x went into safe mode suddenly.  rebooted and kernel panic along with "error probing smb1".  rebooted a couple of times and it changed to a screen full of errors including stuff like "bad area nosemaphore".  should i just send em back or is there something i can try?14:15
AlanBellAdriannom: tell it to take deep breaths and make it a cup of tea14:16
Adriannomi don't think it can hear me :(14:16
Adriannompoor thing must be in shock14:16
oimonAdriannom: memtest14:18
daubersSo the python ldap bindings seem to be quite nice14:20
daubersand using those I seem to be able to avoid using stupid stupid ldiffs14:20
Adriannomoimon, can't even boot14:21
Adriannomi guess i could try cleaning the contacts14:21
oimonmemtest runs from a ubuntu live usb stick14:21
daubersAdriannom: memtest is another utility that's on the livecd, doesn't boot to a linux desktop to run14:21
daubershmmm... nofactoid14:22
Adriannombooting an ubuntu livecd anyway14:23
Adriannomoh... it died14:23
oimonmemtest is on the grub menu before ubuntu boots14:23
diplodaubers, Really interested in playing with ldap, so if you need any testers when you get to that point14:25
Adriannomok, i can get to "boot:" but i can't view any of the help menus to find out what to do cause it dies14:25
Adriannomok so it's as easy as typing "memtest", yay for trial and error14:28
Adriannom100k errors already :(14:28
popeythats broken then14:28
Adriannomso i take out all but one ram and add, test, add, test until i find the broken ones?14:31
Adriannomor is there some indicator to which ones are bad?14:31
oimonplay swapsies and always remove the power cable from the PC before touching components14:33
Adriannomi tend to leave the power cable in so i can touch something grounded...14:34
Adriannomam i dicing with death? :o14:35
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Adriannomargh, gotta take vid card out every time i swap any ram :/14:36
oimonAdriannom: umm do you power it off at the wall?14:36
Adriannomram too close14:36
Adriannomoimon, um, no...  ;o i guess i'll make it a new habit14:37
oimoncurrent continues to pass through the motherboard even if the PC power switch is off14:38
oimonmaking it highly probable that you will fry any components/motherboard unless the power supply is turned off at the wall14:39
oimoni forgot to do this once on my brothers PC and fried the mobo, had to buy him a new one. after that i always removed the power cable14:39
Adriannom:o cheers for the tip oimon14:39
* penguin42 plays with Fold.it14:40
oimonmy car needs extra £200 of work doing on top of the service+MOT charges..:(14:42
oimonbrakes always wear out on ford focus14:43
diploI'm due a major breakage soon, can't afford it so will have to go without a car when it happens14:43
diploKids will need to elarn to walk, and enjoy riding on buses :)14:44
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Adriannom found the little bugger, thanks guys14:49
directhexoimon, my biggest fear is taking my car for a service and being told "your batteries are shot, you need a replacement set"15:15
Laneydiplo: cycling is a fine way to get around15:16
directhexoh, they've dropped the price on batteries to only £800 plus vat15:16
diploLaney, 3 year old and a 5 year old15:17
diploSkills are still slightly lacking :/15:17
diploA small lottery win tomorrow would be nice though15:18
oimondirecthex: batteries? what, remote controlled car?15:26
oimonah, lol15:26
Laneyyeah, kids can learn!15:27
oimonmy 1yr old managed to do ctrl-minus on wifey's facebook page today so the text was miniscule15:28
diploheh, only my 5 year old allowed on the lappy on his own15:29
diplo3 year old has to have me close15:29
diploDon't trust him quite enough yet15:29
oimonmy boy knows how to replay a video on youtube15:31
oimonand unpause it15:31
bigcalmali1234: ping15:34
oimonmy sprog on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18b7lD-3ywk15:36
diploAlso XBMC is my eldests new fave toy, come down in the morning.. he has powered the revo on and found kids films and put one on15:36
diploheh, nice15:37
diploD820 ?15:37
oimonintel gfx15:37
oimonhe prefers the touchpad though15:38
shaunoI found a shop that still sells null modem cables \o/  mildly shocked15:40
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oimonmy house?15:41
shaunoyeah  (so I'm also broke)15:41
popeyi haven't used a null modem cable for about 3 years15:41
AlanBellwhen I was a lad you got some wires, plugs and a soldering iron15:41
popeywhen i updated the firmware on my hummy15:41
shaunoAlanBell: but you still had to buy valves when they burnt out15:41
oimonanyone going to floss uk unconference in machnester?http://www.flossuk.org/Events/Unconference201115:41
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westbrookjhey guys i just made the switch to Linux and had a question  about moving things around such as the quick launch slide bar (just for a start) i have been looking for the last few hours online and didnt really come across much is there a program i can get like compiz config or is this kind of thing more or less just coding15:51
* TheOpenSourcerer finds it funny that AlanBell can say "when I was a lad..."15:52
* TheOpenSourcerer needs to go and get changed/ready for Digital Surrey.15:52
shaunoI grew up 'up north', so it always sounds completely fake  if it's not "when I _were_ a lad .."15:54
shaunowestbrookj: I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe the launch bar is movable (yet?)15:55
bigcalmI swear this is the wrong time of year for 26C15:55
westbrookjahh that could be why i cant find anything on it :P15:56
gordwoo, we're doing final release of unity15:57
AlanBellthe unity launcher is on the left of the primary monitor15:57
oimonbigcalm: don't complain...with energy price rises, i want my heating to stay off until mid october!15:57
bigcalmoimon: just put on another jumper15:58
oimoni'm ok...missis+sprog15:58
oimonand small doggy15:58
oimonall get cold15:58
shaunooh that's nifty.  ping will actually let me specify eth0  *rubs hands together*16:13
bigcalmGrrr. Last.fm is still cutting out after playing for a while (in the middle of tracks). What can I blame? Flash? Bandwidth?16:23
hamitronbigcalm, cheap equipment and poor admin at your isp16:29
bigcalmThat's VirginMedia16:29
davmor2bigcalm: you can only blame VM if you can prove it :D16:31
hamitronthat isn't fair16:31
hamitronI blame MS for most things16:31
bigcalmI'd rather not blame anybody and have things just work16:31
davmor2hamitron: I think you'll find most things are Apples faults nowadays ;)16:31
hamitronyeh :/16:32
bigcalmlast.fm used to work well on linux. I bet recent updates are causing sillyness16:32
hamitrondavmor2, indeed, but I have not got an apple device to lay blame :/16:32
davmor2bigcalm: but that's the easy way and it means you have nothing to moan at :)16:32
hamitronnothing to moan about can actually be really frustrating I've found :/16:33
* czajkowski pokes davmor2 16:33
* davmor2 hugs czajkowski and gives her a biccy16:33
czajkowskicareful I could eat fingers am so hungry16:34
hamitronwhy did you have to mention food? :/16:34
czajkowskiI want either  aspag bol16:35
czajkowskior a carbonara16:35
czajkowskior an omplette16:35
czajkowskiohh roast chicken16:35
czajkowskiI'm kinda hungry16:35
* AlanBell has a chicken you can roast16:35
* AlanBell wonders if chickens can go through gender reassignment surgery16:36
hamitronoh my16:40
hamitronjust been called.... my meat pie is ready16:40
shaunoI'd imagine it's much cheaper to buy the intender gender?  my mother obtained a cockrel by asking nicely recently16:40
hamitronbbl o/16:40
AlanBellshauno: they are more expensive when they are older, we got young ones this time (just off the heat lamp), which is cheaper and interesting than point of lay poullets, but there is a risk that they might be little boy chickens16:46
AlanBellspecky has a couple of days left to shut up and lay an egg16:47
shaunoah.  n oI know she was specifically looking for a big boy to look after the gals.  She's in Alaska, so there's a very active foodchain at work16:53
shauno(I understand eagles have eaten more of her birds than she has)16:54
shaunoeagles being the primary problem because they're on a worryingly short list of things she's not meant to shoot :/16:56
Myrttiwhatcha recon, is toast and creamy mushroom sauce from selfpicked porcino mushroom fit for tea?17:40
Myrttilet's try17:41
gordjust the words instantly made me hungry, so i would assume so17:42
Myrttismells divine17:45
MyrttiI'll upload a picture for you to drool on17:45
Myrttioops, dropped some on my phone17:46
Laneydoes lidl do decent meat for bbqing?17:52
davmor2Laney: Asda does17:52
MyrttiLaney: "they do in Finland"17:53
Laneyi am only going past a lidl on the way to my destination17:53
Laneythere is a coop a short distance the other way though, so i'm wondering if i should just skip the lidl step17:53
Myrttiprobably, if I remember what the selection in UK was like17:54
dwatkinsLidl might not be the best place for quality meat, depends on the country.18:27
nu2linuxhey guys i just installed linux for the first time today is there a way to force a 32 bit installation on a 64bit version?18:29
MartijnVdSdwatkins: The local butcher tends to be one of the best places to get quality meat18:29
MartijnVdSdwatkins: especially if you invite him to the bbq party :P18:29
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: I totally agree, I've started shopping at butchers' shops in preference to supermarkets - also I plan on checking out the local farmers' market on the weekend.18:30
dwatkinsnu2linux: yeah, just download the 32-bit installation instead18:30
hamitronnu2linux, it should be a different cd image18:30
hamitronbeat me to it18:30
* dwatkins high-fives hamitron 18:30
dwatkinsgreat minds :)18:30
nu2linuxtrying to install adobe air and would like to keep the 64bit install of ubuntu18:31
nu2linuxsorry i asked that question backwards lol18:32
nu2linuxjust as a heads up i did finally find a fix for the adobe air issue. in a sense you unpack the .deb change the parameters and then repack it and run it19:06
shaunoodd phonecall with my isp :/  they finished up trying to sell me their digital phone package19:08
shaunothey just agreed to send someone out next thursday to find out why I have 60%+ packet loss.  putting a phone on that would be chocolate fireguard territory :/19:08
hamitronhaha, follow the script shauno!  ;)19:11
shaunowas a funny conversation.  they asked me to use their own speed test instead of speedtest.net.  so I did, and it timed out trying to reach upc.ie19:13
shaunoaltho they did to better than the isp I had in the states.  they needed me to reboot a VM just so they could hear the XP chimes for the warm & fuzzies19:17
shaunocharter-mi was the funniest isp I ever had.  they'd frequently spend 20 minutes blaming my computer, before mentioning that my service area had a city-wide outage19:20
shaunobest method with them was to call them before they opened in the morning, because the message on their voicemail was usually more up to date than the monkeys that answered the phones19:20
shaunoanyhow .. </rant>19:21
shaunoI am curious how they could tell me how many devices were attached to my line tho19:37
hamitronproxy ftw19:41
shaunothey said the history data showed two devices, but they currently weren't seeing any19:43
shaunomy normal 'two devices' is closer to 7, but with a debian box playing firewall up front.  and 'not seeing any' was my laptop connected straight to the modem19:44
shaunoso I'm rather mystified as to how they think they're measuring them19:44
lubotu3another contentless ping... sigh...21:19
AzelphurAnyone know of a site I can use to put a bounty on adding features to open source projects? :D21:27
MonotokoAzelphur, you can usually put them on the projects website... it depends how organized they are really :P21:33
Azelphurthere's no forum or anything, besides the irc channel which isn't helpful21:33
Azelphurguess I'll just stick with the IRC channel for now haha21:35
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