iheartubuntuthank god for the CA team mailing list01:30
pleia2I am now 30 years old04:35
TheTinkerbut not 5 minutes ago?04:35
nhainesHappy birthday, pleia2!  :)04:35
pleia2TheTinker: was born at 12:35 eastern :)04:36
pleia2so no, not 5 minutes ago04:36
akkHappy birthday pleia2!04:36
pleia2nhaines: thanks :)04:36
pleia2thanks akk!04:36
TheTinkerthen your birthday isn't until tomorrow04:36
pleia2yeah, since I live out here now04:37
pleia2but age wise it's accurate!04:37
TheTinkerit's bad luck to wish someone a happy birthday beforehand04:37
akkpleia2 is modern and beyond timezones.04:38
rwwI can't set my phone to UTC :(04:38
rwwIt resets itself to my local time ;(04:38
pleia2I just keep 3 clocks around04:38
pleia2(I work for a company on the east coast)04:39
TheTinkerrww: haha. skype for android insists on showing me as being on UTC regardless of local time04:39
rwwYou should give me your phone, obviously.04:39
DarkwingDuckrww: I found a good program for UTC on android.05:11
grantbowDarkwingDuck: what is the name?05:16
pleia2grantbow: btw, forget if I told you but your blog is on the california planet now (jono's too)05:17
DarkwingDuckgrantbow: myUTC Clock. It displays as a widget on the screen for a host of different timezones that you want.05:17
DarkwingDuckFree BTW05:17
jonopleia2, woo!05:17
DarkwingDuckHey jono05:18
jonohey DarkwingDuck05:18
DarkwingDuckHows life?05:18
grantbowDarkwingDuck: thanks05:21
grantbowjono: rock on old man05:21
jonograntbow, :-)05:22
jonograntbow, how is Africa?05:22
DarkwingDuckugh, translation deadline is tomorrow05:24
grantbowNairobi is great but as I wrote at http://berkeleylug.com I miss Bobby G's Pizzeria05:38
bkerensapleia2: u about?06:21
bkerensapleia2: do you see any benefit or drawback to not using 64bit iso for 64bit arch/06:21
pleia2what else would you use?06:22
pleia2oh I see what you're asking06:22
pleia2well, AFAIK there is still no acrobat reader for 64-bit, and there are some other proprietary things out there that are cranky06:23
pleia2but whatever, I've run 64-bit on my desktop for over a year and a half without too much pain06:23
bkerensapleia2: Do you know is distributed computing performs better if I'm running 64bit?06:23
pleia2I don't know06:24
bkerensaI heard something about 64bit being able to do complex tasks in shorter time06:24
nhainesUbuntu 11.10 is multiarch, so it should be able to install 32-bit Debian packages when 64-bit ones are not available.06:24
pleia2nhaines: well, multiarch is *improved* anyway :)06:25
bkerensaoh cool06:25
bkerensaWell I just got a new laptop06:25
bkerensaDell with a i5 and 6GB DDR306:25
bkerensaand it came with this thing called Windows 7?06:25
bkerensano idea what that is :P06:25
rwwbkerensa: depends on the distributed computing06:25
bkerensarww: some WCG project06:26
bkerensaits like looking for proteins06:26
bkerensaso folding I guess06:26
rwwthat's 90% of WCG projects :P06:26
rwwanyway. the only WCG project that has a 64-bit application is CCW06:27
bkerensapleia2: Sadly I'm considering shrinking the Windows Partiton and keeping it so I can use Adobe for video editing :P06:27
rwwthe rest are 32-bit, and WCG is closed-source, so no recompiling for you06:27
rwwso no, it won't make any difference06:28
bkerensaok then 32bit it is :P06:28
pleia2bkerensa: so 64-bit code will take advantage of speedy things on 64-bit, but you also have a RAM tradeoff (64-bit tends to use more RAM), but if you're on 32-bit you have the bigmem trade-off in the kernel that's handling more ramstuffs than it was originally intended to06:28
rwwover at SETI@home, they do some glorious things with optimized applications, but doing nothing really quickly is still nothing :\06:28
* bkerensa shakes pitchfork at rww06:29
bkerensaS@H is good06:29
pleia2I just go with 64-bit wherever I can because the future is nice06:29
bkerensaI did it for 5 years06:29
bkerensaI hope all the wasted energy contributed to something good :P06:29
pleia2aliens are awesome06:29
bkerensapleia2: Yeah well with this new laptop I can actually run UNITY (The Future)06:30
bkerensaeven though unity will run flawlessly I cant say I like it :P06:30
rwwbkerensa: what's your nick on BOINC projects? just bkerensa?06:30
bkerensarww: I had another one but I stopped so idk what the original one was (I was 16 so idk) but yeah it bkerensa now06:31
rwwhttp://boincstats.com/search/all_projects.php?cpid=8a283a9fd761c0f685f92e27df2d7fdb :306:31
bkerensaI started a Ubuntu Oregon WCG team and tgm4883 kicked my butt06:31
rwwalthough the stats on that are broken before october. my CPID broke06:32
bkerensarww: You contribute to DC?06:32
rwwbkerensa: yes. I was on SETI Classic back in the day :306:32
rwwhad a pooled account with my ex for a while, left it with her when we split, 595k is in the last three or so years I guess06:33
pleia2seti classic back in the day was great06:33
* rww got bored and turned BOINC back on the other day, will probably be running it through winter06:34
* pleia2 hasn't turned it on since 2009 :\06:34
bkerensaI have rogue BOINC sessions06:34
rwwgoing to see how high i can get my overclock to go, which is the main reason I do it06:34
rwwGPU computation broke any sort of actual competition :\06:35
bkerensaie: I installed boinc on one laptop I sold and it was a clean install and someone never wiped it06:35
bkerensayeah someone somewhere is contributing via my boinc profile and has been for like a year06:35
rwwthere's an Ubuntu team, btw06:35
bkerensayeah :D06:35
bkerensaand a Ubuntu Oregon team :P06:36
rwwUbuntu has a bit more people in it :P06:36
bkerensarww: Did you know of Team Starfire?06:37
bkerensaCrunchenstein :D06:37
rwwit rings a bell06:37
bkerensaWas like the largest distributed computing team in the world06:39
bkerensaBroadbandreports.com/DSLR.com ran it06:39
bkerensathey had a huge crunching cluster06:39
bkerensagnight all06:41
nhainesI am happy because Ubuntu Mono has been released (with work-in-progress hinting, though)!15:49
nhainesUbuntu One for Windows has been released: https://one.ubuntu.com/downloads/windows/16:45
grantbowgood for Ubuntu One16:52
pleia2sheesh, busy day today :)16:52
grantbowit has been ;-)16:53
pleia2also birthday \o/16:53
pleia2but I have to work16:53
grantbowHappy birthday!16:53
pleia2thanks :)16:53
pleia2I'm 30!16:53
DarkwingDuckHappy birthday old lady. :)16:57
pleia2haha, thanks16:58
akkNever trust anyone over 30!16:58
nhainesIt's true!17:00
* nhaines is 31.17:00
pleia2really? huh17:01
pleia2nicely done17:01
DarkwingDuckI'm still 2817:02
grantbowi'm old17:03
akkI'm old too.17:04
pleia2so am I supposed to do the celebratory (or not!) watching of Logan's Run today? :)17:15
bkerensapleia2: I got the coolest USB thumdrive EVER!17:16
bkerensaI mean I have had some cool thumbdrives too like lego men and even a Chevron usb17:16
bkerensaI got two 4GB Lifestraw USB's :D17:16
pleia2bkerensa: neat17:17
bkerensayeah I love USB's :D17:18
akkWas 30 the age in Logan's Run? I thought it was younger than that.17:21
TheTinkeralthough, in the tv series version, there were people who ran things and were partially exempt to age 6017:23
akkInteresting, wikipedia says in the book it was 21, but the film used 30. (I never read the book, though, so I can't plead that as my excuse for being wrong. :)17:24
akkMaybe they couldn't find enough under-21-looking actors.17:24
nhainesHumans don't really grow up until they hit 26.17:25
TheTinkermichael york did not look 30 until he was at least 5017:26
TheTinkeror am i misremembering who played logan?17:27
akkNo, you remembered right.17:27
akkAnd yes, he was very young looking.17:28
akkA lot of the other actors weren't, though.17:28
TheTinkerhe didn't even look old in the austin powers movies17:28
nhainespleia2: pretty much I hope you like cats.  :P18:08
TheTinker/nick cats18:10
nhainesNot all cats are good.  Like CATS, for example.  In AD 2101, War was Beginning.18:16
nhainesCATS: How are you gentlemen !!  You have no chance to survive make your time.18:16
rwwokay good, i'm not the only one whose mind went to AYBABTU18:17
TheTinkermine went to an ARM platform debian used to support18:18
pleia2and ubuntu is supporting in 11.1018:19
TheTinkerubuntu is supporting armv4l?18:22
pleia2TheTinker: http://blog.canonical.com/2011/08/16/armserver/18:22
pleia2they've been putting crazy amounts of effort into arm for the past couple of years18:23
pleia2it's exciting that they're finally release ready (although I still may wait until 12.04 to get one for my own ;))18:23
TheTinkeri see no mention on that page of armv4l18:23
TheTinkerlast i checked, ubuntu arm required cortex or later18:24
pleia2no, these are all new generation arms18:24
TheTinkeryou implied ubuntu arm 11.10 supports CATS18:25
pleia2I was actually making a more generic arm comment18:25
pleia2sorry for the confusion18:25
nhainesCATS strikes again !!18:26
pleia2nhaines: how'd you find out about the new monospace font?22:30
nhainespleia2: I know everything.22:35
nhainespleia2: also I've been waiting impatiently (psladen has been far nicer than I probably deserve, heh) and I think I got an email announcement this morning.22:36
pleia2nhaines: aha, was it sent to a list?22:36
akkWhat new monospace font is this?22:36
nhainesakk: Ubuntu Mono22:37
nhainespleia2: possibly the Ubuntu Font list!22:37
pleia2I didn't even know we had such a thing22:37
nhainesNeither did I?22:37
nhainesOoh, I might adjust some of the community business cards to use it (for GPG signatures and such) now that it's officially released.22:38
nhainesI've been using the font for about two months now, though.  It's fantastic.  :)22:38
akkIs there a public PPA or a ttf file?22:41
nhainespleia2: why did you want to know?22:41
pleia2nhaines: if it's real "woo we released monospace font" news I wanted to add the official announcement link to UWN22:41
nhainesakk: http://font.ubuntu.com/ has a zip file.22:41
nhainespleia2: aha!  In that case I'll find it for you.  :)22:41
akkThanks, nhaines22:41
pleia2thank you :)22:42
bkerensa<the-wes> -they might revoke your ubuntuhood22:42
pleia2omgubuntu posted about it, but they tend to post things prematurely often to get the scoop22:42
nhainespleia2: pretty much.22:42
bkerensatold u the lugs up here are not to Ubuntu friendly :P22:42
nhainesakk: the package I have is 0.80~rc-0ubuntu3+arabic+console22:43
nhainesakk: so I assume that 0.8 will hit oneiric any minute.  Donno if it'll hit lucid, maverick, or natty.22:43
nhainesbkerensa: I don't know what that means.  :P22:44
pleia2does lucid even have the ubuntu font? (it didn't, but could have been backported)22:44
bkerensanhaines: Oh... the #ORLUG people hate Canonical/Ubuntu mostly :P so they flame me for focusing my chatter around Ubuntu ;)22:45
pleia2ah, in lucid-updates http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=ttf-ubuntu-font-family22:45
bkerensanhaines: and when it gets hot in there I tell them I have no comment due to CoC and they poke fun at that :)22:45
bkerensaie: Say that Canonical censors people :P22:45
nhainespleia2: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/font/2011-September/000001.html22:45
pleia2nhaines: thank you!22:46
nhainespleia2: bonus URL  :)  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+milestone/0.8022:46
* pleia2 nods22:46
nhainespleia2: no problem!  I try not to source omgubuntu either.22:46
nhainesBonus URL is the changelog.22:47
pleia2gotcha, thanks22:47
pleia2bkerensa: sounds like the typical kind of confusion about what the CoC is and Canonical's relationship to Ubuntu22:51
pleia2the CoC is maintained by the Community Council (only two of the 8 members are canonical employees) and you're not required to sign it to work for Canonical22:51
pleia2you are required to sign it to be an Ubuntu Member, but that's a community thing, not something Canonical put in place, the CC could change that policy if they wanted22:51
bkerensaI know but people have a misconception that Ubuntu Community is controlled by MarkS22:53
bkerensaidk how people can criticize Ubuntu or Canonical yet say they use RHEL or Fedora22:53
bkerensastill corporate and not GNU22:53
nhainesRHEL is Serious Business.22:54
pleia2I don't waste my time with people who want to throw around "canonical censors people" comments and don't listen to me explaining why their comment is a misconception22:55
pleia2they don't have to like canonical or ubuntu, sometimes I don't like them either :)22:55
bkerensapleia2: Where does one get android cookie cutters?22:56
nhainesFrom android bakers?22:57
pleia2mine came from the google store in mt view though (was a gift from my fiance)22:57
* nhaines didn't know there was a Google store.23:05
pleia2it's inside google, I don't know if they have an external entrance23:06
pleia2for googlers and guests of googlers AFAIK23:07
nhainesYes, but on the Web even.23:07
pleia2ah, yeah I just found out about it recently :)23:08
raevoli wanted to duck in and say that i'm 2523:09
nhainesraevol: congratulations!23:09
raevoloh, no not today23:09
nhainesOh, well that's good, because pleia2's already having a birthday today.23:09
raevoli mean i am 25 today, but i was yesterday and for the past few months as well23:09
nhainesSounds like you're on a roll.  :)23:10
raevolyea, and the topic was on ages a while ago, so i was belatedly contributing ;)23:10
raevoloh wow that was like 6 hours ago23:10
raevolnot a lot of scroll in this channel...23:10
nhainesBetter late than never!  (I think that's also the motto of the GNU Hurd project.)23:10
pleia2there, font.ubuntu.com is updated to say Monospace NEW rather than (TBD) \o/23:11
pleia2akgraner found sladen and said "whats up with this dude" :)23:11
raevoli've been using the ubuntu font in xubuntu, after an initial adjustment period, i've grown to like it23:12
nhainespleia2: I meant to ping psladen about that but didn't think an hour after the announcement was enough slack time.  ;)23:12
philipballewis that a waste of money or a good buy?23:17
pleia2that's the min specs of what we'd take for partimus, not bad if you have a use for it23:18
nhainesOoh.  Almost clicked the link before thinking better of it.  :)  (At work.)23:18
nhainesIt amuses me that currently I have a red, green, and blue (RGB!) dry erase marker on my white board.23:18
philipballewpleia2, at, I need a basic desktop to do things like watch movies or set it up to download things that are large where a laptop wont work23:19
akkphilipballew: That looks like a good deal.23:19
akkWould be nice to know what video card/chip it has, but if it sucks you can probably find something on ebay.23:20
raevolnhaines: hahaha ;)23:21
akknhaines: Do you write on the whiteboard by speckling alternately with different pens?23:22
philipballewI think akk that dell does intel integrated at least. Its just something I need to keep my eyes peeled for23:22
nhainesakk: ClearType is a pain!23:23
nhainesphilipballew: does the ad contain a model number?23:28
nhainesMy Dell Optiplex SX280 here at work has an integrated Intel chip in it.  I can set it to 1MB or 8MB in the BIOS!23:29
philipballewI just called, someone snagged it nhaines23:29
philipballewand to think it had only been up there a hour or so23:29
nhainesGuess that means it was a good deal.23:29
philipballewtime for ebay!23:29
nhainesWhat's your budget?23:30
philipballewnhaines, between 50 to 80 probably23:33
philipballewI just got a job today though23:33
philipballewim gonna be fixing computers to send to aferica23:34
philipballewbut thats not related except I have more money coming in soon23:34
philipballewI need to get something with eide cables as well.23:35
philipballewI like it old school23:35
philipballewor http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Optiplex-GX520-DCSM-P4-HT-3-Ghz-Computer-1-GB-RAM-CDRW-DVDROM-/380372738241?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item588ffb60c1#shId23:36
jbermudesI wonder how things like Raspberry Pi will change operations that do stuff like giving hardware to schools23:36
nhainesI recommend stick with SATA.  They're very reliable and also inexpensive.  If you have an old PATA drive or two, save up and buy a USB adapter you can use to migrate your data off of them.23:36
akkI wonder what Raspberry Pi will really cost when/if it finally ships.23:37
philipballewnhaines, yeah. I still have my wd 500 eide23:38
jbermudesakk: didn't the beta boards already ship and were within the original price range? (minus the extra dollar or two for the larger PCB size and headers)23:39
akkIf so, none of the lists I'm on that are all excited about RP have heard about it.23:39
akk(which is certainly possible)23:39
jbermudesah, they were alpha boards that were sent out23:40
philipballewthats it, im gonna bid on http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Dimension-3100-Desktop-P4HT-Dual-logic-Core-3-0-GHz-1-GB-RAM-160-GB-HDD-/130582203276?pt=Desktop_PCs&hash=item1e674e4b8c#ht_500wt_128423:49
nhaines160GB HDD?23:50
philipballewits eide I imagine and i have a 500 and a 200 i can put in23:50
philipballewis that a bad price nhaines ?23:54
nhainesphilipballew: what's the price?23:54
philipballew30 plus 30 shipping23:55
philipballewso 6023:55
nhainesNot bad, considering that shipping probably *will* be $30, and it's only a hyperthreaded CPU rather than dual-core (I think).23:55
philipballewyeah, it is only a hyper thread. but it will do all i need it to do. I guess23:57
philipballewI might just wait a while and see if anything else pops up to23:58

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