Unit193Welcome back, server going at all well?04:19
cheri703canthus13: did you call me for some reason tonight? I had a missed call apparently from toledo...04:19
cheri703haven't poked at it yet04:19
cheri703today was rough -_-04:20
Unit193Eh, that stinks...04:20
cheri703yeah, so I haven't worked on it. not really looking forward to it :/04:21
cheri703I mean, granted, it's easier than setting up windows, but I had a bunch of stuff configured and whatnot, and that is the annoying part, I had no opportunity for recovery04:22
Unit193Config is the hard part, getting the same programs isn't quite as hard04:23
Unit193Reminds me that I'll never get around to setting one up :/04:24
cheri703yeah...trying to convince myself it's worth the effort...might just wait til sunday and deal with annoying way it is working now (put hdd from other comp in it, but don't have synergy set up)04:25
Unit193Server has synergy?04:26
canthus13cheri703: ...?04:28
canthus13cheri703: I don't have your phone number. :P04:28
cheri703heh, I figured, no idea who called me04:32
cheri703I just don't know anyone else in toledo04:33
canthus13cheri703: I'm a geek. I'd look for you here first.04:34
* cheri703 is only here in limited bursts since server killed itself04:35
Unit193Call? Phone?04:35
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thafreakMorning Ohio14:46
jandruskMorning freak.15:00
thafreakSo, I put oneric beta2 on my old laptop...and installed gnome-shell...17:37
thafreakit seems to work great...17:37
thafreakhopefully they'll get all the kvm and spice stuff working too, and I can ditch fedora 15 on the new laptop17:37
dzhogah, spice18:07
thafreakwhat's wrong with spice?19:08
dzhoI just remember when RH announced it, they did so through a web site that was so full of javascript it wouldn't even load enough to tell me what spice was without javascript enabled in my browser19:13
Unit193Sadly, this doesn't work for us Linux users http://imgur.com/gallery/mXQ4019:58
thafreaki'd post that to facebook, but then I'd have people calling me to fix their stupid computers20:00
thafreakAs for spice, it's a protocol for remote desktops20:01
thafreakbut it includes stuff for rendering things client side if needed20:01
thafreakthe goal is to have a virtual machine running somewhere, and you can remotely attach to it, and do things like watch hd movies or play video games on it20:01
thafreakanything that requires hardware acceleration can use the hardware on the viewer's end20:02
thafreakThere's new hardware coming out, that has hardly any cpu power (think low power ARM cpus) but has video acceleration hardware to play back HD video and video games20:04
thafreakso you can get a thin client for cheap, and run the OS on a server in your basement, but have the full experience of a full fleddged desktop at your desk20:05
thafreakbut using only like 10watts of power20:05
thafreakand taking up hardly any desktop space20:05
Unit193I think I would rather have afull desktop tho9ugh I just need somthing to control VBox :P20:05
thafreaki guess it's a bigger deal for the business users than it is for home users still...20:05
Unit193I would assume that too (At least hope)20:06
thafreakIt's sort of my dream for my clients...20:06
thafreakcause I can very easily remote in and fix a broken desktop if it is just a virtual machine20:06
thafreakbut when it's real hardware, that tends to involve me driving in and picking the machine up20:07
thafreakblah...waste of my time20:07
thafreakOh, any mac people here? I need to test the ram on a G5...was wondering if anyone knew of a memtest86 type boot cd for power pc20:08
Unit193I don't, bnut I can ask20:08
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dzhooh, hmm21:59
Unit193Oh yeah, I asked.22:00
Unit193http://arrowquick.com/blog/2008/06/28/memtest/ ? or put the ram in an x86 machine :P22:00

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