nathwilldamn all cryptic log files straight to hell00:40
c_smtihg'day! :D19:36
c_smtihhow is everyone?19:37
bkerensahow are u?19:53
Brian_Hjust got a roomba for the office, this thing is neat lol20:04
c_smtihroomba? what's that?20:10
Brian_Ha robot vacuum20:14
Brian_Hits cleaning my office as we speak20:14
bkerensaBrian_H: Outsourcing labor to a bot?20:17
Brian_Hfeels kinda like I'm living the in the jetsons right now lol20:17
Brian_Hyup cheaper and less exposure than a real person ;) hahhaa20:17
Brian_Hand its not going to take anything or require a key to come in after hours20:18
Brian_Hgoing to schedule it to run 3x a week :)20:18
bkerensaBrian_H: How much did yours cost?20:18
Brian_Hthis thing knows where its "home"/charger station is at too so when it gets low on juice it heads back and charges up then resumes20:18
bkerensaI need to reach out and have them send me one20:19
Brian_Hwe got the latest edition + lifetime warranty so it was more than a non-lifetime warranty20:19
Brian_Hit was ~500-600 I think (I didn't buy it, someone else did in the office :) )20:19
bkerensaand it does all your offices?20:19
bkerensaor you have cubicles20:20
Brian_Hwe have offices20:20
Brian_H:) it deals with cables pretty well too20:20
bkerensaCan I make it auto start?20:20
bkerensalike if I wanna put some carpet powder down?20:21
c_smtihnice, nickname it Robo-vacuum!!!!20:21
Brian_Hyup you can give it times and a weekly schedule20:21
Brian_Hand it just goes back to the charger when its done/not needed20:21
c_smtihyou shall naem it ROBOVACUUM!!! nao! :P20:22
c_smtihalso, I'll be getting that Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle either today or tomorrow.20:23
c_smtihI shall be enjoying a new RTS game. one unlike any of the others I have tried.20:23
c_smtihbleh, I hate how my Router's range is so poor.....20:25
Brian_Hcat5e FTW :)20:25
c_smtihyeah, I like that idea, but I can't have cables running through the hallway, or I'd lose a place to live and these guys would lose there license for proctor care. plus I move this laptop around so much, a cat5e Ethernet cord is useless to me.20:27
c_smtihI believe you're talking about an ethernet cord, am I wrong?20:28
Brian_Hlol yes you're right20:32
Brian_Hbut I'm pretty stationary at work20:32
Brian_Hhome is a diff story though :)20:32
Brian_Hso wifi has its place I agree with you20:32
bkerensaWifi is for the win20:33
Brian_Hbkerensa: you'll have to let me know how that lifestraw works20:34
Brian_Hit doesn't look like it filters metals, but in a survival situation thats the least of my problems ;)20:34
bkerensaI have a interview next week20:37
bkerensafor a internship20:37
bkerensaof all things20:37
bkerensaWell as a formality they are calling it a "internship" but essentially I'm just volunteering my time to teach basic and advanced ubuntu classes at FreeGeek20:37
saul_crowe_are the classes free?20:44
saul_crowe_sweet....sorry to butt in, just wanted to ask that20:45
bkerensasaul_crowe_: No problem.... this is a open channel :D we enjoy it when people join in :P20:45
saul_crowe_How many people usually attend and the demographic?20:45
saul_crowe_Just curious, I work at a training company20:45
saul_crowe_and thank you for the warm welcome, i appreciate that20:46
bkerensasaul_crowe_: Unsure of the exact demo data but I know 15-25 people20:47
saul_crowe_Woa!  Okay, this is cool20:48
saul_crowe_i wanted to pitch an idea of teaching linux here20:48
saul_crowe_...to the owners20:48
saul_crowe_Esp. with Windows 8 coming out, seems like they stole the KDE workspace20:49
saul_crowe_or at least reverse engineered it to a degree20:49
c_smtihthey didn't steal the KDE workspace, they made an DE when they had devs with no creativity. at least in my opinion, so don't take this as fact necessarily.20:51
c_smtihthe KDE plasma desktop looks a heck of a lot better than Win8 imo20:52
saul_crowe_Oh no doubt about that20:52
c_smtihbut Unity and GNOME3 are cool, too20:52
saul_crowe_which is why they are modeling it after linux20:52
saul_crowe_GNOME 3 is going to attract all the new people20:52
c_smtihheh, shows how desperate MS is getting.20:53
saul_crowe_everyone essentially has been trained in Unity simply by the smartphone20:53
c_smtihhaven't used Windows for more than 5-6 minutes in around 2 years.20:53
saul_crowe_unbenounced to them of course20:53
saul_crowe_yep, me either20:53
c_smtihSmartphone? never really used one.20:53
saul_crowe_and I am a windows environment admin20:54
c_smtihnever owned one.20:54
c_smtihheh, nice.20:54
saul_crowe_Unity operates like a smartphone really20:54
saul_crowe_categories and whatnot20:54
c_smtihif you aren't using Ubuntu 11.10 beta 2, but using Ubuntu 11.04, you're in for a few nice treats in 11.10.20:54
saul_crowe_anyone who has used an Iphone or droid etc.20:54
saul_crowe_will def. be able to navigate through unity no prob20:55
c_smtihthe closest I have is a Samsung SGH-A87720:55
c_smtihand an Ipod Nano 5G.20:55
c_smtihthe Samsung in no way is to my knowledge a Smartphone. but I haven't checked too much into that.20:56
saul_crowe_Yes!  I heard it was revamped from "Natty"20:56
saul_crowe_Natty, people complained was TOO simple...lol20:57
Brian_HI really like it, I'm using the kubuntu edition.  There are still some qwuarks with kde though that need to be ironed out though20:57
c_smtihyeah, plus, if people prefer, they can now safely install GNOME3 without breaking Unity.20:57
saul_crowe_I prefer KDE but GNOME is great too20:58
c_smtihI'm using Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 (the Unity version) and openSUSE 11.420:58
saul_crowe_i use Kubuntu and Fedora20:58
saul_crowe_Fedora has Unity20:58
saul_crowe_I have to say that it IS pretty slick20:58
c_smtihyep, love the dual-boot setup, ensures that if I install over one OS, I have another that I can use right away, or if the other OS goes corrupt, I can still use the secondary with a quick tweak to GRUB.20:59
Brian_HI need to get a laptop/device for testing20:59
c_smtihwait, Fedora has Unity? I thought they had GNOME3.....20:59
Brian_Hunfortunately the work config/setup is unique enough that running bleeding edge doesn't work out so well20:59
c_smtihin Fedora 15, GNOME3 Shell was the DE.20:59
saul_crowe_Oh my bad21:00
saul_crowe_my netbook has Ubuntu with the Natty21:00
c_smtihyeah, just checked the Fedora Project site, and Fedora 15 does indeed have GNOME3 Shell21:01
saul_crowe_My Laptop has Fedora and it is GNOME321:01
saul_crowe_you're right21:01
c_smtihGNOME3 Shell is nice, just takes a bit of getting used to.21:01
saul_crowe_Back Track 5 is now built on GNOME 3 too isn't it?21:01
c_smtihwell, gonna have to cook dinner in half an hour, yum!21:02
c_smtihguess I'll get some of my packages installed before I do that, it was nice talking. see ya all later, and at the IRC meeting tomorrow if anyone here is attending it.21:02
saul_crowe_Which meeting is that?21:05
bkerensaBrian_H: Doesnt Linbit give out laptops21:21
Brian_Hyea for work stuff,  still debating if we give them out for personal toying around though ;)21:22
Brian_Hbut our infrastructure is pretty honed so running bleeding edge isn't always compatible :/21:22
Brian_Hwe'll see, maybe santa will bring me one lol21:23
bkerensaI wish tgm4883 was about21:44
* tgm4883 looks in22:07
* tgm4883 trips bkerensa 22:07
bkerensatgm4883: Should I be worried about BOINC making my new laptop run hot?22:20
jrebubkerensa: what are you using BOINC for, out of curiosity.22:23
jrebu^ pretend there was a question mark somewhere22:23
bkerensajrebu: For WCG22:34
bkerensaBrian_H we need to setup a Ubuntu Hour sometime soon23:03
bkerensaso the guys and gals (if their are any) can get together for some drinks23:03
Brian_HI'm all for it man23:03
Brian_HI'll be out till the 15th, but if you name a place I'll show up23:04
Brian_Hoct 6th-15th23:04
bkerensaThat would work23:05
bkerensaBrian_H do you like sushi? Me and nathwill do :)23:05
nathwillhellz yeah23:05
Brian_Hnot so much, but the woman does like sake ;)23:06
bkerensanathwill: speaking of it there is a buffet in Tigard that makes Sushi as good as that place we went23:06
bkerensa=o selection isnt huge but they have 13-14 types23:06
* bkerensa might hit them up tomorrow 23:06
nathwillhaha, jerk. i'll be orphaned in the country23:07
bkerensabuy some before you leave and bring dry ice23:07
nathwilli wouldn't trust sushi from hicksville, except to help me commit hari kiri23:08
bkerensaTigard is hicksville?23:08
bkerensawell put it this way... The guys at the Koji we went to were Latinos making sushi :D the guys in Tigard are atleast Japanese :D23:09
nathwillno, where i'm going down south is hicksville23:10
nathwilltigard is fine23:10
bkerensaRoseburg heh23:11
nathwillit's worse than that23:11
bkerensathats across from where my grandmother lives23:11
nathwillit's Glide23:11
bkerensanear Drain, OR23:11
nathwillwhich is the asshole of Roseburg23:11
bkerensatheir HS burned down23:11
nathwillyeah, we were down visiting her folks when it happened23:11
nathwillno connection23:11
bkerensamy fiancee's brother lived there for awhile23:11
bkerensawith her dad23:11
bkerensaI hear nothing but bad things23:12
nathwillyeah, i dunno why anyone would23:12
nathwillnot anyone who didn't grow up there or isn't retired anyways23:12
bkerensaapparently they dont have any broadband23:12
nathwillit's not too bad if you're retired i think23:12
nathwillyeah. satellite/dsl ftw23:12
bkerensano cable tv right? just netflix by dvd23:12
nathwillthey've got satellite23:13
bkerensaI heard the cable company closed down shop23:13
nathwillwhich is bloody expensive as hell23:13
bkerensaoh cool23:13
bkerensayeah satellite is bad23:13
nathwillbecause her dad is stubborn as hell and won't give up his ENORMOUS satellite dish for one of the smaller ones23:13
bkerensaI had it in SF for awhile and they always had weird issues like price debates with MTV23:13
bkerensadoes the size of a dish change price?23:14
bkerensanathwill: Dont fret... I have to go to Salem in November for like a week23:14
nathwillwell apparently it does. he has to use a really old receiver. when his receiver broke he had to shop garage sales to find a replacement23:15
bkerensaShe insists on doing a family thanksgiving.... I was like AGH cant we just cook a turkey and buy pies and such?23:15
nathwillbecause the new ones don't work w/ the monster dish23:15
nathwillfamily, ugh23:15
bkerensaOh nice... @Cloiudflare just DM'ed me they sent me a box of t-shirts :) mighty friendly of them23:15
bkerensaUserVoice sent me two t-shirts today... 4 note pads... stickers.. pens and 5 packs of orange Trident gum :D23:16
nathwillthat is excellent23:18
bkerensayeah I like Gum :D23:18
nathwillalrighty, i'm bailing. gotta hit the road :( y'all have a good one. i'll be back if the internet is tolerable down there.23:24

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