cyberangerjust a bit far in your case00:04
binarymutantlol very far now00:06
binarymutantand Knoxville library is a no go for me, never returned a few books00:06
cyberangeryeah, they won't be happy with that, can you pay a replacement fee? and there is a blount county library too00:14
binarymutantcyberanger: I have the internet :P00:14
binarymutant? I get booted a lot01:04
Unit193That's normally the quit message for when you exit the client...01:05
binarymutanti get booted a lot?01:06
binarymutantor quiet channel01:06
Unit193(Read error: Connection reset by peer)01:07
binarymutantis that what my exit msg says?01:10
binarymutantthat's weird... need to investigate01:10
Unit193That happens when you just hit X on the GUI clients01:10
binarymutantyeah but i'm still in the channel when it it just periodically reconnects01:11
binarymutantmaybe it's the wifi :/01:11
Unit193Shouldn't it make you pingout then?01:11
binarymutantbut it is annoying01:12
Unit193It would be01:12
binarymutantI think it's just on freenode too01:14
Unit193Is anybody a fan of FSF?01:26
binarymutantI am01:34
binarymutantthey do have flaws, but I still like them :D01:34
binarymutantUnit193: Why/01:35
Unit193Can't say it now D:01:36
binarymutantaw why not?01:36
binarymutantis it about their doc license?01:37
Unit193Fine.... I think they are nutters01:37
Unit193(Put nicely)01:37
binarymutantwhat did they do this time?01:37
binarymutantthey come across a little crazy because they try to uphold this idea that they can never be wrong01:38
Unit193It's the small things that bother more. One of them came into a Lubuntu channel and asked for an OP or rep to know if it would EVER include mono01:38
Unit193And would not let it drop (You can't say if 2 or 3 releases will include it or not)01:39
binarymutantare you a .NET coder?01:39
Unit193Nope, I just will use it if I need it (No, I'm not all that fond it it myself either)01:40
binarymutantI'm not a fan of mono, it should exist, but it's not for me01:40
Unit193I'm going to have to install it because of PandoraCaster01:41
binarymutantwhat happened to libpiano?01:42
binarymutantit's kind of neat that windows programmers are using linux now bc of mono01:43
Unit193I know one program that's made for Windows, but has a howto for linux users01:45
binarymutantusing mono?01:45
binarymutant<<< does go out of his way not to have mono installed01:46
binarymutantwish I could get rid of python and perl too01:47
cyberangerUnit193: a connection reset can trip up a client outside of the timeouts01:47
cyberangerdue to router01:47
cyberangerclosed route01:47
Unit193Yep, timeout is the only way it happens for me01:47
Unit193binarymutant: I do not have it installed, I avoid it. I'll just have to install it for something I like01:48
cyberangerbinarymutant: if it still happens on a wire though, that area had wiring issues due to ice spring and winter01:48
Unit193Python is heavy crap01:48
cyberangerdamaged lines and such01:48
binarymutantcyberanger: hopefully it continues to run as well as it has :D01:48
cyberangerso that's a possibility (I was stuck there where family was in feb, between line damage & the modem, mess)01:49
cyberangerbinarymutant: sorry, context here is bad for irc01:49
cyberangernot email and web browsing (if it's just this, I'd really suspect wifi, but I'm throwing in this bit with charter from expirences this past  year, they know they're your only choice)01:50
binarymutantcourse in Knoxville there's only 2 choices01:51
cyberangerif your on newer lines, and newish modem, with a good cat5e no issue01:51
cyberanger2 choices and more people, lower maitance costs01:51
cyberangerfor the same service prices01:51
cyberangertheir incentive to fix it was higher01:52
binarymutantthat's true01:52
cyberanger5 ft of cable vs 5mi of cable01:52
binarymutant2 choices is still a biopoly though, AT&T went out a lot when I was using them01:53
cyberangerin feb we couldn't get them to confirm our cable modem was the issue, due to the ice storm (it was a bit of both, storm outage and the cable modem was having issues holding a sync on the line)01:53
cyberangerthat whole week I wired the network into a data card, just to keep things going01:54
cyberangerdown here, cleveland, tn city limits, same month, outage fixed in an hour, checked the gear remotely same day01:54
binarymutantthat's crazy. You should have went ballistic on them (course that's how I lost at&t)01:54
cyberangerwithout having to bug them01:54
cyberangerweather was a factor, I understood that, but I have metioned the headaches this year was getting old01:55
cyberanger(in a more polite manner)01:55
cyberangerI've had AT&T DSL too, now I deversify a little, hotspots, celluar, satellite01:55
cyberangerthings that are too cheap to matter, or too easy (or critical) to fix quickly01:56
binarymutanttoo much $ for me01:56
cyberangerwhich is too much, dial up is 5 bucks, celluar is 40 bucks, satellite is as needed (so nothing 11 months out of 12)01:57
binarymutantwifimax sat?01:58
binarymutantcellular is upwards of 10001:58
cyberangernot wimax, virgin mobile, 40 a month01:58
binarymutantthat's pretty cheap, unlimited text, phone? cap at 2Gb?01:59
cyberangerno cap, it's a data card, so nothing else (t-mobile was 75, 500 minutes + night & weekend (and mobile to mobile, which was moot) unlimited text and data (but Google Voice meant no texts)02:00
cyberangerbut I dropped t-mobile for this Virgin Mobile card & a VZW phone, spend 15 a month on that, 2 a day voice unlimited02:01
binarymutantthat's cool02:06
binarymutantI have this grps card for my laptop, never used it though02:07
binarymutantdrop a simm card into it and go02:07
binarymutantidk if it works with data though, like I said-never used it02:07
binarymutantwhat's the command to find all the packages that depend on something? like `which python`02:08
Unit193apt-cache depends or rdepends02:09
binarymutantapt-cache wasn't any help :/02:10
Unit193apt-cache rdepends python02:11
Unit193"What depends on python?"02:12
binarymutantnice thanks02:12
binarymutantUnit193: how about installed reverse depends ?02:14
binarymutantnm I got it02:14
Unit193Nice, what'd you do?02:15
binarymutantapt-cache rdepends --installed02:15
binarymutantapt-cache rdepends --installed python02:15
Unit193Oh, I suppose you actually would want to only view installed :P02:15
binarymutantpostfix, lsb-release, apparmor, wicd, and upstart ! the only apps tying me down02:16
Unit193You kinda need those :P02:16
binarymutantI know :(02:16
binarymutantdeb stuff and irssi02:17
binarymutantand apparmor again02:17
binarymutantI wonder if I could easily replace my init program... (and not shoot myself in the foot)02:18
binarymutantmeh I'll just let python and perl live on02:20
Unit193I have quite a few rdepends on python...02:20
binarymutantUnit193: I skipped the python libs02:20
binarymutantI'm sure the ubuntu-standard requires it a lot02:21
Unit193apt-cache rdepends --installed python |grep -v python Still a ton with that :P02:23
cyberangerbinarymutant: dpkg depends should also work02:25
binarymutant~5 for me :D02:25
cyberangerif I recall02:26
cyberangerbinarymutant: gprs card & AT&T or T-Mobile should02:26
cyberangerAT&T network02:26
cyberangerbinarymutant: you also use wicd?02:27
binarymutantya, I switched to wicd when I had problems installing networkmanager02:27
cyberangercurses or gtk?02:27
binarymutantsince last night I think02:27
cyberangerI use curses02:28
cyberangerwhy do you want postfix?02:28
cyberangerright, even if postfix has no config, mutt needs it02:28
cyberangerwhat's with the install issues, why not apt-get install and done?02:29
cyberangersize limits or what?02:30
binarymutantoriginally I did install it but it wasn't working, maybe my user wasn't in the network group or something idk02:30
binarymutantbut wicd worked out-of-box02:30
binarymutantmutt doesn't depend on postfix, it's a recommend02:31
cyberangercli install or anything fancy, netinst02:31
binarymutantminimal iso02:32
binarymutantit's pretty much a netinst02:32
cyberangerand yeah, I was just thinking was postfix really a depend or a habit here02:32
cyberangerdid you select cli or just run it?02:32
cyberangerand what version?02:32
binarymutantI just ran it02:33
cyberangercli like ubuntu server, but slimmer, before you run  the install, hit f4 for mode, select cli install & run02:33
cyberangerthat's what I do02:34
binarymutantit installed the base linux system, asked me if I wanted to install a virtual-package (ie lamp server, netbook, etc)02:34
cyberangeroh, they reworked it02:34
cyberangerversion I mean, natty, lucid, maverick02:34
binarymutantnatty but I upgraded to oneiric02:35
* cyberanger is about to do a few installs & reinstalls, part of why I ask (other part is my usual, "this is an intresting curousity" deal)02:35
cyberangernatty worked, the upgrade is the current issue?02:35
binarymutanthttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD is the one02:35
binarymutantcyberanger: everything worked, but it wasn't a hands free install02:36
cyberangeralready downloaded the discs, just trying to understand if packages broke, bad repo or what02:36
binarymutantlike network manager worked but you have to setup the user to the group02:36
cyberangerand yeah, that's fine, mine are never handsfree02:36
binarymutantwicd does this when installed, it's pretty nifty02:37
* cyberanger does custom now, openbox or lxde02:37
binarymutantoh and my user wasn't in the audio group either02:37
binarymutantother than that everything else was awesome02:37
cyberangeradd my user to audio dip (for dial up) and I forget the third group02:37
binarymutantthe iso is only 19Mb :D02:38
cyberangeradd tor's repo, map tor's repo to use tor (too many hotspots call tor an anonmizer, so fetch tor's own upgrade via tor)02:38
binarymutanttor is in the ubuntu repo now02:39
cyberangerrun some custom iptables scripts, and so on02:39
binarymutantcyberanger: the mini installs a base system at around 700Mb02:39
binarymutantlast time I checked Arch was ~500Mb02:39
binarymutant2-3 years ago02:39
cyberangerlast I heard, tor was behind, but I use the expermental branch anyhow02:40
cyberangerbinarymutant: natty base was about that, debian was 300mb02:40
binarymutant! should have went with debian02:40
cyberangerdebian testing02:41
binarymutantidk why I keep installing ubuntu (bad thing to say on an ubuntu channel)02:41
binarymutantah because I like nonfree stuff, that's right02:41
Unit193I think we already had comments about this ;P02:42
cyberangerthing is, by the time I do everything, adding packages and such (no music, just software & config) it's 1.7 -2.2 GB (depending on exact setup)02:42
cyberangerbinarymutant: your in my region, and I outright say it >:-)02:42
wrstbinarymutant: arch base system is still around 500MB02:42
binarymutantthat's pretty impressive02:42
cyberangeryes, wrst & I debate debian testing & arch, and agree unity is a joke (however we disagree on how big a joke)02:43
cyberangerthis channel & ubuntu, rare02:43
wrstha ha02:43
wrstwell cyberanger like i said if it has to work I'm going debian02:43
cyberangerbinarymutant: use 'main contrib non-free' instead of just main02:43
binarymutantcyberanger: Ubuntu already has it included02:44
cyberangerwrst: but debian doesn't have unity02:44
* cyberanger gags02:44
wrstcyberanger:  all the more reason :)02:44
cyberangerbinarymutant: but disabled, universe multiverse (and canonical's two really non-free repos)02:44
binarymutantcyberanger: It wasn't disabled for me..02:45
cyberangerbinarymutant: some difference between live cd (and their installer) and more advanced ones02:45
binarymutantI got nvidia-current, flash, all my bad video codecs without doing anything :D02:45
cyberangernot even sudo apt-get install *non-free*02:45
binarymutantwell I mean, besides just installing them. Didn't have to edit /etc/apt/source.list02:46
binarymutantDebian you have to02:46
cyberangerif you compare ubuntu's live cd to debian's install, they both are lacking universe & multiverse (or contrib & non-free for debian)02:46
cyberangerin the live disc you either add them or uncomment them at least02:47
cyberangeryou & I use advanced installers02:47
binarymutantidk last time I used the livecd installer I didn't have to do anything then either02:47
binarymutantthat's a good enough reason to stick with ubuntu :D02:48
cyberanger(I've used alternate more than netinst, due to needing a ethernet tie in, wifi or celluar card but they added it in yesterday, uncommented too, live cd yesterday didn't)02:48
cyberangeroh, should add, live cd was 10.04.03 rest was 11.04 (cli install)02:49
cyberangerthing is, I bash scripted it in, no extra work02:50
binarymutantthat's cool02:51
binarymutantcyberanger: tried zsh yet? Better tab completion :D02:51
cyberangerI just can't tolerate where ubuntu's been going02:51
binarymutantcyberanger: towards bug number 102:52
cyberangercan't say I have recently, dash & bash for sure02:52
binarymutantI can't make any excuses for unity's left handed panel but other than that it's very 'new to linux' friendly02:53
cyberangercan't say it really is fixing bug number 1 though02:53
binarymutantstaying 'new to linux' friendly does, average joe can't use Arch :P02:54
cyberangerI've had issues with unity (dual monitors mainly, but ease of use on my hw, too much graphics processing to draw a menu)02:54
binarymutanterr *can't install Arch02:54
cyberangerand those bugs were'nt too new to anything friendly02:54
binarymutantcyberanger: yes composite sucks, but Windows & Apple do composite so it's inline with lp bug #102:55
cyberangerit seems that the only time I have xorg crash is with compiz running (or a driver glitch in dual monitors)02:56
binarymutantxorg is awesome02:56
cyberangerdrivers through me into a boot loop, xorg drops me to a terminal (no big to me, I drop myself to a terminal)02:56
binarymutant** except for taking away ctrl+alt+backspace **02:57
binarymutantI had to put ctrl+alt+backspace into my .xinitrc file02:57
cyberangerso it's these little bugs that show up huge, that makes unity look worse (to me it's already bad for the pointless composite)02:57
binarymutantsetxkbmap -option terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp &02:57
binarymutantcyberanger: unity isn't 20+ years old though, like xorg02:58
cyberangerand that's an ubuntu issue, not an xorg one (too many used to the task manager, hence why)02:58
cyberangerbinarymutant: unity isn't xorg, it's gnome, apples to oranges02:58
cyberangerxorg is under unity, it's a unity issue too02:59
binarymutantcyberanger: right but I'm talking project vs project, unity has bugs because its new, xorg doesn't because its super old02:59
cyberangerbut it's also kernel bugs in  ati nvidea & intel chips, wifi02:59
cyberangerbinarymutant: ah, true, unless code that's new goofs, new driver code, xrandr is fairly new03:00
binarymutantwhen Unity is as stable as xorg these small bugs won't be there and then it'll just be a paradigm issue03:00
cyberangerand that's why openbox works, I can contain the bugs03:00
cyberangerI've found the dual monitor issue is unity, not xorg03:00
cyberangerthrough grub into a boot loop (traced to the kernel driver & composting settings unity enabled)03:01
binarymutantor when unity is as stable as *box, *box has been arround forever too03:01
cyberangertrue, but windows 8 hasn't and it's more stable (I hate typing that, but truth hurts)03:02
* cyberanger fetches the neosporin03:02
cyberangerthat's the thing, unity has been out longer than windows 8, and neither is a complete rewrite or 100% fresh ui03:03
binarymutantnah Windows 8 has been around since forever, same kernal and it's just vista's wm - stableized03:03
cyberangerwrst: the tablet bit?03:03
binarymutanterr more stableized03:03
cyberangerthe netbook stuff & phone stuff in 7 is where that's from, but that matches unity03:04
binarymutantit's not like Windows wrote their composite wm from scratch every time03:04
cyberangersame with unity (riding on compiz)03:04
binarymutant^^ very true03:04
cyberangeris it a fair comparison, no, is it the closest we'll see, probally03:04
cyberangernearly the same development time, riding on older code, both have issues03:05
binarymutantbut compiz has had a huge internal problem that made stableizing harder. Windows didn't have issues with a community forking it03:05
cyberangerunity is in a stable release though, and windows 8 has alot with 7, which is stable03:05
cyberangertrue, which is my point03:06
cyberangerI'm saying unity isn't a solution to bug #1, if you release it broken on common video cards03:06
cyberanger8 isn't even out, and I can't cause the same bugs with the same cards03:06
cyberangerI'm not comparing it to XP, that's unfair03:07
cyberangerbug #1 needs to match that same compatability, have more flexability in what can run (we're getting there finally)03:08
wrstok cyberanger about have the minimal set up if i'm going to do this might as well use arch or debian and have a rolling release03:08
cyberangerand we have so much UI options, we should focus on documentation on issues, and fixing issues, make it stable03:09
cyberangerwe gained when MS goofed, we were stable03:09
cyberangernow I'm on debian after ubuntu slid back (and I'm on debian testing, newer code, which is where it's a bit insulting)03:10
cyberangerwrst: debian testing in my book03:10
binarymutantUnity isn't the end all to lp#1 for sure. But it was necessary. The biggest problem to bug #1 is that Windows isn't a collection of free software projects so therefor has an upper hand03:10
cyberangervs ubuntu which is still a collection of software projects, and doesn't work right03:11
binarymutantvs ubuntu which has to deal with developers of their collection of software projects, which at times don't work together03:11
* cyberanger has never gotten unity to work for a month with noob level skills03:11
binarymutantala gnome-org03:11
cyberangerbut what's a broken ui fix?03:12
binarymutanta patch?03:12
binarymutantUnity isn't for us, but it's good for Ubuntu03:14
binarymutantthey should put the panel on the bottom though ***03:14
cyberangerbinarymutant: if unity is what a noob is supposed to see, but instead sees a boot loop, how is that good03:15
cyberangerthink patch is the point I'm getting at, we're calling a natty (with unity) stable, and it's not03:15
cyberangercomparing it to win8 which is a developer preview, and isn't doing that, fine for a week03:16
binarymutantcyberanger: it booted fine for me :D03:19
binarymutantreinstall a standard natty iso, it's fine now03:21
binarymutantcyberanger: which wm would you push onto new users?03:22
binarymutantI look at unity like I do software-center. It's not for me but it's a lot easier for new users to understand than apt-get03:24
cyberangerbinarymutant: dual monitors?03:24
binarymutantcyberanger: the general public don't use dual monitors though03:25
cyberangerbinarymutant: lxde, currently (less a special reason)03:25
binarymutantwhat's lxde using?03:25
cyberangertrue, same card crashed as a single monitor, but work needed dual for it03:25
cyberangerbinarymutant: lxde is a wm03:25
binarymutantidk it would be hard to explain how to configure openbox to a new user03:28
cyberangerin the same sense that unity is on compiz03:28
cyberangernot much (if anything) to really configure03:28
binarymutantit looks old too03:29
binarymutantUbuntu needs to look fresh and very easy, hard to do03:29
cyberangerunity was meant for older hardware, and there is a reason XP is still big too03:30
cyberangerand it's easy (and not as bug ridden)03:31
cyberangersorry, lxde was meant for older harderware, unlike unity*03:31
binarymutantnah XP is still the number one desktop because ppl don't want to buy another computer03:31
cyberangerexactly, and new support, and they heard about vista, can't see the diff with 7 or 803:32
binarymutantheh i can't see a difference between 8 and 95 :D03:32
binarymutantNT kernel03:32
Unit193Are you blind? :P03:32
binarymutant^^ NT kernel03:33
binarymutantStart panel, desktop icons, etc. same old same old03:34
binarymutantanyways, I may be wrong about Unity being needed for bug #1, but composite is a must03:34
binarymutant[[ linux3.0! ]]03:35
Unit193Liquorix3.0 didn't want to work with me :/03:36
binarymutantUnit193: never heard03:37
cyberangerbinarymutant: out of the box, with an off switch03:37
cyberangerand where it works, sure03:37
cyberangerand with varity (dual screens have their place too)03:37
binarymutantI've never seen a "general public" computer user with dual screens03:38
cyberangerdoesn't mean ignore it, we gotta lure gaming, where it's bigger03:39
binarymutantwe gotta have games to get the gamers :P03:40
cyberangergotta lure businesses, where it happens03:40
cyberangertrue, but a platform where what games require are needed to get games03:40
cyberangerI play flight simulators & FPS03:40
binarymutantI used to, but laptop fps isn't very fun :(03:41
cyberangermy flight sim I'd love to get on three screens, build a cockpit out of it03:41
cyberangerbut while I can play linux flight sim's, can't with the current issues in ubuntu03:41
binarymutantUnit193: what does "the best configuration for desktop, multimedia, and games" mean?03:41
binarymutantcyberanger: why not?03:42
Unit1933? http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/items/free_games/Images/quake_24_screens.jpg03:42
Unit193binarymutant: What?03:42
binarymutantcyberanger: oh composite + gl yeah03:42
binarymutantUnit193: quake 3 on a million screens awesome03:42
binarymutantnot a casual computer user there03:43
binarymutant24 screens of OpenArena would be awesome03:43
Unit193IIRC, Liquorix is a repo for http://zen-kernel.org/ but I could be very wrong...03:43
cyberangerbinarymutant: and GPU drivers that crash with two monitors, yep03:44
binarymutantlol @ zen-kernel names!03:44
binarymutantthe gtfo release lol03:45
binarymutantcyberanger: how does gaming work on Windows w/ composite?03:45
binarymutant...I remember asking that years ago...03:46
Unit193binarymutant: Not the same as Liquorix03:47
binarymutantI've never used any kernel that wasn't vanilla or configured by me03:48
binarymutantbut since you said it didn't work, idk if I want to :P03:48
cyberangerbinarymutant: more added resources, but considering my issues with unity, it's better03:49
cyberangerrealistic details on MS flight sim X03:49
cyberangerit's grown03:50
binarymutantcyberanger: I haven't tried composite+gl game in a long time03:50
binarymutantI prolly have the hardware to do it now though03:51
Unit193binarymutant: Didn't work because newer version of GCC was used03:52
binarymutantUnit193: ah03:52
cyberangerscorched3d is a good demo for that03:54
cyberangergraphics is the only harsh requirement, configurable03:54
binarymutantscorched3d was super heavy when I tried it03:54
cyberangerother gammes are better, but higher requirements03:54
binarymutantmaybe like 2 years ago03:54
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, I mean graphics alone03:55
binarymutantya I can see why that would be a good test03:55
cyberangerother words, it's not network heavy, ram hog outside of graphics03:55
binarymutantknow what games work great in any condition? roguelikes!03:55
cyberangerand it's better now than then, but yeah, it's heavy03:56
cyberangertons of old games, we need new games03:56
cyberangerthat work03:57
binarymutant<- going through a retro phase atm03:57
binarymutantxboard, nethack, etc.03:57
binarymutantgearhead ** best game out there03:58
binarymutantdoomrl, aliensrl, and friends are awesome too http://chaosforge.org03:59
binarymutantnot the rl crowd hmm..04:12
binarymutant0ad is fun04:16
Unit193cyberanger: What do you think about Debian testing for a server?04:27
binarymutantwhat do you want your uptime to be?04:36
binarymutantunstable is actually very stable...04:36
Unit193I don't like downtime04:36
binarymutant100% uptime = stable, 95-99 = testing, 85-95 = unstable   imho04:37
binarymutantdowntime being updates to the kernel*04:38
Unit193Stable = Programs last updated before you got your last car04:38
Unit193I was thinking debian because if you don't go for stable, it can actually be up to date without quite a few ppas04:40
binarymutantunstable is04:40
Unit193Testing = Ubuntu?04:41
binarymutantunstable = ubuntu +104:41
binarymutantoneiric is unstable unil the freeze04:41
Unit193(Can't ever remember that)04:42
Unit193Launchpad PPAs would still be nice, but Ubuntu does updates slow :/04:42
binarymutantyou could always compile your apps :D04:43
Unit193As an example, I have a few LP PPAs, GetDeb repos, and something downloaded from LP for the Onriric series. I have compiled, but I'm too lazy to compile everything (Not using Gentoo here)04:43
binarymutantwhat do you use from oneiric?04:45
binarymutantoh noes what do I need for auto-mounting??04:46
binarymutantHAL right?04:46
Unit193Pianobar :P04:48
binarymutantI think I might actually install that04:49
binarymutanttry out pandora04:49
Unit193Or if you like GUI, pithos (python)04:52
cyberangeror if you don't like a GUI, Unit193's first recommendation rocks04:52
binarymutantpandora is like last.fm right?04:52
Unit193Yes it does!04:53
cyberanger(esp on my alice n chain & tool channels)04:53
Unit193cyberanger: But you even use OpenBox!04:53
cyberangerbinarymutant: there's some differences, but they are similar04:53
cyberangerUnit193: with hulu & vlc (when xvideo is needed, say a dvd)04:53
Unit193VLC is awesome, but I don't use Hulu04:54
binarymutant*cough* mplayer04:55
* cyberanger coughs louder, reaches for a cough drop04:56
cyberangerUnit193: keeps the cable bill low04:56
cyberangerhulu crackle & cbs.com (amoungst others04:56
cyberangerlike the bbc's iplayer only available in the UK >:-))04:56
binarymutantjust dl it :P04:59
Unit193cyberanger: I also don't have cable05:00
cyberangerbinarymutant: no buffering, they're player is good, fetches it from some CDN servers in Atlanta (just gotta foul up the GeoIP tools they use, childs play)05:01
binarymutanta uk proxy probably works05:02
binarymutanttoo much work for me though, just as illegal as downloading it05:02
binarymutantgah pianobar makes me want to get mplayer working with pandora and last.fm now05:04
Unit193I've never used Last.fm05:05
binarymutantit's weird :D05:05
cyberangerbinarymutant: nothing illegal about it (well, for me that is, I pay their TV License FEE)05:06
binarymutantcyberanger: you pay UK tax?05:06
cyberangerno, just a fee05:06
cyberangerit's just like a tollway, don't drive the tollroads, no legal reason to pay the tolls05:07
binarymutantI'm way off the road then05:08
binarymutantwhy does pianobar need my email....05:09
cyberanger(dormate in boarding school was from the UK, I split the fee & he uses my setups to fool it while away, like when deployed (He's RAF) it's not a tax, don't have a TV, nothing to pay, however that's gotten a bit muddy now)05:09
cyberangerbinarymutant: pandora account email, pandora username05:09
binarymutantI have to sign up?05:09
cyberangeryeah, to create your own radio station, your likes & dislikes theme the stations05:09
binarymutantwow and tell them my gender, that's pretty invasive05:10
cyberangerbinarymutant: I've had mutiple accounts, they don't even theme ads on it05:11
binarymutanthow do I play music on pianobar? I set up a station but how to play?05:12
binarymutantpretty cool, weird menu though05:13
Unit193He's funny05:13
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, it keeps info out of the way, kinda awkward but quick to learn05:16
cyberangerand it's actually great after playing for 20 hours05:16
binarymutantthe explainations are hilarious05:18
binarymutant Based on what you've told us so far, we're playing this track because it features electronica roots, downtempo influences, beats made for dancing, a repetitive chorus and use of modal harmonies.05:18
binarymutantpandora's cool just like last.fm05:22
cyberangerbinarymutant: debstep?05:26
cyberangerthe more you use it, the better it gets05:26
binarymutantdebstep ya05:26
binarymutantI'd say the differences between pandora and last.fm are the explanations05:27
binarymutantdpkg -i awesome.debstep05:27
binarymutantthe explanations do get better! unsyncopated!05:33
Unit193Well, maybe the movie I picked isn't the best :/05:34
Unit193Looking for some "good" horror05:36
binarymutantUnit193: like what?05:36
Unit193Dunno, something that isn't crap :P05:38
binarymutantlike... Troma? Full Moon? Franco? Argentina?05:38
binarymutantsome ppl might think they're crap though :P05:38
Unit193Not heard of 'em, but When a Stranger Calls wasn't bad05:38
Unit193Neither was Insidious05:39
binarymutantdon't watch any of those examples above :D05:39
Unit193Why not? What are they? :P05:40
binarymutantexplotation films, some people refer to them as "B" grade or whatever05:41
binarymutantala "crap"05:41
Unit193The Ring {2} were not bad05:42
binarymutantyou like subs?05:42
Unit193Subtitles? Not really05:43
binarymutantcan't help sorry05:43
binarymutantpianobar needs a client/server model so I can background it and still send it commands05:44
Unit193There was something not like that in man pianobar (I think)05:45
binarymutantfifo cool05:45
cyberangerUnit193: FIFO05:46
Unit193cyberanger: Yep05:46
cyberanger(made a section of an openbox menu focused on that)05:47
Unit193I've never used it05:47
cyberangerlibnotify script too, makes it real simple05:48
Unit193That would be handy, but sill haven't done it :P05:50
binarymutantone of the contrib devs use my wm, that's always nice05:57
binarymutanteventcmd isn't working for me though :/06:08
binarymutantcyberanger: how'd you get notification working?06:14
Unit193Wow... Actually got bot to say currently playing in channel!06:15
cyberangerbinarymutant: for pianobar, scripted, hang on06:17
cyberangerbinarymutant: http://zachgibbens.tk/pianobar/06:23
cyberangerthat config left out 'user = ' and 'password = ' dunno if that's needed, or if it just saves me from logging in06:24
Unit193It isn't06:25
cyberangermp3 hifi is pandora one only, hence why it's commented out06:25
cyberangerautostart station is my quickmix, you'll need to swap that with one of your stations06:25
cyberangerpianobar provides the string you'll need06:26
cyberangerI tweaked the script a little (from the orignal source) to try and keep it from running if I'm 100% cli only (no $DISPLAY)06:27
cyberangernot tested yet though, so if that's an issue, lemme know I'll upload the stock script06:27
binarymutantstock script didn't work for me, and it was written for the wm I was using :/06:28
cyberanger(I've used the notification bit, not tested the DISPLAY checking bit)06:28
cyberangerbinarymutant: chmod +x it06:28
binarymutantnah I did that06:28
cyberangerand you need the config file to point at it06:29
cyberangerdid that fail06:29
Unit193There is a newline where it's a comment06:29
cyberangerUnit193: say what, in the notification script06:29
Unit193Line 1506:30
cyberangeroh yep06:30
Unit193It's not even an issue06:30
cyberangerthat'd do it (that's what I get for uploading an older version06:31
cyberangerdidn't think why it was on the server, I see an issue)06:31
Unit193Eh, maybe I should just get a .tk :/06:32
cyberangeryep, that was an error06:33
Unit193But so easy to fix06:33
cyberangerbinarymutant: redownload, two typo's I missed06:33
binarymutanthng on06:34
cyberangerbinarymutant: you using safari?06:35
cyberangerUnit193: safari?06:35
binarymutantwebkit though, I changed my user-agent to that though **06:35
cyberangerbinarymutant: ah, was wondering which of you two got it off06:36
Unit193Have to redownload already? Dang...06:38
cyberangerUnit193: two typos got missed06:38
cyberangerbinarymutant: maybe that UA is right, rarely see safari anyhow, just looks off to me06:39
Unit193I'm sure you noticed mine :P06:39
binarymutantI was trying to get youtube.com/html5 to work right at the time :D06:39
binarymutantalthough I thought I put it back onto luakit06:40
cyberangerUnit193: yep06:40
cyberanger(happening to be auditing logs anyhow, supposed to be daily routine, holding it at weekly lately)06:41
cyberangerbinarymutant: that one should work06:41
Unit193Mine worked06:41
binarymutantcyberanger: thanks, had to edit it for my setup, but it works now :D06:42
cyberangerbinarymutant: the config or the bash script?06:42
binarymutantthe bash script06:42
cyberangerwhat needed modifing06:42
cyberangerI mean in the script?06:43
binarymutantah I use that naughty line that was commented out06:43
binarymutantinstead of notify-send06:43
cyberangerah (I do know the path in the config is unlikely to be in your systems, at least I don't recall tweaking your filepath last time I was logged into your boxes >:-))06:45
cyberangerbinarymutant: note: scrobbler-helper06:45
Unit193Last.fm script is in the examples06:46
binarymutantyeah I saw that too06:46
cyberangerbinarymutant: hadn't tried that, but thought I'd point it out06:46
cyberangerUnit193: there were example scripts06:46
* cyberanger facepalms06:46
cyberangerI spent a hour or two tweaking, mixing & matching from blog posts06:47
Unit193One for the KDE notify thing, another for rbot (I have that), etc06:48
binarymutantis there really any bashism in that script?06:49
cyberangerI could have put dash or sh I bet06:49
binarymutantit's on /bin/bash06:49
binarymutantyours is06:50
cyberangerold habit, I test with bash, pass or fail06:50
binarymutantapparently there is bashism in it06:50
binarymutantgood thing I haven't taken that off :D06:50
cyberanger(sometimes I miss a typo on a revision and just do it, but jist is I just go by what I test it on, for good measure, if I tested in dash it'd been /bin/dash)06:51
binarymutantdoesnt work w/ dash06:51
cyberangerbinarymutant: wasn't saying it did, just saying I only tested in bash06:52
Unit193Seems to work with zsh06:52
binarymutantI wish I could read shell scripts better06:52
binarymutantUnit193: everything works with zsh :D :D :D06:53
binarymutantwait.. it doesn't here06:53
cyberangerdidn't think I did anything exclusive to bash (or lacking in dash) I test my scripts by calling dash or bash or ....06:53
cyberangeradded verbosity usually06:53
cyberangerdepending on the script (this one I probally cut corners)06:54
cyberangerso I only tested bash (when I test I add that line, If I test two (say bash & dash) I'll add whatever one I think worked better/quicker to the top, add the other below it (as a comment)06:55
cyberangerI can read bash to a point, but I'm not a programmer, so It's a matter of pride I can even say this06:56
Unit193Yep, I can read some programming enough to change things to how I like06:56
cyberangerclipped the script (instead of commenting it) and that's got bashism in it, hrm....06:57
cyberangerbinarymutant: don't see anything in that that I'd expect dash would care about (I'll need to read up on dash again, most of my scripts are more straightforward than this, maybe longer, but easier to follow & so on)06:59
cyberangerbinarymutant: it is working in bash though?06:59
binarymutantyes bash06:59
cyberangerUnit193: zsh is running it?06:59
binarymutantno in anything else06:59
Unit193Had something, but that doesn't have to be zsh06:59
binarymutantis this script taking from stdin? I might just go ahead and write it in ruby just so I know what's going on07:00
binarymutantor some other $lang besides sh07:00
Unit193I'm trying to watch something, so pianobar isn't something I have on07:00
cyberangerbinarymutant: looks like stdin the whole way07:02
cyberangerpassing glance07:02
binarymutantwhat really throw me off is the `;; *) ;;`07:02
cyberangeryeah, that isn't clear07:03
Unit193The rbot one is ruby if that helps...07:04
cyberangercould have rewritten for better clarity07:04
cyberangerUnit193: you were asking about ubotutn, yes?07:05
cyberangerway back07:05
Unit193That was why I was here in the first place :P07:05
binarymutantrbot is very fun07:05
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, it works for me, that's all I ever promise with my scripts07:05
cyberangerUnit193: meet the project maintainer, binarymutant ;-)07:06
binarymutantnot a very good maintainer07:07
cyberangerbinarymutant: at least lp still thinks your the maintainer, honestly idk what's going on with our irc bots, we have a good many07:07
Unit193cyberanger: Already met him (kinda) and talked to him (Told me to get lost ;) )07:07
cyberangerMootBot: meetingology ubuntulog_ (didn't notice locobot left)07:07
Unit193Two meeting bots is really going to mess you up when you start a meeting. Did you read up on meetingology?07:08
cyberangerUnit193: you know it's bad when you walk into the same gas station twice in the same day to get directions, and the guy says get lost07:09
cyberangerUnit193: I've got that covered in my reminder scripts07:09
cyberangerthere are commands to get the two to ignore each other07:09
Unit193You could also /remove MootBot ;)07:09
cyberangerwell, once meetingology has a good meeting run, that's the plan07:10
cyberangerbinarymutant: intrested in being the east tn poc again?07:10
binarymutantcyberanger: uhhh err umm07:11
binarymutantcyberanger: prolly not yet07:11
cyberangeroh dear07:11
binarymutantwhat's meetingology?07:12
cyberangerbinarymutant: well, membership is low, and I've already got a youth service that overlaps (ironically, it's the most likely project to involve ubuntu lately)07:12
Unit193binarymutant: He won't be asking me next, he'll keep after you ;)07:12
cyberangertoss in work, I might be having to step down in november or so07:12
Unit193It's supybot by Alan Bell and has some advancements over MootBot07:12
cyberangerhence why I ask07:12
cyberangerbinarymutant: meeting bot, upgrade to MootBot07:13
Unit193That's odd word usage07:13
binarymutantit's pretty cool07:13
Unit193Oh yeah, seen it in action for Xubuntu meeting07:13
Unit193cyberanger: OP the bot right before the meeting ;)07:14
binarymutantwhat's it's .. thingy mabob07:14
cyberangerUnit193: why?07:15
Unit193cyberanger: It's fun ;)07:16
binarymutantah ty07:16
meetingologyUnit193: Error: "supybot.reply.whenAddressedBy.chars" is not a valid command.07:16
Unit193@config supybot.reply.whenAddressedBy.chars07:17
meetingologyUnit193: Global: @; #ubuntu-us-tn: @07:17
meetingologybinarymutant: Error: You don't have the admin capability. If you think that you should have this capability, be sure that you are identified before trying again. The 'whoami' command can tell you if you're identified.07:17
cyberangeroh dear07:17
Unit193You could list it ;) (In PM)07:18
cyberangermeetingology: whoami07:18
meetingologycyberanger: I don't recognize you.07:18
binarymutantI have been07:18
cyberangerthat's fine by me, I don't recognize you either07:18
binarymutantit was a misc function, thought I could see the last meeting07:18
binarymutantbut no.07:18
cyberangermeetingology: whoami07:19
meetingologycyberanger: I don't recognize you.07:19
cyberangerstill, hrm07:19
binarymutantcyberanger: you have to register with the bot07:19
* cyberanger makes a note to re-read meetingology07:19
binarymutant`/msg meetingology`07:19
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, thought I did though, when I had it invited here07:20
* binarymutant goes back to hacking on pianobar stdout07:20
Unit193Doesn't need to know you07:20
binarymutantwhat other ppl are bots"?07:24
Unit193I've been called a bot...07:24
cyberangerUnit193: between one and ten, what are the odds I'm referring to binary07:25
binarymutantchat bot :P07:25
cyberangerbinarymutant: atm, meetingology MootBot and ubuntulog_ (I don't count ChanServ, it's a service)07:26
cyberangerwoah, 0330 already, time for some sleep07:26
binarymutant13 ppl in this chan? I think I've only talked to maybe 4 people07:27
* cyberanger was supposed to draw the line at 020007:27
cyberangerbinarymutant: you, me wrst Unit193 xpistos pace_t_zulu pleia2 and binarymutant07:27
cyberangerthat I know over the years for sure07:28
cyberanger(and yes, like all great geeks you do talk to yourself, thankfully via a bot (it's less creepy that way)))07:28
cyberangerbinarymutant: usually I am (and soon that might be paycheck supported too, woot woot) but meetings, doc appts, so on07:29
cyberangerthere are daytime tasks to get done07:29
binarymutantno sunlight here07:29
Unit193Good job on mass highlight ;)07:30
cyberangerI've got an interview for some jobs tommorow, some were for night shift positions, but HR works days07:30
cyberangerUnit193: I need to try harder, I missed some07:30
binarymutantyes that does suck07:30
binarymutant8-5hr, for 3-11am shift, etc07:31
cyberangerbinarymutant: and I'll be driving past your hood tommorow too07:31
binarymutantidk where my hood is right now... somewhere in Wellsville :/07:32
cyberangerwell, wellsville is small enough, I'll be in that whole area tommorow07:33
cyberangerfolks live in kagley area07:33
binarymutantno clue where that is :D07:33
cyberanger5 mi further east, roughly07:33
binarymutantah :D07:34
cyberangerUS 129 & 336 junction, take 336 5 miles further east, that area07:34
binarymutantI live right off 129 right now I think07:35
cyberangerthat junction for what I recall is sorta the center of wellsville07:35
cyberangeryou probally do, it's gonna be one of those two roads07:35
binarymutantwith the corner store(the only store) thats a huge rip off07:35
cyberangerfunny thing is, wellsville isn't really on any maps now, no real town there07:36
binarymutantthey all just say blount07:36
cyberangerhead down US 129, going toward north carolina, say 3 miles, pumpkin center, little better prices07:37
cyberangerthat's at the junction of US 129 & TN 7207:37
binarymutantmight try that :D07:37
cyberangerkeep in mind, nothing is really reasonable out of town, but you burn gas on every trip in town, there is some give & take07:38
cyberangerproperity/rent is lower, as is taxes, utilities (to a point)07:38
cyberangerso there is some give & take to that07:38
cyberanger& you have the foothills & lake chilowee in your backyard07:39
binarymutantyeah I'm just now getting used to that paradigm problem07:39
cyberangerit was worse when I first came to tennessee, boarding school, then summer there, didn't know the area, folks are busy nurses, couldn't drive (and when I could, till my junior to senior summer break, I didn't have a car to drive, they took them to work)07:41
cyberangerthen I got a dodge intrepid, now it's a Ford f-150, and higher gas prices too, I'm learning it too, it's not a quick lesson07:41
cyberangerwell, best I get off, chat with you both later07:42
Unit193That was to him07:47
Unit193Glanced and didn't see that part. So I now can stalk you down :P07:48
binarymutantI don't hide07:48
binarymutantbring money & cigerettes pls :D07:49
Unit193Heh, not beer?07:53
binarymutantsure! Hitachino but if your cheap pbr will do :P07:54
Unit193I'm sure now isn't the best time to ask if anyone else is stalking pleia on G+ :P07:58
binarymutantI follow on twitter planet-ubuntu07:59
Unit193Planet-Ubuntu has too much clutter08:00
binarymutanthave you seen planet-fedora?08:01
binarymutantway more clutter08:01
Unit193Heh, bodhi get on there too?08:01
binarymutantyes bodhi.zazen08:02
binarymutantmore on fedora than ubuntu (had to search)08:02
Unit193He is Amby and got cloak changed from ubuntu/member to fedora/ :P08:03
Unit193And I still got nothing :P08:04
binarymutantand I'm lost :/08:04
Unit193bodhi_zazen (~bodhi_zaz@fedora/bodhizazen)08:04
Unit193phillw (~phillw@ubuntu/member/phillw)08:05
binarymutantyeah, mostly posts on fedora08:05
Unit193He just got it changed from Ubuntu, but he's still forum admin and UBT lead, he wins :D08:05
binarymutantwell a lot of ppl participate on different distros08:06
binarymutantmostly ubuntu -> debian08:06
binarymutantI only skim the planets for whatever appeals, I usually don't follow08:07
Unit193Yep, our LoCo watcher(?) got his debian maintainership08:07
Unit193I get the UWN from her G+ and read it :P08:08
binarymutantdm? or dd?08:08
binarymutantthat's pretty cool either way08:08
binarymutantI have to start uploading again, need to get back on the road to DD08:09
Unit193Dang, people actually good at something...08:09
binarymutantit's not hard08:09
Unit193I've seen the guide, didn't look easy08:10
binarymutantif you can compile you can package, it's easy08:10
binarymutantit takes forever to get to DD though08:11
binarymutantaw sleepy, i'm out08:12
binarymutantNight :D08:12
Unit193Dang, just me now...08:12
Unit193Have a good one08:12
wrstcyberanger: good luck on the job hunt today11:43
xpistoswrst: Capo13:20
wrstmorning xpistos14:02
xpistosokay I have bitlbee installed on my server now what do I do?14:08
wrstis it the same server that quassel is on xpistos?14:09
wrstok you will probably want to restart the server I don't know what but some daemon needs to be started and I never could figure it out and saw that restarting fixed the issue so I would restart the server14:10
wrstthen add a new irc network to localhost14:10
xpistosdo that last part in quassel?14:11
wrstyes I will send you a screen shot :)14:12
wrstxpistos: http://wesleystout.no-ip.org/quassel.png14:13
wrstxpistos: and you can try that before restarting but if you don't connect restarting should fix it or did for me and one other random dude14:14
xpistoswhere are you doing that? I don't see it14:15
wrstfile -> networks -> configure networks14:18
wrstthen add14:18
wrstif you haev any thing blocking port 6667 I think you might have to unblock that also14:19
xpistosOk. I was looking at the tope14:19
xpistosor top14:19
xpistosso open port 6667 to my server14:19
wrsti can't type either :)14:19
wrstxpistos: try it without because with it being localhost not for sure if you have to open or not?14:20
* wrst is not so good with things like that14:20
xpistosSo. I did all that now how to I start bitlbee to get it working?14:20
wrstok try connecting to that network14:21
wrstall bitlbee is, is your own little irc network running on your server that connects to those im protocols14:21
wrstoh and xpistos here is some decent documentation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Bitlbee but If you can't connect to that network if you can restart your server and I think that will take care of that issue14:22
xpistosnah. I am rebooting now14:26
wrstwoot xpistos!14:28
xpistosWhen I try to connect I get Permission Denied - You're not an IRC operator14:29
wrstok so you are connected to the server?14:30
xpistoswell I am talking to you right now so I am guessing14:30
wrstxpistos:  well i mean to the bitlbee server14:30
wrstbitlbee is set up to connect just like you are connected to freenode14:31
xpistosone second14:31
xpistos<root> Welcome to the BitlBee gateway!14:32
wrstok you are there xpistos14:34
wrstand you should show up in the nick list?14:34
xpistosokay I added account add jabber greekpackrat@gmail.com password talk.google.com:5223:ssl14:35
wrstdid it connect?14:35
wrstthis is the part I get confused on :)14:35
xpistos<root> Account successfully added14:36
xpistosI registered too14:36
wrsti know you somehow want to save all this too I think its in the documentation I had to follow a guide and ask cyberanger :)14:36
xpistoswrst what is your google account so I can try this14:36
wrstxpistos: do an "account list"14:37
wrstthen accoun "account number" on14:37
wrstand its wesleystout is my gtalk user name :)14:37
xpistos<root>  0. jabber, greekpackrat@gmail.com14:37
* wrst has to figure out how to add someone...14:38
wrstoh and this is good stuff xpistos14:39
wrstxpistos: do "account 0 on" if you haven't already14:39
wrsthmm xpistos think i did it14:41
xpistoswhat is that?14:42
xpistosaccount 0 on14:42
wrstadded you14:42
wrstdo you see any of your contacts?14:42
wrstxpistos: that account 0 on turns your account on14:42
wrstthe first just adds it14:42
wrstafter you run account 0 on you should see your contacts fill the room14:43
wrstkey word is *should* :D14:43
xpistosUnknown command: account 0. Please use help commands to get a list of available commands.14:43
wrstaccount 0 on14:43
wrstsorry xpistos14:44
wrstacount on 014:44
wrsttoo much thinking early in the morning :P14:44
xpistos   said authentication failure14:45
xpistosbut ididn't see where I put a password?14:45
wrstyou have to put the password when you add the account14:46
xpistosi didn't say an ifo about the password let me look again14:46
pace_t_zulumorning all14:46
wrstxpistos: account add jabber username@gmail.com mypasswd14:46
wrstmorning pace_t_zulu14:47
pace_t_zuluwrst: what's that about ^14:48
wrstyes sir14:48
pace_t_zulupersistent jabber?14:48
wrstcyberanger: has started a bitlbee revolution14:48
pace_t_zului'm on board14:48
pace_t_zuluwould be awesome if people weren't able to keep up w my movement14:49
pace_t_zulukinda like in here ;)14:49
wrstpace_t_zulu: I'm liking it, it stayed on all the time on my phone and now I have it all in one quassel window even on my phone14:49
pace_t_zulubitlbee works through quassel client???14:49
pace_t_zuluok i'm reading it now14:50
wrstyeah pace_t_zulu, all bitlbee is really is an irc server14:50
wrstthat connects to IM protocols14:50
pace_t_zuluworks through any irc14:50
pace_t_zuluf yea14:50
pace_t_zulucyberanger: +10014:50
wrstyeah you can connect to bitlbee's own servers but for security i prefer the have it running on my hardware route14:50
xpistosthe only down side is you have to remeber you passwords14:50
wrstno xpistos after you get them in it will remember them for you14:52
wrstbut you do have to remember them once :)14:52
pace_t_zuluwrst: on a shared system that could be a problem14:52
pace_t_zulubrb ... reboot14:53
xpistoswrst: did you get that?14:53
wrstxpistos: care to send one now and let me know when you do?14:55
pace_t_zuluwrst: i presume this has cyberanger's prerequisite level of security14:55
pace_t_zuluwrst: ... /etc/xinetd.d/ ?14:55
xpistosjst sent test14:55
wrstwell as long as its running on your on server I don't fear at14:55
pace_t_zuluwrst: should that be: /etc/init.d/14:56
wrsthmm xpistos14:56
wrstpace_t_zulu:  i don't know ? what you are talking about :)14:56
wrsti just installed from the repos14:56
pace_t_zuluwrst: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Bitlbee14:56
pace_t_zulu"As of the version 1.0.3-1.3ubuntu1, the Feisty Fawn version of the bitlbee package doesn't create the right file in /etc/xinetd.d/ in order to launch bitlBee. You'll have to add a "ircd" file by hand in that directory, containing:"14:56
wrstpace_t_zulu: note : the above is not needed on Ubuntu 6.06.1 or Ubuntu 7.10, just 7.04 apparently.14:57
wrstpace_t_zulu: i had to restart my server for it to work14:57
wrstsome daemon wouldn't start up14:57
pace_t_zuluwrst: /etc/init.d/bitlbee14:57
pace_t_zuluwrst: that's automatically created by apt14:57
wrstyeah i tried that but something else didn't work and for the network to fire up i had to reboot well didn't have to but just simpler14:57
wrstxpistos: care to try it again? and do I show up online now?14:58
pace_t_zuluwrst: so do i just connect to localhost/ ?14:59
pace_t_zuluthrough quassel?14:59
xpistos*** Mode &bitlbee +v wesleystout by localhost.localdomain14:59
wrsthmm weird14:59
xpistospace what is your gtalk account?15:00
xpistospace_t_zulu: what is your gtalk account15:00
wrstpace_t_zulu: i just "sudo service bitlbee stop and well it didn't stop :)15:01
pace_t_zuluwrst: is there a username and password?15:01
wrston the network no15:01
* wrst is way over his head with bitlbee and hope cyberanger comes soon15:02
wrstpace_t_zulu: this is a good user guide for when you get connected to bitlbee: http://www.bitlbee.org/main.php/irchacks_bitlbee.html15:02
wrstok xpistos care to IM me again? :)15:04
xpistos* wesleystout is away: "Away"15:04
wrsthmm xpistos got nothing15:05
xpistospace_t_zulu: when you log into bitlbee I have you added15:05
xpistosor gtalk or whatever15:06
pace_t_zuluxpistos: i don't connect to that account during the day15:06
xpistosdid you get that wrst15:07
wrstno xpistos i left gmail up at home shutting it down on my phone15:11
wrstcare to try it one more time :)15:11
xpistosI got it15:16
wrstwell crud, i'm deleting you and adding you back xpistos :)15:18
wrstadd 0 greekpackrat@gmail.com15:21
wrstcrud wrong window again!15:21
wrsthmm xpistos still nothing i'm trying one more "nuclear" option15:26
xpistoswhat if it is me15:26
xpistosI sent an im to a friend and he got it on his phone15:27
xpistoslet me add my byuisness account15:27
wrstxpistos: i am pretty sure its me15:27
xpistosok so its all about you huh15:27
wrstha ha15:28
xpistoson more test15:30
wrstgot nothing :)15:30
wrsti do recieve messages from everyone else15:32
xpistosmaybe it is me15:42
wrstits not you, its me xpistos15:42
* wrst says as he leaves the relationship15:43
cyberangerwrst: hey15:43
xpistoscyberanger: either wrst's or my bitlbee is broked15:43
wrstor both xpistos :)15:44
xpistosinsert sad trombone sound here15:44
wrstcyberanger: i can receive messages from all my other gtalk people but not xpistos and I just added him i'm guessing something t do with gtalk? or me? or xpistos is nuts?15:44
cyberangerwrst: thanks, I think this job bit will go well (but there are little guantrees, so yep, luck chance & planning it is)15:45
wrstawesome cyberanger15:45
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: we've had other members recommend it back when (chris4585 binarymutant) but it took a few versions (and possiblly a linux journal article) till I got hooked15:47
cyberangerwrst: I know yours works on that gtalk acct15:49
cyberangerxpistos: version of bitlbee and ubuntu15:49
cyberangerwrst: ^15:49
wrstyeah but I'm wondering if it has to do with adding a new user cyberanger?15:49
cyberangerwrst: into your bitlbee box, or new buddy in gtalk15:50
cyberangeror just into bitlbee?15:50
xpistosI installed bitlbee from the repos and i am on server 10.04.315:51
pace_t_zulupleia2: you a bit of a bitlbee ninja? (http://princessleia.com/bitlbee.php)15:51
wrstcyberanger: ubuntu 11.04 server and bitlbee 3.0.1-1build115:51
pace_t_zulucyberanger: is there a safer way to add accounts15:51
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i can't stand seeing passwords in plaintext15:51
pleia2pace_t_zulu: yeah, it was the first open source project I worked on (that quickstart needs updating though)15:52
pace_t_zulupleia2: it does need updating ... but it was the best resource i found15:53
xpistoswrst: how did you find your version? bitlbee -v didn't work for me15:53
pace_t_zulupleia2: i'm pretty excited about bitlbee15:53
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: bitlbee can support ssl, what server are you using15:53
wrstxpistos: dpkg -s bitlbee15:53
pace_t_zulucyberanger: localhost15:53
pleia2pace_t_zulu: it's just the same text as would be if you said in the &bitlbee channel if you: help quickstart15:53
pleia2should work too15:53
cyberangerxpistos: anybody else work from your install?15:54
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i'm not sure ssl is manditory on localhost ... probably consumes uneccessary resources15:54
xpistos 1.2.4-2ubuntu0.115:54
wrstyeah xpistos, pleia2's way is better :)15:54
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: was thinking you were trying a public server then, localhost would be a bit over the top15:55
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: so your fine transmitting, logs are the concern I take it15:55
xpistosI sent an im to a friend that recieved it on his phone15:56
pace_t_zulupleia2 or cyberanger ... bitlbee queston ... so i connected as 'firstnamelastname' first time ... now i'm connected as 'FirstnameLastname' ... same thing just camelcase15:56
pace_t_zulusettings don't persist15:56
pace_t_zuluhow can i delete the 'firstnamelastname' settings without purging bitlbee15:56
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: that sounds more like your irc client didn't persist on the nick15:57
cyberangerin bitlbee, drop15:57
pace_t_zulucyberanger: i deliberately disconnected .... restarted bitlebee ... connected with the 'FirstnameLastname' camelcase nick15:57
pace_t_zulucyberanger: thanks15:58
cyberangerxpistos: did you add wrst or wrst add you?15:58
xpistosI think both15:58
pace_t_zulucyberanger or pleia2: is there a more substantial guide than http://princessleia.com/bitlbee.php that y'all can point me to15:59
cyberangerxpistos: type qlist, see if root  has questions for you (bitlbee root, different from system root)15:59
pace_t_zulubitlbee's docs are a bit of a mess15:59
xpistos<root> There are no pending questions.15:59
cyberangerwrst: type qlist15:59
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: um, maybe arch has it up to date, unfortunately none come to mind16:00
wrstcyberanger: <root> There are no pending questions.16:00
xpistosI don;t know if this matters but when I put in bitlbee /version it looks like it is running or something not giving me a version like I told it to run instead16:01
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I got it in one shot, but I'd run some IRCD's by then, so I see the pain (the IRCD's are worse in documentation usually)16:01
pace_t_zuluwrst: you know of a quick way to drop quassel backlogs for a specific channel16:02
wrstcyberanger: arch doesn't have much documentation on it either ubuntu had the best that I had found16:02
wrsti'm running on ubuntu server16:02
wrstpace_t_zulu: all of the back logs?16:02
pace_t_zuluwrst: for example the '&bitlbee' channel on the bitlbee server16:02
cyberangerxpistos: what client?16:02
pace_t_zuluwrst: want to dump the backlog for that specific channel on the quassel-core16:02
pace_t_zuluwrst: because plaintext passwords are there16:03
cyberangerwrst: does quassel have a buffer channel?16:03
pleia2pace_t_zulu: the "help" and "help set" commands in channel are good16:03
wrstwell pace_t_zulu not without disconnecting and just deleting the channel16:03
pace_t_zuluwrst: that's what i figured16:04
pace_t_zuluwrst: would be convenient if that could be done via the client16:04
wrstyeah like i've said quassel is very nice, but is not such a great client16:05
cyberangerxpistos: I had this happen twice, jabber sync glitch of some sort, only involved gtalk, try account off, give it a sec, account on16:06
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: /msg nickserv identify <password> will help16:07
cyberangeras will adding accounts minus the password16:08
xpistoswrst: did you get that?16:08
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: bitlbee has a way to do that, then take the password in a pm, kinda like it if we could md5sum them on our end for bitlbee16:09
xpistoscyberanger: did that but I don't think it worked16:10
wrstnope xpistos got nothing :\16:11
wrstxpistos: if you are running 10.04 i'm wondering if it could be an older version? oh and xpistos can you IM anyone else?16:11
wrstbut xpistos since i can get to you still think its something on my end somehow16:12
cyberangerwrst: said he could16:12
cyberangerwrst: account off, wait a sec, account on16:12
wrstcyberanger:  on it16:15
wrsttakes a while to sign off :)16:15
* cyberanger isn't complaining, takes awhile to drink a soda16:21
wrstcyberanger: i think my problem may have been adding xpistos via bitlbee16:22
wrsti'm waiting to see if it worked with me adding through the gmail page... so xpistos message me!16:22
xpistosdid you get that16:23
xpistosadding via bitlbee16:24
cyberangerwrst: gtalk is the only one I've had issues with, reguardless of the jabber client16:24
wrstyeah cyberanger gtalk is always weird16:24
cyberangermakes sense16:24
pace_t_zuluwrst: you know of a good way to "identify <password>" in quassel16:25
pace_t_zulucommand on startup does not work16:25
pace_t_zulu*command on connect16:25
wrstfor networks or for bitlbee pace_t_zulu?16:25
pace_t_zulufor quassel ... connecting to bitlbee server16:26
pace_t_zuluyou need to "identify <password>" on bitlbee when connecting16:26
pace_t_zuluwrst: ^16:26
wrstyeah let me try something16:27
wrsti don't know of anything be nice if you could auto identify like on freenode but that didn't work16:28
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: you can do that by identifing to nickserv (root listens as nickserv)16:28
wrstahh cyberanger so a /msg nickserv identify ?16:28
xpistoswhen I added wrst I added him with add in bitlbee16:28
wrstcyberanger: that's magic16:28
wrstahh pace_t_zulu just set up to auto identify just like on freenode worked perfect, cyberanger you da man!16:29
pace_t_zuluwrst: to NickServ?16:30
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: yep16:30
wrstin quassel F7 ->networks, select bitlbee then click on the auto identify tab16:30
wrstpace_t_zulu: ^16:30
wrstcyberanger: if my server ever blows up I will have to cook you a steak and have you over to help me set it back up!16:31
* wrst thinking of steak goes for lunch16:31
xpistoswrst send me an im now16:32
pace_t_zuluwrst: ....16:34
pace_t_zuluNickServ is away: "User is offline"16:34
pace_t_zuluwrst: i set the service to 'root'16:38
xpistosSorry I was working on somethign did yoiu get that16:47
xpistosdid youi get those?16:49
pace_t_zuluxpistos: you talking to me/16:50
xpistosI was16:51
cyberangerwrst: lol, and I'd probally do it16:59
wrstcyberanger: bitlbee does rock, it has limitations as does quassel but its a nice one all be all for all things messaging for me now17:00
pace_t_zuluwrst: what limitations do you see right now?17:02
wrstwell no video chat pace_t_zulu :P17:02
wrstbut that's really it17:02
xpistosWell I am going to go eat and watch an episode of Star Trek Enterprise17:03
cyberangerwrst: and voice with that, but honestly, how often is that used17:03
cyberangerand could you not fire up a different client for 5 minutes17:03
cyberangerwrst: same issue as finch though, yes?17:03
wrstand I never use that anyway, i do like having my list arranged differently and probably some way to do that, but i ain't complaing17:03
wrstenjoy xpistos!17:04
wrstcyberanger: yes17:04
wrstbut with this i have my happy looking little gui client17:04
pace_t_zuluso wrst cyberanger xpistos my friends in #nihilist informed me of ZNC http://wiki.znc.in/ZNC17:04
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: a neat tool like the old BNC's17:05
pace_t_zulucyberanger: yea ... so it won't limit you to an IRC client17:05
wrsthmm that is cool17:06
pace_t_zululike quassel-core limits you to quassel-client17:06
pace_t_zuluglad i can bring something to the table for a change ;)17:06
cyberangerlike irssi proxy does too17:06
wrstpace_t_zulu: yep, quassel-core is great but I think its safe to say that quassel-client leaves some thing to be desired17:06
cyberangerwrst: say a version that doesn't depend on xorg17:07
wrstit would be nice to have an ncurses quassel client17:08
Unit193It's called weechat ;)17:09
Unit193(Weechat is more like quassel iirc)17:09
wrstyeah Unit193 if i use cli irc its weechat17:10
* cyberanger would like to point out, for once I didn't do that17:10
wrstbut cyberanger, Unit193 i can't connect to my quassel core with it :P17:11
Unit193ncurses quassel = weechat. And cyberanger: that's because I beat you to it17:11
Unit193(Use and like irssi better myself)17:11
wrstUnit193: i agree irssi is a better client just don't like the interface as well17:12
cyberangerUnit193: no, it's becuase I'm trying to reduce my daily take on scarastic comments (it's just not working, it's just not me)17:12
Unit193cyberanger: Yeah, I think I tried that... Just don't do it at Funerals17:13
cyberangerUnit193: don't limit the scarsam at funerals?17:15
Unit193Try as hard as you can NOT to do it then :P17:15
cyberangeroh I can do that </scarsam>17:18
wrstcyberanger: you still around ?18:01
pace_t_zuluxpistos: why are you disconnected? (in this new world of persistent connectivity ;) )19:26
cyberangerwrst: hit and miss, preparing for an hour long drive, followed by another hour long drive, followed by a two hour long drive, followed by sleep and a 12 hour drive19:28
wrstwow cyberanger, just curious when i am tunneled is the download going to be only as fast as the upload of the conenction i am tunneled?19:29
wrstoh sorry cyberanger19:30
wrstwith an ssh tunnel19:30
wrstthe machine I am at, will only have a download = to the upload of the machine i am tunneled to?19:30
cyberangerwrst: plus some overhead lowering a little more, that's right19:31
wrstok cool been playing with it at work and the speed is pretty good19:32
wrsti have 6/1 at home and 1/256 here at work and getting .95 on the dl19:32
cyberangerand things to offset that to a point, that is your limiter, plus some cpu for encryption & decryption19:33
cyberanger( I have squid on client & server, linked via a tunnel, that gives the impression of faster speeds, but it's an illusion, since the proxies keep content local19:34
cyberangerother methods too, but network & cpu are your limits, and networking, that defines the limit (plus .3 for ssh's process, .2 is other tasks uploading & downloading outside ssh)19:35
wrsti am pretty impressed cyberanger19:36
cyberangerit's not bad, small price for the crypto, but that's it19:38
cyberangerwell, time to sign off, one hour to job interview, one hour back, load truck to blount county (2 hour drive), repack, sleep then chicago19:40
Unit193Adios, see you much later19:40
Unit193Good luck19:41
Unit193cyberanger: Quite note for when you get back. Pianobar notify doesn't handle &19:42
cyberangerI'll be on, just can't plan for much till the drive to chicago (I get to drive this one too, thank god, praise allah & holy budda I'd go mad sitting in that car crammed, and I'll have good net connection the bits I'm a passenger, curousity of the swissknife-router team I'll be using a hotspot the whole way)19:42
cyberangerUnit193: when I'm on tonight, I'll need more details on that19:43
Unit193Will try!19:43
cyberangerand thanks, luck is nice, even if it means admitting chance19:43
cyberanger*chance exists19:43
Unit193wrst: We got you on pianobar yet??19:44
cyberangerUnit193: shouldn't be hard to try (no programmer, scripter & debugger works for me, you give enough little & vauge details, I'll see the picture)19:45
wrstUnit193: no but how do I?19:45
cyberangerwell, off I go, 2300-0000 is when I should be back19:46
cyberangeruh, 11pm to midnight eastern19:46
cyberanger(old habits eh)19:46
* cyberanger detachs screen, opens the front door & into the abyss19:46
wrstgood luck cyberanger19:46
Unit193I got it better with 2300-0000 I think :P19:47
Unit193wrst: What OS again? Install pianobar and run it from terminal (Pandora.com client for music)19:47
Unit193(I know you use Arch, just not sure what you'd set it up on)19:48
wrstwell I use arch at home windows at work and ubuntu for my server19:49
wrstandroid on my phone19:50
wrstTV uses Linux kernel19:50
wrstwife has a MacBook19:50
Unit193Heh, nice... Arch would be best I would think19:50
wrstthat's the complete list Unit19319:51
wrstis this soemthing i can run on one machne and use it from anywhere?19:52
* wrst really should google this19:52
Unit193Well, you *could*, but the music would still come out of the one you started it on :P19:53
wrstyeah that doesn't help a lot for me really19:56
Unit193Yeah :/ http://imgur.com/gallery/mXQ4019:57
wrstha ha Unit19320:02
Unit193Ping me when you get home and bored, ok?20:11
wrstok i might get that way tonight the wife has some company coming over20:11
xpistosAlright peeps. I am just about outtahere so allow me to say siyanora or how ever  you spell it21:16
wrstha ha see you later xpistos21:32
cyberangerugh, feel like I got ambushed22:48
cyberangerUnit193: have you not heard of networked audio?22:49
cyberangerwrst: you could with tweaking22:50
Unit193cyberanger: Not messed with it22:58
cyberangerUnit193: oh, I won't hold that against you ;-)22:59
cyberangerit's intresting, hope it's easier to setup twice22:59
Unit193It's fun to randomly start VLC/pianobar when someone else is in front of the computer though23:00
Unit193And I'll say it again, food was great!23:00
cyberangernot as much fun as popusp added with it23:01
cyberangermodifing the hosts file too23:01
cyberangeryou can aran really screw with them by telling xorg to start & stop dpms features at random, tell it to quit listening to local input23:02
cyberangerand bash script it so it's not remote input, some deniablity with that23:03
* cyberanger knows how to annoy23:03
Unit193Stinking internet keeps dropping for this computer (Sitting at, not screen session)23:06
cyberangersorry, I unplugged the switch to vacum some23:07
Unit193On a few days? You really want that clean...23:08
cyberangergotta go back to loading the truck up23:09
Unit193I made supper and we haven't died yet (Was even good)23:14
wrstha ha Unit193 what was on the menu?23:15
Unit193Hamburgers, larg ones at that23:16
Unit193And it wasn't just for me either23:16
wrstahh cool23:18
wrsti love me some burgers23:18
wrsti'm still messing with this minimal install, was trying to get gnome shell to work and no luck, easier to get it going on arch since you have documentation23:20
* cyberanger sends the hamburgler your address Unit19323:20
Unit193cyberanger is sending wrst my way??23:21
wrstha ha23:21
Unit193They are all gone :D23:21
wrstcyberanger: interview go ok?23:21
cyberangerwrst: better than driving there (chattanooga isn't good anymore) but felt like I was ambushed at points23:29
cyberangerI think I did, but we'll see soon enough23:30
cyberangerUnit193: ^^23:32
wrstyeah cyberanger i hate interviews23:34
wrstespecially when they ask you those if you could smell the color purple what would it smell like questions23:35
Unit193That's dumb23:35
wrsti had an interview at a hospital once and laughed at one of those questions with the HR person but i got moved on and interviewed with the controller23:35
cyberangerwhat got me is a loss prevention question, reporting on coworkers, who you've become friends with23:37
cyberangerI've never been in that position, I'm not a theif or friends of a theif (afaik))23:38
cyberangerI sorta choked there, said I think I would, but idk, never been in that situation before, repeated that a time or two trying to picture it23:39
Unit193Talk to the friend first23:40
cyberangertoo late to say that (I could have said that for a coworker, the friend bit tripped me up, I can't stand theives, couldn't picture it)23:43
cyberangerI think I redeemed myself on the next one, she sorta rephrased it, how would I feel if she called the cops & sent them to jail23:43
wrstcyberanger: you might be surprised on that one actually23:44
cyberangerI said I wouldn't be happy, but my responsibility is to my actions, I didn't steal, get back to work23:44
cyberangerwrst: on which one?23:44
wrston how you answered the first one you didn't tell them what you thought they wanted to hear, you told them how anyone would react23:44
cyberanger(different phrasing, but pretty much the point)23:44
cyberangerwrst: which is why I may be ok, but the choking on the question, repeating my answer in shock as I try to picture the idea, didn't say it was wrong per say, just felt like an ambush23:46
Unit193Shows you're not just telling them what they want to hear though, right?23:47
cyberangershe knows my background has nothing with lp in it, so I think I did fine, just sorta froze and drifted on that question23:47
wrstyeah i think you probably actually did better than you think on that one23:47
cyberangerUnit193: wrst, special forces have a similar question and responce, could you kill someone?23:48
cyberangerthe answer is never yes, allways hesitate, anyone who's sure is out23:48
cyberangeranyone who hesitates & says idk is in that far23:48
wrstyeah makes sense..23:48
cyberangerand hesitates & says no, they usually have them take time to think23:49
wrstyeah no one wants to, but let someone break into my house while i'm hear and well, i have lead and no how to use it23:49
Unit193To save another person/friend? I would say yes (Knowing the other person is bad though)23:49
cyberangersay no outright I've never heard about, military after all, it'd be odd23:49
cyberangerUnit193: military special ops, they don't care about the why, either orders or defence, could you?23:50
wrstyeah would have to be an extreme measure23:50
Unit193cyberanger: I would assume if I got that far, I would :/23:51
cyberangerUnit193: so you'd fail23:51
Unit193cyberanger: I know how to get out! See? It worked!23:52
cyberangeryou hesitate cause you know whatever the reason, it shouldn't be right, even the military shouldn't have to kill23:52
cyberangerand even if they have to, hesitate is right cause it shows you value life, you evaulate risks, and sometimes it's a crapshot, do what you do23:53
Unit193But really? I would only fully/really know when the time comes :/23:53
cyberangeranyhow, I kinda figure that question is meant as a tripup23:53
wrsti wouldn't sweat that question23:54
cyberangerUnit193: and even when the time comes, would you do it, and feel fine23:54
cyberangerjust as this is, not only would you do it, but would you feel right about it23:54
Unit193cyberanger: I can't know unless it happens (But I would assume not "fine")23:54
cyberangerI mean, your friend is in trouble for it, not a theif, but did steal23:55
cyberangerI think it's a question meant to weigh morals, loyality & trigger a response that is hard to plan for23:55
cyberangerhard (but not impossible) to fake23:56
Unit193And then there is how you think you would do, and how you *would* do23:57
wrstno i think you did what was desirable on that one23:57
wrstyeah Unit193 i think i'm the greatest person to ever live, but... you know :)23:58
Unit193wrst: Don't worry, you're not23:58
cyberangerand I didn't plan on that question, couldn't fake an answer on the spur of the moment and win (plus I'd rather be honest & fail, then lie & break my morals every day)23:58
wrstha ha Unit193 people tell me that all the time!23:59
cyberangerwrst: which is exactly what I saw & said, to a point23:59
wrstagreed cyberanger23:59

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