Saltyo aendruk 00:16
Saltgreg-g, was asking for veggie restaurant options near the space needle...00:17
aendrukno idea, sorry00:17
Saltalso psh, 365 #lfnw!00:17
greg-gaendruk: no worries :)00:18
aendrukSalt: that was jibberish to me00:18
Saltyou had parted lfnw, i lurk there all year00:19
Saltwas shaking a cane and telling you to get back on my lawn00:19
Salti haven't slept in a number of days so i may not be making perfect sense00:20
aendrukha, what've you been up to?00:20
Saltmassive server hardening00:21
* aendruk adds #lfnw back to auto-join only moments after removing it...00:21
Salti'm about to wipe the vm that i just spent two days setting up perfectly...00:22
greg-gI decided to go here and get combo B: http://www.bamboogarden.net/dinnercombos.html00:22
Saltaendruk, played with nginx?00:26
aendruknot yet, i have a couple more months of dev before i deal with servers00:27
Saltaye, it's making things much much cleaner00:32
Saltit's the pulse of webservers00:32
valoriewelcome to the nieghborhood, greg-g!00:52
valoriethanks for changing the /topic, Salt00:52
Saltjust ping me when you want it changed, i'm usually around :)00:53
* seattlegaucho *yawn* .oO( time to go home)01:05
seattlegauchojust registered for the oneiric rel party01:08
greg-gvalorie: thanks :)01:14
valorieI should write the list again, and get some food/drink/etc. going01:22
valorieparties should be fun!01:23
ievans3024in this channel's opinion, is it more practical for the creator of a software project to form the basis for a wiki about said software, and then let the users expand upon it as needed, or should the creator simply make the wiki available, and let the users create it from the ground up?05:21
valoriedepends on the users -- I've had people who are afraid to design wikistuff05:26
valoriebut are ok with fix/adding to what's already there05:26
valoriethat would pretty much describe me, btw05:28

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