bigbashCheesehead, did I read that you are looking at starting a bug event for twice/wk?00:54
Cheeseheadbigbash: My thought was *some* ongoing event. Generate some chatter in the channel, have some fun together, have a reason to stop by.00:57
CheeseheadI think bugs are more fun in a group.00:58
bigbashi'd agree, i'm bummed that I couldn't make it00:58
CheeseheadBetter time would be.....?00:59
bigbashBetter time?01:00
CheeseheadBetter time. Make an offer!01:01
bigbashAnytime after 6:00pm CST Mon-Sun01:04
bigbashTues or Wed works best since spouse will be working01:06
CheeseheadWe're not too far off.01:06
CheeseheadI suggested 8:00 or later so small kids will be in bed.01:07
CheeseheadWhat does everyone else think?01:08
bigbashThat's good with me, I can watch most of our shows with spouse still01:08
CheeseheadSpouse time = important01:08
bigbashout of curiosity does anyone else have G+?  I'd like to make an ubuntu-wi-us circle01:11
CheeseheadSeveral do...01:12
Cheeseheadh00k is probably the best-connected on G+ that I know of01:12
* Cheesehead suggests leaving the time question open for public input for 12-24 hours...01:13
bigbashhmm apparently closing wIRC closed my IRC session01:17
CheeseheadHow do I close an irssi /query window? The conversation is done.09:15
greppyCheesehead: /wc11:13
Cheeseheadgreppy: Thanks13:00
h00koh, hi. Someone mentioned G+13:21
h00kI have lots of people13:21
h00kI have an 'Ubuntu' Circle, but I don't have an Ubuntu Wisconsin circle13:25
bigbashI'm really digging this WebIRC, anyone else try it?13:58
h00kbigbash: the freenode web client?13:59
bigbashh00k: https://github.com/andyherbert/WebIRC14:00
h00kIt is fairly pointless when you consider that irssi and screen have been around for years, but that assumes you can start a secure shell from anywhere, whereas standards compliant web browsers are fairly ubiquitous.14:00
bigbashit's pretty nice, I was looking for something other than wIRC on my touchpad14:01
h00koh hey, it's ruby.14:01
h00kI want a touchpad :(14:01
bigbashThey're pretty nice, I got one for my wife who claimed she'd never use it but now she uses it all the time as a cookbook and for Angry Birds14:03
h00k :D14:15
h00kSigning up for my VMWare VCP 4 exam.18:17
CheeseheadThere. All my server ports are now wide open.19:08
CheeseheadNo. That's not right.19:08
CheeseheadAh. closed.19:09
CheeseheadAnd potected by mean dogs19:09
Cheesehead(I call the big one 'bitey')19:09
h00kand scheduled test.19:26
CheeseheadWell, I hesitate to test. One of those old nuclear launch codes might still work. And you know how touchy they get with age...19:55
CheeseheadI don't know why I keep them on an unsecured, internet-facing server. I suppose sentimental value. They really have no volue to anyone else, except perhaps some kind of James Bond-style villian bent on world domination or blackmail or revenge or simply insane.19:57
CheeseheadReminder to the channel: bigbash and I are interested in starting a regular event. Anyone else? Any subjects or suggestions? Something to have fun here...21:02
mikeputnamidling is fun enough?21:06
* mikeputnam fails at sarcasm21:06
* Cheesehead thinks mikeputnam succeeded at sarcasm21:44
CheeseheadThe best kind of very subtle sarcasm, indeed21:44
* h00k scoffs sarcastically21:44
mikeputnamit must be opposite-day it's so sarcasmy around here21:45
CheeseheadDon't scoff your expensive shoes - takes forever to buff out.21:45
CheeseheadAny input, fellows?21:46
h00kusually input preceeds output, yeah21:47
CheeseheadOnly in causal relationships21:47
CheeseheadThis is a casual setting, not a causal setting.21:47
* Cheesehead had to type that carefully21:47
* h00k reads it carefully21:48
CheeseheadIn a casual setting, most input includes pizza-and-$beverage21:49
h00kit's true21:49
* h00k watches study video21:49
h00kCheesehead: send out something on the ML, too21:50
Cheeseheadwhile $pizza; do ........ ; done21:50
h00kI think people get intimiated from IRC :(21:50
CheeseheadI will in a few minutes. Thanks for the reminder.21:50
* Cheesehead sent an announcement to the e-mail list22:34
sjanyone alive here ?22:53
Cheeseheadsj: We drift in and out. (Sorry for the delay)23:50
sjCheesehead, its cool. i understand that. was just poking :)23:51
sjCheesehead, just curious, you a packer fan?23:56

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