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bjsniderricotz, i'm getting .xsession-errors spammed by a gnome 3-centric message and they told me to talk to you about it14:48
bjsniderGConf error: configuration server cant be met: D-BUS error: Method "Set" with signature "s(i(ias))" on interface "org.gnome.GConf.Database" doesn't exist14:51
ricotzbjsnider, hi14:52
ricotzhmm, i have nothing to do with a non working gcond daemon ;)14:53
ricotzlooks like your org.gnome.GConf service is broken14:53
bjsnideryeah but what is it?14:54
ricotz/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconfd-2 isnt working14:55
ricotzuse d-feet to look at this dbus interface14:55
bjsnideryeah, so it's a session bus, and it has no object paths at all15:04
bjsniderwhen i select it, the console spits out:15:04
bjsniderERROR: Some clever service is trying to be cute and has the same method name in the same interface15:04
ricotzok, then gconf is broken for some reason15:08
bjsniderwhat do you think i should do about it?15:09
bjsniderand this ain't just me, by the way. there's a bug against the wrong package, and if you do a search it seems like a lot of people running gnome-shell in oneiric have this issue15:09
bjsniderbug 84264815:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 842648 in gnome-python (Ubuntu) "Dbus error: Method "set" with signature "s(ib)" on interface "org.gnome.gconf.database" doesn't exist (dup-of: 848198)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84264815:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 848198 in gconf (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Sporadic gconf error messages (affects: 8) (dups: 4) (heat: 54)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84819815:10
bjsnideri didn't notice that it was a duplicate of 84819815:12
bjsnideri guess this is known15:12
ricotzyes, seems to affect at lot of people15:13
seb128somebody should get the log upstream asking then15:13
seb128I've added a comment on the bug15:13
bjsniderfunny because i was in the gnome-shell channel alst night and they didn't know anything about it15:14
bjsniderone of them said he didn't have org.gnome.Gconf15:14
bjsnideri think evolution might be spamming my .xsession-errors with this stuff:15:15
bjsnider(exe:3448): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed15:16
bjsniderit's got to be a mono app if it's an exe15:16
jcristauevo is a mono app now?15:16
bjsniderwell, i thguth it was15:16
bjsnidermaybe not15:16
jcristaupretty sure not.15:17
seb128it's not15:17
bjsniderwhat process could be identifying itself as "exe"?15:20
seb128bjsnider, looking which one has the pid 3448?15:22
bjsniderthought that number meant something else15:22
bjsniderthat's chromium15:27
cndbryceh: Sarvatt: I just upgraded my netbook to oneiric, but X crashes as soon as I attempt to login17:05
cndhave you seen this before?17:05
Sarvattcnd: only with xorg-edgers where unity is broken and it goes back to the login screen again.. tried another session?17:07
cndhmmm… that sounds like what's going on17:07
cndbut I don't think I'm running xorg-edgers17:07
cndlet me check17:07
cndnope, no xorg-edgers17:08
cndit looks like the guest session is working17:08
cndfor some definition of working...17:08
Sarvattwhats your /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old say?17:08
cndnothing useful17:08
Sarvattwhy are ya blaming X then? :P17:09
Sarvattsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ offer to install anything?17:09
cndunity 2d has problems too17:09
cndnothing new for ubuntu-desktop17:09
cndunity-2d seemed to crash lightdm so it stopped runing17:10
cndI had to sudo start lightdm...17:10
Sarvattwith the circumflex? darn, that would have been the easy fix if something was removed17:10
Sarvatthow about ~/.xsession-errors?17:11
cndI think I figured it out by looking at the lightdm.log17:12
cndsomehow my ~/.Xauthority was 600 root:root17:12
cndso it couldn't overwrite it with a new one for the session17:13
cndnow I'm into my session, but unity is no where to be seen...17:13
cndI have the menu bar at the top17:13
cndand empathy is helpfully running17:13
cndbut that's it :(17:13
cndgah, "Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing"17:14
Sarvatthmm someone else reported that too, compiz wouldn't start17:14
Sarvattlets see if i can find the bug # in 2 day old chat logs17:15
cndthis is on an atom machine17:15
cndunity 2d saves the day :)17:17
Sarvattit should still work fine, thats a pretty nasty bug17:18
cndwhat happened to the 51-synaptics-quirks.conf file?17:23
cndhmm, the file is still there in the package17:27
cndbut I'm betting a change has prevented it from installing17:27
cndmy netbook trackpad is pretty useless without the quirk...17:28
Sarvattlooks like it was lost in the merge in feb17:29
Sarvatterr july17:30
cndI can't even build xserver-xorg-input-synaptics...17:30
cnddpkg-source: warning: the diff modifies the following upstream files: 17:30
cnd autogen.sh17:30
cnd docs/README.alps17:30
cnd docs/tapndrag.dia17:30
cnd docs/trouble-shooting.txt17:30
cnd test/test-pad.c17:30
cnd test/testprotocol.c17:30
cnddpkg-source: error: aborting due to --abort-on-upstream-changes17:30
Sarvatttjaalton: i blame it on it having been done in dublin :)17:32
Sarvatton a friday17:32
tjaaltoni haven't checked out where exactly it got dropped17:32
Sarvattdebian/rules got switched to dh in the merge and lost the custom install of the quirks17:33
tjaaltonok so I need to fix it then :)17:33
cndand hopefully the accidental (?) upstream changes17:34
tjaaltonthat I don't know17:34
tjaaltonhow they crept in17:34
tjaaltonbut I'll check17:34
cndas it is I don't know how to build the package17:36
tjaaltonumm, so the tarball doesn't have autogen.sh17:37
tjaaltonnor the docs dir17:37
tjaaltonnot my fault! :)17:38
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Sarvattcnd: package in the archive and the ubuntu branch of git build fine here..17:46
Sarvattcnd: do you have something in ~/.devscripts changing the defaults?17:46
cndhah, I do17:47
cndgood call :)17:47
Sarvatti had to purge xorg-edgers to try it, sorry it took so long :)17:47
tjaaltonhmm, doubt we need the udev rules anymore17:50
tjaaltonin synaptics, better use MatchProduct in the conf snippet instead17:51
cndSarvatt, tjaalton: the njpatel from dx is telling me that's a fairly basic opengl extension17:54
cndand that if it's not supported then there's probably something wrong with the drivers17:54
Sarvattyeah, its supported though17:55
cndSarvatt, can you double check my glxinfo to see if they are misreading it? :)17:55
cndglxinfo is voodoo to me17:56
Sarvattcnd: yeah it's there17:56
Sarvattcnd: can you compiz --replace and have it start up fine in another session?17:57
Sarvattfine as in, not throwing that error17:57
cndSarvatt, you're saying that glxinfo shows the extension is there?17:57
Sarvattcnd: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is there all 3 times17:58
njpatelSarvatt, hey, cnd got this when running "Fatal: GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing"17:59
Sarvattits not missing though18:00
njpatelso, trying from the guest session might be useful debugging18:00
cndyay, we're all chatting in one room :)18:00
njpatelright, glxinfo shows it isn't 18:00
Sarvatti was asking if he could try compiz --replace from another session to see if it throws the same error18:00
cndnjpatel, it failed in the guest session too18:00
njpatelbut something's up18:00
cndI'll try compiz --replace right now18:00
cndhmm, doesn't look promising18:01
cndI seem to have lost all WM functionality18:01
Sarvattdid it give that error?18:01
cndbut my terminal window is behind my irc window18:01
tjaaltoncnd: build synaptics git, and see if it fixes your touchpad18:02
cndSarvatt, njpatel ooo...18:02
cndcompiz --replace worked18:02
cndand it seems to have brought unity 3d around18:03
tjaaltondbus daemon 100% cpu again..18:03
cndtjaalton, I'll attempt it now18:04
cndtjaalton, did you git push?18:04
cndgit fetch didn't find anything18:04
tjaaltonI did18:05
cndstill nothing...18:05
cndoh wait18:05
cndI'm in -evdev...18:05
tjaaltonone of those days? :)18:06
cndit's always one of those days when I'm upgrading my main laptop18:06
tjaaltonso what exactly did that compiz --replace do? i guess it's going to cause problems for normal users as well18:07
cndtjaalton, what are you wanting to know?18:08
cndI can pastebin the output18:08
tjaaltoncnd: yeah, why not18:08
cndtjaalton, pastebin.ubuntu.com/69923918:09
Sarvattcnd: I bet gdm works ok too then..18:10
cndcnd, ?18:10
* cnd has started talking to himself...18:10
cndSarvatt, ?18:10
cndI'm using lightdm18:10
tjaaltoncnd: ok, so the migration didn't happen18:10
cndwhat migration?18:11
Sarvattyeah he hasns't been able to start compiz to do the migration because glx isn't available when its trying to start for some reason18:12
tjaalton"Checking if settings need to be migrated ...yes"18:12
tjaaltonso it's too fast?-)18:12
cndthere was a complication in here18:12
cndthat may be throwing you off18:12
Sarvattthats odd, how do you get a glxinfo from lightdm's DISPLAY?18:12
cndI tried it locally18:12
tjaaltondoes a new login work then, and does moving the old compiz configs back in place break it again?18:13
cndbut it seemed hung18:13
cndso then I did it over ssh18:13
cndbut the first one just hadn't finished whatever it was doing18:13
cndok, I'm getting lost in all the debugging steps, so I'm going to log out and log back in18:13
cndthis will also test if tjaalton's new synaptics package is working properly :)18:14
tjaaltongood :)18:14
tjaaltoncheck your xorg log too that MatchProduct works18:15
cndtjaalton: 18:16
cnd[  4593.602] (II) config/udev: Adding input device SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad (/dev/input/event5)18:16
cnd[  4593.602] (**) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: Applying InputClass "evdev touchpad catchall"18:16
cnd[  4593.602] (**) SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad: Applying InputClass "touchpad catchall"18:16
cnd[  4593.602] (II) LoadModule: "synaptics"18:16
cnddoesn't look like it worked18:16
tjaaltonso which model is it?18:17
cndhmm, my product isn't listed in ther...18:17
cndoh wait, yes it is18:17
cndit's the inspiron_101218:17
tjaaltoncheck if the quirks file is installed18:18
Sarvatttjaalton: MatchProduct is for the device's product string not the dmi info it needs to be matched against?18:18
cndok, unity came up, after a ton of time18:18
cndtjaalton: it's installed18:18
Sarvatttouchpad would have the same product name as one that doesnt need the quirk i'd imagine18:19
cndhow can I get the product name so we can verify?18:19
Sarvattdmesg | grep input, xinput --list18:20
cndSynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad18:21
Sarvattxorg log18:21
Sarvattyeah its generic18:21
cndso the tags still need to be there18:21
tjaaltonso.. udev rules back18:21
tjaaltonhmm, I guess there's no reason to not include the quirks files in x-x-i-s.install, since we only support linux18:36
tjaaltoncnd: ok, try again18:43
tjaaltonforgot to change 51-.. back18:43
cndtjaalton: so I'll hold off for a minute?18:44
tjaaltoncnd: now18:45
cndtjaalton: still not working18:54
tjaaltonhmm you need to reboot18:55
tjaaltoni thikn18:56
tjaaltonor not18:56
tjaaltonno you don't18:56
cndhow can I replay udev events so I can see if the tag is right?18:56
tjaaltondon't remember anymore18:57
cndudevadm export-db it looks like18:58
tjaaltonudevadm info --export-db18:59
cndso I don't see the tags there19:00
cndshould they show up?19:00
cndI can reboot if you think it would work19:00
tjaaltonah, run udevadm trigger --subsystem-match=input --action=change19:00
tjaaltonhmm, maybe I need to bump the version on the postinst, since this is sorta "new" now19:01
cndstill nothing in export-db matching my machine19:01
tjaaltondunno, reboot wouldn't hurt I guess19:02
tjaaltonthough put the dump in a file first19:03
cndthe export-db dump?19:03
tjaaltonand, just to humor me, restart x19:03
tjaaltonsee if it's fixed after all19:04
cndalready start the reboot19:04
cndtjaalton: it worked!19:07
cndthe tag shows up in the udev db now too19:07
cndso the reboot changed something19:07
tjaaltonso the udevadm trigger didn't work ;)19:09
cndtjaalton: I think you still have a few hours to get the fix in before the final freeze :)19:10
tjaaltoncnd: heh, yep19:13
Sarvatt40 minutes until final freeze, where's the xserver 1.11 upload?!20:22
jcristauyeah srsly.20:24
tjaaltonooh, synaptics accepted20:29
cndtjaalton: I don't see synaptics having been accepted...22:01
cndoops, nm22:02
cndlooked at the wrong page22:02
SarvattRAOF: any desire for me to bring a pantone huey to UDS? figured you might care for some reason :)23:00
Sarvattwas just reading http://libregraphicsworld.org/articles.php?article_id=42 and picked one up since it looks well supported23:03
Sarvattyeesh, article got deleted right after i linked it23:08
RAOFSarvatt: Yeah, that'd be awesome.23:12
Sarvattwell gotta make sure i get a working one first, looks like there are lots of screwed up ones that leave your colors too pink23:13
RAOFYeah, seen that.23:26
RAOFI was looking at acquiring one myself :)23:26
Sarvattoh fglrx why do you work so good? http://sarvatt.com/downloads/GNOME3_desktop_corruption.jpg23:26
RAOFSetting a correct tiling mode is for chumps!23:28
Sarvattone day it might be usable in gnome-shell :)23:28
RAOFcnd: Still around, and still having compiz problems?23:47
cndRAOF: I was having problems23:47
cndI guess I still have stacking order issues23:48
cndbut those are different23:48
RAOFThose problems have gone?23:48
RAOFOr, rather, the ?compiz doesn't start, complaining about EXT_tfp? problem has gone?23:49
cndapparently not...23:49
cndyeah, that's gone23:49
cndmanually running compiz --replace from an ubuntu 2d session magically fixed things23:50
cnddbarth mentioned that unity --reset may work too23:50

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