abjjdks832you have to try really hard to get untrusted programs or spyware installed on linux.00:00
SIFTUXeneth: nohup is no good if you require user input00:00
k1llaBytedo you have good url's or pdf i can dl?00:00
alkafook1llaByte: #iptables00:00
XenethSIFTU, ok, thanks.  Going to have to look into those.  I just got my linux bible, so still learning.00:00
XenethSIFTU, forgot to ask, whatabout output?  If I "process > file", will it be an issue if the process ends in output?00:01
skutr34Gentoo64: I can't find it >.<00:01
abjjdks832foo > file just sends output of STDOUT to file  ... if something is written to STDERR you won't get it00:01
SIFTUXeneth: yes you can redirect output.. if you dont > it will goto nohup.out00:01
Gentoo64skutr34, whats the drive called? like /dev/sda100:01
Atamiskam i looking for a ppa or something?00:02
k1llaByteiptables ...will google it thanks00:02
deadpoolhey I install lamp server and I would like to add some files to the www folder but when I do it tells me I don't have permission00:02
deadpoolI don't know why00:02
SIFTUXeneth: I highly recommend you learn screen, it iwll become your best friend if you do any remote ssh stuff00:02
abjjdks832k1llaByte: you really don't need a firewall00:02
Gentoo64k1llaByte, basic iptables is easy but just use ufw seeing as you dont really need a fw anyway00:02
abjjdks832deadpool: you have to be root to write to default www root00:02
Gentoo64k1llaByte, youll prob find iptables offputting00:02
ezecan someone help me mount a folder as cd drive?? please00:02
XenethSIFTU,  thanks again.  I'll be looking into all of then, nohup just seems like a quick fix until I learn them.00:03
skutr34Gentoo64: /media/00:03
k1llaBytewill do btw you wouldnt happen to know a decent fps game for linux?00:03
Gentoo64skutr34, thats a folder not drive00:03
deadpoolso how I do atht00:03
deadpoolI come from windows, this is my first time in ubuntu00:03
Gentoo64skutr34, type mount and see what drive it is00:03
cobra-the-jokerk1llaByte: decent ... no lol00:03
abjjdks832k1llaByte: nexuiz, tremulous, quake3, doom3, any windows FPS that's 5+ years old00:03
Gentoo64k1llaByte, most people play urban terror00:03
abjjdks832oh yea, UT is cool too00:03
sean__hey can someone help me.. well my wife is on windows xp home.. and i think its her keybored going or something...00:04
Gentoo64but theyre all pretty dead in the servers00:04
abjjdks832get ready to get your ass kicked.  stiff competition00:04
sean__when she puts e it does qweru00:04
k1llaBytewill check them out i mis ava lol00:04
sean__and when she puts D it puts a strange c on their00:04
cobra-the-jokerits really not good at all when it is compared to any free FPS thats out there nowadays00:04
skutr34Gentoo64: /dev/sr0 on /media/Bodhi Linux type iso9660 (ro,nosuid,nodev,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,mode=0400,dmode=0500,uhelper=udisks)00:04
abjjdks832sean__: laptop or desktop?00:04
Gentoo64skutr34, eject the cd drive00:04
skutr34Gentoo64: okay00:04
Gentoo64skutr34, type: eject /dev/sr000:04
abjjdks832http://www.codecoffee.com/tipsforlinux/articles2/042.html  whoever was asking about output redirection00:05
abjjdks832sean__: so try another keyboard?00:05
skutr34Gentoo64: got it00:05
axisysI used to remove rc script using update-rc.d -f ssh remove .. but with upstart how do I make sure it does not start at reboot ?00:05
abjjdks832axisys: do you still want sshd installed?00:05
ezeneed help with mounting folder as drive. is it possible?00:06
axisysabjjdks832: yes00:06
Shawn_I havn't used Ubuntu in a while but I am planning on installing it again on my netbook now, how stable is the 1..10 beta release atm since it is coming out in the next 2 weeks shoudl I install that or  11.0400:06
abjjdks832axisys: make sure sshd isn't in /etc/rc2.d/00:06
axisysabjjdks832: i just picked ssh as an example00:06
axisysupdate-rc.d -f ssh remove would do that00:06
axisysabjjdks832: ^00:06
axisysbut with upstart is it still same ?00:06
abjjdks832I have no idea.  just do what I said, switch to runlevel 1 then 2, and see if sshd is running00:07
axisysls -al /etc/init/ssh.conf does the autostart at reboot00:07
axisysso no more init script00:07
abjjdks832I understand sysv init, I don't grok all this newfangled upstart nonsense00:07
axisysanyone else would know ?00:07
grojas5 mins..........00:08
abjjdks832axisys: maybe you should just try now and see if it's running when you startup00:08
SIFTUabjjdks832: +1 for sysv init.. i dont carwe if it takes 5 seconds longer to boot00:09
axisysoh yeah.. update-rc.d still works00:09
axisysit tries to remove from init.d/00:09
axisysRemoving any system startup links for /etc/init.d/ssh ...00:09
grojasshawn.. i installed 11.04 in my n550 netbook but unity is kind of slow00:09
axisysbut ssh is started by /etc/init/ssh.conf00:10
abjjdks832well, you still want it in init.d I think00:10
grojasi'm downloading xubuntu atm to test it00:10
axisysabjjdks832: not with upstart00:10
axisysupstart adds the supervising a script and no need for numerical logic.. more advanced.. I actually like it.. something like SMF in solaris00:11
Jordyecbuenas noches amigos00:13
Jordyecquería ver si alguien me puede ayudar a actualizar ubuntu 9.10 a 10.04 pero tengo el cd original de 10.0400:13
abjjdks832anyone know how to get default calendar and everything back on top panel?  I can get all of it except for the calendar, I add the calendar and the colors are off for my theme00:15
padhucourier imap gives error as 'impad: chroot /root/Maildir unable to access permission denied' and squirrel mail unable to login with 'IMAP service barred login00:15
padhuhow can i rectify this ^^^00:15
sean__abjjdks832,  i got it workin i connect my driod phone and she is using the touch screen as her keybored00:16
abjjdks832keyboards are like $9 at walmart or $2 at goodwill00:16
abjjdks832does anyone else have trouble grabbing windows to resize them?00:17
sean__i know but my kid = asleep and any noise will wake her up so that = esy solution00:17
alkafooabjjdks832: awful keyboards =)00:17
abjjdks832alkafoo: are you one of those model M fanboys? :P00:17
axisysposted my question in #upstart00:17
smwabjjdks832, right click on the taskbar part and click move00:17
sean__well her keybored was acting  strange00:17
sean__when she typed e it would do qweru00:18
abjjdks832smw: ?00:18
smwabjjdks832, oops, I mean click resize00:18
smwabjjdks832, right click on the window in the taskbar00:18
alkafooabjjdks832: no those are pretty bad, too00:18
abjjdks832smw: ?00:19
abjjdks832I'd rather just have the area to click to resize be larger than 1px00:19
abjjdks832http://i.imgur.com/T9U7u.png  anyone else see the usability problem here?00:25
penoswatsup guys00:26
^MikeHow can I see a list of file types that `convert` understands?00:26
=== carandraug_ is now known as carandraug
zykotick9^Mike, "identify -list format"00:33
^Mikezykotick9: thanks00:33
Garret_ThorneHey folks, would someone be available to answer a question?  I just recently installed 11.04 and it ran fine until I installed the nVidia driver.  I'm running an 8800GTX, but my card is underpowered - I only have one of the two, six-pin connectors attached.  The card runs fine, albiet at a reduced capacity, in Windows, but Ubuntu refuses to start xwindows now.  Is there any way to force xwin00:34
Garret_Thorneto start and/or get the Linux driver to do as the Windows driver does?  That is, run the card in reduced-capacity?00:34
mw007Garret_Thorne: which nvidia driver are you using?00:36
loquitusofborgI am trying to have a live-booted (off CD) Ubuntu forward all packets from incoming interface eth0 on out to the Internet on eth1 on How do I do that? I tried "echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward" but what else do I have to do to tell it to do this? I can ping stuff on the Internet from the Ubuntu machine so I know the Internet is connected, but I can't seem to get packets to forward from eth0 to eth100:37
Garret_ThorneUbuntu offered me three choices.  One was experimental, stayed away from that one.  the other two were nVidia branded, and I chose the one listed as "Current - recommended."00:37
sean__how do u install a tar.bz2 file? it sounds stupid but idk need help.. u dl the file.. u do tar -xzvf <filename> an then what?00:38
mw007Garret_Thorne: okay, it's not clear which driver you are using exactly. Have you gone through this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia00:39
mw007sean__: depends on what the tarball contains. what are you trying to install?00:41
sean__gmote its for cell phones i guess00:42
sean__wanna try something00:42
sean__i alrdy tar -xzvf00:42
sean__now in the folder contains .sh file00:42
sean__do i have to -c it?00:42
sean__or something00:42
ex0sh firlename.sh00:42
mw007sean__: what ex0 said :)00:43
sean__kk ty00:43
Garret_ThorneI've checked that out, and apparently I've replaced Nouveau with what Ubuntu referred to as the recommended, current version.  I can only assume by nVidia's site that that's unified version 275.28, but I can't be positive.  However, what you've linked to also includes guides to setting this driver up, and a forum.  I'll check both out.  Thanks, mw, for your help.00:44
sean__ur tryin to install the normal vid card?00:44
sean__You gotta black list some things, kill x server00:44
mw007np. good luck00:44
sean__and then hit ctrl +alt + f1 for cmd line00:45
sean__Ive dont it before ;x00:45
gchristensenIs there a repository of old packages? I'm looking for one that was available in Dapper, but isn't available after that00:45
sean__Garret_Thorne,  what are u tryin to do install the driver from their website00:45
Garret_ThorneNo, I installed the driver using Ubuntu's update utility, when it mentioned restricted drivers were available... it's a brand-new install.  So after installing the recommended nVidia driver and rebooting, the system won't start xwindows.  It starts at a standard linux text prompt.00:46
sean__service gdm start00:47
Garret_ThorneWhen i "startx," I get an error from nVidia saying the card's underpowered.  Which I know it is, I just need to know if there's a way I can force the driver to run anyway, in a slower or reduced-capacity mode.00:47
mw007gchristensen: which package? name could have changed00:47
sean__Eh desktop computer?00:47
Garret_ThorneYup.  What does gdm do?00:47
sean__well if u start in the linux prompt window it should start the xserver00:48
gchristensenmw007: unlikely, they haven't had a release since 2006. Its called mydns... mydns-common, mydns-mysql00:48
sean__and u should go back to the login screen and stuff00:48
sean__if ur stuck in the linux prompt window00:48
Garret_ThorneGroovy.  Thanks, I'll try that.  Back in a bit.00:49
gchristensenmw007: when I went to http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mydns&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all it ultimately took me to a dead download link, pointing to files in this directory: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/m/mydns/00:50
mw007gchristensen: ahh gotcha. looks like you'd need download from source: http://mydns.bboy.net/download/00:50
gchristensenblast! I was hoping I wouldn't have to build my own .deb :(00:50
gchristensenthank you, though00:50
sean__how do u install java runetime envir00:51
sean__apt-get ?????00:51
soreau! jre | sean__00:51
ubottusean__: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:51
sean__well doesnt this get u the stuff00:52
sean__sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-fonts00:52
speedxcoreshould a server always use a swappiness of 0?00:54
xanguasean__: well do the reverse00:55
sean__i downloaded it from software center00:55
smpn3pbmall help me please..?00:56
smpn3pbmhow to use 1f71:3301 in natty..00:56
loquitusofborgHi. I am trying to configure a Linux box with two ethernet cards to forward from eth0 to eth1. Both interfaces are setup with valid IP addresses. I also have done echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward. But despite this, can't route anything through this box!01:01
josimba_just testing irssi01:01
qinjosimba_: I am afraid, it do not work01:02
SpiderFredhi is there some linux program that tells me when I give it ip address where is it from? like country or something01:03
SIFTUSpiderFred: geoiplookup01:03
alkafooSpiderFred: geoiplookup01:03
alkafooSIFTU: SIFT you!01:03
SIFTUalkafoo: :)01:04
alkafoowhois is more informative and easier to type, it just has more output you have to grep01:04
hubert_@ loquitos: check 4 iptable rules01:05
sdzWhen I mistype a command, Ubuntu suggests similarly spelled commands.  In what package is this functionality installed?01:06
zykotick9sdz, command-not-found01:07
mia158Is there an linux mint channel?01:07
zykotick9!mint | mia15801:07
ubottumia158: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:07
xangua!mint | mia158101:07
ubottumia1581: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:07
mia158Thank u01:08
LuckySmack-DroidDo any brands of USB video cards work well with Ubuntu? To plug a monitor in from my USB port.01:09
alkafoomia158: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:09
sean__wheres the respo's in xubuntu01:16
cr0ntabhey all, I installed my ubuntu with most of my drives disconnected01:19
cr0ntaband now that I reconnect them the system doesn't boot01:19
cr0ntabit's dropping me into initramfs, I suspect it can't mount root01:19
cr0ntabI looked at my grub.cnf and it's using uuid's everywhere except for this line: set root='(hd0,msdos1)'01:20
cr0ntabwhich I suspect is the culprit01:20
bruninhaola sou iniciante  , como faco para criar um ns , alguem pode me ajudar ?01:21
bruninhaalguem  ?01:22
SIFTUcr0ntab: yeah your hdd number would have changed..01:22
kbreitIn gnome 3.2, how do I open the empathy buddy window after I close it?01:22
=== Shadow1 is now known as SoulShadow
=== chris_ is now known as Guest19022
Joknis there an icon on the panel ?01:24
AxD09anyway to bypass broken packages?01:24
kbreitjokn: Not that I see, no.01:24
cr0ntab_SIFTU: right, but how I do prevent it from using the hdd number?01:25
cr0ntab_it should be using uuid's all over to prevent this01:25
Joknkbreit: I haven't used gnome 3.2, but prior to gnome 3 the empathy icon was in the "tray" or on the panel.  So the icon is nowhere on scree? Other than relaunching the app, which it should just bring up the active window, I don't know of any other way.01:26
kbreitJokn: Yeah I don't see much.  Oh well, thanks!01:26
tgnbis it me or is Firefox 7 still not available?01:28
xanguaaviable there ;)01:29
rhizmoeoh good, firefox hang = reboot...again01:29
rhizmoeis there a sandbox or something i can run firefox in? i'm getting tired of this01:30
SIFTUcr0ntab_: I dont think grub knows about uuids.. i maybe wrong01:31
sean__java -jar opens a jar file am i correct?01:32
c-beamsI'm trying to create an image fo a 1TB drive. dd started off fast at 32M/s but has gotten progressively slower and is now at 900K/s. what do I do?01:33
soreausean__: yes01:33
tgnbxangua: couldn't help yourself, could you <sigh>01:34
linux_rencom1988morning everyone01:34
icariouslinux_rencom1988: morning mate01:34
kandinskiI have inherited a system with software raid and LVM, and would like to find which disks map to what01:35
soreauc-beams: What's the destination target?01:35
kandinskiwhat are the tools equivalent to df, fdisk and "cat /etc/fstab"?01:35
c-beamsan image01:35
c-beamssoreau, an image01:35
dr_willisc-beams:  you are ysing a bs option also?01:35
soreauc-beams: I mean physically.. is it space on the same disk? Another drive in the same machine? A network drive?01:36
sean__can u edit the file codec#0 in /proc/asound/cards/01:36
c-beamsdr_willis, yes, here is the command "sudo dd bs=32M if=/dev/sdb of=./Windows_Backup.img"01:36
c-beamssoreau, an ecternal usb drive01:36
soreauc-beams: If you wren't using usb 2.0, this could limit speed.. probably usb in general. Also, I'd probably try ditching the bs- part and let dd figure it out on it's own01:37
claheySay I want to update a package to a newer version than the one in ubuntu.  Is there a good reference for how to do that?01:37
soreauc-beams: In any event, it's not going to be a speedy process01:37
dr_willisc-beams:  i think 32 mb may be overkill i alwasy use like 1 mb. and check dmesg for errors as it runs. you may want to try ddrescue with a logfile also01:38
soreauclahey: What package?01:38
c-beamsdr_willis, what should i look for in dmesg01:38
fireshaperhey all01:38
AxD09How would one go about removing chromium without having to replace it?01:39
matt444is it possible to take a screenshot with X?01:39
fireshaperanyone know how to turn off the bottom mouse buttons on the touchpad of a ThinkPad in Ubuntu?01:39
claheysoreau, lilypond01:39
claheyfireshaper, I want to know too!01:40
fog_proxyHi all, Is there any method to add X core font to ubuntu 10.04? It seems that from 9.X, xorg.conf has been default removed.01:40
dr_willisc-beams:  any mention of the hd you are imaging from.01:40
soreauclahey: If you can't find a prepackaged version, you may have to build it yourself01:40
fireshaperclahey, glad to find a fellow ThinkPad user!01:41
dr_willismatt444:  printscreen key works in gnome01:41
=== Mrono|work is now known as Mrono|tT
claheysoreau, That's actually what I meant.01:42
matt444dr_willis: gnome is running X01:42
soreauclahey: .. what do you want to know then?01:42
claheysoreau, Is there a reference on how to do so?01:42
dr_willismatt444:  gnome runs on top of x. correct.01:42
TariQMowafyi have a problem installing firmware-b43-installer , gives me error01:42
claheysoreau, Also, is there a reason lilypond is so far behind?  Is there an active maintainer?01:43
soreauclahey: No idea01:43
soreau! compile | clahey01:43
ubottuclahey: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall01:43
TariQMowafyany one got this wifi driver problem??01:44
c-beamsdr_willis, here is the output of dmesg | grep sdb. http://pastebin.com/EBemj0tK01:45
TariQMowafyany one got this wifi driver problem??01:46
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shane_are you on a netbook?01:46
dr_willisc-beams:  this is a external usb?01:47
c-beamsdr_willis, no sdb (the source) is an internal sata drive, sdc (destination drive) is the external usb01:48
=== G7|Thunderstorm is now known as G7|Cloud
claheySo, yeah, I'd like to build a proper lilypond package as if I were a developer.01:49
dr_willisc-beams:  theres some reported bugs about very.slow.usb speeds. ive had similer.issues01:49
claheyIs there a developer channel?01:49
jen__Mypaint wont start up for me01:50
c-beamsdr_willis, is there a better program for imaging to a usb drive?01:50
dr_willisjen__:  run it from terminal. look for error messages01:50
jen__how do I do that?01:50
jen__sudo mypaint?01:51
dr_willisc-beams: that wont help if its a kernel bug causeing it to be slow. try  ddrescue perhaps01:51
dr_willisjen__:  why sudo?01:51
jen__i have no idea, im sorta  a linux newb01:52
c-beamsdr_willis, what is the advantage of dd_rescue?01:52
c-beamsjen__, sudo is used to run programs as root (administrator)01:53
jen__I am the administer01:53
jen__Im going to try to re-install01:53
c-beamsjen__, try typing 'mypaint' into a terminal, without sudo01:54
=== dsprr_ is now known as C0UNT_G
dr_willisc-beams:  ddrescue us different from dd_rescue01:55
=== ubuntu_ is now known as arrt
arrti have a install problem01:56
arrtwith ubuntu 11.1001:56
xangua!oneiric | arrt01:56
ubottuarrt: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+101:56
jen__is this an error?01:57
jen__IndexError: list index out of range01:57
jen__for mypaint?01:57
arrtwich  ubuntu 11.10 can download ?01:57
xanguaarrt: 11.04 is latest stable ubuntu.com01:57
c-beamsjen__, is "IndexError: list index out of range" the only output from the command?01:58
arrtbut why i cant install 11.10 ??01:58
jen__no hold on, I will paste everything it says01:59
c-beamsuse pastebin.com01:59
c-beamsjen__, use pastebin.com01:59
arrtis there a better beta or link to have a good iso01:59
arrtis it beta 1 or 2 ?01:59
tiagohow can i get the deb files, not install them, for certain packages01:59
jen__I know02:00
jribtiago: why?02:00
tiagojrib: because i don't have internet access in the other laptop, I removed critical packages which removed among other things the GUI interface. And i would like to reinstall those02:01
tiagoI have the name of the removed packages02:01
jrib!offline | tiago02:01
ubottutiago: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD02:01
jribtiago: you can also use http://packages.ubuntu.com or apt-get with the --download-only switch02:01
tiagothat's exactly what i needed02:02
jen__was that helpful?02:02
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c-beamsjen__, im stumped :( i'll keep looking but hopefully someone with more experience will know more02:04
jen__it wont even startup, the icon blinks but it never starts up02:04
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=== PIcolo is now known as Picolo
SigneHey... got a question/possible issue with the package server.  The "Packages" file is missing from several -security directories.  (Packages.gz is present, but not Packages)02:05
tiagoif I do a dd of my ubuntu filesystem into an external HD, will it overwrite all that is in the eHD ?02:12
famine_using apt, i want to search for new software updates, then install them02:14
famine_how do I do that?02:14
c-beamsfamine_, ' sudo apt-get update' then 'sudo apt-get upgrade'02:15
tiagodoes anyone know how to, when downloading packages with sudo apt-get, to: (1) explicitely say if they are 64 or 32 bit, (2) download even the ones already present in the system02:19
tiagoand (3) put them in a specific folder02:20
cyanideDoes anyone know of an easy way to remap tilt keys to switching workspaces?02:21
zykotick9tiago, to my knowledge, apt-get will only download the architecture you're actually using.02:22
tiagozykotick9: how can I get the deb packages for the other architecture ?02:22
zykotick9tiago, http://packages.ubuntu.com/ maybe?02:23
cyanidehow do people usually remap mouse buttons on ubuntu?02:23
tensorpuddingtiago, you can use the CLI tool dget02:24
m4dv0yhi there02:24
tiagotensorpudding: dget seems to be the right tool02:26
deadpoolhey guys first day with linux, can you guys tell me what is a good antivirus for ubuntu these days02:26
tiagobut I do have to specifiy the url right?02:26
tiagoor can I just tell it the package name?02:26
dr_willisdeadpool: you really dont need one02:26
TariQMowafyanyone can help me install firmware-b43-installer??02:26
Guest78727thats realy only half true02:27
deadpoolI didn't know that02:27
Guest78727viruses wont effect your ubuntu asmuch02:27
Guest78727but you can still host malicious files02:27
Guest78727and end up a host02:27
Guest78727to your buddies windows machines02:27
Guest78727if u share files with them02:27
matheusmarchioreHello evrybody02:28
Guest78727there is an avg ported to ubuntu02:28
Guest78727also if u look thru the softwar ecenter hidden search items  search nautilus02:28
Guest78727there is an antivirus extention for natuilus02:28
robin0800_tiago, clamav is the package name02:29
tomvolekHI , how do I disable a program, so it will not start at boot time, Ubuntu 11.04 ?02:30
EtheraelTired of very bad skype client for linux, is there any way to use a server side gateway that will take my skype IM's and translate them to some non retarded format that can be used on a normal decent IM client like pidgin or empathy? I know about the skype pidgin plugins, they don't seem to work at all for me.02:30
zykotick9antivirus on gnu/linux is a waste of resources.  who cares if those running MS get infected?02:30
Guest78727hit super and search start02:30
pf_I just installed ubuntu, and plugged in my second monitor, set it to be independent from the first one, and now I'm getting weird distortion stripes all over both screens. Halp?02:30
Guest78727upen the startup aplications app02:30
pf_and how can I disable all the effects?02:30
Guest78727and disable the chekbox coresponding to the item u want gone on start02:30
dr_willisthere are several av apps for linux.  but its best to be sure you windows box have their iwn av software02:31
nbros652I have a bash question... What am I doing wrong in the following line echo "$(echo -e "1\t2")" ... the tab gets removed. How can I keep it?02:31
dr_willispf_:  what vudeo card chipset?02:31
pf_dr_willis: whatever is in an inspiron 640m02:33
pf_945gm I believe02:33
* pf_ sighs @ apt trying to pull in postfix for 'sudo aptitude install eclipse smartmontools screen zsh irssi vim git'02:34
pf_I'm sure irssi needs postfix badly02:34
dr_willisid chek the forums  and askubuntu.com pf_02:35
g0rshas anybody tried booting linux with a sd /micro sd card?02:35
dr_willisirssi needs postdix?02:35
pf_one of eclipse, smartmontools, screen, zsh, irssi, vim and git does02:35
pf_go figure02:35
zykotick9g0rs, expect it to be slow.  USB interfaces are MUCH slower then IDE/SATA02:35
pf_I guess gentoo spoiled me02:35
dr_willisg0rs:  some nachines cant boot from internal sd02:35
Flannelpf_: --no-install-recommends02:36
pf_Flannel: thanks02:36
g0rsdr_willis: my machine has  a micro sd adapter slot but im not sure if the bios allows booting from micro sd adapter.02:36
wcchandlerdoes vanilla 32 bit kernel in 11.04 support PAE out of the box?02:36
dr_willisg0rs:  ive had some that can. and some that cant02:37
zykotick9wcchandler, use "uname -r" to check.  But i think the answer is yes.02:37
dr_willisi thought pae was not the default.02:38
aristonHi, I need help.02:38
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info02:38
g0rsdr_willis: interesing, which computer was it which booted with micro sd cards? did you use  usb-sd adapter or were you able to boot directly with your micro sd card?02:38
Flannelpf_: and, it's smartmontools, wanting some sort of mail thing, you may need to pick one explicitly02:38
aristonI tried today install Amarok and Goober but 'cos QT4 I can't execute no one02:39
pf_Flannel: ah that makes sense; it probably does mail notification02:39
dr_willisg0rs:  i used my sd slot.with a microsd to sd adaptor.02:39
Flannelpf_: yeah, it's asking for mailutils and mailx, I haven't followed it down the rabbit hole, but it quickly gets to exim, et al.02:39
=== felonious is now known as Rtard
rhizmoeso whois -a IP ain't the way anymore?02:39
wcchandlerdr_willis: help page says 10.04 ships with PAE by default :/02:39
aristonsomeboy can help me?02:39
* pf_ nods02:39
g0rsariston: ask your question , be explicit02:40
nbros652I have a bash question... What am I doing wrong in the following line ... echo "$(echo -e "1\t2")" ... the tab gets removed. How can I keep it?02:40
dr_williswcchandler:  i only use 64bit these days. nirmally02:40
wcchandlernbros652 use single quote inside double quote02:40
zykotick9nbros652, bash doesn't have tabs...02:40
pf_nbros652: works fine here02:41
pf_wcchandler: you don't need to inside $()02:41
pf_if I remember well02:41
nbros652wcchandler: didn't work for me.02:41
Guest78727yo anybody here know any good free to use american based vpn servers  so i can wach hulu in canada lol;02:42
nbros652zykotick9: it sort of does, try echo -e "1\t2" ... I know it converts to spaces, but my spaces are collapsing in a bash script, and I don't want them to.02:42
zykotick9nbros652, if it's a bash issue, try the #bash channel - they're hardcore02:43
nbros652pf_: I put it inside the $() because in a script I'm assigning the value to a variable.02:43
nbros652zykotick9: thanks02:43
pf_nbros652: \t is \t, it's not spaces02:43
nbros652pf_: thanks02:44
g0rsGuest78727: no idea , i saw huckelberry finn on hulu a few days ago. It has a few goodmovies02:45
pf_nbros652: [a="$(echo -e "1\t2")"; echo -e "$a" works just fine, you're probably just missing some quotes somewhere]02:46
sean__is backtrack a good os?02:46
hubert_weird... evolution puts all my incoming mails in the junk folder. any idea?02:46
Guest78727backtrack fuking rocks02:46
Guest78727but its advanced02:46
pf_sean__: define good?02:46
Guest78727comes with no sound or video on alot of hardware configurations02:46
sean__better then ubuntu?02:46
OerHeksbacktrack is not suppoted here02:46
Guest78727you need to manualy install synaptic and software center02:46
wcchandlersean__: it's good for auditing and pentesting02:46
pf_that doesn't define "good"02:46
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition02:47
g0rshubert_: i cant send emails with evolution even thought the settings of my smpt server are correct. Receiving emails is not a problem. what could be the reason?02:47
Guest78727use ubuntu untill you realy know what you are dooing02:47
nbros652pf_": thanks. I was missing the -e on the second echo02:47
Guest78727then tinker with backtrack on live os till you are familliar with it02:47
pf_nbros652: I hope that was a simplified version of your script, otherwise that's very silly02:47
sean__lol i just seen a screen shot it has the same  gui as ubuntu02:47
Guest78727i run a tripple boot  win7 ubuntu 11.04 backtrack system02:47
nbros652pf_: very simplified02:47
Guest78727it has patched wifi drivers02:47
pf_nbros652: phew :)02:47
Guest78727and alot of taylored software02:47
Guest78727comand promped alot of it02:47
Guest78727backtrack is a penatration testing os02:48
OerHeksdiscussion about backtrack please elsewere02:48
FlannelGuest78727: Did you have an Ubuntu support question?02:48
Guest78727security hak type stuff02:48
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:48
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:48
Guest78727shyt lol my bad   sorry   il be more concious of my enter key lol    bad habit i know in here02:48
pf_lol is not punctuation either02:48
g0rsanybody knows a good vpn server in another country to mask ip addreses ?02:49
hubert_g0rs, smpt port is blocked on your router02:49
wcchandlerlol means lots of lines...  he's saving your page up button02:49
g0rshubert_: email works fine with another client.02:49
hubert_try telnet on port 25, ehlo etc. ...02:49
kiwiihow do i keep a window from going off the screen when it's maximized?02:56
sammyI'm getting dings from other apps as a default alert sound, but audible bells from terminal or terminator are silent. any ideas?02:56
pf_there used to be a way to disable compiz in previous ubuntu versions by setting visual effects to none. I can't seem to find this for 11.04. Has it been moved somewhere else?02:57
sammykiwii: how many monitors do you have? this doesn't seem like a default behavior. do you have anything but a very basic setup with one monitor that just worked when you installed ubuntu?02:58
zykotick9pf_, if you're using Unity it requires compiz.02:58
Guest78727ubuntu tweak02:58
Guest78727wil let u use metacity composting instead of the compiz dooing it02:59
zaccagninoquestion for all you advanced users sometimes when I type it kind of acts like the keys are sticking it just keeps laying down letters02:59
pf_zykotick9: ah, thanks02:59
kiwiisingle monitor03:01
kiwiisammy: it's only one program that's maximizing off of the screen. And i have just one desktop03:02
tiagohas anyone here used dget ??03:02
sammykiwii: what program? do you have any other odd monitor or desktop settings?03:03
wcchandlerhow can I find out which package provides my wireless .ko?  i tried searching from within synaptic but no luck03:03
kiwiii dont have any odd monitor or desktop settings at all03:03
organiksanyone kno how to save a screen?03:05
kiwiiorganiks: you mean take a picture of the screen03:05
cospanhi, I am working on an embedded platform (beagleboard) and I've gotten a pre-compiled Ubuntu Maverick image started but I wanted to modify the kernel in order to learn about platform drivers, and low level kernel work. Unfortunately the kernel I've downloaded doesn't seem to work, how can I tell if a kernel will work with a specific version of Ubuntu? are there versions of the kernel that specific versions of Ubuntu?03:05
organiksor start screen session03:05
cospan*that work with specific versions of Ubuntu03:06
aristonHi... Somebody Can help about my Amarok? Don't works. Follow link:http://pastebin.com/N4FvpTUj03:06
enferexSo when crashkernel is enabled at boot, does the system actually write the coredump somewhere for the kernel?03:07
aristonI don't identify something about it.03:09
sammykiwii: whats your resolution?03:09
sean__I have a stupid question when it says nvidia gtx 285m with cuda03:10
sean__what does cuda mean?03:10
aristonHi... Somebody Can help about my Amarok? Don't works. Follow link: http://pastebin.com/N4FvpTUj03:10
kiwiisammy: 1024x76803:10
enferexsean__: supports the CUDA api for enabling your Graphics Processor to do general purpose computation (not just graphics)03:11
sean__now when i installed the driver03:11
sean__does it come with it auto?03:11
sean__im guessin?03:11
organikscould someone tell me how to start a "screen" session that i can resume later?03:12
aristonSome admin can verify about my question?03:12
qinorganiks: resume, like after reboot?03:12
sammykiwii: are you using unity? check this bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64339403:13
ubottuGnome bug 643394 in user-interface "Does not fit in 1024 pixels wide screen resolutions, cannot maximize" [Normal,Unconfirmed]03:13
sammyyeah, thanks bot :)03:13
organiksqin can that be done? i just wanted it to be attached after i close the session03:14
sammykiwii: I think most people doing video editing are doing it on a higher screen resolution these days. good luck getting support with this. id add your experience to the bottom of that bug report to confirm the existing report. maybe the developers can do something.03:14
kiwiisammy: nope, gnome03:14
sammykiwii: oh. hrm.03:14
sammykiwii: oh! its not unity specific. just says its worse in unity03:15
axisysfound my answer..03:15
enferexsean__: it means your GPU can perform CUDA operations if it needs to, shouldnt be anything to enable03:15
qinorganiks: After rebbot, no idea, but detach/attach is normal way to deal with screen.03:15
sammycospan: the kernel youve downloaded doesn't seem to work - are you sure the pre-compiled maverick image is made to run on the beagleboard's hardware?03:15
kiwiisammy: ok, thanks. I'll check it out. that would be lame if pitivi dropped support for smaller monitors03:15
organiksqin how do i start a session that i can resume later?03:16
sammykiwii: maybe they're just unaware of how severe the problem is. i'd for sure add your experience to the bug report to at least confirm the other user's experience03:16
cospanorganiks: you can "detach" from a screen sesssion by typing <CTRL> + A D then if you want to list your sessions, you can view them with screen -l ... I forget how to re-attach though03:17
qinorganiks: screen; to detach: Ctrl-A d; to attach: screen -r; man screen or /join #screen03:17
sean__enferex, well  this is  a msi laptop.. and i have a turbo function in it.. i have the disc but its only a windows disc03:17
sean__could i install the drivers for that? or no03:17
sean__its for the cpu + gou03:17
cospansammy: yeah the precompile image with the precomplied kernel works, but I can't find the source for that kernel03:17
sammyanyone have any suggestions about getting audible bells to work from terminal? I dunno what I'm missing.03:18
qinorganiks: Try also: byobu and tmux03:18
organikswow thanks never knew there was a channel just for screen03:18
cospanperhaps I can just work within the beagle board ubuntu and download the kernel source like I would on a normal desktop03:18
sammycospan: what is it exactl youre trying to do? any kernel version should work in ubuntu, and there are some ubuntu/debian tools you can use to compile a custom version of a kernel, complete with debian/ubuntu addons/patches03:19
cospanI want to modify the platform driver in order to send off events when a user presses a button. I know there are ways you can do this in userland but I want to understand how to develop with the kernel03:21
Jubeiguys what can I do if "screensaver" doesn't appear under system settings?03:22
sammycospan: I would honestly suggest talking to the beagleboard folks. they'd probably be super interested in any work that furthers support for their product. look into the instructions for building a custom kernel within debian, though what youd like to do sounds even more low level. you can always cross-compile the kernel on your desktop machine to run on a machine of a different architecture, and then package it up, and load that package in ubu03:23
urlin2uJubei, in other words you can't find it? what release and what desktop? It is there I assume.03:23
sammyas for kernel version, you might want to look into the source packages for the kernel versions available through ubuntu. there shouldn't be a specific version that works or doesn't work.03:24
stalkeranyone know why javascript wont work on konqueror when running as non-root user?03:24
hotswaphddhi folks03:24
ubottudri is direct rendering infrastructure, a framework for allowing direct access to graphics hardware under the X Window System in a safe and efficient manner.03:24
tiagohow can i get the urls for several name packages for a specific architecture, any ideas?03:25
bzzzzthe bot seems pretty empty03:25
cospansammy: thanks for you help! Unfortunately I havn't found much help in the beagleboard channel. I'll grab the kernel from ubuntu sources.03:25
triunityHow do i tell if my laptop is broadcasting on wireless n?03:27
=== root is now known as Guest78614
bzzzzhave xorg.confs been deprecated entirely, or is it just not included by default anymore when X is installed?03:27
sammycospan: good luck03:27
sammytriunity: you should be able to single click the wireless icon near the clock and click 'connection information'03:28
tensorpuddingthey're not included by default because xorg does autodetection and configuration03:28
tensorpuddingbut they're still available as an option03:28
sammytriunity: it'll tell you the speed youre currently connected with, but mind you, that might be lower than the maximum available depending on the quality of the link. sometimes wireless links will drop to a slower speed if the quality is low.03:28
triunitysammy, speed shows 54 Mb/s I guess its G...03:29
dr_willisxorg.conf is used if it exists03:30
triunitysammy, how can i tell if my laptop can handle wireless n?03:30
sammytriunity: you can have some fun with iwconfig and iwspy and iwlist. look into those tools. you can also check the output of 'dmesg' - sometimes wireless negotiation information can be found there -- well, if you run 'lspci' you can find out what type of hardware it is, and google the hardware03:30
triunityOk, thanks, I will explore from here :D03:31
=== sysadamiz is now known as sysadamin
NoN2hey guyss03:32
NoN2have a question03:32
linux_rencom1988any question?03:33
NoN2cut command is used to get the fields of a fields with a delimitator03:33
tiagohow can i get the urls for several name packages for a specific architecture, any ideas?03:33
NoN2this fields are shown in the order of the file03:34
NoN2but no in the order the user wants03:34
SwedeMike!enter | NoN203:34
ubottuNoN2: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:34
qinNoN2: Apparently awk is more flexible than cut03:34
SwedeMikeqin: awk still generally acts on per-line.03:34
=== ok is now known as ok_wait
NoN2yes, but my problem is that I get a list of file from a file, for example "5,2,4"03:35
dr_willisawk is way more flexible then cut  :)  it can do multiline i recall. been a while since i last read 'using awk and sed'03:36
NoN2I save this list in a variable and then I do this: cat file | cut -d'|' -f$var03:36
StepNjumpHi guys, what would be a good linux remote destop client to connect to windows remote ?03:36
qinSwedeMike: man awk | less -p -F03:36
dr_willisStepNjump:  local lan or internet?03:36
SIFTUStepNjump: remmina03:37
StepNjumplocal lan dr_willis03:37
StepNjumpcan I get that by APT siftu?03:37
NoN2I've been looking for this option in awk but no results.. the only option  is awk -F'|' {print $5 $2 $4}03:37
dr_willisdosent gnome have a rdp client allready installed?03:37
SIFTUStepNjump: yes should be able to03:37
ok_waithey all! i have a 1.0TB hard disk and i went into the properties of my root directory and it's reporting that 128.5TB of data are being used while 84GB are free. this is on a 107GB ext4 partition. any ideas as to what's going on here? there is only one other 120BG hd attached to the machine03:38
StepNjumpok I'm downloading it now SIFTU03:38
SIFTUNoN2: try to ask in #awk03:38
NoN2but my list of fields are not the same, they change depending of the file. One could be 4,3,5 other 4,5,7, other 2,6,1. So thats why i red it from a file03:38
Poorynon2 i think you're wanting awk -F , '{print $5 " " $2 " " $4}'03:38
brian99Hello Somebody knows how can I change my font size ­in Emphaty and Pidgin conversations?03:39
brian99Excuse my bad english. Thank you03:39
NoN2what about if I read that list from a file, because the fields are no the same, they deppend of the file03:40
Pooryyou mean they are different lengths?03:40
Pooryso one file may be:03:40
Pooryerr line03:40
Pooryand then the next03:40
FloodBot1Poory: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:40
Poory5, 8, 903:40
NoN2yes, one 2,3,4 other 5,7,3 other 7,8,903:40
NoN2is there a way to use a variable as a list for awk03:41
qinNoN2: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/programming-9/passing-vars-to-awk-366290/03:41
Pooryyes, then something like:  cat filename | awk -F , '{print $1 " " $2 " " $3 " " $4}'03:41
Poorythe $1 is the variable in awk…1st place holder03:42
dante_im running jolicloud and installed cheese, but it just opens and closes03:42
dante_i have a usb webcam plugged in and it works, because i verified it on gmail03:42
SIFTUNoN2: I think you would get a quicker more accurate answer in #awk03:42
dante_can anyone help me out?03:42
NoN2i'll try #awk thanks guys03:43
dr_willisdante_:  see jolicloud support website and forums and chat03:43
dante_well jolicloud is based on ubuntu isnt it?03:43
dante_if not, how do i connect to jolicloud irc?03:43
ok_waitdante_, run cheese from a terminal and see what its output is before it crashes, try to google that error03:44
dr_willisdante_:  see jolicloud website. we cant support it here03:44
dante_segmentation fault03:44
dante_dr. willis, thanks03:44
dr_willisits also poorly supported even in the official jolicloud  sites03:44
brian99Hello Somebody knows how can I change my font size ­in Emphaty and Pidgin conversations?03:45
StepNjumpSIFTU, it works perfectly. Thanks a million!03:45
dr_willisi gave up on jolicloud.03:45
dr_willisneat idea. but too many othee issues.03:46
StepNjumpYou guys here are cheaper than a freakin lawyar and much much more efficient! Thanks03:46
ok_waitbrian99, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1606770 maybe this helps?03:46
SIFTUStepNjump: np03:46
dante_well i need help still03:46
dr_willisdante_:  with?03:47
dante_jolicloud and cheese03:48
SIFTUdante_: /j #jolicloud03:48
dr_willisdante_:  and we said go to jolicloud support03:48
dr_willisgood luck with them.03:48
dante_dr willis, you said, not we03:48
brian99ok_wait thanks you! i'm learning! thanks!03:49
dante_just ignore my question dr. willis03:49
dante_i need someone else to help me03:49
bastidrazordante_: dr_willis is a fine volunteer. his suggestions are valid.03:49
dr_willisdante_:  its a channel rule. not mine03:49
dr_willisso take jolicloud to #jolucloud03:50
dante_there are 6 people in the jolicloud chat, stfu and leave me alone if your not going to help03:50
dr_willisnow you know why i said jolicloud support is lacking03:51
dr_willisusw their forums03:51
SIFTUdante_: then post a question in the forum or something.. how can ubuntu people help.. it's not ubuntu, who knows what they have done03:51
IdleOne!language | dante_03:51
ubottudante_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:51
sammyanyone have any suggestions to trouble shoot a silent terminal bell?03:51
dante_okay let me rephrase my question, i have ubuntu installed and im getting segmentation fault when running cheese03:51
dr_willisjolios is a very hacked up os03:52
IdleOnedante_: but you don't, you have jolicloud.03:52
sammyI can get alert noises from other apps, and its not a volume issue. ive double checked audible bell is turned on in two different terminal apps03:52
dr_willissammy:  under x ir the consoe?03:52
sammydr_willis: x! using default terminal or terminator.03:52
ok_waitbrian99, yw :) always good to hear03:52
dante_its doing the same thing on my laptop that is running ubuntu03:53
dr_willissammy:  x can somehow mute the.ctrl a. bell.03:53
SIFTUsammy: hmm you could see if the module is loaded smod |grep pcspkr03:53
dr_willissammy:  i think it may be a known bug. i see it asked in here every so often03:53
SIFTUsammy: sorry "lsmod|grep pcspkr"03:54
dr_willispcspkr may be blacklisted also03:54
sammySIFTU: good idea, but I don't want a pcspeaker bell, Ive heard the bell come though alsa or pulse or whichever and play my default gnome alert sound.03:54
SIFTUsammy: ah ok03:54
sammydr_willis: I'll go poking for bugs again.03:54
dr_willisthats a gnome setting sammy03:55
dr_willisi forget where.03:55
SIFTUsammy: Terminal > Edit > Current Profile > Terminal bell03:56
sammydr_willis: which is a gnome setting? :P you can change/check the volume of the alert sound in the sound preferences.03:56
SIFTUsammy: System > Preferences > Sound > System Beep > Enable System Beep03:56
dr_willishoray for SIFTU03:56
SIFTUsammy: I cant verify those as I dont run gnome03:56
sammySIFTU: I dont have a system beep -- ah, yeah I've checked the alert sound, and the settings in both gnome terminal and terminator03:57
dr_willison my phone so i cant look either03:57
sammyhehe sokay. thanks. was hoping someone had come across teh same problem. its probably something easy and simple like usual :D03:57
SIFTUsammy: what about in alsamixer?03:59
sammySIFTU: its not a volume issue, unfortunately. I've disabled earcandy and double checked the alert volume and sound in other X apps. if X is stifling the sound -- OH i think there's a pulseaudio module for x beeping! *checks*03:59
dr_willissammy:  theres always askubuntu.com and the forum search. ;) i imagine otheres have had similee issues04:00
SIFTUsammy: but it could be muted in there.. just brainstorming04:00
magicjoe97236HELLO ALL. I just moved my HD to a machine with Nvidia, and then back to a the old one.  Removed all Nvidia files, rebooted, got a "low graphics mode", used the options there to reconfigure.  Rebooted, got Extra Effects enabled again.  NOW everything is how I want it......problem is, if I reboot, I need to do the above process every time.  Question is then, how do I save my running display config so it will load at boot?  Its per04:01
Pelado29./server irc.ciudad.com.ar04:02
SIFTUmagicjoe97236: you removed /etc/X11/xorg.conf that nvidia made?04:02
magicjoe97236Siftu: ah......no.  So just delete that and it will recreate?04:03
SIFTUmagicjoe97236: yeah if you arnt using nvidia anymore you dont need one (if you are using OSS drivers)04:04
Asad2005Can someone help getting totem airplay plugin to work. I have only succedded once, other times it fails to work do i have to restart a service. I have also started shairport and my iphone see it will but what application on my ubuntu is needed in addition to shairport to run my audio/vedio04:04
magicjoe97236Siftu:  Thanks I'll try that, and reboot......if you don't see me, it worked.  If not, I'll be back.  Thanks again04:04
sammySIFTU, dr_willis: i found a few bug reports, for metacity and compiz. its always the little things that fall through the cracks - apparently is a super common issue.04:04
magicjoe97236SIFTU:  That would also explain why my attempts at 'sudo Xorg -configure' were futile.  I didn't need the file....it was screwing things up!04:06
SIFTUmagicjoe97236: so it worked?04:07
magicjoe97236SIFTU: not sure yet, just deleted file, rebooting now. I will let you know in a minute04:07
manikonhi people04:09
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magicjoe97236SIFTU:  THANKS exactly what it needed. Kudos04:11
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SIFTUmagicjoe97236: yw04:13
Sonarpulsea simple question04:13
Sonarpulsepsswd is forcing me to make a "good" passwd, not too similar to the previous one04:13
Sonarpulsehow can I force it to set the passwd I want, even if it is a "bad one"04:14
IbyssSonarpulse: Make a crazy password. Then make a good password.04:14
IbyssSonarpulse: Do not make it close to your username. Lol.04:14
Sonarpulsethat would be easy04:14
Sonarpulsethis is a non-root, non-sudoer account too, just for all you guys's conciences04:15
LasersSonarpulse: fjawXBXA7f2mc04:15
LasersSonarpulse: That's a good password. ;304:15
Sonarpulsewell this account doesn't matter, so i'm just making something easy to remember04:16
LasersSonarpulse: Use "hunter2" then04:16
Sonarpulsethx, the change, change (almost) back trick worked04:17
rubixibucHi, I was trying to connect to a wireless router through the command line, and I keep getting this error "SET failed on device wlan0 ; Operation not supported."04:19
rubixibucat what level is this failing, does any one know04:20
srini_Error :unknown filesystem grub rescue >04:20
rubixibucI'm running all the typing commands04:20
srini_can anyone give me solution?04:20
rubixibuciwconfig and such04:20
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plwertany idea why nm-applet can connect to my unencrypted wifi router just fine, but wicd fails to get an ip address from it?04:33
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:35
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* Aang is away: chilling/sleeping/reading04:44
paean_lol ~1500 nicks04:44
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zetheroodoes anyone know if an Ubuntu for tablets is in the works?04:45
root__Hi I recently installed ubuntu running under a virtuozzo server container virtualised on a vmware node, the thing keeps kernel panicking but the error logs it generates are all garbled. what do?04:46
zetheroowhy is it so quiet in here?04:46
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orneryrabbitanyone able to answer my question?04:47
binarymutantwhat do I need for auto mounting drives?04:47
dr_willisbinarymutant:  at boot time?04:48
binarymutantdr_willis: at any time04:49
dr_willisor on first user access.04:49
dr_willisat boot - make a fstab entry.04:49
dr_willisyou can also tweak usermounting tgat way04:50
binarymutantdr_willis: something a little more hands free, for random unknown usb drives etc04:50
dr_willisno fstab entry ithibk udevhandles it04:50
zetheroodoes anyone know if an Ubuntu for tablets is in the works?04:50
dr_willisbinarymutant:  those work for me with no tweaking needed04:51
tiagois there a site where the packages aren't grouped alphabetically and by function?04:51
dr_williszetheroo:  heard rumors of it.04:51
dr_willismany if the gui changes are.for better tablet needs04:52
zetheroo dr_willis: ok, but nothing official? - the worl needs it so badly ;)04:52
zetherooAndroid on the tablet has been just short of a nightmare for me04:53
dr_williszetheroo:  ill stick to android for now04:53
dr_willisi have no issues with it04:53
SIFTUbinarymutant: you mean udev rules?04:53
binarymutantSIFTU: yes probably :D04:53
zetheroo dr_willis: I just find that aquiring apps is a complete headache compared to in Ubuntu04:54
ubottuUnity is the default UI for Ubuntu 11.04. Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. You can still boot to the classic GNOME desktop; see !classic.04:54
dr_willismy udev skills are low04:54
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".04:54
binarymutantpmount is actually working for me great, thanks everyone for the  help04:54
dr_williszetheroo:  ubuntu for arm does exist.04:54
dr_willisbut tablet specific features may not exist04:55
zetheroodr_willis: hmmm04:55
SIFTUit's arm support is limited compared to debian too04:55
dr_willisthen the apps may have issues.04:55
dr_willisgimp on a tablet. scary04:56
zetheroodr_willis: yeah, the OS is only as good as it's applications .... imho04:56
OerHekszetheroo, i wish ubuntu had this great french udev doc http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/udev04:56
zetherooOerHeks: heh ... sorry dunno what to do with that :P04:57
dr_willismy tablet has a usb keybord and ssh.  ;) i just ssh to my ubuntu box04:57
zetheroodr_willis: as in remoting ? ... can I ask what your tablet is?04:57
plwertI've blacklisted ipv6 in modprobe.d and also aliased net pf10 to off, yet avahi-daemon *still* does ipv6-related things. Why?04:58
yshihey, does anyone know a cli command to change the resolution?04:58
dr_williszetheroo:  some cheap one from cvs. i can ssh from my phone also04:58
SIFTUyshi: xrandr04:58
yshithanks sifts04:59
plwertlooks like /etc/avahi/* still had ipv6 things in it, sigh04:59
yshistupid auto correct. thank you SIFTU04:59
SIFTUyshi: np04:59
zetheroodr_willis: nice, though I bet it's a pain from your phone ... I am using the A500 from Acer ... Android 3.2 ... it's ok ... but I would MUCH rather prefer Ubuntu with it's fast spread of applications and straight-forward methods for obtaining those applications! Oh well, here's to hoping ...05:00
dr_willisandoid market us straight forward. ;)05:01
dr_willissoftware center becomes more like it in every release05:01
zetheroodr_willis: not for me ... I want to search for something that was made for tablets, not phones ... I want to search for free apps and not paid ones ...05:02
dr_willisunity on a tablet would seem awkward at this time05:02
zetheroofor some reason on my tablet I cannot define those criteria05:02
dr_willissaw some tablet specific site/narket the other day in a blog post05:03
zetherooyes, tablified.com05:04
zetheroovery limited number of apps compared to SPM in Ubuntu ...05:04
dr_willisyou would have tge same probmem. apps not optimized for tablets05:07
zetheroothe other day I was searching for something that would allow me to take screenshots and screen captures on my tablet. Search tablified.com and they list one app that "may need rooting of the device" and selling for $0.99 .... not keen ... then search Market and there is nothing which will do this without rooting device and paying ... I don't mind paying somehting ... but not for an app which will not work unless I 'hack' my tablet ... I dunno05:07
zetherooI just want RecordMyDesktop for Android :P05:08
AbuMaiaIs it possible to alter the time & date settings in Ubuntu to follow the Holocene Era dating system?05:08
Glitchy_need help seeting up vpntunnel.se on ubuntu 11.04, got to the point where i import into network place, any help would be appreciated05:09
zetherooAbuMaia: wow ... what is that?  " Holocene Era dating system"05:09
AbuMaiazetheroo: basically an alternative to BC/AD and BCE/CE. In the HE system, this is the year 12011.05:10
Burnwardi came in at the wrong time05:10
AbuMaiazetheroo: I can see that I can change the year manually, but then I lose the internet time updates.05:10
AbuMaiaHE = Holocene Era or Human Era. It's on wikipedia.05:11
zetherooAbuMaia: and you live your life according to that dating system?05:11
Glitchy_anyone know much about vpntunnel?05:11
dr_williszetheroo:  annoying drm in android is to blame i guess. i rooted my phone05:11
Burnwardto wikipedia then :)05:11
Jasper\|\Hi room: Does anyone know what the best Ubuntu math notation tool with Latex export is?05:11
orneryrabbitanyone able to explain how to use puppet05:12
AbuMaiazetheroo: I'm trying to adopt it, yes. One of those steps is setting up my computer to recognize it.05:12
zetheroodr_willis: maybe I should not be ... but I am just really worried about rooting ... if something happens what will happen to warranty etc ... also heard of people 'bricking' their devices ...05:12
dr_willis!info puppet05:12
ubottupuppet (source: puppet): Centralized configuration management - agent startup and compatibility scripts. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.4-2ubuntu2.2 (natty), package size 20 kB, installed size 360 kB05:12
Glitchy_if no one is available to help can you redirect me to where someone can help?05:12
zetheroo AbuMaia: why would you want to adopt it?05:12
zetheroo orneryrabbit: hand puppet or stick puppet :P har har05:13
AbuMaiato avoid the fuss people are making over BC/AD and BCE/CE.05:13
dr_williszetheroo:  bigger danger will be dropping the thing. ;)05:13
orneryrabbitthe program puppet used for Change management of linux servers05:13
Glitchy_dr_willis are you available to assist me again?05:13
dr_willisGlitchy_:  i dont use vpns05:13
Glitchy_ah, dang, ok...thanks05:13
zetheroodr_willis: is it really all that great to root the device?05:14
dr_willisall i know wouldba at this05:14
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN05:14
zetherooAbuMaia: fuss? honestly who cares? ...05:14
rocket16Hello gentlemen05:14
somsipzetheroo: your line of question is quite disrespectful.05:14
dr_williszetheroo:  i saw yes.05:14
dr_willissay yes05:14
Burnwardmy god this guy05:15
AbuMaiazetheroo: Australians are currently having a controversy over it.05:15
dr_willisfuss? here in indiana we cant agree on a time zone05:15
Myrtti!offtopic | move on to Ubuntu support05:16
ubottumove on to Ubuntu support: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:16
zetherooAbuMaia: yeah? I am here in Sydney and haven't heard or seen anything about it ... I think it's interesting ... I just don't understand the 'pros and cons' if there are any ...05:16
Glitchy_thanks for the tip dr_willis, but that wont help me much05:16
rabbi11will there be problems for HDD if virtual box is used ?05:16
AbuMaiaSo to get off the politics of the thing, is there any way to change the time & date settings in Ubuntu to recognize the HE system?05:16
dr_willisrabbi11:  in what way?05:16
zetheroodr_willis: yes, well... that's been going on for some time now hasn't it ...05:16
Burnwardzetheroo: i don't like being told what to do, so if the ability to change my device/computer any way i want is made illegal i dont want to live in that country any more05:16
rocket16I have a Dell inspiron n4010 and everything works well with ubuntu, except the sound. The sound is definitely working, but the quality and volume are not good. Even if I set it to 100% and set alsamixer to full, the sound is still low. I previously tried installing a realtek audio driver, which totally crashed my sound and forced me reinstall. Any suggestion? :(05:17
rabbi11dr_willis: was using WINXP from vbox, my hdd currupted05:17
zetherooBurnward: sorry, what was this in realtion to?05:17
dr_willisrabbi11: you use virtual diskss in vbox nornally05:18
zetherooBurnward: oh, is it illegal to root ones device?05:18
Burnwardsorry wrong convo05:18
Burnwardyes sorry i was in two irc's at the same time05:18
Burnwardnot to my knowledge05:18
rabbi11dr_willis: yeah, my hdd corrupted while was using it. don't want to risk again...05:19
zetherooBurnward: do I disregard your comment then?05:19
Burnwardbut a similar idea "jailbreaking" for the i devices was almost made illegal for gay reasons05:19
zetherooBurnward: oh I see05:19
Burnwardthat would be up to you i think05:19
rocket16My audio device is Intel Corporation 5 series/3400 series with High definition btw. I guess installing realtek was a total mess without first checking the device...05:19
zetherooBurnward: but it's not illegal to 'root' an Android device .... right!?05:19
dr_willisrabbi11:  vbox was not to blame i inagine IF you were using a virtual drive05:19
Burnwardzetheroo: not to my knowledge but sooner or later it will be, just wait companies and stuff will say the same thing as apple and sony, copyright blah blah blah and call anyone with root access to their computer a blackhat hacker and come after us05:20
rabbi11dr_willis: creating a virtual drive and then using it is a better option, is what you mean.05:20
Burnwardsony got all pissy when someone posted a video about how to add a new OS to ones PS3 and took him to court, now if he ever does it again he could go to jail05:21
JokesOnYou77Hi all, I just installed giplet in Synaptic but the applet isn't in the "Add to panel" window.  Do I need to restart Gnome panels or something?05:21
dr_willisrabbi11:  thats how yoy do it normally. you should NOT use vbox to access a real physical hd. thw docs warn about that05:22
Burnwardzetheroo: which is incredibly stupid when you consider that since you bought the device you should be able to do with it as you please05:22
JokesOnYou77dr_willis: I missed the beginning of this discussion, but my understanding is that using a VM to access a physical drive/partition as a VMDK is perfectly safe if you know what you're doing05:23
rabbi11dr_willis: ok, may be that was the problem, vbox saves my xp in .vdi format...05:23
rabbi11got to get rid of this ASAP05:23
eiriksvinhello, I'm wondering, I want to change my Ubuntu computers name, how do I do that... other than reinstalling it05:23
Burnwardzetheroo: i switched to lxde because i dont like unity and gnome was starting to get to far away from the simplistic philosophy i like05:23
dr_willisrabbi11:  then you did use a virtual hd.05:24
dr_willisJokesOnYou77:  thats a big if. ;)05:25
rabbi11dr_willis: unable to understand05:25
dr_willisrabbi11:  time to read the vbox docs i think05:25
rabbi11dr_willis: right05:25
rabbi11:) thanks05:25
dr_willis you make a virtual drive normally.05:25
Burnwardquestion: how can i get my hands on a gentoo iso, i go to the website but i don't know how to get the file from an FTP05:26
dr_willisor you set it up to access a real partition. which is warned against in the docs05:26
___MAXeiriksvin : http://ubuntumanual.org/posts/143/how-to-change-computer-name-in-ubuntu05:26
JokesOnYou77dr_willis: fair enough.  I just didn't want it portrayed as a kind of taboo, as I think it's actually a really powerful feature of the software05:27
dr_willisand petentially dangeros.05:27
sanduz2does anyone know why ssh bind isnt working for me?  it was working a little earlier just fine but now it just lists the usage parameters when i type it: ssh -L 5000:
dr_willisso it is not reccinwnded05:27
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BurnwardFTP? cause i don't know how to work one of those05:28
eiriksvin<___MAX> thanx05:29
dr_willisany web browser can do ftp normally05:29
Burnwardall it does is open a web age full of links05:29
Burnwardnone of them download an iso05:29
dr_willisso click on thw eight obw05:29
dr_willisask in gwntoo. i guess05:29
JokesOnYou77dr_willis: oh yeah, big time.  Maybe you could answer this for me, if I want to run Win7 from a VMDK while using Ubuntu as my principle system is it safe to access data (e.g. my music) on a shared data partition (probably NTFS) while both OSs are running?05:30
dr_willisthis is ubuntu. ;)05:30
Burnwardbut im using ubuntu05:30
Burnwardthe question is more relevent to how to get files from those stupid ftp pages05:30
orneryrabbitso I have a ubuntu install that kernel panics whenever I leave it on for more than 1 hour05:31
dr_willisyou just cluck. or right cluck and save05:31
orneryrabbithow should I troubleshoot this?05:31
Burnwardjust saves the web page05:31
fritschorneryrabbit: is it natty version? or beta of oneiric?05:31
wildbatJokesOnYou77: NO~ don't mount file system in two running FS .05:31
dr_willisJokesOnYou77:  a samba share?05:31
dr_willisBurnward:  find tge right link i guess. its not ubuntu s fault05:32
Burnwarddr_willis: i didn't say anything baotu fault i just don't know how to do it05:32
JokesOnYou77So I can't mount a shared partition (or a second drive) on a VMDK while that partition.device is mounted in the host OS?05:32
Burnwarddr_willis: thats what im talking about i dont know how to get those files05:33
Burnwardit's just an example but ive missed out on alot because they allways seem to be on pages like that05:33
dr_willisBurnward:  the top iso link works here.05:34
Burnwardso it is my computer then!05:34
dr_willisclick and it downloads05:34
Burnwardall it does is blink on my computer05:34
dr_willistry wget to the url05:34
wildbatJokesOnYou77: Doing so you will have a corrupted filesystem ~ use NFS/ Samba / SSHFS05:35
RobbieCrashI've got a freshly built Natty server, that is unable to reach speeds of over 5.5Mb/sec despite being on a gigabit backbone, and registering its connections as gigabit. lshw -c networking shows both as size and capacity as 1Gb. All other devices plugged into that switch function as expected, with between 700 and 800Mb/sec. I have tested the same cables/ports in other servers and speeds are05:35
RobbieCrashfine. I've also tested one of the ubuntu box's NICs in a different server and receive proper speeds as well. Both NICs are set to full auto.05:35
Burnwardnow it's working05:35
RobbieCrashCPU usage is fine, disk IO is minimal, however all network performance is horrible.05:35
dr_williswget woeks but nit the briwser? odd.05:36
Burnwardim tryin to set up a virtual machine using gentoo05:36
Burnwardon less than 200 kib of ram05:36
Richie086RobbieCrash: how are you testing it?  File transfers?  what protocol?05:36
JokesOnYou77wildbat: Booo!!! Really? Is that a limitation of the NTFS system by any chance?05:36
RobbieCrashRichie086 I've tried SCP, FTP, CIFS/Samba, iperf. TCP and UDP connections both fare the same.05:37
RobbieCrash:( yeah05:37
Richie086is this the only ubuntu/linux box on this network or are there others?05:37
wildbatJokesOnYou77: no ~ most (if not all) filesystem isn't disigned to be mounted by more the one OS at the same time.05:38
dr_willisJokesOnYou77:  treat a vbox machine as you would a real one. ;) use its networking features05:38
Richie086and are you xfering from/to one machine or is this being tested on many machines?05:38
Richie086or networked devices05:38
Richie086RobbieCrash: and this is a fresh install?05:39
maalachi guys. do you know any room where you can make fun of windows 8?05:39
zetherooBurnward: I agree fully05:40
Myrttimaalac: in freenode, no not really05:40
RobbieCrashRichie086 it's the only physical Ubuntu box. I've got Solaris, Slackware and RHEL running in VMs on ESX5. All other physical boxes are Windows. My network is split between two switches. Switch A has the Ubuntu box and the VM hosts and is a gigabit switch. It's connected to Switch B. I've tested from the VMs to things behind Switch B, and get 700-800Mbps. Testing between VMs and the ubuntu boxes05:40
RobbieCrashonly hit switch A and all only receive about 5Mbps max.05:40
Burnwardzetheroo: good to know, where did you go for those five minutes?05:40
glauconanyone here use eeepc?05:41
zetherooBurnward: ha ... tech call came in05:41
JokesOnYou77So it sounds like the best way to do this would be to turn both my Win7 partition and my /data partition into a single VMDK and then share /data from within Windows (for better or worse I still use windows about 60% of the time).  What will this mean in terms of my permission levels on /data from withing Ubuntu?  I currently have the problem where /data is NTFS and doesn't give me full...05:42
JokesOnYou77...permissions when accessed from Ubuntu05:42
Burnwardzetheroo: oh, you like at work?05:42
zetherooBurnward: yes sir05:42
executionisteth0 has disappeared from my connections. How do I get it back :S05:42
RobbieCrashRichie086 It's a fresh install, well, fresh-ish. I've finished configuring it, but it's only been built for a day05:43
RobbieCrashexecutionist go to terminal and type sudo ifup eth005:43
glauconanyone know how I can configure vino vnc server on Ubuntu to disable server side mouse/keyboard/monitor?05:43
Burnwardzetheroo: lucky, i wish i had a job involving a computer more than just as a cashregister05:43
Burnwardworkin my way through college sucks05:43
tableshow do i pull a console up on ubuntu?05:44
glauconalt ctrl t05:44
tablesi'm in the "try ubuntu" in livecd05:44
executionistRobbieCrash: ifup: interface eth0 already configured05:44
glaucongot it tables?05:44
BurnwardI'm erasing a thumb drive to use as a boot disk, any ideas for the best format?05:44
zetherooBurnward: would not know sorry .... I never went through college ..05:44
glauconno more than 205:45
glauconif you wanna install05:45
Burnwardzetheroo: job u work?05:45
glauconpartition it05:45
executionistRobbieCrash: I setup my modem in bridge mode then I used eth0 to dial the pppoe connection itself from ubuntu, Now I want to undo what I did, being failing till now05:45
JokesOnYou77Burnward: I'd go with FAT or FAT3205:45
tableswhen i do 'free' i only corp2/05:45
tableser sorry05:45
RobbieCrashexecutionist do you see it when you do ifconfiig?05:45
tableswhen i do 'free' i only see about 2gigs of ram when i usually have 405:45
executionistyes I see it05:45
tablescan this be fixed one ubuntu installs?05:45
tablesi'm in "try ubuntu"05:46
tablesin livecd05:46
glauconnot sure why05:46
glauconthat would say that05:46
RobbieCrashexecutionist what does it say?05:46
Burnwardzetheroo: why fat?05:46
RobbieCrashPM me05:46
zetherooBurnward: IT support and consultant ... largely self-taught ...05:46
Burnwardjokesonyou77: why fat?05:46
executionisteth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:11:43:ac:ed:2a05:46
executionist          UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:105:46
executionist          RX packets:61 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:005:46
executionist          TX packets:29 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:005:46
executionist          collisions:0 txqueuelen:100005:46
executionist          RX bytes:8404 (8.4 KB)  TX bytes:1856 (1.8 KB)05:46
FloodBot1executionist: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:46
glauconrobbie what are you using to make the boot usb?05:46
Burnwardzetheroo: only real type of learnin is self learnin05:46
zetherooBurnward: indeed05:47
tiagodoes this command still work ?? apt-get --print-uris --yes install ExamplePackage > packageuri.htm05:47
Burnwardzetheroo: quite05:48
tiagoi can't seem to get it to work05:48
glauconanyone here write python?05:48
glauconhi  tap05:48
JokesOnYou77Burnward: You're making a bootable flash drive, right?  FAT has the most cross-platform support of any filesystem so it's very appealing for using in applications when things like BIOS need to access it, I also think squashfs likes it best, though I might have just made that up...05:48
tapouti'm trying to install the ati drivers, it keeps saying that I have previously installed drivers.  How can I remove them all?  I've done every removal instruction found on google, yet it still detects another driver05:49
tapoutthat there05:49
fuyuHi, everyone05:49
Burnwardquestion how would a 4gb flash drive swap partition effect(affect?) my system?05:49
=== Tectu|off is now known as Tectu
glauconwhich version of ubuntu tap?05:49
tapoutBurgiking, are you swapping?05:49
tapoutor whatever is latest05:50
glauconburn, i dont know it just installs easier on a 2gb.05:50
Burnwardjokesonyou77: thanks i appreciate that05:50
JokesOnYou77Burnward: I'd need a lot more info on your system to answer that05:50
JokesOnYou77and I think it's effect, but not entirely sure05:50
Burnwardcompaq presario v2000 30 gib hdd, 512 mib ram05:51
tapoutBurnward, if you swap, it will be better than a regular drive05:52
Burnwardtapout: why's that?05:52
tapoutI'm running on a ssd and 2GB swap, and none is being used05:52
tapouta flash drive is faster than a regular drive, by far05:52
tapoutthat's what you're asking right, if you use a 4GB swap partition on a ssd vs a regular drive.. no?05:53
Slyddermorning all05:53
Burnwardtapout: yes and no, i have a thumb drive and a super old computer (last one died in a fire) and i was wondering if 4GiB of swap would speed up my computer signifigantly05:54
tablesi'm on "try ubuntu" on the livecd and "free" shows 2G of total ram, after i install will i get the 4G i normally have?05:54
JokesOnYou77Burnward: Well, SWAP is essentially using the HDD for RAM, i.e. virtual memory.  But it's a lot slower than RAM because it's limited by the read/write speed of the disk. In your case i'd say an extra 4GB of SWAP could really help you by allowing you to run more memory-intensive applications and even some slightly improved multi-tasking, but it won't be as dramatic as adding additional real RAM05:54
Slydderwhat's the next LTS version?05:55
Burnwardjokesonyou77: i was afraid of that05:55
tapoutBurnward, ohh... when a machine is swapping, it's doing it to clean out the ram, or it's out of ram and swapping bad... if it's the second .. you're screwed...05:55
dsnydersHi all!  I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird, but the weekly calendar printout is in the five boxes plus two half boxes for the weekend format.  I want to print out seven columns.  Is there a program that will do that?05:55
Burnwardthanks guise i know that to do now05:56
tapouttables, file /bin/bash, is it 32?05:56
tablesyea 3205:56
tapoutmy 32 always detected 4GB, so that's weird..05:56
dsnydersMaybe an add-on?05:56
tablesi'm on "try ubuntu"05:56
tablesi didn't install yet05:56
JokesOnYou77So I think I scared off dr_willis  and wildbat with my last question :P05:56
tableswell forget it, i'll find out after05:57
tapoutmaybe it has 2GB as a /dev/shm, and 2 as usuable05:57
tableshow easy is it to install virtualbox on ubuntu?05:57
tapouttables, EASY05:57
dr_willisim at work. ;)05:57
tablesapt-get install virtualbox?05:57
tapouttables, 2 seconds ..05:57
JokesOnYou77tables: try a 64-bit version of the live CD and see if it helps05:57
tablestapout: using the sources on the default installed ubuntu?05:57
tapoutI think i ram the latest virtualbox from the downloads they provide05:57
tableshave you tried truecrypt on ubuntu?05:57
JokesOnYou77dr_willis: ahh, my apologies then05:58
tapouttruecrypt = awesome05:58
tablesso it can encrypt the whole disk?05:58
tapoutkeepass2 awesome05:58
tableswith their install?05:58
tiagodoes anyone know how to use "Generate package download script" from Synaptic's package manager, on the command line ? ?05:58
dsnydersIs there maybe a thunderbird channel?05:58
tapouti've never done the full install as encrypted, no .. but there are guides online i've seen that people do05:58
dr_willisbbl got a job to do.05:58
tapouti use truecrypt on my dropbox05:58
tapoutit's beautiful05:58
AngabladeHello everyone.05:59
tablestapout: so i can install virtualbox for sure with the sources the default install has?05:59
tableswith just apt-get install virtualbox?05:59
rhizmoeoh geez. what's the "touch; unzip, unf unf unf" joke again?05:59
Chheapshottables: you can use the alternative install disck to do a full system encryption.05:59
tapouttables, i go with latest virtualbox05:59
Chheapshotand its rather easy also05:59
tapouttables, i went with this: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads06:00
tapouti run backtrack/win7 in virtualbox, both no issues06:00
rhizmoefound it: http://www.unixresources.net/linux/lf/47/archive/00/00/02/84/28481.html06:01
dsnydersOkay, I tried /join #thunderbird, but I'm the only one there.06:01
Burnwardanyone have any idea how to use a thumbdrive as the hard drive for virtual box?06:01
rhizmoefree ops in #thunderbird!06:01
tapoutdsnyders, doesn't mozilla do thunderbird?06:01
tapouttry #mozilla?06:01
Free-mantapout see seamonkey for suite06:02
tapouti use gmail :)06:02
qHSince upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 I am having problems connecting to my wireless network.06:03
qHThe connection is made, and after about 30 seconds the connection is lost.06:03
qHThis has never happened with any of the previous versions of Ubuntu.06:03
qHIT COMPLETELY LOCKS UP MY ROUTER. The only solution after attempting a connection is to reset the router.06:03
qHi need help06:03
dsnydersThanks for the #mozilla suggestion folks.06:03
bhavesh_How can I change the unity's black box size like in this photo? http://cdn.omgubuntu.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/unity2dddd.jpg06:03
StrangeCharmif i install the awesome window manager, how do i choose which window manager is used?06:03
StrangeCharmdsnyders, also consider irc.mozilla.org06:03
qHmy wireless card is intel wifi link 510006:03
bhavesh_that resize thingy doesn't appear at bottom right corner of my box06:03
tapoutqH, my wireless got better with 1106:04
tapoutno idea on what the fix for you is... maybe compat-wireless ?06:04
tapoutsomething like that06:04
tapoutgoogle it06:04
tiagocan I use a file with package names to be selected in Synaptic's package manager?06:05
ChheapshotStrangeCharm: cant u choose it at the login screen?06:05
StrangeCharmChheapshot, i don't know, can i?06:05
tapoutStrangeCharm, when you go to login, select the user, and look at the bottom line...  it will reveal new options ...06:05
tapoutit's hidden unless a username is selected06:06
tapoutthat's how i disabled unity :)06:06
StrangeCharmtapout, presumably i can also set a default?06:06
bhavesh_What version of Unity does Ubuntu 11.10 BETA 2 use06:06
tableshas anyone here used ubuntu + truecrypt to do full enryption on ubuntu?  and was it easy?06:06
bhavesh_coz I dont seem to resize my dash..06:06
Burnwardman i just uninstalled unity, takes up to much room06:06
Burnwardgot gnome too06:06
tablesi'm thinking just downloading truecrypt, installing it, and then encrypting the whole disk  <-- this is easy?06:06
tapoutStrangeCharm, it remembers06:06
ChheapshotStrangeCharm: There is a pulldown menu for choosing session06:06
bhavesh_Burnward,  u mean RAM?06:07
StrangeCharmtables, why use truecrypt. ubuntu comes with fde06:07
tableswhat does it use for fde?06:07
Chheapshottables: Use the alternative disck to install ubuntu. U can choose a full system encryption from there.06:07
Burnwardbhavesh_: no i mean room, since i use lxde gnoe and unity were just taking up hdd space06:07
tablesand this is the normal ubuntu install disk that your're talking abou14:00 < qH> my wireless card is intel wifi link 510006:07
tablesbad paste06:07
FloodBot1tables: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:07
tablesthis is the normal ubuntu install disk that you're talking about?06:08
tablesok cool06:08
Burnwardbut they use to much ram as well06:08
StrangeCharmtables, it's on the alt and server install disks06:08
tablesChheapshot: what does it use for enryption?06:08
tableslinux program06:08
Burnwardwhat does his wireless card not work?06:08
qHtables my ubuntu is 11.1006:08
tablesqH: sorry that was bad paste06:08
tapoutanyone ever select 'shutdown' and ubuntu treats it as a logout?  so you go to the login window and gotta select shutdown again?06:11
tapoutBurnward, it works but he said he has to reboot his router06:11
Burnwardtapout use to happen to me06:11
tapoutafter 30 seconds06:11
Burnwardi reinstalled ubuntu and that didn't happen any more but i never figured out why it did that06:11
tapoutit's only happening on this new computer06:12
tapoutwish i knew why06:12
tapoutnot a big deal tho06:12
tapoutlove ubuntu, so great06:12
tapoutbrb, rebooting06:12
paulus68qH: please take your questions concerning 11.10 to #ubuntu+1 thanks06:14
orneryrabbithelp my install kernel panics when I am starting it up06:17
Free-manorneryrabbit what is panic?06:18
Burnwardgot my virtual machine workin06:20
tapouthas anyone ever tried taking a virtualbox and cloning an already-installed-win7 and running it in virutalbox?06:20
Burnwardtapout: once, that was just before the fire06:21
Burnwardalost got it to work06:21
tapoutwhat fire06:22
Burnwardcomputer over heated and caught fire to the papers my sister jammed in my computer cause she thought it was funny06:22
tapoutnice nickname06:23
Burnwardright now she's workig to buy me a new one06:23
tiagodoes this command "apt-get -y --print-uris install unity" give you any uri ??06:23
tiagoit doesn't seem to be working for me06:23
nixmaniackhow do i send desktop notification from cron??06:26
Free-manBurnward give her a nerf bat, it'll be less harmful :)06:27
Burnwardif i didn't want amr to come to her i would have her locked up, shes nuts im just glad we don't live together06:28
ikonianixmaniack: I don't think cron as an application will be able to do that, however you could put in a call to desktop notification as part of the script cron runs.06:28
ikonianixmaniack: not sure how easy the api is to work with though06:29
Free-manfamily! cant live with them, cant be without em06:29
nixmaniackikonia, a bash script would do??06:29
ikonianixmaniack: well, depends if you can interact with the desktop noticiations api directly from bash, I don't know06:29
tiago "apt-get -y --print-uris install unity" what's missing in this command so it gives me an uri ???06:29
nixmaniackikonia, i'll give it a try thanks06:30
Shirakawasunatiago: maybe -V?06:30
tiagowhat's the -V for?06:30
Shirakawasunan/m, it works fine here without -V, tiago06:31
plouffeAnyone else get this message? "Some of the packages could not be retrieved from the server(s).Do you want to continue, ignoring these packages?"06:31
tiagoShirakawasuna: so it gives you an URI?06:32
tiagoi can only get it for certain packages06:32
Shirakawasunatiago: it gives me a bunch, because I don't have unity06:32
plouffeI also got a download error for firefox addblock plus update06:32
Shirakawasunatiago: but I do get the unity one, among others06:32
Shirakawasuna'http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/unity/unity_3.8.16-0ubuntu1~natty2_amd64.deb' unity_3.8.16-0ubuntu1~natty2_amd64.deb 628552 MD5Sum:8fccae330267dc438faa6d37824c5a7406:33
tiagook i get it, then probably i should replace  install with upgrade06:33
Shirakawasunawhat do you get instead, tiago?06:33
Shirakawasunamaybe you should add --reinstall06:33
tiagoi added reinstall06:33
tiagoto no avail06:33
tiagobut upgrade seems to work06:33
viktyr_korimirI've got a Windows-only transfer cable that has its own file system with an .exe to handle the transaction. I've got WINE, but I can't run the program because the executable bit isn't set, and I can't set the executable bit because it's a read-only filesystem. Is there any way to bypass permissions to run it?06:35
Free-manviktyr_korimir copy the exe off to local fs06:35
Fuchsviktyr_korimir: just run wine from console06:35
Fuchsviktyr_korimir: it should not rely on +x there06:36
viktyr_korimirFree-man: I've tried that, and the .exe doesn't work if it's not run from the cable's filesystem.06:36
Shirakawasunaa cable with a filesystem confuses and intrigues me06:36
viktyr_korimirFuchs: Okay, this is going to sound really stupid, but I don't know how to open the console or how to use WINE on the command line.06:37
Fuchsviktyr_korimir: no problem. alt + f2 should open a run dialog06:37
Shirakawasunawine /path/to/file06:37
Shirakawasunaah, open a console06:37
Shirakawasunain unity, find the 'terminal' app (typing 'term' should list it)06:37
Fuchsviktyr_korimir: run  gnome-terminal in it, if you are using gnome06:37
Shirakawasunathen wine /path/to/file06:37
viktyr_korimirShirakawasuna: It's a male-male USB cable that acts as a read-only flash drive that contains the transfer software.06:38
Fuchsthe tab key can help you to autocomplete file and path names06:38
Shirakawasunaviktyr_korimir: that sounds nifty06:38
=== esigeen is now known as xsign
Fuchsviktyr_korimir: if wine doesnt work, you might want to use virtualbox with a real windows, linux can pass through usb devices to it06:40
viktyr_korimirFuchs: Thank you. Hopefully that will crack it.06:41
Fuchsviktyr_korimir: good luck06:41
viktyr_korimirShirakawasuna: It's been really, really useful so far-- as long as I had both computers running Windows.06:41
Fuchsviktyr_korimir: if it doesnt work, just ask again. but ill be gone in about 5 minutes06:42
ShirakawasunaI might still be around after Fuchs leaves. I'll be sure to make whatever simple process is really required take ages :D06:43
silv3r_m00nhow to check which font file is used by default for a particular non english language ?06:43
Shirakawasunaviktyr_korimir: if nothing works, you could try using virtualbox/another virtual machine.06:43
ShirakawasunaIt's a decent last resort for stuff like that06:43
alhubaishihi all06:44
=== JEEBcz is now known as JEEB
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!06:55
rhizmoeam i a doof for still being on 10.10?06:57
nixmaniackis there any way to change the position of notify-send bubble?06:57
llutz_rhizmoe: does it work for you? do you miss something?06:58
=== xqix9u2v_ is now known as lmnop
rhizmoellutz_: just looking at gnome 3 and figured i'd check in. i have indeed been having some weird process hang issues of late.06:59
rhizmoe(as well)06:59
rww!fishing > Arbition07:01
ubottuArbition, please see my private message07:01
=== Marc is now known as Guest56203
Burnwardmy virtual machine is eat all my ram so im gonna log out until its doneing up07:03
mekwallI want to setup passwordless autofs+sshfs. Is it possible without removing the passwords from the keys?07:10
nhochthi all07:10
ikoniamekwall: not really as the key is how they authenticate, if it has a password, you'll need to enter it07:10
ikoniamekwall: you can look at things such as the password keeper daemon for example07:10
ikoniamekwall: so you enter the password when you login and it keeps it for all other ssh sessions using those keys07:11
mekwallikonia: well I was looking at the ssh-agent, but autofs seems to mount as root07:11
nhochthow to install Sakis3g on ubuntu07:11
ikoniamekwall: it will mount as root......but the session initiated should be the user07:12
nhochthow to install Sakis3g on ubuntu?07:12
alhubaishiis their a way to make unity side dock to be always peaking alittle bit?07:12
alhubaishiinstead of a full hide07:12
mekwallikonia: hmm, ok... then it should work like I set it up now, but I don't get prompted for a password07:12
mekwallikonia: and I've copied both keys and hosts to /root/.ssh/07:13
ikoniamekwall: why are you using roots keys ?07:13
ikoniamekwall: it should be user based07:13
Kartagishow can I make these warnings go away? http://pastebin.com/X3be5rdD. and ikonia please don't tell me not not be bothered07:13
mekwallikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs07:13
mekwallnot according to that07:13
ikoniaKartagis: set the environment variables to the correct langauge07:13
mekwall"Remember, automount will mount your SSHFS file system as root"07:14
ikoniaKartagis: but again - they are just warnings, there is no error there07:14
ikoniamekwall: the actual mount is as root, but the credentials have to be the users, as they are user space07:14
ikoniamekwall: I'm assuming that your doing this through fuse07:14
Kartagisikonia: how do I know what the correct language is?07:14
mekwallikonia: sshfs uses fuse, yes07:14
ikoniaKartagis: it's your machine, you know what languages you set it to07:15
ikoniaKartagis: or you could just ignore them, they are just warnings07:15
llutz_Kartagis: just set those (unset) vars in your bashrc07:15
mekwallikonia: but as you can read on that page, it says I have to copy the keys and known_hosts to /root/.ssh07:15
nhochthow to install Sakis3g on ubuntu?07:15
Kartagisikonia: it's a VPS07:15
ikoniamekwall: so the auth is going to come from your user account, which I believe will be user ssh07:15
ikoniaKartagis: so ?07:15
ikoniamekwall: really, can you show me the page. That's a bit of a contradiction as to how I understood it.07:16
Kartagisikonia: I didn't set the OS up07:16
nhochthow to install Sakis3g on ubuntu?07:16
ikoniaKartagis: it's your OS though, so you know how it's setup07:16
mekwallikonia: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Autofs <-- i just pasted it before :D07:16
ikoniamekwall: I missed it before.07:16
mekwallikonia: hehe ok :)07:16
nhochthow to install Sakis3g on ubuntu?07:16
llutz_!repeat | nhocht07:17
ubottunhocht: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:17
=== Guest56203 is now known as proffima
ikoniamekwall: let me see if I can test something, it may not be valid as I'm on a centos machine here, but I need to validate something07:18
KartagisGenerating locales...07:18
Kartagis  en_GB.UTF8... character map file `UTF8' not found: No such file or directory07:18
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest31338
ikoniaKartagis: so that local is not installed on your machine07:18
nhochthow to install Sakis3g on ubuntu?07:19
ikonianhocht: did you read what llutz_ said to you07:19
llutz_nhocht: pls don't pm me, i won't answer07:20
=== rain is now known as Guest24729
nhochthow to install Sakis3g on ubuntu?07:21
Kartagisikonia: I have just checked, it it installed07:21
ikoniaKartagis: not according to your system07:21
tablesdo you have to be online in order to install ubuntu 11.04 alternate?07:22
ikoniatables: nor do you have to be online to use the normal installer07:22
tablesok cool07:22
ikoniatables: no07:22
tablesand it should set it up just like when i do "try ubuntu"07:22
tableswith the wireless drivers, etc.07:22
beta0x64you might not get updates or important drivers that are 3rd party07:23
ikoniatables: correct07:23
mekwallikonia: should be the same on any distro :)07:23
ikoniamekwall: agreed07:23
Kartagisikonia: locales                             2.13+git20100825-1                  common files for locale support07:23
tablesbut i can get those updates as soon as i go online, right?07:23
mekwallikonia: but even the archwiki doesn't cover it :P07:23
beta0x64of course07:23
tablesok cool07:23
ikoniaKartagis: that doesn't mean the actual file is there as the error says07:23
ikoniamekwall: almost there, just grabbing a few packages07:23
mekwallikonia: "When the generator ask for a passphrase, just press ENTER. Using SSH keys without a passphrase is less secure, yet running AutoFS together with passphrases poses some additional difficulties which are not (yet) covered in this article."07:23
llutz_Kartagis: isn't it "en_GB.UTF-8"07:23
beta0x64in my case, I did not try ubuntu because I installed on a netbook and it was slow. My wireless drivers weren't supported and I had to download them from a friend's.07:24
Kartagisikonia: what do I do to get it there?07:24
mekwallikonia: additional difficulties is far from impossible though :D07:24
tablesthe ubuntu 11.04 alternate supports full disk encryption?07:24
Kartagisllutz_: I've replaced GB with US in /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local07:24
llutz_Kartagis: less /var/lib/locales/supported.d/*           should give you a list of all supported locales- the "UTF-8" i meant, not "UTF8"07:25
Kartagisheh, the error went away07:26
llutz_simple typo ...07:26
Kartagisllutz_: thanks for pointing out the obvious07:26
beta0x64tables I'm not sure but it's likely07:26
ikoniamekwall: the issue is the permissions on /bin/fusermount07:26
ikoniamekwall: just testing this07:26
beta0x64you need to encrypt swap too07:26
mekwallikonia: well, I've managed to login as root with my keys etc... and getting prompted for password, but autofs still doesn't work07:27
mekwallikonia: I mean running ssh as root, not login as root heh07:27
ikoniamekwall: you are actually logging in as root though07:29
mekwallikonia: nah, I'm logging in as the user I specified07:30
ikoniamekwall: ahh, I see what you mean,07:30
mekwallikonia: sudo ssh test@testmachine etc.07:30
ikoniamekwall: yes, I see it07:30
mekwallikonia: its just that it will use the keys in /root/.ssh when authing07:30
nhocht i save any folder on Ubuntu but when i sign in Window it lost,why?07:31
jasonmsphey all.  Can someone tell me what I need to do to get these file names to print before they actually display the head?  find . | xargs -n1 grep -ils loglevel | xargs -n1 -I {} head {}   ??07:31
nhocht i save any folder on Ubuntu but when i am sign in Window it lost,why?07:32
fritschnhocht: where do you save it?07:33
llutz_jasonmsp: grep -Hils ?07:33
Guest63988after apt-get install, where is the dep?07:33
Guest63988can i save it for future use?07:33
jasonmspllutz_:  -H is default.  Its getting lost when it is sent to standard output since it is being read by the next.  I'll give it a whirl to test, but I don't think that will work.07:34
yaccAny idea why that might happen? ATA port resets, freezes the complete system, and after a minute or so it's all back. The funny part is that it also happens when the port is unused, ...07:35
jasonmspllutz_:  yeah no dice there.07:35
fritschyacc: please pastebin dmesg07:35
mekwallikonia: https://github.com/hellekin/autosshfs07:35
mekwallikonia: think I found the solution07:36
sniperjo_what is the latest stable kernel ?07:36
ikonialets see07:36
Guest63988or i can use apt-get download07:36
=== tum is now known as Guest22636
jasonmspllutz_:  well that helped.  I just checked the man page on head and you can print the file there.  Thanks for the brain bump.07:36
ikoniamekwall: looks interesting07:36
mekwallikonia: yep :) I really do not wish to remove the passwords from the keys since they are for corporate production servers07:37
=== jason is now known as jasef
ikoniamekwall: wise07:37
mekwallikonia: kinda funny that it was easier to mount on windows :P07:38
tablesdoes choosing "use entire disk and set up encrypted lvm" in set up effectively encrypt the whole disk?07:38
ikoniamekwall: a little shameful07:38
yaccfritsch, https://gist.github.com/1250201 <= the funny thing is it happens no matter if there is a SATA hdd connected or not, and basically with the same error messages, the disc LED goes for the whole time full on, the system freezes and that was it.07:39
jasefI was just trying to install Ubuntu with Wubi on my desktop machine, and it extracted everything from the USB stick I ran it from, then tried to download the AMD64 ISO, saying that the installation was the wrong size, apparently it was looking for 11.10, but my USB has 11.04 on it (the wubi was the one that came in the iso)07:39
tablesdoes choosing "use entire disk and set up encrypted lvm" in set up effectively encrypt the whole disk?  has anyone tried this?07:39
fritschtables: yes it does07:39
yaccfritsch, currently I've got an old Laptop hdd on it, I hoped that having something really talk with it would help, but still the freezes.07:39
tablesfritsch: can you put swap in it too?07:39
tablesatleast afterwards?07:40
fritschtables: yes you can07:40
tablesok because i'm reading guides that say use "manual"07:40
yacctables yes, but actually Ubuntu by default encrypts swap with a random key on every boot.07:40
tablesbut i want something easy and effective07:40
tablesah ok07:40
fritschcrypto >= 256 are all effective07:40
fritschbut not that fast possible07:40
nhochthow to learn programming on ubuntu?07:41
alhubaishianyways to make unity side bad just peak alittle bit and not go completely hidden07:41
yacctables, the only issue if you add a second hdd, you'll have to enter your LUKS passphrase twice. Boring if it's always the same, so I usually set it up in a way that dropped me to the initrd prompt, and run a small script of mine that tries a passphrase against all volumes.07:41
jasefAnyone have any ideas about my Wubi issue?07:42
fritschyacc: i decrypt with usb key07:42
fritschyacc: there is no file format on it, just have hidden the key in some raw sectors07:42
fritschyacc: getting them with dd and unlock07:42
fritschyacc: i remove the device afterwards07:42
yaccfritsch, well, I'm not a fan of physical gadgets, I'm one of these guys that stopped carrying a watch because they've got their mobile ;)07:42
nhochthow to learn programming on ubuntu?07:43
fritschyacc: yes, i am same like this - but my girlfriend wanted to boot this computer07:43
fritschyacc: without giving 25 letters password07:43
yaccnhocht, more or less the same as on all other systems, programming as such is not exactly an operating system dependant skill.07:43
yaccfritsch, well, the new SSD forced my hand anyway, I've ended with a basic setup of system/work filesystem with only $HOME encryption, this way the box can come up without issues to serve the most critical LAN-related services (e.g. routing to the internet, DHCP, DNS, ...), and only the "multimedia" stuff is in LUKS containers.07:45
fritschyacc: jep - i do the same07:46
fritschyacc: sssd boots fast07:46
yaccfritsch, the good part about this is, that I can unlock these easily enough via Internet if absolutely needed (e.g. I'm away for a week on a project site)07:46
fritschyacc: if key is inserted the other one is decrypted07:46
mang0What would you reccomend is a better browser for Ubuntu? Epiphany, or Google chrome?07:48
yaccfritsch, Well, how shall I say => I've kept the funny OCZ sticker "My SSD is faster than your hdd", and wonder if OCZ is will to add the critical addentum "for destroying data" => my OCZ Agility 3 died 2 days after first power on, now I'm back to a slower (but hopefully more reliable) Intel 320 SSD.07:48
yaccfritsch, you've got the scripts for make-initramfs packed up?07:48
yaccfritsch, anyway, any idea how to make the %$"$"§ SATA port work correctly or at least how to turn it off?07:49
m477how can i short cut the path on the prompt if when im in home folder it takes a half length of terminal07:51
new2netkill all --help    i see this:  -q,--quiet          don't print complaints    , and lold07:51
=== Teh_Lemon is now known as SideSw1pe
dc5alam477, not really sure what you mean07:54
llutz_m477: like this http://goo.gl/CFPx807:55
=== dirtydaw1 is now known as DirtyDawg
m477llutz_: yes it should help for me, thanks07:56
dc5alam477, ah, so it's just about the length of your prompt? You can have a look what $PS1 does, e.g. you could replace the w in it with a W (capital) so it only shows the last part of your path07:58
brontosaurusrexwould this http://www.pcpro.co.uk/reviews/servers/364444/hp-proliant-microserver be a decent platform for ftp/www/file sharing server, using 2nd disk as mirror or rsync redundancy, running ubuntu server of course?07:58
m477dc5ala: exactly07:59
m477dc5ala: there is upper case W08:00
m477it looks like08:01
mekwallikonia: yup, autosshfs works :)08:01
m477[lxplus249] /afs/xxxx.ch/user/m/masdfghj/cmtuser/DaVinci_v28r5/Tutorial/Analysis/options > echo $PS108:01
m477[\h] ${PWD} >08:01
ikoniamekwall: nice find08:02
mekwallikonia: really well actually... creates ~/mnt/ssh/ and then you can access ~/mnt/ssh/test@testmachine08:02
dc5alam477, ummm are you sure you are on Ubuntu? Default there is: PS1="${debian_chroot:+($debian_chroot)}\u@\h:\w\$"08:03
chkdsk37hello... I need help reparting a NTFS partition08:03
m477dc5ala: you are right im deffinetly on not ubuntu ;p08:03
chkdsk37gparted says my windows is inconsistent08:04
dc5alam477, and if you would replace the lower case w with a upper case you would only get the last part instead full path08:04
chkdsk37this is after win7 did the BSoD08:04
chkdsk37ERROR: 37 clusters are referenced multiply times.08:04
chkdsk37how can I fix it .08:04
chkdsk37plz halp08:04
chkdsk37it says to run chkdisk08:05
chkdsk37but I can't get windows running not even safe mode08:05
m477dc5ala: as i said there is 'W', now im on bash latter i was working with tcsh and i havent had that problem08:05
yaccfritsch, any idea on the SATA problem? The curious thing is, I've found the problem quite a bit of times by google (often on Ubuntu), but it always was the case that somebody was trying to use the port in question, ...08:05
chkdsk37if I boot to that hdd then I get an error 'unknown filesystem, grub rescue>'08:05
m477but probably i should go #bash as i think ;>08:05
llutz_m477:  \W not ${PWD} which is something different08:05
llutz_m477: usual PS1=\u@\h: \w\$08:07
llutz_m477: or to cut the working-dir PS1=\u@\h: \W\$08:07
m477llutz_: in my case it is [\h] ${PWD}  and i shoud it all replace with \W ?08:07
llutz_m477: if you don't want the hostname, yes08:08
laacisif install programm in ubuntu - where exatly it installs?08:08
llutz_laacis: "dpkg -L packagename" tells you what will be installed where08:08
m477llutz_: could you recall me how to change constant value? :>08:09
laacisllutz, i just want to make launchers in panel for open office stuff, i dont know every package name ;/08:10
laacisisn't there a default dir?08:10
llutz_laacis: most binaries are in /usr/bin/08:10
dc5alam477, that ${PWD} is a variable substitution, remove ${PWD} completely and use \W instead08:11
MokilokHi Guys08:12
nmvictorI like KDE, sorry I had to say that. But now I know what I've been missing out on.08:16
nmvictorHow do i enable thumbnails on my videos files under Dolphine in KDE?08:17
llutz_nmvictor: no need to excuse, using kde since pre-1.0 :=)08:17
nmvictorllutz_: you love it too?08:18
nmvictorllutz_: hhah, :)08:18
llutz_nmvictor: i don't love computer-related stuff, i use it :)  you might need mplayerthumbs08:19
nmvictorllutz_: Haa, but when faced with a wide range of choices in the computer-related stuff, you tend to develop a liking for some and hatred for others, thats the loving i was talking about.08:20
nmvictorllutz_: I already have mplayerthumbs installed, will i need to log out or anything?08:21
llutz_nmvictor: i never used that, just found a website about it. do you understand german? http://goo.gl/wUkEl08:23
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
nmvictorllutz_: German. nah. But I bet I could use Google translator.08:26
llutz_nmvictor: pics shown should make clear what to configure08:27
llutz_nmvictor: if in doubt, ask me :)08:27
mekwallikonia: for some reason it keeps asking me for password when remounting... any ideas?08:29
ikoniamekwall: are you using an agent to manage the keys ?08:29
icerootwhat is the standard keyring-app on lubuntu? is it also gnome-keyring?08:30
artzraNickserv --help08:34
mang0How do I get chrome to play .mov files on ubuntu? It says "missing plugin"...I've tried with firefox, and it works fine but I'd like to use chrome :/08:36
maxillusionistuse vlc plugin08:37
maxillusionistbut it may lead to insecurity08:37
maxillusionisttry at your own risk08:37
maxillusionistelse use some add on from addon.mozilla.org08:37
n0rfballHow is the VLC plugin insecure?08:38
maxillusionistcheck out the bugilla site08:38
mang0maxillusionist: VLC plugin is only for firefox is it not? and I said, I don't want to use firefox. It bogs down my system :/08:38
nmvictorllutz_: thanks, alot08:38
llutz_nmvictor: did it work?08:38
KamZouHello, is anybody good at DDNS & DHCP questions ? Because i don't understand why my hosts lose their RR (A and PTR records) ps : i've an Infinite lease time in my DHCP, could it be linked ?08:38
maxillusionistdoesn't google provide some updates08:39
nmvictorllutz_: yea, I love computer-related stuff. Like what I am  seeing. Thanks again.08:39
maxillusionistwell i use firefox all the time08:39
maxillusionisthey kamzou just fire the questions08:40
nmvictorllutz_: Now one more problem, Ubuntu Sofware center aint working, I'm forced on old skul synapic and under KDE its ugliest.08:40
KamZouso .. (: Because i don't understand why my hosts lose their RR (A and PTR records) ps : i've an Infinite lease time in my DHCP, could it be linked ?08:40
maxillusionistpresently i am using ubuntu soft center to install emacs08:40
mekwallikonia: yes... ssh-agent and keychain (which connects to ssh-agent anyways)08:41
maxillusionistgot some routing prob kamzou??08:41
KamZouit correctly configure the RR's A and PTR the first time, but after some hours, the named service juste REMOVE theses entries =/08:42
KamZounot routine pbs, ddns& dhcp problem or understanding problems08:42
maxillusionistkamzout what is the prob exactly08:42
maxillusionistand precisely08:42
n0rfballKamZou: Infinite lease often causes issues, it could be the cause08:43
llutz_nmvictor: use apt-get/aptitude, same stuff wherever you are08:44
KamZoun0rfball, i use the infinite lease time to systematicaly get the SAME IP on my clients08:44
KamZouwhat kind of action bind / named do that can explain the records are deleted ?08:45
maxillusionisthey kamzout why don't you use some open source utm08:45
mjau^mornings! is there a backport natty repo for ubuntu 10.04 available?08:45
maxillusionistthey got hell a lot better options for configs08:45
n0rfballKamZou: Why don't you just use manual assignment?08:45
KamZouSep 28 16:00:34 vm2-services-lan named[22318]: client updating zone 'infra.lan/IN': deleting an RR at vm1-php52.infra.lan A08:46
n0rfballKamZou: The alternative is to set the lease time to a year or so, which doesn't usually have the same problems as infinite for some reason08:46
ldleworkHi, I'm attempting to setup QTile as my window manager. I have it so when I login, QTile starts up right away, but a few seconds later, the Ubuntu jingle plays, the desktop appears, and this kills QTile. Anyone have a clue?08:46
maxillusionistmjau^ i use synaptic package mang or ubuntu soft center08:46
maxillusionistthey got all the things of the planet i guess08:46
KamZouand what kind of problems the Infinite leases have ?08:48
maxillusionisthey anybody like to make customised ubuntus08:48
NickMindHello all, I got some loaded questions about sudoers file and meaning.  Can I PM someone about this, i think the questions are noob in nature.08:48
maxillusionistno prob i guess how can it be so,stupid assertions08:49
Morgzanyone know if it's possible to push local audio to a remote machine via ssh easily? I have a htpc which I'd like to control with my laptop without VNC08:50
magespawnhowdy all08:52
magespawnhave just found this https://www.tizen.org/08:53
somsipmagespawn: #tizen on here08:55
magespawnthank you08:55
KamZouOkay, thanks, but even if i set a 'One-day' lease time, it seems it's my Bind9 which is deleting every 24h hours my RR's ..08:56
Odaymin Preferred Applications, when I choose Firefox from the Browsers list it's fetching the Firefox binary that was installed with the system (Ubuntu 10.04)08:57
OdaymI want it to refer to another binary, how would I do that?08:57
OdaymI want the same Firefox that's in that list, to refer to another binary, that is08:57
ldleworkDoes anyone know what the mechanic behind gnome starting the window manager before starting gnome-session is:?08:58
haha_guydoes anyone here know where i can find dell 948 printer driver for ubuntu?08:59
n0rfballOdaym: Are you talking about in your main menu? You can right click on the menu, edit the items in it, and either edit the Firefox shortcut to point to a different binary, or delete and then add a new shortcut08:59
Odaympreferred applications, not main menu, n0rfball09:00
ldleworkOdaym: I'm trying to get qtile to startup on login. I've used a gnome session file to set gnome-session --session qtile and created the right file. Qtile starts up, but then the ubuntu jingle happens and it looks like nautilis starts up and this kills qtile09:00
llutz_Odaym: why don't you use a userdefined-entry?09:00
Odaymbecause "Always check if Firefox is my default browser" changes that back in Preferred Applications09:01
llutz_Odaym: then disable that nonsense09:01
Odaymbut then the older binary (Firefox 3.2.x) gets launched by default, unless I launch 7 purposely09:02
khaosislol ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FinalFreeze -> "EXTREMELY anal-retentive" -> "Acts of God, Buddha, Vishnu, Zeus, etc "09:02
Odaymldlework, if I were you I would just go to the GUI and add that application to the Startup applications, I don't know the CLI of doing it09:03
somsipkhaosis: and ecumenically inaccurate...09:03
n0rfballOdaym: Out of interest, why are you wanting Firefox to point to a different binary?09:03
Odaymbecause the old firefox is installed with the system, I got 7 now, I want THAT to launch as a default09:04
Odaymbut the binary under the list of Browsers in Preferred Applications points to the one that shipped with the system09:04
n0rfballOdaym: For reference, in future you could have upgraded with the ppa: https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable09:04
mc89__Odaym, im struggling with firefox as well09:04
n0rfballOdaym: That way you wouldn't have two versions installed09:04
OdaymI don't know....adding ppa's has never turned out well for me09:04
mc89__ive added the new ppa09:04
llutz_Odaym: mv /usr/bin/firefox /usr/bin/firefox.old && ln -s yourfirefox7 /usr/bin/firefox09:04
mc89__and updated, then tried upgrade and no luck09:05
n0rfballmc89__: Which version of Ubuntu are you on?09:05
Odaymok I'll try that llutz; didn't want to do it first because I had to mess with permissions for /usr/09:05
mc89__n0rfball, the latest09:05
llutz_Odaym: needs sudo to do that09:05
n0rfballmc89__: The ppa only support maverick and lucid...09:06
llutz_!info firefox09:06
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 6.0.2+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 14888 kB, installed size 30032 kB09:06
n0rfballmc89__: The assumption is that Canonical will provide the upgrades for natty I suppose09:06
mc89__Right ok09:06
mc89__thats what i thought09:06
mc89__just seen people upgrading fine09:07
Odaymnow it says that firefox isn't installed, llutz09:07
Odaymwhen I try to run it with "firefox" from the command line, that is09:07
n0rfballI use the ppa fine, but I'm on 10.10 as I don't like Unity09:07
llutz_Odaym: you might have set the symlink wrong09:08
AtharvaHi...I want to make the title bar transperent.any ideas ?09:08
Odaymln -s Software/Firefox \7/firefox /usr/bin/firefox09:09
Odaymand I do ls /usr/bin/firefox | grep firefox and it exists09:09
llutz_Odaym: usr full pathes09:09
faLUCEhi. I can't do "echo foo > /media/New\ Volume/foobarfred.txt"  (bash: /media/New Volume/foobarfred.txt: Permission denied), but I can do the same operation with the GUI file manager... what's wrong?09:09
Odaymfull paths..ok09:10
Odaymstill won't work09:10
dr_willisspaces in paths and filenames can cause issues or hard to see typos also09:11
llutz_Odaym: ls -l $(which firefox)09:11
Odaymwhen I remove the link and rename the firefox.old back to firefox, it works09:11
Odaymbut with the older version again, of course09:11
tapouthey guys, with my vlc, every video i watch is a bit off with the audio.  Now i know these videos are good, what's the fix with vlc?09:11
dr_willisisent the firefox binary actually a script?09:12
Odaymyes it is, dr_willis, I'm looking at it now09:12
llutz_dr_willis: it is09:12
benoliver999tapout: I get it too. I find it's about 300ms out09:13
benoliver999tapout: You can keep hitting J to move the audio back, or K to move it forwards.09:13
dr_willismy guess is the script is using the wrong path ir a relative path09:13
OdaymI'm trying to look for something like a path there09:14
tapoutbenoliver999, but it's only new.. i've never had it with vlc on ubuntu before09:14
tapouti know i can shift it, but it's so annoying to have to do that everytime09:14
benoliver999tapout: I wish I had a solution.09:14
benoliver999tapout: Can't find anything anywhere.09:15
dr_willischeck vlc forums yet?09:15
nailoxhi all. can anyone help me with postfix ? Im following a howto from ubuntuforums but IDK what Im doing wrong09:15
tapoutmine seems -350ms09:15
benoliver999dr_willis: I've tried but no luck.09:16
proffimasalut !09:17
dr_willisyou could try setting vlc audio device to be alsa instead of pulse also09:17
tapoutdr_willis, i've tried that same recommendation, still happens09:18
bbyaWhy does it take forever to process a pdf print job!? (HP LaserJet 1020 here)09:18
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
benoliver999tapout: Works for me when I restart VLC09:19
nailoxanyone can help me with postfix please ?09:19
tapoutbenoliver999, if i restart it, i get no sound out of alsa09:19
benoliver999dr_willis: Thanks man, I tried other audio codecs and they never worked.09:19
dr_willisnailox:  you may want to be more specific in the problem09:19
benoliver999tapout: That's odd - did you select a device?09:20
nailoxdr_willis: can I pm u?09:21
dr_willisnailox:  not much point in it. i dont use postfix09:22
nailoxcan i paste links here in the channel chat ?09:22
dr_willisspwcific questions  are better then vague help me requests09:22
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:22
nailoxok so im using this howto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixVirtualMailBoxClamSmtpHowto but when I send a test email with the "mail" command - its not working - there is nothing in /home/vmail09:23
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:23
nailoxoops sorry09:24
llutz_nailox: check logs /var/log/mail.error09:24
dr_willisnailox:  wouldent it be /home/user/vmail?09:24
llutz_dr_willis: virtual-mailusers09:25
mang0anyone know how I can play .movs in chrome for linux?09:26
nailoxdr_willis it shud be in /home/vmail/domain/user/new but there is nothing in /home/vmail - the howto says the dir structure for each user is created when he receives his 1st email, but its still empty. i will check the log09:28
faLUCEhi, how can I make the system automatically mount the usb device identified as "New Volume" in /home/user/mydir instead of /media/New Volume ?09:29
n0rfballfaLUCE: Edit fstab09:30
krzysztofjakie są potrzebne biblioteki do kompilacji09:30
icerootfaLUCE: edit /etc/fstab and use the uuid09:30
dr_willisfaLUCE:  make a link pointing to /media/whatever09:30
llutz_!pl | krzysztof09:30
ubottukrzysztof: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.09:30
krzysztofnieumiem angielskiego09:31
faLUCEn0rfball: iceroot: ok, what should I add in /etc/fstab ?09:31
nailoxllutz: there is no mail log in /var/log - Im using vhosts - where can I find the mail log ?09:31
dr_willislink /media/ to /home/ysername/media if you want ;)09:31
n0rfballfaLUCE: Read the docs ;) Better if you understand properly than be told a canned answer09:31
llutz_nailox: wherever you configured your syslogd to write the logs09:32
nailoxllutz: so should I check the syslogd config file ?09:32
llutz_nailox: grep -ri postfix /var/log/*09:32
nailoxllutz: there are only logs for installing,unpacking and restarting postfix09:34
laarkahello everyone. I could really need a hand enabling bitmap fonts on Ubuntu 11.04. I have it working under KDE by putting the contents of 70-force-bitmap-fonts.conf in my .fonts.conf file, but it does not work under Gnome. Any hints?09:34
nailoxhow would search for the log mail.error ?09:35
=== Tectu is now known as Tectu|off
stimpienailox, locate or find09:37
faLUCEI don't understand the line to add to fstab. First of all: I don't know If the device is seen as /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc ... I only know that it's identified as "New Volume". What should I add to fstab ?09:37
nailoxfind: `mail.error': No such file or directory09:38
geirhanailox: find . -name mail.error09:39
geirhanailox: A nice guide on using find here: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/UsingFind09:40
M^jseongtae76Hello, everyone09:40
M^jseongtae76I was install redmine09:41
M^jseongtae76That say, [notice] Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Phusion_Passenger/2.2.7 PHP/5.3.2-1ubuntu4.9 with Suhosin-Patch configured -- resuming normal operations09:42
M^jseongtae76How I can solve this problem?09:42
icerootM^jseongtae76: that is not a bug its a feature09:43
=== fork is now known as forkup
icerootM^jseongtae76: apache is holding a specific numbre of child-processes to be faster09:43
M^jseongtae76iceroot, Thanks09:43
icerootM^jseongtae76: thats what the line means09:43
bittin Hello, iam trying to install an Logitech Quickcam Express webcam with volume id 046d:0870 in Debian what do i want?09:44
icerootbittin: go to #debian09:44
laarkaaha... http://osdir.com/ml/ubuntu-bugs/2011-04/msg64697.html i guess i found it myself :)09:44
bittiniceroot, thx09:45
=== Tectu|off is now known as Tectu
=== tty234_ is now known as tty234
nailoxye its in Maildir - thanks dr willis and llutz :)09:53
vista_killeri have a problem to kubuntu 11.10 libc6 and libc6:i386 are both install and both is broken09:53
vista_killeri cant remove one of them and i when i give -f install it returns09:53
vista_killerCan't exec "locale": Δεν υπάρχει τέτοιο αρχείο ή κατάλογος at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/Encoding.pm line 16.09:53
vista_killerUse of uninitialized value $Debconf::Encoding::charmap in scalar chomp at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/Encoding.pm line 17.09:53
vista_killerΠρορύθμιση πακέτων ...09:53
vista_killerdpkg: warning: 'ldconfig' not found in PATH or not executable.09:53
vista_killerdpkg: error: 1 expected program not found in PATH or not executable.09:53
vista_killerNote: root's PATH should usually contain /usr/local/sbin, /usr/sbin and /sbin.09:53
vista_killerE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)09:53
FloodBot1vista_killer: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:53
=== Tectu is now known as Tectu|off
vista_killeranyone has an idea what to do?09:54
lsal all09:55
le cineva aici?09:55
=== l is now known as Guest13438
=== Odo is now known as Guest45304
fritschGuest13438: wrong language for this channel, i think09:56
Fleckvista_killer sudo apt-get install libc-bin09:56
Guest13438ok I am understand09:56
fritschGuest13438: i am sure there is one in your language09:56
Guest13438why appear a new version off ubuntu?09:57
fritschGuest13438: why? or when?09:57
Guest13438sorry when09:57
benoliver999Guest13438: October 1009:57
Guest13438yes cool09:57
Guest13438and linux mint?09:57
vista_killerit is break and return for -f install09:57
Fleckvista_killer do apt-get remove09:58
Fleckor -f install w/o params09:58
Guest13438when is the new version of Linux Mint09:58
Fleckthen install libc-bin09:58
vista_killerFleck when i try to remove one of them it returns to remove the halv of the system package09:58
FleckGuest13438 wrong channel :D09:58
benoliver999Guest13438: You'll have to hit another IRC for that man, no idea.09:58
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:59
Fleckvista_killer then i would download .deb package manually un place ldconfig bin in /sbin09:59
Guest13438in romania is anyone here?09:59
Fleckbut... dunno how can you fix it, or is that a good way to do it09:59
fritschGuest13438: try #ubuntu-ro09:59
vista_killeris there a command to remove only one of the pakcage without autoremove and the depencies?10:00
vista_killerbecause both of the has the same depencies10:00
Guest13438Well guys I apologize that I asked on chat Ubuntu Linux Mint10:00
fritschGuest13438: /j #ubuntu-ro10:00
Cradamok apt-get is borked on this server10:00
Cradamphoenixlzx: and how do i do that without having physical access to the server?10:02
phoenixlzxCradam: what do you mean..?10:03
Cradamphoenixlzx: its a VPS10:03
phoenixlzxCradam: what do you want to do..?10:04
phoenixlzxCradam: access your vps via internet?10:04
Cradamphoenixlzx: no i can already do that10:04
Cradamfix apt-get is what is needed10:04
phoenixlzxCradam: can you connect to your vps now.?10:05
phoenixlzxCradam: actually i havent been with ubuntu for some time...so i have to use vbox.10:07
Cradami have taken to the idea of reinstallin10:08
Morgzanyone know if it's possible to push local audio to a remote machine via ssh easily? I have a htpc which I'd like to control with my laptop without VNC10:08
CradamMorgz: yes10:08
CradamMorgz: open nautilus10:08
green13hi floodbot110:09
MorgzCradam: I mean output my audio on laptop (from output, not file) through network to speakers on htpc10:09
Cradamoh, dont know about output, file is easy thoughj10:09
PeanutHi - does anyone know how to do 'compose' for special characters like ë in Ubuntu while using Unity?10:10
phoenixlzxCradam: sudo apt-get install -f10:10
Cradamphoenixlzx: lol already tried10:10
dev__anyone using umplayer here?10:10
green13i am new to backtrack10:10
phoenixlzxdev__: here10:10
green13seriously need help10:10
green13anybody here can help10:10
CradamMorgz: for file all it is, is put the file on your laptop, then go into ssh, then run the file from command line10:11
dev__i installed it but no sound in mp3, i need to install codecs right?10:11
txomonhi, anyone knows tar's --exclude-backups how does it work?10:11
fritschdev__: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:11
benoliver999dev__ ...but you didn't hear that here.10:11
dev__tried but wont let me do that, it says that 2 files will be removed and when i click install nothing happens. i m using 11.1010:12
fritschdev__: 11.10 is still pre final10:12
ActionParsnip1dev__: then ask in #ubuntu+1 as Oneiric is offtopic here until release day10:12
dev__i have downloaded all codecs for umplayer but dunno where to put folder with them10:12
benoliver999dev__ hit up #ubuntu+110:12
vista_killeris there a command to remove one of the pakage without autoremove and depencies10:12
fritschdev__: mplayer should definitely work without10:12
omidohas anyone tried installing ooVoo (video chat and VoIP software) on linux ? using wine etc.10:12
dev__ok thx10:12
kooldaddyjanyone know why ubuntu 10.4 crashes every 30 to 40 minutes10:13
ActionParsnip1fritsch: sudo dpkg -r packagename10:13
ActionParsnip1kooldaddyj: have you tested your RAM?10:13
fritschActionParsnip1: ?10:14
ActionParsnip1fritsch: sorry, wrong target10:14
txomonso anyone knows about tar?10:14
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: sudo dpkg -r packagename10:14
benoliver999Where's the best place to unpack software? Noob question, sorry, but I just got rainlendar and I don't know where to stick it.10:14
ActionParsnip1txomon: in what way?10:14
kooldaddyjonly 10.4 does it mint dosent10:14
fritschActionParsnip1: using dpkg directly is normally not the best idea10:14
txomontar's --exclude-backups how does it work?10:14
ActionParsnip1fritsch: user only wants to remove one package without deps10:14
fritschActionParsnip1: apt-get remove does this10:15
nailoxtip: do NOT use rm -fr /*    ;((((10:15
ActionParsnip1fritsch: it will also remove the deps automatically, this is not wanted10:15
fritschActionParsnip1: it wont?10:15
vista_killersudo dpkg -P --force-all10:15
fritschActionParsnip1: if it would, there would be a mess if it wouldnet10:15
vista_killeri give this let me see what happen now :P10:15
fritschActionParsnip1: so you break package-management if you keep pacakges installed, which would need others10:16
ActionParsnip1fritsch: user wanted it, so I told how.10:16
fritschActionParsnip1: hehe10:16
ActionParsnip1fritsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/699009/   I only wanted to remove 'pidgin' but the system wants to remove pidgin-libnotify* too10:16
=== Tectu|off is now known as Tectu
fritschActionParsnip1: yes - because you do not need pidgin-libnotify10:17
fritschActionParsnip1: if there is no pidgin10:17
ActionParsnip1fritsch: but I ONLY want to remove 'pidgin' that is why dpkg is the command I gave10:17
fritschActionParsnip1: okay, i see, that you want to mess with package management10:17
ActionParsnip1fritsch: user does, not me ;)10:18
fritschActionParsnip1: user will come back and ask you to fix it10:18
ActionParsnip1fritsch: the user said: (11:12:39) vista_killer: is there a command to remove one of the pakage without autoremove and depencies10:18
ActionParsnip1fritsch: so the command fits10:18
fritschActionParsnip1: i think the user wants to do something other10:19
vista_killernothing happens libc6:i386 refuse to remove10:19
kooldaddyjit will go black then about 10 white lines will pop up and just blink untill i reboot10:19
fritschActionParsnip1: you see the point10:19
vista_killeri dont know why but i have one other ubuntu installation and this package is not there10:19
vista_killerthere is only libc6 not libc6:i38610:19
ActionParsnip1txomon: http://www.gnu.org/s/automake/manual/tar/exclude.html    shows what it means10:20
ActionParsnip1fritsch: true but the command I gave will achieve what was requested10:21
fritschActionParsnip1: jep, not my point here. technically perfectly fine :-)10:21
ActionParsnip1fritsch: I see your point10:21
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=== mira is now known as Guest49879
Guest49879help please not installer plugin flash in lubuntru 11,0410:25
vista_killer/var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6:i386.postrm: 31: ldconfig: not found10:25
vista_killerwhat that means10:26
fritschvista_killer: broken packages :-)10:26
vista_killerok and how i remove it i cant whith every system i try10:26
fritschvista_killer: you do not want libc6 to be removed10:26
vista_killerlibc6:i386 refuse to remove10:26
fritschvista_killer: every single application depends on it10:26
Guest49879p4 1,80mhz e 512 mg de ram a usar lubuntu gostaria de ver videos no youtube se possivel10:26
vista_killeri want libc6:i386 to remove not libc6!10:27
vista_killerand how this package install to my system10:27
fritschvista_killer: pastebin dpkg -l |grep libc610:27
fritschvista_killer: please10:27
Guest49879me noob please10:28
ActionParsnip1Guest49879: can you give the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf'10:29
ActionParsnip1Guest49879: use:  http://pastie.org   to host10:29
Cradam1300 queued filers10:30
bittinLinux cindy 3.0.0-1-powerpc #1 Sat Aug 27 17:07:06 UTC 2011 ppc GNU/Linux yay iam current =)10:30
fritschvista_killer: the problem is10:30
fritschvista_killer: there are 32 bit comp libs installed10:30
Guest49879good morning,please help flash player in lubuntu 11,04 me noob10:31
fritschvista_killer: these heavily depend on libc6:ie8610:31
bartjI want the Ubuntu clock not to display time10:31
fritschvista_killer: they cannot work without10:31
ActionParsnip1bittin: Linux D420 3.0.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 23 21:18:13 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux   ;)10:31
fritschvista_killer: if you want to remove it, these libs have to go10:31
vista_killerbut my system is 64bit10:31
bartjonly the "date" on the clock can be turned off10:31
bartjnot the time!10:31
fritschvista_killer: no we first repair10:31
benoliver999bartj: That's deep, man.10:31
fritschvista_killer: yes it is - but apps like acrobat reader, etc. need it10:31
vista_killerwhat is that libs10:31
Guest49879x 38610:31
bartjbenoliver999, thanks!10:31
ActionParsnip1Guest49879: I gave instruction. Kindly follow it10:32
bartjany other *clock* which does this ?10:32
faLUCEhi. in fstab I have to add a line in this form:  "LABEL=New\ Volume       /home/ocs/Sistema       ext3    defaults 0 0"  . As you can see, the label contains spaces. What's the right syntax for the line? The one I used is not accepted by the os.10:32
vista_killerhow can i find the name of that libs?10:32
fritschvista_killer: sudo apt-get remove libc6:i38610:32
fritschvista_killer: everything it wants to uninstall depends on it10:32
vista_killeri have to unistall them one by one?10:33
vista_killeri see not the list10:33
Gentoo64faLUCE, try quotes10:33
faLUCEGentoo64: already tried, no luck10:33
fritschvista_killer: sudo apt-get remove libc6:i38610:33
fritschvista_killer: what does this report?10:33
ActionParsnip1faLUCE: why not just change the label?10:33
Gentoo64faLUCE, can you pastein fatsb so its clearer?10:33
faLUCEActionParsnip1: I have to format the volume if I change it....10:34
Gentoo64no you dont10:34
Gentoo64you can change it with gparted10:34
ActionParsnip1!label | faLUCE10:34
ubottufaLUCE: To rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.10:34
vista_killeri see that one of the dep is and libc610:34
Gentoo64faLUCE, afaik the label isnt needed...10:34
fritschvista_killer: you see nspluginviewer?10:34
fritschvista_killer: this is installed in order to get flash emulated on 64 bit10:35
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc10:35
vista_killermaybe this shit is doing this10:35
fritschvista_killer: alle of these heavy depend on libc6:i38610:35
fritschvista_killer: there is a ppa for 64 bit version of flash10:35
vista_killerActionParnip1 i have oneiric10:36
fritschvista_killer: please give ActionParsnip1 the output of the command10:36
vista_killeri dont use flash from repositories10:36
fritschvista_killer: if you would - not i38610:36
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: then you are supported in #ubuntu+1 until release day10:36
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: oneiric isn't supported here yet, you are using a pre-release so you WILL get issues10:36
vista_killerActionParsnip1 is easy to say that my problem is general10:36
vista_killeris not an oneiric problem10:37
fritschvista_killer: nope it is not10:37
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: your release still isn't supported here10:37
fritschvista_killer: no oneiric problem - just 32 bit libs which some of your programs need10:37
vista_killercome on i am tired in that answers 5 years i use ubuntu10:37
vista_killergo there is not supported etc10:37
fritschvista_killer: sudo apt-get remove libc6:i38610:38
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: irrelevant, oneiric support is ONLY in #ubuntu+110:38
vista_killertry to help ppl not to give them away10:38
vista_killeris not an oneiric problem i say again10:38
vista_killeris only a dep problem10:38
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: its keeping with the channel subject and rules10:38
fritschvista_killer: mmh my last half an hour was just for you10:38
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: yes a dep issue in Oneiric10:38
ActionParsnip1!ops | vista_killer refusing to obey Oneiric policy10:38
ubottuvista_killer refusing to obey Oneiric policy: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, or rww!10:38
ActionParsnip1bored now10:38
LjLvista_killer: please use #ubuntu+1 for Oneiric questions10:39
bartjanyone, knows how to turn off the time in the ubuntu clock?10:39
vista_killerok ban me and now to complete your work ActionParniop110:39
vista_killerwhat happen to this community the last years..10:39
fritschvista_killer: what happened to the users?10:39
HoldenHello guys... will they update Firefox to version 7 in Ubuntu 11.04?10:39
vista_killeri am 5 years user10:39
ActionParsnip1vista_killer: there is a channel for pre-release, if you want support here then use Natty10:39
fritschvista_killer: you are not the only one10:40
Gentoo64vista_killer, i think if you're using 11.10 and getting problems, you'll need to go into +110:40
fritschVisual`: i told you three times what your dep problem is10:40
fritschVisual`: sorry10:40
fritschah, ths feels bad10:40
ActionParsnip1Holden: I can make a script for you to install it10:40
HoldenActionParsnip1, thank you very much, I'm on lucid with firefox-stable ppa... but a friend on the italian irc channel asked me that question :)10:41
ActionParsnip1Holden: cd /opt; sudo wget ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/7.0/linux-i686/en-GB/firefox-7.0.tar.bz2; sudo tar jxvf ./firefox-7.0.tar.bz2; sudo rm ./firefox-7.0.tar.bz2; cd; sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox-7.010:42
ActionParsnip1Holden: you will need to manually make a launcher to run /usr/bin/firefox-7.010:43
HoldenActionParsnip1, that's great, I'll save this for him... but my question was whether they will provide the upgrade through the official repository or not10:44
ActionParsnip1Holden: its in Oneiric10:45
ActionParsnip1Holden: I don't use firefox at all, but I know that will install the app for you10:45
HoldenActionParsnip1, okay, thanks again10:46
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popeyHolden: ActionParsnip1 Firefox 7.0.1 will be out later today in that ppa for 11.0410:55
ActionParsnip1popey: cool10:56
popeyHolden: it was held back because mozilla found a bug10:56
ActionParsnip1popey: not something I pay attention to really10:56
popeyHolden: http://blog.mozilla.com/addons/2011/09/28/issue-discovered-with-firefox-add-on-upgrades/10:56
popeyActionParsnip1: i asked the maintainer of the ppa ☺10:56
ActionParsnip1popey: ahhh, nice move10:56
dev__anyone using umplayer here with working mp3?10:56
Holdenpopey, brilliant, thanks10:56
osmosis_paulPlease someboy can help me? i check the option in compiz to activiate the cube in ubuntu, and now after a wierd behavior cannot see anymore the border of my windows10:58
ActionParsnip1dev__: ask in #ubuntu+1 for oneiric, I am not sure about 3rd party apps and support10:58
osmosis_pauland i cannot move my windows10:58
ActionParsnip1osmosis_paul: hold ALT and you can drag from anywhere10:58
dev__i dont think its about 11.10. i have tried on 11.04 as well10:59
ActionParsnip1dev__: you are using Oneiric which is only supported in #ubuntu+110:59
osmosis_paulno you dont understand looks like a problem witm my graphic card10:59
benoliver999osmosis_paul: You on 11.04?10:59
ActionParsnip1osmosis_paul: do you use an nvidia gpu?10:59
osmosis_paulstart giving me problems since i activate the cube mode of workspace10:59
dev__i m, but i had same problem with 11.0411:00
osmosis_paul11.04 and nvidia11:00
dev__so i dont think its version of ubuntu but something else11:00
dev__banshee works with mp3 just fine11:00
ActionParsnip1osmosis_paul:  has some options to add to xorg.conf to make it better11:00
ActionParsnip1dev__: but you are having the issue in Oneiric presently11:01
ActionParsnip1its hugely simple11:01
osmosis_paulActionParsnip1, and do you know a quick solution, my workspace here in the office is useless now11:01
dev__had same with 11.0411:01
ActionParsnip1osmosis_paul: yes, add the lines in xorg.conf and reboot11:01
dev__nothing changed11:01
ActionParsnip1dev__: but you are using Oneiric now11:01
steve9000Hey, I'm behind a proxy server, and running Ubuntu in VMWare. I entered my proxy settings into Firefox and I can browse sites fine, but if I try to use the commandline (e.g. apt-get), it won't connect to anything. How can I fix this?11:01
napsteroneiric is gnome 3 ?11:02
dev__i know that11:02
benoliver999dev__: Problem is, if you find a solution it may not apply to 11.04.11:02
dev__but dont think oneiric is the problem here11:02
ActionParsnip1napster: yes if you choose to use Gnome desktop,11:02
dev__i found none11:02
napsterActionParsnip1: ok11:02
dev__thats why i m asking here, does anyone have problem with umplayer11:02
dev__not splayer or mplayer11:02
auronandacenapster: it supports gnome3 but default is unity (also discussion is #ubuntu+1)11:02
osmosis_paulActionParsnip1, and if i desinstall compiz?11:03
osmosis_pauli will fixi it? really dont have time, at least now to resolve this i have to continue working11:03
ActionParsnip1osmosis_paul: if you log off and select the Ubuntu Classic session, you will use Metacity instead of Compiz11:03
napsterauronandace: ok11:04
ActionParsnip1dev__: I can't make it any simpler, you are asking in the wrong channel. Regardless of where the issue started, you are using Oneiric, Oneiric isn't supported here until it is released. Pre-releases are only supported in #ubuntu+1 and WHEN Oneiric is released, the channel will dies and it will be supported in here along with all the other releases which are not EOL11:05
bazhangdev__, this is umplayer from some third party ppa?11:05
bazhang!info umplayer | dev__11:05
ubottudev__: Package umplayer does not exist in natty11:05
dev__nope at all11:05
bazhangdev__, nope at all what. where is it from11:05
dev__i dl from website but they have for 11.xx and linux11:05
dev__so dont see why it wouldnt let me play mp311:05
dev__.ogg works fine and video as well11:05
bazhangdev__, thats not supported here. contact the PPA maintainers11:06
ActionParsnip1dev__: we can only support the packages from the repos11:06
bazhang!ppa > dev__11:06
ubottudev__, please see my private message11:06
bazhangartzra, with what11:08
giantPENHello all I was wondering if any one could help me with a quick question.. wow beat to punch11:09
giantPENheh an yother takers?11:09
bazhanggiantPEN, ask the channel11:09
giantPENOk great.11:09
artzrai dont arrived to joint a server chat #  login and pass for nickserv11:09
giantPENhttp://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Netgear_WNDR3700   this website contains a shell script11:09
bazhangartzra, ask in #freenode11:09
giantPENI need help understading it11:09
giantPENthe 6th line11:09
giantPENis it part of the 5th line11:10
giantPENthe line that starts with a | pipe11:10
bazhanggiantPEN, #dd-wrt for that11:10
artzrawhat else : i have found how to launch Skype on oneric ,  ;) "happy"11:10
giantPENyeh no one is talking over there11:10
auronandace!11.10 | artzra11:11
ubottuartzra: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:11
giantPENIm just trying to figure out if the 6th line is supposed to be its own line or if its part of the previous11:11
artzraubottu thx11:11
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)11:11
somsipgiantPEN: All one line11:11
luckymuraliHi all11:12
giantPENOk, follow up question. how does one tell if a shell script is actualy running?11:12
somsipgiantPEN: you can't see a prompt in the shell (unless you ran it in th background)11:13
giantPENi can ssh in11:13
giantPENor tellnet11:13
giantPENsilly but will i see an error if I ahve implented the script incorectly?11:13
somsipgiantPEN: ps -e or similar will give you all running processes11:13
giantPENOk thank you somsip, I will give it a try11:14
somsipgiantPEN: np, but is quite a bit off topic :)11:14
ActionParsnip1giantPEN: the line with    TIMEBETWEENLAST2RESETS   is wrapped, the pipe is on the same line11:15
hexacodehow do i specify a directory path for 'tar' to extract and archive to?11:16
giantPENI figured .sh this has linux written all over it :) promise I will come back and ask more spesific ubuntu questions!11:17
somsipgiantPEN: :)11:17
auronandace!dash | giantPEN11:17
ubottugiantPEN: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash11:17
hexacodeanyone know the syntax to tell tar which directory to extract an archive to11:18
z0mbixhexacode: -C /path/to/dir11:19
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giantPENam i abck11:23
ActionParsnip1giantPEN: in linux, file extensions don't mean a greatdeal11:25
giantPENstarting to see that.11:25
giantPENsome of this stuff is just so spesific its really cool to me how some of you guys can segway between multiple things that look so much the same and yet are not11:26
ActionParsnip1giantPEN: the OS handles it for you, just like in windows, you don't do different suff to GIFs than you do to JPGs do you, its all abstracted for you11:29
luckymuralimy network manager overwriting resolv.conf at every boot11:29
txomonActionParsnip1, ty for the reference!11:30
vulnI did 'sudo apt-get remove app' but some files still remain in /etc/, for example. How can I remove it completely from my system?11:30
Chheapshotvuln: purge11:30
ActionParsnip1vuln: sudo dpkg -P packagename11:30
vulnThank you.11:30
ActionParsnip1vuln: dpkg -l | grep '^rc'      will show you the other apps which have left residual configs11:31
ActionParsnip1vuln: if you remove with:   sudo apt-get --purge remove package     it does it in one move11:31
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Odaymthere's a keyword like "since" for the find command that allows me to get modified files since a certain date11:32
Odaymany idea?11:32
Odaymthe man page is..a nightmare11:32
kayamanhi alll11:32
Odaymfor example "find -mtime -4" gets the files modified 4 days ago and onwards11:33
freedom07I have a fith generation ipod nano, it got corrupted and i had to connect it to a windows/itunes system to restore it and update firmware, it now works under windows/itunes but ubuntu/rhythmbox no longer works, it will copy files but not update or write to ipod's database, any suggestions to get it working under ubuntu?11:33
OdaymI want something like "since" that allows me to set a date instead of "-mtime -4"11:33
TheHopeBusterHi, I search for BackTrack channel discus, do you know?11:36
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition11:36
bazhang#backtrack-linux TheHopeBuster11:36
ActionParsnip1Odaym: you could make a script to abstract the command11:36
Odaymthere is no directive like the one I mentioned?11:36
ActionParsnip1Odaym: the guys in #bash may know11:37
OdaymI am asking there already11:37
luckymuraliso I am my nameserver is getting removed at evry boot. how can i set in NetworkManager.conf to avoid it11:39
ActionParsnip1luckymurali: set the interface to DHCP (Address only)   then manually set the DNS servers11:39
Adriannomhi.  just installed a dlink DGE-528T nic, but it's running at 100 instead of 1000.  can find other people with same problem but no solution.  any clues?11:40
luckymuraliHi ActionParsnip1, I am configuring My address to static11:40
icerootAdriannom: is it connected to a 1gbit/s switch?11:41
Adriannomiceroot, yes11:41
xroHI, i ask myself if i should install an antivirus on my ubuntu laptop... what do you think?11:41
Adriannomiceroot, ethtool says it's running at 10011:41
ActionParsnip1luckymurali: then you set it to manual and specify everything, you can alternatively use /etc/network/interfaces  and specify stuff there (assuming it isn't wireless) and get rid of network manager11:41
benoliver999xro: Wouldn't bother.11:41
ActionParsnip1!av | xro11:42
ubottuxro: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus11:42
leylehello ,  now i use aria2c download software(http), but the speed is too fast, so how can i limit the speed ?11:42
xroActionParsnip1, why do you think linux doesn't need an antivirus? it also possible to create a virus for linux windows or macos...11:43
ActionParsnip1xro: the link has another link as to why11:44
benoliver999xro: Seriously, you don't need it.11:44
ActionParsnip1xro: only really on fileservers and mail servers11:44
___MAXAll Os this days need Antivirus and Firewall11:45
bastidrazor___MAX: no they don't.11:45
llutz .. says Mr Kaspersky11:45
benoliver999___MAX: Not this one.11:45
leylehello ,  now i use aria2c download software(http), but the speed is too fast, so how can i limit the speed ?11:45
Odaymit's the '+' ActionParsnip111:46
xroLinux virus infections are theoretically possible.     and i know that is possible to code *nix virus...11:46
___MAXwhat is that11:46
xroso, there not so many virus on *nis... this is why you say "no needs"?11:46
AnAntHello, what is the recommended Wiki engine available on Ubuntu ?11:46
icerootxro: there is no working public virus for the latest version of linmux and its components11:47
ActionParsnip1xro: read the link, it tells you all you need11:47
___MAXdo u like  keylogger  or hiddentrojan that pass antivirus or the that hide inside pictures or video11:47
ActionParsnip1xro; thats why the link exists, saves us having to explain it each and every time someone asks11:47
iceroot___MAX: a keylogger is not a virus, its a keylogger11:47
mang0Do you guys know how I can get .mov videos to work through chrome on ubuntu?11:47
___MAXstealing what11:47
iceroot___MAX: #ubuntu-offtopic11:48
Operaist2how do i access windows folder from a wubi-installed ubuntu?11:48
ActionParsnip1mang0: install ubuntu-restricted-extras w32codecs and gnome-mplayer and you'll be ok11:48
mang0ActionParsnip1: Great thanks :D11:48
___MAXsrry, i just i hate the idea about about linux not need antivirus11:48
ActionParsnip1Operaist2: run:  ln -s /host ~/Windows11:48
mang0___MAX: I did too, when I first installed. I came on here and asked the same things11:49
ActionParsnip1Operaist2: you now have a nice link you can easily access the files with11:49
iceroot___MAX: then install clamav if you like11:49
mang0___MAX: But after I learnt a bit more about how linux works, and how small the user-base is (comparative to windows) I realised that I didn't need anitivirus11:49
hdtdiif i have a ubuntu in my home and i am in other city with windows, how can i view my ubuntu desktop.. is there a program like radmin ? or something else?11:49
xroActionParsnip1, yes a link wrote in 1995 and updated in 2000... great....11:49
ActionParsnip1mang0: its nothing to do with user base that viruses are not a threat11:49
ActionParsnip1xro: still applies11:50
iceroot___MAX: but as we said, there is no reason to protect linux from viruses with antivirus-software, its just for mailserver and fileservers using windows-clients11:50
xroActionParsnip1, not as certain as you...11:50
ActionParsnip1xro: the layout of the mechanics of linux is largely unchanged for its entire life, yet it still works11:50
benoliver999On Windows I never had AV either. The old 'don't install anything you didn't seek out' rule works like a charm.11:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:50
mang0ActionParsnip1: People look for loop holes in windows systems rather than in *nix. That way people can infect a larger amount of computers11:51
benoliver999ActionParsnip1: Does that protect Android too, then, in your opinion?11:51
Operaist2why do i have to use -s?11:51
Operaist2and why cant i cd into host?11:51
=== Mud is now known as Guest28016
Operaist2and why is it colored weird?11:51
Chheapshothdtdi: i think any vnc program should work. If u just setup it correctly. There are plenty of guides out there11:51
ActionParsnip1benoliver999: there is AV for android11:51
xroActionParsnip1, macos is now a hackers target and it's based on nix...11:51
hdtdiChheapshot any in particular ?11:51
hdtdiChheapshot i mean any that you know its good and you have no problems with it?11:52
icerootxro: please dont use the word "hacker" in wrong context11:52
bazhang!ot | xro11:52
ubottuxro: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:52
ActionParsnip1xro: no its based on BSD (loosely)11:53
mang0ActionParsnip1: the w32codecs, are they in the synaptic? or are they in the software center, or what?11:53
bazhangmang0, medibuntu.org11:53
ActionParsnip1mang0: http://medibuntu.org/repository.php11:53
Operaist2how do i check what my wireless network is using for security??11:54
ActionParsnip1xro: if you want AV, install it. There are lots of solutions available(also outlined in the link). Your system, your choice. We can only point you in the right direction11:54
mang0ActionParsnip1, bazhang: Thankyou :)11:54
xroSo, i will leave... be open minded is better to think right... linux will have virus, like other os... do you think win.. was designed to have virus?11:54
bazhangActionParsnip1, lets move on please xro, you too11:54
ActionParsnip1Operaist2: sudo iwlist scan | less       will show you all in range networks and their details11:54
Chheapshothdtdi: well for windows there is atleast tightvnc and realvnc what I know of. U use that to connect to the ubuntu machine11:55
ActionParsnip1bazhang: done11:56
=== cypha`` is now known as cypha`
Chheapshothdtdi: And in ubuntu there is a remote desktop build in wich u can use.11:58
theunsureguyquestion for you folks - any of you know how to force empty trash on OS X using terminal? (I understand this is the wrong place to ask)11:59
ActionParsnip1theunsureguy: ask in the Mac channel12:00
theunsureguythere is one? lol12:00
theunsureguywhats the channel name? - thanks!12:00
bazhang!alis | theunsureguy12:01
ubottutheunsureguy: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*12:01
mamirulaminhi, I have upgraded ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04, I had a LAMP environment setup, after upgrade LAMP is not there and most horrible thing is that I don't see var/www/ folder now12:03
mamirulaminPLEASE HELP12:03
theunsureguythanks bazhang12:03
MonkeyDust!helpme| mamirulamin12:04
ubottumamirulamin: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude12:04
mamirulaminok got it, I am new to thsi channel12:04
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:05
theunsureguybazhang - tried to join a OSX channel, but got this msg - Cannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services - any idea?12:07
bazhang!register | theunsureguy12:07
ubottutheunsureguy: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode12:07
orbital_foxhas anyone got problems upgrading for firefox 7 in ubuntu 11.04  from stable ppa?12:08
Aquixorbital_fox still waiting for it12:09
orbital_foxow, so it just hasnt been released?12:09
Aquixit's been released just not packaged in the repository12:09
conntrack-ploppity, plop, plop12:09
orbital_foxAquix, do you know a date?12:10
Aquix2 minutes - a week12:10
Aquixthere abouts12:10
Aquixno worries, I'm waiting to. I tried the beta ppa and had 7 but it was kinda unstable so I went back to 6.0.2 and wait for the repos12:11
derpheadnew to working with linux. anyone spare a second to answer a question or two?12:12
bastidrazororbital_fox: firefox 7 is released in the repositories.12:12
bazhangderphead, what version of ubuntu, whats the issue please ask the channel12:13
orbital_foxbastidrazor, which repos?12:13
OgreBogerwho made this Quadrapassel game for ubuntu 10.10?12:13
OgreBogeri want to kill him12:13
bazhangOgreBoger, thats not appropriate . desist now12:14
bastidrazororbital_fox: hrmm. now that i look it appears i have a launchpad ppa for mozilla. :|12:14
mamirulaminI have upgraded ubuntu 10.04 to 11.04, I had a LAMP environment setup, after upgrade LAMP is not there and most horrible thing is that I don't see var/www/ folder now12:14
znfHello. How would I disable byobu from running on login, considering I can't log on at all to the box (byobu complains about something and crashes), but I can run commands trough ssh?12:14
MonkeyDustmamirulamin: try tasksel (in Terminal)12:15
orbital_foxbastidrazor, i do to.. the stable one, and they dont have ff7 there yet12:15
orbital_foxor if they do my synaptic cant see it for a reason12:15
mamirulamin@MonkeyDust, actual issue is with /va/ww removal, how can I get it back?12:15
bastidrazor orbital_fox: this is the line in my sources.list for lucid  deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu lucid main12:15
orbital_foxbastidrazor, and you got to upgrade to firefox 7? 64 bits?12:16
bastidrazororbital_fox: yes.  7.0+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfs1 012:16
orbital_foxah you have lucid12:16
derpheadit's just a question about symlinks. I have files that I work out outside of my var/www/ folder. I like to keep my /www/ folders nice and clean as my working folders would have phing build script and other dev stuff pertaining to each project. I was looking to create a symlink to mirror the content needed for /www/ only.  the php files that will actually be on the server. Although when I create the link (shows up fine in the www directory) it gives me permissi12:17
derpheadon errors. When I look at the symlink, it's permissions are lrwxrwxrwx which I'm assuming is the problem? Can symlinks even be used in this way? Thanks12:17
orbital_foxi am in natty12:17
MonkeyDustmamirulamin: there's testdisk, it's a disk recovery tool, maybe that helps12:18
BluesKajhey all12:18
sugihi, blueskaj,, where do U life..?12:19
mamirulaminthanks MonkeyDust, I am trying this12:19
bazhang!ot | sugi12:19
ubottusugi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:19
rabbi1why does, my ibus say, "input method off"?12:19
rabbi1got it, but why ibus preference not showing the language i added ?12:21
BluesKaj!u | sugi12:21
ubottusugi: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.12:21
mang0ActionParsnip1: Have installed mplayer, w32codecs and ubuntu-restricted-extras, but I still get missing plugin info from chrome :/12:23
rabbi1guys, why ibus preference not showing the language i added ?12:23
vulnSo I have this scritp X which starts with './X start'. I want it to be run whenever I turn on the computer so I thew it in /etc/init.d12:26
vulnbut how can I do for Ubuntu running it with the parameter start?12:27
cyphahow do I make sure ssh is running?12:28
bastidrazorcypha: service ssh status12:29
cyphaunrecognized server12:29
cyphassh: unrecognized service12:29
cyphais what i meant12:29
markskil1eckcypha: ps aux | grep ssh12:29
vulnSo I have this scritp X which starts with './X start'. I want it to be run whenever I turn on the computer so I thew it in /etc/init.d12:30
vulnbut how can I do for Ubuntu running it with the parameter start?12:30
cyphamarkskil1eck, i see gpg-agent --daemon12:30
rabbi1how to add language to input method in ibus preferences ?12:30
nos__so how do i listen to bbc radio news on banshee or totem ??! i m listening it through firefox but can i do it by anyapp ?12:30
markskil1eckI think you'd rather see sshd12:30
cyphasomeone told me some way to check without guessing through grep12:30
cyphathey said it's usually running automatically on startup12:31
cyphaand then gave me a command to check12:31
markskil1eckcypha: well it doesn't look as though it is.12:31
bastidrazorcypha: if you have openssh-server installed then ssh will be running all the time.12:31
cypha`markskil1eck, is there a more definitive way to check?12:31
bastidrazorcypha: the service command i gave you is definitive.12:32
cypha`bastidrazor, I don't think it recognized it12:32
markskil1eckcypha`: try installing openssh-server12:32
bastidrazorcypha`: which means it is NOT running.12:32
lorddelta1Hey, wondering if anyone knows why 7zr is archiving new devices detected in Media (I also see stuff being compressed in Documents occasionally). Is it possible I have a rootkit installed?12:33
cyphayes, you're right, it's not installed12:33
cyphainstalling now12:33
lorddelta1in /media that is12:33
rabbi1how to add language to input method in ibus preferences ?12:33
cyphaubuntu:~$ service ssh status12:33
cyphassh start/running, process 980512:33
markskil1eckcypha: there you go12:34
cyphabastidrazor, is that good?12:34
bastidrazorcypha: yes. it is running.12:34
cyphai still can't access it via ssh12:34
cyphait's port 2222?12:34
bastidrazorcypha: if you're behind a router you have to forward port 22.12:34
bastidrazorcypha: you can set it to listen on 2222 if you want.12:34
=== lorddelta1 is now known as lorddelta
cyphabastidrazor, aah, ok, that was it12:35
cyphathank you very much12:35
cyphaand you too markskil1eck12:35
bastidrazorcypha: you're welcome.12:35
lorddeltaAgain, if anyone knows if there is a process on official ubuntu distributions that archives new devices in /media as 7z archives, or if I'm rootkitted and need to do a clean installation...I'd greatly appreciate the input.12:36
dr_willislorddelta:  there may be some fuse fuse filesystem addons to auto compress files. but it may depend on exactly what you want to do12:37
dr_willislorddelta:  why would you think you are rootkitted?12:38
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
Nicklas_Hello. Can anyone be so kind in helping me with installing nvidia-drivers through terminal in ubuntu studio? I get a blank screen on boot and cant get past that, luckily i can get into terminal. also, i'm sort of new to linux.12:43
=== rochild is now known as Sarayu
fritschNicklas_: login and try: sudo jockey-text12:44
Nicklas_"command not found"12:44
fritschNicklas_: sudo apt-get install jockey12:44
dr_willisthats odd.. :)12:44
cypha`is there any beep .wav in ubuntu?12:45
dr_willissudo apt-get install nvidia-current        is what i normally use on mynvidia systems if you cant get jockey going12:45
dr_williscypha`:  for what exactly?12:45
Nicklas_well, this gets me thinking i will need to connect to the internet?12:45
fritschdr_willis: i wanted to avoid this, because of gl_conf stuff12:45
cypha`dr_willis, i'm replacing the system beep sound in irssi12:45
fritschNicklas_: jep, you would12:45
Nicklas_then i will need to get a cable for my laptop. just a second and i'll try those12:45
dr_williscypha`:  gnome has a sound scheme setting to replace the system bell. no idea on changeing the sounds. :)12:45
fritschcypha`: this can be done by the terminal bell12:45
cypha`i'm replacing the terminal bell12:46
dr_willisNicklas_:  yes. you need to be connected ot the internet to get the drivers12:46
mang0<cypha`> is there any beep .wav in ubuntu?12:46
mang0I'm looking for that too12:46
dr_willisgnome has a setting to  take over for the system bell/beep - so you could enable that then edit the gnome sound scheme/theme files.12:47
cypha`i'm not running gnome12:47
Nicklas_now, do i have to do anything to activate internet in terminal? will a reboot do?12:47
fritschcypha`: /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/bell.ogg <- is this okay?12:47
cypha`i'm just looking for an actual file12:47
cypha`that is12:47
cypha`thanks fritsch12:47
FloodBot1cypha`: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:47
dr_williscypha`:  if its using the pc speaker beep. then no theres not a way to change it unless you some how turn on the gnome/pulse sound stuff i imagine.12:48
dr_willisthat bell.ogg would be whats used by the gnome theme i imagine.   But im on a headless ubumntu box so cant verify.12:48
fritschdr_willis: i just looked with dpkg -L for sounds12:48
dr_willisNow the TERMINAL program you are using May have a setting  to change the system beep for that terminal12:48
fritschdr_willis: i dont want my computer to beep12:48
dr_willisfritsch:  theres settings to totally turn off the beeps.12:49
fritschdr_willis: there is also a bash command to get beep12:49
dr_willisthe actual speaker beep is disabled by default i thought these days.12:49
fritschdr_willis: something echo sequence12:49
fritschdr_willis: i hope so, yes12:49
fritschdr_willis: i made a script for initramfs12:49
dr_willisctrl - a or ctrl-g was a beep. on the console in the old days12:49
fritschdr_willis: this loads pcspkr12:49
fritschdr_willis: beeps12:49
fritschdr_willis: and unloads12:49
fritschdr_willis: so to know, when i have to type my encryption key blindly12:50
Nicklas_ok, so something happened, but it's now telling me to change cd.12:50
dr_willistheres some 'beep' command you can use to play an actual tune using the pc speaker. :)12:50
AnaxHello, may I geet some asistence? :)12:50
fritschdr_willis: but not in initramfs it is too early12:50
AnaxAnyone? :/12:51
Tenkawano natty firefox 7 yet eh?12:52
Tenkawaor am I reading the ppa log incorrectly?12:52
tommisTenkawa, you need to get it from ppa12:52
AnaxWoops. Seems like my problem got resolved on its own. Sorry guys. See ya.12:52
tommisTenkawa, wait a sec12:52
Tenkawatommis: thanks.. yeah all I'm seeing is lucid and maverick on the build page on ppa12:53
KATUSSSanybody out there12:53
Tenkawawanted to make sure I'm not seeing things (firefox in general for the last week has been a bit odd for me)12:53
tommisTenkawa, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable12:53
tommisor did you use some random ppa?12:53
loganRunis there a way to list the permissions for a file or directory with the octal value rather than rwxrwxrwx12:54
Tenkawanope.. thats the one12:54
Tenkawabut if you go look at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable/+packages12:54
Tenkawayou'll see what I see12:54
tommisTenkawa, hmm12:56
tommismaybe it is supposed to come from official repos?12:56
KATUSSSam trying to load likewise-open but its giving some error please help12:56
Picitommis: it will eventually.  Just wait a few days.12:56
tommisi haven't used ubuntu in a while so i can't remember12:56
Tenkawamaybe so... will wait a few more days12:56
TenkawaPici: its me who brought up the q..12:57
Nicklas_when i do sudo apt-get install nvidia-current, somethings happening, but it tells me to change cd.12:57
Tenkawaoh well..12:57
tommisNicklas_, what it says?12:57
Nicklas_it says i need to put in the cd marked Ubuntu-Studio 11.04 _Natty Narwhal_ - Release i386 in /media/cdrom12:58
Nicklas_and press enter of course12:58
KATUSSShi back12:58
MonkeyDustKATUSSS: maybe this link helps http://ubuntuforums.org/tags.php?tag=likewise-open12:59
KATUSSSthanks let me check it out12:59
Islamhi there13:00
dr_willisNicklas_:  you still have the cd as a 'source' in your /etc/apt/sources.list13:00
Islamwhen I log in to my ubuntu it showes an error and says: you need to load kernel first13:00
dr_willisNicklas_:  you most likely want to remove that line. and rerun sudo apt-get update13:00
n0rfballDoes anyone know why there are only 4 themes available in 11.10? There doesn't seem to be a mention of the usual Clearlooks etc.13:03
binnicat file1.txt > file2.txt replaces the content of file2 with the content of file1, but how do I not replace but *add*?13:03
curious_yellowi still cant talk on ##linux wth13:03
RaTTuS|BIGcat file1.txt >>files2.txt13:04
dr_willisn0rfball:  gnome 3 uses differnt theme stuff i belive. go ask in #ubuntu+1 for 11.10 stuff.13:04
Nicklas_I obviously don't have /apt13:04
binniRaTTuS|BIG: ah, thanks!13:04
pocoyobinni: cat file1.txt >>file2.txt ?13:04
nhochthow to install USB3g on ubuntu?13:04
n0rfballdr_willis: Cheers13:04
dr_willisNicklas_:  Huh?   the sources list is in /etc/apt/sources.list13:04
KATUSSShow do i check for processes running on ubuntu13:05
dr_willisKATUSSS:  the 'ps' command, or 'htop' or 'top' are common ways13:05
Nicklas_well i go cd /etc an then i go cd /apt. but then i get a message saying there's no such fil or fil katalog? I have it in norwegian, but you probably know what i mean13:05
dr_willisNicklas_:  time for some bash basics.. its not /apt13:05
dr_willis / -> is saying go to the root of the drive...13:05
dr_willis /etc/apt is not the same as /apt13:06
dr_willis and not the same as 'apt'13:06
dr_williscd /etc/13:06
dr_williscd apt13:06
Nicklas_oh, told you i was new13:06
dr_willisi gave the full path. :)13:06
KATUSSShow to reply to someone on xchat13:11
KATUSSSi am new here just learning how to use the xchat13:12
Nicklas_well i got a # in front o there now, but also a ")", but vi acts really weird when i try to type and even just move around with the marker13:13
ubuntu_hello anyone who is interested to help a fellow enthusiast out, if you have the time to do so13:13
bittingot some more ram for my webserver / debian client today :)13:13
ubuntu_I am currently installing 11.04 Ubuntu onto a 64Bit gaming laptop which has Windows Vista already installed on it13:13
ubuntu_a big problem is that the Ubuntu installer doesn't give the option to "install alongside "13:14
ubuntu_only the option to replace, and "something else" , so I click something else, and then I am forced to mess with a partition editor, and I know absolutely NOTHING about partitions13:14
ubuntu_so I've come to the conclusion that, since I have a completely empty partition / D drive, I can use that to install Ubuntu onto. I've formatted it 3 times it's completely empty and I used the "Allocate Drive Space" ubuntu tool to change it to ext2 , since I heard NTFS can't have ubuntu installed onto it13:15
KATUSSS<ubuntu>try installing the 9.0 then upgrade13:15
TheRandomhi, having trouble install Hamachi on my ubuntu machine, getting hamachi-init: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory error when making the original config file?13:16
popeyubuntu_: you dont need to format it, the ubuntu installer will13:16
ubuntu_then, I am using this "allocate drive space" tool that is in the installer under the "something else option" and, now that I've set that drive to be ext2 , which is compatible for ubuntu installation, I see that I need to set a device for boot  loader installation. I assume it's alright to set it to the same drive that I want to install ubuntu onto13:16
popeyubuntu_: no, dont try to install ubuntu on FAT or NTFS13:16
ubuntu_popey, i stated I set it to ext2 , not FAT or NTFS.13:16
popeyubuntu_: sorry, misread13:16
ubuntu_no probs13:17
ubuntu_i sselect install now , and I see it says13:17
popeyubuntu_: boot device can be the disk itself or whatever your current boot disk is13:17
popeyubuntu_: if you use the current disk it will replace the boot loader13:17
ubuntu_i have to set a "root " something13:17
ubuntu_so  I find out that means13:17
popeyubuntu_: root filesystem?13:17
popeyubuntu_: that would be "/" the top level13:18
ubuntu_i found out that meant the mount point13:18
ubuntu_exactly , however by default none of them have that13:18
ubuntu_they're all set to be "not used"13:18
ubuntu_so I set the drive / partition ( I assume they're the same thing), to13:18
ubuntu_just /13:18
ubuntu_as you said13:18
ubuntu_so that's good?13:18
ubuntu_But then, for boot loader installation, I don't understand which partition I should set that to13:19
ubuntu_if it shouldn't be the same that I am installing ubuntu onto13:19
ubuntu_basically you said it could be the boot disk13:19
ubuntu_but I really don't want that, lol13:19
ubuntu_and secondly you said, to use whatever I normally use for a boot disk13:19
ubuntu_but I don't even know what a boot disk is13:19
ubuntu_so I guess on every harddrive there's a partition meant for being the boot disk? AKA what starts the computer up / starts the OS selection? is that what you mean?13:20
ubuntu_can I PM you popeye since you're the only one who's talking to me about this, I don't want to spam up the chatroom13:20
ikoniaubuntu_: there is no partition for startup, it boots from the master boot record of the disk13:20
ubuntu_ikonia: Oh, so what should I set the "boot loader installation" to?13:21
ikoniaubuntu_: what does it offer as default13:21
ubuntu_Because, I have these drives already: dev/sda 1 , 2 , 3 , and 4, and then the whole thing is under "dev/sda"13:21
ikoniaubuntu_: what is it suggesting/offering you13:21
ubuntu_it gives the big umbrella of dev/sda by default, but it doesn't accept that13:22
ikoniaubuntu_: you boot from the disk (/dev/sda) you have file systems on the partitions (/dev/sda1,2,3)13:22
icerootubuntu_: that is only one drive, sda is the drive, the numbers are the partitions13:22
ubuntu_I've figured out my Sda2 is windows, sda 4 is my windows recovery , but I don't even have the recovery disks so am wondering if I should just format that,13:22
popeyubuntu_: sorry, stepped away from my desk13:22
ubuntu_and sda1 has space taken up but I have no idea what it's for and I know it's not Windows, and also Sda3 is what I've formatted to make be ubuntu's installation13:22
ikoniaubuntu_: it's /dev/sda13:22
ubuntu_So ikonia13:23
ikoniaubuntu_: that is where you boot from13:23
ubuntu_are you saying I should set my boot loader installation to the /dev/sda ?13:23
ikoniaubuntu_: yes13:23
ubuntu_will it not erase my windows installation? I want them side by side , you know13:23
ubuntu_Also, it talks to me about a "swap" something, but I don't know what to set as that13:23
ikoniaubuntu_: your windows installation is on a partition, not the master boot record13:23
TheRandomhi, having trouble install Hamachi on my ubuntu machine, getting hamachi-init: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory error when making the original config file?13:23
ikoniaubuntu_: did you read the install guide ?13:23
ubuntu_popey: that's OK , friend13:23
webbrowsehello, how can i see the content of a website folder: i have a link: www.link.com/example ; when i go there, i get a webpage, but i'd like to find the names the files that are there, such as: www.link.com/example/file.pdf ; is there a way to do that?13:24
ubuntu_ikonia: no, I just burned my own DVD of it and didn't check out any install guides... but I think I know alot more than someone who is just checking an install guide, at this point, anyways, so I think just getting through these last few parts is all I need, and I'm not sure if an install guide would take more time to read13:24
ikoniaubuntu_: it's clear you don't know a lot more than someone who has read the install guide13:24
MonkeyDustwebbrowse: which browser?13:24
TheRandomwebbrowse, not if the server you're looking at is setup properly.13:24
ikonia!install | ubuntu_13:25
ubottuubuntu_: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate13:25
popeyubuntu_: do you want to install on a completely empty disk?13:25
webbrowseTheRandom: what if it's not? :p13:25
fritschTheRandom: libstdc++5 <- this package is missing for you13:25
webbrowseMonkeyDust: google chrome13:25
webbrowseMonkeyDust: or chromium, rather13:25
MonkeyDustsame is I13:25
TheRandomfritsch, thanks.13:25
ubuntu_ikonia: Please forgive my ignorance, however I have never had any experience with programming, so I don't even know what a master boot record is , although I have heard of the term13:25
ikoniaubuntu_: this is nothing to do with programming13:25
ubuntu_ikonia: therefore are you saying setting my "boot loader installation" won't override anything to do with windows, AKA my files?13:26
fritschTheRandom: installation is a bit tricky, because this is a very old version13:26
TheRandomwebbrowse, almost all websites will treat that as a breach of T&C's. It's not the _done_ thing.13:26
ikoniaubuntu_: explained inthe install guide, however popey is helping you so I'll leave you be13:26
TheRandomfritsch, that seems to be the case :P13:26
ubuntu_ikonia: please I didn't say it did however I don't know the terms that a progammer or someone very experienced with computers in a professional way would know "13:26
fritschTheRandom: try it by: sudo apt-get install libstdc++513:26
ikoniaubuntu_: then it's worth reading the install guide13:26
ubuntu_ikonia: but I know more than an average "Sweet get the new iphone" scrub13:26
ikoniaubuntu_: it's clear you don't.13:26
ikoniaI'm out13:26
popeyubuntu_: so am i right in saying you have two disks, windows on one, and an empty disk?13:26
fritschTheRandom: http://packages.ubuntu.com/de/natty/libstdc++5 <- seem to be there13:26
ubuntu_ikonia: but I actually do13:26
TheRandomfritsch, installed, will continue trying to install ubuntu.13:26
webbrowseTheRandom: it's not the what? i'm just trying to correct a dead link; i got a link towards a pdf that's broken; i'm trying to find the real link13:27
ubuntu_ikonia: thanks for nothing thats bad karma for you13:27
TheRandom-ubuntu + hamachi13:27
fritschTheRandom: now your script should run13:27
ubuntu_popey: oh hey I mean, I don't have 2 disks13:27
TheRandomwebbrowse, what you are trying to do can be used to circumvent login scripts etc. Almost ALL websites won't allow you to see the files in a directory.13:27
TheRandomfritsch, thanks13:27
popeyubuntu_: you have one physical disk in the machine?13:27
ubuntu_popey: I have 1 disk with 4 partitions, 1 of them is completely set to be for ubuntu AKA formatted, but in Windows it would be read as a D Drive13:27
ubuntu_does that count as 2 disks? I'm not sure13:27
webbrowseTheRandom: i see13:28
popeyubuntu_: ok, i understand13:28
TheRandomfritsch, more errors.13:28
fritschTheRandom: other errors, i hope13:28
fritschTheRandom: i hope13:28
popeyubuntu_: so you set aside a chunk of space for ubuntu, and formatted it in windows13:28
TheRandomfritsch, indeed  error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.0.9.7:13:28
popeyubuntu_: then tried to install ubuntu into that space?13:28
fritschTheRandom: apt-cache search libcrypto13:28
popeyubuntu_: now there's a slight flaw in the plan here13:28
ubuntu_popey: no I formatted it with ubuntu's live cd's tools13:28
ubuntu_popey: and im actually on the liveCD ubuntu right now , with the install tool open still on the last steps im stuck on13:28
popeyubuntu_: ok, i understand where you are13:29
fritschTheRandom: sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.713:29
ubuntu_popey: and worst of all the one guy who seemed pro enough to help, turned out to be a huge douche and just left after insulting me lol13:29
popeyubuntu_: here is the issue. You can only have 4 primary partitions on a disk, but you have 4 already, and ubuntu needs two by default13:29
popeyubuntu_: one is for the / "root" partition, and one is for "swap" space13:29
popeyubuntu_: so, I would go into the live cd disk utility and carefuly delete the blank partition you set aside for ubuntu13:30
fritschubuntu_: as a tipp there can be infty partitions in an extended volume13:30
popeyfritsch: I'm getting to that13:30
TheRandomfritsch, gotta restart hang on.13:30
VictorCLwhat's the closest to notepad++ on ubuntu?13:30
fritschopenvoid: sorry13:30
ikoniafritsch: no there can't13:30
ikoniathere can be 1513:30
ubuntu_lol thanks fritsch for tip13:30
popeyubuntu_: you can then create an extended partition in which you can have multiple partitions13:30
TheRandomVictorCL, that is an alarmingly deep debate :P13:30
fritschikonia: thx :-)13:30
ubuntu_popey: Oh I see. then I can split it's space into 2 new partitions set them to be root and swap?13:30
icerootVictorCL: why not use a real editor instead of notepad++?13:30
popeyubuntu_: exactamundo!13:31
MonkeyDust15 = F :)13:31
ubuntu_oh ikonia didn't leave how lovely13:31
popeyubuntu_: how much ram does your computer have?13:31
fritschikonia: i forgot about the ironie again13:31
VictorCLI just need something with syntax color for javascript,php ,html13:31
VictorCLfast . not an IDE13:31
icerootVictorCL: vim13:31
VictorCLjust an editor13:31
ubuntu_popey: but if I do that, it will be at 4 partitions all over again right13:31
VictorCLthat looks nice :p13:31
ubuntu_popey: I have another problem that the partition i've set aside for ubuntu is very small at 6 GB13:31
icerootVictorCL: if you want a gui, use gvim or emacs13:31
popeyubuntu_: no, an extended partition _contains_ multiple partitions13:31
PiciVictorCL: scite, both scite and notepad++ are based off of scintilla.13:31
ubuntu_popey: Oh so do you think 6 GB is enough space to create an extended partition out of ?13:32
icerootVictorCL: but its always a good idea to know how to handle vi/vim13:32
VictorCLwill check it out13:32
popeyubuntu_: thats big enough for a basic install, but not much room for growth13:32
VictorCLI hate vim13:32
icerootVictorCL: why?13:32
VictorCLhave to use commands to do most stuff ,, never remember all those commands13:32
TrueColors'net usershare' returned error 255: cannot open usershare directory /var/lib/samba/usershares. Error: no such file or directory found - Why am I receiving this? What is samba ?13:32
ubuntu_popey: I plan to install, and then move all my personal files into ubuntu , and then take away space from the windows installation and add possibly 20GB more to the ubuntu, do you think that sounds like a good plan13:32
icerootVictorCL: gvim13:33
fritschikonia: just for the record there can be more than F13:33
iceroot!samba | TrueColors13:33
ubottuTrueColors: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.13:33
VictorCLgvime has tabs ?13:34
ubuntu_popey: that way, I won't risk losing my personal files by resizing the windows ' partition and adding space to the ubuntu partition, because the windows installation will have nothing on it that I need or care about13:34
fritschikonia: his means the number of logical drives that can be formed within an extended partition is limited only by the amount of available disk space in the given extended partition. quoted from wikipedia13:34
TrueColorsiceroot, why does my system have Samba ... it didn't cause this issue yesterday and the only thing I installed was FCGI?13:35
ikoniafritsch: read again13:35
popeyubuntu_: sounds like a time consuming plan13:35
popeyubuntu_: do you have an external disk you could use to copy stuff onto ?13:35
icerootTrueColors: e.g. wine is pulling samba/winbind. also samba is installed when interacting with windows-networks13:35
popeythe shrink/resize/move method can be fraught13:35
TrueColorsiceroot, what would class as a windows-network ?13:35
mang0So is there really no way to view .mov in google chrome?13:35
fritschikonia: you gave me the numbers for scsi13:35
icerootTrueColors: a network using wins, cifs and so on13:36
sean__anyone know why when i put a cd in the cdrom drive nothing pops up13:36
MonkeyDusti've gparted to resize partitions, but it took several hours13:36
TrueColorsiceroot, I have windows 7 installed... but that's all?13:36
MonkeyDusti've used*13:36
fritschikonia: ah you talk about the libata change, so in deed linux is limited to 1513:36
fritschikonia: this comes from libata managing now both scsi and ide?13:36
icerootTrueColors: maybe samba is installed by default because of nautilus which can interacte with windows-hosts13:36
icerootTrueColors: but i dont think that samba itself is your problem13:37
icerootTrueColors: why you net the command "net shares" (which is for windows-services on a network)13:37
clone234anyone that knows why i cant use the letters öäå when naming files on my harddrive?13:38
VictorCLfilesystem doestn speak norwegian I guess13:39
icerootclone234: its not a good idea to use this special chars on filenames13:39
dr_willisI dont even use spaces in filenames. :)13:40
RaTTuS|BIGclone if you put them inside "" you should be fine13:41
clone234iceroot> yeah well this is document that needs thoose characters....13:41
icerootclone234: i cant imaging there is one file in the world which is needing that chars13:41
RaTTuS|BIGI call rubbish on that13:41
icerootclone234: in germany we use "ae" instead of "ä"13:42
VictorCLwhy is [x] button to close windows to the left? .. when most people are right handed ?13:42
iceroot!controls | VictorCL13:42
ubottuVictorCL: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more informationand workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263313:42
clone234iceroot> i dont care about germany13:42
icerootclone234: stop it13:42
dr_willisVictorCL:  i dont see the logic of that :) but  when they did the move they gave some reasons.. i moved them back to the right side.13:42
dr_willisThere was supposed to eventually be some special winlet controlls on the right side. but that hasent happened yet.13:43
craigbass1976I want to make a box with two nics that allows traffic to "just pass through"  There are VPN tunnels currently set up between two firewalls, and I want to capture traffic without having to set up said tunnels on the linux box I set up.13:43
craigbass1976Any ideas on what to even google for?13:43
jattI want to install ubuntu 64bit I've a /home partition which I've been used with ubuntu 32bit for a long time, if I upgrade to 64bit will I be able to access my old /home partition?13:43
ikoniacraigbass1976: iptables and snort will do it13:43
ikoniajatt: yes, you will be fine13:43
icerootjatt: yes13:44
dr_willisjatt:  if theres more then 1 user. you may need to add them in the same order. or correct the ownership.13:44
craigbass1976ikonia, what would that box be called?  a router?13:44
jattno filesystem issues?13:44
curious_yellowwhat exactly am i seeing when i type netstat13:44
icerootjatt: no, filesystem has nothing to do with amd6413:44
ikoniacraigbass1976: I guess so13:44
ikoniacraigbass1976: if you search for iptables and snort as two seperate products/functions, you'll find it easier13:44
=== JGJones_ is now known as JGJones
jattok, I will try it out then13:44
icerootcurious_yellow: man nestat13:44
VictorCLgconftool-2 --set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout --type string "menu:minimize,maximize,close"13:44
ikoniacraigbass1976: eg: iptables traffice routing, and snort packet cpature13:44
icerootcurious_yellow: man netstat13:44
VictorCLcool now they are to the right ^^13:45
ikoniacraigbass1976: treat it as two tasks, get one working, then add the other13:45
curious_yellowi mean in the commandline13:45
icerootcurious_yellow: the manpage is telling you exactly what you see13:45
curious_yellowoh oh ok13:45
icerootcurious_yellow: "man programname" to open the manual. leave the manual with q13:45
sean__can anyone help me?.. is there away to like seperate.. files... im tryin to dl an iso file but its 1.9 gb's and i only have cd's like 700 mb13:45
Polahsean__: See man split13:46
curious_yellowis it normal to have a list of connections like 200 lines long though?13:46
sean__Polah,  ??13:46
icerootsean__: not possible if you want to "extract" the iso13:46
icerootsean__: only if you split the iso to more then one disc but the disc then only contains a part of the iso and not its content13:46
dr_willissean__:  what kind of iso?13:46
icerootcurious_yellow: yes13:46
sean__an os iso13:47
curious_yellowwth are all these connections for13:47
dr_willissean__:  what are you going to do with it afterwards?13:47
sean__will have a os on it13:47
Polahsean__: Type man split in a terminal, it'll give you the manual for the split command. Although, arbitrarily splitting and ISO and putting parts on different disks doesn't sound like it'd work. Perhaps use a USB drive instead.13:47
icerootcurious_yellow: e.g. local connections from programs, listening daemons and so on13:47
dr_willissean__:  you cant split it and have it be bootable on 2 cd's if thats what you are after13:47
Gentoo64curious_yellow, leave it idle and theyll go away13:47
Gentoo64curious_yellow, theyre prob half open13:47
icerootsean__: buy a dvd13:47
Polahsean__: What you can do it configure GRUB to boot from the ISO. Then you can make a partition for it, install there then boot into it and repartition again13:48
RaTTuS|BIGsean__ that will not work13:48
sean__well this may sound stupid.. but i have a 4 gb dvd disc that only has a dvd on it.. is there away to put the iso on their?13:48
dr_willisive put iso files on my /boot/ partition and set grub2 to boot them :) but each iso/os can be differnt to setup13:48
RaTTuS|BIGsean__ not you will need a new dvd13:49
dr_willisonly has a dvd on it? huh?  you have to burn the iso as an image file. it cant share. :)13:49
sean__Lol so i cant format it?13:49
MonkeyDustdr_willis: how do you do that /boot stuff?13:49
sean__How about vmare?13:50
elb0w`So I changed the interface file to make the ip static13:50
elb0w`but for some reason it is not listening13:50
dr_willisMonkeyDust:  i make a /boot/ partition thats like 10gb. to hold the iso files. then i make a /etc/grub.d/40_custom with the right entries to boot each iso.13:50
Gentoo64sean__, if its rewritable you can13:50
elb0w`it went to dhcp on reboot13:50
dr_willissean__: whats your end goal anyway?13:50
MonkeyDustsounds great13:50
mang0http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11295923#post11295923 any help greatly appreciated!13:50
Polahdr_willis: you don't need /boot on it's own partition, mind. You could just create an "isos" folder in /boot/ and then point GRUB there for them.13:50
dr_willisPolah:  i wanted /boot/ on its own partition.  :)13:51
dr_willisPolah:  that way i can reinstall the actual Ubuntu OS if i wanted to..13:51
dr_willisnew release.. i put the new iso in /boot/ and boot it// reinstall the whole os.13:51
sean__kk now for another question.. i put a dvd in my cdrom.. so why doesnt it say anything13:51
dr_willisafter i backup my 40_custome :)13:51
sean__doesnt have no pic of a cd rom on desktop13:52
MonkeyDustwell, /boot does not have its own partition here and i'm not going to repartition *again* ;)13:52
dr_willissean__:  whats on the dvd?13:52
dr_willissean__:  if theres no data or fs on it.. it cant mount it.13:52
Gentoo64sean__, thats prob why13:52
Polahdr_willis: You could store 40_custom on your boot partition and symlink /etc/grub.d/40_custom to it13:52
sean__Im tryin to burn the iso on the dvd13:52
sean__wont let me?..13:52
dr_willisPolah:  i got 40_custome archived on my ubuntu one account. :) it rarely changes ..13:52
Gentoo64sean__, use brasero. or are you trying a dvd in a cd drive?13:52
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto13:53
pcciao a tutti13:53
sean__im on a laptop gentoo13:53
sean__so it wouldnt matter13:53
Gentoo64sean__, brasero is plain and simple13:53
Gentoo64just click burn iso to disk13:53
sean__i have xburn13:53
dr_willisso use it. :)13:54
KATUSSSsean_:first check if your rom is a dvd writer13:54
sean__i am but theres 1 prob... when i insert the dvd.. it loads cause i can hear it reading it.... but.. it doesnt say "do u want to create a new disc" or w.e13:54
Gentoo64pc, what with?13:55
sean__and usualy there a cd rom disc icon on the desktop13:55
=== christoph is now known as Guest19415
dr_willissean__:  so just run xfburn or whatever... it dosent ahve to auto start...13:55
pcnon riesco a fare stampare la stampante come faccio???13:55
dr_willispc:  english please.13:55
MonkeyDust!it| pc13:55
ubottupc: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)13:55
=== Guest19415 is now known as Christoph_
KATUSSSubottu_:cant understand13:56
pcubottu ma nn posso parlare direttamente con te xk su quella italiana nn ce13:57
ubottupc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:57
=== pants is now known as Guest43874
pandotecan i recover videos than are delete?13:58
MonkeyDustpandote: there's testdisk, a disk recovery tool, maybe that helps13:58
Gentoo64pandote, there are programs, but imo its quite unlikely13:58
curious_yellowwhen i list ips13:59
dr_willis!undelete | pandote13:59
ubottupandote: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel13:59
curious_yellowim connected to something called wmaster013:59
TrueColorsHow do you get line numbers on gedit? preferences doesn't show it13:59
Gentoo64TrueColors, its in the options /plugins13:59
curious_yellowu guys know what that is?13:59
PolahWhat's the difference between link and ln?13:59
TrueColorsactually, I found it in preferences > view ^.^13:59
Gentoo64curious_yellow, showing in what? netstat?13:59
curious_yellowand i tried to do dhclient13:59
IslamI have a problem when I log on to ubuntu it shows an error and says, you need to load kernel first13:59
curious_yellowand its permission denied unknown hardware address type 80114:00
Gentoo64curious_yellow, its some wireless thing14:00
dr_willisIslam:  you mean the grub loader says that?14:00
curious_yellowoh ok so its just like wot a wireless card im not using or something14:00
Gentoo64curious_yellow, what does netstat -plantu say?14:00
Islamdr_willis, yes14:00
Gentoo64curious_yellow, yes apprently its fine14:01
dr_willis!fixgrub | Islam14:01
ubottuIslam: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)14:01
Gentoo64curious_yellow, i quickly googled it i dont know anything at all about wireless stiff :(14:01
IslamI have windows and linux, when I choose to log from the linux it gives me that error14:01
curious_yellowGentoo64, netstat -plantu just gives me like 20 tcp connections14:01
Gentoo64curious_yellow, theyre all listening14:01
Gentoo64curious_yellow, try ss -l14:01
Gentoo64curious_yellow, can you pastebin it?14:01
curious_yellowdo i want to?14:02
curious_yellowtheres one visible ip addresse - 5 connections14:02
Gentoo64curious_yellow, 20 listening is  alot14:02
dpanyone know of a lightweight nautilus replacement, that doesn't need 50 other packages along-side it?14:02
curious_yellowwhat does ss -l show?14:03
Gentoo64curious_yellow, listening ports14:03
Gentoo64dp, pcmanfm14:03
dr_willisdp:  if you mean a light file manager.. theres plenty.  rox-filer, double commander,  pcmanfm, mc,14:03
dr_willisdp:  perhaps dozen more i cant recall. :)14:03
Gentoo64dp, pcmanfm and thunar still require a lot of packages though, almost same a snautilus14:03
dpGentoo64: yeah, I've noticed14:03
dr_willisI sort of like rox-filer as an alterantive.14:03
Polahdp: Search "file manager" in the repositories, there's lots to choose from14:03
Gentoo64dp, theres cli ones like vifm etc14:03
curious_yellowa bunch of them say state - established Gentoo6414:03
dr_willismc - is  great to learn.14:04
Islamdr_willis; isnt there any other way to fix my problem other than burning a CD ?14:04
dpdr_willis: cli based?14:04
Gentoo64curious_yellow, browser open? i think you're being paranoid thats all14:04
dr_willisIslam:   make a bootable flash drive perhaps.14:04
dr_willisdp:  mc is console/text based. yes.14:04
dr_willisdp:  theres perhaps 4 others that are similer to mc.14:04
curious_yellowna just tryig to learn how to read this Gentoo64 im not worried about it14:04
dpdr_willis: any idea if dropbox works with mc?14:04
Polahdp: Dropbox requires Nautilus.14:05
Gentoo64curious_yellow, aa -a will show all connections, ss -l will show listening14:05
dr_willisdp:  if you had the dropbox servife running.. it syncs with the dropbox directory.. so file manager dosent matter14:05
Gentoo64ss -a *14:05
Polahdr_willis: Dropbox requests to install Nautilus, at least it did when I lasted tried to install on LXDE14:05
dr_willisPolah:  no idea. never noticed.  i  always install it on gnome anyway14:06
martian_I just restarted a server running 10.04LTS because it had automatically installed some "important" updates, and now the servers fans are running full blast... ack! why might this be?14:06
sean__whats a good  prob for virutal machine?14:06
dpI don't mind nautilus being installed... I just don't want it running14:06
dr_willissean__:  what?14:06
Gentoo64whats the point installing light stuff on gnome anyway? all the gnome stuffs already running14:06
jribmartian_: check top14:06
sean__whats a good program to use as a virtual machine14:06
dpGentoo64: I'm not actually running gnome ;)14:06
Gentoo64sean__, virtualbox14:06
Gentoo64dp, ah ok14:07
sean__ty gentoo14:07
dpnext question: lightweight replacements for shutter?14:07
TrueColorsforeach $key ( keys %req_params){ ... should that be.. foreach my $key ( keys my %req_params) { ?14:07
martian_jrib: I shall, but it started immediatly at restart, and kept going while the bios was reloading14:07
dpthe 119m of resident it uses hurts me14:07
Gentoo64dp, is that a ss tool?14:07
dr_willisdp:  why not just see what lubuntu uses by default?14:07
Gentoo64dp, scrot is the lightest14:07
dpGentoo64: yes14:07
TrueColorswrong channel14:07
martian_jrib: nothing unusual in top14:07
Gentoo64dp, or gimp can take ss's. imagemagick has an "import" feature14:08
dpdr_willis: surprisingly, a lot of the things that lubuntu uses are not any lighter than the standard ubuntu equivalents14:08
dr_willisdp:  dosent matter how light somthing is.. if its lacking features you need.14:08
dpdr_willis: I can typically work around missing features14:09
dpI cannot work around a machine that bogs down14:09
Gentoo64dp, whats the specs?14:09
dr_willisVic-20 and a tin-can+string modem. :)14:09
dpGentoo64: it's got 4G of ram. but I've had a wayward VLC chew up almost 2G of ram before14:10
Gentoo64lol tin can14:10
Gentoo64dp, 4gb is good...14:10
Gentoo64same as me14:10
jcphamI have the luxury of running the last 3 releases on 8gb+ daily14:10
martian_Is there a way to see what packages were updated most recently?14:10
RaTTuS|BIGxbuntu will run fine .....14:10
dr_willisif you are doing 'work' then you shouldent be watching videos.. :)14:10
Gentoo64i use mplayer2 its faster and lighter14:10
Polahmartian_: Look through /var/log/dpkg.log14:10
dpdr_willis: depends on what your "work" is14:10
martian_Polah: Thankya14:11
Gentoo64dp, try mplayer2 vlc is bloat14:11
Gentoo64and buggy14:11
dr_willisthen next year.. vlc2 will be popular and mplayer2 will be bloated.. :)14:11
Gentoo64i doubt it :)14:12
dr_willisI got vlc on my android phone now. (beta)14:12
ichatanyone could help me  'figurging out' why wifi cant be get to work in my laptop:  bcm: 4311 chip...14:12
ichati tried both  broadcom sta drivers,  and the old fwcutter.. neither seem to work14:13
LaykeHow do I specify the key that I want to use for connecting via ssh?14:14
ikoniassh -i14:14
LaykeThanks ikonia.14:15
=== Mrono|tT is now known as Mrono|work
rabbi1i got wireless net connection, usb. I am not getting the maximum speed in ubuntu, which i am getting from windows. how can i solve this prob?14:18
ikoniarabbi1: it's most likley a weakness in the Linux driver14:18
rabbi1ikonia: i have not specified the APN, and if i specify the APN i won't get the connection14:19
SadlyMistakenhello everybody, I just see a video of "Gnome 3 without Shell" And I would love to know if that is possible? Can i Run Gnome 3 without Shell?14:19
ikoniarabbi1: I have no idea why you've told me that as it has ntohing to do with what I've just said14:19
Gentoo64SadlyMistaken, in fallback mode14:19
rabbi1ikonia: :) i have nt agreed for it too14:20
ikoniarabbi1: I don't know what that means14:20
rabbi1ikonia: linux drivers- u mean usb modswitch ?14:20
=== rochild is now known as Sarayu
ikoniaI mean the kernel module that allows your device to function within linux14:21
rabbi1ikonia: how could i solve this then?14:21
SadlyMistakenGentoo64, thanks a lot14:21
ikoniarabbi1: I doubt you can, from personal experience and research the lower performance in linux than windows wirless issue is normally caused by a poorer quality Linux kernel module than the windows one14:21
rabbi1ikonia: :( time to sit tight14:22
rabbi1ikonia: also, y can't i connect with an APN mentioned ?14:23
rabbi1ikonia: may be that APN might help in improving the speed14:23
ikoniaI don't know, I don't understand how you can be complaining about speed, if you're then telling me you can't even connect14:23
ichat could anyone help me find out why i dont get wiriless with a bcm4311 chipset...  i tried both  sta  and b43 firmware isntaller + fwcutter   but to no luck...   -   yet sudo frkill list all  shows neither softare block or hardware block  are on...14:24
ruantrying to get a Tascam US144 working under Ubuntu, got an issue14:24
rabbi1ikonia: how can i add a language to in input method in ibus preferences ? any idea ?14:25
ruanohci_hcd and ehci_hcd modules don't exist14:25
ikoniaruan: tascam as in sound card ?14:25
ikoniaruan: you're going to have a hard time with that14:25
ikoniaruan: support is very poor14:25
ikoniarabbi1: I don't use ibus14:25
ruani heard, but why wouldn't there be usb modules14:25
TheRandomFairly urgent, my server has fallen off the network, local tech says its saying 'Invalid Connection' so it's not on the network, possible causes?14:25
ruanmodule not found, ohci_hcd, ehci_hcd etc14:26
ikoniaruan: if the support is poor, there would not be modules for it14:26
rabbi1ikonia: yeah, you all stick to a single language. that's an advantage14:26
rabbi1:) ok ikonia take care, got to watch a live match. catch ya14:26
pants_ok why is font rendering so terrible in unity 2-d14:26
pants_is there a way to fix that?14:26
ruani mean standard usb modules, trying to get the name of the usb 1.1 and 2.0 module14:26
Gentoo64pants_, screenshot?14:26
Xenethanyone know how to encrypt all data over the internet?  Proxy only encrypts up to the proxy, and not all sites have SSL configured.14:26
ikoniaruan: what makes you think they are not there14:27
ikoniaXeneth: you can't,14:27
ruanwhen i try to modprobe ohci_hcd it's not found14:27
ikoniaXeneth: once it leaves your proxy, it's not up to you14:27
Gentoo64ruan, should be built in14:27
ruanah. so no way to disable it without recompiling kernel14:28
OerHeksrabbi1, wich language would you like to add to ibus ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ibus14:28
ikoniaI thought they where still modules14:28
jribXeneth: use only sites with ssl14:28
Gentoo64ruan, im only guessing its built in14:28
bagelsBanshee keeps crashing after one song.  Is there anything I can do?14:30
Polahbagels: Run it through a terminal to see if it throws an error when it crashes, then tell us what it says.14:30
Gentoo64bagels, run dmesg14:30
Gentoo64or what polah said14:30
bagelsPolah, aye aye14:31
pants_Gentoo64, http://i.imgur.com/og2iH.png14:32
pants_maybe it's just me, but in xchat and terminal especially the font seems to have gotten really crappy14:32
Gentoo64pants_, not sure. they look a bit skinny in the apps but not in the menubar14:32
Gentoo64in the system settings there should be something to look at rendering like rgb etc14:33
bagelsPolah, Gentoo64:14:33
bagelsPolah, Gentoo64 ^14:34
rulliehey guys: [mi] EQ overflowing. The server is probably stuck in an infinite loop.  Xorg uses 100% cpu. any idea?14:34
Gentoo64sqlite error14:34
Gentoo64not sure how to fix it as i dont use either14:34
pants_ok that's a little better on xchat's end14:35
Gentoo64pants_, what did you change?14:35
furyoshonenI ran dmesg | tail what does "[51763.339437] [drm:drm_edid_block_valid] *ERROR* Raw EDID:" mean?14:35
pants_just changing the font really14:35
bagelsPolah, Gentoo64 whisper me, I'm AFK14:36
pants_i seem to not have the option to do the smoothing rgb in my system settings14:36
anonissimusI try to record audio from default output but there is a constant hiss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/224429/output.mp3 any suggestions what might be the reason?14:36
pants_i don't know what i changed but apparently that just isn't an option for me14:36
Gentoo64not sure what else to suggest, idk what unity 2d changes14:37
ubuntuuserXcant use dual monitor in ubuntu 11.04 !!14:37
pants_unity 3d is a little hard on my system haha so i figured i'd give it a try but i do miss classic gnome :/14:37
ubuntuuserXwhy have things become so paiful in the latest versions14:37
Gentoo64pants_, why not use the classic then14:37
Gentoo64or is that what unity 2d is?14:37
pants_well that's my own fault i think14:38
pants_i upgraded to gnome 314:38
ubuntuuserXanyone using Maxtor G400/G450 dual screen on ubuntu 11.04?14:38
Gentoo64pants_, ah ok thats not recommended14:38
pants_now at the login screen it doesn't give me the option for classic anymore14:38
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.14:38
Xenethikonia: jrib:  One could hope.  Need to setup a protocal for client end encryption.    Thanks anyhow.14:38
SadlyMistakenpants_ try FALLBACK14:38
pants_well, i'd prefer not to spend time reinstalling everything so for now i guess this will have to do14:39
ubuntuuserXno one got maxtor G400/450 here ?14:40
ActionParsnippants_: could try ppa-purge  but the OS may still be unstable14:40
ActionParsnippants_: you could always install a different DE and use that14:40
ActionParsnipdesktop environment14:40
Gentoo64pants_, id backup the important stuff and clean install. if you're lanning on using ubuntu for a long time14:40
ActionParsnippants_: something like xfce, kde or lxde14:41
pants_to be honest i'm getting a new computer here in a couple days, i've been using a 3 year old netbook for the better part of a year and windows was not cutting it14:41
Gentoo64pants_, ah ok. well at least now you know not to put gnome 3 on the new comp, if your gona put uubntu on :)14:42
pants_i probably will haha14:42
pants_i usually end up installing ubuntu for a while, and seeing how it runs14:42
=== Plinker__ is now known as Plinker
Gentoo64i think the next ubuntu 10.10 will be better14:42
Gentoo64or use something like fedora which has gnome 3 built in14:42
LaykeA while ago, I installed landscape-client and landscape-monitor  and now as a result my server constantly spikes load14:43
pants_i'm not super old school but i remember the dapper-edgy-fiesty growing pains14:43
ActionParsnippants_: gnome3 is default in Oneiric14:43
LaykeI have tried to remove ubuntu landscape but can't.14:43
LaykeIs there a way that I should be following?14:43
pants_hell i remember trying to get dapper to just play more than one sound at once14:43
=== l is now known as Guest44377
=== chris_ is now known as Guest76261
* pants_ shutters at messing with alsa14:44
ActionParsnipnever had an issue with sound14:44
pants_i think the ironic thing was neither did i14:45
pants_i just thought i did14:45
pants_but as it turns out it was just a simple line in a conf and i was fine, but i spent the better part of a while trying to get it working thinking something was wrong14:46
glenndwhen is there a update for mozilla14:46
Gentoo64use a ppa14:46
Gentoo64i dont think ubuntu updates versions14:47
ActionParsnipGentoo64: sure it does, just slowly14:47
Gentoo64o ok14:47
glenndhow can i do it faster14:47
ActionParsnipglennd: add ppas14:47
Gentoo64use a ppa14:47
ichatto get the newest version of your browser atm  do  sudo apt-get install chromium14:47
Gentoo64chromium isnt mozilla14:48
ActionParsnipglennd: which version do you want?14:48
glenndthe last version 714:48
ichatand it doesn't have a bugg that destroys your plugins like firefox 7 did14:48
ActionParsnipglennd: i've seen a PPA with version 914:48
Gentoo649 is nighly14:48
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
ichatglennd - mozilla revoket version 714:49
=== Guest76261 is now known as cdwlighting
kbrosnanichat: it does not destroy them, it just ignores some that were updated recently14:49
ichatthere are waying on fixing a show spopper bugg14:49
glenndichat how can i get that version14:49
ActionParsnipglennd: cd /opt; sudo wget ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/7.0/linux-i686/en-GB/firefox-7.0.tar.bz2; sudo tar zxvf ./firefox-7.0.tar.bz2; sudo rm ./firefox-7.0.tar.bz2; sudo ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox-7.014:49
Gentoo64chromium is so stable imo ive been on svn for a long long time not a single problem14:49
ActionParsnipGentoo64: same, I use the nightly build :)14:50
Gentoo64ActionParsnip, what version you on?14:50
Gentoo64ActionParsnip, i update mine daily14:50
ActionParsnipglennd: sorry:  sudo tar jxvf ./firefox-7.0.tar.bz214:50
Gentoo64doing it now14:50
ActionParsnipGentoo64: 15.0.871.0 (Developer Build 99583 Linux) Ubuntu 11.1014:50
glenndbut where is the version that is installed with ppa14:51
Gentoo64ActionParsnip, im on 16.0.896 :)14:51
ichatGentoo64 - even i switched to chromium just because firefox after 3.5 was getting way to slow,   and the updates came crushing so fast non of the addons i was using could keep up the updating scheme14:51
Gentoo64i havent used ff in years14:52
Gentoo64chromiums faster more secure more stable etc etc14:52
Gentoo64but some people like ff plugins14:52
ichatits a waste because in once loved it dearly14:52
antihoaxfloodbots everywhere14:53
anonissimusI try to record audio from default output but there is a constant hiss: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/224429/output.mp3 any suggestions what might be the reason?14:53
antihoaxbut they can use grep ...14:53
Gentoo64antihoax, go then14:53
ichatarghrrr. still cant find the da*####### solution for that horrible bcm wifi crap14:54
glenndActionParsnip,  is the version that you give installed in the same directory of the version installed with the ppa14:54
ActionParsnipglennd: the command I gave uses /opt to hold the app14:54
Gentoo64antihoax, stop trying to troll14:54
glenndActionParsnip,  what ?14:54
antihoaxanyone seen NixiePixel ?14:55
Gentoo64glennd, the ppa will overwrite the existing install afaik14:55
Stanley00anonissimus: did you set the amplified too high?14:55
Gentoo64antihoax, yes...14:55
glenndwhat is afaik ?14:55
Gentoo64antihoax, desperate? lol14:55
TrueColorsThis is my perl now: http://pastebin.com/XMYbt62n and this is the output: http://pastebin.com/wtxKiyi2 what's this moaning about?14:55
ActionParsnipglennd: as far as I know14:55
antihoaxGentoo64<< when?14:56
glenndActionParsnip, how can i see where it is installed now14:56
ActionParsnipglennd: ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next  will overwite the version, the command I gave will allow you to have it side by side14:56
Gentoo64antihoax, ill ignore you14:56
ActionParsnipglennd: where what is installed?14:56
antihoaxdo whatever14:56
anonissimusStanley00: it is either that or barely audible14:57
=== iqpi is now known as iqpi|movie
anonissimusthe only parameter that changes the hiss is the microhone boost14:57
ActionParsnip!away > iqpi|movie14:57
ubottuiqpi|movie, please see my private message14:57
TrueColorsArgh, wrong channel again14:57
MonkeyDustglennd: try which [package]14:57
Stanley00anonissimus: try lower micro boost and speed louder, that's all I can suggest ;)14:59
dv310p3rhow can someone attach to my screen and see what I'm doing? What was the command?15:00
dv310p3rSorry, using GNU Screen15:00
anonissimusStanley00: I just don't get how I can have crystal clear audio in my headphones but no way of capturing that stream15:00
tiumanhi all15:00
tiumanwhy not installing?15:00
MonkeyDustdv310p3r: i use gnu screen, what do want to do exactly?15:01
dv310p3rMonkeyDust, I want someone in my office to be able to attach to my screen and see exactly what I'm doing.15:01
Gentoo64tiuman, this is english channel15:01
tiumanGentoo64 i know15:01
Gentoo64tiuman, idk what you're trying to install15:02
ActionParsnipdv310p3r: what are you trying to achieve?15:02
HagopHGood morning, all. I need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt.15:02
jpdstiuman: Put: LANGUAGE=en before "g++".15:02
MonkeyDustdv310p3r: haven't tried that, sounds interesting15:02
dv310p3rMonkeyDust, I've done it many times before, but I just can't remember the commands. Thanks anyhow.15:02
Shawn_Okay so Im having a bit of a problem.  I have Ubuntu installed on my Dell Inspiron Duo and everything was working fine, after  a reboot my wireless networking suddenly no longer works15:02
ActionParsnipShawn_: are you fuly updated?15:03
tiumanjpds is not work15:03
tiumanLANGUAGE=en before "g++".15:03
jpdstiuman: Actually, that won't help much, you should probably speak to the code's author about the error.15:03
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Yes its fully updated to the latest version of 11.0415:03
Chris3If I install Ubuntu from windows using the "Windows Installer", is my Windows OS becomes corrupted, is my Ubuntu installation in jeopardy?15:04
ActionParsnipShawn_: ok can you run:  sudo lshw -C network; lsb_release -a; sudo rfkill list     use http://pastie.org to host the text15:04
Gentoo64Chris3, maybe15:04
Gentoo64Chris3, id put them on seperate partitions15:04
ActionParsnipChris3: as long as the files are healthy, you will be ok15:04
Gentoo64i wouldnt blend linux and windows together15:04
katronixserfHi all, is there a special channel for Ubuntu 11.1?15:05
MonkeyDustdv310p3r: can't say, if you find or remember it, please let me know15:05
tiumanGentoo64 middleman on ubuntu15:05
ActionParsnipkatronixserf: #ubuntu+115:05
Chris3Gentoo64:  OK, that is the answer I was seeking.  It made sense to me to put them on separate partitions.15:05
Shawn_ActionParsnip, I run all those things at the same time?15:05
Chris3Gentoo64: Thank you!15:05
Gentoo64Chris3, well that way you will be off ntfs as well15:05
ActionParsnipShawn_: yes, its a single command15:05
dv310p3rMonkeyDust, wil do15:05
HagopHYesterday I got my USB flash drive to boot to Ubuntu and I selected "Install Ubuntu to HD." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installer failed with an error (unfortunately I didn't record the message) and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Can anybody help me diagnose this?15:06
tiumanGentoo64 middleman on ubuntu..15:06
Gentoo64idk what that is15:06
Gentoo64ill google it15:06
Gentoo64what is it?15:06
Chris3Gentoo64: I was actually thinking of just dropping a second phyiscial hard drive in my PC Box, and installing on that.  Then I could select which HD to boot from when I start my computer.15:06
Gentoo64Chris3, thats even better yes. unplug the windows drive when installing though to be 100% sure the bootloader gets written to the ubuntu drive15:07
tiumanGentoo64 proxy15:07
ActionParsnipChris3: are you using Windows 7?15:07
tiumanMiddleman filtering proxy server15:07
Chris3ActionParsnip: No, I am using XP Pro15:07
Gentoo64Chris3, that way you'll have pure ubuntu on one and pure windows on the other15:07
dv310p3rMonkeyDust, http://news.softpedia.com/news/GNU-Screen-Tutorial-44274.shtml - check that link out, and go to the "Share A Screen" section.15:07
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Should it be taking a minute15:08
tiumanMiddleman filtering proxy server15:08
Gentoo64Chris3, i use to boot like that years ago15:08
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Nvm its done15:08
ActionParsnipShawn_: the lshw will take a while15:08
HagopHGood morning, all. I need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt. Yesterday I got my USB flash drive to boot to Ubuntu and I selected "Install Ubuntu to HD." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installer failed with an error (unfortunately I didn't record the message) and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Would somebody please help me diagnose this?15:08
ActionParsnipChris3: you can resize the ntfs in the live cd15:08
Gentoo64tiuman, idk about that. i use privoxy and polipo15:08
Gentoo64not sure if they can do same thing or not15:08
ActionParsnipHagopH: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded15:08
Gentoo64well, privoxy anyway15:08
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Lol just realised, I cant pastie it with no internet15:09
ActionParsnipShawn_: is the system a laptop?15:09
Shawn_ActionParsnip, A netbook15:09
ActionParsnipShawn_: then take a walk and use a wired connection15:09
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Its a netbook that doesnt have an ethernet port15:10
ActionParsnipShawn_: I bet you it does, what model is it?15:10
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Dell Inspiron Duo... it does not have an ethernet port15:10
ActionParsnipShawn_: can you give the full model?15:10
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Its the convertible netbook / tablet15:10
Chris3Gentoo64 and ActionParsnip: Can I do the install from a bootable thumbdrive which I already created?15:10
Gentoo64Chris3, yes15:11
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Its just called a Dell Inspiron Duo, there is only one model15:11
ActionParsnipChris3: yes, but did you test the ISO you transferred?15:11
HagopHActionParsnip: I don't remember specifically MD5 testing that specific ISO, but I remember the installer testing one of my ISOs.15:11
ActionParsnipShawn_: with a weird flippy screen?15:11
Chris3ActionParsnip: I am not sure how to test it.  I have booted from it.  Is that what you mean?15:11
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Yes15:11
ActionParsnipHagopH: you need to md5 test the ISO before you use it15:12
katronixserfwith the ubuntu beta installed, would it be easy to do a downgrade to the current version? with out burning another dvd?15:12
Gentoo64Chris3, you can use winmd5sum for windows or md5sum (linux) against the iso15:12
Gentoo64Chris3, or just try it and see if it works, the livecd should have a "test disk for errors" or similar when you boot it15:12
HagopHActionParsnip: How do I do that in Wodiows?15:13
ActionParsnip!md5 | HagopH15:13
ubottuHagopH: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows15:13
conntrack-It nosy around?15:13
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Is there something specific you are looking for in this log?15:13
ActionParsnipShawn_: the wireless chip and the driver module used15:13
ActionParsnipShawn_: if you use the dock, you get an ethernet port. Do you have the dock15:14
mang0ActionParsnip! :D heya! I'm afraid installing mplayer, ubuntu-restricted-extras and w32codecs didn't work :/ I still can't watch .mov in Chrome15:14
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Ar9285 Wireless Network Adapter.  Atheros Communication  No lsb Modules are available dell-wifi: Wireless LAN Softb blocked: Yes   Hard Blocked: Yes15:15
Shawn_ActionParsnip, I have the dock but I havnt been able to get it working with Ubuntu15:15
ActionParsnipShawn_: ok and what does it say after:   driver=    for the wireless device?15:15
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Never mentions the word driver15:16
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Anywhere in that output15:16
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Nvm found it15:16
ActionParsnipShawn_: reading helps15:16
=== Zeid is now known as ZeidDiez
Shawn_ActionParsnip, driver=ath9k driverversion=2.6.38-11-generic15:16
ZeidDiezHi, I'm having some issues and I was wondering if anyone had some time to help, I'll explain...15:17
mang0!ask | ZeidDiez15:17
ubottuZeidDiez: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:17
ZeidDiezI installed ubuntu 10.10 a while ago, alongside windows vista, and everything was going fine, but I didn't use it for a while, I left the PC at my girlfriends for a while15:17
ActionParsnipShawn_: ok, what is the device name used by the interface, examples are:  wlan0, ar0, eth115:17
Gentoo64ZeidDiez, reinstall15:18
ZeidDiezand she thought it would be a good idea to just delete the partition ubuntu was on from within windows manager thing15:18
Shawn_ActionParsnip, logical name: wlan015:18
ZeidDieznow the computer starts and says "grub recovery"15:18
mang0ZeidDiez: Why did she do that?!15:18
ZeidDiezand cannot find a filesystem15:18
MonkeyDustZeidDiez: all in one line please :)15:18
=== iPhone is now known as Guest71915
Gentoo64ZeidDiez, youll need to reinstall ubuntu which will redo grub15:18
ZeidDiezAllright, sorry15:18
ActionParsnipShawn_: great, and if you run:  sudo iwlist scan    do you see networks?15:18
=== Guest71915 is now known as Zanguu
induz_is there any webmail application on Ubuntu beside thunderBird15:18
ZeidDiezI reinstalled ubuntu 10.10 and even tried kubuntu 11.0415:18
mang0induz_: Loads.15:19
Gentoo64ZeidDiez, grub is on but has nothing to boot15:19
ZeidDiezand still got grub recovery15:19
ActionParsnipinduz_: loads and loads15:19
mang0!grub | ZeidDiez15:19
ubottuZeidDiez: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:19
bhavesh_How can I change Unity dash size in Ubuntu 11.10 BETA 2?15:19
Shawn_ActionParsnip, wlan0: Interface doesnt support scanning : Network is down15:19
maliciousim used to using a gui15:19
induz_I want to use yahoo and hotmail and google on a webmail application, fedup with thunerbird15:19
maliciousi mean15:19
auronandace!11.10 | bhavesh_15:19
ubottubhavesh_: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+115:19
maliciouswhen i minimize xchat15:19
RaTTuS|BIGbhavesh_ by asking in the right channel15:19
induz_can u gi ve me Names and site15:19
ActionParsnipShawn_: ok if you run:  sudo rfkill list    is the device blocked in anyway?15:19
maliciouswhere does it go15:19
ZeidDiezis there any way to default back to windows' old MBR? I only ever use ubuntu on a live CD15:19
ActionParsnipinduz_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EmailClients15:19
induz_how is squirelemial15:19
RaTTuS|BIGZeidDiez - go though the windows install15:20
Shawn_ActionParsnip, It is hard blocked and soft blocked15:20
maliciouswhen i minimize xchat where does it go? is there a task manager?15:20
ActionParsnipShawn_: try:  sudo rfkill unblock all15:20
maliciousim making the move to linux15:20
ZeidDiezI have windows vista x64 home premium, but it doesn't have my raid drivers15:20
ZeidDiezwould it even fix an MBR issue? I attempted "repair" with a win7 dvd15:20
ZeidDiezand it did nothing15:20
ActionParsnipZeidDiez: you will need to boot to your windows install media and reinstate the bootloader, I suggest you ask in ##windows15:20
auronandaceinduz_: can't you access the webmail through a browser (like you're supposed to)15:20
antiphysicistwhy would i be unable to open a partition that was previously working fine after adding a second hard drive to my system (which appears to be working fine)15:21
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Still shows it as blocked after using unblock15:21
ActionParsnipmalicious: usually to the system tray, you may have removed the panel item that lists the running programs15:21
induz_auronandace, yes i can but its easire sometime to be offline15:21
mang0http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1851965 any help greatly appreciated!15:21
maliciousActionParsnip,  how can i get that back lol15:21
ActionParsnipShawn_: do you have a switch or key shortcut that enables / disables wireless?15:21
ActionParsnip!panel | malicious15:21
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »15:21
induz_also, I can have 2-3 accounts like yahoo, gmail at one application15:21
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Yes15:22
maliciousthx bro15:22
ActionParsnipinduz_: yes the clients support taht15:22
ActionParsnipShawn_: press it15:22
induz_which one is good out of loadas of webmail cleints15:22
ZeidDiezIs there a way to uninstall grub? and would that default me to just windows?15:22
malicious no process found15:22
skssomebody help , i am having a problem when i open any video or movie it works fine for few minutes but after that the video gets hanged up sounds chokes up and video gets hageing..15:22
Anon1234Hi, did the recent updates in oneiric brake light themes? None of the icons are appearing for me.15:22
ZeidDiezI did reinstall ubuntu and even tried kubuntu on the same drive, but it still took me to grub recovery15:22
induz_  what about SquirelMail??15:22
jrib!oneiric | Anon123415:22
ubottuAnon1234: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+115:22
auronandaceinduz_: i only know of thunderbird and evolution15:22
Shawn_ActionParsnip, THats interesting.  When I did that it unblocked the hardware from something called phy0: Wireless LAN..15:23
Anon1234ah, sorry15:23
Shawn_ActionParsnip, But still no wifi15:23
Anon1234Thanks for pointing15:23
induz_Thunderbird is failing15:23
RaTTuS|BIGZeidDiez your gf has probably screwed more than the boot loader15:23
induz_after some addons downloads15:23
RaTTuS|BIGZeidDiez run a live CD and see what it can find on the HD's15:23
ZeidDiezThe computer was running fine in windows when I got there, I restarted and I got the grub errors. Live CD finds the HD and all the windows file just fine.15:24
t0kol0sh3anyone get evolution to work with exchange 2010 ?15:24
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Im not sure why but Im showing two wifi things... dell-wifi and phy0 both are considered WIreless LAN15:24
ZeidDiezAnd win 7 install dvd says there's vista on that partition.15:24
sks somebody help , i am having a problem when i open any video or movie it works fine for few minutes but after that the video gets hanged up sounds chokes up and video gets hageing.15:24
malicious_ActionParsnip, same issue15:24
mafsomeone understands the operation and share raid?15:24
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KirinDaveI've got some fonts in ~/.fonts and font-manager can see them, but I'm having a problem getting xfontsel to see them so I can use it in my xmobar config. Can I fix this problem or is this a consequence of the font divide I hear about?15:25
induz_how can i find squiremail after downloading with Synaptic manager15:25
mafI need help with my system with the comands quotacheck.15:25
xoverukhow do i dispaly a list of samba users?15:25
induz_its not on application Hood15:25
RaTTuS|BIGsambastatus -a15:26
sks somebody help , i am having a problem when i open any video or movie it works fine for few minutes but after that the video gets hanged up sounds chokes up and video gets hageing.15:26
malicious_how can i get something to appear in the system tray when i minimize it?15:27
malicious_xchat closes15:27
induz_how to search/find an allication??15:27
malicious_and its very annoying15:27
ichathow can i check if my wifi module is even loaded now?15:28
zsolthi there.how is it possible to remove an ownership with chown.searched a lot,read man pages,but can't find out15:28
zsoltchown user/u file didn't work15:29
zsoltthank you15:29
auronandacezsolt: don't you just change the user who owns it?15:29
HagopHI used live-usb-install-2.3.1.exe to MD5 check ubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso.15:30
zsoltthere are two users who owns a file.I want to remove a user's ownership from that file15:30
induz_I installed squiremail via Synaptic Manager but i can not find out where it is on my system15:30
induz_can u help me here15:30
Shawn_ActionParsnip, Any ideas?15:31
induz_how can i find/serach squiremail15:31
HagopHGood morning, all. I need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt. Yesterday I got my USB flash drive to boot to Ubuntu and I selected "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installer failed with an error (unfortunately I didn't record the message) and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Would somebody please help me diagnose this? I used live-usb-ins15:31
zsoltinduz_ I think I can help you15:31
auronandace!permissions | zsolt15:31
ubottuzsolt: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions15:31
zsoltthank you15:31
MonkeyDustinduz_: you mean in the menu? type alt-F2 alacarte15:31
mang0Anyone know how to get .mov and .avi to work in chrome for linux? Thanks :)15:32
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shubham_rathii have got issue with my booting in ubuntu15:32
zsoltbut there is a better way to install a mailserver15:32
shubham_rathican anybody solve it?15:32
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bastidrazorshubham_rathi: the soloution is in the details. give the channel details15:33
zsolthttp://roundcube.net/ try this15:33
HagopHGood morning, all. I need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt. Yesterday I got my USB flash drive to boot to Ubuntu and I selected "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installer failed with a hard drive error (unfortunately I didn't record the message) and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Would somebody please help me diagnose this? I used li15:33
=== Guest33483 is now known as zoff
zsoltit is a mail server,that I tryed.It is a script.so u don't have to worry about squirrelmail.administration is included15:35
strangewhere do i set namerservers ?15:35
EninemFU zsolt15:36
Eninemand Failrar15:36
HagopHI need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt. Yesterday I got my USB flash drive to boot to Ubuntu and I selected "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installer failed with a hard drive error (unfortunately I didn't record the message) and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Would somebody please help me diagnose this?15:36
strangethank you :)15:36
sniperjo_I've followed a tutorial for getting ubuntu on my board ,I've set ups tftp server and such so it downloads the kernel and rootfs , it stop at  "uncompressing…booting kernel ".. from google lots of people have that because their console isn't set right, but my bootargs use ${console} which works when the prebuilt sdcard is in there15:36
strangedo you people happen to know the google dns too?15:36
strangei thought
strangeor something like that15:36
zsolt_induz are you still here?15:37
jribstrange: and iirc15:37
seanbright8.8.8.8 and
strangethank you15:37
jribseanbright: is correct :D15:37
induz_I downloaded squirreMail from Synaptech manager but can not find out where it is15:38
bastidrazorstrange: keep in mind, if you're using nm-applet to connect it will overwrite /etc/resolv.conf15:38
Failraror resolvconf15:38
antiphysicistwhy would i be unable to open a partition that was previously working fine after adding a second hard drive to my system (which appears to be working fine)15:38
HagopHI need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt. I am booting Ubuntu via a USB flash drive. Yesterday I selected "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installation failed with a hard drive error (unfortunately I didn't record the message) and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Would somebody please help me diagnose this?15:39
bastidrazorantiphysicist: the /dev/sdXX has changed?15:39
llutzinduz_: /usr/share/squirrelmail/ + : /etc/squirrelmail/15:39
MonkeyDustinduz_: try which [package name]15:39
LoRezis there a way to enroll an ubuntu server into a central management system during the installation?15:40
llutzinduz_: and how to use it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Squirrelmail15:40
zsoltwell I think it roundcube webmail would be better for you.for squirelmail you have to setup admin module in a tricky way.I recomend to uninstall squirelmail from synaptic and try roundcube15:40
antiphysicistbastidrazor: gparted has it at /dev/sb3 but when i try to open or mount it from the "computer" part of the file navigator nothing happens, when i go on properties i get unknow15:40
llutzzsolt: +115:40
zsoltit is user friendly15:41
RaTTuS|BIGantiphysicist - what does sudo fdisk -l show15:41
RaTTuS|BIGsudo fdisk -l15:41
llutzinduz_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Roundcube15:42
HagopHI need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt. I am booting Ubuntu via a USB flash drive. Yesterday I selected "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installation failed with a hard drive error and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Would somebody please help me diagnose this?15:43
organikshow can i export display?15:44
antiphysicistrattus: it's a bit big to paste here, but it shows /device/sda1 which is the disk i added, without the boot * as should be, then shows on the hard disk i'm using: everything looks fine, the partition i'm trying to access has id7 and format hpfs/ntfs15:44
MonkeyDustantiphysicist: use pastebin15:44
e-DIO-torganiks: isn't ssh -X enough?15:44
RaTTuS|BIGuse http://pastebin.com/ if you need to ...15:44
organiksi need more15:44
MonkeyDustantiphysicist: type df -h|pastebinit and paste it here15:44
neo_hello users15:46
ichathow do i get,  wifi up and running  with bcm 4311   -  the bcm sta  isn't working and wifi isn't showing,    than installed  b43 installer + fwcutter,   and removing  bc43xx  from  blacklist.conf   after reboot still no  wifi device15:46
zsoltwell my problem is strange I think.would like to remove the author's ownership from file  and pass to another.is it possible?15:46
llutzzsolt: sudo chown newuser file15:46
HagopHI need some hardware help with my new Ubuntu insallation attempt. I am booting Ubuntu via a USB flash drive. Yesterday I selected "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk." The installation began and recognized my 1TB SATA HD. The installation failed with a hard drive error and every attempt since has failed to recognize the HD. Would somebody please help me diagnose this?15:46
neo_How to setup driwer of TP-LINK wa601g ?15:47
antiphysicistmonkeydust, RaTTuS|BIG : http://paste.ubuntu.com/699171/15:47
jcphamHagopH: I would verify the drive is good15:47
RaTTuS|BIGHagopH - open a terminal and do a sudo fdisk -l | pastebinint15:47
zsoltwould like to remove root's ownership.if i do this way,root still remains15:47
HagopHjcpham: By trying another HD and controller?15:47
llutzzsolt: "ls -l file" pls   and on what filesystem is the file?15:48
neo_How to setup driwer of TP-LINK wa601g ?15:48
neo_How to setup driwer of TP-LINK wa601g ?15:48
neo_How to setup driwer of TP-LINK wa601g ?15:48
FloodBot1neo_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:48
MonkeyDustichat: maybe this link helps http://omgili.com/broadcom-ubuntu15:48
jcphamNot knowing anything about your hardware, I would test the disk media and test the hardware thoroughly.15:48
jcphamI've had installs fail due to media15:48
neo_How to setup driwer of TP-LINK wa601g ??15:48
organikshow can i export display? is it not export DISPLAY=:015:48
jcphamDISPLAY=:0 yes15:49
zsoltext4 user and root are the owners15:49
induz_is there any webmail like thunderbird and Evlotuion15:49
llutzzsolt: "ls -l file"15:49
induz_I dont know squiremeial is not for me15:49
llutz!list | thomo811715:49
ubottuthomo8117: This is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:49
induz_I am looking something similar to Thunderbird and evlotuion mail15:49
NickMindi read that sudoers defaults logs to syslog, but when i look in /var/log/syslog i don't see anything in there.  What am i missing?15:49
zsoltthan try roundcube mail15:50
RaTTuS|BIGinduz_ what wrong with thunderbird?15:50
induz_RaTTuS|BIG, its failing after downloading adds on15:50
llutzzsolt: show "ls -l file"  pls here or in pastebin15:50
zsolt-rw-r--r-- 1 test root 0 szept 29 19.16 proba.sh15:51
induz_I re-downloaded Thunddrbird but it fails15:51
=== Mud is now known as Guest34255
RaTTuS|BIGk - umm dunno15:51
llutzzsolt: so owner = test and group = root, what is your problem (besides reading permissions)?15:51
seanbrightNickMind: /var/log/auth.log15:51
seanbrighti think15:51
MonkeyDustinduz_: maybe this link helps http://www.ubuntugeek.com/list-of-email-clients-available-in-ubuntu-linux.html15:52
induz_RaTTuS|BIG, is squiremail is the same or its15:52
seanbrightthe default rsyslog conf sends authpriv events to the auth.log file15:52
zsoltno,my problem is that I want to remove root's ownership and give it to test only15:52
llutz!permission > zsolt15:52
ubottuzsolt, please see my private message15:52
NickMindseanbright: thanks15:52
seanbrightzsolt: chown test.test filename15:52
llutzzsolt: does a group "test" exist? sudo chgrp test file15:52
llutzzsolt: or sudo chown test:test file15:52
slakcphilok got a cron question... would this run every night at midnight mon - fri? thanks http://www.fpaste.org/L7OA/15:53
zsoltthat's the correct answer thank you15:53
seanbrightslakcphil: yes, although you can simplify it15:54
RaTTuS|BIGslakcphil yes but you can do it likje  0 0 * mon-fri /usr/bin/file15:54
jcphameveryday at midnight, yes15:54
llutzslakcphil: yes, but you only need one line "0 0 * * 1-5 /usr/sbin/file"15:54
llutzslakcphil: man 5 crontab      for more info15:55
induz_MonkeyDust, thanks but what is similair to Thunderbird15:56
induz_I am using gnome Desktop15:56
induz_will Kmail work on it15:57
llutzinduz_: it will but why don't you just fix your tb?15:57
RaTTuS|BIGuninstall tb , re-install15:57
induz_llutz, I dont know how15:58
MonkeyDustinduz_: haven't tried them, feel free to find out15:58
llutzinduz_: 1st rename/move your ~/.thunderbird, then try again15:58
induz_llutz, I did that but It fails15:58
llutzinduz_: what error?15:58
induz_llutz, I think the caleder has the problem15:59
SmokeyDhey everyone, what changed between ubuntu 10.04 and ubuntu 10.10 with respect to libssl? I have a wget command that works in ubuntu 10.10 but not in 10.04 (I tried different machines, and even one where it didn't work before the upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 and it does after the upgrade)15:59
llutzinduz_: the lightning-addon you mean? remove it16:00
soreauSmokeyD: What makes you think libssl is to blame?16:00
SmokeyDthe same problem also occurs in the very simple python script on http://paste.pound-python.org/show/18pzFCImoOwxIVRK3TAW/16:00
induz_llutz, yes...I re-installed the TB but16:00
induz_is anyone using squirremail here16:01
SmokeyDsoreau, since I am requesting a https url, both from wget and from a python script using the httplib16:01
SmokeyDthe script is in the paste I just posted16:01
llutzinduz_: squirrelmail is a webmailer, needs a pop3/imap server to access16:01
Shawn_What do I do if my netbook has suddenly disabled LAN and the key command to enable it is not working16:01
SmokeyDon the same machine both the wget --no-check-certificate fails and the python script fails16:01
nnplug in a keyboard with the same key?16:01
llutzinduz_: thats not a mail-client like tb/evolution/kmail16:01
soreauSmokeyD: Sounds like it's time for some bisecticide :P16:01
induz_llutz, thanks for clarifying that16:01
SmokeyDsoreau, bisecticide?16:02
induz_how can i install Kamil16:02
llutzinduz_: "sudo apt-get purge thunderbird"16:02
induz_llutz, Kamil is for KDE and i am using gnome16:02
llutzinduz_: mv ~/.thunderbird ~/.thunderbird.bak16:02
llutzinduz_: "sudo apt-get install thunderbird"16:02
soreauSmokeyD: Sorry, I was being facetious. If you build the problem component from source, you can then perform a bisect which basically means, systematically find which commit broke it16:02
rwwinduz_: you can run KDE apps on GNOME and vice-versa.16:03
induz_llutz, what r these???? commands16:03
llutzinduz_: kmail would work with gnome too, just pulls a lot of dependencies into your system16:03
llutzinduz_: commands are an attempt to fix your TB16:03
soreauSmokeyD: Most revision control tools have bisect functions built-in to help automate the process16:03
induz_llutz, r they in the same order16:03
SmokeyDsoreau, :) yeah ok. I could do that, but that will take me a full day I think to find first which package is the problem in the first case, then hand compile and isntall it intill I found it. I am not sure it is libssl itself or another library16:03
llutzinduz_: yes, in that order pls16:04
ichatMonkeyDust -  tnx for the link but it doens't seem to help16:04
llutzinduz_: if it still fails, you can install kmail :)16:04
soreauSmokeyD: Alternatively, you can file a bug against ubuntu and hope someone else will fix it16:04
induz_llutz, i get this :"Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?16:05
ichatMonkeyDust - tried 3 methods listed...  teh last link http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10796508&postcount=44 << here  says you should use fw cutter16:05
llutzinduz_: close all other package-tools like synaptic, softwarecenter16:05
induz_llutz, will I lose my emails16:06
llutzinduz_: not if you backup ~/.thunderbird (2nd command)16:06
mrdoctorwhoHello. Afrer update to 11.10 libreoffice opening documents very slowly and get many CPU time. What i should to do? (Sorry for my english)16:07
llutzinduz_: i'd suggest using imap, so you won't have to deal with mails locally in the future16:07
llutzinduz_: so did "sudo apt-get purge thunderbird" work now?16:08
induz_llutz, the commands r working now16:08
llutzinduz_: ls -ld ~/.thunderbird             has to give an error, pls try16:09
induz_llutz, its rebuilding TB16:09
auronandace!11.10 | mrdoctorwho16:10
ubottumrdoctorwho: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:10
llutzinduz_: ah, so we'll wait until its finished16:10
induz_llutz, its done now16:10
AceKingAfter an update this morning on my Toshiba Satellite c655d-s5200 which is running Ubuntu 10.10 32 bit, I no longer have internet connection (wired or wireless)16:10
llutzinduz_: you moved(renamed) your thunderbird-dir?16:12
induz_llutz, how can i now, after re-installing TB, get back my Old emails16:12
soreauAceKing: How do you connect?16:12
llutzinduz_: 1st check if TB runs at all16:12
AceKingsoreau, Not with that laptop, that's for sure :)16:13
induz_llutz, its running now16:13
mrdoctorwhoubottu: thx16:13
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)16:13
induz_llutz, thanks16:13
soreauAceKing: Right, but I mean what does your setup look like? Do you have a router? Plug into a modem? Dial up? or something else?16:13
induz_llutz, how can i get my old emails16:13
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jugnuANy astrologer here16:14
llutzinduz_: 1st: close TB16:14
soreau! ot | jugnu16:14
ubottujugnu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:14
induz_llutz, ok16:14
AceKingsoreau, I was connected through my router wirelessly. But I also tried with an ethernet cable and it didn't work... After the update16:14
llutzinduz_: mv ~/.thunderbird ~/.thunderbird.new16:14
induz_llutz, my Gmail account is setup as IMAP16:14
llutzinduz_: mv ~/.thunderbird.bak ~/.thunderbird16:15
soreauAceKing: Does iwconfig show a wireless interface?16:15
nncan i copy files to /usr/local? cuz paste is blacked out16:15
magicblaze007did anyone run ubuntu on nook-color yet?16:15
llutzinduz_: rm -r ~/.thunderbird/extensions/*16:15
soreaunn: You need permissions to copy files into directories you do not own16:15
llutzinduz_: so you wont loose any mails, since they all were stored at google, not locally16:15
llutz(unless you downloaded them)16:16
induz_llutz, no16:16
induz_llutz, do i need these new command16:16
llutzinduz_: in that case, just create a new account with your gmail-credentials and you're done16:16
llutzinduz_: no need to deal with the old profile16:17
AceKingsoreau, It says no wireless or wired16:17
soreauAceKing: Well that's certainly a problem..16:17
AceKingsoreau, It was working before the update16:17
induz_llutz, yes I go all my emails back as colored[important etc]16:17
soreauAceKing: Can you pastebin the output of ifconfig?16:17
soreauAceKing: To pastebin.com16:17
LemonAidIs there any way to NOT show people joining/leaving from the chat room while using Empathy as my client ? Is it implemented and should i RTFM ? Because i can not find it.16:17
llutzinduz_: so it worked?16:18
AceKingsoreau, I am going to type it, so I may be a minute16:18
soreauAceKing: Does it show eth0?16:19
SmokeyDhey everyone. How can I see what changed between the libssl version 0.9.8m1 and 0.16:19
LasersLemonAid: Use a real IRC client. I don't think Empathy is...16:19
llutzSmokeyD: aptitude changelog libssl16:19
induz_llutz, its working ow16:19
llutzinduz_: fine, happy mailing then :)16:19
sodaclani need16:19
soreauSmokeyD: packages.ubuntu.com16:19
LasersLemonAid: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat16:19
n0neXchat is?16:19
induz_llutz, I am happy now and thanks a lot...16:20
sodaclanmy english not good16:20
LemonAidOk, will try using a real one :) Thank you !16:20
soreau!info xchat | n0ne16:20
ubottun0ne: xchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu4 (natty), package size 312 kB, installed size 840 kB16:20
Lasersn0ne: XChat is. :)16:20
induz_llutz, can i get yahoo.mail working on it as earlier TB used to fetch yahoo[simple, not plus mail] for me16:20
induz_llutz, i forgot the settings for yahoo.mail16:20
sodaclanThe following packages have been retained: transmission-common transmission-gtk16:21
simbiozI have an ubuntu box. The problems is that I can't access samba shares nor ssh, from within the LAN. But I can login with ssh from the internet... I cleared all iptables settings but I still have this problem. thx16:21
SmokeyDsoreau, llutz is there also some place I can see what changed in the source code? In those two tips I can only see the changelog16:22
llutzinduz_: i never used yahoo http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/smallbusiness/bizmail/pop/16:22
induz_llutz, u r great in helping on TB16:22
llutzSmokeyD: i'd guess you'll have to download both version sources and diff them16:23
martianHow does one go about adding a folder shortcut to the 'Places' menu?16:23
SmokeyDllutz, there is no repository somewhere online that I can use? Like trac, or svn in general or something? And where do I find the specific source of those specific ubuntu packages?16:24
llutzSmokeyD: i don't know, sry16:24
Lasersmartian: Open the desired window with Nautilus. Look in the menu. Add Bookmark.16:24
llutzSmokeyD: sources "apt-get source libssl"  for current version16:24
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories16:25
MonkeyDustSmokeyD: try appnr.com16:25
martianLasers: thanks!16:25
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
martianLasers: hmm, well that adds it to the Bookmarks sub-menu which is fine I guess, but I curious what defines goes in the main 'Places' menu.16:26
AceKingsoreau, http://pastebin.com/R2eZNhYb16:27
Lasersmartian: There are a limitation coded by developers. How many folders do you have under Places?16:27
martianLasers: only my home, Desktop, then 'Computer' and my Windows drive.16:28
soreauAceKing: Is this german or do you just suck at typing?16:28
soreauAceKing: Does ifconfig show eth0?16:29
llutzsoreau: definetly not german :)16:29
tomasm-hi, i just got an email from my ISP that i apparently have a malicious bot on my system... i'm curious what it could be, or if they're just yanking my chain.... i did notice I've received a few spam rejection emails sending an email to 4 emails that I remember all emailing in the same one or two days through my ISP's webmail client, so it gives me a bit of suspicion16:29
AceKingsoreau, I typed what was there. No eth016:29
soreauSmokeyD: Apparently, libssl is provided by openssl. You'd have to locate the upstream repo or checkout the source to browse it16:29
intgrDoes anyone know how to use this Launchpad thing to report bugs? I don't want ubuntu-bug crap or long 10-page articles about reporting bugs16:29
Lasersmartian: Well, what do you mean? Produce a screenshot? If you're on 11.04, I can't help you because I haven't been on that.16:29
VictorCLwhere can I change the resolution of screen? ¬¬16:30
tomasm-is there any legitimacy on this? I just have a clean install, though i do run 'transmission' from time to time16:30
soreauAceKing: Well that's a pretty big problem and I'm not sure where to start diagnosing it. First thing, make sure the drivers are loaded for the network hardware16:30
VictorCLlost 20 minutes looking trhough menus16:30
AceKingsoreau, I already did that. I even deactivated and reactivated the drivers16:30
AceKingsoreau, and restarted the network connection16:31
MonkeyDustVictorCL: try Alt-F2 gnome-control-center16:31
soreauAceKing: How exactly did you 'deactivated and reactivated the drivers'>16:31
AceKingsoreau, I went into System/ Hardware Drivers16:32
ichatany other hints on how to get my  bcm 4311 working...16:32
soreauAceKing: You shouldn't have anything there for your ethernet card..16:32
martianLasers: http://martian.mit.edu/screen.png I'm wondering if there is some way to specify items to be siblings of 'Mars' and 'Desktop'16:33
soreaumost all use chips that have open drivers16:33
h00ktomasm-: Are you running a mail server on your system?16:33
AceKingsoreau, No, it's for the wireless16:33
soreauand that driver utility is exclusively for proprietary drivers16:33
AceKingsoreau, OK16:33
Lasersmartian: How many folders under "Bookmarks"16:33
tomasm-h00k, perhaps coincidentally.... but it's behind a firewall i believe16:33
AceKingsorsis, The update must have really screwed things up16:33
martianLasers: eleven, and yes it is 11.04, but on 'classic'16:34
soreauAceKing: I'm not talking about wireless right now. If you have no eth0 interface, something is really wrong. You need to find out if the drivers are loaded for the network card16:34
AceKingsoreau, I may just need to do a reinstall16:34
h00ktomasm-: perhaps check with #ubuntu-server if you have one running on your system, someone may be using it as a relay or something.16:34
soreauAceKing: Check the output of 'dmesg' for errors16:34
AceKingsoreau, That is what I am saying16:34
nnis there some sort of glib package that i can install from terminal?16:34
tomasm-h00k, i can check the logs i guess.... thanks16:34
Lasersmartian: Here you go. 11 folders. If you have 4-5ish, it all would be in the menu, but too many, so Bookmark sub.16:34
Lasersmartian: You can fix it by downloading the source code. Change the code from 4 or 5 to... 20? I did it once long time ago. :316:35
SmokeyDsoreau, but don't the ubuntu maintainers also patch packages? So I guess there has to be some ubuntu specific repository somewhere doesn't there? I mean, the version numbers 0.9.8k-7ubuntu8.6 and 0.9.8o-1ubuntu are also ubuntu specific16:35
martianLasers: Ahh, I see. So if you have a small number of bookmarks, it consolidates them into the main menu. Thanks! I was really just curious what drove the logic behind it.16:36
nnwhat is rm -rf?16:36
AceKingsoreau, Not that I can see. I think I'm just going to do a reinstall on the laptop. It will probably be the easiest fix. I appreciate your help!16:36
ikoniann: it removes things nn16:36
llutznn a bad joke, stop it16:36
soreauSmokeyD: If you look on packages.ubuntu.com, you can see for each package, they provide the original source tarball, a diff and then their final tarball for the target ubuntu version16:36
paean_nn, man rm16:36
Lasersmartian: No problem. It annoys me sometimes because I only added one extra folder and that's it.16:37
Lasersmartian: They should at least implement gconf option for the user to change instead of hardcoding in the source.16:37
tomeoCould anyone recommend an FTP-client for ubuntu which can handle FTP with TLS/SSL for connections?16:38
llutztomeo: lftp, filezilla16:38
ikoniatomeo: that's pretty much a dead technology now16:38
ikoniatomeo: if people are using ssl - they are using scp over ssh16:38
tomeoikonia: well Ill tell the host about that!16:38
tomeoikonia: so sftp would be the way to go now?16:39
ikoniatomeo: it's certainly more modern16:39
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bastidrazorubottu: tell syadamin|away about away16:41
ubottusyadamin|away, please see my private message16:41
=== macr1 is now known as macer1
=== syadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
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alexandrпривет всем16:46
ikonia!ru | alexandr16:46
ubottualexandr: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:46
RenatoSilvadoes sudo get executed on exit from sudo -i?16:49
soreauRenaKunisaki: what?16:50
soreauOf course there's multiple nicks starting with the same four letters all throughout this channel16:51
RenatoSilvasoreau: what for me?16:52
RenatoSilvasoreau: quite unlikely to find another Renato, even here though16:52
ActionParsnipRenatoSilva: sure, type ren then hit TAB16:52
soreauNo, I just like to address random people in the channel and ask them 'what?'16:52
RenatoSilvaActionParsnip: sorry? what are you talking about? I have no idea16:52
soreaujust to make sure to confuse everyone16:53
RenatoSilvasoreau: ok16:53
soreauRenatoSilva: Try it: Acti<tab>16:53
soreauor sor<tab>16:53
ActionParsnipoh well16:53
soreauyou can hit tab several times to cycle through the matches16:53
zastaphwhat pays for the massive apt-get traffic?16:54
Shawn__ActionParsnip, You still able to finish helping me or no?16:55
=== Mkaysi_ is now known as Mkaysi|ZNC
MonkeyDustShawn__: ActionParsnip seems to be gone, better repeat your question16:59
brimestonehey guys, I'm having a bit of confusion. i have a server that has two nic card. One port goes to the DMZ (Static) and the other one to the LAN(DHCP) but only the LAN port becomes active after a networking restart16:59
Shawn__Well my wifi on my Dell Inspiron duo with Ubuntu 11.04 suddenly stopped working, its showing that the device is hard blocked and soft blocked, it was working when I first installed and updated Ubuntu but after a couple reboots it just completely stopped17:00
=== cruxeter1us is now known as cruxeternus
Shawn__The really really strange thing is that my wifi used to work on the live CD but now my wifi wont even work on that...17:00
soreauShawn__: Does it have anything to do with the wifi switch?17:01
MonkeyDustShawn__: have you tried nm-applet?17:01
soreauShawn__: You may have to unblock it with rfkill17:02
Shawn__soreau, There is no switch, only an Fn key for it, but that doesnt do anything Ive tried17:02
Shawn__soreau, Ive tried rfkill unblock all17:02
Shawn__MonkeyDust, Not sure what you mean17:02
MonkeyDustShawn__: type alt-f2 nm-applet17:02
soreauShawn__: Does iwconfig show a wireless interface?17:02
Shawn__One second Im turnig it on17:02
nncan i install a .rpm file with svn or something similar?17:03
ikoniann: no17:03
soreauMonkeyDust: nm-applet should already be running by default17:03
MonkeyDustnn: try alien to convert .rpm to .deb17:03
soreaunn: Do you know what rpm stands for?17:03
soreaunn: It is a package for non-debian systems, specifically, redhat-based ones17:04
ActionParsnipShawn__: try unloading then reloading the module, may help17:04
ikoniann: good call, alien would not be a wise move17:04
ActionParsnipnn: is there no deb for the package?17:04
Shawn__ActionParsnip, How?17:04
nnnot for the version i need i dont think17:05
soreauikonia: The good call would be to find the corresponding deb package ;)17:05
Shawn__soreau, iwconfig shows wlan0 yeah17:05
ActionParsnipShawn__: the lshw output shows the driver module. run:  sudo modprobe -r name     then run: sudo modprobe name17:05
soreauShawn__: Does 'sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i ssid' show AP's?17:05
Shawn__soreau, It says network is down17:06
soreauShawn__: Try bringing it up first with 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 up'17:06
ileahi all17:07
Shawn__soreau, "SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill17:08
soreauShawn__: Try rfkill unblock commands..17:08
LoRezis there a good place to ask about preseeding?17:09
soreauShawn__: Does 'lsmod|grep hp-wmi' show anything by chance?17:09
Shawn__ActionParsnip, When I turned off the module with -r it shows "network connections now offline" but when I restarted it network still doesnt work17:09
ileai tried to run ubuntu live cd first on a acer laptop and when it booted up i could barely see the desctop on the screen17:09
ileai sould adjust from a button or something the screen of the laptop?17:10
soreauShawn__: Reloading the module will likely do nothing to help since it's reloaded when you reboot17:10
Shawn__soreau, No output from that command17:10
soreauShawn__: Does 'lsmod|grep hp-wmi' show anything by chance?17:10
jiltdilMy net connecton goes slow after sometimes and when i reboots the system it  gives speed then after sometimes it slows downs,it is always happening.What might ve the cause for it?17:10
nnim looking for a libgvc >= 2.817:11
nnand i cannot find it17:11
ileai tryed ubuntu on a acer laptop and i can varely see the desktop17:12
ileaanybody got some ideas how to fix or why is like that?17:12
soreauShawn__: So you tried rfkill unblock wifi, messing with the Fn button to enable it and scanning with lwlist?17:12
Shawn__soreau, Yes.  When I press the Fn button for wifi one of the blocked things in rfkill list changes but it still doesnt fix the wifif17:12
soreauShawn__: On a whim, I'm going to ask that you try 'sudo modprobe hp-wmi' first, then go through the same procedure again17:13
Shawn__soreau, No such device it says17:14
Shawn__soreau, And what procedure17:14
soreauShawn__: The whole procedure we've been running.. check iwconfig for wifi iface, run iwlist to scan for AP's, brining up the iface, rfkill etc etc17:15
ileathanks for not giving me a answer to my problem17:15
llutz!patience |ilea17:15
Shawn__soreau, Well hp-wmi says it doesnt exist17:15
ubottuilea: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:15
^NiNjAanyone know if the proprietary ATI driver bug with Gnome 3 is worked out yet in ubuntu 11.10?17:15
llutzOneiric support  in #ubuntu+1 , not here ^NiNjA17:15
soreauShawn__: If loading hp-wmi gave an error message, make sure it's not loaded with 'lsmod|grep hp-wmi' and if it is, unload it with 'sudo rmmod hp-wmi'17:15
^NiNjAgot ya thx17:16
soreauShawn__: That module is really only for HP laptops AFAIU, but it fixes the same problem17:16
soreaunot sure if there's one for dell laptops that does the same thing17:16
Shawn__soreau, Im on a dell laptop17:16
ileawhy when i boot ubuntu on a acer laptop after it loads i can barely see the desktop on the screen17:16
Shawn__soreau, and when I check if hp-wmi is loaded there is no output17:16
soreauShawn__: And you're running 'sudo rfkill unblock wifi'?17:16
Shawn__soreau, Yes17:17
soreauShawn__: Then I'm pretty much out of ideas.17:17
ZeidDiezWould I be able to use an ubuntu 10.10 live cd to burn an ISO? (As in, are there programs to do that within the live CD? Because I've no internet on the machine)17:17
Shawn__soreau, Can I tell you something interesting17:17
Gentoo64ZeidDiez, if you have a 2nd cd drive17:18
soreauShawn__: As long as it's related to ubuntu ;)17:18
ZeidDiezGentoo64, I'm booting the livecd from USB17:18
Gentoo64ZeidDiez, yes you can then17:18
ZeidDiezThank you!17:18
ilealike i can find something on a forum this big or on ask ubuntu ubotu17:18
Shawn__soreau, No its about my problem still.  In rfkill list, it shows 1: dell-wifi: Wireless LAN soft blocked: Yes, Hard blocked: yes         Then it also shows phy0: Wireless LAN   Soft Blocked: No  Hard blocked: yes    The Phy0 on eis the one that gets unblocked by pressing the Fn key17:19
soreauShawn__: What does iwconfig show for wifi iface's though?17:20
E3D3ilea: I'm a noob and can't help you but you can also try channel #ubuntu-beginners (although you might need more patience there)17:20
CongI tried ubuntu 11.04 and it's giving me headaches. Not only do I not have sound it make his short burst sound randomly.17:21
brimestonehey guys, I'm having a bit of confusion. i have a server that has two nic card. One port goes to the DMZ (Static) and the other one to the LAN(DHCP) but only the LAN port becomes active after a networking restart17:21
Cong10.04 works fine.17:21
Shawn__soreau, Says wlan0 IEEE 802.11bgn   ESSID: off/any    Mode: Managed  Access Point: N/A  tx-power = off   Retry long limit: 7  RTS thr: off   Fragment thr: offf   Power management: on17:21
soreauhm hm17:21
soreauShawn__: Do you have any settings related to this in your system bios?17:22
jaimefso are there any additional virtualization solutions for ubuntu other than xen/kvm/vmware?17:22
Shawn__soreau, Ill check17:22
llutzjaimef: virtualbox17:23
soreauShawn__: And make sure you're playing with the right wifi switch..17:23
dpis it possible to run ubuntu without using plymouth?17:23
Congwhy not it's a program, isn't it?17:24
dpyeah, but from what I've read, it cannot be disabled17:24
Shawn__soreau, Theres only one wifi thing on my whole laptop.   In the bios I fiound something interesting   "Wireless Switch/Hotkey Mode"  It can be changed from None, WLAN, BT, WLAN and BT, WWAN, WWAN and WLAN, WWAN and BT or All17:24
ActionParsnipCong: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh17:24
soreauShawn__: Try messing with those options17:24
LrImHMM, I need to update my dell bios... .exe only. What to do, what to do..17:25
icerootLrIm: ask dell17:25
ActionParsnipLrIm: some BIOSes in some Dells can be updated in Ubuntu17:25
icerootLrIm: e.g. freedos or something else but that is related to dell17:25
ActionParsnipLrIm: http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2007/09/howto-easily-upgrade-dell-bios-in.html17:26
Shawn__soreau, You arent going to believe it17:26
ActionParsnipLrIm: http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/Repository/firmware17:26
Shawn__soreau, I set it so that the wireless button does "nothing" and now myh wifi works17:27
RUSH2112hi guys17:27
ActionParsnipShawn__: nice17:27
soreauShawn__:  :D17:28
Shawn__soreau, Retarded X_X17:28
CongActionParsnip, no I can't.17:28
soreauShawn__: Computers suck, what can I say ;-)17:28
ActionParsnipCong: care to share why, or do you want me to guess....17:28
LrImActionParsnip, That is great and all, but the link to the BIOSes is broken :/17:29
ActionParsnipLrIm: I was just on the pages...17:29
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
LrImActionParsnip, http://linux.dell.com/repo/software/bios-hdrs/ ?17:29
CongActionParsnip, it's because I didn't install it, only tried it from USB and now it's not in the USB anymore.17:30
CongHasn't this happend before?17:30
johnnhi, where could I find out if my motherboard is compatible with ubuntu?17:31
ActionParsnipCong: doesn't matter, you can do anything in live environment which you can do in an installed OS, just canot reboot17:31
ActionParsnip!hcl | johnn17:31
ubottujohnn: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection17:31
soreaujohnn: If it has an intel or amd processor, it should work..17:31
ActionParsnipLrIm: if you use the links I gave, you'll be ok17:31
johnnthanks a lot!17:31
CongActionParsnip, I kinda knew that.17:31
ActionParsnipCong: so why is the fact that you are in a live USB environment relevant?17:32
Apple5hey guis17:32
=== mathieu is now known as Guest77823
ActionParsnipCong: I asked for the output of a command, which youcan do in either17:32
noobivankenobii do have simple probken an amd a3850 apu with 6550 oncpu graphics and  i simply can see anything when i try to install 11.10 beta 2 or daily build , can someone link me a webpage that could help me?17:33
CongKay. I guess I'll put it back into USB then.17:33
JokesOnYou77Hi all, can someone help me with my keyboard config?  My numpad doesn't work :(17:33
=== chris_ is now known as Guest91397
ActionParsnipCong: either way is good :)17:33
CongGotta download my tools.17:33
Gentoo64JokesOnYou77, try numlock on17:33
Apple5can any1 help me has ubuntu from windows 717:33
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: do the keys make events in xev?17:33
CongI'll be back.17:33
ActionParsnipnoobivankenobi: ask in #ubuntu+1 for anything oneiric17:34
JokesOnYou77Gentoo64: ...thanks, tried that.17:34
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: How do I view the xev events?17:34
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: its a terminal command17:34
=== l is now known as Guest84313
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: I suspect they do, as the Numpad Enter key and the "+" both do something, just not what they're supposed to17:35
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: what about numbers?17:35
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: just "$ xev"17:35
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: how do you mean?17:36
=== chocolates_ is now known as chocolates
OerHeksJokesOnYou77, does your numpad act like a mouse now ?17:37
OerHekshold 6 or 817:37
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: that last one was meant to include a question mark, sorry.  I'd never heard of xev before.  I just read the first few lines of the man page, I get it now more or less.  xev returns some weird stuff when I use the num pad (as compared to when I use other keys)17:38
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: you see what it does though, right17:38
JokesOnYou77OerHeks: It does!  it moves the mouse!  How did you know/wtf is that?17:38
ActionParsnipOerHeks: all yours dude17:38
ActionParsnip:) good catch17:38
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: yeah, it's a really cool diagnostic cool for periferals, very useful17:39
macshow would i do this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/699230/17:39
=== Spacewalker_ is now known as Spacewalker
OerHeksJokesOnYou77, see keyboard in preferences, it has a tab with mouse emulation , switch that off17:39
ActionParsnip!cookie | OerHeks17:40
ubottuOerHeks: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!17:40
Apple5how do i find out password17:41
Gentoo64Apple5, for a user?17:42
JokesOnYou77OerHeks: Ok, in Keyboard prefs I went to the "Mouse Keys" tab and unchecked the "Pointer can be controlled using the keypad" but it hasn't changed anything, the numpad still operates the mouse. Do I need to relog?17:42
Apple5for admin17:42
Gentoo64Apple5, you cant, otherwise a password would be pointless :s17:42
ActionParsnipApple5: use sudo and use your login password17:42
Apple5so i type sudo in front of my password?17:42
OerHeksJokesOnYou77, closing the menu will do, i guess17:42
Gentoo64Apple5, no in front of a command17:42
Apocalypse_dnhey! why I can't find firefox 7 package ? I have added firefox-stable to repos, but still don't see. 11.0417:42
OerHeksJokesOnYou77, ActionParsnip see this example > http://omkarverma-ubuntu-tips.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-move-your-mouse-pointer-with.html17:43
llutz!sudo | Apple517:43
ubottuApple5: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo17:43
ActionParsnipApple5: no, when you need admin access, prepend the command with sudo17:43
ActionParsnipApple5: thats why you see:   sudo apt-get update     etc17:43
genii-around!info firefox natty17:44
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 6.0.2+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 14888 kB, installed size 30032 kB17:44
phill"The vpn connection failed because the vpn service failed to start"  can anyone help with this? thks17:44
Apple5so i type sudo into terminal?17:44
Apocalypse_dngenii, so why? 2 days passed since release17:44
JokesOnYou77OerHeks: No such luck.  However, I just found that when I type in the "test settings" field in Layouts, the "+" key on the numpad produces some kind of machine code, you know the little squares with four letters and numbers in them?17:45
ActionParsnipApple5: then the command you want after, like I said. Its for when you need admin access17:45
nnwhat does 'checking for header' mean?17:45
Apple5i need the admin access to use updates17:45
Fen-like sudo apt-get install <package>17:45
Apple5install updates*17:45
Fen-like sudo apt-get install update17:45
sean__whats the diff between ubuntu 11.04 and 10.0417:45
tensorpuddingsean__, newer software17:45
llutzsean__: one year development17:45
LjLApocalypse_dn: Ubuntu doesn't work like that, packages aren't updated on a stable release, with some exception (firefox might be one, not sure, but don't expect to see it in a matter of two days)17:46
sean__10.04 = more stabel thought right17:46
tensorpuddingsean__, it's like asking what's the difference between windows 7 and windows vista17:46
tensorpuddingsean__, 10.04 is an LTS release, meaning that it will be supported longer17:46
sean__which do u perfer 10.04 or 11.0417:46
Gentoo64sean__, basically 11.04 has a new ui called unity17:46
jcphami actually prefer no ui ;p17:47
Apple5sudo apt-get install update -sudo password for Andrew:17:47
JokesOnYou77OerHeks: I'm going to try and relog and see if that helps17:47
ActionParsnipsean__: later libs, later kernel, later drivers17:47
OerHeksJokesOnYou77, you might have a other type of keyboard ?17:47
Gentoo64sean__, also 11.04 from what i hear on here is nowhere near as stable17:47
Apocalypse_dnLjL, ok, but what can be wrong with its repository? firefox-stable I mean. Every page in google by request "firefox 7 ubuntu" says, that repo already have he latest version17:47
Apple5Adnrew is not in the sudoers file. THis incident wil be reported17:47
sean__so should i dl 10.04?17:47
nnwhat command do i use to install a file from an url?17:47
llutzApple5: ask you admin/daddy to add you to the sudoers17:47
Apple5he forgot password17:47
LjLApocalypse_dn: have you done "sudo apt-get update" after adding the repo?17:47
Gentoo64sean__, if you want17:48
Apple5llutz admin forgot password17:48
Apocalypse_dnLjL, how can I check the repo itself. Maybe there is some conflicts in my sorces.list or anything.17:48
Apocalypse_dnLjL, sure17:48
MonkeyDust!best| sean__17:48
ubottusean__: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:48
llutzApple5: but he should know how to reset it17:48
Apple5how do i reset17:48
LjLApocalypse_dn: is it this? https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable it says "aimed at Lucid and Maverick"...17:49
llutzApple5: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword17:49
LjLApocalypse_dn: try an "apt-cache policy firefox"17:49
Apocalypse_dnLjL, ah, i see. But it always looked like I have latest firefox because of its repo17:50
ActionParsnipApocalypse_dn: depends how you view latest ;)17:52
Apocalypse_dnLjL, only 6.02 and 4.0 is present. Is there any chance this package wasn't mirrored to Ukrainian server for now?17:52
LjLApocalypse_dn: i think that repo is just not available for Natty yet... the Packages list is empty17:53
LjLApocalypse_dn: check it, http://ppa.launchpad.net/mozillateam/firefox-stable/ubuntu/dists/natty/main/binary-amd64/17:53
Apocalypse_dnLjL, I think you're right17:54
codemagicianmy 10.04 LTS server says this on ssh login "13 updates are security updates."17:54
SixThreeOhI am trying to install grub but keep getting: grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub, what does this error mean and how can I fix it?17:54
Gentoo64SixThreeOh, what command are you using? grub-install?17:55
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: Relogging after changing the keyboard prefs worked!  Not sure where Oer went tho :(17:55
SixThreeOhGentoo64: yes but it is failing on grub-probe17:55
codemagician10.04 LTS says this on ssh login "20 packages can be updated." and "13 updates are security updates." too.  How do I update just the security updates?17:55
nnhow do i install http://lv2plug.in/ns/extensions/ui/ ?17:55
Apocalypse_dnLjL, so it make me sad, because I really want to test "brand new speed and fine memory management" it implements :)17:55
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: its working, thats what we need17:55
Gentoo64SixThreeOh, like grub-install /dev/sda?17:55
Apocalypse_dnLjL, anyway thanks for describing the situation17:56
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: and you larned a few things17:56
SixThreeOhGentoo64: yes, with grub217:56
JokesOnYou77Yeah, but I hope you don't think that's it, I've got a list lol17:56
JokesOnYou77gonna learn a lot today :P17:56
JokesOnYou77My other question is, about Compiz.  I have to run compiz --replace every time I log in now, how can I get it to be a default?17:58
codemagicianhow do I update security update on a LTS server?17:58
Gentoo64codemagician, what do you mean?17:58
Gentoo64SixThreeOh, im not sure... is there a /boot on the drive?17:59
codemagicianGentoo64, when I login it says "13 updates are security updates"17:59
codemagicianGentoo64, "20 pacakges can be updated"17:59
Gentoo64codemagician, just run the update manager and in stall them17:59
Gentoo64and theyll be security update for whatever pakcages they are17:59
codemagicianGentoo64, but can I just take the security updates only17:59
codemagicianGentoo64, or should17:59
thauriswulfaQUESTION: I just installed ubuntu 11.04 on my friends lap. ,but whenever I plug any usb device it hangs? Is there any solution?17:59
Hersparhi, I am very curious. I have Lucid Lynx. I can open computer, trash, etc with Nautilus. But, when I want to open Trash inside my panel, it is error. Error while spawning nautilus:17:59
HersparNo application is registered as handling this file17:59
Gentoo64codemagician, you can manaully select them17:59
Hersparis there any solution?17:59
codemagicianGentoo64, or should I take the lot?17:59
Gentoo64codemagician, id take the lot18:00
codemagicianGentoo64, if its a production server should I be careful?18:00
Gentoo64codemagician, if youre paranoid then check them 1 by 118:00
Gentoo64codemagician, and see if anything sounds risky to update if you cant afford18:00
phillopenvpn: "No VPN Secrets!"   any ideas? thks18:00
codemagicianGentoo64, what do I type for checking and installing please?18:00
hoopyfreudHOY! I have a problem; I seem to be unable to connect to a 20/40 MHz band wireless connection using nm-applet18:01
Gentoo64codemagician, ah im thinking of the gui... it has checkboxes. not sure about cli, someone else must know18:01
Glitchy_need assistance in setting up vpntunnel on ubuntu 11.0418:01
toumboIs there any way to update metadata of a song with "totem"?18:02
Glitchy_anyone out there?18:02
hoopyfreudstill here, though...18:03
hoopyfreudoddly enough18:03
HersparQUESTION : hi, I am very curious. I have Lucid Lynx. I can open computer, trash, etc with Nautilus. But, when I want to open Trash inside my panel, it is error. Error while spawning nautilus:18:03
Herspar No application is registered as handling this file18:03
Glitchy_know anything about vpns?18:03
hoopyfreudGlitchy, I assume you're using GNOME's nm-applet18:04
jcphamare we talking about an openvpn tunnel or just a client connection with the gui18:04
HersparIt is very strange problem, and so far I have not yet found the solution in Google18:04
zaxonspoxhello, how to check if my Intel GMA X4500 is capable of using 3D?18:04
CyONhai guys !! since when I upgraded my ubuntu 11.4 to 11.10 I cant play audio file when I roll over the mouse on the file ! I used to play like this in older versions of ubuntu can any one tell me how to FIX this ?18:04
jcphamso you are doing something complex18:04
Glitchy_I can't connect, it's all installed properly18:04
hoopyfreudI don't even, then...18:04
Glitchy_at least i believe it is18:04
Gentoo64CyON, in nautilus settings make sure sound preview is checked18:05
Glitchy_jcpham i dont think so18:05
jcphamif both ends are configured correctly, check your firewall18:05
jcphamyou need udp 500 for gre18:05
Glitchy_n/a i have no firewall...its ubuntu that isnt working with me18:05
hoopyfreudand your router firewall; set up forwarding if you haven't yet18:05
Glitchy_i upgraded to 11 now can get this to connect18:05
Glitchy_forwarding is on18:05
Glitchy_it may be easier to show you what steps ive taken and what step im stuck on18:06
hoopyfreudOpenVPN is a win/mac application, right...?18:06
Glitchy_brb gonna get the link18:06
hoopyfreudHOY! I have a problem; I seem to be unable to connect to a 20/40 MHz band wireless connection using nm-applet18:06
Glitchy_it works for linux as well18:06
JokesOnYou77Can anyone tell me how to make compiz the default?  Every time I log in I have to run compiz --replace18:07
Glitchy_https://www.vpntunnel.se/tmp/howto-Linux.pdf  <-- step 6 is where im stuck18:07
jcphamyeah i'd need to see the link18:07
jaimefllutz: for production servers?18:07
Glitchy_its a pdf fyi18:07
CyONGentoo64: can u please tell me where is that settings Becoz I'm a newbie !18:08
Gentoo64CyON, click on edit preferences (or similar) then under preview menu there should be something like sound (local files)18:08
llutzjaimef: not really, maybe you should have mentioned that before..18:08
jcphami'd say cat /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf18:08
hoopyfreudGlitchy, try command-lining "Gedit /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf"18:08
jcphambut most likely, you shouldn't18:09
hoopyfreudor Kate /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf18:09
jcphampaste it18:09
hoopyfreudif you use KDE18:09
Glitchy_what does the cat command do?18:09
jcphamso you have some custom .conf files you are downloading from that web site18:09
jcphamon how to connect to and use their vpn service18:09
llutzGlitchy_: cat (1)              - concatenate files and print on the standard output18:09
Gentoo64Glitchy_, cat just views a file18:09
jcphamso you unzip their file and execute openvpn with it18:10
jcphamis what I see18:10
ufotechHi. having a nasty login issue. Cannot any more login a user but no problem login in root18:10
hoopyfreudufo, did you edlete your account?18:10
=== dingil is now known as explora
Glitchy_you move the conf files into the openvpn folder, then find a file called ca.crt and moved it into a created folder...then run the connection18:10
hoopyfreudGlitchy, you may want to follow the step 6 alternative using Ubuntu's NM18:11
ufotechno, all users cannot login all of a sudden - only root18:11
llutzufotech: "df -h"18:11
Shawn__ufotech, THe root account isnt even available to login to by default, did you enable the root account?18:11
llutzufotech: pastebin the output please18:11
Glitchy_i have done so, it wont allow importing, hang on, ill give you exact error message18:11
CyONGentoo64 : I can't found anything related to sound under the preview menu there's only text files other previewable files and folder!!18:11
jcphamhe probably needs to sudo18:12
Gentoo64CyON, ah... there should be a sound preview there, maybe its gone now idk. i havent used naitulus18:12
ufotechenabled root long ago18:12
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:12
llutzufotech: ^^18:12
hoopyfreudyar; Glitchy, try rerunning the entire install with "sudo" before everything18:12
Glitchy_The file 'openvpn-Swe.conf' could not be read or does not contain recognized VPN connection information18:13
Glitchy_Error: unknown error.18:13
hoopyfreudwait 1 sec18:13
jcphamthis means something is wrong with your config file18:13
jcphamor you have improperly specified it's path18:13
Glitchy_followed instructions to the t...not sure how unless the file was corrupt during install18:13
llutz!who | jcpham18:13
ubottujcpham: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:13
hoopyfreudGlitchy, when you "su"'d, did you get authentication failure OR close the terminal at any point?18:14
CyONOhh !!  is that function disabled by  new ver of ubuntu or any alternative ways to fix that ?18:14
Glitchy_i know...irritating at best18:14
Gentoo64CyON, if it's not there then maybe it got took out of a newer version of nautilus18:14
hoopyfreudtry rerunning the install with aptitude. You may be missing a dependency...18:14
llutzufotech: "df -h"  pastebin the output of this command please18:14
Glitchy_k, ill be back and let you know what happens18:15
* Glitchy_ will be back in 1018:15
hoopyfreudGlitchy, if you don't have aptitude yet, sudo apt-get aptitude18:15
hoopyfreudNow back to my problem... Ubuntu can't detect a 20/40 MHz band wifi connection...18:16
phillhoopyfreud, glitchy, llutz,  having similar openvpn problems  "no vpn secrets" error in log18:16
CyONGentoo64 : so any alternative ways to play the audio files when roll over the mouse?18:16
Gentoo64CyON, no :(18:16
JokesOnYou77Can anyone tell me how to make compiz the default?  Every time I log in I have to run compiz --replace18:17
Gentoo64well not :( for me, i would find it annoying :)18:17
hoopyfreudJokes, you might set a preboot script for it18:17
Glitchy_hoopyfreud is that the package manager or the terminal?18:17
Glitchy_it found two variations18:18
hoopyfreudGlitchy, terminal. sudo apt-get install aptitiude, then find the packade name and sudo aptitude install <package name>18:18
noobiehi all!how can i set different wallpapers for my destops? i have gnome18:18
codemagicianare the Amazon EC2 instances optimised... what will happen if I sudo apt-get upgrade and pull a new kernel... will it work the same?18:19
=== pants is now known as Guest60739
PolahGlitchy: You can install the package using apt-get... You don't need to get aptitude, they both use the same sources.18:19
Gentoo64codemagician, what do you mean optimized?18:19
Glitchy_installing anyway...whats aptitude do exactly?18:19
atomxhi, I have a question about network configuration. I have a laptop connected to internet via an usb-modem , and I have a desktop that has a wireless modem. The internet works on laptop (i start it using wvdial), and I want to make internet work on dektop.18:19
codemagicianGentoo64, I mean are they specially made to work with EC2 instances18:19
llutzufotech: and "ls -ld /tmp" pls18:19
hoopyfreudPolah, I thought he might be missing a dependency. Apttiude is usually better at catchingthose than apt-get18:19
llutzhoopyfreud: only if a package is broken18:20
hoopyfreudHe thinks his might be18:20
codemagicianGentoo64, perhaps if I pull newer kernels it'll effect my EC2 instance stability.  i.e. perhaps the AMI image is made to run on VM hardware18:20
hoopyfreudnoobie, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=workspaces+wallpaper18:20
Glitchy_should i still run this install with as root?18:20
atomxWhen I connect on the wireless router , the internet dies. probably the network script changes the routing tables18:20
Gentoo64codemagician, ah im not sure tbh :(18:20
Glitchy_hoopyfreud was that a response to my question?18:21
Polahcodemagician: Perhaps ask Amazon support.18:21
hoopyfreudGlitchy, not the one directed to noobie, but "yes" was18:21
atomxcan somebody help me to configure the network, suchj that internet work on desktop too, please ?18:21
Glitchy_right on18:21
codemagicianPolah, they don't really support each linux release18:21
oCeanhoopyfreud: please don't use lmgtfy here18:21
codemagicianPolah, I guess its an issue for the cloud team at ubuntu18:21
Polahcodemagician: So it's their kernel, not yours?18:22
hoopyfreudoCean, sorry18:22
Apple5is there any linux antivirus program18:22
hoopyfreudApple5, no18:22
Gentoo64Apple5, clamav is one18:22
Gentoo64Apple5, but they dont scan for linux viruses18:23
Gentoo64only windows18:23
codemagicianPolah, Ubuntu (canonical) I think have made some ready made images18:23
llutzufotech: both seem fine...18:23
Polahcodemagician: I do recall seeing *-virtual kernels last time I installed from the minimal ISO.18:23
hoopyfreudApple5, most security vulnerabilities are fixed in updates.18:23
ufotechlogin -p works as well18:23
PolahGentoo64: Doesn't clamav scan for both? Obviously primarily for Windows because there's a lot more viruses there?18:24
Apple5how do i install something with archieve manager!18:24
codemagicianPolah, actually doing a uname shows "Linux zeus 2.6.32-317-ec2"18:24
PolahApple5: What are you trying to install? It may be in the repositories?18:24
Gentoo64Polah, no only windows18:24
Glitchy_hoopyfreud where do i find the ca.crt file?18:24
Picicodemagician: #ubuntu-cloud or #ubuntu-server may be more informative than here.18:24
PolahGentoo64: Ah, I see. Thought it did both, good to know.18:24
codemagicianPolah, the hyphen -ec218:24
codemagicianPici, aha cool18:24
hoopyfreudApple5, this channel is not a tutorial. Please refer to documentation and check back in if you have any problems following it,18:24
Gentoo64Polah, there arent swarms of viruses for linux. peple can obviously make malicious files though18:24
Glitchy_is that already part of ubuntu?18:25
Apple5ohk i look up manager18:25
PolahApple5: Do sudo apt-get install tor18:25
hoopyfreudGlitchy, I have no idea. try "locate ca.crt"18:25
PolahApple5: Applications that come as anything other than  a .deb or from the repositories will typically involve building from source.18:25
leepingHi there, my new Ubuntu installation doesn't have the network driver (at least, that's what I think; it reports no eth0 device).  Could I be missing the network driver?  If so, can someone help me install it?  Thanks18:26
Polahhoopyfreud: Actually, it's a support channel. If someone asks how to build something from source, we'll help them do that or achieve the same thing in a better way (i.e. getting from repos)18:26
Gentoo64Apple5, tor is in the repos18:26
Gentoo64i think18:26
llutzApple5: https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en#ubuntu18:26
PolahGentoo64: It is, I see it.18:27
llutzGentoo64: Polah from link above "Do not use the packages in Ubuntu's universe."18:27
hoopyfreudglitchy, did you find it?18:27
Polahllutz: Ah I see.18:27
Gentoo64llutz, my bad idk18:27
asteveis there a way for a user to change their password if one was never set?18:28
Glitchy_i found 2 on ubuntu already, then the one they have on the site, which i believe is for a windows machine18:28
Gentoo64asteve, passwd user18:28
PolahApple5: Follow llutz instructions then18:28
larsduesinghi together18:28
Glitchy_i believe the crt file is what is stopping me from connecting18:28
asteveGentoo64: I want user_a to change their own password if one was never set18:28
Gentoo64llutz, although im not sure why, i thought ubuntus updates were mainly security/stability18:28
oCean!tor | Apple518:29
ubottuApple5: Tor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl18:29
llutzGentoo64: most are, except tor and some other18:29
Gentoo64asteve, maybe passwd user will still work18:29
asteveit does not18:29
Gentoo64asteve, do it from another user18:29
atomxnobody is able to help me , please ?18:29
Gentoo64asteve, and use sudo18:29
asteveGentoo64: ….the user does not have access to sudo18:29
atomx(about the network)18:29
galanakisHow can I change the key shortcut for searching? I want to change it from being "mod" to "mod+space" but when i change it in the Key shortcuts menu nothing happens:(18:29
ufotechSome other ideas how to fix my login?18:29
t-minusI'm thinking about trying Chrome OS on my dell mini 9, any thoughts or suggestions?18:29
cong2Everything is working. I has that weird burst sound problem but that's gone now.18:30
Gentoo64asteve, no idea what you've done. you cant do a lot without sudo / root access18:30
hoopyfreudGlitchy, the crt file on the site SHOULD work, but I'm not exactly sure...18:30
asteveGentoo64: ….18:30
HagopHI need help diagnosing Ubuntu not recognizing my HD. Would somebody please help me?18:30
Gentoo64asteve, try from a livecd18:30
Glitchy_thats the one im using...well one of the files they game me is broke lol18:30
Gentoo64asteve, and chroot18:30
JokesOnYou77Does anyone know how to get the "ding" in chatzilla in Ubuntu when someone mentions your Nic?18:30
Polahasteve: If you're on the user just now, then just running passwd will let you set one. passwd $user will change $user's password, sudo would let you do that for user accounts other than your own.18:30
astevethat's not my problem,18:30
Glitchy_creating a folder and creating a directory are the same thing correct?18:30
astevethis is a production environment where I'm creating 20 users; it would be nice if they could all set their passwords as soon as they logged in18:31
anonissimusis there a way of changing the last accessed date of a file? I tried touch -a but that doesnt seem to change it18:31
Glitchy_okay, so step five is done then...i dont get it18:31
astevebut I don't want to pre-emptively set their passwords to something18:31
HagopHI need help diagnosing Ubuntu not recognizing my HD. Would somebody please help me?18:31
Younderanonissimus, It does if you have write access18:31
_klk_1hi all, i'm trying to set up this USB to ethernet adapter in ubuntu: http://www.win-star.com/eshop/goods.php?id=29 .18:32
hoopyfreudGlitchy, link again, plox. Sorry, browser crash18:32
_klk_1the device is recognized and established as "eth1" interface.  i can't get it to have an IP or connect to the internet though.  any tips?18:32
anonissimusYounder: then dolphin does not update18:33
Younder_klk_, what happened to eth018:33
mephist0hi there.  someone know how to use keyboard as mouse? tryed <shift><cntrl><num lock> and no luck18:33
hoopyfreudGlitchy, check the /etc/openvpn folder for the conf files18:33
Younderanonissimus, rubbish use sudo18:33
mang0Anyone know how to get .mov files working in chrome for ubuntu? I've installed mplayer and w32codecs18:33
JokesOnYou77mephist0: I just figured out how to turn that function off actually, hang on I've got a link18:33
Polahasteve: Might I recommend setting some arbitrary string as their password, telling them that and then telling them to use passwd then set a password after logging in. If they have no password set and can log in without one, then another user or anyone could log on as that user before they set a password if usernames are easy to guess.18:33
Younderanonissimus, rubbish use sudo touch <file>18:33
JokesOnYou77mephist0: http://omkarverma-ubuntu-tips.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-move-your-mouse-pointer-with.html18:33
astevePolah: rsa keys are required to ssh in18:33
anonissimustrying that now18:33
mephist0JokesOnYou77: thanks18:34
Polahasteve: Ah, then they shouldn't need a password if they're authenticating with keys18:34
astevenot to ssh in, but to sudo they will;18:34
hoopyfreudDoes anyone know if Ubutu can detect 20/40 MHz networks? a 20MHz network works fine for me18:34
_klk_1Younder:  eth0 is the regular ethernet connection.18:34
YounderPolah, I recommend taking basis in a book title. That is easier to remember.18:35
Becohey guys can I trust this site http://www.playdeb.net18:35
anonissimusYounder: even as sudo18:35
PolahYounder: What do you mean?18:35
celiohi there!18:35
Gentoo64Beco, looks alright to me18:35
davidcalleBeco, I do. It has been popular for a few years now.18:35
mephist0JokesOnYou77: thank you very much. Anyway i am looking for some generic linux solution. :--)18:36
YounderPolah, say Upstairs downstairs.18:36
Polahasteve: Ah yes of course. Just set them arbitrary passwords and tell them, that way they can reset it using that password to whatever they want.18:36
gebbioneis there a way to show the folder path and being able to edit it manually in the gnome interface?18:36
HagopHI need help diagnosing Ubuntu not recognizing my HD. Would somebody please help me?18:36
_klk_1here is some dmesg output that shows the device being recognized:  http://pastebin.com/ZKjJvyWc . and here is ifconfig output:  http://pastebin.com/3icQzAtR18:36
astevePolah: can't set an arbitrary password; i guess I'm SOL18:36
Becodavidcalle any good games you recommend?18:37
hoopyfreudGlitchy, in case you missed it, check the /etc/openVPN folder for the conf files18:37
Gentoo64_klk_1, eth1 has no ip set, doesnt it let you do it in the net manager?18:37
davidcalleBeco, Urban Terror!18:37
HagopHI need help diagnosing Ubuntu not recognizing my HD. Would somebody please help me?18:37
Polahasteve: Why not? When you create the account just make up twenty passwords something like london.oceanic1, obviously different and tell them that and how to reset it.18:37
astevePolah: can't tell them18:37
Gentoo64Beco, there are a few, but for online, even the polular games have only 1 or 2 servers with players in18:38
JokesOnYou77mephist0: ahhh, guess my method is just for gnome.  Unless that functionality is built into the Xserver I don't know that there's a single way to do that across distros18:38
YounderPolah, Upstairs, Downstairs was originally an idea by two actress friends, Jean Marsh and Eileen Atkins, becomes USDSJMEA18:38
Gentoo64ie urbanterror, nexuiz etc18:38
Becodavidcalle: yea good choice thanks for the help18:38
PolahYounder: I have no idea what you're talking about.18:38
A_Jhey all i just have installed a sound card, by popping it into my pci slot, it does not work, now what18:38
davidcalleBeco, yw18:38
mang0Beco: Urban terror is great fun! :D18:38
Gentoo64A_J, check alsamixer is the first thing id do18:39
_klk_1Gentoo64:  i can try that.  right now it's configured to use DHCP18:39
HagopHWhen I type "sudo fdisk -l" Ubuntu isn't showing my HD. Any ideas?18:39
mang0Beco: The server browser is bad though, I advise downloading urtsb18:39
mang0Anyone know how to get .mov files working in chrome for ubuntu? I've installed mplayer and w32codecs18:39
hoopyfreudA_J update your BIOS18:39
A_Jhoopyfreud: nop have not done that18:39
organiksanyone know what would cause this18:40
organikssudo aticonfig --list-adapters18:40
organiksX11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication.18:40
Polahasteve: Ah, I see. You could set up a message on login to display a preset password for that user and how to reset it to what they want.18:40
HagopHWhen I type "sudo fdisk -l" Ubuntu isn't showing my HD. It's SATA. Any ideas?18:40
A_Jhoopyfreud: any other method, i don't think it's a bios issue18:40
astevePolah: ya, that's just very suboptimal; i'll have to come up with a better solution18:41
antihoaxHagopH<< i'd think your sata driver is not loaded, or installed18:41
HagopHWhen I type "sudo fdisk -l" Ubuntu isn't showing my HD, just my USB flash drive. The HD is SATA. Any ideas?18:41
Polah!repeat | HagopH18:41
ubottuHagopH: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:41
A_JPolah: have a look at my issue18:42
hoopyfreudAnyone know some good Banshee extensions?18:42
hoopyfreudAlso, I can't connect to a 20/40 MHz router band,, though I can connect to it in widows and to a 20 MHz band from the same router in Linux18:42
A_JActionParsnip: \o/ wb18:42
HagopHSorry all. I was trying to be more specific with more information. I'll slow down on the retries.18:42
ActionParsnipA_J: ty18:42
antihoaxHagopH<< you could first try dmesg and examine if you see something there18:43
A_Jhey all i just have installed a sound card, by popping it into my pci slot, it does not work, now what. have a look ActionParsnip ?18:43
bagelsPolah did you get a chance to look at my banshee error?18:43
ActionParsnipA_J: do you have another sound card installed?18:43
A_Jno ActionParsnip was using onboard18:43
SixThreeOhIs there an ubuntu mirror that doesn't show 0B for isos?18:43
Polahbagels: SQLite error? Could try reinstalling Banshee18:43
ActionParsnipA_J: did you disable the onboard device?18:44
A_JActionParsnip: from the bios ?18:44
PolahSixThreeOh, OB?18:44
ActionParsnipSixThreeOh: use torrents, its faster and the extra checking ensures the data is good18:44
sadubuntunewbIf my system goes past the bios boot splash screen but never shows anything else than a screen with a cursor, what should I press to try to see some information about what ubuntu or grub failed to do?18:44
SixThreeOhPolah: for ftp.18:44
ActionParsnipA_J: yes18:44
A_JActionParsnip: i did not, hmm any idea where it would be ?18:44
PolahSixThreeOh: I mean what do you mean by OB?18:44
HagopHantihoax: I'm sorry if I'm being very basic. It's been years since I used a Unix and my first install.18:44
ActionParsnipA_J: in the BIOS18:45
SixThreeOhPolah: in the index/stat of the file it returns 0B apparently18:45
A_JActionParsnip: yea i got that, i meant which tab18:45
A_Jjust a rought idea18:45
hoopyfreudIf anyone replies to me, I may have missed it. Innernet was down for a minute18:45
JokesOnYou77does anyone know how to test if the system beep/alert sound works?18:45
HagopHantihoax: What am I looking for in dmesg?18:45
PolahSixThreeOh: Oh, 0B, I thought you were writing OB. So it shows the filesize as 0? That's strange. What is it?18:45
SixThreeOhFor the isos...18:46
ActionParsnipA_J: BIOSes vary MASSIVELY18:46
dansi get a permission denied error when trying to mkdir within home18:46
dansi moved home onto its own permission18:46
ActionParsnipA_J: have a look around, you'll find it18:46
dansdoes the user need changing somehow18:46
dansits own partition*18:46
ActionParsnipdans: sudo mkdir /home/name; sudo chown name:name /home/name18:46
A_Jok thanks ActionParsnip, you always come through for me :D18:46
dansbut shouldnt i be able to mkdir without sudo?18:47
dansdo i just need to chown everything18:47
t-minushas anyone tried Chrome OS on a Dell mini 9?18:47
dansperhaps chown name:name ~/18:47
sadubuntunewbare there other less busy ubuntu channels?18:47
ActionParsnipdans: the /home folder is owned by root:root so it needs sudo, you will then need to change the owner to the new user18:48
Apple5is there an uber noob guide for ubuntu18:48
danssadbuntu #lessbusyubuntu18:48
iceroott-minus: wrong channel18:48
t-minuswhat's the right channel?18:48
hoopyfreudsadubuntunewb: there are some niche channels on Freenode18:49
sadubuntunewbIf my system goes past the bios boot splash screen but never shows anything else than a screen with a cursor, what should I press to try to see some information about what ubuntu or grub failed to do?18:49
ActionParsnipt-minus: #chrome maybe18:49
hoopyfreudApple5: https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/index.html18:49
mang0ActionParsnip, t-minus: #chrome is locked18:49
Apple5how come my ubuntu doesnt have unity or dash18:50
t-minusI just wanted to know if the wireless works18:50
llutz!manual | Apple518:50
ubottuApple5: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/18:50
iceroott-minus: not supported here18:50
hoopyfreudsadubuntunewb: your grub may have crashed. Boot into a live cd and reinstall it18:50
hoopyfreudit being Grub, not ubuntu18:50
Youndersadubuntunewb, sounds like a reinstall18:51
hoopyfreudApple5: logout and check the bottom panel. If the dropdown menu says classic desktop, change it to Unity18:51
hoopyfreudyou may want to change it back very shortly18:51