scott-workhi shnatsel, how are you doing?  is there anything you would like me to do to further the live dvd issue?14:13
shnatselscott-work: well, exact documentation on setting up local livedvd builds would be cool, but I doubt I can do anything at all at this point. I got totally swamped by RL stuff, like most contributors in here seem to.14:14
shnatselscott-work: this is all the info I managed to gather by now: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ME1KCYwWKmao8MdacAI3pk_N-CvYChOIaI_UvaJzrLM/edit14:15
scott-worki can empathise with the swamped bit...work is the craziest i have ever seen i believe14:19
scott-worki love the line "perform some mysterious setup" ;)14:20
shnatselscott-work: at the moment, this is all I have and I haven't got any time to investigate it further :(14:21
scott-worki understand, and i'm sure it's frustrating that you can't find the one guy who can tell you, "oh, yeah, to do what you want, you just do this...."14:22
shnatselscott-work: well I found one but I had to torture him for half an hour to get the info in the doc14:25
shnatseloh well, gtg. physics.14:26

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