axisyshow do I make sure a process does not start at reboot?00:13
axisyswith init.d/ I used to run update-rc.d -f proc remove00:13
axisysis there something like this with process starts by upstart ?00:14
axisysor do I manually edit the /etc/init/proc.conf ?00:14
axisys/etc/init/foo.conf 00:14
axisysdo I just comment this on /etc/init/foo.conf so it wont start at boot?00:20
axisysstart on filesystem or runlevel [2345]00:20
axisysor there is a more automated way of doing it?00:21
axisysfound my answer03:15
cootHelo, I'd like to know when ubuntu configures network interfaces.17:29
cootThe reason is that I have a simple firewall script (based on iptables) which I'd like to run before17:30
ioncoot: interfaces(6)20:10
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