AfCjelmer: that import is stuck at about average 10 rev per minute at04:22
AfCjelmer: fetching revisions 149790/26417804:22
AfCShould I be trying the "pull 1000 revisions at a time in a loop" trick, maybe?04:22
AfC(the bzr process is at over 3 GB VSZ, so there's now a lot of swapping going on. It's pretty ugly)04:26
AuroraBorealiswell that was dissapointing06:47
AuroraBorealisbzr ran out of memory =(06:47
AuroraBorealisafter 15 hours of fast-import xD06:56
AfCAuroraBorealis: mine hasn't run out of memory, but at 25 hours elapsed it is essentially stuck, constantly swapping06:56
AuroraBorealisare you still branching?06:56
AfC[bad Python VM doing reference count based GC, bad]06:57
AfCAuroraBorealis: yep06:57
AuroraBorealiswhat are you branching, a git repo?06:57
AfCAuroraBorealis: the kernel, yes06:57
AfCas we were discussing yesterday06:57
AuroraBorealisyeah thats why its taking so long =P06:57
AuroraBorealisi thought you were branching a bazaar repo06:57
AfCif it's making progress, I don't care. But it's just spinning it's wheels.06:57
AfC| fetching revisions 151486/26417806:58
AfCIt was at 140000 this morning06:58
AuroraBorealismine got to 16,00006:58
AuroraBorealisthen ran out of memory as it was repacking the repo :>06:58
AfC3 GB virtual memory, 1.5 phys... swap swap swap06:58
AfCI'm going to try the pull a 1000 revisions at a time trick.06:59
AfCThat worked on GTK a couple years ago when pulling from Subversion06:59
AfC→ pub06:59
AuroraBorealisbut yes, this could defenitly be faster. and not run out of memory xD07:00
iaindaltonI'm following the Emacs Bzr guide. It says to do "bzr branch nosmart+bzr+ssh://iaindalton@bzr.savannah.gnu.org/emacs/trunk trunk", but I get Permission denied (publickey). bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. (etc.) Why is it doing this and how can I fix it?09:41
lifelessyour ssh key is not present on the server. I don't know why its not, nor the process for getting it on that server - I would hope the guide covers both points.09:50
iaindaltonIt doesn't AFAICT09:53
rlyIs there any way to know the repository size before downloading it completely?12:18
jelmerrly: "bzr info -v" should tell you the number of revisions12:20
rlyjelmer: also, how does the whole brz foo:bar thing work?12:21
jelmerrly: do you mean lp:<project> ?12:21
rlyjelmer: yes12:21
jelmerrly: lp: is a shorthand for addressing branches on Launchpad, provided by the "launchpad" plugin that's bundled with bzr12:22
andyhey guys, can someone please help me with an bzr - buildbot issue? It might not be related to buildbot at all, that's why i am asking here12:22
rlyjelmer: bzr branch lp:calibre is already at 600MB (!).12:22
rlyjelmer: I want to know how long it will continue.12:22
rlyI think the Linux kernel is even smaller.12:23
jelmerandy: please ask your question, if anybody here can help we'll reply12:24
andyalright, thanks12:26
andyi  got a buildbot master running. a bzr repo is hooked to it. so the bzr_buildbot.py is my plugins directory. i also adjusted the locations.conf file. but everytime i am trying to check something in, ill get an error:12:26
andy$:~/tmp/repo$ bzr ci12:27
andyCommitting to: /home/.../tmp/repo/12:27
andymodified setup.py12:27
andybzr: ERROR: exceptions.AttributeError: 'Revision' object has no attribute 'get_apparent_author'12:27
andythe script i used can be found here: https://raw.github.com/buildbot/buildbot/master/master/contrib/bzr_buildbot.py12:27
Pengandy: ...What version of bzr?12:27
andyandy@europa:~/tmp/buildbot/basedir$ bzr --version12:28
andyBazaar (bzr) 2.3.412:28
andy  Python interpreter: /usr/bin/python 2.7.112:28
andy  Python standard library: /usr/lib/python2.712:28
andy  Platform: Linux-2.6.38-11-generic-x86_64-with-Ubuntu-11.04-natty12:28
andy  bzrlib: /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bzrlib12:28
andy  Bazaar configuration: /home/.../.bazaar12:28
Pengyeah ok ok ok!12:28
andy  Bazaar log file: /home/.../.bzr.log12:28
andysry :-)12:28
andybuildbot doesn't even have to be running if you want to get that error12:31
andythe problem might be here aswell:12:32
andy$ cat locations.conf12:32
andybuildbot_on = change12:32
andybuildbot_server = localhost12:32
jelmerrly: it finished pretty quickly here12:36
jelmerrly: what version of bzr are you running?12:36
rlyjelmer: are you on a 100Mb network?12:37
jelmerrly: 336.910  Transferred: 390815kB (1160.6kB/s r:390814kB w:1kB)12:37
rlyjelmer: I have a 6 as a first number?12:37
jelmerrly: what version of bzr are you running?12:37
rlyjelmer: 2.1.212:38
jelmerthere have been some major performance fixes recently, perhaps that's relevant here12:38
jelmerrly: I suspect 2.4 will be a lot faster for you, and use less bandwidth12:39
rlyjelmer: what kind of connection do you have, btw>12:39
jelmerrly: it took 5 minutes at 1.1Mb/s12:40
andydo you have any idea if gary poster (the maintainer of the bzr_bulidbot.py) is here sometimes?13:13
jelmerandy: he's often in #launchpad-dev13:17
jelmerandy: though usually during the week rather than in the weekend13:18
jelmerandy: still there?13:28
jelmerandy: the call to get_apparent_author() should be changed to get_apparent_authors()[0]13:30
PengAh, I *knew* there was an API compatibility issue around get_apparent_author(), but I was thinking that it was too new, not that it was too old. It was killed around 2 years ago, wasn't it?13:34
jelmerPeng: yep, and then deprecated for a long time. I didn't realize it had been deleted13:35
andyPeng: sorry, was afk. I found the same solution. should i file a bug for this? or are you able to fix it?15:39
andyPeng: in the buildbot IRC they told me to file a bug with the fix.... but if you can fix it right away this might be better.15:40
PengSorry, not me. Filing a bug's probably the best bet.15:51
Pengmerge proposal15:51
PengBah. / merge proposal.15:52
Peng(* Actually, I might have commit rights to it, but I've never touched it.)15:52
andyPeng: alright. please give it try, otherwise i am gonna file it15:54
PengI don't wanna give it a try. >.> I feel weird jumping in.15:59
PengWait, it's part of buildbot, not part of bzr? Then I certainly don't have commit rights. And I've only used Github once in my life. :P16:00
andyah, sorry, i missunderstood it16:00
bpierrevila: I'm looking at the UI thing, and I'd like to be sure about you use case16:14
bpierreon my side, I don't call bazaar from VIM, but rather use VIM python bidings to directly use bzrlib16:15
bpierreI provide my own UIFactory implementation, but since shelf_ui does not use get_boolean, it does not work16:16
bpierrecalling bzr from VIM (e.g. :!bzr shelve), does work16:17
bpierreusing "yes no | bzr shelve" in a terminal however, does not16:18
bpierreso my question is: looking at your change, it seems that the isatty check is not enough, why?16:21
vilabpierre: almost not there, I'll try to be quick16:33
vila"yes  no | bzr shelve" is seen as 'y' 'e' 's' ' ' 'n' 'o'16:33
bpierrenot on the version without your patch16:34
vilabpierre: with  patch I landed and INSIDE_EMACS=1 it will see 'yes no'16:34
bpierresorry, the example was using the unix yes command16:34
vilabah, sorry16:35
vilayou still need INSIDE_EMACS :)16:35
bpierreso can't have a controling terminal when using shell command in emacs?16:35
bpierreswitch to VIM! (kidding) ;)16:35
bpierreso now that it's in UI, better to change the environement variable name16:36
vilathe trick is that the isatty() is not appropriate under emacs, there is no way to automatically detect the right kind (char or line)16:36
bpierreI know there is one for progress16:36
vilathe plan *is* to change that, yes16:36
vilagtg, bbl16:36
vilai.e. prpose your branch, we'll sort out the details :)16:37
vilabpierre: I'm patch pilot next week anyway, so will have more time16:37
vilabpierre: back, urgent, but quick ;)16:44
andyPeng: i made a pull request for the fix. Thanks for your help16:44
Pengandy: It was mostly jelmer's help :P16:45
vilabpierre: start by proposing your branch and if you still want to tweak before it's reviewed, you can. Complete your initial cover letter in the commit messages for your tweaks ans just 'bzr push'16:45
vilagrrr, does someone knows an IRC client with a spell checker ?16:46
bpierrecan you just tell me the command you use to test in emacs?16:46
vilas/knows/know/ crap16:46
vilabpierre: it won't work for you :)16:46
bpierreweechat has an aspell plugin16:46
bpierreI tried with M-!, but even with line based input, it does not work16:47
bpierreI don't use emacs at all, have not for a long time16:47
vilaemacs sets INSIDE_EMACS=1, so *I* don't have to type but you do. After that you just use ./bzr selftest -s bt.test_shelf_ui16:48
vilato test your changes16:48
vilaor if you want to observe the behavior of 'bzr shelve': 'INSIDE_EMACS=1 ./bzr shelve'16:49
bpierreby how do you control the shelf ui from emacs?16:49
vilaoh ! Sorry16:49
bpierrewith VIM, :!bzr uncommit16:49
vilaI run a shell under emacs16:49
bpierreworks ok16:49
bpierreso how do you start the shell, that's all I'm asking!16:49
vilaa regular bash shell *except* the input is line based16:49
vilaM-x shell16:50
vilaM for meta, 'ESC x' works too16:50
bpierreok! and not M-! command16:50
bpierregot it16:50
vilabpierre: just curious, how well do you know emacs ?16:53
vilahmm, you have it installed obviously16:53
bpierreno well at all! just installed it, for that and testing notmuch, started with it, before converting to vim :)16:54
bpierre10 years ago16:54
vilabpierre: OMG, you went to the Dark Side ! vi, vi, vi VIVIVI is the editor of The Beast !16:59
vilabpierre: I've seen rms in flesh as St IGNUcis for the first time recently, the guy has a strong sense of auto-derision ;)   http://stallman.org/saint.html17:15
vilabpierre: A *good* way to understand what my patch fix: with an older bzr version: add a line in a file, try to shelve it.17:37
vilabpierre: and watch your added line still present 8-)17:38
AuroraBorealisshould i report a bug if bzr ran out of memory doing something?17:38
vilabpierre: you just type 'y\n' and shelve sees 'y' '\n' (default n) '\n' (default n) and think you don't want to shelve it finally :)17:39
vilaAuroraBorealis: es, that would be helpful and awesome! Especially if you mentioned your hardware config ( mem size, proc, etc) and the software one (bzr version, plugin versions, etc) and of course the data (urls, formats, revision ids, etc) so we can reproduce and compare17:41
vilaAuroraBorealis: we may need time to fix it but we'll know how close we get along the way ;)17:42
AuroraBorealisi was trying to...convert the git repo for the linux kernel17:42
AuroraBorealisand first i ran out of memory, then i ran into this bug =P https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/54162617:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 541626 in Bazaar "'BTreeBuilder' object has no attribute '_find_ancestors'" [High,Triaged]17:42
vilaAuroraBorealis: <cough> 2.1.0 ??17:46
AuroraBorealisdo you mean thats the bzr version i'm using?17:47
AuroraBorealisi'm using 2.4.017:47
vilaAuroraBorealis: You'd really get better performance and memory consumption with 2.4 which is stable or 2.5b1 which is beta17:47
vilaoh, known bug ! Sorry, let me finish reading17:47
AuroraBorealisi also have 8 gb of memory, but i guess the version of python bzr uses is 32 bit17:49
vilaAuroraBorealis: sry, gtg, metoo the bug and subscribe17:49
vilaAuroraBorealis: and the informations mentioned above (and check the comments ?)17:50
udpso I have a recipe set up for my project, and the source is being imported from a git repository by launchpad21:06
udpI need to add a tag "upstream-0.2.4t"21:06
udpI don't know anything about bzr, but I assume that's to tag a particular revision as 0.2.4?21:06
udpsince the debian packaging info says it's building 0.2.421:07
udpI'm not sure how I'd do this since the branch is coming from git21:09
jelmerudp: hi21:16
jelmerudp: still there?21:16
udpHi jelmer, yeah I am21:16
jelmerudp: git imports should import tags as well, so if you create one in Git it should create a matching tag in bzr21:17
jelmerudp: that said, why do you need that particular tag? It shouldn't be necessary for the recipe.21:17
udpah, I didn't realise it did21:17
udpthanks - well, I'm getting "bzr: ERROR: No such tag: upstream-0.2.4t hooks - Stage 5/5"21:17
jelmerudp: try building with --allow-fallback-to-native21:18
udpI guess it'd be building HEAD if I did that?21:18
jelmerudp: well, this is about how it determines the upstream source21:20
jelmerudp: if you specify --allow-fallback-to-native then it will simply create a "native" debian package if it can't find the upstream source21:21
udpOK, I don't get the error if I use --allow-fallback-to-native21:23
jelmerI'm fixing the error message to be a bit clearer.21:24
udpcan I add --allow-fallback-to-native to the recipe itself?21:27
jelmerudp: no, but launchpad has it enabled already21:27
udpah ok - cheers21:30
udpodd, there's a *_source.changes file being generated in the working directory when I run dailydeb - it includes an incorrect Changed-By email address which is causing lintian to fail (it uses my local hostname)21:41
udpit's not the address from `bzr whoami`21:42
jelmerudp: I'm not entirely sure what the logic behind that is21:44
AuroraBorealisjelmer i posted my bzr version to that MemoryError bug21:57
udpnever mind, starting a new terminal solved it - I tried to build on launchpad again, but it failed with "bzr: ERROR: Failed to apply quilt patches"21:59
udpthere aren't any patches22:00
jelmerudp: is there a debian/patches/series file?22:00
udpyes, it's blank22:00
jelmerudp: launchpad is still running a fairly old bzr-builder which has problems with that22:00
jelmerudp: if you remove debian/patches it should work22:02
wgzAuroraBorealis: ha, I should have refreshed the bug page22:11
jelmerAuroraBorealis: thanks22:11
AuroraBorealisi have 8 gb of memory, so i would think that it shouldn't..run out o.o22:11
jelmerAuroraBorealis: I'm not sure about bzr-fastimport, but I remember importing linux with bzr-git at some point22:12
wgzyou need to install it youself from parts if you want that to be true.22:12
jelmerauroraborealis: I'm also pretty sure the Launchpad vcs-imports don't have that much memory22:12
AuroraBorealisyeah i would think not22:12
wgzbecause bzr only provides 32-bit windows installers22:12
AuroraBorealisit seems that the importing was fine22:13
AuroraBorealisbut repacking it caused it to run out of memory22:13
wgzjelmer: launchpad doesn't run on widnows.22:13
wgz...or windows22:13
jelmermaybe John will have something useful to say about this on Monday22:13
wgzI posted some observations to the bug.22:13
wgzthere are like, three things we could fix that I can see, but I don't know which are important without actual memory measurements22:14
AuroraBorealisis there a way to do memory measurements?22:15
AuroraBorealisis that what lp:meliae is?22:15
udpjelmer: It built successfully on launchpad - thanks for your help  :-)22:15
jelmerAuroraBorealis: yep, meliae can indeed help with memory usage analysis22:15
wgzyup, if you have that when you OOM it does a dump.22:15
jelmerudp: cool, glad I could help22:16
AuroraBorealisok i shall try this out22:16
AuroraBorealisi might run out of disk space though haha22:16
AuroraBorealisthe fast export file is 20 gigs >.>22:16
wgzAuroraBorealis: I'd really like if you tried a 64-bit bzr if you're okay with building python things yourself22:16
AuroraBorealisyeah i can try that22:16
AuroraBorealisnot sure how i do that on windows22:16
wgzyou need a 64 bit python and the compiler it built with for starts...22:17
jelmerwgz: ah, you're Martin!22:17
AuroraBorealiswhich compiler is that?22:18
jelmerwgz: What made your "m" go upside down?22:18
wgz...I didn't quite stick to irc hours discipline22:18
jelmeryeah, it's hard on all of us :)22:18
wgzAuroraBorealis: let me check, I'm slightly concerned that the old free beer MSVCs were 32 bit only22:20
AuroraBorealisi *should* have access to all of the microsoft visual studio stuff, just need to ask my school22:20
wgz..I've typed "54 bit" like, three times now22:21
wgzokay, this is the first thing I've turned up on google that looks even vaguely useful: <http://mattptr.net/2010/07/28/building-python-extensions-in-a-modern-windows-environment/>22:22
wgzas with all such things, some of what it says is probably out of date22:22
AuroraBorealisive heard that vs2008 is the correct one too22:23
wgzthis no doubt still stands though  "Visual C++ express works, as long as it’s 2008."22:23
wgzso, you should be able to get it to work.22:23
AuroraBorealisso then, i just download bzr from source22:24
AuroraBorealisand then what do i compile?22:24
wgzhm, jelmer, do you know if the C-from-pyrex sources in the tarball can be used straight up?22:25
jelmerwgz: I think so; the ugliness of the generated code is in part due to it trying to support all possible compilers22:26
wgzif so, you should just then be able to do `...Python2.7/python.exe setup.py` for Bazaar... then you'll need to do a similar thing for the two fastimport packages22:26
wgzand meliae... anything else?22:27
wgz*`python setup.py install`22:27
wgzask in here if you get stuck at any point or need more help.22:28
AuroraBorealiswhich fast import packages do i need?22:28
AuroraBorealisor are those included in the bazaar source22:28
wgzlp:bzr-fastimport and lp:python-fastimport22:29
AuroraBorealisk, and do i need VS2008?22:29
AuroraBorealisso what exactly do i build with vs200822:30
AuroraBorealisi know i run setup.py for most everything22:30
wgzsetup.py will call the compiler for you, for the modules that need compiling22:31
wgz(*should, see that blog post if it doesn't work)22:31
* AuroraBorealis starts the download22:33
lifelesswgz: mgz by another nick?22:56
wgzlifeless: otherwise I'd forget to logout and be ghosting come Monday all the time22:59
lifelesswgz: welcome to Canonical!22:59
AuroraBorealisi can't seem to branch lp:bzr23:00
AuroraBorealisit just sits there at "starting" =/23:00
wgzAuroraBorealis: I suggest you get the tarball, will save you needing cythong23:00
lifelessAuroraBorealis: are you behind a proxy perhaps ?23:00
AuroraBorealisi'm not23:00
wgzlifeless: and welcome to not being able to stay logged out over the weekend? :)23:01
lifelesswgz: working on something we're passionate about, from home, tends to lead to blurred lines ;)23:01
wgzyou have <http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.7.2/python-2.7.2.amd64.msi> already right?23:01
lifelesswgz: for instance, I've just triaged a hundred or so stale LP bugs23:02
wgzlifeless - he's passionate about stale bugs23:03
wgzthey eat funny things in nz...23:03
AuroraBorealisbzr seems to be trying to open the repo with subversion or something23:03
lifelesswgz: :P I'm passionate about LP23:03
wgz!pastebin the log quickly AuroraBorealis?23:04
ubot5wgz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:04
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:04
AuroraBorealisthis is unrelated to the memory error thing, its just not branching lp:bzr and creating a repo has weird output o.o  http://paste.ubuntu.com/700769/23:06
wgzugh, yeah, that's not pretty.23:06
AuroraBorealisno idea why its doing it, i'm just creating a new repo >.>23:07
AuroraBorealisit also seems to be denying my public key23:08
AuroraBorealisback to what i was doing, its saying that no cython or pyrex is installed. do i need those?23:11
wgzshouldn't say that if you went with the tarball?23:12
wgzotherwise yeah, you'll need one23:12
AuroraBorealisyeah its with the tarball23:12
AuroraBorealisjust did python27_64 setup.py and its saying "no cython, trying pyrex...pyrex is not available"23:13
wgzdid it then fail?23:13
* wgz checks the setup.py logic23:13
AuroraBorealisi was just checking the arguments23:14
AuroraBorealisit said that then printed the usage23:14
wgzah, it looks like it'll say that23:14
wgzbut then build anyway23:14
wgzso, don't worry23:14
AuroraBorealisnow its saying cython is there23:14
AuroraBorealisso yay23:14
fullermd_Obviously, it thinks you have questionable values.23:15
wgzpastebin traceback?23:16
wgzdid you get the windows 7 sdk?23:16
AuroraBorealisno i didn't23:16
* AuroraBorealis installs that23:17
wgz<http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=3138> is what you want I think23:17
wgz^that error might be one of the ones the blog post from earlier had a workaround for23:17
AuroraBorealisyeah i'm installing it now23:18
wgzsee the "Trick distutils" section23:18
wgzwhich comes after "Install the Windows 7 Platform SDK"23:18
* wgz hugs fullermd and his underscore23:19
AuroraBorealisannnnd installation failed on the sdk23:19
* AuroraBorealis cries23:20
* wgz offers emotional support23:20
AuroraBorealisthe error was "see the config html page for more information"23:21
AuroraBorealisthanks microsfot23:21
wgzdid it dump a html log anywhere obvious?23:25
AuroraBorealisi have the log23:25
AuroraBorealisno idea what its actually doing23:25
fullermd_Aiee!  There's an underscore on my back??  Get it off!  Get it off!!23:26
* wgz swats at it23:27
* fullermd_ spins around barking and biting as his tail.23:27
=== fullermd_ is now known as fullermd
AuroraBorealisfound something promising on google, one se23:27
wgzthe list of errors there is amusing23:28
AuroraBorealisthe fix is diving deeep into the registry23:28
AuroraBorealisand now i apparently need to reboot23:34

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