hazmat argh.. hotspot down to edge networking00:02
jimbakerhazmat, i'm trying to ssh into the local lxc containers with juju ssh. but i'm getting a pw prompt. looking at the code, i would expect it to just enable me to use my public key. what am i missing here?01:29
hazmatjimbaker, it should use your key02:20
hazmatjimbaker, although i had a minor accident today where i tried to ssh into the container from a root shell.. it needs to be the shell of the user who bootstrapped02:21
hazmatSpamapS, are you going to the wikipedia hack days in nola?02:21
hazmati was just considering going down there02:22
jimbakerhazmat, ok, it's not working for me then. i'm using  local-origin-passthrough however02:25
jimbakerdoes that depend on some other branches?02:25
hazmatjimbaker, hmmm. let me push my latest02:25
hazmatjimbaker, that's the one i'm working against02:25
jimbakerhazmat, ok02:25
hazmati gave up on my last attempt after my hotspot switched to edge02:25
hazmatalthough i was definitely able to ssh into my container02:26
hazmatjimbaker, looks like the latest is pushed02:27
jimbakerhazmat, definitely annoying that, although i find it's more of a transitory thing - maybe 5 min. assuming a place w/ a normal good signal02:27
hazmatjimbaker, i started putting the customize script output into the data-dir under units02:27
jimbakerhazmat, i was trying the latest02:27
hazmatthat's what setups the container pretty much.. there's lots of logs on disk in the data-dir .. machine agent, container logs, customize script logs02:28
hazmatjimbaker, where you doing it from a root shell?02:28
jimbakerhazmat, no, just letting it ask for sudo as usual02:28
hazmatjimbaker, you can poke at the constructed container to see if the key is there its under /var/lib/lxc02:29
hazmatthere should be an authorized key file  under /home/ubuntu/.ssh02:29
jimbakerhazmat, it's there02:30
hazmati'm definitely able to login02:30
hazmatvia ssh against the ubuntu user02:31
jimbakerhazmat, yeah, that's what it was prompting me for02:31
hazmatjimbaker, how are you doing ssh? using juju?02:31
jimbakerhazmat, yes02:31
jimbakerjuju ssh wordpress/0, usual stuff02:31
hazmatah.. i've been doing ssh by hand02:31
* hazmat tries juju ssh02:31
jimbakerhazmat, i don't know enough about lxc, so i've been using the tool here ;)02:32
hazmatjimbaker, dig @ container-name02:32
hazmatwill give the ip address02:32
hazmatjimbaker, your actually farther than  i am atm, i haven't gotten the unit agent running (which means no juju ssh)02:32
hazmati committed and pushed the fixes, but wasn't able to do a final run, due to lack of networking02:33
hazmattrying again02:33
jimbakerhazmat, i really was just tried juju ssh 0 in this case02:33
hazmatjimbaker, you can't do that02:33
hazmati mean you can02:33
hazmatbut its not what you think02:33
jimbakeryeah, that makes sense02:33
hazmatjimbaker, juju ssh 002:33
hazmatis to login into a machine02:33
hazmatbut all the units are on localhost02:34
hazmatone machine02:34
hazmatso its rather pointless and we don't mess with the host user's authorized keys in their home directory02:34
jimbakeri think the more relevant thing is the data-dir02:34
jimbakerat least i might see something02:34
hazmatso that won't work unless you've explicitly set it up02:34
jimbakerbasically none of the service units start, just like your experience02:35
hazmatjimbaker, are you doing this juju-origin set?02:38
jimbakerhazmat, i tried, that didn't work02:38
jimbakerso now, no02:38
hazmatjimbaker, yeah.. ppa should work02:56
hazmatjimbaker, except it fails because of the protocol version increment, but the unit agents are running with it02:56
hazmati'm still debugging why they don't come up with juju-origin02:56
hazmatalthough at this point, its time for a weekend02:56
jimbakerhazmat, sounds like a reasonable decision to me too! enjoy02:59
hazmatbcsaller, have you ever seen the pty allocation error03:42
hazmatit keeps coming up for me, very annoying.. basically needs a reboot03:42
bcsallerI've never gotten it, no03:42
_mup_juju/local-origin-passthrough r416 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com03:55
_mup_add python-yaml dep for branch installs, and switch address map s/lxc/local03:55
hazmatall working now, nice04:08
_mup_juju/unit-info-cli r422 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com04:23
_mup_missing bin/unit-get04:23
_mup_Bug #863816 was filed: We need a cross-provider way to allow units to get pub/priv address info <juju:In Progress by hazmat> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/863816 >04:42
_mup_Bug #864164 was filed: Must complain if charm hooks aren't executable <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/864164 >16:49

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