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Guest30234I am trying to set up an older laptop with Kubuntu to be used by my kids and need help setting up the wireless card02:37
Guest30234Can anyone help?02:38
mark_What is a good FTP client for Kubuntu?02:48
DaskreechGuest30234: What's the issue?02:50
Daskreechmark_: Whats needed for it to be good?02:51
mark_Trying to connect to my new Redstonehost server through FTP. I haven't used FTP in quite awhile and the last time I did I used  fireftp. I was hoping for one that is a program and not a plug-in though.02:52
Daskreechmark_: have you tried dolphin?03:01
mark_Daskreech: Dolphin works as an FTP client?03:02
DaskreechAll KDE apps03:02
DaskreechAll kde apps do03:02
DaskreechDolphin just happens to be a file manager as well :)03:02
DaskreechPress F3 to split your windows03:03
Daskreechthen press ctrl+l to get the Address bar at the top03:03
Daskreechtype in ftp://username@servername03:03
Daskreechshould ask you for the password then there you go03:03
DaskreechBrowse around it like it was a folder on your computer03:03
mark_Trying that now03:04
mark_it works :D03:05
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Gavin__my backtrack's ibus can't write down chinese - -07:43
Gavin__i have used google07:44
Gavin__but l can't solve the problem07:45
Gavin__my OS is backtrack 5 r1 x6407:45
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ikoniaGavin__: try the channel #backtrack-linux07:55
ikoniaGavin__: this channels for #kubuntu, not backtrack07:56
Gavin__ok  just now i asked this  but nobody answer - -maybe they are busy....07:57
ikoniapossibly, by just because they don't answer doesn't mean we will support it.07:58
ikoniathe ubuntu channels only support the ubuntu products07:58
ikoniaGavin__: also you're telling lies, you didn't ask in #backtrack-linux07:58
ikoniaI'd rather you didn't lie to me07:59
Gavin__Channel #backtrack-linux created on Mon Jan 11 09:59:30 201007:59
Gavin__my backtrack's ibus can't write down chinese - -07:59
Gavin__i have used google07:59
Gavin__but l can't solve the problem07:59
Gavin__my OS is backtrack 5 r1 x6407:59
FloodBotK1Gavin__: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:59
ikoniaGavin__: I'm in the channel now. you've just joined and you've not spoke08:00
ikoniaGavin__: you know you need to be registered to talk in the channel #backtrack-linux08:01
ikonia!register | Gavin__08:01
ubottuGavin__: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode08:01
Gavin__OK  l have solved the problem....08:13
Gavin__thank you .08:13
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TheLastProjectIs there any way to disable the "recently used" tab? =/ I even went as far as making the .recently-used file only readable and writeable for root but that didn't seem to help at all =/09:41
rpsyji just got Kubuntu 10.1010:29
rpsyjcan anyone tell me, how to make my login screen look like the Ubuntu 10.10 one?10:29
rpsyji mean, when you press one of the buttons with usernames you enter the password10:30
Kottizenyou can look for themes here: http://kde-look.org/index.php?xcontentmode=40x4110:32
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pvivekMy microphone doesn't work in Kubuntu but works in other os. I am not able to configure it from a month. I would be very glad if i can get some proper guidance towards setting it up11:42
pvivekIt  doesn't work in skype or gtalk :( how do i set it up ? I have heard its muted by default. How do i unmute it ?11:43
avihaypvivek: try getting a software called pulse volume control, and mess with the input devices. worked for me11:50
avihayDoes pulse audio have any concept of a pc-speaker?11:51
SALLOUMWhere can I find a good reference for begginers?13:12
NewbeeI have a weired problem13:16
Newbeekmail says that it cannot save my mail-password in kwallet because it is unawailable.13:17
Newbeebut I it got the passwords for the other accounts from kwallet.13:17
NewbeeI don't knwo what to do now. Can anybody please help?13:17
Gantrusdoes anyone in here farm cocks?13:35
Gantrusas in is anyone in here a cock farmer?13:38
TheLastProjectSounds just as bad :P But well, I already got your point, just somewhat bored... And don't know, me not, that's all I can say.13:40
Gantrusnah cock is not a bad word it refers to the male chook13:46
Gantrusas in the cock went up the girls arsehole13:46
BluesKajhi folks14:06
Gantrusas in the cock went up the girls arsehole14:08
BluesKajGantrus, enough !14:12
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.14:12
BluesKajyes, absolutely...do you have a kubuntu question ?14:14
Gantrusyes..do you want me to finger your arsehole??14:17
ikoniaBluesKaj: appreciate the effort14:17
OerHekshow do i disable recently used doc in KDE menu, all i can find is set permissions to non for .recently-used14:19
BluesKajikonia, unfortunately even idiots like him use linux14:19
rwrwhow do I make kubuntu's desktop like ubuntus?16:02
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OerHeksyou like the unity-sidebar, rwrw ? sorry, not available in Kubuntu16:03
rwrwno not the unity crap16:03
rwrwinstead of having the floating desktop folder16:04
rwrwhave the folder right on the desktop16:04
rwrwI want folders and files right on the desktop16:05
rwrwhere is what i want: http://img24.exs.cx/img24/5060/desktop200503242rg.png16:07
rwrwhere is the desktop by default: http://files.cyberciti.biz/uploads/tips/2008/10/kubuntu-810-desktop-screen.png16:08
rwrwjust the desktop icons and files, not the bottom panel16:08
OerHeksi see, you can change activity's to dektop folder , in the upper right corner16:08
rwrwok thx, I missed the button in the upper right hand corner16:09
OerHekshave fun :-)16:09
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georgeso, I've installed this ppa https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/pre-proposed because of nattey power regression bug. It just want to know if this changes anything on BIOS or the like, because know my laptop runs hotter than before16:34
georgeI"ve already purge the ppa and the kernel, but even using older kernel version, cpu temp is + 60ºC, before installing it, it was around 45-8 ºC16:34
well_laid_lawnit wouldn't edit the bios16:36
OerHeksthe regression in the kernel occures in 3.+16:36
georgeOerHeks: Hello. I didn't touch anything, just installed this ppa which changed kernel 2.6.38-11.26 to 2.6.38-11.51 (lot of numbers, pre-proposed). I've already purged the kernel and the ppa, but cpu temp didn't dropped to previous levels16:38
OerHekshmm my current kernel is 2.6.38-11-generic #5016:39
user_does anyone else have problems with adjusting screen brightness in kubuntu 11.04?16:45
meddyhi, who know how to run minecraft on ubuntu. It crash:/ , I have got Radeon graphic card...16:46
georgeOerHeks: what I don't get is why the cpu temp is so high. It wasn't that high before. Even now, I'm using kernel 2.6.36 , it's still higher than before16:50
OerHeksdid you try to setup lmsensors again ?16:51
u19809hi all, i try to make vlc use the phonon backend but it does not seem to want to. how can I do that ?16:56
billytwowillyCan anyone tell me how to check if my motherboard supports hard drive bigger than 2 TB? I've been looking in google iwth litte success...16:59
well_laid_lawnif it uses sata you'll be fine17:00
OerHeksbillytwowilly, go to the site of the manufacturor, and see the technical manual ?17:03
billytwowillyit's sata.17:04
billytwowillyOerHeks: I emailed asus 2 days ago, no response yet. I guess I'll just keep waiting.17:04
georgeOerHeks: how do I setup lmsensors again?17:06
georgeOerHeks: I didn't uninstall the package17:06
georgeok, done that right know. Do I have to reboot?17:08
OerHeksno, i guess not.17:09
well_laid_lawnmight have to modprobe17:10
georgewell_laid_lawn:and how do i do that? already run sensors-detect.17:11
well_laid_lawnit should have mentioned the module needed17:11
well_laid_lawnin the sensors-detect output17:14
well_laid_lawnI haven't run it in a while and am working from memory17:15
melodieHey, I'm having a problem with my setting up my HDMI cable from my compupter to my tv. Dose anyone know if this a a video card problem, or is it becuase my computer runs of linux...or what?17:17
well_laid_lawnwith so little to go on I would guess it's a pebcak issue17:19
BluesKajmelodie, which graphics card ?17:20
melodieBluesKaj: I don't quite know how to find that out. I'm basacly clueless17:21
BluesKajmelodie, open a terminal and do , sudo lshw -C video17:22
melodieThats the pastebin of what it says17:24
melodieWould a vga cable be better?17:25
melodiesince I don't have a great hd...17:26
BluesKajvga is video only , and depending on the tv's resolution capability and connections , hdmi is much better17:27
melodieDo it is the graphic card that isn't good enough for the HDMI cable?17:28
BluesKajmelodie, what connections do you have on your tv and your pc  , are there hdmi connectors on both?17:30
melodieYes, on both the tv and the computer. The computer only has one HDMI connection though, while the tv has 217:31
BluesKajmelodie, is the hdmi cable conneceted ? and do you have ati ctalyst installed ?17:32
BluesKajerr catalyst17:32
melodieYes, the HDMI cable is connected. But Idk what the..umm catalyst is?17:33
melodie(Connected to both the tv and the computer.)17:33
BluesKajati catalyst is a GUI for controlling your graphics card17:33
melodiedo you have link to the download or something17:34
u19809does anybody know how I can install the qt 32bit libs on a 64bit system using kubuntu packages ?17:34
BluesKaju19809, make sure you have ia32 installed17:35
u19809I have but I am seem to be missing some plugins (mysql driver)17:36
BluesKajmelodie, have you set the tv to the hdmi input connected to your pc ?17:36
BluesKaju19809, running a server/database ?17:37
u19809no regular natty desktop.17:37
u19809on a laptop17:37
u19809In fact I have the libs on my desktop system but i cannot remember how I did install them ... if i didn't just copy them over that is17:38
melodieBluesKaj: Yes, i have the "Catalyst Control Center for the ATI graphics Accelerators" Downloaded. And yes, it is on the correct input channel that my hdmi input is on.17:39
melodieBluesKaj: I'm guessing since I already seem to have everything hooked up right and stuff that my graphics card just isn't the greatest.17:41
BluesKajmelodie, no \17:43
BluesKajit's a good card , it probly needs the right driver  or settings17:44
melodieBluesKaj: Then do you know how I can fix that?17:44
BluesKajlook in the catalyst settings for hdmi graphical output or some such17:45
melodieFor the settings it will only let me chose single display desktop on the display manager. I'm signed in as adminastrative  but I still don't know how to change that setting...17:50
BluesKajmelodie, is the catalyst showing the correct card model and resolution ?17:54
melodie1280 * 1024 is the resolution and it is showing the correct card model...17:57
BluesKajmelodie, what kind od tv ? flatscreen-widescreen or ?17:59
melodieit is a VIZIO 19 by 19 inches17:59
BluesKajok , so it's a pc-monitor type ...vga will work well...I thought it was a large flatscreen 16x9 aspect ratio tv18:01
BluesKajdue to the hdmi connections18:02
BluesKajthose aren't hdmi melodie , those dvi i believe18:03
melodieIt has both a HDMI port and a vga port in the back18:06
melodiealong with the standard deffinition plugs18:07
BluesKajmelodie, but your card specs say DVI18:07
BluesKajDVI looks a bit like VGA , but witj more pins and the cables usually have white connectors , VGA are blue18:09
melodieSo I need to get DVI to HDMI since I have a DVI port in the back, or should I just get a VGA and use that. I mean, not having sound is something I think I can work my way around18:09
BluesKajdoes the Vizio have built ib speakers ?18:10
BluesKaj19x19 inches is an odd size18:11
melodieI know, its pretty small... Its my step brothers, dosnt matter though. I just need to get this working.18:12
BluesKajwell then obviously it connects both audio and videom thru the vga18:13
melodieI thought VGA only did video18:13
BluesKajis there an audio plugin on the monitor ?18:14
melodieThere are the normal red and white ones, but not on the RGB(VGA) input channel, no.18:15
BluesKajmelodie, did the monitor come with cables , if it did , use those... i have to go ...BBL18:19
joeinghhello i installed the latest kubuntu with wubi and now when i boot it it displays a message about my keyboard layout then its stuck with the blue start screen, any idea what could be the issue?18:45
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joeinghthx you guys for your understanding and help19:00
g0rs!weather 4727421:25
skreech_g0rs: What?21:30
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g0rsskreech_ : is there a weatherbot?21:31
Daskreechg0rs: In here?21:45
DaskreechNo. Perhaps one of the offtopic21:45
g0rsDaskreech: yes, a weather bot .I was checking the temperature at various locations21:45
DaskreechNot here I think.21:46
DaskreechHmm wonder if that's in Krunner21:46
g0rsDaskreech: there are a few channels which also have a weather bot21:50
g0rsDaskreech: I'm not sure if they have it on freenode21:50
Daskreechg0rs: Yes there are a number on freenode as well. Just this is a support channel so we have an Admin bot to ban people being obnoxious and a support bot to help people (help people) but no weather bot21:56
Daskreechg0rs: No Krunner plasmoid but that might be cool to build21:57
phoenix_firebrdDolhin hangs when i change the view to detail while browsing a folder that  contains 6200 image files(jpg), total size of the images is  about 130 mb.  I am using kubuntu 11.10, is this a general issue or should i use ubuntu+122:13
TheEvilPhoenixphoenix_firebrd:  you shouldn't use ubuntu+122:19
TheEvilPhoenixat least not until its released as stable22:19
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: what?22:19
TheEvilPhoenix"I am using kubuntu 11.10, is this a general issue or should i use ubuntu+1"  <---22:19
TheEvilPhoenix11.10 != stable22:20
TheEvilPhoenixhaving said that22:20
TheEvilPhoenix#ubuntu+1 for 11.10 support22:20
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: oh, till now i thought someone using a beta version should use ubuntu+122:20
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: so can you help me?22:20
TheEvilPhoenixall 11.10 people need to use #ubuntu+1 for support22:20
* TheEvilPhoenix misread your previous statement22:21
TheEvilPhoenixhaving said that, preceed channel names with #22:21
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: sure22:21
TheEvilPhoenixno, i won't be able to help you, #ubuntu+1 might be able to22:21
TheEvilPhoenixemphasis on *MIGHT*22:21
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: ok , i will try my luck there22:21
TheEvilPhoenix(and btw, i have that same "lag"/"hang" when i open a folder with >= 1500 files on EVERY desktop environment and EVERY filemanager)22:22
TheEvilPhoenixand i'm on 11.04 :P22:22
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: In linux or even in Microsoft windows?22:22
TheEvilPhoenixeven in WIndows, but WIndows sucks22:23
TheEvilPhoenixand you do NOT want me ranting about windows in here22:23
TheEvilPhoenixi've been quiet/banned in #ubuntu twice for that22:23
TheEvilPhoenix(granted i was drunk then, but still)22:23
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: he he he22:23
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: I entered this place after removing windows from my system22:24
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: thats 3 yrs back22:24
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: In 11.04 Dolphin can even load the folder fully, may its because of my 1 gb RAM22:24
TheEvilPhoenixi've been using Ubuntu (GNOME) since 9.0422:25
TheEvilPhoenixi just recently started using KDE22:25
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: nice22:25
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: What amount of RAM do you have?22:27
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: are you there?22:27
TheEvilPhoenixphoenix_firebrd:  this system, or all my systems?22:29
* TheEvilPhoenix has numerous systems22:29
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: The one you used to browse those 1500 files22:29
TheEvilPhoenixphoenix_firebrd:  4GB RAM, DDR3, 3.3GHz quad core desktop22:30
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: Then the problem should be dolphin22:31
phoenix_firebrdThere is no error message displayed in  konsole and even strace gives me nothing22:31
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: i am going to try Konqueror22:34
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: It also hangs22:35
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: Do you know any other good file manager?22:36
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TheEvilPhoenixphoenix_firebrd:  no, but what I found was after I cloned the thing to a 7200 RPM SATA drive, it took less hang time22:45
TheEvilPhoenixi think it has something to do with indexing the files  first22:45
TheEvilPhoenixand then loading the info into the filemanager22:45
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: Mine also sata 7200 rpm22:46
TheEvilPhoenix(note that running 'ls' in terminal and timing the output times even shows a relative difference)22:46
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: let me check mine22:47
* TheEvilPhoenix unfortunately has also tested a hardware RAID5 system with the same general setup22:47
TheEvilPhoenixand the gui filemanagers took time to work too22:48
TheEvilPhoenixof course the CLI 'ls' took only a few milliseconds on the RAID5, but meh22:48
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: one min22:49
phoenix_firebrdtrying krusade22:53
phoenix_firebrdTheEvilPhoenix: trying krusade22:53
tonywadewhat makes kubuntu ant different to ubuntu?22:59
g0rstonywade: kubuntu runs on kde and ubuntu is on gnome . Ubuntu is the standalone os , there are several desktop environments on it.23:02
tonywadeis there any difference to someone like me who does not know what u are on about?23:04
g0rstonywade: well the difference for you is the userinterface, the gui with which you use the OS .23:04
g0rstonywade: its the biggest difference for you.23:05
tonywadeok well i have ubuntu how can i try it out?23:05
g0rstonywade: ifyou are a beginnier, its better to go with kde or else gnome ( if you prefer simplicity)23:05
g0rstonywade: ubuntu has gnome  it runs out of box without any configuration like kubuntu.23:06
g0rstonywade: burn an iso file and install it on your computer23:07
tonywadeburn that sounds dangerous23:07
g0rstonywade: compile an iso file onto a cd or dvd disk and install your os by booting from the cd23:08
g0rstonywade: there are tutorials on the web which will walk youthrough the installation process.23:08
tonywadeok where?23:09
phoenix_firebrdha ha ha23:09
tonywadewhats so funny?23:10
phoenix_firebrdtonywade: what did you think when g0rs said to burn23:10
tonywadei was only messing (sorry g0rs)23:11
phoenix_firebrdtonywade: :)23:11
g0rstonywade: :)23:11
tonywadehow do i wubi to install kubuntu?23:16
* szal looks up the verb 'wubi' in the dictionary23:19
tonywadei have to go see ye later with more questions23:20
OerHekswubi.exe needs wine23:25
stuqis there some trick to getting the filter panel in dolphin to un-grey?23:40
stuqrunning kde 4.7.123:41
skierpageI wanted to search for some text in Kubuntu 11.04. I found `strigiclient`, ran it, it showed "-1 documents indexed", I clicked some button to index, then my disk ground away until X or kdm segfaulted and KDE restarted :-(23:44
skierpageIs strigiclient the wrong thing to run?23:45
skierpageAlso,  I have a ~/.strigi with 464MB in ~/.strigi/clucene, but it hasn't updated since 2010-08-09, should I delete it?23:45
skierpageIs there any guide at all to finding stuff with Kubuntu 11.04?23:59

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