jelmeryofel: the / needs to be urlencoded, although that doesn't appear to be working either on Launchpad (it seems to work locally)00:15
yofelthanks for taking a look anyway00:16
wgrantSweetshark: I've fixed those links.00:20
wgrantSweetshark: (any reason to go with series names like "libreoffice-3-3" rather than just "3.3"? Projects generally use the latter)00:24
wgrantSweetshark: Also, why df-libreoffice rather than libreoffice? Do you want a rename and/or redirect?00:25
sorenwgrant: Well, dpkg-genchanges excludes the arch: all packages, so they won't get uploaded anyway :(00:39
sorenwgrant: Since they never make it into the binary .changes file.00:39
wgrantsoren: Ah, that's not entirely helpful.01:24
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chrysnhi, i'm just registering my software with launchpad, and have difficulties setting up proper series.16:33
chrysni'm maintaining everything in git, and have a "master" and a "release" branch there, which i'd like to have tracked in different series.16:34
chrysni've tried creating a new launchpad branch to track the git branch so the launchpad series can track the launchpad branch, but i couldn't set up another launchpad branch:16:36
chrysn"register a branch" doesn't allow git tracking, and just before, i tried something else (still looking where it wsa) which told me that i already tracked that git repo (which is true, but i wanted to go for another git branch16:36
chrysn"import a branch", that was it -- but it seems i can only use master16:37
chrysndoes this mean i have to publish the release git branch in another git repo as "master"?16:38
dobeychrysn: http://blog.launchpad.net/code/git-branch-imports-now-in-public-beta16:52
chrysnthanks, dobey -- that at least explicitly states the problem. (for the moment, i'll just have it track the published tarballs, should be identical anyway)17:00
chrysnconcerning the import queue of translations: what hints can i give launchpad so it assignes .po files automatically to the respective template? the ones in the initial import all needed manual intervention, and i'd like to keep that down to a minimum17:07
chrysn(in my source tree, the .pot is in data/po/messages.pot, and the .po files are in data/po/$LANG.po)17:07
wgrantchrysn: Actually, that page is no longer correct.22:36
wgrantchrysn: As of a couple of weeks ago, you can import non-master branches.22:36
wgrantchrysn: There's no obvious UI for it yet, but you can still do it: add ',branch=somenonmasterbranch' to the end of the import URL.22:37
idnarhttp://blog.launchpad.net/general/gmail-dkim is only applicable for gmail.com, not google apps domains, right?23:56
idnarI assume those would need to be whitelisted individually, which is somewhat unfortunate :/23:57

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