freedom07anyone on 11.10 beta's? or daily builds yet?09:04
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swat_hi all!10:13
swat_just started testing lubuntu on my samsung nc1010:14
swat_really really impressed how fast it is compared to the standard unity based desktop10:14
freedom07lubuntu 11.10 daily build is looking good11:33
dr-leeis there a security problem downloading lubuntu-11.04.iso as torrent when transmission warns: unregistered torrent?12:52
c933103...if transmission report this problem it usually just mean the torrent not registered to the tracker server?12:54
dr-leeyes....but why ??12:55
dr-leeis this a security ploblem for me?12:55
c933103..it is most probably server-side problem.....although i don't know if it really is or not..12:57
dr-leethats the point13:00
dr-leeno information on the net13:00
dr-leemaybe its because kernel.org was hacked13:01
szczurunregistered torent  meand that the tracker don't know anything about the torrent and doesn't know the clients seeding/leeching that file. such tracker is useless i think. Most of time i remove them from list because they won't help in downloading the file13:04
szczuryou can wait, maybe it will be back somehow13:04
szczuri don't think that's a security concern13:05
dr-leegood to know13:08
dr-leeits just downloading...but just says unregistered13:08
dr-leei am using torrent download because i ve heradt that torrent is more secure because it has its own data integrety check13:09
c933103...even bot usibg torrent you can still perform the data integrety check by using the code which i forget its name.. ..13:19
phillwc933103: md5 file checksum :)13:26
c933103O yes..13:26
KM0201phillw: did something happen during a lubuntu update?13:27
KM0201if i turn on my machine, and it boots w/o me choosing the first grub option (default). it boots, and my theme, et.c. is totally different (looks like traditional lxde, rather than lubuntu)... all my programs are there, only thing different is the theme, wallpaper setting, icons, etc.. if i boot, and actually hit "enter" on the first grub option, it boots lubuntu as I've had it for the last 6mo.13:28
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NeosanoHello. Just installed lubuntu software center on my 10.10 machine.. hmm, why I can't select more than one application in the "Get Software" tab, and why there's no "Quick Install" button to install applications without going to the basket thing?16:14
iqpihi guys, Do you know how could I stop de X server on lubuntu? I've tried killall lxsession from tty, entering runlevel 3 etc, and nothing worked :S21:45
jmarsdeniqpi: sudo service lxdm stop21:53
iqpijmarsden: thank you very much, i'm archlinux user and i am not related to this new ways to stop daemons21:54
jmarsdeniqpi: You're welcome.21:54

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