saulotoledopenguin42: cat system_bus_socket returns "device or non-existent address"00:09
bandit5432how do changge the default location?00:12
bandit5432i can get to the screen but when i tray i to add a location it will not allow it and i get no errors00:13
ian_macare there any known issues with grub default options on oneiric?  or am I completely incompetent and unable to configure it properly?00:34
prodigelhi all. Just got a brand new acer aspire 5750, installed ubuntu on it, but I encountered problems with the wireless card. thought an upgrade will help, now I have 11.10, network card is still losing packets. lspci says it's a atheros AR2987 card using ath9k. Are there any known issues regarding it? Thanks.00:39
ian_machmmm it seems so00:50
grafterr... so, oneiric is shipping with a 3.0.0 kernel, but is still bundling rails 2.3.5? what's up with that?00:53
ktosiekgraft: I guess more people whine about kernel than rails :-)00:54
graftktosiek: who in heck is whining to get an unstable kernel put in the build?00:54
graftnot enough kernel panics in your life, eh00:54
ktosiekpeople with new hardware :-P00:54
Patrickdkheh, I like new hardware00:55
Patrickdkbut then, I always install esx on the new hardware and run the systems inside vm's00:55
Patrickdkso they always look like the *same* old boring hardware :)00:55
grafthmm... anyway, so does someone know an easy way to get rails3 up in this piece?00:57
lgp171188Hi, I am trying to download a torrent on my oneiric installation overnight. But my laptop automatically sleeps after some time after lock screen. how to disable the sleep? Thanks00:58
zhiweilgp171188: power setting has the option to disable this.00:59
jbicha3.0.4 is not an unstable kernel01:01
lgp171188zhiwei: It is set to 'don't suspend' when plugged in and suspend after 30 inactive minutes when on battery. My laptop is plugged in.01:01
zhiweithis may be a bug, I can't lock ubuntu 11.1001:05
lgp171188zhiwei: Which package do I report it against? Any idea?01:05
robin0800ian_mac, are you editing etc/default/grub and afterwards sudo update-grub?01:09
zhiweilgp171188: I don't know, the packages related to this problem is : power-manager and screensaver.01:09
ian_macrobin0800, yes01:09
ian_macand the cfg file seems to get updated when I run update-grub01:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 428570 in grub2 (Ubuntu Karmic) "Default grub2 configuration won't boot through to default OS" [Medium,Incomplete]01:13
ian_macit seems to be that bug01:13
ian_macoh but different maybe - I tried different settings for timeout and they didn't work01:14
FernandoMigueltomorrow is shaving and sushi....01:16
FernandoMiguelhumm that sounds weird :P01:16
saulotoledopeople, I purged dbus (and my KDE is gone). But I continue receiving the error "Waiting for network configuration..." and "up to 60 more seconds for network configuration". What is causing this?01:31
jbichaum, why did you uninstall dbus?01:32
saulotoledojbicha: installed again, and the problem back :(   I uninstalled to try remove this message at boot: "unable to connect to system bus: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection refused", and this message at terminal sometimes:01:35
saulotoledojbicha: "Can't open system message bus connection: Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Connection refused"01:36
jbichathe error might be harmless01:38
saulotoledojbicha: At least now I know my slow boot trying load network configuration it's not from this error xD. But I wait about 2 or 3 min to system boot because the LAN error and my system do not boot correctily01:42
jbichahow am I to know what random stuff you've uninstalled? at any rate I don't use Kubuntu much01:51
bjsniderif he uninstalled dbus i doubt there's much of a usable desktop environment left02:11
Soul_Samplehi, I need help with disabling the screensaver in 11.10... my screen goes blank after 15minutes although I've turned every imaginable setting off02:54
hansg01Soul_Sample: thats on screen saver its by default ubuntu's screen lock03:13
graftso, why can't i tab-complete into directories any more?03:19
urlin2ugraft, you sure your doing it right mine works03:22
grafturlin2u: it definitely doesn't work... if i do ls dir<TAB>, it just completes as "ls dir ", doesn't show the contents03:23
urlin2ugraft, I was using a file search my mistake nevr have used this with directories.03:24
augustohello guys03:32
augustoI am using 11.10 , gnome 3 shell and adwaita gtk theme.. everytime I open a file, its apps uses a dark gtk theme. how can I solve it?03:32
jbichaaugusto: first, are you sure you're using Adwaita, second, apps like totem & eog opt into the Adwaita dark variant03:35
augustois there a way to change it?03:36
augustojbicha: is there a way to change it?03:36
jbichaaugusto: System Settings>Appearance the default is Ambiance03:37
augustoI don't like ambiance03:37
jbichachanging the window border requires you to restart GNOME Shell03:38
augustowhy totem and eog opt into adwaita dark? oh god :(03:39
graftaugusto: did you try mucking with gnome-tweak-tool?03:40
augustono, I didn't .. yet03:43
graftnice. searching for 'system settings' gets you two IDENTICAL icons, one for KDE system settings, one for unity system settings, with no way to tell them apart. who designs this stuff?03:43
saulotoledoPeople, I think there are something wrong with some package postinst configuration into oficial oneiric packages. I'm was with 2 diferent bugs who were "magically" solved. I don't have the knowledge to debug this, but I would like to invite someone with more knowledge than I to read my considerations added in a report into https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/856810 , to...03:46
ubottuUbuntu bug 856810 in netcfg (Ubuntu) "Boot hangs at "Booting system without full network configuration..."" [Undecided,Confirmed]03:46
saulotoledo...decide about the problem, or not...03:46
saulotoledoThanks all who helped me today :)03:47
SaammI fear this bug 859885 will not be fixed in Oneiric. Its a regression in unity launcher. Please can anyone look into it?03:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 859885 in unity (Ubuntu) "Minimizing a window should switch focus to the windows underneath it (breaks restore)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85988503:49
jbichagraft: that was bug 735166 which caused a bunch of controversy back in July03:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 735166 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Duplicate System Settings & System Monitor in Gnome/Unity" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73516603:52
StravHi. I just switched to 11.10 and I must say I kinda puzzeled. Is there any way to properly use the unity's launcher in auto-hide mode?04:11
StravIs it just I or?04:14
Stravplease tell me I'm wrong and there actually is a sane way to use the launcher with a mouse: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/86381004:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 863810 in unity (Ubuntu) "No sane way to access launcher when auto-hidden" [Undecided,New]04:15
Strav`Design hipsters that's what it is.04:16
robin0800Strav, if you set it to never first then auto hide will work and continue to work04:17
Strav`never first?04:19
robin0800Strav`, yes in confity if you have it or cccs04:20
Strav`robin0800: I'm using ccsm (is it what you mean?)04:21
Strav`and btw, I'm not saying auto-hide does not work, I'm saying that there's no way to properly use it without interfering with most applications.04:21
Strav`(are there more options in confity?)04:22
urlin2uStrav`, you can adjust the time it reacts.04:22
robin0800Strav`, yes I agree with the bug but this is my workaround04:23
Strav`urlin2u: yes I've played with the time it reacts. But I tend to decrease the time it takes to respond, not increase it. ;)04:24
Strav`I gotta say, some people need to know that there's a difference between usability and shiny pretty. It sure is nice and clean to have only the title displayed and the menu to show on mouse over, but I hear from a distance the new comers sayin: where the hell is my menu?! and other (more experienced users saying): great, before I could visually scan my menu and then move my cursor to the right one, now I have to move my cursor, scan the04:28
Strav`menu, and THEN move my cursor to the right place. A cursor doesn't weight a ton, but when you access you menus a hundred times per day, it's useless and anoying. (design hipsters again)04:28
Strav`Dash too is a pretty neat piece of crap while we're at it. I think I could easily name 3 to 4 basic needs that are rendered more difficult and counter intuitive by it. And hell was there really some developper time spent on that "let's color the dash with the average color of your background" thing?04:33
urlin2uStrav`, why are you using it the?04:33
Strav`Because it's been around 6 years I'm using ubuntu. Because I used to love this project and mainly, I'm generally critical of things I care about because I wish them to improve, not regress.04:35
Strav`And another because: because I involved a lot of time doing some custome configs for this box I'm using, I don't want to waste that time migrating elsewhere (not atm actually).04:36
urlin2uStrav`, your opinion is subjective no matter what, like all of ours, is this the place a support channel to express a rant?04:37
Strav`And actually there are great things with unity: the screen maximization extra space provided by the singe top window bar/menu, this is neat. The new application switcher too is nice but I guess credit goes to gnome 3 for this one.04:37
Strav`urlin2u: No my opinion might be subjective, but there are usability axioms: such as more clicks to do the same action is a waste, more mouse movements is a waste, more thinking, more guessing is a waste.04:38
Strav`urlin2u: and to be honest with you, I'm kinda just trolling to see if I might catch someone responsible for these decisions and ask him to explain me WHY?04:40
urlin2uStrav`, actually more thinking is good in the area of brain plasticity, if i make a purchase through the store in ubuntu, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brain_plasticity04:41
urlin2utajke out the part of the seb=ntence that k=makes no sense oops  if i make a purchase through the store in ubuntu,04:41
urlin2uand the spelling to doh04:42
IdleOnetrolling is only going to get you ignored04:42
Strav`urlin2u: well you know, I'd rather be thinking about how to prove a nice math conjecture than thinking: how can I click back in my browser without trigerring that damn application launcher.04:43
Strav`IdleOne: yea but ain't it fun?04:44
urlin2uonly for you, the rest wonder when you will take the meds04:44
IdleOneStrav`: not really, it is distracting to those who are here to help and get help.04:45
Strav`IdleOne: well if there's someone that'll come here for help, really, I'll let him speak.04:45
Strav`Btw, is it normal that my upgrade failed because of some problem with perl's dependencies?04:46
IdleOneStrav`: in a dev version, yes.04:46
IdleOneanything of everything is normal04:47
Strav`(I'm thinking about the general reaction people will have with those decisions concerning unity MIXED with all the defficiencies of gnome3, wow: no default way to change your icons, how to I install a theme? Didn't see those since a while.)04:48
Strav`IdleOne: I happend to be a dev so please don't lecture me about these. I'm just wondering if it's, to your knowledege, a well reported and documented issue.04:49
IdleOneif you are a dev then help fix it, patches welcome.04:49
Strav`I do contribute, but when I have time and when I feel like it (and I really don't feel like it atm).04:50
Strav`All that's spinning in my head right now is: arch arch arch baby (vanilla ice version).04:51
IdleOneok, then go and work with arch and stop blogging in this support channel.04:51
Strav`Agreed, I'm not productive. But before I leave I have one honest question for which I'd like an honest answer.04:53
Strav`What is happening with those design team? I sure am not the only one bashing his head against the wall am I? Do they take user feedback or they're just mandated to be emulating apple?04:55
IdleOneemail them and ask.04:55
IdleOnecanonical.com should have the address.04:56
sgerbinounity hater? :O04:56
Strav`Yea I'll get their mailing list.04:56
Strav`sgerbino: I don't hate unity (parts of it are really great), but there are some other parts that just don't make any sense to anyone in his right mind (in terms of clicks, mouse movement, general usability). Especially some of the "improvements" that came with 11.10.04:57
IdleOneYou going to start again? if so let me know so I can mute you.04:58
sgerbinoah, I haven't noticed major differences other than aesthetic improvements04:58
sgerbinosince 11.04 that is04:58
IdleOneThis is a support channel NOT a rant about what you don't like channel.04:58
Strav`IdleOne: just a hint like that: usability bugs are real bugs.04:59
Strav`At least in the real world they are.05:00
IdleOnelaunchpad.net is the bug tracker used05:00
IdleOneI am not saying that your concerns are not valid, what I am saying is that this channel is not the place to voice them.05:01
Strav`IdleOne: yes I'm aware of that.05:01
Strav`And I'm really leaving actually. Thanks for the steam venting.05:01
kristopherok i hear beta 2 is out. was anyone having a problem with ics and has anyone confirmed it working05:02
ian_macwow what an a$$hole05:03
ian_macpardon my language05:03
ian_macnot you kristopher05:09
kristopheryeah i know i saw the comment thanks for letting me vent by strav im guessing he came in asking questions being a dick getting no answers05:11
kristopherits irc lol05:11
Johnny_GigglesWhat version of gcc is included by default?  Is clang included by default?05:38
IdleOne  Installed: (none)05:39
IdleOne  Candidate: 2.9-11ubuntu105:39
IdleOneclang is available but not installed default05:40
Johnny_Gigglesbut version 2.905:40
Johnny_Gigglespretty good05:40
Johnny_GigglesAnything I should know about development on 11.10?05:48
Johnny_GigglesI might be virtualizing it on OS X by the way05:48
Johnny_GigglesI like gedit/gcc/Terminal05:48
Johnny_Gigglesand svn05:48
ubuntu_is beta2 pretty stable?07:17
ubuntu_I need to provision a new workstation but I don't want to have to bother with upgrading in a week or two07:18
nyuszika7hubottu ix talking o_O07:18
ubottunyuszika7h: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:18
nyuszika7hand I confused it with ubuntu_07:19
ubuntu_I just need to know if it's stable enough for a general purpose workstation right now07:19
ubuntu_is anyone here using oneiric in production yet?07:21
carli2BUG! ICS does not work07:23
Stanley00ubuntu_: oeniric is still beta testing, so if you want a stable workstation, use LTS instead07:24
carli2this tutorial is outdated07:24
carli2i cant use LTS. i have modern hardware07:24
carli2Stanley00: why should i stop beta testing if i found a bug?07:25
ubuntu_I understand it's beta.07:25
ubuntu_How stable is it07:25
Stanley00carli2: sorry, I'm talking to ubuntu_ ;)07:25
ubuntu_are we talking frequent kernel panics?07:26
carli2oh ok07:26
Stanley00ubuntu_: dont know, crash randomly ;)07:26
ubuntu_or just the random odd bug here or there?07:26
ubuntu_so you're saying it crashes randomly at this point?07:26
ubuntu_even just a couple of weeks before general release?07:26
Stanley00ubuntu_: yep, my oneiric crash when I exit xchat :))07:27
ubuntu_how do they exect to be stable if the whole system crashes on application exits...07:27
ubuntu_that sounds like BS to me07:28
Stanley00ubuntu_: haha, so I think you should use natty for a while, and wait 1 or 2 months to upgrade to oneiric ;)07:28
ubuntu_man, I'm tired of this stupid release cycle...07:29
ubuntu_I'd rn everything on Arch if rolling release didn't break fglrx every month07:29
Stanley00ubuntu_: haha, there are many distro out there, so if you dont like ubuntu, you can choose the others...07:32
ubuntu_I like ubuntu, just not the release cycle07:33
carli2xserver breaks fglrx because fglrx is not opensource and the API changes very often07:34
carli2use the open source driver if you dont play crysis with wine07:35
ubuntu_I do CAD/3D work, I have to have fglrx07:35
TheSimkinubuntulog_: maybe you should grab yourself a working video card.. like an NVIDIA :)07:45
TheSimkinati drivers are pitiful and lame07:45
TheSimkinsame as ever07:45
carli2how can I tell apport to not start firefox but giving me:08:06
carli2 - a message window from where i can copy the link08:06
carli2 - or open firefox at display :1008:06
carli2firefox dosent open but tells me "firefox is already running"08:06
carli2so i cannot report bugs.08:06
jbichacarli2: apport-cli08:08
carli2jbicha: when a program crashes, it starts apport. how can i change that?08:09
jbichacarli2: well you can totally disable apport, in fact, Ubuntu will do that soon in prepartion for stable release08:16
carli2jbicha: but i need the bugfixes, otherwise i wouldnt call the "stable relase" a stable release08:17
carli2afaik stable releases watch for bugs. so why does everyone in #ubuntu+1 tell me to not report bugs?08:18
jbichacarli2: you can ask in #ubuntu-bugs but apport-cli will let you report crashes08:18
carli2where can i disable apport to start on startup?08:19
jbichayou're confusing, first you don't want apport then you do, then you don't ;)08:19
jbichasudo nano /etc/default/apport and change enabled to 008:20
carli2the problem with apport is that it tries to open firefox at DISPLAY=:008:22
carli2but firefox is opened on display :1008:22
carli2so i cannot report bugs with apport because firefox tells me "firefox is already opened"08:22
carli2and when i disable apport in /etc/default/apport, it wouldnt collect crash data.08:24
carli2i want to use apport, but it's not working on my system. that's the point08:25
carli2i'm using x2x and firefox is running on the second screen.08:26
jbichachange your default browser briefly to chromium for instance08:27
carli2why dont you suppose me to use windows which has no bugs?08:27
jbichado whatever you like, I gave you 3 different solutions08:28
IdleOneWindows has no bugs?08:28
carli2i use the 4th solution and reported a bug08:28
IdleOneright right, they are called "open ports" in Windows08:29
drussellcarli2: I'm not certain there's an easy way to do what you want... (use apport but have it use a different display)08:33
drussellcarli2: one thing you might try is removing apport-gtk08:34
drussellcarli2: which would leave the cli part of apport in place08:35
carli2hmm, good idea08:35
drussellcarli2: I've not tried it, but failing that, it sounds like a good feature request to raise08:35
drussellcarli2: let me know if it works, I'm curious08:35
carli2well, then i have to wait for a crash08:36
* carli2 has an idea how to raise a random crash in ubuntu08:36
drussellcarli2: I think there's a "test"08:36
Stanley00hmm, why dont we use a "good" method to download update package for ubuntu, some kind like zsync or torrent?08:38
Ian_Cornethere's apt-p2p08:39
carli2drussel: when i remove apport-gtk, it opens firefox anyway, but now i have better control on hich display to start it :)08:41
carli2Stanley00: there is a menu point in synaptic "generate script that downloads packages"08:42
drussellcarli2: good stuff :o)08:42
Stanley00carli2: and then, we have to download every bytes of the deb file we need...08:43
carli2Stanley00: you can execute this script on a machine which has internet and you get a folder full of deb files08:44
Stanley00carli2: oh, I mean, if I already had a deb file, eg a-0.0.1.deb, and then there is a-0.0.2.deb in the repos, why dont we use zsync to just download the different part of two file, instead of download all a-0.0.2.deb?08:46
freedom0713 days to go08:46
carli2how can i attach more than one file to a launchpad report?08:49
carli2okay i created the attachment afterwards08:52
jbichaStanley00: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-o-debdelta08:55
Stanley00jbicha: hope it will finish soon...08:59
jtaylorI wonder why it take so long to get to ubuntu? debdelta is working debian since ages :/09:02
jtaylorubuntu also needs the pdiff update ._. downloading 30mb in a apt-get update sucks09:03
Stanley00jtaylor: it's here, in oneiric, why blueprint said it's postponed?09:11
jtaylorits there but does it work?09:11
jtaylorlast I checked it didn'T09:11
Stanley00just downloaded, I testing it now...09:12
jtaylornope not working for me09:13
jtaylorAlso I think it was only planed for stable releases09:13
Stanley00yep, not working for me too... :(09:19
jtaylorreally sucks, currently again working on 140mb download, mostly libreoff where probably only a few kb of the apcakge actually changed ._.09:22
jtaylor22.3 kB/s 1h 36min 27s09:22
alex--What are the differences between 11.04 and 11.10?10:00
alex--How to switch back to gnome 2 on 11.10?10:02
carli2use another distro10:02
jtaylorgnome2 is dead10:02
alex--i dont want to reboot every time I want to use gnome or unity10:02
alex--I want to use gnome because it gives me lot of customization10:02
jtaylorit will disappear everywhere, only forks may continue to exist10:02
alex--Something Unity is missing10:02
alex--And Unity is keeping my CPU fan turned on all the time10:03
alex--(and asking much power consumption)10:03
carli2use awesome10:03
alex--what is awesome?10:03
ali1234oneiric suspends even when it should be disabled by the settings. which package should i report that against?10:04
jtaylorthat is know10:04
carli2you just need to add gnome-settings-daemon to the awesome startup script, so all widgets are working10:04
jtaylorcritical bug but I don't remember which number :/10:04
ali1234jtaylor: me?10:04
ali1234looks like bug 85462410:05
alex--Any way to customize Unity?10:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 854624 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "[oneiric] suspend/hibernate not performed according to "Power Settings"" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85462410:05
carli2alex: check out unity source ;)10:05
carli2aaah :) now i understand the multiarch support10:08
alex--Any way to customize unity?10:09
ali1234move the buttons around10:09
carli2alex--: get the source10:10
alex--source of what?10:11
carli2of unity10:11
carli2or what do you want to customize?10:11
alex--just drag n drop every bar to somewhere else10:12
alex--chaning the layout of the left bar10:12
alex--place it to the bottom10:12
carli2alex--: https://code.launchpad.net/unity10:13
alex--Something which will add all active apps to the top10:13
alex--And non active to the bottom10:13
alex--I can't code..10:14
EduardHey guys10:15
EduardAny ideas, if the 'add launcher to desktop' feature was dropped in 11.10?10:15
ali1234it was10:15
carli2alex--: there is a package called gnome-fallback10:15
alex--What's that?10:16
Eduardso, i'm basically stuck  with creating folder or new documents only? that sucks10:16
alex--I like Unity if you can customize it like Gnome could10:16
carli2the gnome3 desktop where you can arrange things by pressing Alt10:16
alex--I dont want gnome 310:16
Eduardhow do add manually installed application to dash home?10:17
dr_willisunity is a work in progress10:18
Eduardoh, ok. Guess i'll need to wait till the final release in 2 weeks ^^10:18
jtayloryou may have to create a .desktop file10:19
dr_willisbeen using gnome 3 more lately10:19
carli2Eduard: use the ubuntu-bug program10:19
jtaylorcopy one from /usr/share/applications modify it and install it with desktop-file-install10:19
swat_i've just installed lubuntu to give that a whirl10:19
swat_seriously impressive compared to the speed of both unity and unity-2d on my netbook10:19
ali1234over the past month i've tried every alternative to unity and all of them are even worse10:19
swat_i think unity would be great if i had a pc with a bit more poke10:21
dr_willisunity alternatve like what?10:21
ali1234almost certainly you just need more ram10:21
ali1234dr_willis: kde, gnome shell, xfce10:21
swat_ali1234: possibly, it does only have 1gig10:22
dr_willisyou mean other desktops then :)10:22
ali1234alternatives, yes10:22
ali1234they are not really desktops10:22
ali1234they are just window managers10:22
dr_williskde is a desktop. openbox is a wm10:23
dr_willisgnomeshell is a shell...10:23
ali1234the only thing i am interested in is window management10:24
ali1234every other feature of the desktop is mostly meaningless10:24
ali1234for example, indexing. the first thing i always turn off10:24
dr_willisunity is not a window manager.10:24
ali1234which reminds me, i need to uninstall zeitgeist on this machine10:24
carli2you can simply turn a window manager to a desktop when you run some additional programs like synapse for your main menu and gnome-settings-daemon which will give you network manager etc.10:24
ali1234oh, so switching between windows does not count as window management?10:25
dr_williscompiz is the wm under unity10:25
ali1234and your point is?10:25
dr_willisyou are comfuseing terms.10:25
ali1234X11 is the windowing system under compiz10:26
ali1234this is irrelevent10:26
ali1234unity is a compiz plugin10:26
ali1234compiz is a window manager10:26
dr_willisnow you are getting it10:26
ali1234since unity *is* compiz10:26
ali1234unity is a window manager10:27
dr_willisgotta run. bbl10:27
dr_willisunity is a shell.. it is not compiz. chat later.10:27
ali1234ok then10:27
ali1234i tried every alternative to the unity SHELL, and they are all even worse10:28
alex--What are the main differences between clean install and upgrade?10:34
ali1234upgrade is less likely to work properly10:35
alex--what do you mean?10:37
alex--For now ( because it's beta ), or always?10:37
alex--I wonder, why don't we merge the me menu and the email menu?10:38
alex--I have a problem with 11.10d10:44
alex--11.10 *10:44
alex--I can only set display brightness to 0 or to full10:44
alex--No middle thing10:44
MarkGreenwoodHey guys, I have a quick question... With the release of GNOME 3.2 came the quick preview option for image/video/whatever files and it hasn't been packaed in Ubuntu 11.10 yet. I was wondering since it's the hard freeze, will it ever be implemented ?11:00
bazhang!info gnome-desktop311:02
ubottuPackage gnome-desktop3 does not exist in oneiric11:02
MarkGreenwoodHum ?11:02
bazhang!info gnome-shell11:03
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 1041 kB, installed size 4864 kB11:03
bazhangMarkGreenwood, ^ note the version number11:03
MarkGreenwoodI know, but I just want to know if the quick preview feature will be implemented or not alongside some others like the new Documents app.11:05
MarkGreenwoodSo... No one knows ?11:08
bazhangsomeone does, just not me11:09
MarkGreenwoodOh ok... Well am I at the riht place ?11:09
MarkGreenwoodOk :P11:09
bazhangI will google a bit more11:10
MarkGreenwoodWell, even if it does not make it through this release, Oneiric will be the best Ubuntu release so far for me :D11:10
MarkGreenwoodI absolutely love it11:10
MarkGreenwoodIf it is any help, I think the package is called SuShi11:11
bazhang!find sushi11:12
ubottuFound: sushi-plugins11:12
bazhang!info sushi-plugins11:12
ubottusushi-plugins (source: sushi): D-Bus-based IRC suite (clients plugins). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.3.0+dfsg-2build1 (oneiric), package size 5 kB, installed size 60 kB11:12
MarkGreenwoodMmh :\11:12
MarkGreenwoodWait I got a link..11:12
MarkGreenwoodhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6KiwtkE0iY  That was back in beta 2... The title reads: GNOME 3.2 beta 2 with the Sushi utility11:14
MarkGreenwoodBut it has been implemented in GNOME 3.2 officially, see the release notes11:14
vsyncIs there any way to disable the screen turning off and/or to disable suspend?11:15
bazhangvery nice. thanks for the link11:15
MarkGreenwoodGo in the power settins11:15
MarkGreenwoodvsync , Go in system settings: Power option11:16
vsyncMarkGreenwood yeah, but it doesn't work, really. When i try to set "never" on the screen turning off... It resets it to "1 minute"11:16
vsyncand as for suspend, i have "don't suspend" in power settings, yet it still suspends11:16
freedom07just upgraded to lubuntu 11.10 daily build...... looks nice, had trouble with beta 211:17
MarkGreenwoodvsync Have you installed the latest updates ?11:17
vsyncOops, some arrived today. Was checking last night and there were none. Sorry =)11:17
hautevillehow i can change fonts with 11.10? am i just stupid? can't find any dialog for it11:17
ali1234i think software center should ask why you are removing a program, like android does11:20
dr_willisali1234:  id rather it not ask and just do what i say. :)11:23
voidrhello, can someone tell me how can I get the compiz switcher working again? Oneiric broke it11:23
ali1234i would enjoy clicking "it is defective" and "i do not use or want it" for all the crap in ubuntu that i have to uninstall11:24
dr_willisyou are assumneing someone actually cares to read the comments. :)11:24
dr_willisI find the whole star rateing/comment system in android market to be getting to the point of being useless.11:25
ali1234yes the star rating is useless11:25
ali1234either you like a program or you don't11:25
ali1234not that you can even review things at the moment11:25
ali1234since software center just bombs out if you try11:25
dr_willisI havent even tried software center in ages. My Beta box is headless. :) just using ssh with it now.11:26
ali1234so it seems that gnome-activity-journal no longer works for disabling zeitgeist11:27
voidrhow can I set compiz to be the default vm?11:31
dr_willisdefault window manager? it is the default for the ubuntu session.11:31
voidrI use GNOME2 session :)11:31
dr_willis You installed gnome2 somehow?11:32
dr_willisor are you refering to the gnome-shell fallback session?11:32
voidrohhh wait I think I got it, I don't really know what's up, it's quite confusing, the main thing is I am not using neither Gnome shell nor Unity, I don't like neither of them11:33
dr_willisboth run on top of gnome-3 :) they are shells.. so what are you really wanting to do?11:34
voidrokay great, well I think I solved it, brb11:34
voidrokay it works, dr_willis basically I get rid of Unity, Gnome Panel, Globalmenu, and get myself an Avant Window Navigator and use compiz to customize window switching and all that11:37
dr_willisjust install openbox or some other wm. and run awn on it...11:38
dr_willisi wouldent even bother with compiz.11:39
dr_willisYou could make a custome shession i guess that uses compiz and awn, and some file manager.11:39
dr_willisYou could most likely make gnome-shell very minimnal with no panels or anything else extra also. and just use awn with it. Ive not tweaked gnome shell much yet.11:40
Trewasthe X server is randomly ~crashing when using nvidia driver 280.something (gtx 560) and I'd like to try 275.xx driver, but looks like it never was packaged for ubuntu... how likely something will break if I just use the nvidia installer?11:40
ali1234you can't modify the panels in gnome shell11:40
voidrthe reason I like compiz is because it let's me customize window switching a.k.a. "ALT+TAB", I am really sensitive to speed dr_willis11:40
dr_willisali1234:  from what  i read of the gnome-shell homepage/docs you should be able to at some time. if you know  javascript I recall.. but it may not be in a state where you can yet.11:41
ali1234currently it is exactly like unity11:41
dr_willisI dont see why fancy-alt-tabbing should be a top priority. :)11:41
ali1234one panel at the top which can't be modified11:41
voidrdr_willis, I'm a heavy keyboard and ALT+TAB user :)11:42
dr_willisI alt-tab constantly. i dont care what it looks like really..11:43
dr_willisI just hit it till i get to the right window.11:43
voidronly thing left is make Gnome Do work, it got broken during upgrade :(11:43
jtaylorwhat bothers me is thar you can't use the mouse in the alt tab popup anymore ...11:43
jtaylorthat was useful when I have to many windows open ._.11:44
voidrdr_willis, yeah, but I want it to be fast, the default gnome switcher seems clunky and slow by comparism11:44
penguin42hmph lightdm crashed on me at login11:47
dr_willisvoidr:  cant say i noticed it being slow. but ive not used the actual X desktop on my ubuntu box in ages.. :) always sshing in from my phone.11:48
dr_willisi cant even recall how the openbox alt-tab stuff looks like11:48
dr_willisHmm. just saw this interesting line when doing updates (when configruing the default dm)11:55
dr_willis Multiple display managers can run simultaneously if they are configured to manage different servers;11:56
dr_willisthey are saying i could have lightdm on monitor #1 and  lxdm on monitor #2 ?  or how do  they mean 'manage differnt servers'11:56
penguin42dr_willis: If you have multiple cards11:58
penguin42dr_willis: You can run say one X server on each of two graphics cards, and each could run its own choice of display manager11:59
carli2dr_willis: X :1 & X :2 # this starts two other X servers and you can switch between them with Ctrl+Alt+F8 and Ctrl+Alt+F911:59
penguin42dr_willis: Or you could run a server that just remote X logins and again it runs its own display manager11:59
carli2dr_willis: you start programs in these xservers with DISPLAY=:1 gnome-session12:00
carli2penguin42: multiple GPUs on the same xserver become different screens, not servers12:00
DaekdroomDoes anyone else have no sound since yesterday's updates?12:00
dr_willisyea. ive also seen some mention of the 'hotseat' feature of X. where you could have 2+ monitors and extra keyboards/mice.12:00
carli2Daekroom: i had. but i found a workaround12:01
penguin42carli2: I said multiple cards12:01
tuukkah__yay, solved the boot problem i had with a new installation. as grub had failed, mv /sbin/initctl.REAL /sbin/initctl remained to be done12:01
carli2penguin42: a "card" is a GPU in xserver terms12:01
penguin42carli2:You can run separate X servers for independent GPUs12:02
Daekdroomcarli2, which was..?12:02
carli2Daekdroom: install alsamixergui and click on the sound symbol. this re-enables sound12:03
carli2Daekdroom: everytime i plug in a front earphone, the sound gets deactivated12:04
afief_Guys it looks like my xserver broke after apt claimed that I no longer need fglrx. Could someone tell me how to connect to LAN from cli so I can re-install it?12:05
Ian_Corneis the updated fglrx available yet?12:05
penguin42afief_: Do    nmcli con list   and it should show a big long UUID for eth0,   then do  nmcli up uuid thenthebiglongnumber12:06
afief__My installation broke due to apt removing fglrx, now I can't get into my DE. Could someone tell me how to connect to lan/wan through CLI?12:08
=== afief__ is now known as afief
afiefMy installation broke due to apt removing fglrx, now I can't get into my DE. Could someone tell me how to connect to lan/wan through CLI?12:10
carli2afief: ifconfig, /etc/network/interfaces12:12
ubottuA schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule12:13
afiefcarli2: sorry I don't understand12:14
carli2afief: use google and search for <insert what i pasted before>12:14
Stanley00afief:  first, make sure your network card is up, via ifconfig eth0 up, or ifconfig wlan0 up if you use wireless...12:18
Stanley00afief: then, use dhclient eth0 or dhclient wlan0 to obtain an ip address...12:19
dr_willisactually if apt removed flgrx shouldent it then default to the GPL ati drivers?12:20
afiefdr_willis: I tried with both vesa and radeon drivers, but for some reason login fails12:20
afiefStanley00: hmmm dhclient is taking a lot of time(more than it used to take through network-manager). I seem to have an ipv6 but now ipv4 yet12:23
Stanley00afief: yes, it take some time, you can set static ip via ifconfig, but I dont know how, digging in man ifconfig for more detail... ;)12:24
afieffunny thing is that kms is working(didn't in 11.04)12:26
pr0ph3thi all12:46
penguin42hmm I wonder how to work around the power saving12:47
Eduardguys, what does this mean?? 'Warning: Xalloc: requesting unpleasantly large amount of memory: 0 bytes.' ?13:18
Eduardi took the lines from the end of Xorg.0.log13:18
penguin42that's fun13:18
penguin42Eduard: It looks like something in the Xserver tried to allocate 0 bytes of memory, it shouldn't do that13:20
Eduardhmm, how do I pinpoint whats causing the problem?13:21
penguin42Eduard: Is that the only line of error - do you just get one or a lot fo them?13:21
Eduardpenguin42: quite a few of them after all init sequence log13:22
penguin42Eduard: I think you'd probably have to take a debugger to the X server at startup, breakpoint on the code that outputs the error and get a backtrace - a bit of a pain13:23
penguin42(unless X has a hook for doing that)13:23
Eduardhmm, maybe i'll leave that up for better times, bcus I only can't play fps games >.>13:24
Eduardbtw, what does kernel option 'nopat' do13:24
penguin42Eduard: Hmm well start by reporting the bug, you might also try xorg-edgers to see if it's fixed in there13:25
coz_finally t he mini iso ,, I think,, thanks yofel13:44
BluesKajhi folks14:06
coz_hey guy14:06
BluesKajdragon player plays xvid video wrapped in avi , but not dvd files ripped to avi . This issue cropped up after yesterday's upgrades ...any ideas ?.14:11
ArnoldHello everyone.14:14
saulotoledo--exec-prefix on configure files to compile to ubuntu is /etc?14:20
saulotoledoops sorry!, is /usr?14:23
DaekdroomIs anyone aware of something important being broken?14:28
DaekdroomI have no sound, nm doesn't see my network and mesa is on software rendering.14:28
saulotoledoDaekdroom: NM can see your network by editing /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and setting "true" on "managed"14:30
Daekdroomsaulotoledo, it was working alright yesterday14:30
DaekdroomAll those stuff broke at the same time14:30
saulotoledoDaekdroom: Some upgrade?14:31
DaekdroomBut I thought it was possible someone already had these issues. I'll try finding a bug report on Launchpad14:31
saulotoledoDaekdroom: I got a strange broken into +1 yesterday too.... but with dbus, not yours... If I find something near this I post here14:32
BluesKajyeah, I heve some multimedia issues ...was using dragonplayer for av iand flv files  but now some avi and all flv don't even load into the player when selected14:34
DaekdroomA reboot and everything is fixed. It could have been this morning's grub upgrade or the fact that I decided to boot -11 instead of -1214:45
bakkerthehackeri need some help! i cant connect to any networks after a recent update to 11.1014:50
bakkerthehackermy nm-applet only shows 4 options, enable wired, enable wireless, connection info and edit connections...14:51
FoolishOwl2I just came across a problem with the users currently logged in not being reported correctly in 'who', 'w', or 'last'.14:59
FoolishOwl2I'm wondering how best to report the bug.14:59
FoolishOwl2I'm guessing that it's something like lightDM not updating wtmp.15:00
FoolishOwl2Or utmp.15:01
saulotoledoI have trouble compiling tracker 0.12.3 with this error on make: tracker-extract.c:309:44: error: ‘statements’ undeclared (first use in this function)15:03
saulotoledoI'm using ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var --enable-gtk-doc --enable-gtk-doc-html --enable-gtk-doc-pdf --enable-maemo --enable-journal --enable-tracker-fts --enable-unit-tests --disable-upower --disable-hal --enable-gnome-keyring --enable-network-manager --enable-libexif --enable-libiptcdata --enable-exempi --enable-meegotouch --enable-miner-flickr --enable-miner-rs15:03
saulotoledos --enable-miner-evolution --enable-miner-thunderbird --enable-miner-firefox --enable-nautilus-extension --enable-taglib --enable-tracker-needle --enable-tracker-preferences --enable-tracker-explorer --enable-libstreamanalyzer --disable-libxml2 --enable-gdkpixbuf --disable-unzip-ps-gz-files --enable-poppler --enable-libgsf --enable-libgif --enable-libjpeg --enable-libtiff --enable-libvorbis...15:03
saulotoledo...--enable-libflac --enable-playlist --enable-guarantee-metadata15:03
jtaylorthat version is not packaged or?15:04
jtaylorin that case better ask upstream or check the package if there is some patch applied to make it work there15:04
FoolishOwl2Okay, something changed with an update applied yesterday, such that utmp no longer lists GUI logins.15:10
FoolishOwl2Can someone, logged in via GUI, check whether 'who' lists the GUI login?15:16
Monotoko_Onerichey guys... I'm having problems installing 11.10 Beta 2: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/74335915:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 743359 in ubiquity "Installer: LockFailedException: Failed to lock /target/var/cache/apt/archives/lock" [Undecided,New]15:16
Monotoko_Onericthe installer keeps crashing...15:16
saulotoledojtaylor: Realy not packages.... I'm trying install gnome-documents, it's not on ubuntu :(15:17
jtaylortracker 0.12.3 is in debian experimental15:17
jtaylorcheck that package for patches you can use15:18
Monotoko_OnericFoolishOwl2, I get pts/1 when I run "who"15:19
Monotoko_Onericwhich I assume is the GUI15:19
Monotoko_Onericbut I'm stuck on the live environment atm... are there any known fixes for the bug above? :/15:19
FoolishOwl2Yes, should be.15:19
FoolishOwl2I'm pretty sure this was the result of an update yesterday, judging by the output of 'last'.15:20
Monotoko_Onericit says "fix released" >.<15:22
bjsnidersaulotoledo, that's being worked on15:22
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: thanks! just installing libtracker debian packages let me compile gnome-documents!15:29
FoolishOwl2I posted on ubuntuforums.org; maybe someone will have a suggestion.15:32
bjsnidersaulotoledo, ok, but it's being worked on15:35
saulotoledobjsnider: ok :) Do you have some idea about when it's out for us?15:38
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: compiled, but do not works... http://pastebin.com/Lmsbqkge15:38
jtaylorapparently something is missing15:39
jtaylorno idea what15:41
saulotoledojtaylor: It's on this line at code: const Gd = imports.gi.Gd;15:42
saulotoledojtaylor: Found! gir1.2-gdata-0.0, but now I receive the error "/usr/bin/gnome-documents: line 15:  9190 Segmentation fault  (imagem do núcleo gravada) /usr/bin/env gjs -I /usr/share/gnome-documents/js -c "const Main = imports.main; Main.start();""15:44
jtaylordid you just instal libraries from debian?15:45
jtaylorthats probably not a good idea, they dependencies might not be compatible15:45
jtayloryou should recompile the debian tracker package and install the result15:45
jtayloris there already a name for oneiric + 2?15:46
Ian_Cornenot that I know15:47
jtaylorisn't that usualla announced before the release?15:47
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: ok ok, I quit :(  I will wait for oficial packages... some idea about when they are available?15:51
jtaylorit seems its not in debian yet, so it might take a while15:53
saulotoledojtaylor: They come to Ubuntu after exit debian experimental?15:54
jtaylorthey won't go into 11.10 anymore15:55
jtaylorbut maybe in 12.0415:55
saulotoledojtaylor: oO'15:56
saulotoledojtaylor: Where I find the tar.gz from debian? ^^15:57
jtaylorinstall ubuntu-dev-tools, then do pull-debian-source package suite15:58
jtaylore.g to build it: pull-debian-source pull-debian-source tracker experimental; cd tracker-...; mk-build-dep -i -r; debuild; sudo debi ../tracker*changes; sudo apt-get install -f15:59
jtaylordebuild -us -uc if you have no gpg key15:59
SMJI had to switch to KDE because the other desktops turned all Swedish after some upgrade, and the option to switch locales has been successfully hidden and disabled16:06
* penguin42 giggles - that's a wonderful problem16:09
bjsnidersaulotoledo, i think there will be ppa packages before too long. the packaging scripts are being developed right now16:09
BluesKaj heh, tried rekonq and it decided that my locale and language was Spain/Spanish for some reason , altho allsettings are for Canada English otherwise :)16:09
penguin42SMJ: Select the top item on the cog menu at the far right - that gives you system settings, then the item under the blue flag is Language Support - 3rd along for me16:10
* penguin42 notes that killing upower doesn't stop the over zealous power save16:12
SMJIt would be easier for everyone to choose the language from login screen... Imagine navigating your desktop in Chinese16:13
BluesKajdragonplayer is broken again , after yesterdays updates16:15
SMJpenguin42: also, I was using xfce.16:18
penguin42SMJ: Oh in that case, I don't know where it is :-)16:19
penguin42SMJ: I had a similar problem a while ago using gdm as the display manager for KDE; it doesn't set the locale any more16:19
* BluesKaj wonders when a Qt backend will be written for KDE and phonon...gstreamer is ok but vlc-backend suddenly stopped working so we've run out of options16:20
saulotoledobjsnider: great! :D16:21
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: the checkinstall package fails a lot while creating deb for this gnome libraries, frequently I receive errors of  directory not found....16:22
BluesKajI'm afraid these last updates have buggered up some media players / multimedia settings16:22
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: I'm creating the directories manually to allow checkinstall works16:22
SMJmy firefox is still swedish D:16:23
SMJand that means a lot of my internet will be swedish16:26
penguin42do you happen to know Swedish?16:26
BluesKajSMJ, Finland Swedish or ... ?16:27
SMJhow do I check?16:27
BluesKajby the accent :)16:28
BluesKaj<---used to speak Finland Swedish16:28
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: haha! It's opening now, but do not works! xD My gnome chat into gmail and the preview in nautilus do not works too :_D16:40
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: Really thanks for your help, isn't working, but I learned a lot today. The PPA will be with full gnome, probably, isn't it?16:40
BluesKajSMJ, did you update just recently ? I'm on KDE , but my problems are with multimedia, not with locale and language16:44
BluesKajSMJ, what does locale have in system settings ?16:53
penguin42anyone had any issues with USB storage?16:56
SMJin KDE everything's set to Finnish16:56
penguin42SMJ: ARe you still using GDM/lightdm as the login manager?16:57
penguin42SMJ: Switch to using kdm17:00
BluesKajahh, gnome/kde user17:00
SMJdoes that make my Xfce Finnish again?17:01
penguin42SMJ: I doubt it :-)17:01
hdpbWith the launcher hide set to anything but NEVER, it fails to reappear when the mouse is on the left edge17:01
penguin42SMJ: I think kdm probably still sets the language prior to login17:01
SMJwell, in KDE most of the stuff is the way it should be17:02
SMJso shouldn't switching to KDM fix the other desktops?17:02
penguin42SMJ: I think it probably will17:03
saulotoledojtaylor, bjsnider: installed all gir1.2 packages and its working!!!!17:03
SMJit did not17:06
Peter_Bilti need a good backup solution with GUI for Linux17:36
Peter_Biltsomeone knows a good thing to do that kind of heroic task?17:37
* penguin42 hasn't tried any of the backup ones17:38
penguin42Peter_Bilt: I think it was storebackup that someone suggested to me a while ago17:39
mortalmy computers have started to go to suspend :/18:00
penguin42mortal: Yeh there's a bug with it ignoring the setting telling it not to do it when on power18:01
IdleOnesomeone please tell me how to get rid of these damn overlay scrollbars18:28
IdleOneliboverlay and overlay-scrollbars are both removed18:28
ali1234did you reboot?18:29
IdleOneI need to reboot for this?18:29
ali1234maybe, i dunno18:29
IdleOnemight as well try :)18:29
sburwood1I have different problems between the 32 bit version I have on my EEEPC and the 64 bit version on my desktop.  Sound is one worry for both.  On my EEEPC, I have a problem because there isn't a thing in the taskbar that shows the network connections available18:29
ali1234i didn't try to remove them yet18:29
ali1234still trying to get rid of gwibber without removing ubuntu-desktop18:30
sburwood1I do hope that I will see improvements from the beta 2 I have and the final version18:30
ali1234does anyone else find this progress spinner reeally annoying to look at? http://imagebin.org/17699518:31
ali1234the arrow heads are tangental to the circular part18:31
ali1234when it rotates, it just looks wrong to me18:31
ali1234the arrow heads need to point inwards a bit more18:31
urlin2uali1234, it messes with the feng shui eh18:32
ali1234yes very much so18:33
ali1234IdleOne: did it work?18:33
IdleOneugh still there :(18:34
ali1234does anyone know where i could find that graphic to fix it?18:36
IdleOneHow do I completely remove Unity?18:37
jbichaIdleOne: install Fedora ;-)18:39
* uRock Basphemy!18:39
* uRock Blasphemy!18:39
jbichaok, install Kubuntu, Xubuntu over your Ubuntu install...18:39
ali1234or gnome-shell18:40
jbichainstall Windows18:40
ubottuAs our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.18:40
IdleOneI have kubuntu installed now I wantto get rid of all traces of Unity18:41
ali1234purge unity and unity-place-*18:41
ali1234and zeitgeist18:41
jbichaand compiz18:41
jtaylorremove libunity6 but no guarantees that anything will still work then18:41
ali1234although if you installed kubuntu... you shouldn't have unity installed to start with18:41
IdleOneI installed both18:42
ali1234i don't like doing that18:42
ali1234not becuase you still get unity18:42
ali1234but because you get all kde apps and all gnome apps in the kde menu18:42
ali1234and the kde menu is bad enough when it only has kde things in it18:42
itaylor57KM0201, o/19:02
KM0201itaylor57: o/19:02
KM0201i'm not sure why i come here, iv'e not really messed with +1 yet..lol.. been to busy mastering the server install.19:03
itaylor57well I jumped into to and so far no big problems19:03
KM0201whats new in 12.04? (i'll probably use lxde... rather than anything unity)19:04
KM0201*11.10  i mean19:04
KM0201or do you mean you jumped intoa server install19:04
itaylor57no desktop19:04
KM0201oh.... yeah i've honestly not even tried it yet19:05
penguin42hmm - I wonder if this PM bug is going to affect installs19:14
Derg** newb alert ** I have a few questions about power settings in 11.10...I have a comp that I use for ssh forwarding / file serving, that I pushed up to 11.10.. The problem is it goes to standby after about 1 hour of no activity. I cant find any settings or anything that would cause this, so I dont know where to look to correct it. Any ideas?19:39
kjeldahlKnown bug; power settings (at least according to the GUI) is being ignored. Even desktops hibernate. No workaround that I have heard about it yet. You should be able to find it on bugs.launchpad.net .19:42
Dergthanks for the tip..19:42
penguin42bug 88281319:48
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 882813 could not be found19:48
penguin42bug 86261319:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862613 in Ubuntu Friendly "mobile views: top 3 components hard to find" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86261319:48
penguin42third try - bug 86281319:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 862813 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "Power Managment settings are being ignored" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86281319:49
penguin42there you go19:49
DergI found what appears to be a partial work around attached to bug 860485. this bug was relating to lappies at first, but a few desktop users chimed in.19:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 860485 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Oneiric) "bad default setting: suspend after 30min when plugged in" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86048519:53
DergWhat does "Fix Committed" mean?19:56
deanwill compiz ever stop crashing/reloading when I change a setting. It did this in 11.04. :(20:00
vsyncDidn't do that with me in 11.04, now whenever i go dual-head, it crashes at least once20:02
=== Pilif12p is now known as Pilif|afk
bjsniderDerg, means that the fix is finished but the updated package has not been built and released yet20:04
bjsniderwhen that's done it will say fix released20:05
Dergaaah.. tyvm20:05
Dergwell thanks for the advice. Good day to all.20:06
=== dean is now known as mongy
LynoureI'm having a problem finding ldconfig: http://pastebin.com/sgQH4xST20:29
LynoureAny ideas what I can do?20:29
ArnoldLynoure, can you check if 'libc6' package is working properly?20:33
ArnoldSince for some reason, it says it wants to install it.20:34
ArnoldNormally, it comes preinstalled by Ubuntu, especially at 11.1020:34
ppdhi there. I wonder if anybody is using the em28xx driver in oneiric. It recognizes my dvb-t stick and loads the appropriate firmware, but still I can't access dvb-t with any dvb related tools20:35
mikedep333hi, how do I report a bug in lp when someone else reported it, but their's was marked invalid because their packages weren't up-to-date?20:51
jtayloryou can mark it new again20:53
mikedep333here's his bug20:53
ubottuUbuntu bug 854231 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "gnome-control-center crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash()" [Undecided,Invalid]20:53
jtaylorand comment that you reproduced it with up to date pacakges20:53
mikedep333ok, I don't need to resubmit my debug info or anything?20:53
mikedep333ok, thanks20:53
jtaylorhm well that would be helpful20:53
jtaylorbut I'm not sure how you can do that :/20:53
mikedep333yeah, my thoughts exactly20:54
jtaylorI guess you could report a new one20:54
jtaylorits possible that it is a different issue, the crash is quite generic20:54
mikedep333jtaylor, true20:55
mikedep333I just reopened the old one20:55
farciarz84hi, is it possible to use two gpu (one built in CPU) and one external?22:01
farciarz84I'd like to connect 2 monitors per one GPU22:01
D_Russhello everyone22:16
thoegerhi folks, am I the only one to have graphics issues after the latest update?22:16
D_Russsorry ,thoeger im runnung 11.0422:17
D_Russhow do you like oneiric so far?22:18
Arnoldthoeger, what kind of graphics issues? Also which driver do you use?22:18
ArnoldI had a slight Unity wallpaper offset bug, running nvidia-current, but it was fixes as of today. Nothing else besides that for now.22:19
thoegerArnold, Unity cannot open, let me see if I can find the error message...22:19
thoegerArnold, no it's far worse; I'm running a combo of Unity-2d-launcher and panel and KWin right now, for lack of better.22:19
Arnoldthoeger, which driver are you using for your graphics card?22:20
thoegerIntel onboard graphics chip, whatever's byuilt-in to X.org22:20
Arnoldglxinfo | grep render22:21
ArnoldTell me what it gives.22:21
ArnoldIf software not available, then install 'mesa-utils'.22:21
thoegerArnold, output says "direct rendering: Yes22:23
thoegerOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset x86/MMX/SSE222:23
thoeger    GL_EXT_vertex_array_bgra, GL_NV_conditional_render,22:23
ArnoldAtleast that gives out the answer that it runs with 3D hardware acceleration as it should.22:24
ArnoldBut.. what session are you starting from the login manager?22:24
thoegerYep, I can see that as I am running KWin and its 3d features run just fine22:24
farciarz84Arnold: what about this: Mesa DRI Intel(R) Sandybridge Desktop  GL_EXT_vertex_array_bgra, GL_NV_conditional_render,22:24
farciarz84lot of bugs still22:25
thoegerIt looks like it may be a compiz issue, but I cannot really decipher Unity's error messages22:25
thoegerfarciarz84, what does that mean?22:25
farciarz84bugs? It means random hungs, Artifacts, performance issues, window's decorations crashes22:26
Arnoldfarciarz84, with Unity?22:26
ArnoldI am not sure what are the 3D graphical capabilities of the Sandy Bridge integrated graphics yet.22:27
thoegerfarciarz84, no, I mean that specific line you quoted22:27
thoegerAh, sorry22:27
farciarz84thoeger: glxinfo | grep render22:27
thoegerfarciarz84, nevermind...22:28
thoegerIt looks like it's - at least partially - a Compiz issue, compiz gives me a segmentation fault.22:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 863045 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[sandybridge-gt1] GPU lockup render.IPEHR: 0xff2c001e" [Undecided,New]22:28
thoegerhere's my output when running compiz --replace: http://pastebin.com/Ck07WHjV22:29
Arnoldthoeger, that seems familiar. Happened when I launched 'unity --replace' on tty1.22:31
ArnoldDoes this happens when you start from 'Ubuntu' session from LightDM?22:32
thoegerArnold, yes. The problem came with today's (well, technically yesterdays where I am...) compiz update though. Ran fine until then.22:32
Arnoldthoeger, did you had that Unity desktop wallpaper offset issue too? (Where the desktop wallpaper was starting from almost at the center)22:33
ArnoldThis is how it looked like: http://ubuntuone.com/2eiUsw0V2AacCl3bNmyCNm22:34
thoegerArnold, if it was impossible to miss, thgen no.22:35
ArnoldThat was the effects of yesterday's update -unity (4.20.0-0ubuntu1)-22:36
ArnoldToday's unity update bumped it to 4.20.0-0ubuntu222:36
thoegerAh, no that definitely didn't happen to me22:36
thoegerBut seems clear there's some bugs introduced in Unity with that update huh?22:36
thoegerFound a workaroud yet?22:36
ArnoldWhich is your version of unity now?22:37
Arnoldunity, as in the package.22:37
sigandersonI can't succesfully burn ubuntu 11.10 dvd (it stops to 93/97%). I can succesfully burn any other dvd... is it normal?22:37
ArnoldThat today's bumped update -> Desktop drawn with offset -> fixed the above bug.22:37
D_RussArnold, there was an update today?22:38
ArnoldD_Russ, for Unity, there was.22:38
D_Russohh i have to check that out. anything broken because of it?22:39
ArnoldJust the offset issue, that got fixed as of today.22:40
ArnoldSo the latest version should be 4.20.0-0ubuntu222:40
D_Russhow do i update unity?22:40
phoenix_firebrdProblem with dolphin, hangs when the view is changed to detail while trying to browse a large folder containing 7000 files22:41
Arnold"sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"22:41
ArnoldLatest unity installs one or two new packages, so it's best if you go the dist-upgrade way rather than just upgrade.22:41
farciarz84Arnold: I did what you wrote but no updates were found22:42
farciarz84I still have unity 4.16.022:42
D_Russso i should only do the sudo apt-get dist-upgrade?22:42
farciarz84D_Russ: no update before22:42
ArnoldFirst, "sudo apt-get update" to refreshen the repository"22:42
Arnoldfarciarz84, the mirror you are using might be a bit too outdated.22:43
D_Russi see22:43
ArnoldUsually, Ubuntu picks one based from your country area.22:43
itaylor57D_Russ, I thought you were at 11.0422:43
thoegerArnold, Version: 4.20.0-0ubuntu222:43
D_Russi am22:43
farciarz84Arnold: how to set recent mirror?22:43
Arnoldthoeger, I guess you're up-to-date then.22:43
D_Russitaylor57, i am on 11.0422:44
itaylor57D_Russ, the commands given here are for those on 11.1022:44
Arnoldfarciarz84, sudo software-proprieties-gtk22:45
thoegerD_Russ, yeah this channel deals with 11.1022:45
D_Russohh sorry, i am on the wrong tab. lol, i have #ubuntu open in another tab.22:45
ArnoldThen on the Download From combo, you pick up Server for United States, or Main Server.22:45
ArnoldOr Other...22:45
D_Russso how do you guys like 11.1 vs 11.04?22:45
D_Russwill it be stable enough for an immediate switch over when it is released?22:46
farciarz84Arnold: I choose main server there...22:46
farciarz84right now22:46
Arnoldfarciarz84, after that, hit the reload button, or if it doesn't shows up, do a "sudo apt-get update" and then "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"22:47
farciarz84445 MB to download22:48
thoegerArnold, yeah I'm afraid I am. It is really annoyimg though.22:48
Arnoldfarciarz84, takes quite a lot if you're upgrading from an older release, like beta1 or beta2.22:50
ArnoldEspecially the part when you upgraded your system, a system restart is mandatory.22:50
icerootnewest firefox doesnt have the firefox icon in the left-upper-corner of the window anymore? or is my lxde broken?22:50
iceroottalking about firefox  7.0.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu122:52
icerootah, just missing a restart of firefox. everything is fine now22:55
farciarz84Arnold: what kind of session can be set, before login beside Unity, Unidy2d, KDE...?22:56
sigandersonI can't succesfully burn ubuntu 11.10 dvd (it stops to 93/97%). I can succesfully burn every other dvd... is it normal? (sorry for repeating it, but I'm curious)22:56
Arnoldfarciarz84, depends on which window/desktop managers you have installed.22:57
icerootsiganderson: did you md5 the iso?22:57
farciarz84Arnold: I meant what kind of managers for 11.10 are avaiable22:59
ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors23:01
sigandersoniceroot, yes of course23:01
jbichaalso gnome-shell and gnome-panel23:01
Arnoldfarciarz84, there's Unity, Unity2D, Openbox, LXDE, KDE, GNOME (Shell/Classical), XFCE, E17.23:02
farciarz84Arnold: does GNOME (Shell/Classical) can be 2.x branch?23:04
Arnoldfarciarz84, not in Oneiric 11.10. Everything is updated to version GNOME 3.023:04
ArnoldWell, it's awfully late here. Heading to bed for now.23:05
ArnoldSee you all tomorrow!23:05
=== whatshisname_ is now known as whatshisname
graingertempathy seems to put a notification icon on the panel23:36
graingertanyway to get rid of this and still whitelist all23:37
jbichagraingert: please mention what desktop you're using23:38
TheSimkinwhat is the equivilant of ctrl-alt-esc in GNOME?23:38
TheSimkin(i want to kill an app by clicking on it)23:38
graingertalt+F2 xkill23:39
TheSimkinhow can i bind that to a key?23:41
LynoureDoes anyone use Miro?23:45
LynoureIf, does it show an error message in the beginning for you?23:45
jbichaTheSimkin: try System Settings>Keyboard>Shortcuts>Custom Shortcuts23:45
graingertjbicha: unity23:54

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