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dashhi. anybody running oneiric on an mx53? i'm trying to upgrade to the oneiric kernel and not finding an initrd for it08:00
dashwhat am I missing to make this work? :)08:01
twblilstevie: ping.14:25
twblilstevie: you said I could test u-boot by loading it into memory, rather than writing it to the emmc.  I couldn't work out how to do that, though.14:26
twbI was trying: ./nvflash --bct BCT.img --setbct --configfile flash.cfg --bl EBT.img --go --odmdata 0x300d8011 --sbk 0x1682CCD8 0x8A1A43EA 0xA532EEB6 0xECFE1D9814:26
twbWhere EBT.img is u-boot.bin14:27
lilstevietwb: that is it14:27
lilstevieissuing --sync will also do it, cause u-boot doesn't understand --sync :p14:28
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/133438/ is what it said14:28
twbAlso I didn't get anything on screen, but that might just be because my u-boot image is still screwed14:28
twbbtw, one of the qemu guys gave me a patch that fixed segfaulting sometimes when chrooting into a armhf rootfs -- it was due to it not zeroing memory before handing it out or something14:29
twb*due to it = due to qemu14:29
lilsteviethat will be because your u-boot is screwed14:31
lilsteviethe nvflash output is expected14:32
lilsteviebut not getting output is cause something is wrong14:32
twbok, thanks14:38
twbI used gcc 4.4 and everything :-/14:40
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dashgood morning15:42
dashanybody know why my oneiric kernel package doesn't have an initrd yet flash-kernel expects one? :)15:42
twbinitramfs-tools makes tramdisks15:47
dashyeah i'm running it manually now15:53
twbinitramfs -u -k all15:54
twbEr, update-initramfs -u -k all15:54
dashah, i did -c15:54
twbIt's supposd to trigger via /etc/kernel/post-inst.d15:54
twbI guess if you did debootstrap --foreign or something to unpack your kernel deb, that might not trigger15:55
dashhmm nope, used aptitude15:56
dashoh well15:57
dashlinux-image-linaro-lt-mx5 is the right thing if i'm installing on an i.MX53 quickstart board, right?15:58
dashok :)15:58
twbAs my schoolteacher used to say: "look, I just work here"15:58
dashyeah my boss never thinks it's funny when I say that to him15:59
brandinihrmmm, I wonder when mongodb will build and work properly17:31
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