sagacishould be seeing a decrease of # of strings, 37 packages were taken out... hopefully some of them were the obsolete gcc packages04:13
somethinginteresIs anyone else having trouble w/ the Ubuntu One Contacts sync app? It won't connect for me. 05:37
head_victimsomethinginteres: I must admit I haven't used that in a long time05:44
somethingintereshead_victim: no worries, thanks anyway06:17
head_victimEvening sagaci, I'm just working through koffice as we speak ;)11:49
sagaciyeah, I was a bit cut at around 6:30, when launchpad updated there were about 2 minutes of 100,860 strings to go, but it must have just had a hiccup since it has come down to 91,000 since... which is where I was hoping :)11:51
head_victimWhat do you think about https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/dia/+pots/dia/en_AU/+translate?batch=50&show=untranslated11:54
sagaciyeah thought so, it had a couple of similar ones, like financial confidential and medical confidential11:56
sagacihead_victim, I wonder if it's worth poking someone in #launchpad about https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/17078712:06
sagaciI know it's been only two weeks but I don't really want to see another "ubuntu-au reapproval" happening, assuming it's a flick of a switch?12:07
head_victimI don't know any of the team members that's been assigned to either12:10
head_victimIf you like I'll ping dpm next time I see him12:11
head_victimGday jfer 12:11
sagacithedac is the only one not away12:12
jferit has been a while12:13
iktheya :)12:13
ikthead_victim, assigned to what?12:13
sagaciikt, launchpad operators, for reassigning the owner of en_AU translations12:15
iktoh ok12:15
iktanyone had a chance to play around with ubuntu 11.10?12:15
jferi have been rather busy lately but it is great to hear that the loco is official again!12:15
head_victimikt: assigned to sagaci's request to become team owner of enAU translations12:16
sagaciikt, I'm on it :)12:16
iktjfer: definitely, just trying to think of some things to do from here12:17
iktsagaci: nice! i've installed it on my other ssd drive, are you able to do a bootchart?12:17
head_victimjfer: yep, it's been good reward for the whole team12:18
sagaciumm, I haven't got it installed atm..12:18
iktsudo apt-get install bootchart then reboot and image should be in /var/log/bootchart12:19
ikti'm just wondering if 11.10 is quite a bit slower than 11.04 or even 10.1012:19
iktquite a bit == noticably12:19
sagaciyeah it's still kinda slow but from my experience, the regression was from maverick > natty12:20
sagaciin ref to boot time12:21
head_victimI've never even looked at boot times, my computer only reboots for power outages or new hardware.12:21
head_victimSometimes I get excitable and reboot it just for a new kernel or something.12:21
iktI used to be like that but now there's no real point keeping my pc on during the day12:22
iktmay as well save 230w usage for 10 hours12:22
head_victimI'm slowly working towards loading up the server so I can turn off the desktops but the rate I'm going that'll be a while12:22
head_victimWe've reduced the desktop count from 4 to 2 though so we're getting there12:23
iktwhat sort of stuff is running on your desktop that you'll move to server?12:23
head_victimirc, files (media, etc) and probaly more stuff I can't think of right now12:23
ikti'll be doing a similar thing12:24
iktwill probably make a nice huge blog post about setting up my new mitx htcp/file server12:25
head_victimI'm currently using a quad core 2.33 desktop style PC with 5tb of hdd as my server12:25
iktwill runs xbmc/delugetorrent/file server of some kind/psi server/mumble/and a bunch of other stuff12:26
head_victimI was thinking of moving to an i3 2100T (35w tdp dual core ht 2.5ghz)12:26
iktamd e350 ftw12:26
iktgpu+cpu all in one12:26
ikti think12:26
head_victimi3 is that as well12:26
iktwhat gpu is in the i3?12:28
head_victimintel hd200012:28
jargonfactoryhi folks \o.12:28
sagacican it do 1080p12:28
head_victimGday jargonfactory 12:28
head_victimsagaci: apprently quite well12:28
head_victimikt: the T variant is the low powered one12:29
head_victimI've seen them idling at 20w for a full system using that cpu12:29
jargonfactorycan't find any info on this font @ http://letsfreckle.com :(12:29
head_victimjargonfactory: email them :D12:29
iktjust reading now12:30
jargonfactoryhead_victim: heh12:30
head_victimikt: sif even look at amd products.... ;)12:30
sagacijargonfactory, Helvetica Neue?12:30
ikthead_victim: I was gonna say the same about intel :P12:30
ikti've had less problems with amd/ati then intel/intel12:31
jargonfactorysagaci: oh hang on i got firebug :) thx12:31
head_victimikt: hahaha I've been on intel since p4 and never once had a problem. I do use nvidia cards in desktops though12:31
head_victimbrb, dinner12:32
iktI don't know what it is about intel stuff12:32
iktbut it just comes across so cold and heartless :(12:32
ikti've never seen intel do something like this:12:33
iktanyone seen the new humble indy bundle?13:43
sagaciI've seen it but I'm not into that kind of thing13:44
iktyeah same13:56
iktthere was 10 games on the last bundle13:57
iktone of them looks interesting to me13:57
sagaciikt, do you notice en_US spelling?14:03
head_victimNo idea what happened there14:23
sagaci* head_victim has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)14:37
iktyeah osmosis is a pretty neat game15:04
iktsagaci, what do you mean?15:04
sagacilike, do you see words such as dialog and color and think "they should be changed"15:05
sagacichromium is causing pain on my older desktop machine15:05
sagacisync seems to be taking forever15:06
sagaciit's my browser of choice but i've had to revert back to firefox on this machine of late since chromium locks up15:06
airtonixikt: i prefer stability over speed, which is why i go intel15:07
sagaciyay, chromium finally synced, bye firefox15:08
iktairtonix: ehhh?16:28
airtonixikt: that video you posted16:33
ikti was more talking about community engagement, amd sponsors a lot of community related stuff16:43
iktlike overclocking which is the big one16:43
iktbut yeah I prefer stabilty over speed as well, I just haven't seen any stability issues between amd/intel16:43
iktexcept for my netbook which had this happen:16:44
lubotu2Launchpad bug 828684 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "[i965gm] False GPU lockup EIR: 0x00000010 PGTBL_ER: 0x00000100" [Low,Triaged]16:44
iktactually I did have an issue with the ati drivers in 11.0416:46
iktbut that was simply because canonical decided to release the updated kernel with the fix in it after 11.04 was released16:47
iktbacula is insane17:27
ikttaking me longer to learn bacula than python17:27
iktbut this might be due to my motivation for learning a backup program17:27

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