khooveranyone around to help with file-sharing issues across natty and vista?01:18
khooverspecifically, doing photo-processing in bridge, with a correctly set-up share, and getting write permission errors.01:18
khooveradobe bridge*01:18
BluesKajhi folks14:06
khooverwhy must dd take forever. -_-15:40
khooveroh, need some advice ASAP. is the dd process safe to kill, since i realized i don't need to be running it. >_<15:51
DarwinSurvivorkhoover: what are you dd'ing?16:17
khooverDarwinSurvivor, nvm, worked out fine16:24
BluesKajkhoover, yeah it's just a copy app, it doesnt change any of the source data16:32

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