* mhall119 is super excited01:48
Pendulummhall119: thanks!02:34
duanedesignhello Pendulum11:46
Pendulumduanedesign: how're you? Haven't seen you around as much lately :(11:47
duanedesignPendulum: i am good. Been kinda busy settling into my new job11:48
PendulumI'm glad things are good :)11:48
duanedesignhoping things stabilize so I can gget back to some community work11:48
PendulumSilly day jobs getting in the way of volunteer stuff ;-)11:49
duanedesignPendulum: what have you been up too?11:50
Pendulumhonestly, lost a lot of the last 2 months to medical crap, but it's medical crap that has resulted in improvement so I can't complain too much ;-)11:51
PendulumProbably about as good as I'll ever been on that front now and that's good enough for me :-) (didn't fix anywhere near anything, just most of the things that were limiting me in ways that messed up working)11:52
Pendulum*anywhere near everything11:53
duanedesignsounds  like all in all it turned out to be a positive :)12:01
duanedesignhello czajkowski ... /me said one hour later19:52

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