Coreyikonia: Yeah, I'd have interest in pursuing that.00:20
CoreyI'll let you know what my archeologist uncovers.00:20
bazhangarch channel is not +r00:32
IdleOnehe is probably +q00:32
IdleOneguess they had enough00:33
bazhang* [bktrak] (~bktrak@cpe-72-231-173-136.nycap.res.rr.com): bktrak01:10
bazhangbot or just unpleasant01:11
bazhang<ghostx64> have you tried hooking up a smotherbox?01:13
bazhangDONT google that01:13
bazhangbaktrak same as bktrak from before02:33
bazhang<baktrak> Its America.. "Free Speach"02:38
baktrakHi, i would like to report an operator.. in the channel #ubuntu.02:46
IdleOnewhich and report what?02:46
baktrakSo who do i report it to02:47
IdleOnebaktrak: what would you like to report?02:47
IdleOnebaktrak: still there?02:48
baktrakThats After i was explaining a problem to a person a kernel problem in ubuntu 10.04 that he told me no chit-chatting... but i was telling a person a problem in Ubuntu... i understand the chat is for support only but then he then... kicked me.. out of channel.. and then +q'd me.02:48
baktrakSo then He Priv Messaged me to prolly "taunt" Me.. and then says "No Perhaps You will respond"02:49
baktrakAfter he Muted me from #ubuntu02:49
baktrakAnd then after.. Pointing Just me out for chit-chatting he doesnt enforce any of the rules to any other person in #ubuntu.. As u can see here... U idleone.. told 2 people to stay on topic.02:50
baktrakIdleOne> !ot | DirtyD mrdeb02:50
IdleOnebaktrak: ok, how about this.02:51
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:51
baktrakI know what the Guidlines are... The Channel is for support.02:52
IdleOneplease read the info at the link and if you agree to follow our guidelines and not try the "This is America" stuff again I'll unban you.02:52
baktrakNot banned02:52
IdleOnebecause. this is NOT America02:52
IdleOnethis is freenode02:52
baktrakLol k i agree02:53
IdleOnewhy am I not convinced?02:53
baktrakBecause this isnt America?.. Its freenode?02:53
IdleOneanyway, you going to behave and not force me to have to ban you?02:54
baktrakIdle.. lemme ask u this02:54
baktrakWhat if i was sitting where u were right now.02:54
baktrakAn Op02:55
baktrakAnd u were some Guy from ubuntu02:55
baktrakYeh?.. And i could DO anything to u02:55
baktrakBan u for some stupid reason02:55
baktrakWhat would u do?02:55
IdleOnelet me stop you.02:55
IdleOneI was that guy for 4 years before I became an op02:55
IdleOneand the 2 times I broke the rules I got banned02:56
IdleOneWe don;t do "what we want" we enforce the guidelines.02:56
baktrakDid i say i do what i want?02:56
baktrakNah All i did was just go in a channel and report a problem to someone.02:56
IdleOneWe as is we the ops02:56
IdleOneas in*02:56
baktrakThats all.. and not many people will stand up for themeselves like i am doing right now.02:57
baktrakBecause they are scared to get banned because they need help... with things02:57
IdleOnestanding up for what is clearly a violation of our guidelines doesn't make you a hero02:57
IdleOneit makes you wrong.02:57
baktrakHow about this..02:57
baktrakYou keep the +q on?02:57
IdleOnenow, we can keep going back and forth or you can agree to follow the guidelines and I'll let you back in02:58
baktrakIm not banned02:58
IdleOneI'll unmute you.02:58
baktrakIll agree but i dont wanna be UnMuted02:58
baktrakSo keep the +q On.02:58
IdleOnethen we have nothing left to discuss. have a good night.02:58
IdleOnebaktrak: Please don't idle in here.02:59
baktrakwhos quest7960?02:59
baktrakOoohh ubuttu bot03:00
IdleOnean unidentified op03:00
baktrakPeace then03:00
IdleOnemy favorite troll :)03:04
IdleOneheya PerfM what's up?03:04
PerfMMy 2nd fav oper03:04
PerfMoh you know, just visiting ;)03:05
PerfMwhy so glum, chum?03:05
IdleOnePerfM: Do we really need to do this again, because I thought I was your fav.03:05
PerfMOh, but then I met rww03:05
PerfMand he's a staffer too03:05
PerfMso BONUS, amirite?03:05
IdleOnewins by default I guess03:05
IdleOneok, well visit is over. Go home.03:06
PerfMDoesn't even ask how I am, or anything03:06
IdleOneI talked to you earlier, had my perfie fill for the day.03:06
bazhangnot the place for that PerfM03:06
PerfMlololololol epic03:07
bazhangas you well know03:07
PerfMbazhang, just chillin w/my bud03:07
bazhangPerfM, not here03:07
PerfMyou wanna be my bud too?03:07
IdleOnePerfM: seriously, please part the channel.03:07
PerfMI'll be back03:08
bazhangsure you will03:08
bazhangwhatever could go wrong with *empowering* a known troll with a *cloak* to that effect03:09
IdleOneit also empowers us to call him troll and not be insulting03:09
bazhangthat cloak wont be removed unless it is extreme, way over the line behavior03:10
bazhang<Apple5> can i make video games for ubuntu so more people will use it?03:27
tonyyarussoWell, they'd have to be GOOD video games...03:28
bazhangany clue whats up with soreau in -ot03:33
bazhangthis wont end well03:35
IdleOneAfterDeath: Can I help you?05:57
AfterDeathYeah, was about to ask some stuff but figured it out. Doing clean-up work on AntiSpamMeta. Have a good day :)05:58
ubottuIn ubottu, Danielcg25 said: Your mom is intelligent06:53
Danielcg25Sorry for that, ubottu seems to think it's funny to forward my insults to it to this channel06:56
IdleOneshe is funny that way.06:56
Danielcg25I think I figured it out.06:57
Danielcg25It sends everything after "is"06:57
IdleOneDanielcg25: the term dickpickle is not necessarily cursing but in the context you described it was clearly meant to be an insult which makes it cursing.06:59
IdleOneSo please just keep the language family friendly.07:00
ubottuIn #ubuntu, nyuszika7h said: !cdrom is <reply> /dev/cdrom is07:20
ubottuIn #ubuntu, nyuszika7h said: !cdrom is <reply> /dev/cdrom is deprecated. Use /dev/srx (usually sr0) instead.07:21
ubottuIn #ubuntu, nyuszika7h said: !cross-posting is <alias> crossposting07:27
Myrttiwas it automated?07:31
Myrttithey all have had too much coffee07:38
IdleOneor not enough07:39
CoreyDunno why that quiet didn't release on solancer09:52
CoreyI pulled it.09:52
oCeangreat, was about to myself09:53
bazhangvibhav, no10:37
bazhangvibhav, please stop asking for it to happen, you will be contacted.10:38
StevenRoh well. he left the channel. nevermind :)11:02
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops vibhav totally unable to follow simple instructions.11:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.11:05
elkyThat can be removed in 1 week11:07
bazhangthey got tons of warnings11:21
bazhangno more needed imo11:23
bazhanglengthy protest PM from Uatec for the remove11:33
bazhangthrows in "fighting the urge to Godwin"11:34
Sidewinder1ikonia, Might you be available?13:27
ikoniajust cooking so I'm in/out13:27
ikoniawhat's up ?13:28
Sidewinder1I was just wondering if your comment about my reinstall suggestion was just a tiny bit rude; calling it "crazy" i agree, it was somewhat rash but in the end, I think it would've worked. I'm not trying to "start somrthing, just curious. :D13:30
Sidewinder1something, even13:30
ikoniaif you think telling someone to reinstll their OS to put grub on a disk is sane,13:32
ikoniaor you think that is a way to help someone, that is crazy13:34
Sidewinder1OK, I agree, but I  wasn't exactly sure of the procedure; I will refrain in the future unless I'm absolutely certain; and I apologize if I "ruffled your feathers". Please realize that when I first started with ubuntu (Gutsy) I knew no one who had even heard of *nix, much less ubuntu. I am self taught through the forums and didn't discover this channel until recently. My goals are totally altruistic in that all I wish to do13:38
Sidewinder1is help others and giav back to the community.13:38
Sidewinder1give, even13:38
ikoniaSidewinder1: you've not offended or ruffled anyones feathers, it's not a problem13:39
ikoniaand everyone picks up knowledge and info as they go along, you don't have to know everything on day one13:39
ikoniainfact it would be equally as crazy to expect that13:39
Sidewinder1That's cool' IMHO we're good and I'll part..13:39
Sidewinder1There 'ya go, accusing me of being crazy; my wife will attest to that!13:40
Sidewinder1Bye! :-)13:41
Sidewinder1And thanks to you and all the rest for volunteering your time; it doesn't go unnoticed, at least not here.13:42
ubottum4v called the ops in #ubuntu (Merdam)17:32

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