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footvillacan someone help me03:19
footvillaim trying this tutorial03:19
footvillaand not sure what to do on one of the steps03:19
pmatulis!ask | footvilla03:24
ubottufootvilla: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:24
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SamicDo I need to install a DNS server on my host to connect my domain to it?05:58
SamicDo I need to install a DNS server on my host to connect my domain to it?06:23
SpamapSSamic: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns.html06:24
SamicSpamapS: couldn't you just answer with yes or no??!!06:25
SpamapSSamic: Its complicated, so no, its not a yes/no question even though you phrased it as such.06:26
SpamapSSamic: the bottom line is, if you have a domain you need *somebody* to do DNS for it.06:26
SpamapSSamic: if your registrar provides free DNS (most do these days) then no, you don't need DNS services on your server.06:26
Samicis it something about my host (setting in ubuntu) or my domain company?06:27
SpamapSSamic: you just need to map the address of your server to the hostname you want.06:27
SamicI have read those manual about DNS on help.ubuntu.com but I don't know what should I do06:27
SamicI have a domain (samic.us) and a server (
Samici don't know how to connect hese two!06:28
SpamapSName Server:                                 NS1.SAMIC.US06:28
SpamapSName Server:                                 NS2.SAMIC.US06:28
Samicdo you get any result from running   dig samic.us ns    on your box?06:29
SpamapSwhois samic.us06:29
SpamapSTypically your registrar will require you to give those addresses.06:29
Samicfor me dig answers with serverfail which I don't understand what's the meaning and what should I do06:30
SpamapSyeah dig is answering that way because you did not give ns1.samic.net a real address yet.06:30
Samicok thanks! we are going somewhere! how should I give ds1.samic.us an address?06:31
SpamapSSamic: so you will need to install DNS on your server, and you'll need to configure it for your domain.as a "Primary Master"06:31
SpamapSSamic: then you need to inform your registrar that NS1.SAMIC.US == x.x.x.x06:32
SpamapSThey will, in turn, put that into the root servers.. so dig will start to work.06:32
Samicaha! so I do need to install BIND!06:32
SpamapSYes you do, *or* (the easier option) let your registrar or some other cheap DNS hosting company handle it.06:33
SpamapSgodaddy does it for free06:33
Samicthank you very much!06:33
Samicyou solve my problem06:33
SamicI'll try it now06:33
SpamapSSamic: good luck! :)06:33
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Samicin configuring BIND, should I make make a zone in /etc/bind/named.conf.local   for  samic.us (my domain) or ns1.samic.us ?!07:59
ikoniaSamic: the zonefile should contain data about both your zone hosts and their name servers08:04
SamicI want to have two nameservers (ns1.samic.us and ns2.samic.us) so /etc/bind/named.conf.local should be like this:08:06
Samiczone "samic.us" {08:06
Samic        type master;08:06
Samic        file "/etc/bind/db.samic.us";08:06
Samic};zone "ns1.samic.us" {08:06
Samic        type master;08:06
Samic        file "/etc/bind/db.ns1.samic.us";08:06
Samiczone "ns2.samic.us" {08:06
Samic        type master;08:06
Samic        file "/etc/bind/db.ns2.samic.us";08:06
SamicBIND is really confusing!!08:07
Samicikonia: can you help me?08:09
ikoniaSamic: you don't need a zone file for the individual name servers08:10
ikoniaSamic: you need 1 zone file for the zone, that contains the zone data and the name server08:10
Samicok so i just need zone "samic.us"08:11
ikoniaSamic: yes08:13
ikoniayou don't actually have zones called ns2 or ns1, your zone is your domain08:13
mranim8Hi. Can someone help me with an installation question? I just downloaded 11.04 (x86, the regular version, not the server edition) to put onto a freshly built file server. I want to use btrfs instead of ext4, so I go to configure the partitions manually. I have 5 disks (one system, 4 data). I can't create primary partitions on the data drives without adding a mount point, and I can't seem to specify my own mount point. In08:15
mranim8should I be using Ubutu Server instead?08:15
Samicikonia: can you help me to write db.samic.us here:  http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT08:18
ikoniaSamic: not really, it's your zone file08:18
ikoniaSamic: this zone isn't going out onto the public internet is it ?08:18
Samicikonia: I didn't understand your question08:19
ikoniaSamic: you're not going to use this dns server on the public internet are you ?08:19
Samici want to connect my domain (samic.us) to my host (
ikoniaSamic: I would strongly advise against putting a dns server on the public internet unless you know what you are doing08:20
ikoniaSamic: you don't seem confident with how dns works or how to setup and manage it, hence why I would strongly advise against it08:20
ikoniathere are many very cheap (maybe even free) public dns services on the internet, it would make more sense in my eyes for you to use one of those until you actually understand how it works08:21
Samicikonia: can you take a look at here :  http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT08:21
ikoniaSamic: I've already looked at it.08:21
ikoniahence why I've just said what I did08:22
Samicok forget about security ;)08:22
SamicI don't know where to put ns1 ans ns208:22
ikoniait's not just security.08:22
ikoniaI've given you my opinion/advice on the matter and I'll leave it there08:22
Samicis there anyone here who know how to setup nameservers?!08:23
Samicanyone knows how to configure BIND?08:30
udienzSamic, what's up?09:06
udienzSamic, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto09:06
Samicudienz: I have read that09:11
Samicudienz: can you take a look at http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT09:11
udienzSamic, is there any errors produced09:14
Samiccan you see samic.us in your browser?!09:14
udienzSamic, yep09:15
Samicreally?!! how about samic.org ?!09:15
udienzSamic, http://paste.ubuntu.com/700377/09:16
udienzsamic.org doens't have A record09:16
Samici have set samic.org nameservers to ns1.samic.us and ns209:17
SamicI don't know what's the problem about it09:17
udienzSamic, samic.org must decaled in zone too09:18
StevenRSamic: samic.org has no NS records09:18
Samicbut    -whois samic.org    is correct!!09:18
Samiccan't I just make ns1.samic.us and point samic.org to it?!09:19
StevenRSamic: if I trace it, it appears to be there09:20
StevenRlooks like you need to wait a while or it to propagate09:21
Samicso it's correct to setup ns1.samic.us and point samic.org09:21
StevenRyou can use ns1.samic.us as a nameserver for samic.org09:22
udienzand creating samic.org zones at ns1.samic.us09:22
SamicStevenR: ok thanks! so you think configuration http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT  is allright?09:23
StevenRSamic: that looks ok... is that the configuration for ns1.samic.us?09:24
SamicStevenR: those are all configuration files! you can see file name at top of each09:25
StevenRSamic: is that the configuration for ns1.samic.us ?09:25
StevenR(it's a yes or no answer)09:25
SamicStevenR: I don't understand your question correctly!09:26
SamicI have domain (samic.us) and I have these filese there!09:26
StevenRSamic: which server is that configuration for?09:26
Samic/etc/bind/named.conf.local     and       /etc/bind/db.samic.us        and      /etc/bind/db.7909:27
StevenRSamic: that server won't answer queries for samic.org, you will need another zone file for that.09:27
SamicStevenR: i can copy these files for samic.org too but the problem is Reverse Zone File09:29
StevenRwhy is that a problem?09:29
Samicyou can see it at the end of http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT09:29
Samicwhich address should I put there?!09:30
StevenRthat zone file doesn't look right, but I'm not certain about it. You don't need a second reverse zone file.09:31
SamicStevenR: so I don't need to change this reverse zone file?!09:32
StevenRSamic: you do. the PTR records should include fully qualified domain names, including the trailing .09:34
Samicit's really confusing!!! can you change it in http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT  ?09:35
StevenRSamic: try dig PTR09:35
SamicStevenR: what's that?!09:36
Samic243.140.71.82.in-addr.arpa. 7200 INPTRzen.co.uk.09:36
StevenRSamic: the NS records in your reverse zone file don't exist, and the @ record is invalid.09:37
Samiccan you correct it thee please?!09:38
SamicStevenR: can you correct it there please?!09:39
StevenRSamic: no, you need to work out what the correct things should be. You've added records to other zones, you should be able to add NS records to this one :)09:43
SamicStevenR: should I just add    ns1      IN      A
Samicns2      IN      A
Samicto it?!09:44
StevenRyou need NS records, not A records. Don't put A records in a reverse zone09:46
Samicis it right now?! can we chat there?!09:46
SamicStevenR: are you still there?!10:02
StevenRback now10:03
SamicStevenR: my question is about nameservers (like ns1.samic.us)10:05
Samicif I create one of them then can I point any other domain (like domain.org) to it without anymore configuration?10:05
StevenRfor every domain that the nameserver will answer queries for as the authoritative nameserver, you must have a zone file for it10:06
StevenRso if you want samic.org and samic.us to be run from the same nameserver, you need a zone file for each domain.10:07
SamicStevenR: ok thanks! I got that but what about reverse file? I should write domain name there too. which domain should I state there?!10:08
StevenRwhat do you mean?10:11
Samicthere is a reverse file (in my example it's /etc/bind/db.79 as you can see on http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT) on  the 8th line of that file I should write domain name10:13
Samicif I want to connect two domain to a host what should I do?! which domain should I stat there?!@10:13
StevenRwhich line in the pad?10:13
SamicStevenR: 7110:13
StevenRthe... "primary" one10:14
StevenRwhich of samic.us and samic.org is the most used or most important one?10:14
SamicStevenR: wait a sec! when I want to connect two domains to a host both of the should be Primary Master?10:15
StevenR@       IN      SOA     ns1.samic.us. root.samic.us. (10:15
StevenR71 should be10:15
Samicso how qbout ns2 ?!10:16
StevenRit doesn't need to appear in the SOA record10:17
StevenRas it's not the primary nameserver for that zone10:17
StevenRnow you just need some PTR records in the reverse zone10:19
SamicStevenR: you can edit there so I can see exactly what do you mean!10:20
StevenRyou SOA records for samic.org and samic.us also should include the FQDN of the primary nameserver for that domain10:23
SamicStevenR: I used https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/dns-configuration.html  !10:24
SamicStevenR: Steven! can you edit it there PLEASE!!!10:24
StevenRSamic: that howto shows you what to do, very clearly. Look at the examples. I'm not going to spoonfeed you, I don't think that's the right way to teach or help people.10:27
SamicStevenR: can you show me which part of that howto is talking about FQDN in SOA?!10:28
StevenRit's in all of the examples10:34
StevenRit might not be referred to directly10:34
SamicI changed some in http://ietherpad.com/eBd9zRGcHT   is everything right now?!10:35
StevenRyou've not changed the SOA line10:37
StevenRor it's not updating10:37
Samicbecause I don't know what should I do about it!10:38
StevenRwell, you made it right for the reverse zone10:40
SamicStevenR: I'm at work and I don't have a lot of time. on the other hand there isn't good manual and howto about bind. If you know how to correct these files please help10:45
Samicbecause i think you are just enjoying that you know something and I want that! It about an hour and if you wanted to help you could do it in few seconds10:47
StevenRSamic: no, it's not that at all. I refuse to spoonfeed people, because that teaches bad habits, doesn't help them learn and doesn't improve their ability to learn. I mentor systems techs at work, and I don't spoonfeed them either, even though it would mean they would get the answer faster.10:51
SamicStevenR: this channel is for getting help! and you are not helping. you just say there is a problem without giving a solution. this is not helping nor teaching! if you want to teach you should say there is a problem there because ... and the solution is .... because ....10:56
StevenRI've already given you the answer. the SOA record is wrong because it does not include a FQDN for the primary nameserver for that domain.10:57
StevenRI don't know what FQDN you should put there because it's your nameserver, not mine.10:58
koolhead17hi all11:33
* airtonix chuckles15:05
RoyKhm.. with ubuntu 11.10 beta, I can't find a server cd15:08
oCeanRoyK: http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/15:13
* RoyK is setting up a home server and relies on the bleeding edge :D15:16
KM0201hope you dont like a stable server15:16
KM0201installing an unstable OS as a home server, makes no sense15:17
RoyKwell, it's not that far till release15:17
RoyKit's a home server + a toy15:17
KM0201deosn't really matter15:17
RoyKwell, cut the crap. I've only been working on linux since 1994 or so. I think I know what I'm doing15:17
KM0201i've seen updates break a system a week before release in ubuntu (granted, it gets fixed quickly, but it has happened)15:17
KM0201i didn't say ou didn't.15:19
KM0201was just making a point..15:19
qman__not sure exactly what that point is15:20
KM0201i know how to drive, but i don't deliberately do ignorant things because i feel i can safely do it.15:20
qman__unstable beta software is unstable beta software?15:20
RoyKKM0201: it's an exactly good point to make, but ubuntu beta isn't exactly unstable15:20
RoyKfor production machines, I only use LTS15:20
KM0201RoyK: i guess thats a matter of opinion..15:20
qman__all but one of my machines are running lucid15:21
qman__that other one is runnind hardy15:21
RoyKi think I have 5-6 hardy machines still15:21
RoyKno reason to upgrade them so long as updates are available and they work15:22
KM0201my ubuntu machines are 11.0415:22
RoyKKM0201: talking of stability - why 11.04?15:22
KM0201well, desktops, just cuz they are for the home... LTS has little to do w/ stability, and more to do w/ support.. i've had zero probs w/ 11.0415:23
RoyKdesktops I run 11.04 on15:23
RoyKnot servers15:23
qman__I used to upgrade my desktop every 6 months15:23
qman__and every time I did, stuff broke15:23
qman__the only versions that actually had everything working for me were 6.10 and 9.1015:23
KM0201as for my server, it was my first server install after i bricked freenas, so i figured i'd use 11.04 and 11.10 to make sure things are figured out, then 12.04, i'll stay LTS>15:24
KM0201qman__: i always clean install, so.. can't really speak for upgrades15:24
qman__the breakage in lucid is annoying but passable15:24
RoyKqman__: we have some desktops at observatories and stuff - really combined server+desktop - those all run lucid (soon, when we get rid of those fedoras)15:24
qman__so I guess I have to wait for 12.10 to have everything working again15:24
OlotilaAdaptec 6805E requires floppy install, but I do not have even the interface in mobo. What to do?16:43
qman__why would you need a floppy?16:48
qman__only Windows has such arbitrary requirements for driver installation16:49
OlotilaI will use it in both Ubuntu and Windows, needs to make two separate installations according to guide16:52
qman__that sounds like a really bad idea16:55
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qman__but in any case, driver floppies are still a windows-only issue, and only old versions at that16:56
qman__build the raid in the card's bios, install windows to one partition, install ubuntu to another16:56
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Olotilathat would work also if I have win7 allready in separate partition?17:05
qman__Windows is very rude and imposes its own bootloader regardless of what has been installed17:06
qman__so the proper order to install multiple operating systems is windows oldest to newest, followed by linux17:07
Olotilawill the separate windows see the raid set?17:07
qman__depends on if you install the drivers17:07
qman__however, windows will not be able to read linux filesystems17:07
Olotilano need to17:08
qman__you can install ext2 drivers but it's still clunky17:08
Olotilaonly the other way around17:08
Olotilaso I would boot inside the raid, but make the separate windows to start?17:09
qman__you install the bootloader to whichever disk is set to boot17:10
Olotilayou said I need to install windows anyways in one of the partitions of the raid set17:10
qman__it doesn't matter whether that's on a raid or regular disk17:10
qman__you don't have to17:10
qman__only if you want windows installed on the raid set17:10
Olotilawhen I plugged the card in, I could not boot from any other device other than USB17:10
qman__which is what your original question sounded like17:10
qman__you need to set the boot order in the BIOS17:11
Olotila... now when I think about it, I seem to have another problem here17:11
qman__disks are just disks17:11
qman__whether they're a raid set or not17:11
OlotilaI was not able to see my primary os disk in bios17:12
qman__as long as your operating systems have the needed drivers, it doesn't matter what sort of configuration you use17:12
Olotilaafter plugiin the card in17:12
qman__then it's more likely a problem with the two disk controllers17:12
Olotilathe adaptec takes over17:12
qman__maybe a resource conflict, or a loose cable, or hardware incompatibility17:12
Olotilaand it did not see my intel ssd17:13
Olotilait gave an error about pci I think, just a fraction of a second when booting17:13
Olotilanot enough something17:13
qman__try turning some features off that you don't need17:14
qman__like if you have unused serial or parallel ports, or don't use sound, or something like that17:14
Olotilafirst I'll take of 4 disks currently in raid17:14
Olotilawhich I am planning to throw into adapte17:14
Olotilaconfig sata ports to ahci17:15
Olotilathen boot, see what happens17:16
Olotilathen worry about the wonderfull floppy issue, ah how much I love it17:17
qman__if you're not running windows 2003 or older, you do not need floppies, period17:17
OlotilaI hope so, not sure would I hang myself or somehow get a floppy drive in play17:29
Ronniei recently obtained a VPS, i want to send and receive mail. is it wise to install my own mail server, and what are the 'costs' (think about safety, spam etc) or is it better to use an thirth party service (budget is available)18:24
qman__Ronnie, before you consider any of that, make sure your VPS provider allows you to send mail directly18:27
qman__many do not, and provide you a relay host instead18:27
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Ronnieqman__: our host does not provide a relay host, if im right we are allowed to send mail (need to check that tought)18:28
qman__that aside, spam filtering is going to be the most costly part18:28
qman__locking down a mail server is not that hard, just don't allow relaying and you're 90% there18:29
Ronnieqman__: and the other 10%18:30
qman__good user authentication, use TLS/SSL18:30
qman__and general server security18:30
qman__don't allow mail users to have SSH access18:30
qman__just basic stuff18:30
oCeanRonnie: the amount of effort depends on usage (of course) but generally speaking, system maintenance is a day-to-day task. Once setup, all you have to do is apply updates etc, and monitor logfiles18:31
ikoniaRonnie: first thing to check is if your IP address is black listed by the public mail lists18:32
ikoniaRonnie: no point looking at anything until you know that18:32
Ronnieikonia: where can i check that?18:33
ikoniaRonnie: on the public internet18:33
ikoniaRonnie: if you're not used to running a mail server, I'd advise you not to18:33
qman__I say it depends on scope18:33
ikoniaRonnie: I'd suggest looking at either a mail relay provided by your hosting partner, or one of the many subscription services.18:33
qman__running your own mail server for one domain with a small number of users isn't that hard, and it's a good way to learn the caveats18:33
qman__but if you have big needs, don't bother at this point18:34
qman__I co-administer about 50 microsoft exchange servers, one mailenable, and I run a few postfix18:36
qman__but whatever you do, do not bother with sendmail18:36
qman__it's archaic and ridiculously overcomplicated18:36
Ronnieqman__, ikonia. the amount of users is limited. we have customers who need to send invitations trough our webservices (primary reason) and second to send password-self-services mail. Also we want to receive some small amount of feedback and question mails.18:37
ikoniaRonnie: if you have customers (paying) I would not advise doing it18:38
ikonia(unless you know what you're doing)18:38
ikoniaif you end up not delivering mails, getting exploited, or getting them blacklisted, it may have business ramifications18:38
qman__yeah, your first time should not be for a paying customer18:38
oCeanRonnie: discussing the same topic in multiple channels is not polite18:40
Ronniequestion: is your opinion to outsource the service itself, the maintainance, i.e. (sla) commen for me as a startup webservice?18:42
RonnieoCean: i quitted in #ubuntu channel ;)18:43
oCeanI meant the -nl discussion. The ubuntu crowd is everywhere18:44
Ronniei usually prefer the dutch channels, but the english are more active and have better knowledge18:44
cocoa117has anyone got xen domu ubuntu 11.04 PCI passthrough working? i mean through vt-d19:26
cocoa117i got error message19:27
cocoa117usbcore: registered new interface driver usbfs19:27
cocoa117[    0.069076] usbcore: registered new interface driver hub19:27
cocoa117[    0.069076] usbcore: registered new device driver usb19:27
cocoa117[    0.069076] PCI: System does not support PCI19:27
cocoa117[    0.069076] PCI: System does not support PCI19:27
cocoa117i do have xen pci-front module installed19:27
magicblaze007is there an easy way to add VM without rebooting?19:28
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TDJACRANyone here have LXC experience?20:33
PleXs<frozen>:38: DeprecationWarning: the whrandom module is deprecated; please use the random module21:14
PleXsanyone know how to fix this?21:14
PleXsinstall older python release? :)21:14
jmarsdenPleXs: Deprecation warnings are not a problem.  The code you have is working fine as is.21:16
PleXsaah ok21:16
jmarsdenPleXs: They are a warning to developers of the Python app to update it soon so NEXT time, it will still work.21:16
jmarsdenPleXs: They have been turned off by defautl in Python 3.0 to avoid confusing users like you :)21:17
PleXsnothing to worry about :)21:17
RoyKgoogle was fine, but now, trying to find historic data is hard - seems first you have to filter out the google ads and then you have to write intricate queries to find what you're looking for, that is, if it wasn't yesterday's news22:56
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