philipballewhowdy all!00:52
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akkIs there a schedule for Oneiric somewhere, like when beta2 might be likely to be out? Likely to be much difference between today's build and one next Tuesday?03:24
akkOh, NM, I guess it is out, it just wasn't showing up on the page I was looking at (they make those betas kinda hard to find).03:25
seidosno kidding03:35
akkGet a load of this: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/oneiric/beta-2/ has no x86 desktop CD images, only amd6403:35
akkbut http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ (which has the exact same title, Oneiric beta 2) does have x86 desktop CD03:36
akkboth of them say that's the type of build most people will want, even the page that doesn't offer it in the most common architecture03:36
akkActually the first one seems to be a Mac page (all the builds say Mac) though it doesn't say anything about macs in either the title or URL.03:38
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seidoswell, the only reason for me to install a different version now is for the newer kernels03:58
seidosi'll likely do an alternate install if i ever reinstall ubuntu, my notebook is about 3 years ago03:59
seidosmustn't say the "o" word03:59
akkI've got a new laptop coming (my current one has a cracked screen -- tragedy!)03:59
akkso I thought I might try oneiric to see if the powersaving bug has improved any04:00
seidosthis is the 2nd screen on this notebook >_<04:00
akkAlso it gives me something to put on my whizzy multi-live-CD USB stick. :)04:00
seidosmulti-live-cd usb stick?  that sounds interesting.04:01
akkThe cheapest screen for mine was $180 on ebay, used and not perfect. It's a sony, so parts are hard to get.04:01
seidosah, yeah.  mine was $10004:01
seidosi guess sony is like the bmw of notebooks04:01
seidosthe metaphor is probably imperfect :P04:02
akkSomething like that, anyway.04:02
akkAnyway, half the price of a new vaguely comparable machine (that I hope will fix a lot of the problems that old machine had, doubtless substituting new ones :)04:03
akkFor the multi USB stick I followed http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1288604 -- it was super easy, worked like a charm.04:03
seidoswhat brand is the new one?04:03
akkThe new one's a Dell.04:03
seidosprobably not a bad choice04:03
seidosthey are like the Ford of computers04:03
seidosor Honda04:03
akkI've never had one, but d's been happy with his Dell Mini 9.04:03
seidoshard to say, since parts come from over seas o_o04:03
seidosi saw an ad for a dell, i think it was in the paper04:04
seidosit looked like they were trying to make it look like a Mac04:04
akkAnd it looked like the best option from the 4-5 possible choices that met my criteria.04:04
seidosif i had money, i might've done that04:04
seidosthe only other thing i might consider are gateway and lenovo04:05
seidosand lenovo is out, since i'm trying to help the u.s. economy, for the trickle down04:05
akkLenovo was on my list, but it was 1.5x the price (for admittedly a much higher spec machine).04:06
seidosi'd be interested in hearing out it goes.  now i'd probably want to buy something used if something happened to this notebook04:08
seidosit's already hanging together, battery is dead, and ac adapter is soldered together04:08
akkMy vaio was used from ebay, and it's served me well for 4 years (except it did have some scratches on the screen from the keyboard).04:09
seidosi had a vaio at an old job.  i liked it.04:09
seidosi think it was a p3 900mhz :)04:09
akkThere are some good laptop deals on ebay -- though for this one, I got a much better deal at Dell's outlet (it's a refurb) than the used ones on ebay.04:09
akkI had a p3 700 10" vaio laptop before this Centrino 11" one.04:10
akkSony makes nice hardware but they are quirky, and sometimes hard to repair/get parts for.04:10
akkIronically, the Dell I bought also comes with Linux -- but only in certain configurations, not the ones I wanted, and not the cheap ones from the outlet.04:11
seidosi never had a problem with the 14" i had, but i didn't have it for very long04:18
seidosit was a compusa special, anything at the time was petter than the p1-200mhz04:19
seidoscontext is everything04:19
seidosi'm still not satisfied with my configuration, i think what i want doesn't exist04:20
akkThat's always true for me.04:21
akkI was really happy with the current Vaio's size, but nobody makes that any more.04:21
seidosi'm happy with the 13" size, but i should've got a tablet04:22
akkThe tablet I want doesn't exist either. :)04:22
seidosit's kind of good that i didn't, because had i did, i would likely have had all kinds of problems04:22
seidosi saw some "tablets" being used on a samurai jack extras video04:23
akkThis dell I'm getting has a touchscreen! It'll be interesting to see if I can make it work in Linux.04:23
seidosi think it was an external monitor or something though04:23
seidosand they looked expensive04:23
seidosgood luck :)04:23
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philipballewkdub_,  you get stuck with mas again?06:56
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MarkDudeaaditya: pingy16:32
jdeslipIs there a way to contact a launchpad user if they didn't provide an email address?18:43
seidosjdeslip: any luck?19:05
seidoshello makushimu19:06
makushimuhello seidos!19:29
aadityaMarkDude: pong20:00
MarkDudeHey there aaditya how are things going with you?20:07
* MarkDude wants to maybe meet up with you next week, and see about organizing search for permanent location for GK20:08
aadityaMarkDude: things are going well.20:22
aadityaI'll PM.20:22
philipballewjust got a desktop, monitor, router, and 5 usb wireless adapters for 50 bucks!20:52
MarkDudeSounds like a deal philipballew20:57
seidosi wouldn't know what to do with them.  i have two desktops sitting under the kitchen table collecting dust20:57
seidoswhat i really need are books.  i'm going to check out the west hollywood library20:59
philipballewseidos, yeah, my desktop mobo craped out on me, so this guy from the rich part of sd was trying to get rid of them21:00
philipballewwhat kind of books21:00
seidosa decent anatomy physiology book would probably be good21:01
seidoselectrical engineering, mechanical engineering21:01
seidosunfortunately, i suspect i'll have to go to a college library to get these21:01
seidosi was thinking schematics would be awesome, but i doubt i have the tools to really build anything21:01
seidosi should probably stick to biology, really21:02
MarkDudeseidos: what about visualizing find a garage sale that has some cool books at it, it could happen21:02
philipballewif you come here seidos we have all that stuff21:03
philipballewbut 100 miles is kinda far21:03
seidosthe bigger problem is food and shelter philipballew :)21:04
seidosMarkDude: so could winning the lottery :)21:04
seidosstill haven't got that cumberbun for this year's SCaLE either :P21:05
seidosnot sure where i'm going to find that21:05
philipballewwell i have meals you can have and a floor :)21:05
seidosphilipballew: i'll take this into consideration :)21:06
seidosi don't have a sleeping bag, so a floor may not be sufficient.  100mi would take 10+ hours on a bike o_o21:07
MarkDudeWell I have actually visualized stuff like finding a book.21:08
MarkDudeAnd had it happen, we are nottalking world peace21:08
MarkDudecumberbun? Epic21:09
seidostell us how it happened MarkDude.  i'd like to hear the story21:09
* MarkDude remembers being bored a few years ago - while living in Santa Cruz21:10
MarkDudeWanted to read, imagined it being so21:10
MarkDudeHoped on my bike, and rode araound randomly21:11
MarkDudefound some books at a sale that was ending, they were free21:11
seidosah, interesting21:12
seidosi'm not really bored.  i might be able to read the books i want at the santa monica college library21:13
seidosi'll have to go there21:13
MarkDudeI mean it was a weekend, during the day, I dont think is as likely to happen- in Alaska in winter on tuesday21:13
crashsystemshello world21:14
seidosdid the world respond?21:14
crashsystemsnot really. the ping timed out21:15
crashsystemsPeople I've known that are younger than me are having children, which makes me feel old. I should't log into Facebook. o_O21:16
seidoshere's what you do21:17
seidosyou stand up21:17
seidosand spin around several times21:17
seidosyou should feel younger afterwards21:18
crashsystemsyeah, that would bring back memories...21:18
seidosreveries, they can make you feel younger or older i suspect21:18
seidosah, right, i think if one just remembers without reliving it, then they'll feel old21:19
seidosi think i'm getting younger though.  just the other day i think i turned 1521:20
seidosthankfully i'm a mature 1521:20
* MarkDude is hoping to be 15 one day21:20
MarkDudeI have to reach it before I can return21:20
seidosi listen to Nirvana now, and it's okay that i'm so horny, because my will is good21:21
MarkDudeJust dont get a heroin habit, and avoid talking to Courtney Love21:21
seidosif i can manage not to get fibromyalgia or whatever he had i should be okay21:22
crashsystemsanyone know when the next mountain view meet up is?21:24
seidoscrashsystems: should be on the website somewhere.  did you already check?22:37
* crashsystems checks22:38
seidosi'm investigating html5 stuff, i just disabled flash in mozilla o_o22:40
seidosso apparently h.264 is evil22:40
MarkDudeyep , h254 kicks puppies22:41
crashsystemsI want to play around with using the html5 audio tag as an xss injection22:41
seidosmaybe i do too, i have no idea what an xss is22:42
crashsystemscross site scripting.22:43
seidoscrashsystems: did you find the list of ubuntu hours?22:43
seidosit's kind of funky:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UbuntuHours22:44
seidosi had to click "projects" to get to it, not "meetings"22:44
crashsystemsI just had the idea to google it instead of trying to navigate there22:44
seidosthat's kind of slow for me right now :(22:45
seidosi'm torrenting and using mozilla (abrowser in trisquel)22:45
crashsystemsif I could get Firefox's tab groups in Chrome, I could die a happy man.22:47
seidoswhen was the tab group added?  in ff7?22:48
seidoslol, reminds me of "final fantasy 7"22:48
seidoscloud and his big @#& sword22:48
seidoshmmm, i wonder if abrowser has it.22:48
seidosi should just install the newest firefox and be done with it22:48
crashsystemsI use Chrome at home, but I couldn't live without Firefox at work22:49
seidosi stopped using chrome about a week ago22:51
seidosit's been teaching me to be patient22:51
akkI just wish they hadn't taken away small tabs when they added tab groups.22:57
akkI haven't figured out how to use tab groups, and meanwhile without minimum tab size it'll only show a small number of tabs at once.22:57
seidosi've just been using "app tabs"23:06
crashsystemsyeah, app tabs do save some space, but still does not solve the kinds of problems I have when I have 80 tabs open23:08
seidosi don't have that many tabs open anymore, maybe 20 at a time23:09
seidos10 app tabs, and 6 other23:09
akkFirefox 6 won't show any more than 10 tabs at once. :(23:10
crashsystemsI often have at least 45 open at work. Fewer at home, but still a decent number23:10
akkMake that 9, not even 10.23:10
MarkDudeUbuntu does not allow easy search for stuff using its wiki23:11
akkI always do general google searches (with ubuntu as one of the keywords) and end up with lots of ubuntu wiki pages.23:12
MarkDudeWaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Fedoras tho. that NEVER works. Everyso often you can find stuff on Ubuntu23:12
akkor forum, maybe not wiki so much23:12
seidossomeone just recommended epiphany23:12
seidosi'm going to try it out23:12
akkMarkDude! I've had EIGHT berries fall in the last couple weeks! :)23:12
seidosi guess it uses webkit?23:12
MarkDudeGood deal akk23:13
crashsystemsdoesn't just about everything use webkit, other than firefox? (IE / Opera don't count :D)23:13
akkright, everything but firefox and opera23:13
akkand a few weirdo outliers like dillo23:14
MarkDudeI was talking to friend - told her she will be on shortlist of folks able to try the berries in some salsa23:14
akkand lynx/links/w3m :)23:14
akkYou can also write your own webkit browser in a page or two of python. :)23:14
akk(okay, so it would take a little more than that if you want bookmarks and good tab handling)23:15
MarkDudeOr much more in my case ;)23:54
seidosthat would be interesting, to look at a page or 2 of python code23:57
seidosfirefox isn't a page or 2, and i suspect epiphany isn't either23:57
akkInstall python-webkit, then read /usr/share/doc/python-webkit/examples/browser.py23:57
seidoscan it be done with perl :D23:57
seidosi'll check if there's a perl webkit23:57
akkwhich is 455 lines, so more like 10 pages, but still23:57
crashsystemsugh, perl23:57
akkI'm fairly sure there's a perl webkit too.23:57

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