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mhall119new blog: http://www.qimo4kids.com/2011/10/qimo-on-zareason-pcs/01:47
pleia2mhall119: nice :)02:41
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zusSince there are no longer shipping CD's - Is it on a (Lug) person to provide labeled Cd's for Lug/Cd' releases for everyone attending Meetings and gatherings?15:05
* Jake2 forgot all the commands ugh19:55
mhall119zus: our team will still get Ubuntu CDs, which we will pass out to whomever wants one20:26
zushi mhall119  thanks. was kinda thinking on starting up something in my area and was wondering all i would need to get started, 20:29
zushttp://bit.ly/qjAuIt lol G+ song20:32
mhall119zus: itnet7 will let everybody know when we get the team CDs in, so we can arrange to get you some23:40
zusmhall119,  i dont think i will need any just yet23:41
zusbut it did come to mind, of how i was going to get cd's - least i know where resources are.23:43
zusi pretty much have a place i can hold a get together be it weekly and monthly (as long as people buy some kind of  food and drink)23:44
mhall119zus: we probably won't get ours until closer to the end of the month23:45
mhall119zus: will you be at UDS?23:45
zusno, i wont be able to make it23:46
crashsystemshello florida23:46
zushello crashsystems 23:46
zusactually  i know nothing about UDS this time around23:46
mhall119zus: http://uds.ubuntu.com/23:47
zusjust  googled it  lol23:47
mhall119in Orlando again, Oct 31 - Nov 423:47
zusirony = i was just  told to take  a girl to halloween horror nights....23:47
zusim going to be saying a  lot of "wait here brb's "23:48
zushow much will this cost?23:56

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