jrgiffordpaultag: So, in 2 years when ubuntu membership "expires", you just click a link to re-join the launchpad.net group? Or is it more complicated than that? (someone asked me the question, and I didn't know the answer)19:02
paultagjrgifford: Yeah, it's just that simple19:05
paultagjrgifford: I've done it twice now :)19:05
jrgiffordpaultag: Ok, thanks.19:05
paultagjrgifford: you get an email a day for a week19:05
paultag(or until you click it)19:05
jrgiffordhehe, sounds like they really want to keep ubuntu members. ;D19:05
paultagjrgifford: it's a lunch-pad function19:05
paultagjrgifford: who's asking, if you don't mind my prying19:06
jrgiffordpaultag: Well, I was curious, and then a guy who is asking me about different ubuntu stuff asked me.19:07
paultagjrgifford: ah, sure sure :)19:08
* jrgifford yay for non-committal-vague answers. :P19:08
Unit193paultag says it's so easy to get, another says it's hard. I have no reason to distrust either, but I know people are rejected, so I'm not going for it since I haven't done too much yet :P19:09
paultagUnit193: people who say it's hard are defending their little club19:10
paultagthey're blowing smoke up your ass19:10
paultagas long as you have done clear work that is visable for a few months (6-8)19:10
paultaggrab a few testi-es and be done with it19:11
jrgiffordUnit193: I want to see you there to watch me fail on the 20th. :D19:11
jrgifford(er, rejected)19:11
Unit193jrgifford: Will do! (If I remember..)19:11
jrgiffordUnit193: hehe awesome. :)19:11
paultagjrgifford: when are you applying?19:12
paultagjrgifford: and at what time (EST)19:12
jrgiffordpaultag: 8PM EST, americas board, 10/20/11.19:13
paultagjrgifford: send me an email about it and a link to your wiki page, if you don't mind19:13
paultaggotta run19:13
paultaglove ya'll19:13
jrgiffordpaultag: Ok, will do. Cya!19:14
Unit193jrgifford: You in more than I?19:14
jrgiffordUnit193: come again?19:14
Unit193Ummm... Wikipage?19:15
Unit193(I'm very bad at those, I just want to take a peak)19:16
jrgiffordYeah, I made wikipage. :P Kinda went overboard with mine (I think).19:16
jrgiffordOh, sure. Go ahead, take a look, just don't like, delete it. :P https://wiki.ubuntu.com/jamesgifford19:16
Unit193Looks like AskUbuntu is your main selling point (And easy to lookup)19:19
jrgiffordReally wish I had more to "show off", but that's about all I've done. :P19:20
Unit193Heh, just be glad most of it isn't in IRC :P19:20
jrgiffordThat's gotta be difficult to keep track of.19:21
Unit193I can't even19:23
Unit193Just don't laugh (too much) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unit19319:24
jrgiffordI haven't put much thought into my formatting.19:25
* jrgifford is lazy like that19:25
Unit193Mine is crappy with not enough content, so I had to try and put more in19:27
Unit193I just need to stalk the people I work with and have them put something at the bottom :P19:28
jrgiffordOk, let me put something down for you, you're a cool guy.19:31
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