cyberangerhow's it going everyone?00:32
binarymutantgood, u?00:35
cyberangertyping at 70MPH, bumping all over the car on indiania interstate00:36
cyberangera challenge compared to the last trip (better shocks in a van, better roads to arkansas)00:37
binarymutantliving dangerously aye00:37
cyberangerbinarymutant: didn't say I was driving too, lol00:37
binarymutantah, thought it was implied lol00:37
binarymutantwell not so dangerous then :D00:38
cyberangerno, I'll drive the way back I bet, but not type & drive00:38
cyberangerme & my folks, so plenty of driving & sleeping 7 typing for all00:38
binarymutantkings island?00:39
binarymutantwait thats ohio not indiana00:39
cyberangerjust typing is the second hardest (driving to chicago, it'll be intresting)00:39
binarymutantbig city00:40
cyberangeryep, mass transit and suburbs thank goodness00:41
cyberangerbut gotta pick up my brother at O'Hare, and drive through chicago to get to the suburbs00:41
cyberangerthen on monday 7 tuesday I'll be back in your area binarymutant00:43
cyberangerafter that, my own place00:43
cyberangershort trip compared to the usual00:43
binarymutantwow that's a crazy quick trip00:43
cyberangeryeah, if I had more then green dust in my wallet, i'd buy an amtrak ticket to Erie, PA, Buffalo, NY Rochester, NY00:44
cyberangerthen fly back00:44
cyberangermaybe spend a loonie or two in ontario00:45
cyberangermake it a week or two trip00:45
binarymutantisn't that like a 20 hour drive?00:45
cyberanger(the joke is, part of the short trip is trying to get this job, then I'll have money, but no time)00:46
cyberangerbinarymutant: to chicago00:46
cyberangeryour door, to chicago, and back at your door is 20 hours, prior to any delays (suchh as the tolls, rush hour, and stops for food 7 gas)00:47
cyberangerone way is 1000:47
cyberangerbut that's unrealistic00:47
binarymutantthat's good stamina, I couldn't do it00:48
binarymutant((I think I'm going to fly to N.Carolina lol))00:48
cyberangerI did 24 hours once, split in half, but I didn't stop much00:48
cyberangerbinarymutant: where to NC00:49
* cyberanger points out US 129 & 10 minutes your in NC00:49
binarymutantyeah I know00:49
binarymutant<- lazy :D00:49
cyberangerbinarymutant: ah, that's more reasonable for a flight00:49
cyberangerother side of charolette, I'd see doing that00:49
binarymutantit's only like a 6 hour drive, but idk I hate driving00:50
binarymutantdrove to atlanta once and vowed I'd never drive that far again :D00:50
cyberangerbinarymutant: your not on the interstate there, asheville is more like 4 hours from there00:51
cyberangershorter on maps, but again, you do stop for fuel00:51
cyberangertoss in 2 hours to charolette, same logic00:51
cyberangermaybe an hour the rest of the way (I can't comment on that last leg, not having done it)00:52
cyberangerbut I think it's closer to 8 hours when you actuallly do it00:52
cyberangerunless you go by a truckers routine00:52
binarymutantthat's too long00:53
binarymutantto drive00:53
cyberangercount your petrol to a drop, food in the truck, not in the store, that'd shave off some of that00:53
* cyberanger does that one, leaves some for issues, but I count to a drop and limit my stops00:54
* binarymutant refuses to drive anywhere00:55
* cyberanger wonders if that goes for sitting as a passenger00:58
binarymutantplanes > trains > automobiles00:59
cyberangerbinarymutant: automobiles > buses01:01
binarymutantno buses01:01
binarymutantwell local bus is fine (like KAT)01:02
binarymutantno greyhound01:02
cyberangerwell, I might have an opinion on local here & there, dunno cat (as a rider) to comment01:04
binarymutantknoxville's bus, it's pretty decent01:05
binarymutantI have nothing to compare it to though :/01:05
cyberangergreyhound is useful, sometimes beats amtrak, sometimes amtrak beats greyhound01:05
binarymutanturgh idk01:06
cyberangerboth are a mess, planes are their own, TSA, Delta, ATL, oh boy01:06
cyberangerit's a ton of give & take to sort them all01:06
binarymutantit's easy to get used to01:07
binarymutantyou get pat down, then treated very well after that with planes01:07
cyberangerKAT is good I hear, just not ridden it, I've got DART (dallas) EMTA (Erie, PA) CARTA (Chattanooga)01:08
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, with airports, it's never anything in the air, it's on the ground01:08
cyberangerlocal transit in Rochester, NY is the one awkard one, due to route layouts, didn't like that01:09
binarymutantwas it subway?01:15
binarymutantNY I always think subway01:15
cyberangerno, bus based01:16
cyberangernot a tram, skytrain, subway, tube "the el"01:16
binarymutantwell it's probably huge compared to Knoxville01:16
cyberangeror many names for the tracks01:17
binarymutantKnoxville doesn't even cover all of knoxville, very few routes01:17
cyberangerlooking at KaT's maps to the rochester one, it hard to say01:17
cyberangerwell, rochester covers downtown, then it's spoke on a wheel01:18
binarymutant? spoke on a wheel ?01:18
cyberangeryeah, look at a bycycle wheel, imagine everything transfers downtown01:19
cyberangerso to go from RIT to the airport (same end of town)01:19
cyberangeryou tack on an hour (maybe an hour is too much, but fair for the 5 minute taxi drive, vs a bus it is somewhere near that bad)01:19
cyberangeramtrak was 2 hours late, got to springfeild, MA 4 hours late01:20
binarymutantbut trains are just fun to be on :D01:20
cyberangeranother hard time with rochester transit ^^01:20
cyberangerbinarymutant: true, but if you want to rival buses & planes, not cool01:21
cyberangerrochester to toronto used to be 3 hours by ferry01:21
binarymutantah I've never been on a ferry before01:21
binarymutantthat would be fun too01:21
cyberangernow it's 5 hours by car, should be nearly that by train, and bus is about that01:21
cyberangerbut trains having that issue, and once a day too (once out, once in)01:22
binarymutantI guess I rate it based on the 'fun' factor instead of the efficient factor01:22
cyberangerflights there take longer for security, customs (which isn't much to canada)01:22
cyberangeroh, and there is nothing wrong with that ( I said I'd like to take the lake shore limited from chicago to rochester (with two stops) so I get that)01:23
binarymutantlake shore limited?01:24
cyberangeramtrak line01:24
cyberangerbut even when the airlines are taxed worse than tobacco & booze (and gas)01:25
binarymutantthe view is worth it :D01:25
cyberangerthe trains and buses can't fix their issues and become viable on an economical level01:25
cyberangergranted, we subsidize air travel way too much, and buses have an indirect subsidy of no track usage fees or other means to repair tracks01:26
cyberanger(or in the buses case, roads)01:27
cyberangertheir tickets match amtrak, with less fees01:27
cyberangeri can see tourist wanting a view, i can't see the businessman from chicago to nyc  doing that01:27
cyberangerwhen amtrak could currently beat airfare in quality, first class being worth something on rail01:28
cyberangerfor a lot less01:28
cyberangerand with security lines & such accounted for (and being closer to downtown on a train then bus)01:29
cyberangerit'd be a time competitor01:29
cyberangerI want trains brought back to the large scale they were, triple mass transit programs with it01:30
binarymutantthat would be fun01:30
cyberangernot ditch the car, but in a sense, render it a luxury than a necessity for most americans01:30
binarymutantyes like every where else in the world01:30
cyberangerif we did that, I guantree a ticket from chicago to seattle would be a hundred to a hundred fifty01:31
binarymutantmass transit rules01:31
cyberangercompared to acutally being worse than airfare at 500 something01:32
binarymutantthe only problem with trains is that any house a few miles near the tracks lose value :/01:32
cyberangervs just under 500 for airfare, and a much much shorter trip01:33
binarymutantand small cities probably wouldn't have access to them01:33
binarymutantstoopid connection01:34
cyberangerI think that can change01:37
binarymutantthe connection getting lost randomly? Or realistate value?01:38
cyberangerthe value deal is seen as bad here now, if you mix local, interurban & freight on the same lines efficently01:38
cyberangerit'll be seen as a booster01:38
cyberangerand perception of rail as an issue is less so than an airport01:38
binarymutantthat's true, planes are very loud01:39
cyberangernoise, pollution issues01:39
binarymutantbut still no one wants to live next to a train track01:39
binarymutantunless those bullet trains are quiet01:39
cyberangeresp the maglev01:40
cyberangerbinarymutant: if it's new track, most designated no freight,they are much quieter than amtrak01:44
cyberangeryou should see DART and the el01:45
cyberangerthey aren't that loud01:45
binarymutantthat's cool01:45
binarymutantnever seen the new trains01:45
cyberangerand actually, they're noiser than a maglev01:45
binarymutantis maglev the bullet train?01:46
cyberangera step up01:46
binarymutantah cool01:46
cyberangermagnetic levetation, no friction on the tracks01:46
binarymutantwe need that on roads :D01:47
cyberangerwhearas a bullet is more like a ferrei sports car, aerodynamics meant for the spee, with an engine to get it that fast01:47
cyberangerthat's summing up a bullet too much, but that is a general measurement between the two01:48
cyberangerand with more freight on tracks, less road wreaks01:48
cyberangerless gas spent on smaller shipments01:49
binarymutantvery true01:50
cyberangerand that'll shift the value issues some, get too close and there is a foundation concern, noise & vibration, just like airports01:50
cyberangerbut that applies for interstates, airports, every mode of transit really01:51
cyberangerthe hard pard is airports buy so much more land around them, that it's less of an issue01:51
cyberangerfor the amount of traffic, few people close enough to notice, too many see the travel outweighing the concerns01:52
cyberangerfor trains, the concerns are smaller, while it would affect more people, it would affect more in good ways too01:53
cyberangerit'd be hard to give up driving for me, but I could easily trade it for an effective, cheape, privacy enhanced method01:54
binarymutantme too. It's a shame there arent any passenger trains around me01:56
binarymutant500 channels and nothing on :/01:58
binarymutantMiguel de Icaza needs to get over the linux on the desktop idea, it's annoying. 'Only 10 great apps' come on, he probably is only counting mono apps02:25
cyberangerbinarymutant: didn't think irc was that small02:31
binarymutantcyberanger: what do you mean?02:32
cyberanger500 channels and nothing on :-/02:33
binarymutantI decided to catch up on drwho02:42
binarymutantsince nothing else was on02:42
binarymutantwhile browsing the Planets02:42
binarymutantfsf directory is back, they should realize that freshmeat/sourceforge/lgdb/etc. are sooo much better02:50
cyberangerlaunchpad's bzr, yep02:56
binarymutantfreshmeat includes pics02:57
cyberangerdon't need many pictures for a router02:57
binarymutantgames and other stuff though02:58
cyberanger(my project is an expermental router, only exp with all that002:58
cyberangerfinally the bumping is done, still can't type on the netbook02:58
cyberangerused to a fuller keypad02:58
binarymutantso it's a base linux system with iptables?02:59
cyberangerbind9, dhcpd, squid03:05
cyberangertweaks for sneakernet approaches03:05
binarymutantthat's cool03:05
binarymutantI need a project03:05
cyberangeryeah, developing world & disaster relief focus03:06
cyberangerand if you need one, perhaps ubottutn will forgive you03:07
* cyberanger couldn't resist03:10
* cyberanger imagines the bot returning and saying " binarymutant: I said I needed a nap, but wow, how long are your naps"03:11
binarymutantit's dead in it's repo like most other software lol03:13
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, sad thing is, my project is well behind what I expected03:13
cyberangersomething about unexpected time issues & cash flow problems (I.E. broke & looking for work) slows it down03:14
cyberangerthe joke is soon going to be having that issue resolved, and no time to work on this while working03:15
cyberangerprojects are nice, but I think I'll keep to weekend projects for awhile (and finish this slowly, but from now on, careful what I ask for)03:15
binarymutantjust find a way to automate it :D03:17
cyberangerautomate which one ;-)03:18
binarymutantthe router03:19
cyberangerbut that's no fun03:23
cyberanger(well, simplifing the router for users yes, taking the development from me, no)03:23
cyberangerbinarymutant: you don't have any projects03:55
cyberangernot even a simple try a new distro03:55
Unit193That's a lot of scrollup04:06
cyberangerUnit193: lol04:10
Unit193I didn't read it all, that's just a bit long for that04:11
cyberangerbinarymutant: think that train bit is worthy a blog postt04:11
Unit193cyberanger: /wi PerfM04:11
binarymutantcyberanger: no project :/04:16
binarymutantcyberanger: and maybe :D04:16
cyberangerbinarymutant: well, think I'm going to rewrite it into one04:18
cyberangerwhen I get a chance (which means, who knows)04:19
cyberangerI'll say this, public transportation beats parking in chattanooga04:28
cyberangerI park and ride for trips I can plan that in (most)04:29
cyberangerif it's not outskirts anyways04:29
cyberangercheaper too04:29
cyberangeroh dear, curse my curousity & google, this looks like a cool long term project04:31
binarymutantthat's pretty cool, plane tracker04:33
cyberangeronly one module of Gnu Radio, but yeah04:33
cyberangeractually it's more akin to secondary radar than a tracker04:34
binarymutantokay, wtf is going on here? Youtube leaves nasty artifacts all over my root window. Vimeo doesnt04:35
binarymutanthulu leaves artifacts too04:36
cyberangerbinarymutant: full screen  for either04:37
binarymutantsmall screen04:38
binarymutantvimeo just blew my mind04:38
binarymutanthtml5 video I guess04:39
binarymutantwhat's another html5 site?04:40
cyberangeryeah, and your UA play a role?04:40
cyberangerpandora is now04:40
cyberangeruser agent04:42
binarymutantomg flash is horrid, I want html5 on youtube04:42
binarymutantcyberanger: no it doesn't04:42
cyberangercause you did tweak it04:42
binarymutanthtml5 video works amazing and flash sucks04:42
cyberangerthinking maybe you got presented something different for it04:42
cyberangeryep, that sounds right04:42
Unit193Pandora still uses flash04:43
cyberangerthe only thing adobe has yet to code is a vacum, becuase coding a vacum that sucks isn't a challenge04:44
cyberangerUnit193: what browser?04:44
Unit193binarymutant: http://www.youtube.com/html504:44
cyberangerthey have html5 if your browser supports it (which is decided by the User agent string)04:44
Unit193cyberanger: I have FF9 now04:45
cyberangerUnit193: that doesn't cover every video unfortunately04:45
cyberangerUnit193: tried  chrome and pandora?04:45
Unit193Chromium or Chome?04:45
Unit193And no04:45
Unit193cyberanger: The youtube one still will catch some and Pandora isn't *fully* html5, just mostly04:47
cyberangerUnit193: in this context, not sure it matters04:48
binarymutantgah I can't trick youtube into html504:52
binarymutanthttp://youtube.com/html5 fails no matter what user agent I use04:54
binarymutantjs and ua checking makes me smoke brb05:00
cyberangerlol, dirty trick there05:02
cyberangerinterrogating the browser via javascript05:03
binarymutantit's making me mad05:06
binarymutantmad enough to send a "fist-shaking" email to youtube with the subject line "My browser works!"05:07
Unit193I need to find a video that uses it >.<05:07
binarymutantyoutube.com/html5 || vimeo.com || html5video.org05:08
Unit193Yes, need to find a YouTube video that has it enabled05:09
Unit193(Signed up already)05:09
binarymutantare they all not html5?05:09
Unit193This is a good one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYV-qYeWPkk05:10
binarymutantit's flash for me :/05:10
cyberangerbinarymutant: no, hence the javascript check05:10
cyberangerit's browser codec dependant05:11
binarymutantmonty python is hilarious (old though)05:11
Unit193I don't care that it's old, it's great05:11
binarymutantLineham is the present!05:12
binarymutant...not IT Crowd fans?05:14
Unit193Not really05:15
Unit193http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrzMhU_4m-g I'll stop after this, but they are so good05:16
cyberangerbinarymutant: a fan05:16
cyberangerbut don't follow like I did05:16
binarymutantGraham Lineham is awesome (creator)05:17
binarymutantI can't watch those youtube clips :(05:17
binarymutantand I can't take a screenshot of the messed up flash artifacts :/05:18
Unit193It's less than 60F in here05:20
Unit193Just under, not much05:21
binarymutanttoo cold05:21
binarymutantyoutube-dl is my only hope05:23
binarymutant'she's a witch!'05:26
cyberangerbinarymutant: that's a good scene05:27
cyberangernow go away or I will taunt you a second time05:28
binarymutantnow google reader is saying i'm unsupported. Maybe i'm using the wrong safari user-agent05:33
cyberangerbinarymutant: or just an old or incorrect one05:34
cyberangerif it isn't new & right, it'll fail05:35
binarymutantMozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1) AppleWebKit/535.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/15.0.872.0 Safari/535.205:36
binarymutantstill failed05:36
binarymutantprolly the js is what's making it fail05:37
cyberangerbinarymutant: windows, javascript will say linux05:37
cyberangerso if they error check with the other, that'll do it too05:38
Unit193Mine Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux i686; rv:9.0a2) Gecko/20110929 Firefox/9.0a205:38
binarymutant^^ failed too05:40
binarymutant:(  oh well05:40
Unit193What page are you looking at? The html5 page says I'm compatible05:40
binarymutantthat is so weird05:49
binarymutantoh well, I'll just download youtube vids05:50
Unit193I still need to find them on there though :P05:50
binarymutantdoes flash work right for you ?05:51
binarymutantwhat version?05:52
binarymutant<- 10.3.18305:52
binarymutant:/  gah I might just have to ditch webkit-gtk05:53
binarymutantfirefox is 77.4Mb though05:54
Unit193Remember, I'm not running normal so it might be a tad different05:58
binarymutantwhat are you using?06:00
Unit1937 just came out and I just got upgraded to 906:03
binarymutantfirefox 9?06:05
binarymutantthat's pretty cool06:05
Unit193Catching up on overloaded RSS feeds :P06:15
Unit193No, couldn't be! http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2011/09/29/ok-lets-see-what-this-doctor-who-hullabaloo-is-all-about-comics/06:23
Unit193Odd name, but great site06:24
Unit193And the coldness is hitting my fingers06:24
binarymutantI used to follow geeksaresexy too, but I thought kotaku was a better replacement06:25
Unit193Hmmm... I'll google, but I like the amount they put out, too much will drive me crazy06:26
Unit193And I'll assume you've seen http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2011/09/30/tick-tock-goes-the-clock-doctor-who-finale-tomorrow/06:27
binarymutantah spoilers06:27
Unit193Heh, yep. Hate those (But I'll admit, I watched it for once)06:28
binarymutantit's funny that in the comic strip above ^^ he's watching it on his pc06:30
Unit193No keyboard/mouse, maybe he sits really close to the TV ;)06:31
Unit193There are other ways to watch it?06:31
binarymutantbbc america06:32
binarymutantI think I watched season 4 on tv06:32
* Unit193 does at times wish he had cable06:32
binarymutantnah it's a waste06:32
Unit193For the most part, oh yes06:33
cyberangerit's a waste of perfectly good coax06:39
binarymutant:D lol06:39
cyberangerif i want lots and lots of junk coming into my home, it'll be on fibre optic cable06:40
cyberangerthere's plenty of extra bandwidth there06:40
binarymutant70$ in Cali06:41
* cyberanger can't find the fibre line, goes back to his book06:41
* Unit193 wonders if the internet there is less costly06:41
binarymutant70$ fiber optic, uh yeah 'less costly' bc that's what I pay for 2mb cable06:42
cyberangerit seems to be cheaper here in chicago06:42
binarymutantmore competition the better06:43
Unit193"There" is where cyberanger lives06:43
binarymutant:/ heh sry06:43
cyberangernot to metion the datacenters and financial sector demanding it06:44
binarymutanttoo bad amazon doesn't demand it for Cleveland06:44
cyberangerUnit193: no, just in town for the weekend, have ties up here, and when job hunting06:44
cyberangerbinarymutant: even worse, that plant isn't really in cleveland06:45
cyberangerit's in charelston06:45
binarymutantah neverheard06:45
binarymutantwell they should bring good internet to TN is all i'm saying06:46
cyberangerso even if they demand it, they will drag that cable from chattanooga benifiting few in cleveland, past cleveland for 15 miles to charelston06:46
binarymutantthey don't pay tax after all06:46
cyberangerI think amazon will soon though06:46
cyberangeractually, I think the deal was merely customers sales tax06:47
binarymutantidk, they said they would move before paying tax. ( I don't have a problem with it, just want good net in tn )06:47
cyberangerand cleveland & charleston are trying to annex their way to amazon06:47
binarymutantlol @ toilet motorcycle06:48
binarymutant2 < cyberanger> it seems to be cheaper here in chicago06:49
binarymutant02:43 < binarymutant> more competition the better06:49
binarymutanthttp://boingboing.net/2011/09/30/motorized-tricycle-that-runs-on-human-poo.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+boingboing%2FiBag+%28Boing+Boing%29 {there}06:50
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, trying to do my homework on where to place a server or two, and researching things06:50
cyberangerand it does, unfortunate for us06:50
binarymutantcloud is pretty cheap06:51
binarymutant(so I've heard)06:51
cyberangerexcept it's not colocated06:52
cyberangerI own the server06:52
Unit193Japan, who would have guessed? And looks like you should be nude in public06:52
binarymutantthey're very open over there :P06:55
binarymutantcyberanger: I don't think it really matters where you put your server, unless your getting a million hits a second06:55
cyberangerbinarymutant: or high bandwidth and cap issues06:56
cyberangerdistrubiting isos06:56
binarymutantcaps? oh ya06:57
cyberangerwell, charter has a cap06:57
binarymutantso does everyone now06:58
binarymutantbuy business tier06:58
cyberangerread the acceptable use policy, it;s one I break06:58
cyberanger250 gb business06:58
cyberangerand bandwidth06:58
cyberangerholding a tb in the mirror easily06:58
cyberangerplus distributing swissknife router (when it's finally done)06:59
cyberangerit's going to have to be a dc job06:59
binarymutantthese businesses always hide their caps in the hardest spots to find....07:00
binarymutantuh wtf 8. NO “HACKING"07:01
binarymutanton Charter tos07:01
binarymutant[..] packet sniffers or network probing tools.[...]07:01
binarymutanturrgh cant read TOS anymore07:03
cyberangerbinarymutant: yeah, an odd one that thethey are vauge on ( but legit ethical use i've done they ignore)07:06
binarymutantthat was from their commercial tos, saying don't use nmap, and don't let anyone. How are is the admin's supposed to work??07:11
cyberangerby discreetly disobeying that07:15
Unit19318:49 < cyberanger> Unit193: have you not heard of networked audio? |||| Using PulseAudio?08:57
cyberangerUnit193: reminding me of something I said, or....09:21
Unit193cyberanger: Reminding and asking09:21
cyberangerand what are the odds of xkcd posting this comment the day I check into one09:22
cyberangerUnit193: hang on09:24
Unit193Alrighty, just asking if that's what you used09:25
cyberangerno, well, I don't use networked audio either09:25
cyberangerI've done it, but just a rare need for that in a studio apartment09:26
Unit193I think it could be very useful09:26
cyberangertoo small for audio anyhow, but network it09:26
cyberangerUnit193: http://goo.gl/Agpya09:27
cyberangerUnit193: http://goo.gl/AgPya09:28
cyberangerUnit193: not saying that's how I did it (I think I did something involving config files knowing me)09:29
cyberangerbut that should work, same result09:29
Unit193Heh, as long as it doesn't need a reboot, I'll be good :P09:30
cyberangerUnit193: live disc/09:31
cyberangerUnit193: live disc?09:31
Unit193No, just buggy X and when it gets running, do NOT reboot! It can have great uptimes, or less than a day to a frozen X09:32
cyberangerUnit193: can you not restart xorg or fallback to a terminal and restart gdm09:36
Unit193I can not09:36
cyberangerthat's fun09:41
Unit193Check status window ;)09:42
binarymutantecho 'http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyKS_a-EA4M&feature=feedrec_grec_index' | clive --stream-exec="mplayer -really-quiet %i" -s10:28
binarymutantno more flash for me :D10:29
* cyberanger is rocking debian testing16:19
wrstcool cyberanger16:35
cyberangerwrst: it's just that much nicer to have a rolling release17:20
cyberangerwrst: and with my debian focus, this is the best I'll get in that focus17:21
wrstcyberanger: you just need to move to arch and forget it :)17:32
cyberangerwrst: can't do that, I'd already love to forget centos, but that's not an option17:33
wrstfor personal "desktop" like use I find arch hard to be17:33
cyberangerwrst: personal or average?17:34
wrstwell cyberanger we aren't average :)17:34
cyberangerwrst: true, but my desktops are part server17:35
wrsti run a "server" and a laptop at home with the occasional desktop use when i need the horsepower17:39
cyberangerwrst: i run a server, but all my machines have daemons on them19:50
cyberangersquid proxy on all19:50
cyberangerkeep others installed, configured, but off until needed19:51
cyberangerlike ssh19:51
cyberangerso it's kinda grab the next rig and backup data and done19:51
Unit193Awesome! New Doctor Who is out!20:22
Unit193binarymutant: Welcome back! (Back to afs now)21:12
binarymutantlol, I figured out how to destroy youtube.com/html5  - noscript21:22
wrsthowdy folks :)21:50
Unit193wrst: Hello21:51
Unit193Missed the 30 cutoff21:51
wrsthey Unit19321:51
wrsti missed what? :)21:51
Unit193I did21:51
Unit193I will say, the new Doctor Who was great!!21:52
wrstnot a watcher Unit193 with a 6 month old regular tv watching is not so easy :)22:01
Unit193Awww... That's a darn good one22:02
Unit193But I see how you would have problems22:02
wrstha ha yes we just went and purchased a dvd player for her though for the back seat22:05
Unit193Isn't that young though?22:06
wrstprobably so but she knows how to do some basic things with kid games on the wife's ipad22:19
binarymutantok I now have a command to run on youtube but need to figure out a way to grab the uri of the youtube video and run it...23:39
Juzzythere's only 21309128 tools to steal youtube23:49
Juzzysurely somoene has a snagger for you23:49
Unit193I just use FF and DownloadHelper, but YouTube is one of the ones that actually work for a change :P23:50
cyberangerJuzzy: and that's not counting those that run on the local machine23:53
cyberangerwrst: as long as you still catch the goood hockey games23:54
binarymutantno I have clive to grab the youtube video, but I want to grab the uri and play it with mplayer in my browser23:55
binarymutanthands free youtube->mplayer playing23:56
binarymutantbut of course my programming skills are destroying my browser :/23:57

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