nlsthznMorning all04:06
Kilosmorning superfly and others10:20
nlsthznGood afternoon Uncle Kilos 10:22
Kilosoh my, i missed time. hiya nlsthzn 10:23
Kilosafternoon guys10:23
nlsthznIt is all relative anyway :)10:23
Kilosim getting angry with xmpp accounts dropping in pidgin all the time 10:25
Kilossure its google messing around10:25
Kilosmaybe they unhappy with the pigin app10:25
Kilosoh i forgot there is a #pidgin on irc10:27
Kilosi go ask there10:27
superflyhi Kilos10:30
Kilosevening superfly and others18:55
nlsthznHey uncle Kerbero 18:58
nlsthznHey uncle Kilos 18:58
Kiloslol hiya nlsthzn 18:59
Kilosis kerby old as well18:59
Kilosyou at work nlsthzn ?19:00
nlsthznKilos, :) not at the moment... changing to night shift tomorrow night >.<19:00
superflyhi Kilos, nlsthzn19:00
Kilossuperfly, you been working all day?19:00
superflyKilos: no, been either out, or sleeping, or had a headache19:01
nlsthznsuperfly, hi again :)19:01
Kilosaw for the head but good you had a break19:02
Kilosheadaches suck19:02
Kilosi got a serious prob/dilema wanted to tell the aus govt to pull their fingers out with my visa app19:03
Kilosthen rtealised they need them in to chnage their minds manually19:04
Kiloseish typos19:05
Kilosneed to go sleep methinks19:05
nlsthznKilos, still struggling with them?19:05
Kilosyeah they send it to ausie land now for further investigation19:07
Kilosbut not one will mail and ask for info, you gotta keep running after them the fools19:08
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight. maybe we get some rain tonight19:18
Kilossee you's tomorrow19:18

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