somethingintereshi all, just signed up for an Ubuntu One Music Streaming/Contact Syncing trial. Trying to get my contacts from the server to iPhone. I've set the sync direction to "Server to Phone" it says "server can't be found check settings"04:51
nhainessomethinginteres: hello!  The developers are usually on during European times, so it'd be about 12 hours from now, except maybe not during the weekends.  :)05:54
nhainessomethinginteres: you might also want to email them.  They're very responsive about addressing problems... when they're awake!05:55
somethinginteresnhaines: thank you :)06:17
nhainessomethinginteres: you're welcome!  I'm sorry U1 Music didn't work for you right away.  Sometimes the problems get fixed automatically, but the devs do care.  I've seen it.  :)06:18
somethinginteresnhaines: looks like it's 8am CET atm so hopefully they'll wander on at some point. :) I'll be AFK but will leave IRC open.06:19
nhainessomethinginteres: sounds good!  IRC is for idling anyway, hehe.  They'll be around Monday for certain.06:19
somethinginteresnhaines: Thanks for letting me know.06:20
nhainessomethinginteres: Hope you get to play with U1 Music soon.  :)06:20
jo-erlendmy couchdb.html seems to use the wrong values for my desktopcouch. How do I fix this?08:07
duanedesignjo-erlend:  http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch/Documentation/Troubleshooting <--killing and restarting desktopcouch10:15
jo-erlendduanedesign, thanks, but I figured it out. It was because I had reinstalled Ubuntu but kept my home. It gave me old cookies in Firefox. Everything was fine once I deleted them. Shouldn't that be handled automatically?10:41
somethinginteresduanedesign: no knowledge of why U1Contacts on the iPhone might not be connecting?11:23
duanedesignsomethinginteres: yes11:34
duanedesignsomethinginteres: mobile contacts are being redone. In order to speed up the process we have temporarily deactivated contacts.11:35
duanedesignsomethinginteres: you can get more detail here: http://voices.canonical.com/ubuntuone/?p=94311:35
somethinginteresduanedesign: oh dear. Fair enough, unfortunately for me my phone is now contact-less. Here's hoping I can get my contacts from an iTunes backup. Thanks for the info.11:38
dobeyakgraner: just noticed something else; "Photo by mpb" should be "mbp" i think :)13:28
dAnjouhi, can i upload things without having them on any local host?19:54
duanedesigndAnjou: you can upload files using the website20:01
duanedesigndAnjou: and if you do not have any devices connected to your account it would just exist in your cloud space20:02
dAnjouduanedesign: ok, but i have devices connected and i don't want to download these files20:08
dAnjouwell, if it's not possible then this is a major drawback20:24
dobeydAnjou: you can set a folder under your home folder and outside of the "Ubuntu One" folder, to be synchronized, and not subscribe to that folder on the other devices20:28

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