DanielSenatBut that could mess things up ...?00:00
GridCube[1111111][22222][3333] >> [1111111][222]XX[3333] >> [1111111][222][333333]00:00
GridCubeno not really, just make it smaller, thats why i told you to be careful00:00
DanielSenatBut i can't touch the first part, it's locked00:01
GridCubeDanielSenat, yes, that can happen, you need to umount it first :P00:02
GridCubeall can be done from gparted00:02
DanielSenatAha, so how?00:02
DanielSenatOk cool brb00:03
DanielSenatGridCube, Could'nt00:04
GridCubethen yes, you need to boot from a live cd00:05
GridCubeif you reaaaaaaaaally want00:05
DanielSenatOK thank's00:05
DanielSenatI just have some problem with hibernate and sleep00:05
DanielSenatBut, i guess it doesn't really is that big of a deal..00:06
GridCubeDanielSenat, read the !swap examples00:07
GridCubeit says something about hibernate00:07
DanielSenatGridCube, "gksu gedit /etc/default/grub & to pull up the boot loader configuration" doesn't give me anything just the numbers [1] 286100:12
GridCubeoh, i don't know what any of those things mean00:14
DanielSenathttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq from this page..00:15
GridCubeDanielSenat, do you have installed gedit?00:21
GridCubeits not the default editor for xubuntu00:21
GridCubechange that to mousepad or leafpad00:21
GridCubealso DanielSenat everything after the & is not necesary00:25
GridCubeif you add it it wont work :/00:25
DanielSenatI know :) Thanks00:25
DanielSenateverything is there, now i will reboot and hopen for the best! Hopefully hibernate will work!00:36
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ShirakawasunaI'm having this issue: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=1119824901:45
Shirakawasunaanyone have any ideas? It's super annoying to have notifications that don't go away01:46
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mahasamootI'm trying out xubuntu for the first time on the liveCD, and right away there's a big problem... not only is the proper driver for my nVidia card not loaded, but the Additional Drivers dialog only gives the option of nouveau-rubbish.  How does one go about get the correct driver installed, as the install dialog often fails even when it offers to install the correct drivers?02:59
mahasamootNow I go to www.youtube.com, and flash isn't installed.  As much as I detest flash, is a major web component that's needed for normal web surfing.First impressions count.  Trying making a good first impression, by showing the nVidia banner at boot to let me know that the correct drivers are loaded, and installing flash by default.03:05
mahasamootFinally, I go to check the time, and NTP isn't installed either.03:12
GridCubemahasamoot, flash is on xubuntu-restricted-extras03:13
GridCubeand the drivers for nvidia should be there if they are not search the on synaptic03:14
mahasamootGridCube, thank you for the point.  I know it's easy to get, the point I'm making is that I shouldn't need to get it, it should already be installed by default03:15
GridCubeis restricted for a reason03:15
mahasamootwhat reason?03:16
GridCubeprivative license and closed software03:17
mahasamootid est, you don't want to install it.03:18
GridCubeits one of the very first things i install, the whole xubuntu-restricted-extras03:18
GridCubebut i know they are restricted03:18
GridCubeand i choose to accept that03:19
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mahasamoothorrible file manager03:25
GridCubewhit that attitude you ain't gonna win  a lot of friends around here bro03:26
mahasamootI'm just giving honest first impressions... I'm a refuge from KDE03:27
GridCubeoh... qt03:27
mahasamootI'm trying to find something better, that doesn't crash, and isn't slow as molasess in Jan.03:27
GridCubethings are different back there03:27
GridCubewell you can always change the filemanager03:28
mahasamootso far, xfce is fast and hasn't crashed... it might serve my needs03:28
GridCubeuse nautilus if you want, but i would rather learn to like thunar03:28
well_laid_lawnpeople who whinge about free stuff amaze me03:28
GridCubealso if speed is what your after try lubuntu as well03:28
mahasamootit's not thunar is it?03:28
GridCubemahasamoot, ? what? xubuntu comes whit thunar03:29
mahasamootoh... I thot thunar was different, I wonder if it's just set up weird.03:29
mahasamootlike, doesn't it have options for power users?03:30
well_laid_lawnpower users can find all the options they need themselves...03:31
GridCubepower users use a tty and if they feel nostalgic mc03:32
mahasamootwell, inspite of the warts, there's alot to like here... I'll install and give it a week.  Thanks for your help!03:34
GridCube:) np03:35
mahasamootwhat's the hot key to open the run program dialog?03:40
mahasamootoh, I thot I had tried that... thanks!03:41
GridCubeno problem :)03:41
mahasamootI just tried moving the panel from the top, to the side of the screen and all the text changes orientation to match... except the clock03:51
mahasamootInstall process is running smoothly so far03:52
mahasamootI like that Desktop config tool, it's got an option to get rid of the icons, which is a good thing03:55
mikodoQuiet channel04:06
well_laid_lawnit can be at times mikodo04:07
mikodoWell, I am going to Xubuntu full-time after EOL of Lucid and Gnome204:09
mikodoIs there a lot like me?04:10
well_laid_lawnseems there has been a few recently04:10
mikodoHow is the future for Xcfe?04:10
mikodoXfce i mean04:11
well_laid_lawnI think it is pretty safe - #xfce will know about that04:11
mikodoOh, I start watching that too! Thx.04:12
well_laid_lawncheers ;)04:12
mikodoYou Too!04:12
dr_jklstupid wireless power management issue04:25
seidellhow do i install themes from http://xfce-look.org ?05:49
seidellhow do i install themes from http://xfce-look.org ?05:53
seidellhow do i change xfce theme?06:07
Unit193Menu > Settings > Settings Manager > Appearance OR Window Manager06:16
IdleOneI think that was a mistake08:13
IdleOnehe will fix it.08:13
Unit193It's fine, I obey08:14
xubuntu_failhey, can you help me installing xubuntu?08:43
xubuntu_failit fails after the check if my internet connection is working and my notebook is plugged in08:43
xubuntu_failseems like nobody wants to help me :'(08:45
xubuntu_failNach "Installation von Xubuntu wird vorbereitet" hängt sich ubiquity auf :(08:47
madnickIs it the Beta?08:47
madnickAlternate CD?08:48
xubuntu_failno, normal cd08:48
xubuntu_faili tried xubuntu because ubuntu and kubuntu failed too08:49
madnickis it when selecting language? could you dump to a tty and see what it says?08:49
xubuntu_failafter language selction08:49
madnickBut do you get pass language selection?08:49
madnickor does it hang directly08:49
xubuntu_faili select my langue click next, it check if my internet is working, i click next and it hangs08:49
madnickOh okay08:50
madnickBut if you press ctrl+alt+f208:50
madnickis there a warning there?08:50
xubuntu_failno, anything normal08:51
xubuntu_failonly that ubuntu comes with no warranty08:51
madnickIt may be a different tty, im not sure08:52
DanielSenatHi, I can't boot from my xubuntu cd08:52
xubuntu_failthey are all empty08:52
xubuntu_fail@DanielSenat have you tried burning it again?08:53
DanielSenatxubuntu_fail, No I havn't08:53
madnickxubuntu_fail: is your image checksum alright?08:54
xubuntu_faili checked it twice08:54
DanielSenatI can boot from it, but when i chose try xubuntu without installing it just takes so much time, xubuntu is written on the screen, but no boot08:54
madnickSorry I have not heard of this bug previously08:54
xubuntu_fail@DanielSenat It can up to 20 minutes08:55
DanielSenatxubuntu_fail, OK, it explains everything..08:56
madnickThing is however, if you had a normal CD, the first dialog is checking internet connection, ive looked for bugs and I cannot find anyone like this08:57
xubuntu_failoh, then i must try burning an alternate cd...08:57
knomexubuntu_fail, how much ram?08:58
knomeoki, then it's not that :P08:58
knomebecause something similar might come up with very little ram08:58
knomemaybe the graphic card then, so better try alternative as you thought08:59
xubuntu_failoh, i forgot that my hard drive makes read/write sounds and the led is blinking but nothing on the screen happens08:59
xubuntu_failoh year my graphic card is making OFTEN problems08:59
xubuntu_failATi Mobility radeon 970009:00
knomehave you searched for google if it should work with (x)ubuntu?09:01
xubuntu_failthere are 2 year old reports it should work09:01
knomewell, no reason why it shouldn't... but there are a few cards that are kind of your worst nightmare...09:01
xubuntu_failbut with a new update it stopped working (cant remember which one)09:02
knomethat sometimes happen09:02
* xubuntu_fail wents on to burnws :( an alternate cd.... with windo09:03
DanielSenatJag följde följande guide, nu funkar swap bra, men extended aktiveras inte https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq10:02
DanielSenatsorry.. i tough i was in the swe channel10:02
DanielSenatI followed this guide to get moreswap and i did :) But when i open gparted "/dev/sda2 -- extended" is not active..10:04
DanielSenatswap is active, but not extended10:05
DanielSenatJag har en dev/sda2 som inte används10:28
DanielSenatkan jag ta bort? har skapat ny swap..10:28
DanielSenatGrejen är att denna heter inte swap och kördes förr. Filsystemet heter extended10:28
DanielSenatsorry wrong channel..10:29
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DanielSenatI have a dev/sda2 not in use, can i delete it? Filesystem is extended10:30
DanielSenatI made my linux-swap bigger and after that, sda2 doesn't work10:31
Guest52542Maybe the extended swap destroy sda210:34
DanielSenatI don't know but eveything works fine10:40
DanielSenathttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ can i chose any of the newer kernals? I have naty narval xubuntu12:04
Guest52542depend on your hardware12:05
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DanielSenatsilentpapa, Ati drivers12:05
DanielSenattoshiba laptop12:06
DanielSenatcan i do a command that says more?12:06
DanielSenatin terminal?12:06
DanielSenatsilentpapa, di u see?12:12
DanielSenathttp://pastebin.com/c1WaFyws what kernel should i have?12:15
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DanielSenathow to chose witch kernel to boot?12:56
mahasamootHi, I'm just trying Xubuntu for the first time.13:23
mahasamootI'm a refuge from KDE4.... which is soooo slow, and also still crashes13:24
mahasamootI just installed Xubuntu last night, and am trying to get the hang of it13:24
mahasamootWhile it's much faster and there's alot to like, one huge problem I have is the "Run Program..." dialog13:25
TheSheepwhat about it?13:26
KM0201mahasamoot: ..?13:26
mahasamootit's useless, no help at all... why doesn't it search as I type13:26
mahasamootcan it be replaced?13:27
TheSheepsure, you can use anything13:27
TheSheeplike gnome-do or something13:27
TheSheephmm, synapse, launchy13:29
mahasamootthanks, I'll have a look13:29
mahasamootI'm tried of this silly thing that thinks everything I type is a search term for the web browser.... when it's called "Run Program"13:30
TheSheepxfrun4 only starts programs13:32
TheSheepsynapse looks kinda nice13:34
mahasamootfor example, if I type "gnome-do" into the "Run Program" dialog, it opens a tab in firefox, and puts gnome-do in the location bar, then ff tells me there is no such website13:38
mahasamoottho, I see that gnome-do wasn't installed... perhaps it would run if I had it... which I soon will.13:39
TheSheepis that the same dialog that appear when you press alt+f2?13:39
TheSheepthat's strange, it doesn't do web searches for me13:40
TheSheepmaybe it's some option13:40
mahasamootI misspoke... it's not really a search, it just thinks it's a webpage13:41
TheSheepbut yeah, it's not supposed to search for programs or files, it just executes the command you put there13:41
mahasamootif I type "google" it opens google in a tab in ff13:42
TheSheepI guess that's a new thing13:43
mahasamootI guess it's not as bad as I first thot... tho, a step down for sure, when you're used to tab-completion...13:45
mahasamootTheSheep, thanks for the help... I've got to reboot due to updates L8R :-)13:46
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Joshua17thhow i can play minecraft on xubuntu?16:34
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GridCubeJoshua17th, ask #minecraft16:46
GridCubeprobably you need to install some java stuff and run it?16:47
Joshua17thit whines about its downloaded from another source and says it dangerous to execute16:47
well_laid_lawnsounds like some horrible propriety application crap there...16:49
desaiuWhere is /dev/audio?17:02
desaiuWhat replaced it?17:02
DanielSenatis evrything alright?17:35
well_laid_lawnseems fine - what's the concern?17:36
xubunturobSorry I am very new to chat17:37
xubunturobI am also new to xubuntu and am having troubles with playing mp3 codecs17:37
well_laid_lawnDanielSenat: use your words17:38
DanielSenatwell_laid_lawn, Just wondering why there is the line UUID=266993e7-df52-4780-a74f-3390a183b7cc /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       117:38
DanielSenaterror scars m ;)17:38
DanielSenatscares me17:39
well_laid_lawnxubunturob: install xubuntu-restricted-extras17:39
well_laid_lawnDanielSenat: that's a mount option for when errors ocuur17:40
GridCubeDanielSenat, it means that in case of errors it will start on read only17:40
DanielSenataha ok!17:40
DanielSenatThen it's fine17:40
well_laid_lawnso if the systems errors the / partition gets remounted readonly17:40
xubunturob@well_laid_lawn do I select that in the synaptics package manager or from term17:40
well_laid_lawnxubunturob: it's your choice17:41
well_laid_lawneither will work17:41
xubunturobkk going to give it a go17:41
DanielSenatStill not hibernate/suspend .. What kernel would work with my system? 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc M22 [Mobility Radeon X300] [1002:5460]17:42
DanielSenatI am on natty narval17:42
xubunturob@well laid lawn: the marked changes are now being applied"17:45
well_laid_lawn!tab | xubunturob17:46
ubottuxubunturob: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.17:46
well_laid_lawnyou can type wel<tab> to get well_laid_lawn17:46
xubunturobwell_laid_lawn, oh very nice cause typing that out all the time suckish17:48
xubunturobwell_laid_lawn, Success thank you very much my new friend of today17:49
well_laid_lawncheers ;)17:49
xubunturobwell_laid_lawn, I am listening to: Orc March( ft. snowflake, wolf sebastian, spinning merkaba) by basematic from ccMixter creative commons. You should give it a listen. Well thanks again cheers to you mate, I'm off17:55
well_laid_lawnsee ya17:55
xubuntu961I'm a new xubunuts's usr18:33
knome!language | knome18:33
ubottuknome, please see my private message18:33
xubuntu961i'm installing xubuntu by first18:33
xubuntu961i'm very happy. You don't care, but i want to say it, jajaja18:34
knomeof course we care. nice to hear you are happy with xubuntu18:36
csenger41hey everyone :)18:42
csenger41i would like to know how can I customize my menu?18:42
csenger41ohh, its Xubuntu 11.0418:42
knomecsenger41, install alacarte and run it.18:43
csenger41knome: is it repo?18:43
knomecsenger41, yes, it's in the repositories18:43
csenger41knome: woot, great, thx :)18:43
knomeno problem18:44
csenger41one more thing: how can I make a custom install CD about Xubuntu?18:44
knomeafaik it's the same process as with the ubuntu cd's, but i'm not familiar with that18:45
csenger41i mean i want to add some programs and remove others so i dont have to do it after install18:45
csenger41ohh but idk how to do it with ubuntu CD either18:45
knomethat should be a good starting point18:45
xubuntu961have anybody use xubuntu as a download server?18:46
knomexubuntu961, what does that mean? just a normal server that serves files via http?18:46
xubuntu961i have an old PC18:47
xubuntu961PIII and 512mb RAM18:47
xubuntu961so i've installed xubuntu to download files, videos, etc18:47
xubuntu961and i think that someone use xubuntu for it18:48
knomei don't quite understand18:49
xubuntu961i'm a gnome and a Win user, but it's my first install18:49
knomewhat's your native language?18:49
xubuntu961spanish. My english is poor, as you see, jajaja18:49
knome!es > xubuntu96118:50
ubottuxubuntu961, please see my private message18:50
knomeyeah, there is a spanish channel18:50
knomeyou can ask about xubuntu there too, they should be able to help18:50
xubuntu961ok!! thank you ubottu and knome18:50
knomeno problem18:50
xubuntu961bye and thank you again18:51
focaltis anyone familiar with dns configuration?18:55
csenger41no, not me sry18:55
csenger41knome: UCK is perfect for my problem :)19:00
csenger41well thx for the help :)19:17
dr_jklis there any way to make thunderbird and it's notifciations show up in the same way that pidgin's do in the notification area?22:13
knomedr_jkl, disable the notifications, install the plugin 'mailbox-alert' and use something like "/usr/bin/notify-send New\ mail\ (%server) <b>%sendername</b>:\ %subject" as the Command to run with the plugin22:15
knomedr_jkl, "disable the notifications" as in disable the default *thunderbird* notifications22:16
Shirakawasunathunderbird's notifications show up pretty normally for me. Do you mean the mail icon, dr_jkl?22:17
dr_jklShirakawasuna: yes23:00
dr_jklShirakawasuna: that's exactly what i mean23:02
Shirakawasunadr_jkl: I think you basically have to wait for 11.1023:26
Shirakawasunadr_jkl: I have that same issue and have failed to figure it out after trying several guides23:26
Shirakawasunadr_jkl: If you find a solution, though, tell me so I can fix mine too :)23:27
dr_jkli hope someone notices my bug soon :s23:42

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