mgariepygood morning everyone12:48
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highvoltagegood morning14:39
BarcoAnyone have experience with Rdp Connections to Virtualbox on Ubuntu?18:23
alkisgYes, next question? :)18:23
BarcoI'm struggling to connect. I have set up bridging on the vbox host and am using port 3389. But am unable to connect18:25
alkisgYou're not using LTSP, right?18:25
BarcoJup, will that interfere with Rdp?18:26
alkisgI'm just asking to understand your setup18:27
BarcoOk let me elaborate.18:27
alkisgSo, you're running LTSP, but you're just trying vbox on your server, not relatead to LTSP clients?18:27
BarcoUsing Ltsp kiosk setup and Vbox running Windows7.18:28
BarcoInitally I would just like to remote into Vbox.18:28
BarcoBut would like to do this from an Ltsp client.18:29
alkisgOK so initially are you trying this directly on your ltsp server?18:30
BarcoYes, just to verify that everything is ok with the Rdp setup first. This is where I got stuck.18:30
BarcoFound an article about "Pam auth" being a stumbling block, installed the settings and it's as far as I got.18:31
alkisgErm, you don't need anything pam related to connect to a windows VM18:31
alkisgAre you trying with the windows rdp server, or with the vbox rdp server?18:32
BarcoTrying to use Vbox rdp server.18:33
BarcoHave set it up in Vbox. Also setup Windows to allow incoming Rdp connections. Now that you ask I am wondering if thei18:33
alkisgThat's for a single client, it wouldn't be very useful18:33
alkisgDisable the vbox rdp and try with the windows rdp server18:34
BarcoOk. one moment.18:34
BarcoOnly get network activity and no connection. It still fails. What domain do you use on a Vbox machine?18:40
alkisgI'm not using a domain18:41
alkisgDid you enable the windows 7 rdp server?18:41
BarcoNeither am I, left it blank but just confirming.18:42
BarcoI activated it yes.18:42
alkisgWhat error message does rdesktop display?18:42
BarcoCannot connect to client, fails with an error about setting up a sound device18:43
BarcoI'll see if I can copy the exact error message - timeout is quite long.18:44
alkisgTo "client"? Not to "server"? And, what command line are you using?18:45
BarcoUsed the gui interface18:46
alkisgTry from the command line, it shows better error messages18:46
alkisgrdesktop server-ip18:47
BarcoWill do, Gui shows unable to connect.18:48
alkisgAlso, can you ping the ip?18:48
BarcoYes, ping comes back ok18:49
BarcoTo me it seems like a permission based issue, since connecting to a network share will return a fail the same way. What do you think?18:54
alkisgBarco: then it would be a windows issue, try asking in #windows about it19:08
alkisgVbox doesn't have any settings for specifying permissions for bridged adapters19:09
Barcoyou're right there, no other settings on Vbox.19:18
BarcoAlkisg: Have you ever run Windows host's through Ltsp using Vbox?19:19
alkisgYes, it works fine19:19
alkisgWindows guests, you mean19:19
Barcoyes, sorry typo.19:22
BarcoHow many guest's have you been able to run concurrently and what hardware where you using?19:22
alkisgWe've tried it with fat clients, so one windows vm can run in any number of fat clients19:23
alkisgMany labs, no specific hardware, anything with e.g. 1 Gb ram should do19:23
BarcoYou mean running the Vm as a local app?19:26
alkisgYes, fat clients run everything as local apps19:26

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