b0sf9g7hhey guys, is there a comparison somewhere between ubuntu and kubuntu? trying to decide which to install on my new netbook00:49
OerHeksKDE versus unity/gnome00:49
OerHekswell KDE has got the best recordsoftware K3B and such more, Gnome is not bad. try both, side by side install00:51
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Snowhogb0sf9g7h: See http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kdegnome01:02
b0sf9g7hthanks Snowhog01:37
littlegirlHey there, if I have a question about Kdialog, would I ask it here, or is there another channel I should go to?02:05
well_laid_lawnyou could try here or #kde02:09
littlegirlThanks. In case here works, how come when I click cancel, I don't get the "You chose cancel." message? http://paste.ubuntu.com/701366/02:09
littlegirlIt looks pretty straightforward to me, but I can't figure it out. (:02:10
well_laid_lawndo the three other options work?02:11
littlegirlAlso, if I do http://paste.ubuntu.com/701370/ then it echos 2 if I click the cancel button, so it's even more confusing that the original script doesn't work.02:11
phoenix_firebrdAnyone using 11.10?02:15
littlegirlNever mind - I figured it out. (:02:16
well_laid_lawn!11.10 | phoenix_firebrd02:17
ubottuphoenix_firebrd: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:17
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: I am aware of the channel02:17
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: do you use 11.10?02:18
well_laid_lawneveryone in there is using it02:18
phoenix_firebrd he he02:18
phoenix_firebrdwell_laid_lawn: do you have any problem with audio when cpu is high?02:18
ssfdre38hey how can i get 2 kubuntu computers talking to each other to share info02:20
ssfdre38besides samba02:20
phoenix_firebrdssfdre38: wired or wireless?02:21
ssfdre38well wired to wireless on the same network02:21
phoenix_firebrdssfdre38: try dukto, i supports mutiple platfoms02:22
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RRejunBuenas noches05:42
RRejunComo estas05:42
RRejunComo les va?05:43
FloodBotK1RRejun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:43
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:20
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EruaranDoes anybody know how to get the clock  in 11.10 to *stop* showing 24 hour time????08:36
EruaranThe locale settings (retarded that the user should have to poke around in the locale settings just to change to a 12 hour clock that 98% of users will want) show PH:MM:SS AMPM but the clock remains 24 hour08:39
DaskreechEruaran: Ah right you found itbut yes Locale is where it is08:40
EruaranIt shouldn't annoy me being beta 2 and all08:42
EruaranBut its driving me mad08:42
Eruaran24 hour clock... like a scratching ferret in my brain...08:43
EruaranIt wont leave me aloooone!08:43
* Eruaran bites his hand08:43
DaskreechEruaran: Just switch it and leave it alone then :)08:47
EruaranI want it on 12 hour08:47
EruaranI have set it on 12 hour08:47
Eruaranyet it stays on 24 hour08:47
Eruaranits gnawing at my brain08:47
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Girly-GirlI've got a problem after installing unity on top of Kubuntu, when I start kde, gnome stuff starts in background, and it takes long to load, if kde desktop (plasma) crashes,  see gnome behind it!09:37
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ArnoldGirly-Girl, how exactly did you install it? From Muon Software Packager, or from 'unity' package?09:39
Girly-Girlaptitude ubuntu-desktop09:40
ArnoldHmm, that kind of installs more than you would need for Unity.. however, are you starting it with which login manager, and which session?09:40
Girly-Girlsession kde09:41
ArnoldAnd you select KDE Workspace or Plasma?09:41
ArnoldAh, I see.09:41
ArnoldYet Gnome stuffs start up with KDE..09:41
ArnoldI think it has to do with the autostarting services or startup programs.09:41
Girly-GirlArnold: I think nautilus starts and does fishy things09:42
ArnoldI'll be back restarting to KDE, so that I can help you out further.09:42
Girly-GirlArnold: Thanks09:42
ArnoldGirly-Girl, no problem, restarting it now.09:42
metallistohello: why would the pkm uninstall kubuntu-desktop when i try to install fcron?09:44
Girly-Girlmetallisto: Its an extra dummy package safe to remove09:44
Girly-GirlArnold: If you kquitapp plasma-desktop do you see gnome behind?09:45
ArnoldI don't have Unity/GNOME 3 installed, but I think I know where it is specified to start.09:45
ArnoldGirly-Girl: alright. Go to System Settings, and look for Startup and Shutdown09:45
ArnoldShould be either in the Autostart area, or Service Manager09:46
Girly-GirlArnold: Found only two gnome related things09:46
ArnoldUncheck them to disable them from starting up.09:46
Girly-GirlArnold: one for nautilus-desktop and one for gtk integration09:46
Arnoldgtk2-default-theme.rc.sh should stay on.09:47
ArnoldBut the rest of GNOME and its things should be disabled.09:47
ArnoldThe former is to give GTK+ apps a KDE theme integration, so that's harmless.09:47
Girly-GirlArnold: Ok thanks i'll do that later09:47
ArnoldGirly-Girl: it's just GNOME applications or session files trying to be more integrated with KDE's session, nothing more.09:48
ArnoldLet me know if it works, or not.09:48
Girly-GirlArnold: I haven't done it yet but I assume it works because if I kquitapp plasma-desktop, I see gnome's desktop. If I killall nautilus-desktop then kquitapp plasma-desktop, I see blank area09:49
ArnoldAha, then that makes sense. Atleast both GNOME and KDE are integral to themselves.09:50
Girly-GirlArnold: But I have to remove gnome, having it is anoying like programs like to open nautilus by default and all, once nautilus browser starts, so does the desktop10:01
ArnoldWell, there is a way to delete the packages of ubuntu-desktop, while leaving kubuntu-desktop intact.10:02
ArnoldSince ubuntu-desktop is just a metapackage, nothing more.10:02
ArnoldGirly-Girl: install and run gconf-editor, search for apps/nautilus/preferences and untick show desktop10:05
Girly-GirlArnold: Why would I do that?10:06
ArnoldGirly-Girl: so it won't start GNOME's desktop session whenever you start Nautilus10:06
ArnoldPlus you can also restore the default applications settings in KDE easily.10:06
ArnoldBut if you want to get rid of all ubuntu-desktop's GNOME packages, leaving the raw kubuntu-desktop one, then that is also possible with a workaround.10:07
Girly-GirlI'll just remove it I have no use for gnome anyway, I'm  a die hard KDE user since KDE 3.3X10:08
ArnoldGirly-Girl: it's possible to do it properly with aptitude. Are you familiar with that tool?10:10
Girly-GirlArnold: yes10:10
ArnoldGirly-Girl: then you just have to remove the ubuntu-desktop virtual package, and let kubuntu-desktop one selected.10:11
Girly-GirlArnold: Or there is a list of package put by ubuntu-desktop on aysu's site10:11
ArnoldGirly-Girl: hehe, not sure about that. I did converted my Ubuntu system into a Lubuntu one, and had no GNOME packages there at all (besides the mandatory GTK+ libraries and all)10:12
ArnoldIt was a fun experience, plus I learned more about (?)Ubuntu a lot. Rather than just thinking Arch Linux having the upper hand and all....10:14
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ArnoldGirlyGirl: just read the howto page for removing the ubuntu-desktop metapackage, and aysiu's advice was to install metapackages with aptitude, rather than apt-get, so that you can purge them easily with the packages too, not just the metapackage.10:31
* yofel notes that just removing the ubuntu-desktop metapackage won't remove anything else10:37
yofelthe *buntu-* metapackages get their dependencies marked as manually installed, so you need to remove all of them individually10:38
Arnoldyofel: according to that how-to, it doesn't applies if you're handling packages with aptitude, rather than apt-get10:40
ArnoldWith aptitude, you're removing packages along with the metapackage. So all goes down.10:41
yofelArnold: no, the difference is that with apt-get you need to run autoremove to remove unecessary packages, aptitude does that by itself10:49
yofelbut that doesn't have any effect for the *buntu metapackages10:49
yofelas those are marked as never mark-auto in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove10:50
yofelhm, seems even to be the case for all metapackages10:50
ArnoldHmm, I was able to successfully delete the ubuntu-desktop packages and leave only ubuntu-core ones (much like in a difference way)10:53
ArnoldThen I was able to install lubuntu-desktop packages.10:54
fatumhello there. I have kubuntu dualboot with win7.. how do I automount windows partition on startup? I knew there was a way, but can't recall..10:57
Arnoldfatum: there is the ntfs-config way (not sure if it works, was broken a few releases ago), and there's the manual way by editing /etc/fstab10:58
Arnoldfatum: "/dev/sda1 /media/Windows ntfs-3g quiet,defaults,rw 0 0"10:59
ArnoldAnd /dev/sda1 is the first partition of the first disk (IDE HDD), /media/Windows/ is the mount point where this partition is to the mounted, and the rest of the settings are to stay intact.11:00
ArnoldYou'll have to modify according to your partitioning and taste. /dev/sdX, where X is the partition where your Windows partition is located (if you have more, you can add more of these lines)11:01
ArnoldAnd /media/X, where X is the folder name you want it to mount it. But you have to create them with "sudo mkdir X", or else it won't automount them.11:01
fatumall right.. rw 0 0 means I can't read nor write?11:05
Arnoldrw means read-write, the last two digits are dump-freq and pass-num.11:06
Arnoldfatum: mounting with NTFS-3g with rw solves all kind of writing errors you might have due to lack of privilege of doing so.11:07
fatumvery nice.. what about executable permission?11:07
fatum*permission to execute11:08
ArnoldAlso not a problem anymore. I was able to launch applications from it without chmod +x (which that failed anyhow).11:09
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fatumArnold: /dev/sda2: command not found11:11
Arnoldfatum: you'll have to add them in /etc/fstab, not in the terminal11:11
fatumgot it ;-)11:21
fatumthanks.. need to try it out, brb11:23
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rethushi, my mic-volume seems to adjust themself.11:47
rethushow can i disable this?11:47
Eruaranyou cant, its a poltergeist11:48
Eruarantell it to go away11:49
rethushar har har :D11:49
rethussomeone know a solution11:55
supadoswhere i am...??12:03
Eruaranrethus: sorry I don't know12:05
Eruaranrethus: does the volume setting change or just the sound with the volume setting the same?12:06
rethusthe sound-slider walk right and left12:07
ArGGu^^rethus maybe some app is changing the volume12:08
rethusi don't know... till pulseaudio is establish in kde i only have problems with my sound12:08
BluesKajHey all12:13
ZlatanHello, a Kubuntu 11.04 + KDE4.7 user question: I can use a network printer HP3055 as a scanner with Ubuntu, but my recent Kubuntu machine can recognize it only as a printer, no scanner option with Skanlite. Similar problem here while Using Debian Squeeze, Gnome version, looks like only Ubuntu can recognize HP3055 correctly. Can it be fixed for Kubuntu somehow? Thank you12:27
KIAazeIn Ubuntu, I think it's sane which takes care of scanners.12:29
KIAazeSo mayeb you should have a look at commands like "sane-find-scanner" and "scanimage -L" to see which driver the scanner runs on, etc12:30
KIAazeit could also be a 64-bit/32-bit issue12:31
KIAazeI had a lot of problems getting an HP scanner to work because of that12:31
ZlatanAll my systems were 32bit12:31
KIAazeonly the 32-bit driver existed/worked12:31
ZlatanKIAaze: can I show commands output for you in PM?12:35
KIAazeif you want, but I'm not sure I can help much12:36
KIAazeat least not more than google ^^12:36
KIAazejust a minute, I'm restarting konversation. It's hiding my mouse.12:37
ZlatanI will not bother you then;) Thanks anyway12:40
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ironfroggyI just moved from an intel-gfx t510 to a t520 with dual intel/nv and i'm running that in intel mode. kubuntu 11.04 on both, but i can't get external displays detected on the new machine.12:59
ironfroggyDoes anyone maybe know why that might be or what I may be able to do to get an external display recognized?12:59
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TheLastProjectI have "Euro on 5" set in the Keyboard settings on Kubuntu 11.04, however, I still can't type the Euro symbol13:32
TheLastProjectNot with Ctrl+5, not with Alt+5, not with Ctrl+Alt+5, not with Ctrl+Shift+5, not with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+5, not with Alt+Shift+5, really just not... What can I do about this?13:32
OerHeksTheLastProject, alt-gr + 513:40
TheLastProjectThat explains a lot13:41
FloodBotK1TheLastProject: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:41
TheLastProjectI'm used to it being on Ctrl+Alt on Windows, thanks! (Bot, don't overreact)13:41
OerHeksnow you ca make someone happy with €13:42
TheLastProjectMyself :P13:42
ZeTahey guys13:51
ZeTai have a problem with my conecction in kubuntu13:52
ZeTabecouse i have a network with no difusion ssid13:52
ZeTaand i can't connect...13:52
ZeTa(sorry by my horrible english... )13:53
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haitam_hi all14:28
GirlyGirlPoor WIFI reception compared to windows with Atheros Ar9285 any idea?14:30
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jbwivguys, I recently installed kubuntu over a vanilla 11.10 install. I'm using firefox as my browser, and none of the appropriate application mappings seem to be there (for example, when I download a zip, FF tries to open it with gvim. How can I get the appropriate mappings set to a reasonable set of defaults?14:59
Trashihi guys. i installed kubuntu and im missing the grid desktop. For some reason the grouping desktop layout is not included in the ubuntu repository. how can i enable it?15:45
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avihay_wrong place to ask, but can anyone tell me how to set up auto-login on a passwordless admin account in WinXP16:15
avihay_in kdm it's fairly easy, but I don't see any option to do it in win16:16
russ_having trouble here my webcam works just fine in Cheese and other apps but adobe flash isnt reading my cam from within firefox any ideas?16:24
russ_in the flash settings it finds the usb mic thats built into the webcam and that works just not a webcam for a selection16:29
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OerHekshi roderyck18:16
roderyckhi i just install konversation on ubuntu ..kde is light18:17
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ambusher_help me change flash screen in virtualbox19:24
phoenix_firebrdambusher_:  you mean the plymoth splash screen?19:25
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ambusher_no d one which says "ubuntu"19:25
phoenix_firebrdambusher_: while booting?19:26
phoenix_firebrdambusher_: thats the plymouth theme19:26
ambusher_oh.. hw to change it19:26
phoenix_firebrdambusher_:  try this http://www.ubuntugeek.com/plymouth-manager-simple-tool-to-change-splash-screen-themes.html19:27
phoenix_firebrdambusher_: yw19:28
phoenix_firebrdanyone there to help?20:20
rorkphoenix_firebrd: please ask the real question :)20:25
phoenix_firebrdrork: its about 11.10, if you find it wrong to discuss it here, can you come to #ubuntu+120:26
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The_JagPlease I need help setting up mercurial to clone a remote repo20:37
The_JagI got the bash: hg: command not found error20:38
The_Jagplease any help?20:40
PiciThe_Jag: You need to install mercurial first.20:42
PiciThe_Jag: sudo apt-get install mercurial20:43
The_JagPici: I have all correctly set up20:44
The_Jagonly just doing hg clone ssh://remote/path doesn't work20:45
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The_Jagwhich is because ssh cannot find hg on the remote machine (which obviously is present)20:45
DaSkreechwhich hg ?20:51
Trashi hi.  by default in kde exists an "grid desktop"-layout which im missing in (k)ubuntu... does anybody know how to enable? i just want to align all my widgets on the desktop on grid ..21:49
gomiboyTrashi: not sure if you mean this: right click on desktop->desktop settings->(unlock widgets)->Layout: Newspaper21:53
Trashigomiboy: i know that newspaper layout but i thought in default kde would be also a "grid/group layout" which allows to align all widgets on grid without the newspaper layout. take a look for that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tOAzCQUd5o21:59
Trashigomiboy: did try to install but there were many errors while buildung/installing..22:00
Trashigomiboy: by default there should be a "grid desktop" layout under Desktop->DesktopSettings22:02
Trashigomiboy: did isntall  kdeplasma-addons package but no change :(22:02
gomiboyTrashi: never seen before that grind thing, so it's not "by default", and that project in the links seems dead since 2010 :(22:07
Trashigomiboy: hm ok :/ thanks anyway22:08
Trashigomiboy: hm ... they guys at #kde sais that  the grid layout comes with the kdeplasma-addons package... not so in ubuntu *22:13
docidok, quick little issue, seems my task bar doesnt understand Z axis properly, after running for a few days or weeks, it will start to go where i click something, it drops down for me to choose which window i want from that task, but it the click lands on the window below it instead of the dropdown option23:23
docidrunning maverick on this one, but seeing it on my natty machines as well23:23
docidsorry, was i unclear?23:24
docidim having that issue lately23:24
docidof being unclear that is23:24
docidand the taskbar issue as well23:24
docidok, just for example, say ya got 11 firefox windows open and they all stack on the plasma task list bar as a single entry23:25
docidso you click the firfox extry and it drops down a list of firefox windows23:25
docidnow , if there is a window behind that list of windows, when i click on the list, the click lands on the window behind the list23:26
szalwhy would one want multiple FF instances?  that's what tabs are for :P23:26
docidinstead of selecting the window i want23:26
docidcan only get about 40 tabs on a single window23:26
docidmaybe 50 before it starts scrolling and gets hard to manage23:26
SIR_Tacoszal: it's best not to ask why23:27
docidand it was just for example./.. terminator, file browser, etc, doesnt matter what the program is, still happens23:27
docidlol taco23:27
docidand sometimes i have a different browser on each monitor, handy for research23:28
docidrestarting kdm resolves it, but obviously not a proper solution23:28
docidhaving trouble googleing an answer due to not being able to word the problem in a way that results in related results23:29
docidalso, seem to have been afflicted with something that is making me type as though english were not my first language, but i doubt you all can help with that23:30
docidso any ideas? or any info that might help ?23:31
SIR_Tacodocid: unfortunately I really haven't played around with that option23:31
* szal has never had any such problem23:32
SIR_Tacodocid: ok, maybe I don't understand what you're talking about then haha23:32
docidok, plasma task bar, where it shows all the programs and windows you have open....23:32
docidwe on the same page?23:33
docidif you have several of the same program running, they stack in that bar, get a little arrow with a number on the edge of the entry23:33
SIR_Tacook, so they're grouping... go on23:33
docidclick that entry and it drops down so you can select what window you want23:33
docidnow, if there is a full screen window, or any other window under that list23:34
docidwhen you click something from thhe list, the click goes to the window behind, instead of the list23:34
docidlike the back window is grabbing the mouse23:34
docidso in order to change tasks i have to minimise, or move enough stuff so i can see desktop behind it23:35
docidbehind the dropdown list23:35
docidotherwise cannot click the list...23:35
SIR_Tacook woah... stop a second... when you say "it goes to the window behind" you mean the 'full screen' window?23:35
docidsure, or whatever else is back there23:35
docidwhatever the top window is behind the list23:36
SIR_Tacowhat is the 'full screen window'? Firefox after you've hit F11? or a full-screen flash player?23:36
docidok, now heres the weird part, its only on the right half of the taskbar...23:36
docidsorry, i meen a maximised window,23:37
docidor anything floatingg behind the list23:37
docidwas trying to use fullscreen window for clarity (see above... having issues with clarity)23:37
SIR_Tacook... so what do you want it to do?23:37
docidi want the click to select the window from the list23:37
docidlike it normally does23:37
SIR_Tacoas-in click and have a list show up to select from?23:38
docidwell, if there are grouped programs, i click on the grouped programs on the task bar, it drops down a list23:38
docidthe problem is selecting from that list23:38
docidthe click doesnt go to the dropped down list23:39
docidit goes to windows behind the list23:39
SIR_Tacoso, lets say you have 4 Firefox windows open.... one is maximized the other 3 are minimized.... you click on "FireFox...." in the taskbar, and you get the maximized one and not a list?23:40
docidi get a dropdown list23:40
docidbut i cant click on the list23:40
docidthe clicks go through the list to the window behind it23:40
SIR_Tacooooooh... ok... so say you had Gimp open, you click "FireFox...." in the task bar, click on a list item for that group and you're back to Gimp?23:41
docidif gimp is behind where that list dropped down, yes23:42
docidwell, but the list stays up untill i click it again23:42
SIR_Tacook, I see what you're saying now23:42
docidunable to select from the list until i move everything away from behind where the list drops down23:42
docidhard one to google23:43
docidmaybe i dont have the vocabulary23:43
SIR_TacoI'd file a bug, but until then you could turn off grouping (grouping pisses me off haha)23:43
docidas i said, this usually happens after running for some time....23:44
docidohh my, id have to have like a 4 row task list then23:44
docidwould take up sooo much space23:44
docidi kind of run much at once23:44
SIR_Tacowell there's no quick fix for that... not sure where the problem is exactly, but likely with plasma23:45
docidthats what i figgured,23:45
docidhow to reload plasma without killing running apps, etc23:45
docidsomeway i can make it just reload the desktop in place?23:45
docidahh, thanks much :)23:46
SIR_TacoI'd probably suggest "kquitapp plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop" (just incase Konsole dies when you do it)23:47
docidi usually do that sort of thing from an actual console23:48
docidoutside of the de23:48
docidotherwise it feels like sawing on a branch yer sittin on23:48
Daskreechdocid: it won't23:49
Daskreechplasma-desktop is just the background and pretty buttons None of the applications are tied to it23:49
DaskreechYou can even run plasma-desktop in gnome and then have only Gnome applications inside it23:49
docidaye, thats what i thought, but didnt quite know how to kill it and bring it back up23:49
docidohh fun, next time kde breaks to the point where it wont load anymore ill remember that.... i hope23:50
DaskreechI used to prevent plasma from starting back when I had a few hundred megs of RAM and I was running test versions of KDE23:50
Daskreechbut you can make a small script that simply says kquitapp plasma-desktop && sleep 4 && plasma-desktop23:50
Daskreechcall it newplas or something23:51
Daskreechanytime it's giving too much problems just press alt+F2 and type newplas and tada!23:51
docidwelll, that didnt work out too well23:51
Daskreechkrunner is also not tied to plasma-desktop so you can have just krunner running and it will be able to launch new programs etc23:51
docidohh weird, it reloaded and my desktop came back when i clicked it, fun23:52
docidbam, that fixes it... thanks much23:52
docidother than memory lockups that was my olny reason to reboot23:52
Daskreechmemory lockups sounds harsh23:53
Daskreech what's happening there?23:53
docidwell, with a vbox open and something using wine leaking memory like the fed does cash.... slams into swap and everything comes to a halt, usually stuck using alt-sysreq combos because cant switch tty or ssh in23:54
docidusually teamviewer left open is the cause23:55
SIR_Tacobut the group list is fixed?23:55
docidthe plasma reload works great23:55
Daskreechdocid: alt-sysreq and killX then23:56
Daskreechdon't need to reboot23:56
docidhow to killX with alt-sysreq? usually get nothing beack untill it reboots, using R E I S U B23:56
SIR_Tacodocid: still file a bug about it... even if it takes a while to appear, there's something not right going on23:57
docidwill have to do it from home... shouldnt really be debugging my desktop at work in the first place :)23:57
Daskreechdocid: Magic keys just do what you tell them to there is no indicators :)23:59

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