gary_postergmb, approved your holiday while trying to work through some mail.  now going to do morning things with children, such as breakfast.  back later11:21
gmbgary_poster: Thanks. Enjoy breakfast and family things :)11:21
gmb(which reminds me: lunch should happen)11:21
gary_posterbac, benji, danilos, gmb, call in 212:30
benjianyone seen this before? "benji.york@canonical.com is not permitted to commit to /home/pqm/archives/rocketfuel/launchpad/devel" (from a PQM nastygram when I tried to land a branch, I suspect me having to change my GPG key might be related)12:30
gary_posterbenji, sounds likely12:31
benjidanilos: I pointed ubuntu one at my notes directories and feel much better now that it's automatically backing them up12:43
danilosbenji, yeah, I usually have stuff backed up over at my home server, but haven't set it all up yet since I did a fresh install of oneiric last weekend :/12:45
bacgary_poster: thanks for the reply to my email.  regarding storm "validators", we are not misusing them...they are being used as intended by the Storm Gods as described here https://storm.canonical.com/Manual12:52
gary_posterbac, ah,...darn :-/13:01
bacgary_poster: i think they are misnamed though.13:02
bacoy, we're supposed to be CHRing this week, no?13:32
gary_posterbac, yes, thanks for the reminder (danilos, gmb, benji)13:32
gmbAha, yes, good point.13:33
gary_posterI mean, really, *thanks*.  *a lot*.  *We mean it*13:33
bacgary_poster: gotcha.  next time i'll "remember" later in the week...13:45
gary_posterno no it's good.  better to pay as yougo13:45
gary_posterdebts are yucky13:45
danilosgary_poster, ah, very good point, I'll do my CHR tomorrow morning in twice the amount :)13:51
gary_posterdanilos, twice the amount you did it today? ;-)13:51
gary_postersounds like a clever plan to me13:51
danilosgary_poster, heh, that works as well :)13:51
danilosgary_poster, I was originally thinking of "twice the time I should have spent on it", but "twice the time I spent on it" is indeed more clever :)13:52
gary_posteroh look, CHR...15:00
gary_posterCHR was even less productive than useful, but I'm stopping16:18
gary_postergmb, approved expenses19:04
gary_posterbtw bac and benji, if you notice that the build status stuff looks odd during your CHR run, ask me about it19:04
gary_posterthere was something wrong for mine, but I think it is supposed to be ok now19:04
gmbgary_poster: Thanks for the expense approval. I kept forgetting to submit them in time :)19:18
gary_posterheh, gmb, I had 6 :-)19:19
gary_posterI shouldn't tell you that ;-)19:19
* gmb goes afk for the evening19:20
bacCHRs...benji did you leave me anything?20:20
benjibac: doh!  I left you everything because I forgot.20:20
* benji sets his CHR alarm.20:20
* bac amazes himself with his german spelling skillz20:21
benjibac: I'll gladly do some of it if you want to divvy it up.20:21
bacbenji: nah20:21
bacwhat i don't get to danilos can do in the am20:22
gary_posterthere's a lot unfortunately, bac & benji.  not for my lack of trying20:40
gary_posterbac, approved your expenses20:40
bacgary_poster: thanks.  i can't believe i sat on so many20:41
bacuser is reporting changing his password has updated his original Launchpad registration date.  odd.21:10

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