Laibschhttp://tinyurl.com/OOPS-2102DV7 oopses02:12
lifeless*blink* whats tinyurl doing /02:13
Laibschlifeless: making urls tiny ;-)02:13
lifelessLaibsch: the oops has the url in it02:14
lifelessLaibsch: and its not a url02:14
lifelessLaibsch: so I'm confused.02:14
Laibschwell, the redirect goes to LP, of course02:14
Laibschand tinyurl offers to choose the part after tinyurl.com/ for the URL you want to shorten.  So I chose the OOPS so that I wouldn't have to type it again02:15
lifelessthe oops hasn't synced yet, I can look at it in a bit when it has02:15
wgrantSigh, tag searches.02:22
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LaibschI'm just starting to familiarize myself with the email interface.  I've received an oops in response to my last message: OOPS-2102INBOUNDEMAILEMAIL1  Is that a malfunction or was my message formatted incorrectly?05:38
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Laney~info-rubenfelix is posting what I think are automated responses to a load of bugs, e.g. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-dev-tools/+bug/845487/comments/2107:15
ubot5Ubuntu bug 845487 in ubuntu-dev-tools (Ubuntu Natty) "Debian source publication checks have broken" [Medium,Fix committed]07:15
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Jerubi'm having a timeout problem doing a checkout from bzr, error here and bzr version: http://paste2.org/p/168703412:21
Jerubis there something wrong with my bzr version or lp?12:21
poolieJerub, maybe there's a firewall between you and lp?12:21
Jerubwhat port is that on?12:22
Jerubokay, i straced it, 44312:23
pooliei suspect you need to set http_proxy12:25
Jerubnow this is bizarre.12:26
Jerubshoudl've added -f to the strace12:27
Jerubit's port 22, it's ssh not 443.12:28
ahasenackhi guys, an oops for your amusement: OOPS-2102N4312:29
ahasenack OOPS-2102CE3812:29
poolieJerub, i'd still suspect some kind of firewall12:29
ahasenackfully repeatable, I just need to click back and "Submit Bug Report"12:29
Jerubi can ssh to that ip address and I get "No such Launchpad account: $myusername"12:29
Jerubi'm guessing it's got something to do with my ssh client not liking that ssh server.12:30
ahasenackactually, I just need to try to file a bug12:31
ahasenackthe "extra options" bit in that page isn't "loaded", it's not a link yet, and I see "Waiting for ssl.google-analytics.com" at the bottom and the page isn't finished loading yet12:32
poolieahasenack, on what page?12:35
ahasenackpoolie: https://launchpad.net/landscape-project/+filebug12:35
poolieahasenack, i guess it's bug 853653 or bug 61838012:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 853653 in Launchpad itself "+filebug timeout" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85365312:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 618380 in Launchpad itself "Distribution:+filebug-show-similar/DistributionSourcePackage:+filebug-show-similar timeouts" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61838012:37
poolieif it's blocking you i suggest you ask your manager to escalate it to mrevell12:37
poolieas a workaround file bugs by mail :/12:37
* mrevell reads up12:38
poolieJerub, so bzr is blocking trying to get to that ip on port 22, but it works when you connect from plain ssh?12:39
Jerubpoolie: bzr is emitting an error when i use it, but i can connect on port 2212:40
Jerubi think the error is coming over the ssh connection actually, haven't confirmed12:40
pooliehm maybe12:41
ahasenackpoolie: worked now, after I started over (for the 3rd or 4th time) and, coincidentally or not, the "Extra options" text actually became a link12:41
mrevellahasenack, I think the OOPS is too new for me to be able to view it. What's the number of the bug you eventually managed to file?12:41
ahasenackmrevell: 86530412:42
mrevellthanks ahasenack12:42
poolieit would be nice to have an oops search by user name12:44
pooliethough probably just having them available faster would be the main thing12:44
poolieJerub, are you stuck?12:45
wgrantahasenack: That page (ProjectGroup:+filebug, not used by many people) seems to not function properly if the JS hasn't initialised.12:46
Jerubpoolie: i've downloaded the source from the website, but i can't use bzr at this point in time.12:46
wgrantahasenack: The OOPS is a missing field in the form submission.12:46
poolieJerub, oh what happened?12:48
ahasenackwgrant: so, is there a bug for that?12:51
wgrantahasenack: I don't believe so.12:52
ahasenacknow there is12:54
Jerubpoolie: nothing more than what i've said in channel, i gave up on using bzr and went to just using the tarball.12:54
pooliedo you know if there is a firewall on your network?12:55
Jerubyes, there's a firewall on my network, no there's nothing that's dynamically interrupting either my ssh or port 443 comms.12:59
Jerubi'm just going to do this at home where i have a machine without an interesting ssh setup instead.12:59
Jerubokay, another problem, on another host. i've done a checkout (bzr checkout lp:oursql), done a change, i want to commit it and i get this:13:13
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Jerubah. checkout != branch13:15
tumbleweedJerub: "bzr unbind"13:16
janimoI have two LP API questions, reading the automatically generated documentation14:50
janimodo the getBuildRecords calls filter on source package as documented there? I did not find that to be the case14:51
janimothe "builder" entry type is said to have a status field, but it is not documented explicitly. What is it called?14:52
jelmerjanimo: hi14:57
janimojelmer, hi14:58
jelmerjanimo: how are you trying to filter with getBuildRecords exactly?14:59
jelmerjanimo: the builder fields related to status are builderok, active, failnotes and failure_count14:59
deryckabentley, hey, I saw you marked bug 758896 OPINION.  Have we started using this status for ourselves now?14:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 758896 in Launchpad itself "Checklist items and flashes send mixed messages" [Low,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75889614:59
deryckabentley, meant to ask that in #launchpad-dev.  sorry, let's move there.15:00
janimojelmer, is there a field saying whether it is idle, or otherwise what package it is building?15:00
jelmerjanimo: I'm pretty sure there is no way to tell reliably what package it is building, as it may be building a private package15:01
janimojelmer, ok. The docs mention in the intro paragraph  "virtualized, builderok, status, failnotes and currentjob." and the LP page here had idle/package names shown https://launchpad.net/builders15:02
janimostatus and currentjob are no longer present then15:03
hexmodelifeless: https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/677590 -- just responded to your last bit there15:04
jelmerjanimo: I suspect they're still present, but not exposed over the API15:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 677590 in Launchpad itself "builders should not use the raw epoch from the version in filepaths" [High,Triaged]15:04
janimojelmer, well yes, that's whay I meant of course :)15:04
hexmodejelmer: if you're handling it #677590, ping me here if you need info15:06
janimojelmer, thanks for asking me how I do the filtering. Trying to copy paste you the link I realized I used source instead of source_name as the param...sight15:08
jelmerhexmode: will do, thanks15:08
jelmerjanimo: glad to hear, that would mean we don't have a bug there :)15:09
janimojelmer, indeed. Although it does not seem to be an equality test but a pattern match. So 'ido' turns up results not only for the ido package but also for midori15:10
janimois there a way to get equality?15:10
jelmerjanimo: Yep. There's an open bug report about that.15:10
janimoah ok15:10
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tjaaltonhey, can only the owner of a team modify a member as an admin of the team?20:51
tjaaltonok, got it from the lp help, how else :)20:57
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lifelesshexmode: thanks21:39
hexmodelifeless: jelmer_: I'm usually on #mediawiki if I'm not in here and you want info from me :)21:40
jelmer_hexmode: thanks21:41
jelmer_hexmode: that bug should be relatively easy to fix, it's on my list of things to look into21:41
hexmodejelmer_: w00t! approximate eta?21:42
* hexmode has waited forevah :P21:42
TheEvilPhoenixi assume launchpad wouldn't be stupid enough to -t the channel would they?21:58
TheEvilPhoenixconsidering that iwthout some other protection on there, *anyone* can edit the topic21:58
lifelessTheEvilPhoenix: thats a feature not a bug, except for antisocials22:03
lifelessTheEvilPhoenix: and we can fix it easily.22:03
TheEvilPhoenixso if for example, i added or subtracted a single character you'd fix it22:04
cjbHi!  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cltang/gcc-linaro/lp-602745/revision/93544 isn't working at the moment -- any idea if that's expected/if there's an ETA?  Thanks.22:44
wgrantcjb: That's a very large branch. I'm not sure if it has ever worked.22:47
cjbah, ok, thanks!22:48
pooliecjb, that page loads for me23:12
pooliewas it timing out?23:12
cjbpoolie: yeah, it was giving the "ask in #launchpad if it isn't fixed in a few minutes" error23:14
pooliesorry for the disruption23:14
poolieas you know, it's a big branch so if the server is heavily loaded at the moment it can time out23:14
cjbthanks, no problem :)23:14
pooliethere's a bug for it already23:14
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