phillwsilverlightning: it depends, lubuntu 11.10 will run with the most recent stuff. Lubuntu 10.04 will run with the old kit.00:05
silverlightningmost resent stuff will be good00:05
silverlightningat least for the dell laptop, it was new when 10.4 was launched00:06
phillwdell, afaik used 10.10 LTS?00:06
phillwbut i could be wrong.. it would be 10.04... soz00:07
silverlightningat least worth a try00:10
phillwsilverlightning: 10.04 was the last LTS, which I think they were using.00:13
silverlightningI see00:13
silverlightningtrouble is I cannot reach the regular boot up menu in live  cd00:13
silverlightningthere is proably ways bout it though00:14
phillwsilverlightning: for dell, there is an area dedicated to it.. http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=342 if you are running on lubuntu, please use the lubuntu tag so they know that you are not using 'standard' ubuntu.00:15
silverlightningoh thanks00:15
silverlightningon the dell I would try both, and if one comes more easily than the other....00:15
silverlightninglubuntu is nice though00:16
* phillw hates to say, but the alterante iso seems to have less bugs than the standard iso...... 00:16
* phillw ---> runs and hides00:16
silverlightningalternate? like 64 bit, or some thing?00:35
zxy_64_ki'm trying to use either ramzswap or zram for compressed swap. modprobing each module works, but when i run /usr/lib/initramfs-tools/bin/rzscontrol /dev/ramzswap0 --init it fails11:01
zxy_64_kwith    init: Inappropriate ioctl for device11:01
zxy_64_ki'm using default 11.04 lubuntu version's kernel11:01
zxy_64_kand also rzscontrol that came with the disro11:02
zxy_64_kwhat to do to make it work?11:03
jonathon_I'm having trouble finding power management settings on Lubuntu11:30
bioterrorunplug power cable from your laptop11:31
bioterrorand the icon will appear11:31
bioterrorright click it and take preferences11:31
jonathon_haha, alright thanks11:32
JohnDoe_71Rusbioterror: if it not laptop? :)11:33
KM0201thenw hy do you need power management?11:34
bioterrorJohnDoe_71Rus, then you run from terminal or from alt+f2: xfce4-power-manager-settings11:35
silverarrowis lubuntu 11.10 out yet?14:26
silverarrowI cannot find it, or any latest on beta14:26
Myrttino it is not14:45
Myrttisame schedule14:47
silverarrowhmm, ubuntu is launched14:55
silverarrowno, it is still beta version it seems14:57
silverarrow14. of this month14:57
silverarrowa good week14:57
silverarrowI can't wait, I shall have to try the beta verison of lubuntu14:58
silverarrowhoping it will update to full version with no problem14:59
silverarrowI want to partition my hard drive and work with grub a bit for a new entry14:59
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adamspghmy past experience is that *ubuntu betas will upgrade cleanly to the release, often a day or so before the release.18:02
kvarleyIs there any progress on arm builds? Is there a list of things to do which I can help with>?18:13
bioterrorkvarley, I think for the next cycle it can be possible ;)18:18
bioterrorcould be a good alternative for a WindowsCE ;)18:18
kvarleybioterror: I just want it to happen soon! xD I want to run lubuntu on my http://raspberrypi.org when I get it. It would be a brilliant operating system to run on it18:19
bioterroruse Debian ;)18:19
kvarleybioterror: I intend too, however...I'd love lubuntu on there too ;)18:20
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