roasted_idleone - if you're not on unity, what DE you playing with?00:00
roasted_is that your preferred DE?00:00
IdleOneswitched to kubuntu 4? months back00:01
rwwone of us one of us one of us00:01
roasted_was that due to disliking unity/GS?00:01
IdleOneroasted_: I much prefer it over Unity00:01
IdleOneI don't dislike Unity. I prefer kde over it.00:01
roasted_any opinion to gnome 3?00:01
IdleOnebut I imagine it to be very Unity'ish so not for me00:02
roasted_ah, I had thought maybe you used it00:02
roasted_but yeah it's similar to unity00:02
roasted_a bit nicer imo00:02
IdleOnekde is just better for the way I use the computer00:02
roasted_did you install kubuntu or did you put kde on top of your ubuntu install00:03
IdleOnegnome used to be my DE of choice but since it is dead or dying I figured I needed to switch to something00:03
IdleOneI did a clean install with kubuntu00:03
roasted_gnome 3 hardly suggests its dying :P00:03
roasted_but gnome 2 sure was a dead end it seemed00:03
IdleOnewell gnome classic00:03
roasted_if this test drive with 11.10 again tanks Ill probably stick with 11.04 kubuntu00:04
roasted_test drive it for a month and see what happens00:04
Azelphuranyone know why emerald was pulled from 11.10?00:05
bjsniderroasted_, nvidia-173 is the name of the driver. nvidia-current is the name of the latest stable packaged driver used for all nvidia hardware since the geforce 600000:11
bjsnideryou're seeing 173 because it is used in the name, while nvidia-current doesn't use a number in the name00:11
roasted_so which one do I use, exactly?00:18
roasted_because to my surprise when I boot up 173 is already activated00:18
bjsniderwhat's your hardware?00:22
bjsniderroasted_, you should be using nvidia-current00:31
bjsnider173 will work but will not provide modern features00:31
roasted_this time I installed all updates. Now Im doing the version current (recommended)00:31
roasted_hopefully dual screen will work when I reboot00:31
roasted_well, 11.10 bites the dust again00:44
roasted_installed a fresh install of beta 2, installed all updates, got the most recent nvidia driver, and still setting up dual monitors fubars it00:44
roasted_2nd monitor is a gray screen that seems unusable, as I cannot drag windows to it00:45
Azelphurroasted_: are you using separate X screens?00:45
Azelphurroasted_: haha, Welcome to the "Your a separate X screen user, everybody hates you" club00:45
AzelphurI'm part of said club too.00:45
roasted_hmm, what do you mean?00:45
roasted_Is this a common issue?00:45
Azelphurroasted_: yea, support was dropped.00:46
Azelphurmuch like KDE dropped it too00:46
roasted_it was DROPPED, or just not in 11.10 yet??00:46
roasted_in favor of twinview?00:46
Azelphurthat's why you have a grey background and an X pointer00:46
roasted_is there any reason why?00:46
Azelphurroasted_: because they assume that everyone wants to use twinview, when actually a lot of people don't, and for a lot of people (like me) twinview isn't even an option00:47
roasted_I was fighting with video tearing on my system, and I was told twinview is why my tearing wasnt fixed even though I set the compiz refresh rates and sync to vblank accordingly.00:47
roasted_why is twinview not an option for you?00:47
Azelphuror something weird, I dunno00:47
Azelphurroasted_: twinview doesn't work across multiple cards, I have 4 monitors.00:47
coz_hey guys.. is oneric not recognizing crt monitors?00:47
Azelphurroasted_: I just installed 11.10 and had the same bad realization as you, but been trying things out for a bit. I think XFCE is the way to go :D00:48
Azelphurroasted_: it actually has support, proper support, per-monitor wallpaper settings and stuff :D00:48
coz_I cannot get the one crt monitor to work on twinview,, anyone have this issue00:48
Azelphurcoz_: twinview is working for me but I have 2(x2) LCDs00:49
coz_Azelphur,  right  but  I have one lce and one crt for graphics00:49
roasted_so what in the world is the way to get 4 screens running?00:49
Azelphurroasted_: 2 x TwinView + XFCE is how I do it00:50
coz_roasted_,  2 nvidia cards should do it00:50
Azelphur^ this00:51
AzelphurGTX 570 with 2 monitors in twinview + 8800GT with 2 monitors in twinview is my setup :)00:51
roasted_so what if I have 3 ports on my single nvidia card and I want all 3 to be used?00:51
roasted_then what?00:51
Azelphurroasted_: then your using an imaginary card that doesn't exist :o00:51
coz_if I cannot get a crt running with ubuntu  I will have to switch distributions :(00:51
roasted_I am?00:51
Azelphurcoz_: can you use it as your primary monitor? what card are you on?00:51
coz_roasted_,  3 ports on one card?00:52
roasted_I was thinking of a video splitter...00:52
roasted_I wouldn't mind adding a 3rd monitor to hang on the wall to my system so I can watch my video surveillance feed from the basement00:52
Azelphurroasted_: video splitters arn't extra monitors as far as the computer is concerned there's just one big monitor00:52
roasted_it was just a thought00:52
coz_Azelphur,  this system is a mid range system to reflect most of my clients,, however many of my clients do not use lcd screens because they are graphics artists00:52
zhiweihi, vpn connection failed, a few days ago I can connect is. details in: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pptpd/+bug/86496900:52
coz_let me try as primary00:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 864969 in pptpd (Ubuntu) "pptp vpn does not work,connection failed" [Undecided,New]00:52
roasted_can I put unity on my right monitor yet?00:53
roasted_cause my secondary monitor is on the left00:53
roasted_and I want the unity bar to be on the right monitor (main)00:53
Azelphurroasted_: your not going to get unity on separate X screens.00:53
Azelphurnot for a long time if at all00:53
roasted_I'm on twinview00:53
Azelphuroh, twinview00:53
roasted_yeah, I didnt even bother with it once you said it was dropped00:53
Azelphurroasted_: it works fine in XFCE :)00:54
coz_Azelphur,  interesting,, it does recognize it as primary  that's odd,, let me try secondary again00:54
roasted_I use enough XFCE at work00:54
roasted_at home I like my gnome 3 and unity :P00:54
roasted_yeah, I cant seem to get the bar on the right monitor00:54
roasted_unity, stop being so tarded00:54
coz_ok got it,,,metamodes were identical ,, strange00:55
roasted_wait, I somehow for unity on my right monitor in 11.0400:56
coz_ok another question,, is gnome3 in the repositories?00:58
roasted_I just installed gnome-shell00:58
roasted_like 4 seconds ago00:58
coz_ok let me check00:58
roasted_11.10 is GTK3 based, which is what Gnome 3 is based on00:58
roasted_as well as Unity in 11.1000:58
roasted_so they can co-exist in 11.10 and up, whereas 11.04 they could not since it was GTK2 based00:59
roasted_which made their union with installing side by side rather ugly00:59
Azelphurroasted_: nautilus main menu with no panel because the panel crashes because gnome notification area falls over and dies when separate X screens are presented to it? :P00:59
roasted_I was getting hit with a ton of errors as well01:00
roasted_its just such a bummer I have this video tearing01:00
roasted_it drives me absolutely insane01:00
roasted_oh hey guys come check out this awsome pink floyd concert! Notice how david gilmore's arm is completely severed from his body as he shreds that guitar?01:00
roasted_its quite bad cause I want to use ubuntu as a HTPC01:01
roasted_but its proving to be a huge joke01:01
Azelphurdual screen htpc wat?01:01
roasted_and talking to epople who have used ubuntu + nvidia for YEARS with no video tearing enrages me because I have YET to have a system without video tearing01:01
roasted_dual screen home desktop01:01
roasted_but I want an ubuntu HTPC too01:01
roasted_just to hte TV01:01
AzelphurI have a Ubuntu HTPC it works fine01:01
Azelphurnever had any tearing issues01:01
Azelphurtearing could be caused by compiz, try disabling it01:02
roasted_what video card01:02
Azelphur9600GT I think01:02
roasted_THATS WHAT I HAVE01:02
Azelphurhaha :D01:02
roasted_TELL ME YOUR SECRIT01:02
Azelphur*whispers* don't use compiz01:02
Azelphur(why would you need it on a HTPC anyway)01:02
roasted_that doenst help me on my desktop though...01:02
coz_well try enabling or disabling sync to vblank first01:02
roasted_my desktop isnt my HTPC. we're talking 2 systems01:03
roasted_coz - been there01:03
Azelphurroasted_: on your PC I dunno, I use compiz heavily and I don't have tearing issues.01:03
Azelphur8800GT / GTX 57001:03
Azelphurdon't have tearing on my laptop either (8400M GT)01:03
coz_roasted_,  did you try  "force synchronization between x and glx" under workarounds?01:05
roasted_where would that be located?01:06
roasted_I've never heard of that01:06
coz_roasted_,  ccsm / workarounds01:06
roasted_never heard of that one, but I see it now01:06
roasted_Im transferring a concert that Ive seen a lot of tearing in before to my desktop now (just did a fresh install of 11.10)01:06
roasted_so I'll try without that first and then check that box and see if it maeks a difference01:07
coz_ok I am apparenlty being a dunce today,, how to install gnome 3 full on 11.10?01:07
roasted_apt-get install gnome-shell, I thought01:07
roasted_then select Gnome @ login screen01:07
coz_mmm let me check01:07
bandit5432i wonder if that would fix my problem with app menus being placed above the panel in fallback mode01:08
roasted_oh nice01:08
roasted_compiz just crashed01:08
coz_roasted_,  been crashing here01:09
bandit5432i am not happy with compiz at the moment and am looking into mutter01:09
roasted_I also seem to have no audio01:09
roasted_mutter as in gnome 3?01:09
bandit5432yes mutter is the metacity replacment for gnome 301:09
roasted_ah sweet01:09
roasted_forgot I have an integrated card, it was defaulting to that for sound01:10
bandit5432type mutter --replace in a terminal that being said there is no easy way to change anything01:10
roasted_all right guys. comfortably numb guitar solo. pulse. london. 1994. epicness.01:10
roasted_time to see if guitar tearing exists01:10
roasted_AND IT EXISTS. SWEET. I LOVE video tearing!!!! :)01:10
coz_bandit5432,  does gnome-tweak-tool work in mutter i wonder?01:10
roasted_testing with coz's suggestion in compiz now01:11
bandit5432coz it does but there is nothing like cssm that i can find01:11
roasted_AHHH I LOVE IT01:11
roasted_david gilmore, what's your finger doing floating in mid air and twitching??01:11
=== STiK_ is now known as STiK
coz_gah..easystroke wont start on 11.00401:11
bandit5432i am running with no compositing wm at the moment01:11
coz_let me get onto gnome-3  brb01:12
roasted_ dumb question - if I shut off compiz, do I lose functionality in gnome shell?01:13
bandit5432any one have any suggestions for making menus not disappear with compiz and gnome-fallback?01:13
bandit5432roasted_, i dont know i am running fallback mode01:13
roasted_holy hell this is bad. I even see tearing just by moving windows around. I don't even have to be IN an actual video.01:13
roasted_WHY is tearing so bad in linux.01:13
bandit5432roasted_, what video card you have?01:13
bandit5432ok something is messed up bad then01:14
roasted_I'm just frustrated that after all of these years using linux that I still have to tolerate video tearing. :(01:14
bandit5432what is video tearing?01:14
bjsniderroasted_, compiz and gnome-shell are mutually exclusive01:14
bandit5432ok that is ugly01:14
bandit5432what ram do you have?01:15
roasted_its even uglier when you are watching one of the most epic live concerts of all time01:15
roasted_and seeing that happen01:15
bandit5432you using the nvidia drivers01:15
bjsnideryou're watching gimme shelter?01:15
bandit5432what is the nvidia settings at?01:15
roasted_in terms of what? refresh settings and such?01:15
roasted_I have two monitors. 24 @ 1920x1080 and 19 @ 1440x900. both are set up in twinview. both at 60hz01:16
bandit5432do yu have sync to vblank off?01:16
bandit5432turn it off01:16
roasted_thought it had to be on...01:16
bandit5432dont think so01:16
roasted_wanna bet a dollar? :P01:16
roasted_sync to vblank is what is *supposed* to fix it01:17
roasted_yet it hasn't. ever.01:17
bandit5432you want that turned off01:17
roasted_are you sure???01:17
bandit5432should be the same for nvidia01:18
bandit5432nvidia-settings in a terminal and see what vblank is set to01:18
roasted_I have it off now01:18
roasted_now what, reboot?01:18
bandit5432that i dont know about01:19
bandit5432try watching a movie first01:19
roasted_is that all I should change?01:19
bandit5432yes i believe so01:19
roasted_k watching a concert01:20
roasted_still tearing01:20
bandit5432did you turn it off under performance?01:20
roasted_I turned it off under opengl01:20
roasted_within nvidia settings01:20
roasted_I also turned it off in compiz01:20
roasted_compizconfig settings manager01:20
roasted_I was told to enable them but make sure BOTH are enabled01:21
roasted_which... did nothing01:21
bandit5432i have it set on the xvideo settings and turned off under opengl01:21
STiKNice to have tethering back01:21
roasted_maybe I should double check mine too01:21
bandit5432roasted_, the formums say turnit off in both spots in nvidia-settings01:21
STiKSorry, wrong channel :P01:22
nhainesSTiK: it's okay.  Tethering is awesome anyway.  :P01:22
roasted_yeah I have it enabled as well01:22
roasted_I didnt realize there were 2 spots01:22
roasted_rebooting again to be sure01:22
bandit5432try turning it off in all 3 spots01:22
roasted_that's so strange01:22
roasted_I always read you're supposed to have them ON01:22
STiKWhy yes it is :)01:22
roasted_I'll flip crazy if this fixes it01:23
roasted_and likely overnight you a cold case of beer, bandit01:23
coz_well gnome 3 is not working well on 11.10 either01:23
roasted_why not?01:23
roasted_it works decent here01:23
bjsniderworks perfectly01:23
coz_well first the screen keeps dimming  with dual monitors  ,, not sure what it's doing01:23
bjsniderthere is no tearing in mutter01:24
bjsniderwhy does everybody have 5 monitors on 16 different graphics cards in this channel?01:24
bjsnideris this the multiple monitors channel?01:24
roasted_I think its still tearing01:24
bandit5432bjsnider, are you using mutter or compiz?01:24
roasted_it is01:24
roasted_linux. seriously.01:24
roasted_it's been 7 damn years01:25
bandit5432did you turnit off in all 3 spots roasted_ ?01:25
coz_this is just rediculous...beta or not,,,01:25
roasted_all 3 as in01:25
roasted_2 in nvidia settings and 1 in compiz?01:25
bandit5432what are you using to play the video?01:25
roasted_or were there 3 in nvidia settings?01:25
roasted_the default movie player01:25
bandit5432i dont know what the default is?01:25
bjsnidercompiz tearing can be fixed by checking sync to vblank and detect refresh rate in ccsm01:25
roasted_I think its totem?01:25
roasted_bj, that's what I thought01:25
roasted_except. it doesn't.01:25
roasted_and it hasn't EVER fixed it even though I've heard no less than 4,000 times that it's supposed to01:25
bjsnideralthough it might be broken at the moment01:26
bjsnidertry gnome-shell01:26
roasted_across 4 different systems and dozens of installs of ubuntu across each01:26
roasted_I'm on gnome shell01:26
bandit5432i would change the renderer in the video player01:26
bjsniderthere's no tearing in mutter01:26
roasted_oh, there isn't?01:26
roasted_want a screenshot? :D01:26
bandit5432and make sure you are using mutter01:26
bandit5432mutter --replace in a terminal first01:26
bjsnidermutter is tear-free by design01:27
roasted_I need to install it first?01:27
bandit5432no should be installed already01:27
roasted_or do I just need sudo in front of it?01:27
bjsniderif you are really using gnome-shell you are already using mutter01:27
roasted_says the program mutter is not installed01:27
bandit5432dont need to sudo nothing01:27
roasted_well, here's what I did01:27
roasted_installed 11.10, installed gnome-shell via sudo apt-get install gnome-shell01:27
roasted_and I just now typed into terminal, mutter --replace01:27
roasted_and it's saying its not installed01:28
bandit5432looks like there might be your problem01:28
roasted_how so?01:28
bjsniderjust go to the login screen and select gnome as the session01:28
coz_mutter is not installed01:28
roasted_I did01:28
roasted_I'm ON gnome shell01:28
coz_same here01:28
roasted_coz you get the same thing?01:29
bandit5432tell me what this command says in a terminal01:29
coz_this sucks :)01:29
bandit5432env | grep -i gdmsession01:29
roasted_the program mutter is not installed. toinstall it type sudo apt-get install mutter.01:29
bjsniderroasted_, go to the console and type gnome-shell --version01:29
coz_same here01:30
bjsnideri don't see how you could have tearing01:30
bandit5432and whats the output from01:30
bandit5432env | grep -i gdmsession01:30
roasted_I do01:30
roasted_I have a lot of it actually01:30
roasted_mutter is available in synaptic01:30
roasted_but not installed01:30
roasted_mutter common, libmutter0, gir1.2-mutter-3.0 is installed01:30
roasted_libmutter-dev and "mutter" is not01:30
bjsniderbut you can the shared lib, the typelib package and mutter-common01:30
roasted_description for mutter - lightweight gtk+ window manager. should I install it? or are you guys confused because it SHOULD be installed?01:30
bjsnideryou have them01:30
bandit5432install mutter and see what happens01:31
coz_ok  this is rediculous,, I am installing fedora ,, at least I know gnome3 and compiz work flawlessy on that01:31
roasted_coz has a good idea there...01:31
bandit5432are there trolls afoot?01:31
roasted_coz is a regular ubuntu user01:31
roasted_I see him a lot in off topic01:31
bandit5432oh ok01:31
roasted_hes just insanely frustrated. as am I over this senseless bullchit.01:31
roasted_I ran mutter --replace01:32
roasted_and it seems as if I have a semi crash upon me01:32
roasted_my top panel is gone and the super key doesnt open gnome shell01:32
roasted_I lost metacity01:32
roasted_no window borders01:32
bjsniderroasted_, i can think of one reason you might have tearing, which is if you're using the nouveau graphics driver instead of nvidia01:32
bjsnidernouveau has not implemented sync to vlblank yet01:33
roasted_I used nvidia-current (recommended) from the drivers menu01:33
bandit5432bjsnider, he did run nvidia-settings though01:33
bandit5432roasted_, did you get an error when you rain mutter-replace?01:33
roasted_it said something about not being in the stack01:33
roasted_but I could not see the full error01:33
roasted_my screen fluttered and then I lost window borders01:34
bandit5432is this a fresh install or update?01:34
roasted_11.10 beta 2 amd6401:34
bandit5432and you updated?01:34
roasted_first thing I did01:34
bandit5432wierd i cant say anthing i have been having issues all afternoon but i am running fallback mode01:34
roasted_seriously considering fedora 1501:34
roasted_at least till final release of 11.1001:35
bandit5432thats what you get for running beta01:35
roasted_what about 11.0401:35
roasted_and 10.1001:35
roasted_going on back till ubuntu first began01:35
bjsniderroasted_, glxinfo | grep vendor01:35
bandit5432i am trying out gnome3 and seeing if i can work with it01:35
roasted_this isn't an issue with gnome 301:35
roasted_this has been an issue on every desktop environment and every linux distro I've tested01:35
roasted_this has been an issue 7 YEARS in the making01:36
roasted_this isn't due to a "beta"01:36
bandit5432i have been running linux as my only desktop for 6 years and i dont have the problems that you are talking about01:36
roasted_bjsnider - server, client, and opengl - nvidia corporation01:36
roasted_bandit5432. I've heard that before from other users, yet I still cannot get my tearing fixed.01:36
roasted_I mean, I dual boot windows JUST so I can watch movies01:36
roasted_how bad is that?01:36
bandit5432do you have mplay installed?01:36
bjsniderroasted_, can you try using only one monitor?01:36
roasted_bjsnider - sure I can try that quick01:37
roasted_give me as econd01:37
bjsniderto make sure it's a fair test restart the x server by logging out and back in01:37
bandit5432i didnt know they added vdpau to gnome mplayer01:37
roasted_Ive tried mplayer, vlc, totem, dragon player01:37
roasted_bjsnider - I'm just rebooting. :P01:37
atari2600awhy is my desktop still going into standby01:38
bjsniderwell, whatever01:38
roasted_do any of you guys run twinview?01:38
bandit5432atari2600a, did you turn it off in power settings01:38
atari2600abandit5432, yeah01:39
bandit5432atari2600a,  you using a laptop?01:39
atari2600abandit5432, no01:39
bandit5432did you set it to never?01:40
atari2600abandit5432, well now it's 'don't supsend' but yeah01:40
bandit5432when you say suspend do you mean it goes to sleep or just turns the monitor off?01:41
roasted_I'm not noticing any video tearing with one monitor....01:41
atari2600aIT SUSPENDS01:41
bandit5432boo hiss01:41
atari2600aI recall a bug report being filed but that was half a week ago...01:41
atari2600ais there a workaround?01:41
roasted_bjsnider, what say you about that?01:42
bjsniderwhat about general desktop tearing?01:43
roasted_no, 1 monitor has no tearing...01:43
roasted_yet 2 does01:43
roasted_any opinion or thoughts??01:43
bandit5432i would say the drivers roasted_01:43
roasted_the drivers01:43
roasted_after 7 years, it's still the drivers01:43
bjsnideryour monitors have different refresh rates01:43
bandit5432atari2600a, i turned it off in the settings and it stopped01:43
roasted_whats that matter if the video is full screened on 1 monitor01:43
roasted_how would the othe rmonitor effect it01:44
bjsniderit matters01:44
bjsnideri'm speaking from personal experience01:44
bandit5432atari2600a,  i am still looking01:44
bjsniderthe graphcis card can only do so much01:44
roasted_does twinview see 2 monitors as one?01:44
bjsniderthere is an nvidia-settings switch for syncing video to one specific monitor though01:45
bjsnideryes it does01:45
roasted_I thought I remeber seeing the 2nd monitor being 59hz01:45
roasted_and my main one being 6001:45
roasted_think that could be it alone?01:45
bjsniderrigh, it's probably 59.9501:45
bjsniderthis is exactly the situation i faced awhile back01:45
roasted_no kidding...01:46
bjsnideryou need two at 60 or two at 59.9501:46
roasted_well, fortunately, if I were to use linux for a HTPC I wouldnt have this issue.01:46
roasted_since hte TV would be running solo01:46
bjsnidermixing them will fail01:46
roasted_well damn...01:46
bjsniderand i hate to say i told you so about mutter01:46
bjsniderbut there is no tearing in mutter01:46
roasted_so mixing refresh rates in mutter = doesnt matter?01:46
bjsniderwell, mutter wasn't responsible01:47
bjsnideryour graphics card can't do what you're asking it to01:47
roasted_I see01:47
bjsniderbut now that you know you can go out and get a matching monitor01:47
roasted_well, I have another LCD in the garage01:48
roasted_I might fire that up and see01:48
roasted_it's just not a wide screen, and its 17" and not 19"01:48
roasted_thats crazy that matters that much. I had no idea.01:48
bjsniderwell, there isn't much difference between 59.95 and 60.0001:48
roasted_I suppose I cant force a refresh rate?01:48
bjsniderbut it's all the difference in the wold01:48
roasted_its just by design of the hardware monitor itself?01:48
bjsniderno, that's a monitor hardware issue01:49
roasted_are there a lot of 59.95 monitors?01:49
bjsniderit may say so on the back of the monitor too01:49
roasted_all Ive ever seen was 6001:49
bjsnideri dunno, i'm using one right now01:49
roasted_a 59?01:49
bjsnider.05 difference causes tearing01:50
roasted_would this be the same issue on windows?01:50
roasted_I dont recall seeing tearing on windows, but Ive also not been in windows for uh01:50
roasted_a year?01:50
bjsniderit would be more pronounced in video because that's constantly changing01:51
roasted_well yeah01:51
roasted_but I watched movies on windows and hadnt noticed it01:51
bandit5432atari2600a, you still there01:52
roasted_this monitor Im looking at on newegg says veritcal refresh rate 49 - 7501:52
bandit5432i dont see why this would change anything but that being said01:53
bandit5432you can change the 2 power options in gnome-tweak01:55
bandit5432if you want to disable the harddrive from spinning down you need to use dconf-editor01:56
bandit5432atari2600a, looks like many people are having this problem01:58
phoenix_firebrdAudio gets stuck when cpu is high, its like a looping sound of a damaged record machine02:01
bandit5432atari2600a, there is a fix but it looks nasty02:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 860485 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Oneiric) "bad default setting: suspend after 30min when plugged in" [Critical,Fix committed]02:02
atari2600awhat the hell man that's not messy at all02:03
atari2600athat's entirely normal02:03
atari2600anow I hav 80MB of crap that is gnome-tweak in my / partition02:04
bandit5432the fix is supposed to be out with the 11.10 milestone02:04
atari2600ahold on, removing & autoremoving...02:04
bandit5432i like gnome-tweak for changing themes02:04
atari2600ayou can change themes directly in appearances02:05
bandit5432and its only 695kb not 80megs02:05
bandit5432i am running fallback mode02:05
atari2600ait has 20mb of prerequisites that's 80mb uncompressed02:06
bandit5432didnt realize that02:07
bandit5432any one have any ideas about compiz and fallback mode with the dissapearing application menus?02:08
jbichabandit5432: could you be more specific?02:09
bandit5432when i use compiz and run a appliction it draws the menu under the gnome panel02:09
bandit5432i can then use the cssm move plugin to drag it down so that the menu is visable02:10
bandit5432mutter does not do that... but i have not found a way to easily configure the mutter plugins02:10
e_t_after installing oneiric server and setting up a few lxc guest systems, the server will hang on reboot.02:13
bandit5432i like ccsm i can turn off all the bells and whistles and get my cheerios back02:14
bandit5432e_t why would you run oneiric server?02:15
bjsniderthere are gnome-shell extensions that can give you the old menus back if you absolutely have to have them02:15
nhainesbandit5432: bug testing?02:15
bandit5432bjsnider, i am running gnome-3 fallback02:15
e_t_bandit5432: Because it's not production and I wanted to utilize the improved LXC in oneiric.02:16
bandit5432sorry i did not think of that nhaines02:16
bandit5432e_t_,  when does it hang?02:17
e_t_It gets to 'init-scripts bottom' and stops there.02:18
saulotoledoHello! How can I install lightdm in my language? I have only english here02:20
bandit5432e_t_, you running lvm?02:22
e_t_I was, but I reinstalled with plain partitions and I get the same behavior.02:23
phoenix_firebrdanyone using kubuntu 11.10?02:24
bandit5432e_t_, looks like you are not alone i cant tell from the bug reports if people are having the exact problem or not02:25
bandit5432what hardware are you using?02:26
nhainessaulotoledo: if you go to System Settings, and choose Language Support, you should be able to choose a language and click the "Apply System-Wide" button.02:26
e_t_bandit5432: I'm using VirtualBox, but attached to a physical hard disk. Hardware doesn't seem to be a factor.02:30
bandit5432so it could be a virtualbox problem02:31
e_t_bandit5432: I have placed the hard disk into an old laptop and it won't boot either, though it would with earlier ubuntus.02:33
bandit5432you running virtulbox with raw disk access02:34
bandit5432i thought i was the only one that did that02:34
e_t_yes. The laptop's video card is toast, so VBox is the only easy way I can install an OS.02:35
bandit5432does the laptop have similar hardware to your vm machine?02:36
e_t_Not really, besides being x86(-64) PCs.02:39
phoenix_firebrdAnyone facing problems with audio?02:39
bandit5432so they both have vt-x or amd-v enabled and similar hard drive controllers02:42
e_t_They both have SATA disk controllers. A VM guest cannot make use of VT-x, but LXC doesn't need that anyway and it wouldn't affect the machine's ability to boot.02:44
bandit5432does the laptop stop booting at the same place?02:46
bandit5432have you checked the partitions with e2fsck?02:47
bandit5432e_t_, you are causing me to think about setting up a test server02:50
e_t_Since the laptop's video card is dead, I have no visual feedback at all. I can only tell if networking and SSH come up or not. I'm actually using XFS for the root filesystem, and it checks out OK. In VBox, it always stops somewhere around 1336-1338 DMA transfers (according to the session information panel).02:53
e_t_As far as I can tell, the server is fine until I create an LXC guest. Before then, I can install updates and reboot all I want, but as soon as there's a guest installed (not even set to start at boot, just installed), the system will hang when rebooted. I guess I'll just revert to 10.04 for the present and see if that works for me.03:02
bandit5432i cant find anything recent e_t_03:04
bandit5432i have been looking did you use the built in templates for creating the lxc guest?03:05
e_t_bandit5432: Mostly. I copied the lxc-ubuntu template and added a few packages to the list, but that's all.03:06
bandit5432and you setup the cgroups thing which i dont understand03:07
bandit5432there are instructions that are for natty here http://www.subcritical.org/lxc_on_natty/03:08
bandit5432hasen you get compiz to work?03:13
e_t_Yeah, there is a lot of documentation for LXC, the earliest from IBM circa 2009. If any two sources agreed with each other, it would be a step in the right direction. LXC is riding the whirlwind development-wise, but the docs just get blown away. (potentially labored analogy)03:13
bandit5432i just wondered since natty is one release ago those documents might work03:14
e_t_I had been using LXC on natty. The templates were not as good (Fedora and SUSE didn't work at all). However, there's nothing distro-specific in the templates themselves, so I could import oneiric's templates to a natty or lucid server.03:17
bandit5432i might use the link i posted to use lxc since i never have the only other thing i can find is at http://s3hh.wordpress.com/2011/07/07/updated-lxc-package-in-oneiric/03:19
bandit5432and http://www.wallix.org/2011/09/20/how-to-use-linux-containers-lxc-under-debian-squeeze/03:20
e_t_But the templates are just BASH scripts. I'll see if they're back-portable to lucid.03:21
bandit5432you have probably seen all of those03:21
bandit5432the links i posted where not about templates03:21
bandit5432was install and setup lxc containers from start to finish not just templates03:21
bandit5432any way i am out of ideas sorry i was not more helpful :|03:23
e_t_Thanks anyway. I'll muddle through -- I always do.03:25
bandit5432dont we all03:26
bandit5432or seem to03:26
FoolishOwlHas Nautilus always ignored options set in /etc/fstab ?03:30
FoolishOwlI noticed that Nautilus now allows users to mount devices with mountpoints in /etc/fstab set to "none".03:35
FoolishOwlWorse, in that case, it ignores the mount options in /etc/fstab. So I had some devices set for mounting "noauto,nouser,ro", that were mounted by a user and writable.03:36
FoolishOwlThat seems like a problem.03:36
FoolishOwlWell, I filed a bug for it, anyway.03:53
hoppipollaHey anyone got problems with Gnome Shell in Oneriic like screen flickering, looks like some parts of unity like global menu ar trying to be shown >04:00
melvincvHi all04:16
melvincvHow is GNOME 3 doing so far on Ubuntu 11.10? Compared to Unity?04:16
bjsnidergnome-shell is in good shape04:18
ranjanHi , Hi all, how to reduce the font size in ubuntu 11.10. Is there any configuration files that we can alter instead of installing tools like gnome-tweak-tool?04:27
melvincvranjan, System > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts tab...04:30
TohuwI've got a user who installed the audio creation suite via tasksel, now her ubuntu is branded as ubuntu studio. How does she change it back to normal ubuntu branding?04:41
melvincvTohuw, look for the ubuntustudio-* packages and remove the ones you don't need...04:45
jbichamelvincv: that doesn't work in 11.1004:46
melvincvTohuw, like ubuntustudio-look, ubuntustudio-menu, ubuntustudio-theme04:46
melvincvjbicha, what? removing packages?04:47
jbichamelvincv: sorry, changing the font, you can have minimal control in System Settings>Universal Access04:50
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=== melvin is now known as melrockz
melrockzjbicha, so that's a broken feature?04:57
jbichamelrockz: no, this is GNOME 3, what you were describing was late GNOME 205:00
melrockzjbicha, I see. Can we create desktop icons or panel icons yet in Gnome3 ? :)05:03
bjsnidermelrockz, that misses the point of the thing05:08
bjsnideryou can add favourites in overview, you don't need to have panel shortcuts05:09
* melrockz is using Gnome3 fallback mode :(05:11
* melrockz needs to upgrade his computer.05:11
MarkGreenwood_Anyone know when gnome-sushi and documents should be ready ?06:29
Logan_What kind of sushi?06:30
jbichaMarkGreenwood_: try Ubuntu 12.04 :) as we passed feature freeze weeks ago06:37
bhavesh_I just now install GNOME 3 shell in my 11.10 with software centre06:49
bhavesh_but when I logout and login again selecting GNOME in menu, it still boots into Unity06:49
nhainesbhavesh_: what package did you install?06:56
bhavesh__nhaines: er I guess I did sudo apt-get install gnome-shell07:03
bhavesh__nhaines, nothing else07:03
nhainesbhavesh__: sorry, did you use Software Centre or apt-get?07:04
bhavesh__nhaines, I used apt-get, sorry I didn't meanto to write "software centre" in my first post07:04
bhavesh__nhaines, shall I reinstall it?07:05
nhainesbhavesh__: it's okay.  The package name is more important than the method, since both should install the same packages.  But sometimes it's important to know for troubleshooting.  :)07:05
jbichabhavesh__: there's a bug where if you mistype your password, the session chooser reverts to the last session you logged in to07:06
bhavesh__nhaines, ok.07:06
jbichaI'd suggest trying to login to GNOME again07:06
bhavesh__jbicha, I tried like 6 times and once again now, it takes me to unity07:07
jbichaand you have to log out, LightDM doesn't support the same user logged in with two different desktops07:07
bhavesh__jbicha, oh, I didn't logout first07:07
* bhavesh__ brb logging out07:08
bhavesh_jbicha, nhaines , :) logging out and again logging in loaded GNOME desktop but it was zoomed to such a extent that it showed only 1/4th screen07:10
bhavesh_jbicha, Here's a screenshot : http://i.imgur.com/Icz1i.png07:11
jbichabhavesh__: if that's not already been filed as a bug, you can go ahead and do that since that feature is possible with gdm07:12
bhavesh_jbicha, ok :D ty07:13
jbichabhavesh_: right click on your desktop and choose Organize Desktop by Name07:13
bhavesh_jbicha, well I just discovered that its not a bug, zoom was enabled by default07:15
bhavesh_I cannot minimize windows? O.o07:16
bhavesh_jbicha, Organize desktop by name takes all the icons far away..07:16
jbichabhavesh_: you can right-click on a window title to minimize, or if that's too much of a bother try gnome-tweak-tool to add the minimize button back07:19
jbichabut you don't really need a minimize button in gnome-shell07:19
jbichaI also suggest looking at the Help07:19
jbichathere's tips and tricks hidden in there07:19
EruaranDoes anybody know how to get the clock in kubuntu 11.10 to stop showing 24 hour time08:35
KiranosHi I'm running ubuntu 11.10 and my desktop goes into hybernate or something after 1h and the only thing returning it is one press on the powerbutton on the chassi09:29
KiranosI'm not using a laptop09:29
Kiranosis there a way to turn this off?09:29
KiranosI dont see why its there on a  desktop09:29
Kiranospower is set as "Don't suspend"09:30
adammw111Is nautilus broken for anyone else? I just installed virtualbox-dkms and now rebooting nautilus seems to crash (Segmentation fault) either due to libglib or something else..10:06
Kiranosit works for me, I have virtualbox and upgraded all packeges today. cant say more than that though10:09
nekto0nhi there! are there any plans to update gdm to 3.2? the latest available now is
=== zorael_ is now known as zorael
drussellnekto0n: probably not as ubuntu is focussing on lightdm for 11.10 onwards11:19
voozeis beta2 stable enough for browsing, etc.. or is there still crashes?11:20
nekto0ndrussell: i thought it's the reason for some delay... waiting for a ppa to arrive :)11:20
drussellnekto0n: :o)11:21
drussellvooze: seems to be pretty stable imho11:21
voozedrussell: thanks, guess i should just install then.. I used 11.04 from beta2 also anyway11:22
drussellvooze: most of the big crashes have been sorted, a few niggles still about11:22
drussellvooze: do you need wifi?11:22
voozedrussell: is there a problem with wifi?11:23
drussellvooze: there's one bug that still needs squashing... might affect you, might not11:23
drussellvooze: just digging up bug number11:23
drussellvooze: bug 83625011:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 836250 in network-manager (Ubuntu Oneiric) "[Oneiric] Intel Corporation Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 poor networking, packet loss and very slow Lenovo X201 and T500 laptops" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83625011:24
drussellvooze: check to see what your wireless chipset is first, and if you use N wifi11:24
drussellvooze: it's currently unusable if you get hit by it11:25
galerienHello everyone, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 right now, the beta i know, and i would like to get rid of the botom bar with all my open programs and such, as I want to use cairo-dock. Before, I just had to right click on it and choose to hide it, but here it doesn't work, anyone can help me ? thanks in advance11:56
schreberhow much does 11.10 look like the standard gnome desktop and how much of it looks like the current version of ubuntu?12:11
BluesKajHey all12:13
histoschreber: it's close to gnome312:19
schrebercan we disable unity and enable whatever gnome3 uses ?12:21
ubottuUbuntu Oneiric uses GNOME 3 with the !Unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.12:21
myk_robinsonmorning, all. Apparently tsclient is not in 11.10. What else can I use?12:32
myk_robinsonok, remote desktop viewer works, but how can I minimize the screen instead of just closing it?12:40
KM0201wh not just use vnc?12:41
KM0201from terminal12:41
myk_robinsonKM0201: will that interact with an RDP session from Windows XP?12:43
myk_robinsonor does the target have to be running VNC? Just used to using tsclient12:44
myk_robinsonand discovered it missing12:44
KM0201hmm, i dunno.. usually people i help are to dense to set up remote desktop, so i just set up a reverse connection....12:44
KM0201not the most secure connection but it works fine for simply fixing their problems.12:45
galerienHello everyone, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 right now, the beta i know, and i would like to get rid of the botom bar with all my open programs and such, as I want to use cairo-dock. Before, I just had to right click on it and choose to hide it, but here it doesn't work, anyone can help me ? thanks in advance13:07
BluesKajFlash audio still isn't working at all , on websites and as flv files on the pc . I'm curious if others have the same problem. Seems to me it's more of an alsa problem than flash , since according to the documentation I've read flash links directly to alsa . Is this correct ?13:11
BluesKajno pulseaudio installed13:12
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u1m0m... using oneric ocelot here?14:15
u1m0mis it worth installing?14:17
BluesKajdepends on your hardware and requirements , are you familiar with beta OS installs and the potential issues ?14:19
jtaylorhes gone14:19
BluesKajyeah, just noticed14:19
BluesKajinstant gratification ...the lack of patience of a whole generation :)14:21
kristonAnyone know the status of the X Windows replacement project that Shuttleworth used to talk about a few years ago?14:25
=== lenios__ is now known as lenios_
robin0800kriston, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Wayland14:27
kristonAhh thanks I forgot the code name.14:28
kristonI always get a kick out of non-X GUI platforms, like Android and the TiVo.14:28
whelmingbytesHi, I have installed 11.10 B2 and am having trouble enabling desktop effects when logging in with Ubuntu Classic. Any help?14:30
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bhavesh_Whenever I login, Unity gets selected as default.. even though I shut down my computer while in GNOME 315:09
voozeHey, just installed 11.10 daily build, and ccsm crashes, and when it dont i cant change anything with the launcher, anyone experienced this? There is reported a bug, but anyone got a workaround?15:12
bhavesh_how can I enable it by default?15:15
ikoniavooze: if there is a workaround, it would be in the bug15:17
Volkodav1I can't get any animations addons to work15:18
hggdhanyone having problems running dist-upgrade (either via apt, synaptic, update-manager)?15:21
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andyvyanyone running 11.10 beta 2 who didn't like Unity in 11.04? Is it possible to configure and modify that left panel yet? Is Unity more polished now?15:40
Stanley00andyvy: I dont think so, just a few config you can make15:44
bhavesh_anyone uses GNOME 3 shell in Ubuntu 11.10?15:45
andyvyStanley00: k, thx15:45
Stanley00andyvy: np ;)15:45
gnomieandyvy: look up gconf-tools.. not much in there really but you can configure to always hide panel, for example..15:47
gnomieerr, launcher panel15:48
andyvygnomie: yeah, I think I tried that one already. I'm just trying to size it all down to a much smaller none-intrusive menu.15:48
andyvyAnd I hate how it takes up most of the screen while it's open, I'm not on a touchscreen, mouse is small, I don't need a 300 pixel count icon.15:49
andyvyI think I'll stick to 10.04 and just try 11.10 in VM for now.15:49
gnomietake into account unity still isn't configurable and by doing this you might break it15:50
andyvyyea, and using gnome 2.3 in 11.04 was awkward to say the least, felt slow and bloated.15:50
andyvy10.04 sooo quick and simple. love it15:51
gnomie11.04 has gnome 2.32.1, works15:51
andyvywasn't as snappy for me as 10.04 is, hey will there be an upgrade command to skip 10.10 and 11.04 and go to 11.10 from 10.04?15:52
gnomiei believe there isn't.. but am not sure15:53
gnomiebad wording. point is , i don't know15:54
genCloneI need to format and install a new system, would you recommend to install 11.10 instead of 11.04?16:10
starryalleyanyone finding that gnome-shell 3.2.0 in ubuntu 11.10 doesn't work when loading extensions?16:13
genCloneIf i install now the 11.10 version, when I upgrade to the final version in a some days, will I mess something?16:13
starryalley@genClone: chances are no. i tried this for all the previous versions and nothing happened.16:14
genClonegreat :)16:14
genClonethen I will16:15
genCloneI cant wait until 13th... im kind of impatient to leave clean this computer16:15
starryalleyget it right now. it's cool. You will have many upgrades everyday, and then you'll probably find you are in the official version some days later after apt-get upgrade16:16
genCloneI will see if Im finally comfortable using Unity, in 11.04 i turned back to the standard desktop :|16:18
genCloneI cant be such a strange :) I will try to get used to...16:18
Guest26576it is still very buggy :/16:19
Guest26576and dual screen is completely useless16:19
=== Guest26576 is now known as vega-
vega-at least with nvidia hardware16:19
genClonevega-:  why useless?16:20
vega-genClone: well, it doesn't work :)16:22
genClonethat's odd for a beta2..16:23
gnomiebeta2 livecd wouldn't even run on my pentium4. i give it another shot on the 13th16:24
starryalleytry gnome-shell. it's been stable enough for everyday use, IMO16:25
vega-genClone: i've always used new ubuntu distros since alpha-something, but this one has been really problematic16:25
vega-things still keep crashing very frequently16:26
vega-thus, i'm a bit worried about the quality of the final release..16:26
genClonei see :|16:27
whelmingbytesHi, I have installed 11.10 B2 and am having trouble enabling desktop effects when logging in with Ubuntu Classic. Any help?16:27
whelmingbytesI have the 173 nvidia driver installed16:27
gnomiein systems where it doesn't run or it's buggy, sure.. i bet there are machines where it runs just fine , just not over here though  :(16:28
gnomiewhelmingbytes: ubuntu classic is a non-accelerated fallback mode; and secondly, ubuntu classic isn't an option in 11.1016:31
whelmingbytesi installed gnome-panel16:31
whelmingbytesit gives me an option for Ubuntu Classic ( and one for Ubuntu Classic no desktop effects) at the login screen16:31
gnomieplot thickens, i see16:32
gnomiemaybe this gnome-panel you got doesnt have all libraries to run effects under 11.10 , which uses gnome316:34
whelmingbyteshm. well all i really want is the old gnome panel with the window snapping like in 11.04. any ideas of how to get that?16:35
whelmingbyteswithout going back to 11.04:)16:36
whelmingbytesi love 11.10. are you a dev?16:36
whelmingbytesif it helps, gnome-panel installs gnome-session-fallback too16:38
Azelphurgnome-session-fallback is gnome 316:38
whelmingbytesk good. so are desktop effects enabled by default?16:39
saulotoledoHello! I'm with gnome 3.2. I cant disable my touchpad in my netbook, synclient TouchpadOff=0 command do not works, somebody know why?16:43
BluesKajhad to dump mplayer since it was freezing alsa at 48khz data rate , so media with different native rates wouldn't play17:12
c_smithokay, please direct me to the appropriate channel for this question if I'm in the wrong place. but is the Ipod bug in Amarok fixed in Kubuntu Oneiric? and what exactly caused the Ipod bug in Amarok, a switch to/from Udev?17:22
c_smithand is that even a bug?17:23
brianlAnyone having issues with adobe flash on oneiric?17:24
BluesKajyeah, brianl , I can't get flash audio on web content ...flv files on my pc are ok.17:26
brianlI can't get the adobe flash plugin installed at all....17:26
BluesKajbrianl, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer17:27
brianlI did, getting error.17:28
brianlnspluginwrapper: /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so is not a valid NPAPI plugin17:28
bjsniderls -l /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so17:30
brianlno such file or directory17:30
brianlWhile upgrading from natty, it gave me some errors, maybe it was a corrupted upgrade....17:31
bjsniderok, purge flashplugin-installer and reinstall it17:32
andyvybrianl: sudo apt-get purge flash*17:33
brianloh okay ;/17:33
andyvybrianl: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-installer17:33
andyvyafter you run the first command.17:33
brianlE: Package 'flashplugin-nonfree' has no installation candidate17:33
andyvywhat distro are you in?17:33
c_smithso, does anyone here know if a kubuntu 11.10 question about amarok should be asked here? it's a question about if a bug in amarok with ipods is fixed.17:33
bjsnideri think they renamed the nonfree package17:34
brianlI just skipped nonfree17:34
brianlthat worked.17:34
andyvybrianl: hmm I'm in 10.04, not sure what it was rennamed to.17:34
BluesKajnonfree no longer needed17:34
andyvyBluesKaj: ah ok thx.17:34
brianlJava is giving me issues also, hrm17:34
andyvybrianl: you download ubuntu-restricted-extras ?17:35
brianli havent done anything just, just upgraded to oneiric17:35
brianlIll do it now17:35
BluesKajbrianl, then install ubuntu-restricted-extras, you'll need it for java and other media codecs etc17:36
c_smithbrianl, I mysekf when installing a beta version do a clean install, meaning burn the iso to a cd or make a bootable flash drive, then install replacing the previous version or side-by-side the previous version.17:37
brianlc_smith, that is what I should be doing, as in my system had to be formatted and redone when moving to natty....but i was lazy this time ;/17:37
brianlBluesKaj, ubuntu-restricted-extra's is done ;/17:38
BluesKajbrianl, for other media like playing drm's dvds checkout medibuntu repos17:39
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org17:39
c_smithis there a #kubuntu+1 channel I should be asking my Kubuntu 11.10 related question at?17:39
andyvy!kubuntu c_smith17:39
andyvyguess not17:39
BluesKajno c_smith , you'll just be redirected here17:39
c_smithjust making sure I was in the right place.17:40
c_smithI've run into too many times I've asked in the wrong place to not be careful about that.17:40
BluesKajyeah, we have our share of correction trolls lurking about :)17:41
c_smithso, onto my question: does anyone know if the Ipod Amarok bug is fixed in 11.10? was that just in KDE 4.6?17:42
c_smithor whatever KDE version is in Kubuntu 11.0417:42
brianl_What is Ubuntu 2D?17:43
charlie-tcaIs there a bug number for this "bug"?17:43
andyvybrianl: unity without 3D effects enabled.17:43
brianl_oh, never seen that before17:43
BluesKajc_smith, to see whick kde version, in the terminal :kde4-config --version17:44
c_smithk, the KDE version is 4.6.2, but the bug in Amarok is where people have to edit the  /lib/udev/rules.d/90_ligpod.rules file on their PC and add a line with info about the Ipod, it mainly affects Ipod Nano 5g.17:46
c_smithdon't know for sure if other Ipods are affected.17:46
c_smithif I recall correctly it was from switching to or from HAL from/to UDEV.17:47
c_smithnot sure which was to and which was from.17:48
bjsniderc_smith, #kubuntu-devel17:51
sianhulopeople, after i made the last update, if i keep inactive just a second, the monitor start going black(like suspending or something like that), it is configured to lock in 30minutes of inactivity and suspend isn't enabled(tough, it suspend after a certain time, guess it is 1hour or so17:58
sianhuloenergy>suspend when inactive for: Don't suspend. screen>shutdown after:never.screen>block screen after: 30 minutes18:02
D_Russhello everyone18:08
D_Russhello all18:08
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voozeHey guys, i have a problem in gnome shell, ubuntu 11.10 daily... please see the screenshot (I have unity like global menu in gnome shell, but its not working, its just "there" looks ugly.. http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/ss149.php#18:22
sianhulopeople, after i made the last update, if i keep inactive just a second, the monitor start going black(like suspending or something like that), it is configured to lock in 30minutes of inactivity and suspend isn't enabled(tough, it suspend after a certain time, guess it is 1hour or so18:25
sianhulo energy>suspend when inactive for: Don't suspend. screen>shutdown after:never.screen>block screen after: 30 minutes18:25
sianhulovooze, if i were you,ould uninstall18:26
voozesianhulo: but there is really nothing i can uninstall, i havent installed any globalmenu or anything, it just looks like it i guess :/18:26
sianhulovooze, that's odd, when i installed it broke unity, however besides of that i looked normal18:27
sianhulobecause of that i thought it was a plugin18:28
D_Russhello all18:30
D_Russso anyone use both .04 and .1?18:30
D_Russyou on .1?18:33
Ian_CorneD_Russ: you're sharing homefolders between both versions?18:34
D_RussIan_Corne: was just wondering if anyone has experiece with both and have an opinion on which version is "better". i am using .04 myself, but i find it a bit slow at times.18:35
sianhuloyeah, i'm on oneiric18:35
D_Russhow do you like is sianhulo?18:36
sianhuloD_Russ, wait for the final realese18:36
Ian_CorneD_Russ: don't go to 11.10  just yet, wait for the final release18:36
D_Russthat is my plan but i would just like some opinions of the beta 218:37
sianhuloD_Russ, wright now i have several problems, gnome shell crashed unity(3d), and now(time after installing shell) it is getting blocked is i keep inactive one second18:37
D_Russi see18:38
sianhulowell it doesn't block suddenly, if takes 10 seconds, but if i'm writing, type, it will not, just avoid the screen for blocking18:38
D_Russhopefully they have all the bugs sorted by time of release18:38
sianhuloi hope so, or i will switch back to  debian18:39
D_Russnot interested in .04 at all?18:39
sianhulofurthermore it is supending about 1 hour of inactivity(i ain't sure), and the option isn't enabled(i have a desktop, so...)18:39
sianhuloD_Russ, i tell you i've 128mb vram, 2gb ddr2 and a intel core 2 duo 2.5ghz18:40
sianhuloand ubuntu 10.10 was a way smoother(and i have almost every effect enabled with compiz xD)18:40
voozesianhulo: its weird with this "globalmenu" because when i go into activites (like pressing super) or change to default shell theme, its not there18:41
voozeotherwise on all other themes it is18:41
D_Russyou cant disable global menu in 11.1?18:42
sianhulothat's pretty odd, i had change my theme in shell(when still had it) and globalmenu were't there18:42
jbichaD_Russ: try uninstalling indicator-appmenu*18:42
sianhulopeople, what's the name of the unity 2d command?18:43
legodudehi everyone, I think I need to restore grub, when I restart I only get a flashing cursor18:44
sianhulobtw, i killed gnome scrensaver and(for the moment)it ain't blocking, but i bet i will if i restart18:44
legodudeif I manually select the hard disk in bios, it will boot18:44
sianhulolegodude, you cannot configure it to alwys start from your hdd?18:45
jbichalegodude: do you have any USB flash drives plugged in?18:46
legodudemaybe you guys are right18:46
legodudeI thought it was from update to oneric beta18:46
legodudethanks again, this is embarassing18:46
sianhulonow people, someone know it's named unity 2d process?18:46
sianhulolegodude, happened to me once ;)18:47
sianhuloso...nobody knows how it's called?18:50
voozeHey guys, do all shell themes need to be "re done" to gnome 3.2? Since the text in top bar is a bit off19:14
UbuntuBoerhallo ... I made a mess with the entire upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10...now my kernel is corrupt and my installation incomplete..I need terminal commands to install new kernel please !!19:26
UbuntuBoerI am here all on my own--- ek gaan sterf19:27
physically_fitwho wants a new twitter follower? msg me your username and i'll follow you ;)19:28
physically_fitmy upgrade was flawless19:29
UbuntuBoerPhysically _fit nice name for such a eager follower19:30
physically_fitUbuntuBoer, do you have a twitter account?19:30
UbuntuBoeranybody any advise on how to fix a broken kernel via the terminal19:30
sianhulopeople, i installed gnome shell, now, when i try to luanch unity, i get this:"Screen geometry changed:19:31
sianhulo   0x0x1280x72019:31
sianhuloSegmentation fault (core dumped)"19:31
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UbuntuBoerneed help with the istallation of the kernel 3  ,,,please19:36
phoenix_firebrdI am facing problem with audio in kubuntu 11.10 beta 2, anyone else?19:36
sianhulosomeone can copy my error, i can switchback to unity 2d so i cant save it19:38
sianhuloi can't19:38
UbuntuBoeri can help you19:38
UbuntuBoerwhat must i do?19:38
sianhulojust copy while i restart19:38
sianhuloScreen geometry changed:19:38
sianhulo   0x0x1280x72019:39
sianhuloSegmentation fault (core dumped)19:39
physically_fitUbuntuBoer, that's bad karma. that's why your upgrade wasn't flawless like mine.19:39
sianhuloi got back19:42
ali1234yofel: my bug about vertical text alignment in KDE was closed wontfix19:43
UbuntuBoer just copy while i restart19:43
UbuntuBoer Screen geometry changed:19:43
UbuntuBoer    0x0x1280x72019:43
UbuntuBoer Segmentation fault (core dumped)19:43
sianhuloUbuntuBoer, thank you19:43
yofelali1234: which one?19:43
ali1234yofel: the one you told me to report :)19:43
yofelbug #? ^^19:43
ubottuKDE bug 283106 in general "Button text vertical alignment is off with Oxygen theme " [Normal,Resolved: wontfix]19:43
sianhuloi have penlty of bugs, choose what you want19:44
UbuntuBoersainhulo :)19:44
ali1234UbuntuBoer: compiz crashing when resizing the screen?19:44
ali1234sounds like bug 83812819:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 838128 in unity (Ubuntu) "compiz assert failure: compiz: /usr/include/boost/smart_ptr/shared_ptr.hpp:418: T* boost::shared_ptr<T>::operator->() const [with T = UnityFBO]: Assertion `px != 0' failed." [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83812819:44
sianhulo1. unity3d doesn't start after installing gnome shell(i uninstalled it, still not work). have a problem with screensaver, if i keep i second(i ain't joking)it starts to block(take around 10 seconds but if i'm typing, it wont type nothing at all, it's very annoying)i can deal with it killing gnome-screensaver, but have to doit anytime i reboot.3.the pc suspend after 1hour or so of inactivity(it is supposed to don't do it)19:46
ali1234UbuntuBoer: that bug might be twinview specific though19:47
yofelali1234: If I understand this right Qt internally aligns the text differently from the button frame, if that's the case it's really hard to get any better alignment out of it19:48
ali1234well that much is obvious :)19:48
ali1234it must align it differently, or else it would be the same :)19:48
ali1234i've never seen pure Qt apps do this though19:49
ali1234it only happens with KDE apps19:49
ali1234but it still doesn't explain how the icon can be right but the text can be wrong19:50
yofelwell, I don't get how the rendering there works either...19:51
ali1234UbuntuBoer: if you have oneiric installed you should already have 3.0 kernel...19:54
UbuntuBoeri was upgrading and had pam face on...with install it went corrupt19:55
UbuntuBoeri booted in previous now19:55
ali1234so you upgraded and it crashed part way, and now you booted the broken install with the old kernel?19:55
ali1234well, it is probably fixable, but backup and reinstall is probably going to be easier19:56
UbuntuBoerwhat can i do? aahh isi there no easy way]??19:56
UbuntuBoeri am sure if I reinstall the kernel i can path the rest with synaptic19:57
phoenix_firebrdaudo gets stuck when cpu is high in kubuntu19:58
ali1234you could anyway19:58
phoenix_firebrdaudio gets stuck when cpu is high in kubuntu19:58
ali1234there isn't *that* much difference between kernels19:58
ali1234the real problem with your install is almost certainly not related to kernel version19:59
UbuntuBoeri want it to be right...is there a terminal command to installl the kernel?19:59
ali1234sudo apt-get install linux-generic19:59
ali1234or something like that19:59
ali1234but i wouldn't be at all surprised if that failed hard on a aborted upgrade19:59
UbuntuBoerInvalid opetation20:00
ali1234invalid operation? that's worse than i thought20:01
ali1234or you typoed20:01
UbuntuBoerlet me c20:03
UbuntuBoer~# sudo apt-get linux-generic20:04
UbuntuBoerE: Invalid operation linux-generic20:04
fishscenesudo apt-get install linux-generic20:11
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Ian_CorneUbuntuBoer: what are you doing on a beta when you don't even know apt-get20:19
phoenix_firebrdAnyone there to help?20:22
UbuntuBoerjust insults going aroung on how little I know....no help20:23
jbicha!ask | phoenix_firebrd20:23
ubottuphoenix_firebrd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:23
phoenix_firebrdjbicha: i asked the question several times, no one is responding20:24
Piciphoenix_firebrd: You may need to ask again. just saying 'help' doesn't provide any context for those available to assist.20:25
phoenix_firebrdPici: The sudio gets stuck when the cpu is used at maximum, it sounds like the broken venyl record looping sound20:27
phoenix_firebrdPici: The *audio* gets stuck when the cpu is used at maximum, it sounds like the broken venyl record looping sound20:27
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joejoe hi i am using ubuntu 11.10 with gnome-shell and the gnome terminal does not respect default settings of "show menubar" option (the option is unchecked, but menubar is visible) see http://pcmlich.fit.vutbr.cz/tmp/gnome-terminal-menu.png20:27
phoenix_firebrdPici: i like to know if this happens to all or its just my system so that i can file bug report20:28
jbichajoejoe: that's a known issue with indicator-appmenu20:28
jbichayou can try removing that if you really don't want the global menu in Unity20:29
joejoei am using gnome 3, not unity20:29
ali1234is there a way to remove my name from the top panel?20:29
phoenix_firebrdPici: are you there?20:30
Piciphoenix_firebrd: I'm here. But I'm not able to help you. I just wanted to try to help you ask the right questions.20:31
phoenix_firebrdPici: are you using ubuntu or kubuntu?20:32
Piciphoenix_firebrd: I'm using xfce.  I have both unity and kde install here though.20:32
PiciAnd I use an mpd client on my oneiric machine, it doesn't play any music locally.20:33
smerchhi all. in ubuntu 11.04 I sometimes use *xrandr --mode 1024x600 --scale 1.2x1.2* command on my netbook to emulate bigger screen just fine; now *xrandr* thing still works, but mouse is caught in a small rectangle area (I assume due to --mode setting) while actual framebuffer is a bit larger, so I can't get the right button (with the wheel) on the top bar with a mouse. question is: which...20:33
smerch...package/system is responsible? so I can make a report.20:33
phoenix_firebrdPici:  oh , ok20:33
DaSkreechI'm using kde but I missed the question phoenix_firebrd asked20:33
DaSkreechali1234: I would guess remove it from About User20:33
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: Do you have any problem with the audio?20:33
ali1234um... but i want to have my full name in the environemtn so git commit works properly20:34
ali1234and a million other programs20:34
ali1234i just don't want it taking up space on the panel20:34
ali1234i don't need to see it there all the time20:34
ali1234there used to be a setting for this20:34
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: The audio gets stuck when the cpu is used at maximum, it sounds like the broken venyl record looping sound20:34
DaSkreechphoenix_firebrd: nope20:34
DaSkreechphoenix_firebrd: I've had that once when Kwin decided to flip my compositing but never again20:35
smerchanyone? ^20:35
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/20:35
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: i tried increasing the priority of pulseaudio, but no use20:36
FernandoMiguelevening everyong20:36
Ian_Cornesmerch: there's a way with apt-cache to find which command belongs to which package20:36
Ian_Cornebut I forgot how20:36
Ian_Cornelook in the manpage I guess20:36
ali1234well, i just accidentally closed all my chat windows because of the stupid close button hiding thing20:36
FernandoMiguelare we all ready for a release party or what?20:36
FernandoMiguelhow many bunnies this time?20:36
ali1234also it's possible to close windows by clicking on the wrong window20:36
DaSkreechphoenix_firebrd: might help to know your average load so there is some comparison20:37
ali1234if you have window maximized on monitor 2, and you click monitor 1, you click on a secret invisible close button that closes the window on monitor 220:37
jbichadpkg -S can help figure out the source of a given file20:37
ali1234*if you click monitor 1 where the BFB used to be in natty20:37
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: this didn't happen in 11.04, can it be the new kernel, the new cpu scheduler thing20:37
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: mine processor is intel  p4 3.0 ghz and the peak load is 85% avg20:38
DaSkreechphoenix_firebrd: It could but then you might want to ask in #ubuntu-server20:38
DaSkreech85% avg?20:38
DaSkreechwow that's pretty high for a desktop machine20:38
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: i mean when i cpu is busy20:39
smerchIan_Corne: I'm afraid that this case isn't about *xrandr* but more about Desktop Manager. but I'm not sure. so I came to ask.20:39
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: while updating, playing flash files etc20:39
Ian_Cornethe window manager is compiz20:39
Ian_Cornethe desktop env. is gnome, the shell is unity20:40
Ian_Corneif you're looking for that20:40
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: thanks for the support, it seems something is wrong in my installation, i will try solving it20:41
smerchIan_Corne: thx. so, I need to check each of them?20:43
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Ian_Cornewell, you could report against compiz (which would be my guess) and see if they cna guide you in the right direction should you be wrong20:45
smerchIan_Corne: ok. thanks for your time.20:46
Ian_Cornegn :)20:46
DaSkreechphoenix_firebrd: try another kernel version and see if it helps20:47
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: to detect the problem or to solve the issue?20:48
DaSkreechto see if that solves it20:49
FernandoMiguelkernel.org is up? woot20:50
phoenix_firebrdFernandoMiguel: really?20:51
FernandoMiguelyeah, warty just said so on twitter20:51
FernandoMiguelbut my DNS is still old :(20:51
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: DaSkreech: This doesnt happen in 11.04, i am trying to find the problem, so that if this a bug, i could get it fixed it before the release20:51
FernandoMiguelwarty9: To head off answering this for everyone individually, if www doesn't point to, your dns is stale. Nothing I can do #kernel.org20:51
phoenix_firebrdFernandoMiguel: yesterday ubuntu website was offline for a while20:52
phoenix_firebrdFernandoMiguel: kernel.org is still under maintanence20:52
FernandoMiguelphoenix_firebrd: read that again20:53
FernandoMiguelit's from warty,20:53
FernandoMiguelthe guy in charge of the servers20:53
FernandoMiguelit's back up20:53
DaSkreechphoenix_firebrd: how often does it happen and what version of KDE are you using?20:53
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: kde version = 4.7.1, it happens when the cpu load increases even for a short period , for example it happens when firefox starts20:55
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: if you what to know how it sounds, just play some music and then suspend the pulseaudio process20:56
DaSkreechWhat processor?20:56
DaSkreechDual core?20:56
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: no20:57
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: single core hyperthreding(ht)20:57
DaSkreechAh that might be part of it20:58
DaSkreechphoenix_firebrd: check in #kubutu-devel to see if there is anything they might know about it20:59
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: wont it be wrong to disturb them21:00
DaSkreechI think they can stand it21:01
phoenix_firebrdDaSkreech: ok, i will try my luck21:01
robuciicupgraded from 11.04 to 10 .. there was flash player plugin installer failure. and now i am not able to install it after upgrade is done as well. what to do?21:03
IdleOnerobuciic: you can use the Sevenmachines PPA for flash 64bit21:03
robuciicwhat is it?21:04
robuciichttp://pastebin.com/RUSEN793 - the output of add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name21:09
robuciicjtaylor, what do you mean?21:13
jtaylortypo in the ppa name?21:13
robuciicproblem is anyway21:13
robuciicsorry, i fixed problem21:15
robuciicproblem was my stupidity21:16
jtaylorthats what I was implying the problem was ;P21:16
alexd285Hello, does anyone know how we can enable Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R (Record Desktop) on GS on Ubuntu 11.10 ?21:18
robuciicjtaylor, i now see available packages. PPA is added, what next? how to get one?21:25
jtaylorinstall flashplugin64-nonfree I guess21:26
robuciicwell, i cant click on listed21:27
IdleOnesudo apt-get install flashplugin64-nonfree21:27
robuciicdoes not work for me.. i guess i didnt do it till end. maybe smth with signing key21:29
voidrHello, I started the upgrade to Oneiric, the lock screen dialog has appeared because I left the machine alone, but it won't let me switch to US keyboard, and my password contains special characters, what should I do?:21:34
IdleOnerobuciic: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-nonfree21:34
robuciicE: Unable to locate package flashplugin64-nonfree IdleOne21:34
robuciicW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net oneiric Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 35DA01C261E4622721:37
robuciicIdleOne, this is output of update (ending)21:37
robuciicso.. where to change it21:38
ubottuGetting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »21:38
IdleOnesudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 61E4622721:39
robuciicgpg: no ultimately trusted keys found21:43
IdleOneDid the package install?21:43
IdleOnedon't know what to tell you21:44
robuciici mean.. yes, but E: Unable to locate package flashplugin64-nonfree21:44
voidrokay, is there a way to switch keyboard language during upgrade, or I'm screwed because I did not anticipate that the installer would disable this just to screw me over?21:45
robuciicwhat the fu** !? why even it doesnt work???\21:49
robuciicwhy there is problem with this key? IdleOne21:54
IdleOneI don't know21:54
robuciicofcourse you don't21:55
robuciicwhy it doest not change keys?21:57
junior quick question for anyone who knows. I want to stream line my kernel in 11.10 Beta 2, and need to know how I can get ther kernel source considering kernel.org is down for extended "maintenance"22:01
leniosjunior, do you want upstream kernel or ubuntu kernel?22:01
juniorwhats the difference if i may ask?22:02
juniorI'm basically looking to remove options within i don't obviously need22:03
robuciicwell.. you should ask for someone who knows22:03
sianhulounity3d doesn't launch after installing gnome shell http://pastebin.com/pgVa0qWd22:04
junior@lenios an ubuntu kernel would be fine.22:06
leniosjunior, well, you can get the latest sources with "dget -u -x http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-meta/linux-meta_3."22:06
darkphaderhelp unuity launcher has disappeared !22:09
darkphaderunity launcher missing for one user22:09
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grafthey, anyone know how to clear recent documents in unity?22:28
ali1234graft: yeah, add the zeitgeist ppa and install the activity log manager22:36
grafti'm checking out the activity journal22:36
ali1234i have no idea why that thing isn't in the repos, but it should be22:36
ali1234you don't want the gnome one22:36
ali1234you want the one done by zeitgeist developers, it is much better22:36
ali1234lemme find blog post about it22:36
graftthe gnome one appears to mostly just hang...22:36
ali1234oh yeah it does22:36
ali1234you have to reboot before it can access the zeitgeist db (same for the other one too i think)22:37
vadi3How can I enable the LightDM login screen - it's using the old style for me, even though I've been doing all the updates.22:37
ali1234graft: http://iloveubuntu.net/activity-log-manager-08-handy-gui-blacklisting-zeitgeists-activity-released-ppa22:37
ali1234btw, you don't have to update anything from that ppa, in fact i don't think it even has any newer versions than what is in the repos22:40
ali1234you only need to install activity-log-manager, then you can disable it if you want22:40
graftok brb22:41
sianhulosomebody can help with one of these?  1. unity3d doesn't start after installing gnome shell(i uninstalled it, still not work). have a problem with screensaver, if i keep i second(i ain't joking)it starts to block(take around 10 seconds but if i'm typing, it wont type nothing at all, it's very annoying)i can deal with it killing gnome-screensaver, but have to doit anytime i reboot.3.the pc suspend after 1hour or so of inactivity(it is supposed to don't d22:42
sianhuloo it)22:42
ali1234sianhulo: if you set the screen saver to "never" it activates instantly22:43
sianhulowhat?why?tell that is an error22:43
ali1234it's a bug22:43
ali1234the third problem (PC suspends even if it is disabled) is also a bug22:44
sianhulohmmm, btw, there is a way to change it?22:44
ali1234well you can set it to one hour22:44
sianhulono no, to change the screensaver22:44
ali1234what do you mean?22:44
sianhulothe image/video who saves the screen22:44
ali1234yes i know what a screensaver is22:45
ali1234why do you want to change it? is this an unrelated question to the others?22:45
sianhuloyep, it is, previous versions had some screensavers and you could choice22:45
sianhulobut now i cannot see the option22:45
ali1234yeah apparently that was removed22:46
sianhulowhat a mess22:46
sianhuloi wanted to put the nintendo 64 dd opening xD22:46
sianhuloor the bsod image22:46
ali1234i guess xscreensaver has some new ones i'm not familiar with22:46
ali1234you can install the full xscreensaver package, which hasa config tool22:47
sianhulo:O, thanks ali123422:47
sianhulowill search22:47
ali1234beware that a lot of those savers can cause crashes22:47
ali1234a lot of them don't play nice with compositing desktops22:47
ali1234also driver dependent22:48
ali1234the joys of hardware accelerated everything :(22:48
sianhuloi have an intel, to have decent ones i had to take risks22:48
sianhulohad to take the newest and unstable drivers22:49
ali1234well nvidia isn't much better22:49
ali1234anyway many of them are ok. the old gnome ones were just taken from xscreensaver22:50
sianhuloali1234, i had and geforce 9500gt(it ain't working anymore) and it had well drivers22:51
ali1234i think the unsafe ones are actually in a seperate package22:51
sianhuloi almost cried with my intel xD22:51
sianhuloI added an intel ppa22:51
alex_mayorgaany HDMI gurus around here?23:03
ali1234maybe. just ask the question...23:03
alex_mayorgamy Samsung 32" is reported as Samsung electric company 7" and even if it's detected on "Displays" I can't get video into it23:06
alex_mayorgaseems to be similar to the issue reported at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=167000423:06
ali1234what graphics card?23:06
ali1234that does sound very similar23:07
alex_mayorga01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GT216 [GeForce GT 230M] (rev a2)23:07
ali1234so, as you may know, HDMI being digital does monitor identification over the digital link23:08
ali1234so this is almost certainly a bug in the graphics driver, video card hardware, or the TV/monitor hardware23:08
ali1234and if you are using nvidia binary driver, all three are going to be extremely hard to fix23:09
alex_mayorgaali1234: what should be the ubuntu-bug call I need to do to report this?23:09
ali1234i dunno. can you pastebin your /var/log/xorg.0.log ?23:09
alex_mayorgaali1234: I'm using open source driver nouveau as far as I know23:09
ali1234ok good. there's actually a chance to get it fixed in that case23:10
ali1234i'd still like to see the log though23:10
alex_mayorgaali1234: /var/log/xorg.0.log: No such file or directory23:10
ali1234Xorg.0.log then23:10
ali1234it's also possible that the 7" thing is just a red herring and all the sammys ID themselves the same way23:12
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: how did we disable nvidia optimus cards to just keep internal?23:12
alex_mayorgaali1234: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701977/ thanks on looking23:13
ali1234alex_mayorga: those detected modelines look reasonable23:14
ali12341280x720, 720x48023:15
ali1234that's HD 720p and SD NTSC respectively23:15
ali1234makes sense for a TV23:15
ali1234it is a TV right?23:15
alex_mayorganow it's even worse, TV says there's nothing plugged on HDMI :(23:15
ali1234well then the output is disabled23:16
ali1234i see later on some weird EDID stuff23:16
ali1234and it reads 1080i mode as well23:16
ali1234i guess report this against nouveau and see what they say23:17
alex_mayorgaali1234: how?23:17
ali1234ubuntu-bug xserver-xorg-video-nouveau23:17
ali1234test with nvidia driver too if you can23:17
ali1234although tbh it looks like nouveau is working correctly23:18
ali1234they should know which package to reassign it to anyway23:19
ali1234if it's not a nouveau bug23:19
ali1234make sure to explain in detail what you are trying to do, and at what point it fails to work like you expect23:19
alex_mayorgaali1234: thanks! I'm reporting it with the command you've provided23:19
bjsniderFernandoMiguel, it would be done in the bios, if there is such an option23:20
FernandoMiguelthere isn't23:20
FernandoMiguelheard the guys on fedora were working on something for it23:20
bjsniderthat sucks23:20
johnjohn101ok, i like unity and all but why do windows sometimes disappear and no way to get them back.  banshee is one such app23:21
bjsnidergotta be careful buying those laptops23:21
alex_mayorgabug 865782 FWIW23:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 865782 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "Fails to provide video output to TV connected with HDMI cable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86578223:23
Roastedprinting is strange in 11.1023:23
Roastedhow in the world can I hook up a printer lpd? It has like... no configurable options...23:24
ali1234alex_mayorga: you need to give more detail on the bug report than that23:30
ali1234eg whats your primary monitor? laptop? or monitor on vga? etc23:30
ali1234what procedure are you using to enable the HDMI?23:31
ali1234have you tried with xrandr command line? does it work with nvidia binary driver?23:31
=== RobinJ1995 is now known as RobinJ
coz_who has compiz running on 11.10?  would you mind telling me which  plugins dont have their own icons yet?23:40
coz_in ccsm23:40
Roastedwhy does 11.10 have so few printer options?23:48
RoastedI can't even figure out if my lasrejet is found via lpd or what23:49
ali1234i just noticed that you can configure the apps on the first page of the dash23:55
ali1234that's cool23:55
ali1234you can't completely configure them23:55
ali1234but you can pick a different browser/mail/music player23:55
ali1234which is good enough for me23:55
Roastedis printing broken in 11.10?23:58
Roasteddoes anybody know?23:58

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