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xranbydiwic: the contextgetstate.patch worked fine..    and solved the exception bug on arm08:45
diwicxranby, \o/08:45
diwicxranby, was it enough to bring up the hajpa hajpa?08:46
xranbyyeah at least for one of the two jvm's08:46
xranbythe other jvm had its own classloader bug..08:46
diwicxranby, but that was maybe unrelated to pulseaudio?08:47
xranbydiwic: correct the pulse-audio java layer looks bugfixed now   , thanks!     the only thing that can break it now are if the java virtual machine have missed to implement some part of the jvm specification08:48
xranbydiwic: and for arm we are in the situation that oracle do not provide an opensource reference implementation like on x86 :/ so it takes time to get everything super polished08:49
diwicxranby, ok so a lot of that reference implementation is written in platform dependent language (e g assembly?)08:51
diwicxranby, vaguely remember you tried to explain some of that stuff at latest UDS08:51
xranbydiwic: yes highly platform dependent,  and optimized java virtual machine port contains about 80000 lines of platformspecific code08:52
TheSevenhm, is the ARM cross compiler toolchain for x86 currently broken?11:09
TheSeven(in oneiric)11:09
TheSevenapparently the libgcc1-armel-cross package is missing11:12
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xranbydiwic: it turned out that the reverence implementation did not strictly implement the jni spec :) http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/icedtea6/rev/23b9bb41de6d14:31
xranbynow \o/ hajpa hajpa work on arm14:31
diwichajpa hajpa!14:32
janimoinfinity, ac100-tarball-installer in moderation queue14:35
GrueMasterppisati: Can you look at Bug 865479?  Thanks.16:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 865479 in linux-ti-omap4 "wl1271: ERROR ELP wakeup timeout" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86547916:04
GrueMasterNot sure that it is critical, just that it exists.16:04
GrueMasterinfinity: I'm still consistently getting oem-config to respawn.  Looking at the log files, I believe this may be the problem:   Oct  3 08:12:05 localhost ubiquity: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable16:07
GrueMasterHard to tell, as that message is almost a minute before the respawn message, but it is the only negative message before the next instance of oem-config respawn in syslog.16:09
brandiniI tried to get mongodb working over teh weekend but didn't make it very far16:12
infinityGrueMaster: I can't get this respawn thing happening at all. :/16:39
infinityGrueMaster: I can get the installer to explode in general based on cron.daily eating the system alive.  That's about it.16:40
infinity(And I plan to hack around that with a kludge today)16:40
GrueMasterPfft.  Figures.  Most of the bugs I find are easily reproducible here, but no where else.16:41
GrueMasterI wonder if the cron.daily stuff is blocking me.  Maybe it is doing an apt-get update at the same time?16:44
GrueMasterThat could explain why I see it and others don't.  Timing.16:45
GrueMasterOh, and the slideshow works again.  :)16:46
brandiniwhat steps are involved in bringing support for a new chip like the Cortex A9 to an OS17:03
infinityThe A9 is new?17:05
infinityGrueMaster: The cron.daily thing can just explode in general due to system load.  I think the debconf DB thing might be a red herring, though.  Let me check the log on a successful install run.17:05
infinityGrueMaster: Yeah, I have that same debconf locking spew on a successful install.17:07
infinityGrueMaster: So, while it's likely a bug somewhere, it's probably not causing an issue either.17:07
brandiniinfinity: new to that os :)17:08
GrueMasterI just had ubiquity fall apart when I tried to run without any networking.  Really bad.17:08
infinitybrandini: Well, things like A8->A9 are really just about building support into toolchains and kernels for shiny new features you might care about, and building support into bootloaders to bring them up.17:09
GrueMasterHmm.  Something caused the filesystem to remount read-only.17:09
infinitybrandini: But since all your binaries already run (yay backward compat), it's not much effort.17:09
infinityGrueMaster: Read-only filesystems usually point to hardware hating you, with a 5% chance of kernel bug...17:10
infinity(Well, less than 5%, since we tightly control our target platforms here, and we aren't all seeing ro filesystems)17:10
GrueMasterinfinity: I'm the guy that nails that 5%.17:11
infinityOr your hardware hates you. ;)17:11
infinityI hate to beat the same dead horse, but when working on SD, I'd tend to blame cards for a filesystem going tits-up before anything else.17:12
infinityAnd I really think we should do most of our test installs on hard drives.17:12
GrueMasterMultiple SD cards and multiple Panda's?  I highly doubt I can be having a complete failure here.  The odds are against it being my HW.17:12
infinityExcept hitting a card once in a while to make sure the code paths still do what we think they do. :P17:12
infinityGrueMaster: The odds for hardware are still higher than the idea that a deterministic automated installer only fails in one person's house.17:13
GrueMasterinfinity: Can't test on hard drives.  The preinstalled images are designed around SD.  It would be equivalent to testing in a VM.17:13
infinityGrueMaster: And you've been beating on the same SD cards for a while, I'd guess.17:13
GrueMasterSome are almost brand new since A2.17:13
infinityGrueMaster: Preinstalled would work on an HDD just fine.17:14
infinity(Just need to write it differently)17:14
infinityBut yeah.  I know the situation we're stuck in.  I just dislike it. :P17:14
infinityI have 5 cards in front of me, and I only trust one of them.17:14
infinityAnd that trust won't last forever.17:14
GrueMasterI have ~2 different cards per board at my disposal.  Varying sizes, speeds, an brands.  To see these issues across multiple SD cards on Panda A1, A2, and A3 systems is extremely rare.17:16
infinityWell, wait, which issues?  The ro filesystem above sounded like a one-off.17:16
GrueMasterRemember, I have almost 10 years in hardware validation.  I know very well how to triage hardware failures.17:17
GrueMasterThat was the first time I saw it, but also the first time I booted w/o networking.17:17
infinityCorrelation and causation not being the same thing. :P17:17
GrueMasterAnd ubiquity crashed with a UBI failure of some sort.  Just getting ready to look at the log.17:18
infinityBut it's possible 'fixrtc' stopped working or some such, which could lead to network->badtime->fsbreak.17:18
infinityBut that should break early.17:18
infinityThe log will be useless if the filesystem is ro.  Unless you're really lucky.17:18
infinitydmesg is more likely to be useful.17:19
GrueMasterfixrtc only runs during boot in initrd I thought.17:19
infinityWell, it's an at-boot thing.  To fix the clock...17:19
infinityWe don't then break the clock later. :P17:19
GrueMasterSince these images don't have any way to get a terminal session without first modifying the image prior to boot, there is no way to debug a live session.17:19
infinitySo, if it's not working, then without ntpdate, your clock will be a sad panda.17:19
infinityYeah, that's so obviously an ARM preinstalled bug.  I noticed it with the last week of debugging. :/17:20
infinitySince a real live system has the "ubnutu" user, and a real oem-config system has an oem user.17:21
infinityBut we fail to have either.17:21
infinityNot fixing that before release, though.17:21
infinityWorth having on the TODO if jasper survives.17:21
GrueMasterLog files are a bust.  complete corruption prior to any ubiquity info.  Interesting to see network manager completely freak out though.17:23
GrueMasterand I have asked for debug hooks of some sort since we started doing preinstalled images.17:24
infinityGrueMaster: When does the loop happen?17:55
infinityGrueMaster: I'm going to sit here and try to reproduce this...17:55
GrueMasterRight around the time it says that it is copying log files.17:56
infinityGrueMaster: Does everything complete (including the removal)?17:56
GrueMasterDoes not start the removal.17:56
infinityI also might not be able to fix the anacron issue this cycle, the more I think about it.17:57
infinityThe fix needs to be in ubiquity, and might be regression-inducing.17:57
infinityI realised I can't hack around it in jasper, because we don't actually have a sane clock yet.17:58
GrueMasterNothing (other than what I previously stated about the config.dat) indicates an issue in any log files I have.17:58
GrueMasterHmm.  Doesn't appear to like me hacking in an additional debug user prior to oem-config running.  It has been sitting on "Creating User" for a while now.18:00
GrueMasterGrrr,  Doesn't appear to like my shadow entry.18:14
infinityGrueMaster: *poke*21:06
infinityGrueMaster: Can you do some test runs on your problematic systems with 's/update-apt-xapian-index -q/update-apt-xapian-index -q -u/' in /etc/cron.daily/apt ?21:07
infinityGrueMaster: Seems to have made mine slightly less grumpy.21:07
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GrueMasterinfinity: On it now.21:30
GrueMaster(took an extended lunch break).21:30
infinityGrueMaster: All good.  Food sounds like a stellar plan to me too.21:30
GrueMasterStarting the test now on a freshly zero'd & flashed drive.  Even if this solves the oem-config respawn, we still have another issue where ubiquity crashes when no network available.21:49
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infinityGrueMaster: Do you have logs for the no-network thing?  That one couldn't have been silent... I hope.21:54
infinityGrueMaster: Or even an apport-filed bug would be nice.21:54
GrueMasterWell, that was part of the problem.  ubiquity crashed saying it would spawn a desktop session for debugging, but that failed to materialize.  And nothing was captured in the logs as the system had gone read-only.21:55
GrueMasterI'll try to reproduce it as well.  I would really like to have an image that I can get to a login for testing though.  Otherwise I am just spinning my wheels on useless stuff.21:56
infinityOh, that was the read-only one, right.21:56
infinityI suspect that one might not be reproducible, but if it is, great.21:56
infinityIf the FS isn't readonly, ubiquity crashes will spawn apport, which is good enough for filing bugs with logs, at any rate.21:57
infinityIf jasper survives another cycle, we should remember to add the oem user, though.21:57
GrueMasterI'll prep another SD to test that, but for desktop, I am kind of limited to single tasking (1 monitor & keyboard for Pandas).21:58
infinityOh, wait.  No.  There shouldn't be one, it's deleted by oem-config-prepare before rebooting.21:58
infinitySo, oem-config in general just has no way to debug it.  Hrm.21:58
GrueMasterNot that I have found useful.21:59
infinityI've been testing on my ac100 too.  Which picks up slightly different bugs just due to the timing of having faster storage.21:59
infinityPanda and ac100 together seem to get most everything.. Except your respawn issue. :/21:59
GrueMasterAnd fail.  The cron.daily fix is bust.21:59
infinityWell, it does address *a* problem.  Just not yours, apparently.22:00
infinityAnd I honestly can't get ubiquity to crash/respawn at all (or finish/respawn, or any combination thereof), so I'm kinda stumped.22:00
infinityA full set of logs (heck, just /var/log tarred up) from the SD might be enlightening.22:01
GrueMasterUnfortunately, it isn't as enlightening as one would expect.  I have yet to find a significant entry in any logs under /var/log.22:02
GrueMasterThe best I had was the debconf config.dat file (which you said wasn't significant).22:03
GrueMasterSigh.  I hate the automount "feature".  It really annoys me.  And what's with the AC100 showing (and mounting) all of the SERVICEV001 partitions?22:07
infinityGrueMaster: It doesn't?22:09
infinityGrueMaster: At least, it doesn't here.22:09
infinityGrueMaster: You sure that's not a freshly-flashed card?22:10
GrueMasterCould be because I upgraded from Natty.22:10
infinity(It's only SERVICEV001 after it's booted)22:10
GrueMasterI'm talking about the eMMC.22:10
infinityOh.  yeah, I get no weirdness here.22:11
infinityYou might want to try the recent images. :)22:11
infinityThey actually work better than OMAP.22:11
infinityWhich is a bit sad.22:11
infinityBut yay for faster storage.22:11
GrueMasterAs I said, if there is >.01% chance of weirdness, I will hit it.22:11
infinityAnyhow.  Going to take a late lunch.22:12
infinityBack later to keep banging on things.22:12
infinityOn the looping installer thing, if you can just let it settle a bit after it loops, so it's sure to have flushed some buffers, yank the card, and give me /var/log in a tarball, maybe I'll spot something that doesn't add up compared to one here.22:13
GrueMasterI usually wait until it comes up, then switch to text console and 3-finger reset so everything shuts down cleanly.22:14
infinityYou could just alt-sysrq-s to force a sync, wait for the SD light to go out, and yank it.  That has the advantage of basically being a snapshot of the problem area without reboot fluff afterward.22:16
GrueMasterreboot fluff is minimal (and tarball is in my people.c.c dir (firtname)/20111003-oem-fail-logs.tgz22:17
infinityGreat, I'll look at it after lunch.22:18
infinityThat's the re-spawn one?22:18
GrueMasterstarting on the network-less run.22:18
GrueMasterW/o network crashes much more ugly before it even gets that far.\22:19
GrueMasterGrr.  Network crash didn't happen this time around, but oem-config respan did.22:27
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