ntrly_owlIs there a good guide on the wiki for replacing network manager with wicd?04:49
jargonfactoryrm -rf `which NetworkManager`; invoke-rc.d wicd restart ? ;-)04:51
ntrly_owlno thanks04:51
jargonfactorythat's a joke04:52
ntrly_owli hope so04:52
jargonfactoryit is.04:52
ntrly_owlwicd doesnt come installed by default anyway04:52
ntrly_owlid have thought ubuntu wiki had such a guide04:53
ntrly_owlseems not04:53
jargonfactoryhi folks \o.04:54
jargonfactorythere's a config for that somewhere no?04:54
ntrly_owlfor what04:55
ntrly_owlthis guide seems odd, it uses bash commands and then unity: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/09/having-wireless-wi-fi-trouble-in-ubuntu-use-wicd-network-manager-instead/04:55
jargonfactoryntrly_owl: by config, i meant wicd's config.05:03
ntrly_owla config for what exactly?05:04
ntrly_owlim sure wicd has a config file05:04
jargonfactoryyeah so good. go dig wicd configs, disable nm and i think you should be good :)05:05
ntrly_owldig=find or tweak?05:06
ntrly_owlor be enthused about05:06
ntrly_owlman im digging this config file! woohoo!05:06
ntrly_owlill use the gui anyway05:06
ntrly_owlwell my friend will05:06
jargonfactorywicd has curses no?05:06
ntrly_owlcurses is tui05:07
ntrly_owlit needs clicky clicky work work05:07
ntrly_owli hope it sits in the panel05:07
jargonfactoryahh i see it does gtk+ as well. 05:09
jargonfactorynp if you don't any luck here, try ML/forum05:09
sagacijust wondering if 9pm is too late for NSW, VIC and TAS for the monthly meeting,05:27
gggsI just bought myself a 1.5TB USB2 hdd, I'm trying to decide which fs to use. Reliability is my biggest concern, speed isn't a factor. I'm thinking either XFS or ext405:46
gggsor maybe even 2x 750GB partitions, one with a periodic snapshot of the other? sounds like a waste though05:47
sagacidepends how you do your backups05:47
gggssagaci: backups consist of two encrypted Truecrypt volumes + music, it's mainly for archives (eg priority 2 files like avi's, iso's)05:49
gggsxfs vs jfs vs ext4?05:59
jargonfactorygggs: fwiw, i think xfs is better for reliability though i just read up on zfs and i think i'd certainly not mind top notch reliability :)06:33
jargonfactory(and i think zfs is *the* best you can get)06:34
gggslooks interesting, built by Sun, but I'm reading it has licensing issues with the GPL, and not too well supported06:35
jargonfactoryyep exactly cddl it seems unfortunately isn't compatible with gpl 06:36
gggsWhat I'm going to do is make 2x700GB partitions, one xfs, the other ext3, and copy one to the other every month as a sortof `self-backup'06:36
jargonfactorycool. one thing is do pull them out occasionally too ;)06:37
jargonfactory(and use them)06:38
gggswhen I approach 700GB eventually, I'll delete the 2nd partition and expand the first06:38
gggspull them out?06:38
jargonfactoryyeah. test the validity of the backus06:38
gggsfor sure, I've had issues with backup DVDs in the past06:40
gggshah, 13 seconds to create a 683GB XFS partition, almost 8 minutes to create an ext3 partition of the same06:50
head_victimsagaci: was just thinking of poking you tonight about the reminder ;) Nice work08:14
ikthas anyone seen this:16:57
iktthat is awesome16:57
head_victimikt: yeah, pity the release team didn't even know it existed until they came across it by chance.20:42

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